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What is tint and how to use it?


Probably, not everyone likes to constantly tint lips to maintain a beautiful makeup. But women of fashion want lipstick not to smear clothes and dishes. This problem was solved by Korean designers of decorative cosmetics through the creation of tint. Many women of fashion use this tool regularly. The fact that such a tint for lips, described in the article.

general information

What is lip tint? This type of cosmetics is a color pigment that has a liquid or gel-like consistency. The name was coined by Europeans. What is lip tint in English? The word means "shade" or "paint." The product is released in bottles like nail polish, sticks, tubes, which usually contain liquid lipstick or lip gloss.

To more accurately understand what a tint for lips, you need to familiarize yourself with the unique properties of this product:

  1. Persistence About a day tool carries meals and fluids. Color does not fade and does not tarnish. Duration is determined by shade, condition of lips and skin.
  2. Traceless On cups, on hands, collars there will be no prints left.
  3. Versatility. Tint can be used as lipstick, blush and eye shadow.

The first cosmetics created in South Korea were not popular in Europe because they dried out their lips. Why did the Korean women like them a lot? In fact, the people of that country regularly moisturize their skin with the help of special sprays. Europeans did not like only side effects.


Tint for lips, in comparison with classical lipsticks and gloss, has the following advantages:

  1. Excellent durability: not washed off with food intake, drinking, as well as during water procedures.
  2. Excellent replacement tattoo lip - it is much cheaper and more convenient. Products stored on the lips for about a day. If she gets tired, you can refuse her.
  3. Does not leave marks on cups, cutlery, and does not smear when kissing.
  4. Color is both subtle and saturated. The palette is rich, you just need to choose the desired tone.
  5. One tube will be enough for 3-4 months, and maybe more.
  6. Tint is not clogged in the folds of the lips.
  7. The bottle is convenient, so it is convenient to take it with you.

Tint is different from standard lipstick and gloss. The effect of its use is similar to the staining of the skin with the help of beet or carrot juice - the pigment, naturally, eats into the lips, so a lasting shade is obtained. Products are ideal for connoisseurs of natural makeup. Tint is suitable for self-use, and together with other shades.

What is required for?

As you can see from the photo, the lip tint looks great. This remedy:

  1. Makes lips saturated with natural color, besides makeup looks natural.
  2. Dries in 5-10 seconds.
  3. Not felt on the lips, no fat and stickiness.

At first, only matte shades were released, similar to the natural color of the skin. But the saturation will be achieved by applying an additional layer or two, it all depends on what effect you want to get. Tint create a wonderful gradient makeup. In addition, it is not required to constantly correct.

Is there any harm?

With the advent of tints, many are interested in the dangers of the remedy. The absorption of pigment under the top layer of skin causes concern. In fact, tint is not more harmful than lipstick and gloss. They can be used by everyone, but with some nuances. Although manufacturers wanted to make the tool not very moisture-pulling, the result is often negative.

Tint requires an ideal surface, and in a dry, flaky skin situation, the tool will accumulate in the folds, and the color will be uneven. As a result, the lips will look untidy and with ugly tone transitions.

If you have not previously had to use tints, and the skin is dry, you must:

  1. Before applying and after that use moisturizing and nutritious products.
  2. Maintain moisture with hygienic lipstick or balm when the tint is on the lips.

Sometimes there is only individual intolerance to the components. If after this itching, severe dryness, burning or other negative phenomena are found, it is necessary to wash off the tint as soon as possible with a makeup remover or milk for washing. Also in the case of use of counterfeit damage is possible.

Tint gel-tints for lips are of several types:

  1. Ink. This product is a classic, it first went on sale. The pigment is released in liquid form with a felt applicator. Means quickly paints, keeps a long time (up to 8 hours), but the standard remover is not suitable for it. Hue does not work saturated, as in a jar. Tint ink is not suitable for dry and damaged lips.
  2. Glitter. In terms of consistency, cosmetics are similar to balsam - it is viscous and gel-like. Her pigmentation is light, evaporates quickly, but it turns out the original gloss, erased with food or water. Tint is also suitable for dry skin. It does not need to be carefully applied, it does not dry out much and does not moisturize lips. The result lasts 2-3 hours.
  3. Balms. This type of cosmetics is considered more delicate and delicate. The pigment allows you to leave a light, slightly noticeable shade, not drying and not tightening the skin. The color lasts 3-4 hours.
  4. Lipstick pencil The form of cosmetics is almost the same as that of standard lipsticks and lipsticks. Tint is applied in a dense layer, therefore, with an imperfect surface, it will be covered with flakes and will highlight folds. Not much draws moisture in comparison with ink. Hue remains even after erasing cosmetics.
  5. Tattoo This species is considered the most "tough" tint, which has a thick texture and rich color. With application and drying, the gelatinous agent becomes a film that must be removed. The procedure can be performed only by specialists. The result is a persistent color for the day.
  6. Gouache. For application requires experience, because the tool dries quickly. The pigment is well absorbed, but if it is necessary to get rid of the surplus or to perform a correction circuit, then another means is needed.
  7. Powdery. Products are produced in a bottle with an applicator. In the tint there is no moisture, but after contact with the skin, the microcapsules take on a liquid consistency. On the lips will be a clear matte rich tone. Cosmetics moisture resistant, but after eating disappears. To eliminate the dryness of the skin of the lips from long-term use, you need to apply moisturizing nutrients.

With any kind of makeup you need to know how to use a lip tint. Compliance with the rules of application will allow you to get a permanent makeup.

The main components of the product include:

  1. Natural or synthetic pigment.
  2. Liquid base.
  3. Preservatives.

Even in the composition may have:

  1. Nutritious oils - jojoba, almond.
  2. Collagen.
  3. Vitamins C, E.
  4. Moisturizing components.
  5. Juices and herbal extracts.

The composition of products may vary depending on the manufacturer. It is important to use proven brands of cosmetics to eliminate harm to health.

Popular manufacturers

When choosing the best tools, quality, price, appearance, range and reviews were taken into account. Product rating will help determine the choice of:

  1. Tony Moly and Holika Holika. These are Korean companies with many years of experience. For the entire period of existence, the cost of production remains available.
  2. Essence. This is a German brand, whose products are created in Poland. Tint for Essence lips is in demand among consumers because it has an optimal price-quality ratio.
  3. Benefit. Quality products are manufactured by an American company. Its cost is quite high.
  4. Etude House and MISSHA. Two South Korean firms occupy one place. In addition to the acceptable cost and attractive design, the products of these companies have another advantage - it is presented in a wide range.
  5. Cailyn. Products of the American company, which in terms of cost, composition and design can be included in this list.

The users demand a tint for lips Kiss me again. He allows to receive a resistant shade which is not printed. The advantages include the convenience of packaging and application. You can create the desired color intensity. Tint for lips will allow you to create an original make-up only with the correct application. It will help favorably emphasize the dignity of appearance.

Women use the tint for lips "Faberlik", which allows you to create a wonderful pigment. The product is persistent, does not feel on the lips, does not dry the skin. After staining the lips look neat. Too cool for school lip tint is suitable for creating original makeup. The tool creates a clear color, moreover, it is convenient to use. The intensity of the shade is maintained for a long time.

Terms of use

How to apply lip tint? This procedure is simple, just follow these steps:

  1. Before the procedure, you need to shake the container so that the settled pigment mixed with the liquid component.
  2. Then you need to type tint on the applicator or squeeze on the finger. Surplus is removed with a napkin or cotton pad.
  3. Then you have to stretch your lips, but do not close your mouth, as the product may stick together and makeup will not be neat.

How to use lip tint to get a neat coloring result? Coloring should begin with the center, gradually moving to the edges. Keep in mind that cosmetics dries quickly. If required, you can shade. To correct the uneven application will allow an additional layer. Full drying takes about 10 minutes, but the exact time is indicated on the packaging.

To remove the tin, you need to use makeup remover or oil for washing, you can also use vegetable. If you do not wash, after a day the pigment will disappear. Makeup artists advise:

  1. Perform peeling of the skin of the lips before each use of the tinth.
  2. For moisturizing, apply balms before and hygienic lipstick after that.
  3. Before you buy a tint, you need to choose the appropriate shade.
  4. Sprinkle with thermal water if dryness does not disappear.

Usage errors

Not everyone is able to exactly apply tint on the lips the first time. This is due to improper use of cosmetics. The most common mistakes include the following:

  1. The use of cosmetics with damaged skin of the lips. If they are cracked in the cold, peel off, then do not use the tint for a period. First you need to restore the skin of the lips, so that it becomes smooth.
  2. Frequent use. The pigment eats into the skin. If you use tint constantly, it will be noticeable until the skin is renewed. Therefore, it is important to take breaks.
  3. Flushing with soap. This should not be done, because you can dry out the skin. The pigment is removed with a fat-containing agent: hydrophilic oil, milk or cream to remove makeup. Suit and ordinary oil.

It is important to take into account errors and avoid them when using tinta. This will protect against possible harm to health.

What to replace?

A replacement can be an improvised product made from glycerol and food coloring. To prepare it, these components must be mixed, and then placed in a refrigerator for solidification. All natural connoisseurs use homemade tint without the use of dyes: they will be replaced by beetroot juice. But the shelf life of this tool is quite small, so you should cook it in small quantities.

Beautician recommendations

There are some subtleties of using tint. Beauticians advise:

  1. Apply a tint in 2 layers, if you want to make your lips bulky.
  2. Lip around the edges and then across the surface to create a clear outline.
  3. Apply tint with your fingers, not with a brush to reduce pigment saturation. Then get a natural shade.

Tint for lips will be a great help if you do not want to constantly tint lips. It is enough to apply it correctly so that the makeup is gorgeous.

What is it?

Tint is a kind of liquid pigment, that is, a coloring fluid that is applied to the lips (or cheeks) and gives them an attractive natural shade.

In general, the name from English translates as "tint" or "slightly tint", that is, you should not expect a bright color, but you get sexy lips and a natural effect, which, by the way, is very relevant. In addition, the shade will be persistent, since the pigment particles are so small that they penetrate deep into the skin of the lips and linger there.

How to make a choice?

How to choose a lip tint? Pay attention to the following important points:

  • There are different types of tints depending on the consistency. The composition may be completely liquid, more dense or jelly-like. Liquid tint, as a rule, is absorbed very quickly, it is difficult to apply it to a beginner. Jelly-like texture will make the application as comfortable as possible.
  • Pay attention to the forms in which tint issued. The simplest and not very convenient option is a bottle with a liquid that can be closed with a lid. Apply the tool will have to fingers or a separate brush. But brushes or fleecy brushes can be included in the package, and this makes it much easier to use. There are also tint with applicators, which is also very convenient and allows you to use the tool anywhere without extras and without getting your hands dirty. Jelly-like tints are usually available in flat jars with lids.
  • Hue. Most tints are presented in a minimum number of shades, the most popular among them are red, pink, burgundy and orange. And all of them are bright and rich. But this should not scare you, because the pigments are immediately absorbed into the skin, so that on the lips the color will look much lighter. But its saturation can be adjusted by changing the volume of the applied agent.
  • Characteristics and properties. In general, tint is used exclusively for dyeing, but you can find products with a moisturizing or sunscreen effect on the market, which is sometimes very important.
  • Composition. It would be great if, in addition to pigments, there are caring components, for example, natural oils, vitamins or plant extracts.
  • Mark. One of the most popular is the Korean brand "Tony Moli." But also quality products are offered by such brands as “The Saem”, “Essence”, “Benefit”, “Missha”.
  • Price. It varies from 150 to 1000 rubles. Of course, you should not overpay, but always remember that a high-quality original product cannot cost too much.

How to use?

How to use tint? It's pretty simple:

  • First you need to clean the lips, that is, to hold a light peeling. Use an ordinary scrub or sugar, coffee grounds or candied honey.
  • Then the lips can be moistened (if they are dry) with a balm, cream or hygienic lipstick.
  • When the moisturizer is fully absorbed, lightly powder your lips or apply a thin layer of BB cream. Makeup artists argue that such a trick will make the distribution uniform and mask the defects.
  • Now apply to the lower lip in three places in a drop of tin and immediately begin to feather it, otherwise it will immediately be absorbed.
  • In the same way, paint the upper lip.
  • If the shade seems too light or desaturated, repeat the procedure.
  • From above it is possible to put transparent gloss or balm.

    Useful tips

    • To create more original tones, you can mix tintes of different colors.
    • If you want to create the effect of kissed lips or gradient, then apply a drop in the center and blend it to the corners of the mouth.
    • Do not forget to tightly close the lid of the tool so that it does not dry out or spill.
    • Use tint instead of blush to underline cheeks.

    Now your lips will be juicy and beautiful!


    Like all types of cosmetics, tints are different in structure, method of application, composition. Types of tinta represented about 20 units. Here are the most common ones:

    • Tint film. For Korean girls, this is an indispensable tool in a cosmetics bag. Proper application of non-standard: tint paint lips, leave for 10 minutes, then remove the film. During this time, the agent manages to be absorbed into the skin.
    • Tint lipstick. Apply like regular lipstick. The velvety base of the tin visually enlarges the lips. Tint lipstick lasts up to 5 hours.
    • Glitter-Tint. Need a natural lip color? Glitter is suitable for creating a natural image. It has a low saturation, has a translucent shade, does not emphasize peeling. The multifunctionality of the find makes it possible to use it as a blush. Keeps 2-3 hours
    • Tint Balsam The known effect of "kissed lips" can be obtained when using a balm, it provides naturalness when painting.
    • Tint pencil. Before applying it is better to moisturize the lips, as the pencil can emphasize peeling. В зависимости от выбора карандаша финиш может быть матовым или глянцевым.
    • Чернильный тинт – хит сезона. Рекомендуется использовать, только если у вас идеальное состояние кожи.


    Продукт для губ хоть и имеет всего 2 недостатка, но на них стоит обратить внимание. Знание о них поможет избежать неприятных ситуаций:

    1. Быстро стереть продукт или поправить контур практически невозможно.
    2. Moisten the skin of the lips in advance: there are practically no caring components in the composition of this product, it can dry the delicate skin. For the same reason, do not use tint daily.

    How to use lip tint

    Apply the product can be a separate product that will provide the effect of nude makeup, and in tandem with other means. Glitter with tint will visually enlarge the lips: apply tint, wait 5 minutes, remove the film, if it is film-tint, then apply your favorite gloss. In addition, if your skin is dry or prone to dryness, you can apply a moisturizing balm on top.

    How to apply

    The product dries quickly, so apply it with clear patting movements with the pads of your fingers or a special brush, applicator. Try to completely paint over the lips, without leaving the contour. The pigment may be in a tube, vial, marker, felt-tip pen. In any package, it looks richer, darker. Try to choose a shade so as not to apply the product several times - this can badly affect the condition of the skin.

    How to wash

    It is difficult to erase tint, because resistance is the main feature of the product. Cotton pad and micellar water need to wipe the skin, remove the top layer. If this does not help - rub the skin with a towel, use a two-phase make-up, or remove the tool with oil for washing, ordinary sunflower oil. You can buy a special tool for removing cosmetic product.

    Review of popular brands of lip tints

    The world market is filled with a huge number of brands of cosmetics, each of which represents several brand products. Tint is popular, produced by many beauty brands. In choosing a means it is easy to miscalculate, because it may turn out to be of poor quality. To his choice should approach carefully. Here are some of the best tints from famous brands:

    • Name: Becca Beach Tint.
    • Price: 2200 rubles.
    • Characteristics: waterproof pigment. The texture is a thick coloring cream.
    • Pros: it looks on the skin naturally, gives a beautiful shade to the lips and cheeks, lasts a long time, does not dry the skin, does not roll off and does not print. Becca Beach is not felt after application. The product contains a lot of pigment - one tube is enough for 2-3 years.
    • Cons: the cost exceeds the average. Sold only in some major perfume chains, or in online stores.

    For the same price, you can take another tint. An interesting design and a tube like a varnish with the same brush make it stand out:

    • Name: Benefit Benetint and Posietint.
    • Price: 2250 p.
    • Characteristics: liquid translucent agent gives a stunning effect: the tint looks like a real blush or leaves the effect of natural pink lips.
    • Pros: gives shade, but the means after drying is not visible. Very economical: one jar is enough for many years.
    • Cons: Benefit dries and tightens the skin. In a jar the color is very saturated.

    A unique product of its kind is produced by another brand. It produces not a gummy liquid, but a shimmering tint that can be “hammered” into the skin to impart a tint or to cover with a thick layer and to get shining highlights:

    • Name: Sexy Gloss Tint.
    • Price: 1670 r.
    • Features: The Nude collection includes beautiful and delicate shades such as Angel, Desert Rose, Mimishelini, Dolce Vita, Floweranna, Juicy Kiss.
    • Pros: the texture is light and weightless, not felt. The color is absorbed and remains for the whole day, even when the shiny coating is already worn.
    • Cons: you can order only in some online stores, including in Moscow.

    Fans of matte finish can also purchase this product. These include:

    • Name: Inglot Matte Tint for Lips.
    • Price: 1300 p.
    • Characteristics: optimal in terms of durability and comfort. Presented in 38 shades.
    • Pros: bright, saturated pigmented product, applied in 1 layer, lays down without gaps. The finish after drying is dull, does not print, lasts up to 6 hours.
    • Cons: matte texture dries the skin, so moisturize your lips before applying.

    How to choose a lip tint

    Finding the perfect tool is not so difficult. Follow the recommendations:

    • Determine which texture is closer to you. It is difficult for a beginner to apply a liquid product, choose cream, jelly-like.
    • It is more convenient when the bottle has a brush with which it is possible to apply the product without soiling your hands or clothes.
    • Pay attention to the composition. Ideally, cosmetics should contain plant extracts, natural oils, vitamins.
    • Carefully select a shade. Remember that in the bottle means a richer, brighter than after application.

    What are lip tints and why are they needed?

    Classic Tint is a colored water, saturated with dye pigment. The tool is immediately absorbed into the lips, giving them the desired shade. First of all, tint for lips is needed for super-resistant and invulnerable makeup. It is literally imprinted in the skin, leaving no "evidence" in the form of prints on the dishes or the collar of a loved one. The remaining benefits of tinta can be enumerated indefinitely, focusing on the main ones:

    • very light, not felt on the lips,
    • has an economical expense,
    • compact and convenient,
    • does not clog in the folds of the lips, does not roll down and does not smear,
    • allows you to adjust the brightness of the shade
    • no sediment can wash off lip tint and ruin your makeup.

    Today, Koreans produce tints in a variety of formats: balms, lipsticks, glitters and gel textures for a tattoo effect. However, the result of their use is the same - natural lip makeup, which lasts a whole day.

    What tint to choose

    Tint has recently appeared on the Russian market, but it has already become popular with many customers due to its practicality and uniqueness. It is not easy for a beginner to decide on a purchase - the product is presented not only in the classical form, but also disguises itself as lipstick, gloss, balms, lip pens.

    When choosing tinta, pay attention to the method of its application and give preference to your usual options - brushes, applicators or pencils. The texture of the tinta is also different. There are 3 main forms of release of pigment.

    1. Liquid(classic) tint. Only 2-3 drops of this product will give your lips a natural, weightless shade. Easy to shade and quickly absorbed.
    2. Tint with tattoo effect. This option is presented in the form of a thick gel. When applied, it stiffens on the skin and forms a film under which persistently colored sponges hide. Requires accuracy during use and time (the composition freezes to 5-15 minutes).
    3. Tint-shine. Unlike other options, this product gives not a matte, but a glossy finish.

    Pay attention to the functionality of the selected tool. Well, if it is universal - it replaces the cheek blush, lipstick and lip care lip balm, like Graymelin tint.

    5 rules to help you properly use lip tint

    Tint - a special tool that requires dexterity when using. Therefore, leave an acquaintance with him for a day unencumbered by an important meeting. And so that it leaves only pleasant impressions, use simple tips.

    1. Before you apply a tint for the lips, prepare the skin - make a scrub or a smoothing lip mask. Collagen, for example.
    2. Not all Korean tint equipped with a convenient applicator. Apply the tool with a brush, then the chances to miss the contour of the lips will be reduced to zero.
    3. Do not hesitate with shading - any tint is quickly absorbed or freezes.
    4. Allow the product to dry after application. In 2-3 minutes, it will firmly lock onto the lips and stop imprinting, which is easy to check with a careful touch on the finger.
    5. One layer of tinta allows you to create a light and natural make-up. To make the color of the lips more saturated, apply a second layer of product or add the image with your favorite lipstick.

    Before you use the lip tint, make sure the delicate skin is in good condition. Any cracks and peeling pigment instantly emphasize, highlighting them a darker shade.

    How to quickly and easily remove the tint from the lips

    Now you know how to properly lip tint, which means that its first use does not cause trouble. Be sure - your makeup will last for a long time and will not suffer from the usual "irritants". Even if you want it! A durable formula is not removed with a cotton pad or a damp cloth. And how to erase lip tint then?

    The easiest option is to use a special agent to remove the pigment. If it is absent, use make-up removal products: milk, oil, micellar water. Of course, you can erase tint for lips and hands. But diligent and prolonged friction will damage delicate skin, is it worth the risk?

    Do you need a tint?

    Korean tint is not like the usual lipstick or gloss. The result of its use is similar to the staining of the skin with beet or carrot juice - the pigment eats into the lips just as naturally and firmly, giving them the desired shade. So, the product is ideal for all supporters of natural and weightless makeup. It can be used as a standalone tool or as an indestructible rear under lipstick, and even combined with other shades. Does he need a beautician? Definitely yes! Be sure to get acquainted with this new product, and I am sure that it will occupy a worthy place in your collection of masthiv means!

    With wishes of nice beauty finds (and more), Nastya Vorobyeva. ,)

    The composition of the wonderful means

    The composition of this tool is coloring pigment, penetrating deep into the skin, hence such resistance. Tint for lips, which was produced several years ago, rather dried their delicate skin. Therefore it was necessary to constantly use balm or hygienic lipstick. Nowadays, tint not only gives the lips a natural, seductive, and most importantly - lasting color, but also take care of them. This tool is made of water-based or helium. Therefore, it more evenly falls on the lips. As a pigment can be a synthetic substance or natural. It also contains nutritious oils, such as jojoba oil, almond oil, and shea butter. And vitamins C and E. Most tint include moisturizing ingredients, sunscreens, as well as extracts of aloe vera, chamomile and other medicinal plants. Therefore, using this coloring pigment, you also care for your lips. The tool is very economical, it lasts a long time even with constant use.

    What is the tint for lips

    Release it in the form of conventional lipstick, gloss (with felt brush) and balms. There are also liquid products, the bottle of which resembles a tube of varnish, there even has a brush - like regular nail polish. In addition, tint can be applied either with the fingers or with the proposed devices, for example, with spatulas. It should be noted, if you do not want the color of the lips to be too bright, then it is better to distribute this product with your fingers.

    Ways of applying tint

    Before you apply the pigment, it is necessary to carry out a simple procedure. It is important that your lips are perfectly smooth. In order to remove dead skin, thoroughly rub them with a toothbrush or sponge for washing. You can also use a soft flannel napkin. Then apply the usual balm and wait a bit so that the product is well absorbed. After neatly, layer by layer (depending on how much saturation you want to get a shade), apply tint. As mentioned above, if you want to get a brighter color, then use a brush or spatula, otherwise use your fingers. Before applying the coloring pigment, you can circle the lips with a pencil in tone, but if you want the makeup to look natural, then it is better to do without it. After applying the coloring matter, wait for it to be thoroughly absorbed and dried. Tint gives a matte effect, because for lovers of glossy lips you need to put a colorless shine on top. Everything - a la "kissed lips" are ready! Also, before applying a cosmetic, you can slightly powder the lips, and then apply your favorite lipstick. But this is an amateur. In Asian countries, it is fashionable to tint only the lower lip - this is how the effect of bitten lips is created.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    Like any cosmetic, lip tint has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages include the following:

    • persistent color that persists throughout the day, even when you eat, drink or kiss,
    • with each application the sponges become brighter,
    • This is a very stylish and comfortable makeup.
    • with proper use of the product, you will get exactly the shade you dreamed of,
    • color can vary from saturated to light
    • tube of paint will last long.

    • It is very difficult for beginners to put a tint on their lips, especially if there are no aids on their hands, such as balm, gloss, lip scrub,
    • it’s easy to overdo it, so to speak, which in turn is very difficult to correct,
    • not suitable for problem and flaky lips,
    • some tints have a rather unpleasant odor and color.

    Where can one buy?

    If you are interested in this product, then, of course, the question will arise: “Where can I find this miracle tool?”. So, you can buy tint for lips in big cosmetic stores. Unfortunately, in Russia, this tool has not yet become widespread, so you have to run. However, we can give one tip. You can choose the tints for lips in "Letual" - the network of these stores is quite well-known in our country. You can also make an order through specialized websites. It is on the open spaces of the Network that you can find a huge number of different shades of this tool. If not so long ago the color assortment was rather poor, then today there are no problems with this, you can find tint of the most daring colors. The only negative online ordering - you can not first try out the pigment. Therefore, choosing a tint for the first time, it is better to prefer more conservative, calm shades.

    Tint lip can be bought at a democratic price, and quite expensive. The price varies from two hundred rubles to three thousand. It all depends on the company, the country of origin, as well as the composition of the funds. Tint on the basis of natural pigments, oils and vitamins, of course, are much more expensive. And, as a rule, such a product does not have an unpleasant chemical smell. The cheaper the components of this tool, the lower the price. Of course, if there is such an opportunity, it is better to purchase products of well-known, proven brands.

    Customer reviews

    Women who have tried using tint instead of lipstick and gloss, mostly leave admiring reviews. And it is not surprising, because it is very convenient: you do not need to constantly correct makeup during the day. The effect of naturalness is created. The only thing is that ideally make up lips with tint is not immediately obtained. The forums often discuss this remedy, and many women show a lack of confidence in the makeup. Is this product dangerous to health? It is worth noting that the chemical component is no more harmful here than any other lipstick or lip gloss. And if you purchase a product of a well-known company, the danger of harmful chemical compounds is generally reduced to a minimum. Young ladies who decide to buy a coloring pigment for lips, but lost in choice of color, can advise the following: dark-skinned girls can safely choose bright, rich shades (cherry, fuchsia, maroon, purple), but for fair-haired representatives it is better to choose beige, pink or orange tones.

    Tint for lips "Benefit"

    A logical continuation of the theme of the previous paragraph will be the question of which firm’s products to choose, in order to satisfy both the quality and the range. BENEFIT POSIETIN is very popular among women who have replaced lipstick with a tint. The country of origin is the USA. Tint from "Benefit" has a light helium consistency. The composition includes hyaluronic acid, which saturates the sponge with moisture. The pigment is very easy to apply and keeps throughout the day. A tube with this tool resembles a bottle of nail polish. It is better to distribute it on the lips with your fingers, as the brush is not very convenient to use. The disadvantage of this application - painted fingers, which are difficult to wash. Also, this tint can be applied to the cheekbones as a blush, but here the main thing - do not get carried away, otherwise you have to wash off all makeup. The cost of the product is about two thousand rubles.

    Types of tints

    Initially, the tinta had an exceptionally liquid texture. But over time, beauty brands have learned how to create tint and other forms: resistant, but more convenient to apply.

    Classic Tint

    The very first form of tint, which began to produce not only Korean brands of cosmetics, but also American and European. On resistance such a tint takes the first place. True, the coating looks quite modest: the shade is delicate and natural. The classic tool looks like a bottle of nail polish, and with a brush from the bottle you can paint not only your lips, but also your cheeks.

    Tint in stick

    This type of tinta looks like an ordinary lip makeup product. There are tints in lipsticks, sticks, markers and other similar formats. На губах выглядит деликатным матовым оттенком, который можно сделать ярче, стоит только нанести дополнительный слой средства. Это самый требовательный к губам тинт: если кожа ваших губ выглядит потрескавшейся, сухой, то и тинт ляжет на нее неравномерно, а весь соберется в складках и трещинках губ.

    Этот вид тинта, в отличие от средства в стике, не только окрашивает кожу губ, но и ухаживает за ней. В тинтах-бальзамах содержится рекордное для подобных средств количество ухаживающих и смягчающих компонентов. Nevertheless, they give a durable matte finish and a beautiful shade. Makeup artists say that with tint-balms you get the most beautiful makeup with the effect of kissed lips.

    Gel tint

    Gel tint - the invention of European beauty brands. They are not as resistant as ordinary liquid, but still perfectly designed to apply a gentle, delicate makeup. Gel tints due to its texture give a light glossy shine and when applied moisturize the skin of the lips. Instead of a brush, they are equipped with familiar applicators.

    Tint Sticker

    The most ambiguous and original tint. Nevertheless, it is also the most stable. All that is needed is to apply a tint on the lips, wait until the composition hardens, and carefully remove the resulting film. In the process of hardening, the tint gives off shade to the lips and gives a durable matte finish.

    How to use Tint

    Before you begin to use tints, make sure that the skin of the lips is flawless. If not, twice a week you will have to use soft scrubs to get rid of peeling and rough areas, as well as regularly apply lip balm.

    If the lips are smooth and soft, you can immediately begin to master the makeup with tint. To remedy perfectly lay on the lips, first apply lip balm and let it thoroughly soak. Then blot the leftovers with a paper napkin.

    Type a little tint on the brush and apply a dot on the lips. Quickly distribute the product over the skin until the tint is dry. The saturation of the coating can be adjusted by applying up to several layers of tinta. Each time it is better to take a little bit than to use a large amount of money at once: this way it will fall flat.

    Tint can also be used as blush. If you have dry skin, use a lip balm before applying the tin: just a couple of touches on the apples of the cheeks. Brush smear tint on apples and quickly blend in the temples.

    Tint for lips Tony moly

    Tint Korean company Tony moly is also very popular among our fashionistas. This tool, however, is less resistant - lasts a maximum of four hours. But on the other hand, this is a good option for beginners: if something went wrong, it is quite possible to correct the situation, since the tool is easily washed off. Tint has a fluid texture that spreads easily over the lips. Apply it very carefully, so as not to go beyond the contour. It is also better to distribute with your finger. This pigment does not have a pronounced taste and smell. A little dry lips, but after applying a moisturizing balm, this unpleasant feeling quickly passes. Very good summer option!

    Tint from Essence

    Tint from the German budget company Essence has a jelly-like consistency. It is easy to apply with an elastic brush. This company produces tints of four shades. At number 01 - “hot red”, 02 - “cherry”, 03 - “bright orange”, 04 - “pink”. Tint easily falls on the lips and looks beautiful, giving the impression of a tattoo. Produces the effect of light gloss, which persists for quite some time. The tool has a pleasant fruity taste and smell. This product is worth about two hundred rubles.

    Tint or lipstick?

    Nobody will give you the answer to this question, since each woman is individual. Someone rushes headlong into the vortex of fashion, and someone will remain faithful to the old proven means, perhaps, not so perfect. But at least once you should definitely try a lip tint. Because in the summer heat, when every now and then we eat ice cream and drink refreshing cocktails, makeup will be in perfect order. And still, having put this means on lips, you will catch on yourself admiring glances, and not only man's, but also female. So, you should definitely try this novelty! Be always beautiful and attractive!

    Tint for lips: what is it?

    Tint for lips is a means that has already gained some popularity in the world of beauty, but is still not familiar to everyone. What is he like? This is usually a colored fluid or, in more rare cases, a light mousse or gel.

    That is why tints are considered to be the ideal means to create a trending effect on kissed lips. The fact that the result was obtained with the help of cosmetics, no one would guess.

    Public School © fotoimedia / imaxtree

    Naturalness, however, is not the only advantage of tints, which allowed them to fall in love with an entire army of beauticians. What other advantages can boast means?

    How to wipe tint from lips?

    That, on the contrary, to wash away the tint put on lips, it is necessary to make efforts. Rubbing them with a cotton pad dipped in micellar water will not be enough. To leave no trace of the tinta, you will need either a two-phase “wash” or a means to remove permanent makeup.

    Some manufacturers took care of this and combined tint with other types of lip makeup products.

    Lip Tint Rating

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    • Julia August 11, 19:24 Good afternoon! I use Lip Luster Glossy Tint, NYX Professional Makeup lacquer in Mystic Gypsy shade and I am very pleased with it. This is just an extravaganza of flavor, color and brilliance! Everything is in order. The design of the bottle is bright, tint colors, it contains all the information about the brilliance, as well as on all NYX products. The cover conveniently twists that excludes smudges. An unusual brush, I confess that I have never met such people in my memory - on one side it is rectangular, on the other side it is triangular. Later I figured out that this is not just a design decision - the triangular side is excellent to apply gloss on the lip contour. Titn has a very cool bright fruit and berry aroma, which is not typical for such cosmetics. The gel structure, unlike other tints, does not dry the skin at all, is applied without problems, does not spread, does not flow into cracks. On the lips looks stunning! The color is very rich and bright and really varnish! If used as a tint, the lips look gently kissed, and if applied in 2 or more layers, it is very bright, smooth and glossy, while making your lips plumper) Fortitude pretty decent. When applied in 2 or more layers, the color lasts for 3-4 hours, after which a tint effect appears. If applied as a tint, it lasts 4-5 hours, even taking into account snacking. In general, I am very glad that I use this particular tint, but my shade is rather summer, for sunny hot days. Soon I plan to buy a colder shade, since there is plenty to choose from! Thanks NYX for really cool makeup!
    • Maria August 8, 1:00 pm. The NYX brand never ceases to delight us with its beautiful products. Here and Lacquer gloss Lip Luster Glossy Tint, NYX Professional Makeup will not leave you indifferent. The color is bright, in the Dade lineup there are some very unusual and interesting colors. Sponge easily applies the product. The product does not spread, does not roll, lasts quite a long time. Does not tighten the skin of the lips and does not emphasize peeling everything as stated. Perfect for summer time. A glossy finish visually enhances the lips. I am pleased that I stopped with the choice of brilliance-tint on this product.
    • Lucia Khojoyan August 5, 21:20 Tint is simple chic I advise everyone. First, you can completely forget about brushes and other tools. Tint can be applied only by patting movements of the finger pads - in a few seconds the color “permeates” the skin and provides the desired effect. Tint-lip gloss. Tint film for lips. Lipstick-tint for lips. Tint lip balm.

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