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How to remove a ring from a swollen finger - 10 ways


Ring - This is a favorite and very common female jewelry accessory. But quite often there is such a picture, when the fingers in the volume increase, swell and remove then the favorite decoration in the usual way is difficult.

The ring begins to press on the finger and bring significant discomfort. Finding the impossibility of removing the jewelry from the finger, some of them start to immediately get scared, panic, twirl the stuck ring over the phalanx and pull it with sharp movements. This further damages the finger and increases swelling.

It is very important in this case not to get lost, but to try to solve this situation on your own and without too much panic. Below are several ways to free a swollen finger from a ring stuck on it.

Ring removal by eliminating edema

Reduce the swollen finger in the volume will help the following method.

First you need to lower your hand in a bowl of cold water or apply a cold compress on the brush and let it cool for 5-10 minutes. After that, you need to stretch your hand over the line of the heart and wait 10-20 minutes until the swelling subsides. The cold will allow to narrow the hand vessels, and the raised position of the hand will reduce the amount of blood flowing to the hand.

Thus, this method will help get rid of the swelling quickly and without unnecessary discomfort. It is important to know that the metal decoration itself should not be in contact with the cold, otherwise it will also narrow under the influence of low temperatures and then remove it will become even more difficult.

How to remove the ring yourself using sliding means

To remove swelling from the finger, an effective method is to use glidants such as soap, vegetable oil, oily ointment or cream, petroleum jelly.

Initially, the selected agent must be applied to the swollen finger and lubricate it abundantly. It is necessary to try to get this substance under the ring, then the effect of sliding will be much better manifested. This is followed by gently, rotating counterclockwise or clockwise scroll the product towards the nail bed.

Removal of edema using salt bath

To remove the swelling will help ordinary table salt, which is every housewife in the kitchen. To prepare a salt bath, you should take a small container with warm water and add 2 teaspoons without a hill of salt.

After waiting for its complete dissolution, you should immerse the hand in this container and wait 15 minutes. After you can try to remove the decoration in the water with your finger. To achieve greater efficiency, you should lubricate the finger with a sliding tool.

Removing the ring with lace, thread or fishing line

This task will also help to easily solve the usual lace, wax thread or fishing line. First, you should wrap a finger around them firmly around in a clockwise direction, starting from the nail bed towards the ring. Then skip the tip of the lace, thread or fishing line under the decoration and then spin the string with the help of this missed end in the opposite direction. The ring will move along the cord wound by us and is easily removed. The procedure is very unpleasant, but very effective.

How to remove a ring from a swollen finger using novocaine

This is a simple and affordable medication, which is also often used at home. To do this, use a cloth moistened with novocaine, which in the form of a compress is placed on a swollen finger. This medicinal product of external use in addition to its anesthetic action also contributes to the small removal of edema.

After using it, you can also easily remove the ring from your finger. For this method, you can also use Troxevazine ointment, Lioton, Diclofenac and other anti-inflammatory drugs.

Removing the ring with a cut or pliers

This method is extreme and is resorted to when others are ineffective. To begin with, a stick of ice cream or a few toothpicks are inserted between the ring and the finger. This will protect the fabric from possible damage.

Then, using a small file or nippers, slowly, carefully and carefully cut through the ring. This procedure takes only a few minutes and is completely painless. The only drawback is damage to the ring.

But this is not at all scary, because its integrity can be easily restored in many jewelry stores!

If a finger has been damaged during the removal, the wound needs urgent treatment! To do this, you can use a solution of chlorhexidine, Miramistin or regular hydrogen peroxide, then apply brilliant green and apply a sterile dressing.

Causes of Edema

Swelling of the fingers is not uncommon. With this symptom occurs every. And the causes of edema can be quite variable: from a poor lifestyle to serious diseases. As a rule, their occurrence indicates an abnormal state of the body, that a failure or breakdown has occurred somewhere. Therefore, each of us should think about the origin of their edemas.

  1. A common cause of swelling is excessive salt intake, because it retains water in the body. To eliminate this type of edema, you should drink 1 liter of pure water for two hours and then simply limit the use of salt in your diet.
  2. A hot summer day or excessive physical activity can also lead to swelling of the fingers. High temperature or excessive activity of the body leads to the expansion of human blood vessels in order to increase sweating and cool our body. But along with the dilatation of the vessels, an increase in their permeability occurs. And this is already a direct cause of an increase in the volume not only of the fingers, but also of the legs, face and other parts of the body. To eliminate this swelling, you should cool the body by applying a cold compress or taking a cold shower.
  3. In pregnant women and in women during the menstrual cycle, due to hormonal changes, the fingers are also often subject to puffiness. Therefore, it is recommended during this period of life either to completely abandon the socks of such jewelry, or to purchase a ring one size larger.
  4. A recent injury may also be a possible cause of finger swelling. It leads to inflammation of the soft tissues, and as a result, edema.
  5. Often is the appearance of edema as a manifestation of an allergic reaction. It can occur due to an insect bite, the use of household chemicals or the use of some drugs. The body will trigger a cascade of reactions leading to the production of biologically active substances, such as histamine, serotonin, leading to an increase in the permeability of blood vessels, and as a consequence of the developing edema. In this case, antihistamines or membrane-stabilizing mast cells are used. For example, Diphenhydramine, Diazolin, Suprastin, Tavegil, or more modern drugs such as Zodak, Loratadin, Erius, and Desal. They will reduce the production of biologically active substances, vascular permeability and, thus, will lead to the elimination of edema.

If these methods do not lead to the elimination of puffiness, then this may be the case with more serious diseases of the heart, blood vessels, kidneys, liver, thyroid gland. As a rule, they are accompanied not only by edema, but also by soreness, redness, stiffness. This requires an immediate appeal to a specialist.

What should be done in order to avoid ring getting stuck on the finger

To never face this problem, you should follow these simple rules:

  1. You can not constantly wear jewelry. They should always be taken at the end of the day, before intense physical activity or going out on a very hot summer day,
  2. Accurate selection of the size of the ring is very important when buying it,
  3. During menstruation, women should refrain from wearing rings. Pregnant women should also refuse to wear them, or purchase jewelry for size larger,
  4. Choose the jewelry you need from noble metals,
  5. It requires timely and frequent cleaning of their jewelry.

When do your fingers swell?

Ring - one of the most common jewelry. It is worn on the finger as an ornament or a certain symbol (in particular, the symbol of marriage).

People wearing rings often have unpleasant situations. It often happens, especially in the summer season, that fingers grow in volume. This leads to the fact that the ring begins to squeeze the finger, turning into a tangible source of discomfort. Attempts take off the ring in the usual way may not succeed. Moreover, persistent attempts to remove the ring by force lead to skin trauma, with the result that the finger swells even more.

When a finger swells up, the ring starts to bump into the skin, which can cause inflammation. Such a vicious circle can lead to tangible pain.

Finding that you can not remove the ring, you can get scared and even panic. Take it easy. If you have not managed to remove the ring within a minute, it is better to stop - because further attempts may injure the skin, which will exacerbate swelling.

Important! Fingers often swell in pregnant women. Therefore, during pregnancy, it is better to refuse to wear the ring at all, or to replace it with a wider one.

People in their long history have accumulated a lot of simple and affordable methods that allow you to easily remove the ring without hurting your skin. Below are the most popular methods for removing a ring from a swollen or swollen finger. Also describes the most common situations that lead to swelling of the finger.

What not to do?

How not to do? First of all, do not try to pull the ring off or pull it off with a jerk. This will lead to increased edema, which will only aggravate the situation. In addition, you should not try to cut the ring yourself using a hacksaw and other similar tools. With any awkward movement, you can get a serious injury or even be left without a finger.

So, how to remove a ring from a swollen finger? Here are some of the most effective ways:

  1. If the finger swells slightly, then you can try to do without any additional funds. Just gently twist the ring and simultaneously move it in the right direction, that is, towards the end of the finger. Have patience, because everything can take more than 5-10 minutes. And do not rush, otherwise nothing will come of it.
  2. If the first method did not work, then you can try to use a lubricant that will reduce friction and increase slip and thus help remove the ring. The role of the lubricating composition can play a soap solution or liquid soap, shampoo, oil, greasy cream or lotion, petroleum jelly or something else. Liberally lubricate your finger and start scrolling the ring to its end. Do not hurry! By the way, to speed up the process, wrap the second palm with a cloth so that it does not slip off the swollen finger.
  3. To provoke the outflow of blood from the finger and thereby reduce its volume, you can raise your hand for fifteen or twenty minutes and hold it over your head. When the edema subsides a bit, try again.
  4. To reduce the volume of the swollen finger will help the cold, which is known to provoke vasoconstriction. To achieve a result, you can put your hand in cool water or in the freezer of the refrigerator for a few minutes. But it is worth remembering that a significant decrease in temperature can cause a narrowing of the metal, which will make a wedding ring or another ring even smaller. To avoid this, try not to let the product itself come into contact with water or cold air.
  5. If the previous method did not work, then try to prepare a saline solution (two or three tablespoons will suffice for a glass), cool it and place a finger in the container. Cold water will cause a narrowing of blood vessels, and salt will literally pull excess fluid through the skin. As a result, the volume of the swollen finger will significantly decrease.
  6. If you remove the decoration interfere with folds of skin on the finger, then ask for help. Let someone otterat skin, and you at this time try to remove the ring. It will probably succeed.
  7. You can use a thread (preferably silk), thin fishing line or dental floss. Pull one end under the ring using a thin needle, and wrap the other end with the other end. But it is worth wrapping quite tightly, it will allow to reduce the volume a little. As soon as you wrap the widest part, immediately begin to try to push the ring, gently scrolling it. Remember that the finger must remain in the wound state for no more than 15-20 minutes, otherwise tissue necrosis (that is, their death) may start due to the lack of blood in them.
  8. If the edema is significant, then you can try to remove excess fluid from the body. To do this, use coffee, a decoction of lingonberry leaves or other plant-based diuretics. But do not overdo it, so as not to bring yourself to dehydration. As soon as you notice that the swelling has decreased, try removing the ring.
  9. If the cause of the puffiness is damage (for example, a scratch or bruise), then you can resort to medicinal or folk remedies. So, you can lubricate the damaged area with anti-inflammatory ointment. This will not only eliminate inflammation and relieve swelling, but also increase gliding. There are antihistamine ointments used after insect vinegar. They also eliminate excessive edema, so try using one of these topical preparations. In addition, you can attach to the finger mashed potatoes made from raw potatoes. For these purposes, you can also use the cabbage leaf. And to remove puffiness and inflammation, you can use soda solution, preferably cool. In a half glass of cold water, dissolve a teaspoon of soda and place a finger in the liquid for 10-15 minutes.
  10. You can use several methods at once. For example, first immerse your finger in cold water, then raise your hand, then lubricate your skin with oil or soap and try to remove the decoration. It is also possible, instead of using a lubricant, to choose a method using a thread.

If you try to remove your finger while trying to remove the ring at home, then by all means treat the wound! To do this, you can use alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, a solution of "chlorhexidine" and other means.

When do we need drastic measures or outside help?

How to understand that removing a small ring alone will not work? If the finger is very swollen and has increased significantly in size, almost does not bend, and the skin has acquired a bluish tint, then you should immediately take drastic measures. Contact the emergency room or the rescuers from the emergency services.

They will free your finger using the wire cutter. After this, the doctor can make the injection anti-inflammatory or antibacterial to reduce the risk of tissue necrosis and other serious consequences.

Let the above tips help you remove the ring without harm to health and as soon as possible.

10 ways

1. Never try to remove the ring with sharp jerks. This will cause injury to the skin, and the finger will swell even more. Instead, slowly and gently twist the ring, gradually moving it in the right direction.

2. It often happens that wearing a ring does not cause discomfort for years, but one morning you found that it was impossible to take it off. In this case, the fingers look slightly swollen. As a rule, this is due to the inadequate consumption of salty foods.
In this situation, you should not attempt to immediately remove the ring - better wait a few hours. Use more water to remove excess salt from the body - by about the middle of the day the fingers will swell and the ring can be easily removed.

3. If your fingers are swollen due to hot weather, place your hands so that your hands are above the heart line. If you spend in this position for some time, blood flow to the arm will decrease. This will help eliminate swelling and help remove the ring.

4. A popular folk method is to hold your finger in cold water, then lift your hand up and hold it in that position for 5-10 minutes. Cold water and blood outflow from the arm will remove the edema, after which it will be possible to easily remove the ring.
However, this method has the opposite side - the metal tends to shrink with a decrease in temperature. Thus, cooling can only aggravate the problem. To avoid expansion of the ring, you can apply ice to your finger, avoiding contact with the ring.

5. In some cases, skin folds at the finger joint may prevent the ring from taking off. Ask someone to pull the skin of the finger down and fix in this position, and try to remove the ring yourself.

6. In any home there are substances that can be used as a lubricant to remove the ring without damaging the skin. Among them:

  • petroleum jelly or lotion
  • shampoo,
  • liquid soap,
  • antibacterial ointment
  • vegetable oil based spray
  • just lather.
Обильно смажьте палец вокруг кольца и под кольцом (для этого проверните его вокруг пальца). Возьмите лоскут мягкой ткани и попытайтесь снять кольцо, поворачивая его вокруг своей оси. Ткань необходима, поскольку пальцы обычно соскальзывают с металла.

7. Иногда обручальные кольца буквально врастают в кожу, в результате чего возникает отёк и боль. It is better not to bring to such situations, and remove the rings before cleaning or washing dishes.
In such cases, you can use the universal method of removing the ring. Thread the silk thread about 1 meter long into the eye of a thin needle. Carefully insert the needle under the ring from the side of the nail, and pull it out from the other side. Together with the needle under the ring thread will stretch. Now, with the rest of the thread, wrap your finger in such a way that the coils are tight to each other, leaving no gaps. The finger should be wrapped around the tip.
Next, take the short end of the thread at the base of the finger, and begin to unwind it. The thread will lift the ring up, and you can easily remove it.

8. Removing the swelling of the finger helps ordinary salt. Pour water (10-15 degrees) into the container, then add salt to it and dip your finger in water for five minutes. Saline will reduce the swelling, and you can try to remove the ring.

9. Perhaps the use of drugs. Apply a compress with procaine on the swollen finger. Anesthetic reduces pain, and swelling subsides due to a decrease in sensitivity.
You can also take an oral anti-inflammatory agent, but the effect will have to wait longer, and it will be weaker compared to the effect of local drugs.

10. If you have injured your finger trying to remove the ring, the wound should be treated with astringent antibacterial substances: ethanol, aloe juice, decoction of oak bark. Swelling should subside within 1-6 hours. At the same time the feeling of numbness of a finger is possible.
If the next day the finger is swollen and badly bent, immediately go to the doctor. Due to swelling in the finger, toxins could accumulate, which usually leads to boiling up.

When should I ask for help?

If the finger has acquired a bluish tint, it is better to immediately call an ambulance, emergency services, or go to a trauma center, because there is a danger of losing a finger. You can also ask for help from a jeweler. Cutting a ring is much easier than you can imagine, and worrying about it in such a situation is not only stupid, but also dangerous - the ring can be easily repaired, and saving a finger is not always possible.
If you still want to keep the ring, contact the jeweler. Before cutting the ring between the finger and the ring, a sheet of foil is passed through to protect the skin from injury.

If the finger is very swollen, and it is impossible to pass through the foil, it is necessary to consult a doctor. In such cases, contact the surgical or trauma department.

A doctor can use one of the following methods:

  • the doctor puts an anti-inflammatory injection,
  • a harness is applied to the arm, and excess liquid is drawn from the hand,
  • the ring is cut or sawn, however after that it most likely will not be subject to restoration, but finger injury is completely excluded.

Today tungsten rings are gaining popularity. They have a special property - they are almost impossible to cut. If you have such a ring, there is only one way out - you need to fix the ring with your finger in a vice, and squeeze them until it cracks. At the same time you do not risk a finger - a tungsten ring is almost impossible to bend.

It is strongly recommended not to try to cut or cut the ring at home. Use the help of a specialist.