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Choosing beds for children: what is the first thing to look at?


From the quality of sleep depends on the well-being of a person throughout the day. For a child, not only sleep matters, but also the quality of the furniture, mattress and bedding textiles. Experienced parents know that choosing a bed for a child is a difficult task. It is necessary to take into account a lot of nuances, think over many options regarding operating conditions.

Why the choice should be taken seriously

At the present stage, a variety of children's furniture pleases buyers. But really attentive parents should pay attention not only to the colorful picture, but also to the quality, the origin of the material. Unscrupulous manufacturers can use harmful or even toxic material for making beds.

The original design does not indicate the functionality of the bedding. If the baby falls out of bed during sleep, it can have a wide variety of consequences regarding health, physical and mental development. Therefore, the design must be not only unusual, but also safe.

Mattresses and bed models should correspond to the anatomical features of the baby. In some cases, the manufacturer does not pay attention to these items. A child may develop scoliosis over time, internal organs shift. These are direct threats to the health of the crumbs.

Therefore, you should carefully approach the choice of beds for crumbs. During the period of active growth any detail can affect the health and well-being of the baby.

Types of cots

Manufacturers offer different models of beds for children, each of which has its own functional features and original design.

Conditionally beds can be divided into several types:

  • For the smallest manufacturers make cradles and cradles.
  • The classic version of the arrangement of the hull is the most popular to date.
  • A bunk bed for children is the best option for families with many children or little space in the house.
  • Transforming beds are multifunctional structures that include a sleeping place, a desk, a play area, and there are several shelves.
  • A loft bed for children is an option for teens who wish to have their own personal space with comfort.

The presented types have different modifications that suggest the presence of auxiliary structures.

What you should pay attention to when choosing

The bed for the child is usually determined by the age characteristics of the crumbs. First of all, you should pay attention to the parameters of the cabinet furniture. Normally, each model is determined by the age and parameters of a small consumer.

It is worth considering all the nuances regarding the behavior of the child. If it turns at night, it is better to purchase a model of furniture with sides. When a child often gets up at night in the toilet, the bed must be adapted to these conditions.

The appearance of the product may be perfect, but it is better to request quality certificates from the seller.

  • Permission for the manufacture of children's furniture by this company.
  • Confirms the quality of the material and the product itself.
  • It stipulates all legal norms regarding compensation and complaints.

Naturally, the certificate does not provide the ideal state of the bed. A bed for a child in any case should be comfortable, and not only attractive. In the selection process, the child’s preferences should be taken into account, but the secondary nuances should be paid no less attention.

What should be considered in the selection process

In addition to the main points when buying it is worth considering the minor features of the structures.

When choosing to follow a few simple rules:

  1. Choose wood furniture.
  2. The design should not be sharp elements or angles.
  3. The textile component should be made of natural material.
  4. Bunk bed for children should be strong and reliable.
  5. There should not be bolts, strips, other elements that a child can tear off or unscrew.

A bed for 2 children does not have to be a bunk bed. Recently, transformer beds for two beds are popular.

Nuances of choice that not everyone pays attention to

Any sales assistant should inquire about the age of the child. Manufacturers in the norm there is a certain grid, which shows the age range relative to certain types of beds.

The most popular modification regarding the bed is a bunk bed for children. It is important to take into account the physical development of the crumbs, his mental abilities. Such a construction can cause injury.

In the process of choosing to focus on sex and hobbies chad. There are many original designs that are designed not only for sleep, but also for entertainment. This choice will be a wonderful gift for a child.

The optimal bed model for large families

If the family is large, the placement of children becomes a daunting task. The best option would be a bed for two children. It should take into account the age and sex differences between children who will share a bed.

Bed models for two children:

  • A standard bunk bed for children is suitable if they are same-sex and about the same age.
  • An add-on bed is a structure that can be installed above a classic bed or above a workplace. Mobility and versatility helps to solve the problem in families where children are of different sexes, and there is little space in the apartment.
  • Modular sleeping places are also suitable for accommodating two children at the same time. Such designs can represent different options: one-story, two-story, step.

Other options are less practical in terms of space savings.

Choose a cradle for a newborn

Any bed for a child must match his age. For newborns, various models of cradles, cradles, beds. The variety is due to the different functionality of the sleep device.

Kinds of beds for newborns:

  • Crib beds are especially popular with modern parents. Furniture can be equipped with a mechanical device to recreate a certain amplitude of swing. A simple option is the manual version for swing.
  • Cradle with drawers. Plain bed, which is located at the bottom of the boxes for things. Such models are relevant in small apartments.
  • Cot with built-in changing room chest of drawers, drawers and open shelves. This furniture hybrid is multifunctional and very convenient to use. Combines several elements of the arrangement of space for the baby.
  • Bed arena. The actual option for active kids and busy parents will help save space in the apartment. High racks allow the crumbs to play and sleep at the same time without danger to the baby’s life.

Other features include shapes, sizes, colors and materials. Additional equipment is a marketing tool to increase sales.

Beds for children over three years old

With age, the child changes its habits and sizes. It is important to choose a crumbs appropriate furniture for sleep. The manufacturer offers models that are suitable for children from 3 to 5 years. It can also include beds for children from the year. Furniture may have some improvements regarding the arrangement and design. It is worth considering when choosing what, if the baby is very actively turning in his sleep, then the bed with sides will be ideal for the child. If the child is short, you should choose a furniture model with a stand or step.

Bed for a child from 3 years to 5 can be:

  • Classic - standard rectangular case with headboard. An orthopedic mattress is placed inside the box.
  • Transformers can be used from birth to 5 years. First, the bed is a bed, and then transformed into a classic bed with a built-in table.
  • Beds-attics differ in a universal way of placing many zones in one design: workplace, sports corner, storage space.
  • Beds on a specific theme: ship, typewriter, carriage, animal.

In this case, it is necessary to take into account the location of the child’s bed and the area of ​​the room. If the crumbs have their own room, then you can choose a thematic or classical model. In the studio apartment the best option would be a loft bed.

Sleeping furniture for schoolchildren

Beds for children from 3 to 5 are no longer relevant to the child reaching school age. Kids in this period are growing rapidly, priorities regarding the functionality of the bed changes.

The most relevant options for students:

  • The classic construction does not lose its meaning, but of large size.
  • The sofa bed will provide a place to sleep, play and relax.
  • Bed-modules, including multifunctionality and practicality.

In addition to the model you need to pay attention to:

  • The mattress should have moderate hardness. The mattress on a coconut coir will be the most suitable.
  • For the development of the psyche and aesthetic ideas about beauty, choose bright models. It is better to take into account the preferences of the child.
  • The housing must be multifunctional. The grooves should allow the attachment of the protective bumpers and other auxiliary elements.

Bed options for teens

Bed for a teenage child should basically match his preferences and room design. There are no special recommendations regarding the type of construction and the rigidity of the mattress.

Parents need to pay attention to the quality of the material from which the furniture is made and the strength of the compounds. You can offer a teenager to choose the simplest model and trim it yourself.

You can paint the case with a perforated marker, make a canopy of textile elements. The principle of decoration depends on the imagination and abilities of the child.

The most famous manufacturers of bedroom furniture

In order not to worry about the quality and environmental friendliness of the product, you can use a rating that includes the most famous manufacturers in the country. These manufacturers are located in Moscow, there are other, remote manufacturers.

List of companies that produce bedroom furniture:

  1. Dream Land. For 15 years, it has been producing furniture of various purposes for Russia and other countries.
  2. "Steel Kit". 6 years holds leadership positions, as the design involved professionals from France and Italy.
  3. "Ryton". The manufacturing company specializes in the manufacture of bedroom furniture from natural materials.

No matter if the bunk bed for children is selected or classic, it is important that the choice is made conscious of quality and safety. Therefore, it is worth whenever possible to purchase products of proven manufacturers.

Advice from experienced parents regarding bed selection

Experienced parents can give a lot of advice on the principle of choosing furniture for a kid's bedroom:

  1. First, it is worth exploring all types of mattresses and beds that are on the market today.
  2. In the process of buying it is worth asking some leading questions to the seller-consultant. If the seller can not give a clear answer, you should contact another store.
  3. Check the availability of certificates for this product.
  4. It is worth learning about additional features: attachment of the sides, introduction of boxes and other elements.
  5. View the quality of the connections of parts of the case, the material from which the piece of furniture is made.
  6. It is necessary to take into account the wishes of the baby.
  7. A bunk bed for children is a unique, universal solution that is always relevant, even with one child in the family.

Other tips may relate to more specific features regarding the choice.

What should be beds for children?

Sleeping furniture for a child has a number of differences:

  • made predominantly from natural materials
  • its dimensions correspond to the age category
  • designs equip with additional elements of safety.

Children's models differ in features of a design and material used by production.

Standard children's beds must comply with SanPiN and other regulatory documents, which indicate the necessary safety parameters in relation to the use of material, paint, varnish and fasteners.

When organizing a bed, parents should check the bed for stability and reliability of the assembly.

The surface of the model should be even, without protrusions, crevices, cracks and burrs. Beds with withdrawable parts and ladders must be checked for safety.

When organizing a bed, parents should check the bed for stability and reliability of the assembly. Reliability of fasteners is also important.

Models for children up to 3-5 years old should be equipped with restrictive elements - side walls and metal barriers.

Models for children up to 3-5 years old should be equipped with restrictive elements - side walls and metal barriers. This applies to both single and two-tier structures.

Beds with withdrawable parts and ladders must be checked for safety.

Children's models can be cheap or expensive, but they must meet the safety criteria in any case. This is true for the kid, and for the student.

Security concerns both single-tier and two-tier structures.

Types of beds for children

Furniture for a child today is very diverse. Among the popular models are several types of beds:

  • typical (traditional),
  • modular,
  • roll-out,
  • thematic.

Children's models can be cheap or expensive, but they must meet the safety criteria in any case.

At the same time, children's models inside each type can be with one or two, and sometimes even three tiers.

Advantages and disadvantages of beds for children

For bed choose designs that are as safe as possible. Natural wood furniture, with sides (for kids) and a strong frame - of course, has all the advantages. In addition, it is often and practical - for example, equipped with lower drawers and a table. Lamellae at the bottom of the bed create natural ventilation.

Sleeping furniture for children should be lower than for adults.

If you have two children, the loft bunk bed will become not only a place of rest, but also a play area.

The child is still small and cannot control his movements in his sleep - he can easily fall out of the crib.

Children's beds have their disadvantages, if created from low-quality materials. It is recommended to discard plastic and other artificial derivatives in the construction.

A bed with a plywood or wooden bottom, prefer the design with lamellae.

How to choose beds for children?

In order for children's furniture to serve the entire time stated by the manufacturer, you need to be guided by a number of criteria:

  • choose a bed according to the age of the child,
  • when purchasing, require a certificate of conformity of products,
  • Check availability of all assembly parts.

It is advisable to buy children's beds from solid wood.

It is advisable to buy children's beds from solid wood. In this case, the coating - paint, varnish - must be non-toxic. This way you protect your baby from the harmful fumes of furniture decoration.

Also calculate how much the bed is in proportion to the area of ​​the room.

A bed with a plywood or wooden bottom, prefer the design with lamellae. This will save the model from absorbing moisture and will promote free air circulation.

In order for children's furniture to serve the entire time stated by the manufacturer, you need to be guided by a number of criteria.

Sleeping furniture for children should be lower than for adults. The child is still small and cannot control his movements in his sleep - he can easily fall out of the crib. If it is equipped with sides with alternating strips or rods, they should be located at an average distance from each other so that the baby does not get stuck with a foot, hand, or head between them.

Furniture with streamlined shapes and without protruding fittings is suitable for the baby, since he is very mobile, but he still does not know how to control his body.

For a younger child, a classic or thematic one will suit, for an older one - from a typical model to a folding sofa.

Also calculate how much the bed is in proportion to the area of ​​the room. It is important to take into account the environment in the room, but here you can always improve the situation - choose the soothing colors of curtains, wallpapers, add an interesting decor to the interior, etc.

Children's beds have their disadvantages, if created from low-quality materials.

Furniture with streamlined shapes and without protruding fittings is suitable for the baby, since he is very mobile, but he still does not know how to control his body.

Boys and girls over 4 years old can already choose a themed bed.

Для организации спального места можно приобрести комплексную мебель, куда входит кровать, шкаф (комод), стол и стул.

Для спального места выбирают конструкции, максимально безопасные.

Если разница в возрасте – больше 5 лет, то при достаточной площади комнаты разумнее приобрести разные кровати.

Boys and girls over 4 years old can already choose a themed bed. Initial hobbies will show which model the child prefers. The boys tend to love the technique, so sleeping furniture in the form of a racing car or plane they like. Girls love everything fabulous - for your little “princess” you can arrange an appropriate four-poster bed or a simulated carriage.

Initial hobbies will show which model the child prefers.

The classic model can be painted independently - cartoon characters, flowers, abstractions from geometric shapes, painted with bright colors, will raise the mood of the kids.

Children's models within each species can be with one or two, and sometimes - in three tiers.

A bunk bed is ideal for two children - its design serves as a sleeping place, a “training camp”, and a site for interesting games.

Girls love everything fabulous - for your little “princess” you can arrange an appropriate four-poster bed or a simulated carriage.

If the difference in age is more than 5 years, then with sufficient room space, it is wiser to purchase different beds. For a younger child, a classic or thematic one will suit, for an older one - from a typical model to a folding sofa.

Furniture for a child today is very diverse.

The boys tend to love the technique, so sleeping furniture in the form of a racing car or plane they like.

Motion sickness mechanisms

Classic wooden beds can be endowed with an advantage: they have a swing mechanism called a “pendulum”, due to which it will be possible to put the baby to sleep without the help of hands. “Pendulums” are of two types: longitudinal and transverse, depending on the side of swing: longitudinal move left and right, transverse - back and forth.

Most modern models have such a feature among inexpensive and expensive beds, but the expediency of such a mechanism is highly controversial. Some parents are “saved” thanks to the new technology of motion sickness: when the baby’s sleep is disturbed or at night they pump up the baby, and he calmly falls asleep again. Other parents note that their child does not succumb to such manipulations and nothing calms him, except for warm parental hugs and swings.

For the manufacture of cots, natural wood species are used without additional toxic processing: this is the opinion of the majority of parents, but this is not always true - trust, but check.

The most cost-effective material for the manufacture of cots is the pine - a durable tree with amazing properties, unpretentious in care. When choosing a bed made of pine, evaluate the quality of its assembly and smell it: the bed should not smell like glue or other chemical compounds.

A bed made of solid oak or alder, birch, beech will be more expensive, because solid woods have high strength and last for decades, which determines the cost of children's furniture.

Any bed requires additional filling with a mattress and textile accessories: a sheet, a blanket, a pillow is not advisable to buy - small children can sleep without it. Additional purchase of wooden beds may be required: the baby may hit a hard surface while driving.

The choice of mattress is limited to the budget of the parents, mainly. If there are no restrictions in this matter, choose a double-sided mattress, where one side will be hard, the other - relatively soft. On the first side, the newborns are sleeping: in order to form correctly, they need to sleep on a firmer mattress, you can later teach the baby to a more comfortable bed.

By the way, about pillows for babies: do not purchase volumetric models, they will not be useful for a newborn except for special butterfly designs that are required for babies with a diagnosis of torticollis (only the doctor determines the diagnosis). You can buy rollers for the baby and protect it from accidental coups.

For the decoration of the crib, a canopy is often used: it looks great in a set with sleeping linen, or textiles for the crib, selected in the same style and shade. One of the drawbacks of the canopy and the bed crib for the baby can be called the fact that textile accessories accumulate dust and dirt: just wash these accessories more often so that the health of the fragile baby will not hurt a bit.

Choosing the right bed for the baby will help parents in caring for the baby, and the baby will most likely adapt to changing conditions.

Choosing a children's bed, depending on the age of the child

It is best to choose the option recommended exactly for a certain age of your child, which guarantees him safety.

When describing different models, manufacturers give special recommendations for the age category of children, which are intended for certain beautiful cribs:

  • Newborn (from 0 to three years),
  • From 3 years to five
  • Schoolchildren and teenagers
  • Two children (one sex or different).

Baby furniture can not buy kids for growth. It is advisable to periodically update the interior of the child in the bedroom.

Cots for newborns

What bed to choose a child, so that the crumbs have a good sleep and proper development of the spine? Experts recommend the following types:

  • With the presence of the changing table. Such a bed for a baby is perfectly combined with the functions of a changing commode, and such a “furniture element” can additionally have drawers under the changing and sleeping place. In some cases, the design contains open shelves,

  • Bed-cradle. She must have a comfortable, reliable, practical swing mechanism. The cradle can be used stationary due to the locking position. At this time, there are two types of cradles: with automatic swing (without any help) and with mechanical (manual). But remember, many children quickly get used to motion sickness and without it they will not want to sleep peacefully,
  • Bed arena. It is a great option for small apartments where the newborn lives in the bedroom with his parents. In this case, the bed is combined with the game. Reliable legs provide a stable position and do not allow the structure to tip over, even if a crumb gets up and is supported by handles on the sides,

  • With the presence of drawers. It is a mobile (on wheels) or stationary (with legs) design, which has one or two drawers under the bed. Thanks to them, the space under the bed is used expediently, and in the drawers it is convenient to store bedding and clothes for the newborn.

On the bed for kids from zero to three years, you can attach a canopy.

Cot for babies from 3 to 5 years

When the child is three years old, parents need to choose the standard construction of the recommended size correctly. Attention should be paid to such samples:

  • Transforming bed. Suitable for a child from three to five years old, but babies will feel great in it. In the original version - this is a bed with a place to sleep. It can easily be transformed into a sleeping place and have an additional, separate table,

  • Classic. Single standard soft bed with sides, which will protect the crumbs from falling. They are nadstavnye, lifting or stationary, and mounted on one side or two, depending on where the bed is located,
  • Thematic. Modern best beds for children are made in the form of animals, cars, boats, castles, etc. Initially, they have protective sides, and the size of the bed is ideal for children from 3 to 5 years. Such products can be custom-made, so their cost can be much higher than that of ordinary classic ones.

Protective bumpers must be firmly fixed so that the child could not remove or move them away.

Models for schoolchildren and teenagers

At this age, children are already trying to be independent, so the room should be furnished for them with an individual approach. They are suitable for the most functional unusual beds.

For this age category often buy:

  1. Beds lofts. Perfectly suited for the placement of the working and sleeping areas of the child efficiently and compactly. In this embodiment, the bed is in the attic (on the second tier) and depending on the design, there are shelves (closed and open), a computer or a desk, a pencil case, a wardrobe, etc., below,
  2. Classic. In such a standard variety, the size of the bed is equal to a half-bed for adults. There are different colors, with a large selection of variations of the foot (bed backs) and headboard. Models can be different:
  • Unisex
  • Bed for a boy
  • Bed for the girl.

This age category of children involves the purchase of furniture for growth. This procedure is simply necessary in order not to change the interior of the son or daughter every year.

Beds for two children (with one or different gender)

When you need to furnish a room for two children, the most important aspect is that the bed was very compact and there was plenty of space for lively games.

  • Add-ons. They are a place to sleep, raised on high legs. Under it you can put a second classic stationary bed. Many manufacturers offer to buy such kits for families with two children, as well as the opportunity to inexpensively purchase any of the parts separately. Often, modular children have in their composition places for rest in a ready-made solution,
  • Bunk bed for children. These are real beds in two copies, which are located one above the other. They have a practical and solid unified design. You can get to the second “floor” by steps that look like drawers or stairs.

These are two ideal options for furnishing a bedroom of two children - of one or a different sex. Each will have their own private territory and sleeping space.

In the photo of beds for children, you can see a variety of styles of modern models (industrial, classic, minimalism, high-tech), various forms, color solutions.

How to protect children from falling during sleep

Small crumbs show excessive activity not only during the day, but also in sleep. Children sleep especially restlessly in the age range from 2 years to 4 years. At the forum for young parents you can find tips and recommendations on what actions to take so that the child does not fall out of bed. Here are a few options:

  • Roll up blanket as a side,
  • Put a chair
  • Make a small slant of the bed in the direction of the wall,
  • Lift the edges of the mattress with thin wooden bars to make a “boat”.

General recommendations for choosing a children's bed

Before you make a purchase, you need to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Security. There should be no sharp corners, and fasteners (accessories) should be strong and reliable. The presence of protective sides in the beds for babies. Quality certificates from the manufacturer can also guarantee safety,
  • Hypoallergenic. The design must be generally and individually hypoallergenic. Paints and varnishes should be non-toxic, mattresses have natural fillers, because many children nowadays suffer from allergies,

  • The material of manufacture. The best is an array of wood, then lumber (chipboard, MDF). In the last place is metal (forging). In the manufacture of chipboard or MDF, formaldehyde harmful to the body can be used, so the manufacturer must provide certificates for raw materials that must be carefully read.
  • Sustainability. The design must have sufficient weight so that the child could not turn it over,
  • Brand Many well-known brands, valuing their reputation, test every unit of their products at all stages of production. Therefore, originality, safety, practicality, quality and durability of each sample of a particular brand are at the highest level. Reviews of a particular manufacturer can be found on the Internet. If the product left the most positive comments, then you can safely buy it.

Each furniture store can offer a catalog where there are photos of models and the price of each of them. This will help not to make a mistake with the choice and pick up a bed for a child of a certain age group.

What are the?

Since today, furniture manufacturers are more interested than ever in attracting customers, they are trying to invent new, useful for human specimens. Consider the latest trendy styles of cribs.

The most useful material is natural. Therefore, for furniture that is designed for the baby, the tree would be ideal. Depending on what type of wood is used in the manufacture of a children's bed, its price will vary.

The most inexpensive beds are aspen. They look good only in the first weeks and this is their fault. Later, scratches and scuffs appear on them and very quickly the new furniture seems to be transformed into a cot, which the grandmother handed down.

In the markets you can see a lot of cots for the baby, made of pine or spruce wood. They will look great, but before you make a purchase, be sure to consult your doctor. Pine is a strong allergen, and a long stay in it can cause severe health problems in a child.

The most neutral and to some extent useful material are: oak, birch, beech. Therefore, it is desirable to buy furniture for the child from them.

Beds - Toys

Perhaps this is the dream of any small child. This is a great opportunity to give the kid a fairy tale. Despite the fancy shapes and design, such beds are comfortable. If you buy a quality mattress on them, then your child will be provided with a comfortable and fabulous dream.

What to look for when buying?

It should be stable, so the legs should not stagger or podkashivatsya. The legs should fix the entire structure and maintain sufficient weight.

Buy baby cots that adjust the height of the railing. It is quite convenient and will allow you to adjust the height depending on the age of the baby.

The distance between the bylets should be small (4-5cm). It will be enough for the child to see the world around.

It is advisable to ventilate the bed every week by removing the mattress and blankets from it. This will allow furniture longer to maintain the perfect look.

It is necessary to choose a bed for the baby with love and then nothing disturbed his quivering sleep.

The main parameters of the crib for a newborn

Before proceeding directly to the main types of baby beds, it is necessary to consider the criteria that must be paid attention to when purchasing.

These parameters include:

  • sizes of products
  • the materials from which the furniture is made,
  • security questions,
  • features of motion sickness,
  • mattress and linen
  • a box,
  • additional items.

Consider each criterion in more detail.

Sizes of products

This parameter must be taken into account by all potential buyers, but to a greater extent it concerns owners of a very modest living space, where parents are forced to allocate strictly limited space for furniture.

Experts recommend focusing on the following indicators:

  • usual dimensions are 120 × 60 centimeters (European standard is 125 × 65 centimeters),
  • increased dimensions are 140 × 70 centimeters (typical for transforming beds),
  • cradle sizes for newborns are usually 97 × 55 centimeters.

Experts advise you to take furniture of common dimensions, so that you do not have to change sheets or blankets or order mattresses according to individual measurements. Naturally, this will lead to higher spending.

Materials for children's furniture

The main parameters of the materials from which make beds for kids, do not differ from the general requirements for children's furniture. The ideal infant bed is durable, environmentally friendly and reliable.

Only a few materials meet more or less such requirements:

  • tree. Wood products, if it is, of course, polished, covered with safe coloring or protective compounds, are most preferable because of the naturalness of the material. Usually, children's furniture is made of beech, birch, alder, oak wood. Pine cots are cheaper because this tree is softer and worse resists physical impact,
  • MDF. Furniture made of pressed wood fibers are distinguished by reliability and safety, but only on condition that no harmful substances are used in the production process. It is important to clarify the emission class from the seller - it should not be higher than E1 (the formaldehyde content does not exceed the minimum permissible values),
  • DSP. А вот плитки из спрессованных стружек часто содержит повышенное количество формальдегида, поэтому к выбору такой мебели следует относиться с осторожностью. Важно убедиться, что понравившаяся модель является безопасной с точки зрения содержания вредных веществ. Такие сведения можно найти в сертификате соответствия,
  • металл. Furniture made of steel or aluminum is durable, longevity, but at the same time has great weight and high price. Their main advantage is the ability to pass a metal bed by inheritance to the second and even third child. Only you need to make sure that the sidewalls are covered with textile covers.

Product safety

Children's furniture should be safe. This is an axiom that does not require proof. Therefore, it is necessary to talk about such an important parameter as security.

  1. It is better to choose a bed for newborns and children under three years of age with protective sides that will protect the baby from falling during sleep and wakefulness. The optimal distance between the slats of the sides - 6 - 7 centimeters. If the racks are located more often, the limb can get stuck, but less often - a children's head.
  2. All components should be tightly in contact with each other, there should be no gaps and cracks. Density of fit will prevent cases of pinching of the arms and legs, loosening of the structure.
  3. You should not take an excessively light bed, and even with a narrowed base. This model is not stable, so that the baby can turn it over. Prefer a wide bed with a low center of gravity.
  4. Cots for small babies have from two to five levels of bottom height. The topmost position is suitable for the child who just gave birth, she will be pleased with the mother, who does not have to bend in three deaths. As children grow up, the lounger is lowered so that curious kids cannot climb over the sides.
  5. A crib equipped with wheels is easier to move around the room. However, such mobility can create some problems when the child is too active. To prevent unwanted movement of the bed, you must make sure that there are clamps or stoppers for the wheels.

Features of motion sickness

Many pediatricians, including the TV pedologist EO Komarovsky, persuade parents not to teach their children to motion sickness and not to solve many children's problems in this way. Sources of baby crying can be completely different and sometimes quite serious.

The advocates of motion sickness argue their own reasons: the child becomes accustomed to dimensional movements during the period in the womb, so heaving helps him calm down. A similar effect is achieved when rocking the newborn in bed. Of course, we are talking about smooth, rather than sudden movements.

The motion sickness is achieved due to two main mechanisms and design features:

  1. Runners. In this case, the bed is equipped with curved plates instead of traditional legs, because of this it is possible to rock the baby. When the child grows up, it is necessary to fix the bed with special fixers and stoppers.
  2. Pendulum. A cot suspended from the straps allows the child lying in it to be rocked without lifting it onto the handles. The pendulum mechanism is longitudinal (along the children's body), transverse (across the body) or universal (swinging in both directions).

In addition, one should keep in mind the function of fixing the bed with the pendulum mechanism in order to prevent the structure (and, as a result, its tilting) from rocking, by the grown-up child.

Mattress and linen selection rules

Choosing a crib is half the battle. For a comfortable and restful sleep, you need to purchase an "ideal" mattress. Briefly tell what requirements are imposed on this bedding.

First of all, the mattress in the crib should fit in size. If you place a too small mat in the bed, the child will be able to push fingers into the gap between him and the sides of the bed. If you take an overly dimensional mattress, then it will become deformed, it will go “knolls”, which will disturb children's sleep.

To buy the best mattress, you should ask about its “filling”. Refuse to purchase a filler made of cotton or foam. The first one quickly rolls, and the foam layer does not allow air to pass through, so the child will sweat.

Optimal fillers - horsehair, wool yarns, felt, dried seaweed, coconut fiber. In addition, you should pay attention to coverage. It should be waterproof, anti-slip and soft to the touch.

Another important point - the choice of pillows. Do not put a roller for the head of a child under 12 months. The baby should lie on the most straight surface. In some cases, a thin cotton sheet folded in several layers is put under the head.

Bed linen is selected only from natural fabrics: cotton, terry, flannel. For a baby bed, you will need several duvet covers, large and small bed sheets. Linens are changed daily, the mattress is regularly dried, preventing the occurrence of mold.

Under-bed box

Infants get and give a lot of different dowry: diapers, sliders, diapers, bed linen, game accessories. In such situations comes to the aid of the under-bed box. However, this element is not found in all models, so parents should decide for themselves whether you need it or you can do with a bedside table.

Some models of beds, for example, transformers, it is difficult to imagine without boxes. But for beds with runners or pendulum motion sickness, such an element is not “obligatory”. On the contrary, some parents complain that at the time of cradling the box may suddenly roll out from under the crib.

In any case, the question of the need or unwantedness of under-bed boxes should be solved, as they say, on the shore. The choice of model of children's furniture will also depend on the answer.

Additional elements

In addition to the basic configuration, there are cribs and various additional items. Do they need? It all depends on the accessory itself. For example, mosquito nets, knobs or canopy - not the most important components of children's furniture. You can do without them.

Another thing - silicone lining on the headboard and footboard. Reviews of parents show that babies during teething teeth often scratch their gums on bed beds. On the wooden headboards and sides there may even remain bite marks, and the child will be able to swallow a piece of wood.

Another important point is the removable side walls. Usually, beds with such a constructional feature are acquired in order for the grown-up child to be able to independently fit into the bed or get out of it. Also, parents will be able to push the bed with the side panel removed to their bed.

Having carefully studied all the nuances described above, parents will be able to make a list of the most preferable and important parameters that the selected piece of furniture should have. In this case, the purchase of the crib will be much easier.

The main types of cots

Children's bed is a serious acquisition, so before visiting the store, you should figure out what exactly suits the child and fits best into the interior of the apartment. To do this, consider the main types of beds for the newborn, their advantages and disadvantages.