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What is the number of Gua and how to calculate it


The Gua number is the answer to many questions. Why is man not given luck in certain areas of life? Why sleep does not bring a good rest? What is the reason for not developing personal life? All this is in the “competence” of the Gua number, which is not without reason called the number of fate. It allows you to determine your compatibility with your own home, workplace. And, if you calculate the number of Gua and correctly apply it, then you can quickly and effectively correct the overall "picture" of the house in accordance with your personal positive and bad directions and places in your personal housing or office.

To calculate the number of Gua online for free, enter the date of birth and gender of a person.

The number of gua, calculate online

Calculate the number of gua

To calculate the number of Gua, a lot of effort is needed. Yes, and knowledge is also necessary minimum - only the full date of birth and another half of the person.

The day and month of birth are needed in this case in order to clarify whether the moment of birth falls on the period after the beginning of the current lunar year or before it. For example:

- The young man was born on January 16, 1982. The lunar year in 1982 lasted from January 25. 1982 to 12 Feb 1983. That is, to calculate the number of the Gua, it is supposed to actually take 1981.

- A woman was born on May 30, 1977. This date clearly falls on the period after the beginning of the current lunar year, so it is not necessary to clarify it.

For the first part of the calculation you need the last 2 digits of the year. They add up, then, if the sum turns out to be a two-digit number, add up again and so on until the sum gives a single-digit number (from 1 to 9).

Now the gender of the person “enters” the calculations. So:

- When the Gua number is calculated for a man, the previously obtained number should be subtracted from 10 (or from 9 for those born in 2000 or later. If the result is 0, add 9 to it).

- For a woman, it is necessary to add 5 to the received number before this and, if necessary, reduce the amount again to a single-digit number (for a girl or girl born in 2000 or after it, you need to add 6).

The result is the personal number of Gua.

Eastern and Western groups

It is in the western and eastern groups that all people are divided according to the number of Gua. If you turned out to be equal to 1, 3, 4 or 9, it means that you belong to the eastern group. All those who have a Gua number of 2, 5, 6, 7 or 8 belong to the West.

These groups are opposite. The opposite is that the same directions in the house (or workplace) are favorable for the eastern group, and unfavorable for the western group. And vice versa. And to count the number of guas means to clearly define them.

Favorable for the eastern group are the northern, southern, eastern and southeastern directions. For the western - western, south-western, north-western, northeast. Accordingly, the north-east, north-west and still west and south-west are unfavorable for the eastern group, and south, north, southeast and east for the western group.

Suitable homes for western and eastern groups

It is desirable to choose for yourself a house (or office) that “sits” in a favorable direction, that is, it is directed in a certain direction by its front (and back) side. In this case, the front side does not always understand the facade of the building. The front is the most active (in terms of traffic, noise), spacious and most illuminated side. The opposite side to her in feng shui is called back.

Those who belong to the eastern group should choose a house with a front and back side, respectively:

1) North - South. At the same time the house will be subordinated to the elements of Fire.

2) South - north. For such houses, their element will be Water.

3) West - East. The element of these houses is wood.

4) northwest - southeast. In the houses located in this direction, the Tree will become the dominant element.

Representatives of the western group, it is desirable to settle in buildings with the direction of the front-back side:

1) Northeast - southwest. The element of such houses is Earth.

2) Southeast - Northwest. Such houses "obey" Metal.

3) Southwest - Northeast. The houses of this direction element - Earth.

4) East - West. The element of these buildings is metal.

How to distribute the room in the house

It is known that 8 sectors into which any building is divided are divided into 4 favorable and 4 unfavorable. For each calculated number of Gua (1–9, see below), recommendations on the location of various premises in a dwelling will look like this.

1. For the bedroom, the best place is south, the worst is northeast and southwest. For a personal account, it is advisable to choose the north or south-east, and the most undesirable is the west and south-west. In the east, it is necessary to allocate a room to that member of the family, who is often sick a lot, the worst thing for the unhealthy family member will be in the southwest and northwest. The nursery will be appropriate in the north, and the toilet in the northwest.

2. The best place for a bedroom is north-west, undesirable - south-east. The workplace is best placed in the southwest or northeast, but in the north and east it is better not to equip your office. If there are those in your family who are in poor health, give him room for a room in the west, but don’t do it south and north. In the south-west is to place a nursery. The most suitable place for a toilet, so that the whole heap of troubles and problems leaks into the sewer, is south.

3. A suitable place for a cabinet in this case is east or south, the most inappropriate is south-west and west, and for a nursery it is best to choose a sector of the east. A bedroom for people whose number is Gua 3 should be located in the southeast, while the sector most unsuitable for it is west and northwest. The best place for amending health is in the north of the house. The toilet in this case should be in the northeast.

4. For the bedroom, select the east and in no case choose the southwest and northeast. If you have children, settle them in the southeast and avoid children’s southwest. If one of your households needs a health improvement, make room for him in the south. It is desirable to place the office in the southeast or in the north, but do not organize for yourself a workplace in the northwest and northeast. And try to put the toilet in the west.

5. In the case of this number of guas, favorable, as well as unfavorable directions differ for men and women. Men should have their bedrooms in the north-west, women - in the west. Unsuitable for the bedrooms and in men and women in the south-east and north. A room for a son whose Gua number is 5 must be placed in the southwest, for his daughter in the northeast. The best place for office for men and for their workplace for women is in the south-west and north-east. It is desirable for unhealthy family members to settle in the west (if it is a man) or in the north-west (if the woman is unhealthy). It is desirable to have a toilet for a woman with the number of Gua 5 in the east, and a man in the south.

6. A nursery for a child, whose number of guas is 6, should be located in the northwest. Sleeping adults with such a personal number is desirable in the south-west, it is very bad if this person arranges his bedroom in the east or south. The ideal sectors for the cabinet are the west and northwest, the most unfavorable are the south and southeast. The health spot for people with the number of Gua 6 is in the northeast. There, it is advisable to arrange a room for an elderly family member or one who is most in need of treatment, etc. The toilet will be the way in the north.

7. If you are experiencing health problems, then set aside a place in your home in the south-west. If you plan to work at home, equip your workplace in the west or north-west, but do not try to achieve success by placing your office in the east or north. The best place for a bedroom with a person with the number of Gua 7 is located in the northeast, the worst - in the south and east. It makes sense to arrange a nursery for a child whose number of Gua is 7 in the west. And for the toilet is the best place in the southeast.

8. In this case, the south-west or north-east is best for a working office; you should not locate your workplace in the south and southeast. Child, if his number of Gua is equal to 8, settle in a room in the northeast. And arrange a bedroom for yourself in the west (but not in the north and not in the south-east). You feel sick? Then let your personal living space be located in the northwest. A toilet is best to be in the east.

9. If your number is Gua 9, then your office should be in the east or in the south, and for the bedroom it is optimal to choose north. But in no case do not sleep in the west and do not try to organize for yourself a workplace in the north-east, and do not use the north-west for such premises. For a son or daughter, whose number is Gua 9, the optimal sector for a nursery is northeast. When feeling unwell and developing diseases, your room should be in the northwest. The toilet in the house, if its owner has Gua number 9, should be located in the east.

Personal growth

Those who make a career or would like intensive spiritual growth, should certainly activate the direction of personal growth. These directions are:

  • north - for the number of Gua 1,
  • southwest - for Gua 2,
  • East for Gua 3 and 7,
  • Southeast - for Gua 4,
  • northeast, southwest - for Gua 5,
  • Northwest - for Gua 6,
  • Northeast - for Gua 8,
  • south for Gua 9.

Organize a study, a corner for meditations in the necessary sector, or place an accessory here symbolizing the sphere of your personal growth.

As you can see, if you calculate the number of Guas for yourself and your loved ones, then you can correct, and in some cases prevent, many annoying misunderstandings and problems in your life.

What is the number of Gua and how to calculate it

We already know that the magnetic forces of the earth constantly influence a person and everything that surrounds him, and it is the study of these energy flows or, in other words, Qi energy, as well as methods of influencing them, that the ancient Chinese science of Feng Shui deals with.

The movement of these energy flows in space occurs in a certain way, setting different characteristics for each of the 8 compass directions of light. And depending on the personal energy of a person, some areas will be favorable for him, helping to bring good luck and well-being to life, health, vitality and relationships, and the other part - on the contrary, to have an adverse effect on life.

So, precisely in order to determine which of the directions will be favorable specifically for some person, the Number of Gua is calculated - the number that determines his personal energy. With it, you can position yourself and important objects in space so that the Earth’s energies have the most beneficial effect, bringing more vitality, health, opportunities, strengthening relationships with loved ones and multiplying success in the right areas of life.

Important details of the calculation of the Number Gua

The calculation of the Number of Gua is quite simple and does not require special skills and knowledge, but certain nuances must be known and taken into account.

1. The calculation formula depends on the year of birth.

The calculation of the Gua Number will differ depending on whether a person was born before or after 2000.

2. The calculation formula for women and men varies.

For women and men, the calculation is made in different ways, and again, the year of birth is taken into account (before or after 2000).

3. In certain cases it is important to consider the birthday.

According to the Chinese solar calendar, the new year begins not on January 1, as we are used to, but on February 4-5. Therefore, if the date of birth of a person falls on the period from January 1 to February 4-5, then the figures of the previous year should be used in the calculations.

4. The numbers Gua 5 does not exist

If, when calculating, you get a result equal to number 5, then for a man in this case it will be two (Number of Gua 2), and for a woman - eight (Number of Gua 8).

Well, now, knowing all the important details that should be considered, you can proceed to the calculations themselves.

Calculating Gua Numbers for men.

The beginning of the calculation of the Gua Number is the same for both those born before 2000 and after: we add the last 2 digits of the year of birth until we get one digit (that is, if adding a two-digit number, we also add them to each other).

Then, for men born TO 2000of the year subtract the result out of 10.

And for men born AFTER 2000 - subtract of 9 (important note !: if our man was born in 2009, then it is clear that Gua Number cannot equal zero. In this case, it is equal to 9).


Suppose we make a calculation for a man who was born on January 5, 1987.

Considering that, according to the Chinese calendar, the year has not yet arrived, we will make calculations as if the year of its birth is 1986. So:

- add the last two digits of the year: 8 + 6 = 14

- we bring the result to a single digit: 1 + 4 = 5

- subtract it from 10: 10 - 5 = 5

So, as a result of the calculations, it turned out that this man's Gua Number is equal to 5. But as we know, there is no such Gua number, respectively, his Gua Number will be 2.

Similarly, the calculation is made for men born after 2000 only (remind you again!) with the only exception - the result of adding the last digits of the year is subtracted from 9.

Calculating Gua Numbers for women.

The same scheme is used to calculate the Number of Gua for women, and so the difference is only in the last stage: for those born TO 2000 to the result of the addition of the last digits of the year is added the number 5, and for born AFTER 2000 - number 6.


For example, let's calculate the Gua Number for a woman born in September 1994. In this case, we do not need to worry about the Chinese calendar and we make calculations with the data that we have. So:

- add the last two digits of the year: 9 + 4 = 13

- we bring the result to a single digit: 1 + 3 = 4

- add to it 5: 4 + 5 = 9

So we got a gua number equal to 9.

Let's not forget that if the calculation is made for a woman born after 2000, at the last stage we add not 5, but 6.

Depending on the Number of Gua received, a person can be attributed to the western or eastern group. The difference between these groups implies that the part of the directions that will be considered favorable for one will have the opposite meaning and influence for the second. And vice versa. Thus, by calculating our Gua Number, we receive information about our favorable and unfavorable directions and can use it to arrange vital objects (such as a bed, a desk, a kitchen table, etc.) so that in these places we were facing or lying head in a direction that would benefit us. Or be able to make adjustments if any of the important objects, for example, the door, is in a direction unfavorable to us.

People whose Gua Number is equal 1, 3, 4 and 9 belong to the eastern group. For them, the directions east, southeast, north and south will be favorable. Those who received in the calculation as a result 2, 6, 7 and 8 belong to the western group and their favorable directions are west, northwest, southwest and northeast.

However, one definition of “favorable” or “unfavorable” is not enough to understand what influence this or that direction has on a person and his life, because each of them has its own kind of energy. And in the next article we will just find out the characteristics of all directions and what to do to get the maximum benefit from our favorable directions.

On the number of Gua

In the practice of feng shui, the number of Gua is a pointer to the personal energy of each of us, it is a personal feng shui in the inner world. It helps to predetermine the personal favorable directions of development and those that are best avoided. What all this can mean - consider this issue further in more detail.

First it should be understood - the direction of development depends on where it goes, in which direction its energy flows and characteristics are directed. Some of this or that, the direction chosen by them will bring good luck, while others will create a lot of obstacles and obstacles in the way of development. It is the number of Gua will help to determine its own direction.

The calculation of the individual number of Gua.

The process of calculating the personal number of Gua itself is simple and understandable even for a beginner in feng shui science - here the main criteria are simple attentiveness and accuracy in the calculations carried out. In the process, the calculation is carried out according to the following principles and formulas:

  1. For representatives of the strong half of humanity who were born before the year 2,000, the number itself must be calculated according to the following scheme - the last digits of the year of their birth are arranged between themselves. If the number is two-digit - add up to a single-digit index and subtract this figure from 10.
  2. В отношении женщин – также стоит сложить две последние цифры года ее рождения, а к полученной однозначной цифре прибавляют 5.
  3. For those who were born after 2,000, the calculation formula is somewhat different, when for the resulting final result for girls, not 5, but 6 are added, but for boys, not 9, but 9. 2009 - respectively, the number of Gua can not be absolute zero, and in this case it simply becomes in automatic order 9.

What is worth considering?

  1. First of all, it should be remembered - as such, the number 5 in Gua does not exist and even if the total number is equal to this figure, then for men it is automatically changed to 8, but for women it is already 2.
  2. Also in the calculations should take into account the fact that the new year according to Chinese time starts not from the 1st of January, but from the beginning of February. Therefore, if you were born before February 4-5, but after the 1st of January, this is considered to be the birth in the previous year.

As an example of calculation for boys, we take the date of birth on the 15th day of January, 2010. Due to the fact that, according to the Chinese calendar, the new year starts on February 4 - the date of birth of this child will be January 15, 2009 and its final number of Gua is 9.

Groups of people and Gua numbers.

Taking into account the resulting birth date of the number of Gua - people are divided into groups, eastern and western. Each of them has its own direction in development, pointing to 8 sides of our world, when 4 of them will be favorable for a person, while the other four are completely unfavorable.

In particular, if in the course of the calculation you finally obtained such results as 1 and 3, 4 or 9, then the person can be attributed to the eastern group and the corresponding side of the world east and southeast, north and south. When eventually getting such figures as 2, 6, 8, or 7, these people belong to the western type of group.

The described groups are the exact opposite, and it is that the same directions in their own home or in the office space will be different from each other. If you accurately calculated the number of Gua - for yourself, you definitely determined not only the direction of movement, but also the whole life and predestination, good or not.

The best houses for each group.

Each group has its own rules for choosing a residential building or office space for itself, which will be located in a direction that is favorable for them, will be directed by a specific, rear or front side.

Regarding the latter, it is worth making a reservation - such a concept as the front of the house does not always understand its facade. It is under the front of the house the teaching of Feng Shui implies the most active and sunny side with regard to noise and the movement of energy flows. Accordingly, the back side of the house will be opposite to this active part of it.

Anyone who is classified according to the number of Guas to the Eastern group is optimal for them to make a choice in favor of this direction of the front and back:

  1. North, south - this is the element of fire.
  2. South - north - such a dwelling or office will be subordinated to the powerful elements of water.
  3. If this is a combination of the sides of the world, west - east - respectively, the aura of the house and its energy flows and the whole aura will be subordinated to the elements of the tree.
  4. The combination of directions is north-west or the south-east location of the house - so in this case the natural elements will dominate in most rooms, absorbing all the power of the mighty Tree.

If a person is assigned to a different group in accordance with the Gua number and is a bright representative of the Western group, according to their vitality and positive energy and positive development, it is worth choosing for the next living, working, growth and development of the room, with such directions of facial and back parts:

  1. The northeastern sector, as well as the southwestern one — such a combination of the front and back of the house will predetermine its submission to the elements of the Earth.
  2. South-east and north-west respectively - such living quarters and work offices are initially subordinated to the strong and inflexible elements of Metal.
  3. If it is southwest and northeast, the dominant element will be the Earth.
  4. East and west, as directions in a house, will predetermine the predominance of Metal in the room.

How to distribute square meters in the house?

As it is known, the Feng Shui teaching divides the very room of an apartment or a working office into 8 sectors, which are respectively divided into 4 favorable and the same number of unfavorable.

If we apply each of the dates of birth of Gua numbers obtained as a result of additions to indoor, residential or office location, the picture itself will be presented on the map in the following interpretation:

  1. For the choice of a bedroom, the south is the best place, but the worst of the worst places in the house is the north-east and south-west direction. Regarding the choice of personal account, it is optimal to choose a room for this in the northern part of the house or in the south-east.
  2. The best choice for the bedroom is from the north-west side, but the most unfavorable place for it is the south-east. For work and negotiations, solving any business issues, it is optimal to choose the south-western part of the house or the northeast of the house. At the same time on the north side and east office is better not to post.
    If in the house one of the children or adults, someone is unreasonably ill, doesn’t help for unknown reasons - it’s best to provide him with a room in the western part of the room. At the same time, it is not necessary to allocate a room for a weakened patient in the northern and southern parts. In the southwestern part of the house, it is optimal to equip a room for a child, but for a toilet, the best choice that will protect you from all ills, take them to the sewer, will be south.
  1. For all those who finally got the number 3, they should remember that it is best to equip a room for the office in the east and south. But for the child it is optimal to choose the eastern sector of a dwelling house, and with respect to the zone that will help improve health, it is located in the sector of the northern part of the house. In this respect, the toilet is best located in the north-eastern part of the house.
  2. To all who have 4 as a result of the calculations, it is optimal to choose the eastern side of a residential building, while avoiding the south-west or the northeast sector for arranging the bedroom. For the arrangement of the room it is optimal to choose a sector that faces the south-east side of the apartment building and not to equip it in the south-west.
    When a family has more than one of the household for no apparent reason, it needs a substantial health amendment - in addition to a medical treatment course, provide him with a room in the southern part of the house. For your own office, it is optimal to choose a room and place it from the south-east or north part of the dwelling. Under the ban - placing the office in the north-west or north-east part of a residential building. But the toilet - place it in the western part of the house.
  1. Regarding the number 5 in the table of numbers of Gua - each favorable and unfavorable ratio of events takes place for both men and women. The men's bedroom should be located in the northeast sector of the house, but for women, their bedrooms should be located in the northern sector of the house. The unfavorable areas for the bedroom of a man and a woman are the south-eastern part and the north of the dwelling.
    In relation to the arrangement of the bedroom - for her beloved son, it should be located in the southwestern part of the house, but for her daughter - equip her in the northeast part of the dwelling. For the equipment of a private office for men, the optimal zone will be the south-west, and for women - the northeast part of the apartment building. With regard to the toilet, it is optimal for women with the number 5 to be placed in the eastern part of the room, if the owner of the house is a man in the southern sector of the house.
  1. Anyone who has a total of 6 in the final count is worth remembering that the bedroom for such a kid is optimally equipped in the north-western part of the house, and for an adult, the south-western part is the best sector. It is very unfavorable if people will place bedrooms in the eastern and southern parts of the apartment building. The optimal place of health for all sick people with the number 6 is the northeast zone, and it is there that you can equip a room for a pensioner and a sick person. But the toilet - only in the northern sector of the house.
  2. All seven who have considerable problems with their own health - optimally choose a place in a house in the south-western part of it. When you plan to work at home - equip your own office exclusively in the western part of the house or the northwestern zone. But you will not have to rely on success if you organize a work zone in the northern part of the house.

    Own bedroom should be equipped with all owners of the number 7 in the north-eastern part of the room, but in the southern and eastern part of it is undesirable. With regard to the arrangement of the children's room, it is best to equip it in the western part of the house, and the toilet should be mounted exclusively in the southeast sector of the house.

  1. Anyone who, as a result of the calculations, released figure 8, should have a working cabin installed in the south-western part of the house or its northeast sector. It is optimal to equip a children's room in the northeast sector of the house, a bedroom - exclusively in its western part and not in the northern sector or southeast at all. For an often ill family member, personal space should be set up in the northwestern part of the house, but optimally set up in the eastern sector.
  2. when, as a result of calculations, your number is 9, it is optimal to equip your own office in the eastern zone or the northern part of the sector. But you should never sleep in the western sector or organize your own working area or office in the northeast sector of the house. For the children’s room of all those who eventually turned out the number 9 - this is the northeast sector of the house, but when they deteriorate, for all patients it is best to arrange a room in the northwestern sector. The toilet for all 9 is exclusively the eastern sector of a residential building or office space.

People Compatibility Gua

In the science of feng shui itself, there are certain very successful combinations and a combination of numbers, and this can largely determine whether the marriage will be successful or not. If in a pair of men and women there is a combination of the numbers of the unit and the six, then such a union is broadcasting wealth in the future. When there is a combination of two and seven in marriage, this tandem broadcasts a successful and happy family life, harmony to old age.

When a husband and wife are combined in marriage, as a result of the addition of which the number of Gua 3 and 8 is present. Such a pair will certainly not be bored together, and their marriage will be marked by an incredible passion, a relationship that many will envy. The conjugal tandem 4 and 9 is a strong and happy union, when the husband and wife will go hand in hand through life, having achieved much by common efforts.

In the practice of feng shui there is a practice of another approach to the choice of your partner. If you belong to the eastern group, it is best to choose a pair from your own social group, and to everyone who belongs to the eastern group from your own group, avoiding unnecessary mixing. This is how the science of fen-shky prescribes the possibility of achieving the highest spiritual and physical harmony in the union - together with the husband and the wife, the interests and views will coincide, there will be no litter and disagreement, and the risk of divorce is minimized.

Favorable directions for numbers.

Each of the areas has its own positive characteristics and that they should be taken into account in their daily activities.

  1. The direction of Sheng Qi is always success and the most favorable of all areas of the practice of feng shui, the best type of energy flow. Such flows will help ensure successful completion of affairs in love and financial endeavors, attract money and good fortune to your home, a high position in society. It will be the perfect direction to turn your own workplace for the better, and if your front door or workplace will look in this direction - you are lucky.
  2. The direction of great health - Tien-I. when the headboard of your bed, standing in the bedroom or the front door to the house look in this direction, or bringing food to the table you turn your face in that direction - your home will not leave your health and life activity.
  3. The direction of sexual harmony and love - this is Yan-Nyan - ensures harmony in the family, in the relationship between spouses and children. In order to achieve harmony within the family, find your soul mate - just put your own forge or sleeping places for children in the direction of the Yan-Nyan stream.
  4. In the house, the direction of Fu-Wei is responsible for stability - it adds clarity of mind and develops internal logical thinking. As a result, this greatly increases the ability to move up the career ladder, to get a salary increase. It is enough to direct your own desktop in this direction and you will definitely get lucky.

Unfavorable in feng shui directions.

Such in the practice of Feng Shui philosophy, there are also Eastern philosophers who refer to them as follows:

  1. Ho Hai is a flow of energy that creates all sorts of obstacles in your path. But it is worth reassuring - from the entire list it is the weakest and does not carry a man of great trouble.
  2. Liu-Sha or in translation from the original language - 6 killers. If you put in this sector a sleeping bed or a desktop - in a love relationship and in the business field you are in trouble.
  3. U-Gui or as they call him in the homeland of 5 ghosts. That it promises accidents, unexpected loss of money, theft and fire, depressions.
  4. Complete collapse or in the original language - Jue-Ming of all places is the most perilous, such swamp bogs, which will reject you from good luck and profits. Your bed should not stand head in this direction, and the front door - look in his direction.

What is this number?

What is the gua number? This is a kind of individual number, depending on the date of birth and helps to achieve harmony with the surrounding space. Knowing this value, one can understand which parts of the world are favorable and which ones are best avoided. And if you arrange a house or housing, taking into account the number of guas, you can improve your life in all major aspects.

Features of calculations

How to calculate the number of gua? It is determined by taking into account the date of birth, but the male and female values ​​are calculated differently.

  1. Add up the last two digits of your year of birth, and then in the resulting two-digit number again add up the two digits.
  2. Next, for men, the figure obtained as a result of the calculations described above should be subtracted from 10. But if a boyfriend was born after 2000, then it is necessary to subtract from 9. For women, the total figure of the first item should be added to 5. Girls born after 2000 , instead of 5 use 6.
  3. If in the second paragraph in the end came a two-digit number, then simply add two of its numbers.

Important! In the Chinese solar calendar, which is taken as the basis in the teachings of Feng Shui, the year does not begin on January 1, but on February 4 or 5. Therefore, if a person was born in the period from the very beginning of January to February 5, then he should use for calculations not the real year of birth, but the previous one. In addition, among the totals there is no number 5: for women it is replaced by 8, and for men - 2.

How to interpret a number?

In the teaching of feng shui, eight sectors are distinguished, that is, the direction of the impact of vital energy. Among them, four positive and the same number of negative. First, consider all the favorable sectors:

  • Tien-I - longevity, health. This sector contributes to the recovery of the body, recovery.
  • Sheng Qi - success, wealth. The sector is responsible for the financial situation, the financial side of life.
  • Fu-Wei - development, personal growth. Direction influences willpower, self-esteem, aspirations, success in achieving goals.
  • Yan-Nyan - family, relationship, love. The sector helps to maintain relationships, strengthen feelings, to achieve mutual understanding with the second half.

Adverse effects:

  • Liu-Sha or "six murderers" - suffering, misery. This includes negative emotions, all sorts of losses.
  • Ho Hai - failure, trouble. Although the influence of this sector is not very pronounced, it can still provoke various problems and obstacles.
  • Jue-Ming - the collapse. The sector is extremely negative and has a pronounced influence, it promises big losses, crises.
  • U-Gui or "five spirits." The sector personifies negative in interaction with people around them: deception, slander, gossip, intrigue, envy, intrigue.

All numbers are divided into western and eastern. The west is 2,6,7 and 8, the east - 1, 3, 4 and 9. People of different parts of the world, according to feng shui, usually confront each other, often in conflict.

Brief characteristics of numbers

Each number has specific characteristics and features of the use of parts of the world affected by the sectors. Consider briefly each value:

  1. 1 - white color, water element. The zone of personal growth is in the north, wealth is in the south-east, health is in the east, and love is in the south. Undesirable conditions: south-smell - collapse, north-west - suffering, northeast - nagative in relationships with people, west - failures.
  2. 2 - the elements of the Earth, the color is red or yellow. Благоприятные секторы: личный рост на юго-западе, любовь на северо-западе, богатство на северо-востоке и здоровье на западе. Неблагоприятные направления: север (крах), юго-восток (проблемы в отношениях), юг (беды) и восток (неудачи).
  3. 3 – зелёный и синий цвета, стихия деревьев. Хорошие направления: восток для развития, юг для благосостояния, юго-восток для семьи и любви, север для долголетия. Неблагоприятные секторы: запад (крах), северо-запад (конфликты с людьми), юго-запад (неудачи), северо-восток (страдания).
  4. 4 – синий и зелёный цвета, деревянная стихия. Positive sectors: east - family, south - health, southeast - development, north - material well-being. Unwanted directions: northeast (collapse), southwest (problems with others), west (suffering) and northwest (trouble).
  5. 6 - yellow or white, metal. Desirable areas: north-west for growth, west for wealth, south-west for relationships, northeast for good health. Unfavorable parts of the world: in the south, waiting for the collapse, the north promises suffering, the east threatens with conflicts with people, the southeast - failures.
  6. 7 - yellow and white colors, metallic elements. Good influences: growth in the west, wealth in the north-west, love in the north-east, health in the south-west. Unfavorable directions: collapse in the east, suffering in the southeast, problems with people in the south, failures in the north.
  7. 8 - red and yellow, earth element. The best sectors: northeast for development, southwest for wealth, west for building relationships, northwest for better health. Unwanted directions: southeast (collapse), east (suffering), north (conflicts with others), south (failure).
  8. 9 - fire element, green and red. Favorable parts of the world: the south for development, the east for improving the material situation, the north for relations, the southeast for longevity. The worst directions are the collapse in the north-west, suffering in the south-west, problems with others in the west, failures in the north-east.

Knowing your individual number of gua, you will be able to organize the space so that life improves.

Online Gua Number Calculation

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1 - if your number of Gua equals one, then the trigram of your personality is Kan. Main qualities: flexibility, maneuverability, inconstancy. In spite of the fact that you often seem soft and pliable to others, and sometimes a weak person, your loved ones know that there is a steel rod inside you and, despite the tact, do not be afraid to insist on what is really important for you. You are characterized by melancholy, apathy, care in your own little world. Therefore, it is necessary to develop communication skills and an optimistic view of the world. Your element is Water, which means you will always strive for change, even if sometimes for the worse. These people are in eternal search, they are always restless and chaotic, even if it doesn’t seem to be noticeable at first glance. They are also very ambitious and want to own the thoughts of people, especially those that are important to them.

2 - in this case, the trigram of your energy - Kun. This energy symbolizes close family relations, maternal care. If you belong to this group, then, most likely, you are sensitive and docile, not very active in themselves, but inspire other people to change. It is up to you on the house, in your power to bring comfort and tranquility to any place. Your characteristic features are self-sacrifice, giving up your interests for the sake of someone. This may be your weak point, because if you disappear into someone you may lose your identity. You can easily settle conflicts and settle disputes. Your element is Earth, so you stand firmly on your feet. These people are not very fond of noisy parties and crowds, preferring a homely atmosphere. Over the years, health problems are possible, especially with excess weight, so you need to look after yourself from a young age.

3 - your triptogram is Zhen. Because of this, you have observed from birth such qualities as activity, lightness, perseverance and stubbornness. From the "triples" most often obtained reformers, revolutionaries, heretics. They overturn old canons and set new rules. People are happy to follow them. Your element is Wood. For this reason, you are extremely attentive to the past, so to speak, to your “roots”; you value your family very much. And yet sometimes, fascinated by a new idea, you can forget about it, which is often the cause of conflicts. This group of people often possess some kind of creative gift. Your forte is improvisation, you don't like to follow the rules. Nevertheless, you are a kind and honest person, always ready to help the weak.

☴ 4 - triptogram of your personality Shun. You are a very gentle and kind person. Children feel it and always reach out to you. People of this group are well aware of others, they know how to listen and empathize. You do not have a very strong mental organization and, therefore, under the influence of adverse conditions, you may suffer from various complexes and even mental disorders. People like you often do not have an opinion; they adapt to the circumstances, but you always have faith in a miracle. Know how to find and appreciate the beauty even in everyday life. You are patient and observant, but often unnecessarily restless. The “fours” are impermanent, your interests, hobbies, desires often change to the opposite. Your element is the Wind, so there is a danger of not coping with life circumstances and losing control over your life.

6 - triptogram of your energy - Tian. This energy is a symbol of masculinity. You have been given the power of spirit, wholeness, courage and fortitude from birth. Such people always take on a lot of responsibility, because they feel that it is they who should protect and protect others. They are not afraid of power over others or make decisions. They have great potential, which is not always used for good. Some of the “sixes” forget that with great force comes great responsibility, or vice versa, they try to solve everything for others, following only their own understanding of the good. You are very hot-tempered and self-confident in childhood and adolescence, but with the acquisition of experience it passes. You should listen to other people and try to understand them. Your element is Metal. You can hurt your loved ones very much with your harshness and intolerance if you don’t learn to control yourself. Many of you are workaholics, which is also not very good. You must find a middle ground between family and work.

7 - your triptogram equals Dui. You are also a strong and ambitious person, but besides this, you are genuinely interested in people and can charm anyone. You are a born diplomat, you know someone else's weaknesses and you know how to use them. Probably, this group of people is the most friendly and upright. You are free from prejudice and superstition and know how to value people for their qualities. However, people like you may well "play" and become manipulators, operating with people as action figures. It is also likely that internal stubbornness and rigidity will grow into isolation and gall. Your element is Metal, but, unlike the Sixes, you are much softer and more flexible. You love a good company and are ready to give a lot for it. You are not very ambitious, but also appreciate the power.

8 - in this case, the trigram of your personality - Gen. Your main qualities: stability, calm, balance. You are more than other groups immersed in yourself, love and appreciate your loneliness and isolation. But this does not mean that you do not need a company. It is difficult for such people to start a relationship with someone, but if you succeed, then you will not find your best friend! You are very suspicious of new people in your environment. You do not depend on other people and considers it humiliating, but are willing to support your loved ones in any situation. People from this group homebody, do not like to change their lives, of course, in the case when it suits them. In fact, they are kind and affectionate people, but all this is hiding under external armor.

9 - people, whose number of Gua is equal to 9, have a Lee trigram. Outwardly, you look stern and independent, but in fact have a soft and responsive heart. You are able to become strongly attached to a person, even knowing that he does not deserve it, and suffer from a kind of addiction. People like you always attract attention, because they literally glow from the inside and generously share their inner light with the rest. You have a lot of friends, but very few friends. People from this group like the attention and admiration of others, but no less than this they value privacy and deepness in their own thoughts. Your element is Fire. You are very hot-tempered and hot, but you can just as easily go out. Be wary of excessively strong experiences, as you can easily burn out inside. You are well able to convince people and often believe in what you say. Your mood can drastically change several times in one day.

Calculating the number of Gua is done by date of birth, adapted to the Eastern calendar. The last two digits of the year of birth are summed until the result is a single digit. Further, girls born before 2000 need to add 5 to this number, and after 2000 - 4, m to lead again to a single number.
Men only take the first number from 10 and 9, respectively, from birth in a certain millennium.

It should be noted that the number of Gua 5 does not exist in nature. This is because gua is a trigram. In the Lo-Shu square, according to which calculations of favorable sectors take place, 5 is in the middle and does not form a trigram with any number. 5 is usually replaced by other values: for men - 2, for women - 3.

All people are divided into two categories: western and eastern branches. Those whose number is 1, 3, 4 and 9, belong to the eastern branch, and the second group, that is 2, 6, 7, 8 - to the west.

Eight trigrams of Bagua

Assign rooms in the house according to Gua and Feng Shui

For every number of Gua there are favorable and unfavorable directions. In people from the same group (Western or Eastern), they more or less coincide. In total there are 4 good directions, which are called:

  • 1. Shen Qi (the most favorable direction)
  • 2. Tian Yi
  • 3. Nian Yan
  • 4. Fu Wei (least favorable)

There are also 4 bad directions, whose names are:

  • 1. Jue Ming (the most unfortunate direction)
  • 2. Do Gui
  • 3. Liu Sha
  • 4. Ho Hai (least unfavorable direction)

Favorable directions for the number of GUA

It is logical that it is better to place objects in rooms, and the rooms themselves agree with this teaching in order to improve their own well-being.

Eastern group

  • For "oneThe best directions are southeast and east. It would be nice to arrange in rooms that overlook these sides of the world, a study and bedrooms. You will not suffer from bad dreams and get enough sleep, and the work will go fast and easy. Also good rooms are those that face south and north. Place in them nursery or kitchen. The disadvantages for you are the southwest, northeast, northwest and west. Try not to equip your rooms in these directions.
  • For "triples»It is recommended to avoid western, north-western, north-eastern and south-western directions. But the South and North are quite favorable to you, so it will be appropriate to place the living room and kitchen in these rooms. In addition, the "eastern" rooms help self-development, so it would be nice to engage in meditation there.
  • «Foursomes»Should prefer the east and south sides. The wealth zone is located in the northern part of the apartment. Hang an amulet there that would also attract financial well-being. Try to have you lie in a dream towards one of the favorable sides. Unsuccessful directions for you: the northeast, southwest, west and northwest.
  • For "nines»It will be convenient to locate rooms in the north and south. Southeast side promotes healing. Unfavorable directions for you are the north-west, south-west and north-east. Do not arrange a cabinet in the west, you can not concentrate in this place. The eastern side belongs to the zone of romance, so it is better to place the bedroom there.

Western group

  • «Twos»Should equip sleeping rooms in the north-west and south-west. West and northeast directions are also considered favorable. Try to keep the maximum number of items in your house turned in this direction. To the unfavorable sides belong north, south and southeast. East is a particularly unfortunate place, try to avoid it.
  • For "sixesThe good sides are west, southwest and northwest. The northeast is considered the cleanest place in the whole room. Bad rooms are those on the east, north and south-east side. The south side brings losses and misfortunes, it is not recommended to furnish bedrooms there.
  • For people with a number of gua 7The most favorable are the northwest, southwest, northeast and west. The wealth zone is in the northwest, well, if you keep money there. In turn, you need to beware of the southern, southeastern and northern directions. Eastern is especially harmful.
  • Eights Feel good in the south-west, north-west and west sectors. Northeast direction promotes self-development. Southeast, north, east sides you should avoid. The south side is considered the most dangerous.

Remember that feng shui cannot change your life immediately and instantly. Eastern teachings are known for their weaving into your destiny gradually and gently, changing you and your attitude to life. Of course, the calculation of the number of Gua is one of the foundations of this tradition, so to say the first step on the path of knowledge. Do not stop there!