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How to choose the perfect tuxedo?


Tuxedo - the most popular type of evening men's suit. Well tailored and fitted to the figure, he makes a man a model of elegance. Choosing a tuxedo is not as simple as it may seem: models and materials that look alike can vary greatly in both cost and quality. How to choose the perfect tuxedo and what to look for?

A male tuxedo is not as strongly influenced by fashion as a woman’s, especially when it comes to classic style. However, in this case, there are many nuances concerning the selection of fabrics and accessories, their colors and textures, depending on what events the tuxedo will be used for and how important it is for you to emphasize individuality.

How does a tuxedo differ from a classic suit?

A tuxedo differs from a classic suit in the presence of satin lapels on a jacket and satin stripes on trousers. A special shirt and a wide satin sash are worn under the jacket, a bow tie is tied. A silk handkerchief is placed in a breast pocket. By the way, pockets in tuxedos are often made false to avoid deformation of the thin fabric. Only the inner pockets of the jacket for the purse or cigarette case are functional.

The bow tie can be black, white or some other restrained color. The sash is matched to the tone of a bow tie or shirt. Scarf - white or in tone tie, but not black. Tuxedo shoes should be classic, one-color, made of matte black leather. Lacquered shoes are only relevant when they are part of a dance costume. Socks - only black, long.

You can wear a tuxedo vest if you have watches on a chain, because you don’t wear a wristwatch under a tailcoat or a tuxedo, and there are two pockets in the vest for such watches and card holders. The vest should be made of exactly the same materials as the jacket - from the same fabric, with satin buttons and back, a functional strap to pull it up at the waist. Under the coat or tuxedo, you must have gloves made of thin black husky.

If you are invited to a solemn event, the invitation will contain a white tie (white tie) in the lower right corner, ie a dress coat, or a black tie (black tie), then you should wear a tuxedo. If there is no inscription in the invitation, you can go to the rout in a classic evening dress.

What are tuxedos and what to look for when buying? Types and features of tuxedos

Classic tuxedo for winter time - black, for summer - white. In cases where the event is held not according to the official protocol, color options are possible. An example is a wedding tuxedo. Tuxedo pants and jacket are usually the same color. However, the option of blue pants to a black or white jacket. Other combinations are acceptable only for Bohemians, as well as at private events.

When choosing a tuxedo, first of all it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the figure and age. Double-breasted tuxedo weights, gives solidity. Single breasted tuxedo contrary - slim.

The collar of the jacket can have a smooth contour (“shawl”) or pointed (“English”). Be sure to try on both options to see which one looks better.

Men's tuxedos are traditionally made of fine wool. The material for the shirt is cotton or silk. Modern fashion allows the use of jacquard fabrics of complex weaving with a patterned pattern when sewing a tuxedo and its details, which, in combination with a brilliant satin, creates an additional visual effect.

Trying on a tuxedo, you should always check whether it is not holding down the movement, whether it is convenient to walk in it, sit, climb and descend the stairs. Keep in mind the presence of photographers who can conduct reportage photography. You must look perfect at any time of the event.

How much is a tuxedo

The price of your tuxedo will be determined by the manufacturer, as well as fabrics and accessories used in sewing.

It should be noted that tailoring a high-quality tuxedo can ultimately cost less than buying ready-made.

In addition, a number of atelier offers seasonal and other discounts.

Ready tuxedo

Ready tuxedo can be bought in the salon of wedding and evening wear at a price of 15,000 rubles. Buying a finished tuxedo is associated with a number of difficulties that relate to the selection of parts of the required size, model and texture. If you have a standard figure, and you will not be the central character of the event, you can choose a ready-made kit that will allow you to look according to the protocol and not stand out from the crowd. In any case, give preference to salons, where they will be ready to “tailor” the chosen tuxedo on the figure.

Tuxedo inexpensive brands such as:

  • Turo (Finland),
  • Matex (Finland),
  • Licona (Austria),
  • Big Ben (England),
  • Rocky Molles (Italy)

can be purchased at prices ranging from 12,500 to 20,000 rubles. This is a modest choice of an inexperienced person, for whom it is important to just attend the event and minimally comply with the requirements for appearance.

If you are ready to purchase a tuxedo of an average price segment, for 20,000–30,000 rubles, choose brands that also produce products in the premium segment, for example, Digel (Germany). Such a choice will allow you to purchase a thing that is both good and elegant at the same time, not devoid of individuality.

Premium tuxedos cost over 30,000 rubles and are made by famous Italian, German and English brands. A number of names have long been associated with luxury, power, exquisite taste. This is Brioni, Armani, Ermenegildo Zegna, Kiton, Pal Zilieri. By acquiring such a tuxedo, you declare yourself as the representative of the highest strata of society.

Tailoring custom made

Tuxedo should sit perfectly, so with non-standard parameters it is better to sew it in the studio. A competent cutter can easily change the main pattern of a tuxedo and make it individual. When choosing a studio, pay attention to samples of his work and customer reviews. Many studios are ready to offer their customers a collection of fabrics from which you can choose something suitable and save time on shopping, but not all of them are able to provide a choice of an assortment of luxury fabrics. Keep in mind that tailoring a tuxedo takes about three weeks on average and will require intermediate fittings. The peculiarity of custom-made tuxedo is its individuality, which can also be emphasized by embroidering your initials on a lining.

Depending on the level of the atelier and the materials chosen, tuxing costs an average of $ 1,000–3,000. The price of a tuxedo fabric is determined by the thickness and quality of wool: the thinnest and at the same time socks are more expensive. Quality woolen fabrics are labeled from Super 100 to Super 220. The numbers indicate how many kilometers of yarn are obtained from a kilogram of wool. The higher this figure, the more elegant the fabric and the higher its price. Prices for Super 100 wool fabrics start at 1500 rubles per meter, Super 180 starts at 2500 rubles, then everything depends on the manufacturer's brand. Elite fabrics of the most eminent weaving mills reach a value of $ 30,000 per running meter! Such fabrics are covered with diamond dust and in the composition have threads of pure gold and platinum, which are usually embroidered pattern.

As with any suit, you need to get used to the tuxedo. Proper posture, good manners and knowledge of etiquette are no less important than the cost of a tuxedo and fit it on the figure. Only a combination of all these aspects will give you a confident and elegant look, corresponding to the main entrance.

What is a tuxedo?

At first glance, it is difficult for an inexperienced person to figure out how a tuxedo differs from, for example, a regular holiday suit. It turns out that there are differences that are the most fundamental: for example, the presence of satin cuffs on a jacket and the same stripes on trousers are mandatory conditions.

Under the jacket must be worn a special shirt with double cuffs, which is fastened with the help of cufflinks. A wide satin sash is not excluded, which is tied up with a piece of trousers and a shirt, it should be made to match the bow tie. All the pockets on the jacket are bogus, except for the chest in which a silk scarf is put. They are deceived not in order to save money, but so that the thin fabric from which the tuxedos are made does not bristle in these places.

A vest can be put on under a tuxedo, which should be made of the same fabric as the whole costume, and satin inserts are allowed on the back, do not forget about the functional strap that is used to pull it up at the waist.

The vest is usually worn in those cases, if you need to take a watch with you to the event, but to wear a tuxedo wrist, even the most expensive and prestigious, is an unacceptable omission on the part of the owner. Only pocket watches on a chain are allowed, especially for which there is a pocket in a vest, there is usually a card holder in the same place.

What to look for when choosing?

The first question that arises when it comes to acquiring such a form of clothing is to sew to order or buy an already finished product. Ready-made tuxedos can be purchased in the salons of wedding and evening wear, where you should be helped with the choice and present several options for fitting.

It should be noted that a lot of difficulties are always associated with the purchase of the finished product. If you are a happy owner of a standard figure, then perhaps everything will go smoothly, otherwise it’s better to prefer salons where you are ready to fit the chosen product, so to speak, “on the figure”. It also happens that the size seems to be the same, but still something is wrong: the trousers are collected in the hips, the jacket is wrinkled.

Often tailoring to order can cost even less than buying a finished product, because their prices are often overstated solely “because of the brand.” If you are not the leading person in the evening and do not have to adhere to a special image because of a certain status, then it may not make sense to overpay.

Keep in mind that tailoring a high-quality tuxedo can take about 3-4 weeks, and, therefore, this issue must be resolved in advance. Sewing a tuxedo to order has its advantages - you can choose the fabric you like, think of a style that will be suitable only for your figure, such a suit will definitely acquire a special personality.