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Why fingers are numb: possible causes


A large number of people, especially after 40 years, have a symptom of numbness of the fingers on the limbs. Most often on the right hand fingers grow numb due to physical exertion.

Although normal in healthy people paresthesia should not be, and therefore, numbness of the fingers is considered a symptom of a disease. Paresthesia is a disorder in the sensitivity of a part of the body, which is manifested by stiffness, tingling, or crawling. Such a phenomenon can be coming and going. For example, sitting on your own leg for a long time will lead to a loss of sensitivity for about 5-10 minutes. Such a case is considered normal and not treatable.

Paresthesias, which appear frequently or are constantly present for no apparent reason, speak of pathological processes of neurological origin.

They can be a complication of the underlying disease or signs of a primary lesion of the nervous system.

Possible diseases

Numbness of the fingers on the right hand can talk about possible chronic diseases, and doctors consider this symptom to be threatening and primary in the diagnosis of a number of pathologies. The most common causes of numbness of the fingers of the right hand:

  • osteochondrosis of the cervico-thoracic spine,
  • violation of the innervation of the fingers due to the pathological processes of the nerve responsible for them,
  • limb injury
  • hard physical work
  • pregnancy and hormonal disorders,
  • rheumatism,
  • large blood vessel thrombosis,
  • ischemic stroke of the brain or spinal cord,
  • atherosclerosis,
  • diabetes and other metabolic disorders,
  • autoimmune diseases
  • Parkinson's disease,
  • alcoholism,
  • avitaminosis.

Unpleasant sensations in the fingers may manifest suddenly, after physical work, at night, in the morning, while eating, and in some cases they are noted constantly, aggravated by additional symptoms. Most people for a long time ignore these signs, not understanding the seriousness of the consequences of such inaction.

Numbness of the fingers of the right hand should be a compelling reason for prompt access to a doctor to clarify the diagnosis and increase the chances of avoiding irreversible consequences.

This problem is dealt with by a neurologist, but in determining the origin of the disease may need advice rheumatologist, cardiologist, vertebrologist, endocrinologist, immunologist and even resuscitator.

1. Tunnel syndrome

Most of the symptoms, characterized by numbness of the fingers, are associated with lesions of the bony or muscular sections of the canals through which the nerve trunks pass (ulnar, radial and carpal). These can be injuries or diseases listed above, which lead to narrowing (ischemia) of the lumen of the canals and compression of the nerve.

Excessive physical exertion provokes swelling of the tissues of the upper limbs and conduction disturbance of the innervation of the fingers. Occupational habits or forced posture can cause pinching of the nerve fiber tips, which leads to numbness of the fingers. For example, arms bent at the elbows for a long time lead to the defeat of the ulnar nerve and, as a result, numbness of the little finger and ring finger. With numbness of the middle finger on the right hand, the cause can be a negative impact on the wrist area, which in the near future will manifest itself as inflammation of the radial nerve.

Dislocation or subluxation of the elbow joint and hand unambiguously provoke the infringement of the tunnel of the passage of nerve fibers.

Violations in the functions of the cervical spine cause a lot of painful trouble. For various physical reasons, a change in shape and a decrease in the elasticity of the tissues occur. When compressing influences on the disks and muscles of this part of the ridge, nerve endings are infringed, which leads to pronounced pain in the shoulder girdle, partial loss of performance and significant numbness of the fingers of both the right and left hand. If you do not intervene in such a situation with the help of a doctor, you can get an atrophy of the muscles of the upper extremities.

Index finger of the right hand numb due to possible inflammatory processes at the elbow joint. This can occur due to arthritis, rheumatism, various injuries. Destruction of the joint entails swelling and irreversible damage to the innervation of the fingers. A person becomes disabled, as in this case, medicine is practically powerless. Only with the help of a complex and expensive operation can you return the partial performance. The course of therapeutic measures in violation of the innervation of the upper extremities includes the following:

  • the introduction of decongestants,
  • anesthesia anesthetics,
  • use of vitamins of group B for activation of nerve fibers,
  • treatment of the underlying disease, which provoked nerve injury,
  • nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (well recommended in this case),
  • physiotherapeutic methods
  • in some cases, surgical interventions.

With timely treatment and proper treatment, the outcome of the disease is very favorable.

2. Disorders of the circulatory system

In the case of numbness of the fingers, it is necessary to differentiate the diagnosis of a neurological nature from acute thrombosis of large vessels of the upper extremities. Because such a dangerous condition requires urgent treatment in the intensive care unit. The risk of gangrene or sudden death is very high.. If symptoms such as coldness and cyanosis, as well as severe pain and swelling, are added to the numbness of the fingers, urgently seek qualified help at the hospital. The patient needs examination and round-the-clock observation. Ultrasound of deep vessels can confirm or refute the diagnosis of thromboembolism.

The analysis of the coagulation system and complete blood count will give the necessary information to the resuscitating physician. In this case, the reason for treating finger numbness is saving a person’s life. Condition therapy includes mandatory use of thrombolytic drugs. Intravenous drip or subcutaneous fractional administration strictly under the control of blood tests for VSC, APTTV and INR. The doctor determines the dose and frequency rate according to the results of research.

Symptoms of cerebral vascular ischemia:

  • weakness in the hand, it becomes like a whip,
  • lower limb also becomes numb and loses sensitivity, starting with numbness of the toes,
  • dizziness and loss of consciousness are characteristic of brain damage,
  • the angle of the mouth drops,
  • Strong headache,
  • total or partial speech impairment,
  • crawling sensation on the affected side.

With stroke, side syndrome is characteristic, that is, with ischemic lesion in the left hemisphere of the brain, numbness will occur, for example, on the ring finger of the right hand or the little finger, and then the entire hand and foot of the opposite side of the body will hang. The innervation of the facial nerves is broken in the same sequence. A spinal cord stroke is characterized by a loss of sensitivity in the fingers and toes, while maintaining consciousness and speech. Timely assistance can significantly improve the further prognosis of stroke and accelerate the regenerative processes of nerve fibers.

Actions should be aimed at eliminating the cause of ischemia. Usually need to lower blood pressure and with the help of potent thrombolytics, dissolve the thrombus, which in 80% of cases is the basis for cerebral infarction. Drugs aimed at removing brain tissue edema and angioprotectors restore the conductivity of nerve fibers and roots well. In the case of a small affected area, tissue sensitivity returns in a short amount of time.

Most often the brush becomes numb in the following situations:

  • Putting on clothes with tight elastic bands at bedtime. In the morning some time marked numbness of the hand and fingertips, depending on the level of pinching of the nerves.
  • Long-term work of fingers in tension or the same position, for example, typing on the keyboard. In such cases, the occurrence of seizures is even possible.
  • Clamping nerve endings during pressure on any of its levels. These include: hugging in a dream, holding elbows on a hard surface, supporting the head with a hand (clamping the wrist), and so on.

With such a numb finger, it is enough for a person to wait a little or stretch a limb to eliminate unpleasant sensations. If the pathological symptom does not pass a long time, then you should consult a doctor for advice.

Especially dangerous is the sudden numbness of the fingers for no apparent reason.

The main diseases that are accompanied by paresthesia of the fingers:

  • Raynaud's disease. Pathology is characterized by a lesion of the capillary network of the fingers and hands of the right and left hands, which occurs due to damage to the vascular wall. Patients note the constant pain of both hands, which is aggravated in the cold.
  • Arterial thrombosis. Closure of the vessel can occur for various reasons, but the clinical picture will always be about the same. First, the person begins paresthesia of the fingertips, which gradually spreads to the entire limb. There is a coldness of the hand and its pallor. With the progression of numbness, you should immediately consult a doctor to avoid necrosis of the soft tissues of the hand.
  • Stroke. If the numbness of the finger on the hand does not disappear within an hour and is marked only on one side, the blockage of cerebral vessels should be immediately ruled out. To do this, there is a standard check, in which the patient is asked to give his name, smile and raise his hands.

It is impossible to establish the correct diagnosis on your own, therefore, in the presence of prolonged paresthesia, its progression or the addition of additional symptoms, one should go to the hospital and undergo a full examination.

6. Nerve damage

The most common causes of finger paresthesia associated with problems of the nervous system itself are: Pinching of the median nerve. This pathological condition is also called carpal tunnel syndrome, since the pinching occurs when the nerve passes through the wrist. The disease affects people who spend most of their time at the computer typing texts. Pathology is accompanied by a pronounced pain syndrome.

  • Polyneuropathy. This disease is characterized by organic lesion of nerve fibers, plexuses and nodes in the area of ​​the hands. The occurrence of pathology is due to some systemic diseases, such as diabetes. The severity of paresthesia and other clinical signs will depend on the degree of nerve infestation.
  • Osteochondrosis. This refers to osteochondrosis of the cervical region. Pathology is a lesion of the spine, but because of the displacement of its structures, there is a compression of the nerves. Paresthesia of the extremities occurs on the one hand, and an additional symptom is most often a headache on the affected side.
On the right hand, the cause of numbness of the fingers can be a traumatic injury or pinching of the nerves.

Particularly often damaged median, ulnar and radial nerves of the hand when dislocation and subluxation of the wrist or elbow.

Other causes of paresthesia

In addition to the most common causes of numbness of the fingers, there are pathologies in which paresthesia is also noted, but it is not a significant and most prominent symptom. For example, such diseases include diabetes. With prolonged decompensated disease start dystrophic disorders in the walls of blood vessels and nerve endingsthat is accompanied by paresthesia of the fingers with the gradual progression of the problem. Systemic diseases of the connective tissue and pathology affecting the joints of the hand, form paresthesia on the same principle. Due to the deformity of the joint, nerve is pinched or the blood supply to the finger is broken, which is subsequently accompanied by numbness. Independently find out the credible cause, if the finger on the hand is numb, a person cannot.

In case of temporary occurrence, paresthesia will leave itself, and in other situations only a professional doctor will help.

The exception is patients who are already aware of the underlying disease and may associate numbness with it. However, even such people should consult with a physician at the onset of each new symptom of the disease to assess the severity of the condition and the risk of complications.

Prevention of neurological disorders

Not a single person is immune from disturbances in the nervous system, but knowing why fingers are numb, you can reduce the risk of possible pathology. Preventive recommendations include the following activities:

  • healthy lifestyle,
  • proper nutrition, which is to limit the use of salt, fatty, fried and smoked food,
  • regular exercise,
  • exercises to strengthen the muscles of the spine
  • blood pressure control
  • timely appeal to specialists.

It should be remembered that neurological diseases are difficult to treat, so they are easier to prevent.

Diagnosis of diseases

When visiting a doctor, the patient first complains. Often, in addition to paresthesia of the fingers, he has noted: cold extremity, tingling, pain, and some systemic signs. Then the doctor conducts a survey. Collects the history of the disease and life, finds out the following features:

  • when paresthesia first appeared,
  • permanent she or paroxysmal,
  • what the patient associates with the problem
  • what are his chronic diseases
  • having bad habits
  • hereditary history and other nuances.

After the initial examination, the doctor makes a preliminary diagnosis, on the basis of which additional diagnostic methods are determined. First of all, the patient undergoes an X-ray of the spinal column. Then studies of blood vessels, for example, angiography. MRI is required to check the state of the cerebral vessels. Electroencephalography is used for the same purposes.

Highly informative research is computed tomography, which is used for questionable diagnoses and as a reliable source of images.

After numbness of the fingers, the right hand can be examined using Doppler sonography to get an accurate picture of the condition of the vessels of the limb.

Treatment of paresthesias

Treatment of numbness of the fingers depends entirely on the etiology of the pathological condition. With temporary paresthesias, therapeutic measures are not required and a light kneading massage will suffice. If the cause is a systemic disease, treatment should be completely directed to it. For pathologies of the spine, which are accompanied by paresthesia of the fingers, it is necessary to determine the type of treatment. This can be both conservative and operative therapy. The doctor compares the possible risk from the operation with the expected results and takes into account the severity of the disease.

Conservatively patients are treated with anti-inflammatory drugs, analgesics, massages and physiotherapy. For the treatment of numbness of the fingers of the right hand caused by vascular pathology, an angiologist or a vascular surgeon is required. Some of the diseases can be cured conservatively with the help of thrombolytic agents and drugs that strengthen the blood vessels. When the artery is completely blocked, an operation has to be performed., the essence of which is not only to eliminate a blood clot, but also to prevent the recurrence of the overlap of the lumen of the vessels.

If the blockage occurs in the vessels of the brain, then the help of the resuscitation team is required.

They are engaged in maintaining the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, and also introduce potent thrombolytics that contribute to the resorption of a blood clot. Unfortunately, not all diseases of blood vessels and nerves are completely treatable and do not leave consequences, and often the prognosis depends on the speed of response. Therefore, in the presence of paresthesia of the fingers, you should immediately consult a doctor.

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External causes

Numbness of the fingers is not always indicative of the development of pathologies. If this symptom is observed only in the morning and passes independently a couple of minutes after waking up, then the cause of this may be a squeezing of the arteries. Most often this happens when the body is uncomfortable during sleep or in cases where a person forgets to remove all squeezing objects from the fingers and wrists (rings, bracelets).

In order for the discomfort to pass quickly, you just need to perform some simple exercises in the morning without getting out of bed. Raise your hands up and begin to actively bend and unbend fingers until the discomfort in your fingertips disappears.

It is also worth noting that unpleasant tingling in the fingers of the upper limbs may occur as a result of wearing tight clothing. Она сдавливает артерии, тем самым нарушая кровообращение, что и вызывает появление данного симптома.

Обратите внимание на одежду, которую вы носите в течение дня и ночью. Если на ней имеются резинки или она имеет тесный покрой, то лучше отказаться от нее. In addition, you need to carefully examine your bed. If there are dents or bumps on it, this can also lead to numbness of the upper extremities.

Worry is when the tips of your fingers are numb constantly. However, this symptom does not disappear throughout the day, even if you wear loose clothing. This already speaks of serious disorders in the body that require immediate treatment.


Osteochondrosis is a disease in which dystrophic disorders occur in articular cartilage. When this disease affects the cervical region, the nerves that lead to the upper limbs are damaged.

The main sign of osteochondrosis is periodic numbness of the tips of the fingers. And it is observed only on one hand - either on the left or on the right. In osteochondrosis, all the upper limbs do not go numb right away, and the discomfort does not apply to all hands (only the fingertips). To make a correct diagnosis, you need to undergo a comprehensive examination.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

This condition is characterized by pinching of the middle nerve in the wrist. With the development of such a disease, a person notes not only swelling of the fingers, but also their pain. Often the pain is so severe that it prevents him from doing his daily activities.

In most cases, people suffer from this pathology, who are often forced to stay in one position for a long time (for example, when working on a PC). At this moment their hands are strongly strained and their blood circulation is disturbed. Therefore, if by virtue of your professional activity you have to sit at a computer for a long time, remember that you need rest. Warm up every 50-60 minutes. This will avoid stagnation and pinching of nerve endings.


Polyneuropathy is characterized by damage to the nerve plexuses of the hands and fingers. Such violations in the body often lead to the emergence of such an unpleasant symptom as numbness of the right hand or left.

The frequency of manifestation of this symptom is different. It depends on the degree of damage to the nerve plexus. A tingling sensation may be observed several times a day or a week. Polyneuropathy develops on the background of infectious diseases, iron deficiency anemia or vitamin deficiency.

Raynaud's Disease

Raynaud's disease leads to impaired blood circulation in small vessels of the circulatory system of the fingers. It is characterized by simultaneous numbness of the left and right hands. At the same time, people with Raynaud's disease, when they go out into the cold, immediately begin to freeze and often suffer from infectious diseases.

This disease requires special treatment, so you shouldn’t delay with a visit to the doctor, as it is fraught with serious complications. In addition, people with this disease are not recommended for a long time to keep their hands in the cold, and also when in contact with water and household appliances, household gloves should always be worn.

Thrombosis of the upper extremities is a disease in which the blockage of blood vessels by a blood clot occurs, resulting in a violation of blood circulation. The fingertips no longer receive the necessary amount of blood and nutrients, and therefore begin to numb.

At the initial stages of the development of the disease, only numbness of the tips of the fingers is observed, after which the unpleasant symptom spreads to the whole hand, and it becomes even more intense.

Important! If numbness of the fingers does not go away after 1-2 hours, you should immediately consult a doctor! Otherwise, against the background of this disease, tissue necrosis may develop, and in case of untimely provision of medical care, you can simply simply lose a limb.

Cerebral vascular occlusion

This condition can also numb the tips of the fingers. However, in this case, this symptom indicates an approaching stroke. With this disease, a person experiences discomfort in only one hand, but at the same time he is also worried about headaches and high blood pressure.

If you experience these symptoms, it is also important to promptly seek medical help. After all, this disease can be fatal.

There is one more condition that we did not indicate in the list. This is “lovers syndrome”. It is not a pathology, but may cause numbness of the tips of the fingers. This syndrome occurs when a woman sleeps on a man’s arm throughout the night.

His hand is stationary for a long time, and the head of a woman leads to a strong squeezing of blood vessels. As a result, the numbness of the fingertips may not go away for a long time.

What should I do if my fingers get numb?

Are you wondering what to do if the tips of your fingers are numb? Make an appointment with a doctor immediately! Only he can determine the cause of this unpleasant symptom and give you the appropriate treatment.

Do not self-medicate for one simple reason that you can not independently determine the factor that causes numbness of the fingers. And if you delay the treatment, then serious complications may occur.

Before going to the doctor, you can alleviate your condition by performing simple procedures. First, start rubbing your fingertips until your skin turns red and the unpleasant symptom disappears.

If this does not help, then you can use a contrast shower. Changing the water temperature will improve blood circulation and relieve discomfort. However, remember that prolonged exposure to cold temperatures can lead to exacerbation of the disease, if we are talking about arthritis or arthrosis.

Do not use any external medicinal creams or ointments, if they were not prescribed by a doctor. And no need to look for information on the Internet, why there is numbness in the hands. You can only get accurate information about this from a doctor.

Prevention of numbness of the fingers

It is recommended for everyone to take preventive measures for the numbness of the fingers, especially those who lead a sedentary lifestyle and work at a computer for a long time.
Prevention includes simple exercises, which you will have to do 5-10 minutes a day to do. So, let's begin.

Immediately after waking up, without getting out of bed, raise your hands up, squeeze your fists and begin to unclench and squeeze them about 40-50 times. Then get out of bed, turn your face to the wall, rise on your toes and raise your hands up. In this position you need to be at least 2 minutes.

Then press your palms together, cross your fingers, squeeze them tightly, and then unclench. Do this exercise 10-15 times. For the effectiveness of preventive measures, it is recommended to perform such exercises 2 times a day - in the morning and in the evening just before bedtime.

And lastly, I would like to note that the numbness of the tips of the fingers often occurs due to violations of the brain and central nervous system. Inaction in this case can lead to either disability or death.

Fingers grow numb on left and right hand: causes

Most often, numbness of the fingers on both hands at once may indicate the presence of a person:

  • Cardiovascular disease. With such pathologies, there is a violation of blood circulation, and if its quality has suffered precisely in the area of ​​the hands, patients often experience numbness in the fingers.
  • Peripheral Neuropathy - a disease in which, due to injuries, infections, systemic pathologies, peripheral nerves are affected. They become incapable of high-quality transmission of impulses. Numbness of the fingers and other parts of the hands may be accompanied by tingling, a feeling of squeezing of the limbs (the person has the impression of being in tight gloves), thinning of the skin.
  • Raynaud's Disease. With this pathology, the blood flow is disturbed in small vessels, usually the hands or feet. That is why it is one of the most common reasons for the numb fingers. A person with such a pathology is vulnerable to infectious diseases. Accompanying symptoms are: pallor of the skin, tingling, burning. When the disease worsens, the fingers may ache and turn blue in the cold. The above symptoms appear under the influence of stress, emotional overload, temperature changes. Numbness is also manifested symmetrically in both hands.
  • Arthritis, osteoarthritis or bursitis. With these diseases, the nerves are squeezed, which can cause numbness.
  • Beriberi. If you are wondering why the tips of your fingers are numb, then it is quite possible that your body lacks some vitamins and minerals.
  • Endocrine disorders. Finger numbness is often observed in diabetes mellitus and hypothyroidism.

The less common reasons for which the fingers of both hands become numb right away are:

  • anemia,
  • multiple sclerosis,
  • cirrhosis of the liver.

Important!Often numbness occurs in pregnant women. The organism of the future mother is rebuilt, because now he needs to work in the “enhanced mode”. The volume of blood circulating in it also increases. Because of this, it can sometimes be observed circulatory disorders and, as a consequence, numbness of the fingers. After birth, it usually passes. However, if such a symptom is observed during pregnancy, it is necessary to inform the doctor about it: it may be necessary to take measures to improve blood circulation.

And if fingers of only one hand go numb? There may be "your" list of diseases:

  • Tunnel syndrome (carpal tunnel syndrome). This is a neurological disease that occurs due to pinching of the median nerve. It is often found in people whose work is associated with the monotonous activity of the hands. For example, pianists, sign language interpreters, drummers, artists, etc. are at risk. And, of course, representatives of any professions that involve frequent use of a computer. Previously, tunnel syndrome was called the “typist disease”. In this disease, numbness of the fingers is accompanied by pain in the wrist area.
  • Osteochondrosis of the thoracic and cervical spine. In this case, the fingers tend to go numb at night.
  • Predictive condition. Finger numbness is accompanied by severe headache and increased blood pressure.
  • Thrombosis of the upper limb. When an artery is blocked with a thrombus, only the fingers first become numb. But gradually this condition spreads to other parts of the hand.

In addition to internal, there are also external causes of numbness of the fingers on one or both hands. These include:

  • Inconvenient posture in a dream or poor-quality berth (with mounds, dents). In this case, the fingers go numb in the morning time. Get rid of this state is quite simple. It is necessary to bend fingers, having raised hands up.
  • Tight clothing, squeezing jewelry (bracelets, rings).
  • "Lovers Syndrome". Some do not want to be separated from their other half, even in a dream. The woman falls asleep on her lover's shoulder, and in the morning he wakes up with numb fingers.

If you have eliminated all the above external causes, and the numbness does not pass, you should pay attention to your health.

Fingers grow numb: what to do

If you regularly encounter numbness of the fingers, then let the situation take its course. Despite the fact that this condition does not always indicate the presence of disease, the patient cannot determine whether he needs medical care or not. Therefore, you should definitely consult a doctor. And before that, it is recommended to monitor your condition and record the answers to the following questions:

  • How often and at what time of the day are the fingers numb, all or only some of them? On one or both hands?
  • Is this condition accompanied by other symptoms? What kind?

Possessing such a “blank”, it will be easier for you to answer the questions of the doctor when he collects anamnesis.

Important!What exactly should not be done is self-treatment. You may even be able to remove the discomfort for a while. But the very cause of numbness will not disappear anywhere. This is dangerous not only because the symptom can return: without medical help, the existing disease can worsen. He will still have to be treated, but then it will be harder and longer.

Numbness of thumb and index finger

The thumb is more vulnerable than his fellows, and often starts to go numb first. Often, he tolerates "a duet" with the index finger. This may be due to the following reasons:

  • inflammatory processes
  • squeezing the median nerve
  • excessive loads on the wrists,
  • spinal diseases.

Terminate middle, ring finger and little finger

The numbness of the middle and ring finger, as well as the little finger, can talk about:

  • cardiovascular pathologies,
  • diseases of the elbow joint
  • intoxication of the body (with the abuse of alcohol, in smokers),
  • infringement of the brachial plexus.

Which doctor to contact?

It is difficult for a patient to determine for himself why his fingers go numb. Accordingly, it is not easy to choose a specialist in this situation. Therefore, the best option is to contact a therapist. He will examine the patient, send him to the laboratory diagnosis. And if necessary, will orient in the choice of a narrow specialist.

Treatment of numb hands at the doctor

Treatment can be either conservative (drug therapy) or surgical (or complex) - much depends on what disease caused finger numbness. Remove an unpleasant symptom will help you:

  • Massage and manual therapy. Such events can save the patient from unpleasant feelings and improve the quality of his life.
  • Physiotherapy. Ultrasonic and magnetic therapy, laser treatment show high efficiency. These procedures accelerate tissue regeneration.
  • Physiotherapy. Indispensable for the normalization of blood circulation.

The patient's personal initiative will also be beneficial - he can also help his body with a lifestyle change:

  • Eat right and balanced. This is especially true with beriberi, anemia, metabolic disorders.
  • To refuse from bad habits. Fingers often go numb in people who are addicted to smoking or abusing alcohol.
  • Pay attention to physical activity. This will improve blood circulation, and in fact it is often his violation of the "root of evil."

It should be remembered that numbness of the fingers can occur not only because of a lack of physical activity, but also because of an overload of the hands. Everything is good in moderation! If you are forced to constantly load your hands with a monotonous activity, try every hour to do some simple exercises that promote muscle relaxation. You can raise and lower your arms, clench and unclench your fists, swing.

Be healthy and do not forget to give your hands both rest and moderate exercise.

General information

If occurs finger numbnessThis symptom, of course, causes discomfort. But since it is quite possible to tolerate it, very often people ignore the numbness of the fingertips for a long time. But such an approach is unacceptable, since this symptom may indicate the development of unpleasant diseases. Most often, however, this loss of sensitivity is due to commonplace causes. But about those diseases that are ways to provoke such manifestations, you still need to know in order to take timely measures and provide adequate treatment.

What could be the numbness of the fingers?

If the fingers of the hands go numb, the causes of this phenomenon may not be associated with the development of diseases or may be the result of illnesses. The following natural causes of hand numbness are identified:

  • severe hypothermia
  • a long stay in an uncomfortable position during sleep,
  • the influence of chemicals - heavy metals, drugs, alcohol.

For such reasons, toes may become numb.

Causes associated with the development of pathologies:

  • Tunnel syndromes - elbow tunnel syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Autoimmune Diseases - scleroderma, Guillain-Barre syndrome.
  • Other diseases - anemia, violation of metabolic processes (diabetes and etc.), avitaminosis, infectious diseases (diphtheria), progressive nervous diseases, spondylosis of the cervical spine, depressive state.

It is important to remember that the numbness of the fingers on the hands, gradually covering the entire limb or even one side of the body - this is the reason to urgently consult a doctor. Such signs may indicate that developing stroke.

Numbness that is not associated with the disease

If the tips of the fingers on the hands go numb, the causes of this condition may be related to physiology, which is why you need to pay utmost attention to the condition of the body. Almost every person experienced the feeling of “not his own hands” when both limbs or one were clamped in a dream. That is, if the brush "fell asleep", then the fingers go numb. But you need only a few minutes to hold your hand in a normal position and actively clench your fist to eliminate this condition. At first, a tingling sensation will be felt, and the numbness will gradually disappear.

Temporary loss of sensitivity is quite possible if you stay outside for a long time on frosty days or keep your hands in the water. However, if this is repeated regularly or numbness from cold is characteristic only for a certain part of the body (for example, only one finger becomes numb), then there is reason to suspect the development of pathology.

Numbness of one finger is justified when it comes to wearing too close a ring.

Carpal tunnel syndrome (carpal tunnel syndrome)

This condition is a consequence of compression of the median nerve, which passes through the wrist. As a rule, this syndrome develops in people engaged in certain types of activities, during which they have to bend their arms around their wrists. These are packers, musicians, those who work a lot on the computer, etc.

Probably the development of this syndrome after suffering injuries, operations, with edema in pregnant women, with obesity. The main symptoms of this disease are burning, numbness, tingling in the index, thumb and middle fingers. It happens that such sensations cover the whole brush.

The man feels worse at night. With prolonged squeezing, the muscles weaken, and a permanent nerve damage occurs.

In the process of establishing the diagnosis, the doctor is guided by the patient's complaints, as well as the results of MRI, electromyography, etc. Treatment involves the use of anti-inflammatory drugs, the use of tires in the wrist area. In some cases, the muscles and nerves from clamping free by surgical methods.

It is important to consult a doctor when the first symptoms appear, since such diseases of the fingers can eventually lead to disability.

Ulnar tunnel syndrome

This condition causes pinching of the ulnar nerve from the elbow to the wrist. Most often this condition is manifested due to such reasons:

  • elbow deformities in people suffering arthritisand arthritis,
  • suffered injuries
  • the habit of constantly leaning on your elbows when a person is resting or working,
  • extensive hematomas for blood diseases
  • the presence of a subcutaneous implant for contraception,
  • tumors
  • unsuccessful vein piercing, when a dropper is put in for the patient and blood is taken for analysis,
  • exhaustion, which is accompanied by the loss of muscle and fat mass,
  • unexplained reasons.

The main signs of elbow syndrome are tingling, burning, numbness in the little finger and ring finger. If the disease progresses, the patient complains of pain and weakness in the fingers. His muscles are depleted, it becomes difficult to manipulate his arm.

Elbow tunnel syndrome is also determined by a special feature: when a person hides a brush in his trouser pocket, his little finger remains on the edge of his pocket.

The doctor establishes such a diagnosis, guided by the complaints of the patient. Initially, common causes of nerve damage are excluded, an MRI or X-ray examination is performed. The specialist asks the patient about the injury or surgery.

If numbness is noted, even insignificant, the patient is advised to constantly keep his arm in a straightened position and do it even in a dream. To fix the limb in this position, use soft tires. Provided that such methods are ineffective, and weakness increases, it is necessary to carry out surgical treatment.


This is a severe autoimmune disease, when the walls of blood vessels, skin, internal organs gradually become more dense, lose their elasticity and cease to perform their functions. Sclerodermais not a hereditary disease, but the relatives of a person with this disease are still more likely to get sick.

In most cases, the disease develops in women of middle age - in 30-50 years. Currently unknown causes of scleroderma.

The following signs of scleroderma manifest themselves:

  • skin tightening occurs, it begins with the fingers,
  • numbness and tingling in the fingers,
  • facial wrinkles disappear,
  • there are light and dark spots on the skin,
  • compacted areas shine
  • small dot hemorrhages appear on the skin,
  • sore joints and muscles
  • celebrated Raynaud's phenomenon,
  • worried dyspnea, respiratory failure is increasing,
  • digestion is broken,
  • vision deteriorates,
  • a man wheezes, it is hard for him to open his mouth wide.

Diagnose scleroderma can be visually. But for diagnosis, prescribe a biochemical, general blood test, as well as an analysis of autoantibodies.

If the diagnosis is uncertain, conduct biopsy the part of the body that was affected.

Symptomatic therapy is carried out to relieve the main symptoms of the disease.

They prescribe anti-inflammatory, wet-dissolving medicines, as well as steroids, laxatives, etc. In addition, it is important to stick to a balanced diet, stop smoking and taking alcohol. You can not work in cold conditions, you need time to treat all the ulcers and skin damage.

Numbness of the fingers associated with nerve damage can be provoked by any diseases associated with autoimmune processes. Therefore, in such cases, you need to consult with a rheumatologist.

Sometimes unpleasant sensations in the fingers cause psychological problems. Therefore, in the presence of not only this symptom, but others (sweating, increased heart rate, insomnia, irritation, etc.) you need to contact a specialist. After all, depression requires proper treatment.

Guillain-Barre Syndrome

This is an acute inflammation of the nerves and nerve roots, resulting in impaired tactile and motor function. As a rule, when the fingers get numb and tingling is felt, this indicates the beginning of the development of the disease. In addition, signsGuillain-Barre syndrome are:

  • aching and throbbing pain in the thighs, buttocks, back,
  • too frequent or too rare heartbeat,
  • dyspnea,
  • difficulty speaking and swallowing
  • weakness in limbs, immobility possible.

As a rule, these symptoms begin to bother a person after suffering ARVI or digestive disorders.

An autoimmune process develops, it is acute, and the patient becomes as ill as possible in 2-4 weeks. Then the symptoms gradually subside.

It is very important to conduct an adequate rehabilitation after the autoimmune inflammation subsides. The recovery process is long, may take several months.

If the process is difficult, death can occur due to the cessation of breathing or other serious disturbances. However, in most cases, a person has a normal chance of full recovery of the body.

Effect of alcohol

In people who abuse alcohol, in addition to a number of other disorders, there is neuropathy nerve damage. This condition is defined by the special term - alcoholic neuropathy.

Once in the body, ethanol violates the absorption of proteins, folates, thiamine. In addition, ethanol derivatives contribute to the destruction of nerve cells. Liver abnormalities may occur, affecting neuromuscular transmission. That is why alcohol lovers often numb fingers.

Poisoning by chemicals and heavy metals

If a person is forced to work in an enterprise where the harmful effects of chemicals are noted, over time, he may also experience unpleasant symptoms. We are talking about those who work in construction, metallurgical enterprises, in the shops of the chemical industry. They often come into contact with hazardous substances. As a result, often the numbness of the fingers occurs due to contact with lead, thallium, arsenic, mercury, solvents, etc.

In addition, in such cases, difficulties in breathing and digestion may develop, disturbances of consciousness are likely. If such signs appear after contact with chemicals, you should immediately contact a doctor.


Numbness of the fingers is possible after the use of certain drugs. This is a drug against tuberculosisIsoniazidantitumor agent Vincristinea number of drugs against Aidsgold compounds metronidazole. As a rule, such side effects are indicated in the instructions for the drug.


If it develops type 1 diabetes, then the patient's condition quickly deteriorates. Nerves are damaged only after a long course of the disease. With type 2 diabetes symptoms may be mild, but neurologic manifestations may occur already at the time of diagnosis. Unpleasant consequences are often manifested if a person takes medications irregularly and poorly controls the level glucose. One of the most well-known disorders is the so-called “diabetic foot”, when the sensitivity in the legs deteriorates and ulcers form.

However, the condition of the nervous tissue of the upper extremities is often disturbed, which leads to numbness of the fingers or hands. Very often, numbness of the fingers at night. The causes and treatment of such a condition should be determined by the doctor, therefore if at night both hands become numb or one, and at the same time a person has suspicion of the development of diabetes mellitus, an urgent need to visit a doctor.

In the process of diagnosing diabetic neuropathy, the physician must initially confirm that the patient has diabetes. To do this, it is important to determine what is the level of glucose, as well as indicators of glycated hemoglobin in the blood. A general urine test is also performed.

Sometimes a number of other examinations are required - the state of the blood vessels, heart, nerves in the fundus, etc.

In diabetes, it is important to constantly maintain normal glucose levels, use drugs to reduce sugar, or enter insulin.

Provided that the patient will carefully monitor their health, regularly visit the doctor and follow all his recommendations, in case of diabetes, it will be possible to avoid serious complications.

Vitamin B1 deficiency

Disadvantage thiamine (vitamin b1) in the body can provoke a number of unpleasant symptoms. Due to severe thiamine deficiency, it can develop. diseaseberiberi. In this disease, the function of the nervous system is disturbed. Beriberi in severe form leads to vascular and heart damage. With a lack of vitamin B1, the following symptoms occur in the body:

  • fingers of the limbs go numb on both sides
  • manifest muscle cramps,
  • may develop muscle atrophy,
  • insomniamemory impairment
  • encephalopathyWernicke, Korsakoff syndrome (brain work is disturbed, mental disorders are manifested),
  • weakness in the legs
  • lowering blood pressure, increased pulse,
  • fainting
  • digestive problems.

In civilized countries, very rare cases of serious beriberi are recorded. Severe illness is possible in the following cases:

Sometimes provoke a lack of this vitamin can food features. When consuming large amounts of rice, coffee, tea (products with substances that break down thiamine) and the lack of a sufficient amount of meat, cereals, legumes (containing thiamine products) in the diet increases the risk of beriberi.

To cure the disease, prescribe funds with vitamin B1. It is important to eliminate the factors that provoke the disease, adjust the diet.

Diphtheria polyneuropathy

Diphtheria in the modern world is rare, since it is widespread vaccination from this disease. Therefore, the disease affects those who have not been vaccinated, or if the vaccine has not been done in a timely manner.

The disease begins from symptoms resembling ARVI. Gradually, the sore throat is getting stronger, a so-called diphtheric film appears, lymph nodes increase, breathing becomes difficult.

In diphtheria, nerves may be affected, leading to impaired sensitivity, tingling and numbness in the extremities.

Special anti-diphtheria serum is used for the treatment.

In this disease in the cervical spine, there is a gradual destruction of the intervertebral discs. When spondylosis they bulge, they form sharp edges. In the process of wear discs a person may be disturbed by pains in the shoulder, arm, neck. Limited sensitivity and movement. As a rule, numbness of the left or right hand is noted, but sometimes the person feels that only his fingers are numb.

If the causes of numbness in the left or right hand are associated with spondylosis, confirm the diagnosis will allow the results of CT and MRI.

Spondylosis therapy includes the use of anti-inflammatory drugs, antispasmodics, physiotherapy, massage. Sometimes forced to apply surgery.

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)

This is a serious illness characterized by damage to the nerve cells that determine motor function. Often it starts from a feeling of awkwardness in the right or left hand, which resembles numbness. Initially, it occurs in the working side, that is, the left-handed person will experience numbness in the fingers of his left hand, and then the right. When the disease progresses, the person becomes disturbed by a precarious gait, “drying out” of muscles, inaccuracy of actions with his hands. After this, a disturbance of speech, difficulty in swallowing, and a slurred voice develop. Later there is a gradual involvement in the process of respiratory muscles. Related reasons for frequent pneumonia. At the end of the disease, respiratory arrest occurs.

There is still no medicine that can stop this disease. Therefore, after the onset of the disease, a person lives on average five years. However, with careful and proper care, life can be extended.

After the first visit to the doctor such a diagnosis is very rare. Prolonged follow-up is needed to confirm or exclude that diagnosis. In order to diagnose usedelectromyography - study of muscle activity during stimulation.

Why else can fingers of the left hand go numb?

If there is numbness in the tips of the fingers or they have completely lost their sensitivity, this may be due not only to diseases of the spine, but also to other causes.

Sometimes this condition is due to prolonged squeezing of the nerve. Therefore, if after prolonged squeezing the thumb or little finger is numb, massage or rubbing will help improve the condition.

Very often, the loss of sensitivity of the index finger is associated with prolonged work at the computer. Sometimes it is overvoltage when working with gadgets for people for whom the working hand is the left, is the answer to the question of why the ring finger on the left hand and the pinky numb.

If the middle finger and little finger becomes numb, this may be due to the neuropathy of the nerve of the elbow joint. If average and nameless numb - most likely, it is a tunnel syndrome of the hand.

However, the left hand is numb with serious diseases of the heart and blood vessels. In particular, this may indicate pre-stroke condition.

What can be connected with the numbness of the right hand?

First of all, it is important to take into account that if numbness of the fingers of the right hand appears, the reasons and treatment of this phenomenon should be determined by a specialist.

Often on the right hand fingers grow numb due to the reasons discussed above. If the fingers on the right hand are numb, this may be due to tunnel syndrome, osteochondrosis, herniated intervertebral disc, polyneuropathy, etc.

Numbness of the thumb of the right hand is often associated with carpal or carpal tunnel syndrome. If the thumb on the right hand is numb, it is often associated with squeezing the median nerve as it passes through the carpal tunnel. Loss of sensitivity of the index finger can be associated with the same phenomenon, also with such a syndrome, the middle finger sometimes becomes numb.

Often the answer to the question of why the thumb on the right hand is numb, and also why the ring finger on the right hand and other fingers go numb, is that a person, due to the nature of the work or other activities, is constantly forced to give a dynamic or static load on one same muscle group. Since most people have the right hand as a “working” one, many people after long work at the computer, sewing, playing musical instruments, etc., complain that they have sore unnamed, index or other fingers.

Carpal tunnel syndrome often manifests when arthrosis, arthritis and other diseases whose treatment may improve the situation.

Numbness of the fingertips is sometimes associated with pathologies of the peripheral nervous system.

If numb little finger on the right hand, the causes of this phenomenon can be explained cubital channel syndrome. Nerve impulses to the little finger and part of the ring finger pass through the cubital canal, which is located on the inside of the elbow behind. If the little finger becomes numb, often this is preceded by a prolonged presence of the elbow in the bent state.

Causes of numbness in the fingers

Most often numb fingers in a dream or in the morning when a person wakes up. What does it mean? The reason for this condition is the incorrect position of the body during sleep, from which there is a violation of blood circulation in the limbs and causes temporary discomfort. If this condition occurs infrequently, there is no reason for concern.

When the fingers of one or both hands are numb constantly, the following conditions can be provoking factors:

  • pathologies of the heart and blood vessels (atherosclerosis, angina pectoris, multiple sclerosis, occlusion of cerebral vessels),
  • endocrine diseases (diabetes, thyroid problems),
  • poor patency in the vessels of the upper extremities (thrombosis) or impaired blood circulation in the capillaries and veins of the fingers (Raynaud's syndrome),
  • injuries or bruises of the shoulder, elbow, fingers, hands,
  • pressure nerve roots due to swelling of hands during pregnancy,
  • pinching a nerve in the carpal canal (a disease of people who have been working on a computer for a long time).

Thrombosis is a common cause of numbness in the limbs.

Often, the fingers become numb due to a disease of the internal organs (liver, kidneys, lungs) or as a result of severe stress, nervous overstrain.

By unpleasant sensations in a particular phalanx, you can determine the specific disease.

Milk and honey baths

Mix 2 liters of milk and 1 liter of boiled water, add 5 tablespoons. l honey and 0.5 kg of salt. Mix everything thoroughly and heat over low heat until hot (do not boil). In the solution soar hands for 15–20 minutes. The course of treatment is 12-17 procedures.

Ingredients for Milk Honey Bath


Grind the shell of 10 chicken eggs to a powdery consistency. Every morning eat 1 tsp. useful potion, drinking a glass of warm water. The tool quickly restores numb fingers and prevents further unpleasant sensations.

Eggshell helps numb fingers

Ledumberry marsh and apple cider vinegar

Grind dried grass with wild rosemary and pour apple vinegar in the ratio of 1 to 3. Infuse the liquid for at least a week, then strain and rub into the affected areas 3-4 times a day. The duration of therapy is 2-3 weeks.

Insist wild rosemary need a marsh need not less than a week

Black pepper and sunflower oil

In 700 ml of vegetable oil, stir 60 g of ground black pepper. Place the liquid on a slow fire and cook for about 45 minutes. After the remedy cools down, it can be rubbed into the fingers 2-3 times a day for 2 weeks. Folk medicine helps to thin the blood and improve its circulation in the limbs.

Sunflower oil improves blood circulation

Exercises for numbness of fingers

Morning exercises will help restore the mobility of the fingers and eliminate their numbness. It consists of simple exercises.

  1. Without getting out of bed, you need to raise your arms above your head, and then squeeze and open your fists 50-60 times.
  2. The position of the body is the same, the arms are tightly pressed along the body. Simultaneously squeeze and unclench fists 60-70 times.
  3. Face the wall, raise your arms above your head, and rise on your toes. In this position, hold 30-50 seconds, then return to the original position. Make a few approaches.
  4. Become at full stop, put your hands behind your back and close the lock for a minute. Return to normal posture and repeat the exercise 3-5 times.
  5. When standing, relax and turn your head gently, first to the left (hold for 20-30 seconds), then to the right. Circular movements do not.

Properly performed gymnastics improves blood circulation in the upper limbs and contributes to quick relief from numbness of the fingers.

Possible symptoms

Numbness is manifested in the form of partial or complete loss of sensitivity of the fingers: they may not respond to touch and mechanical stress. Sometimes mobility of the limbs is impaired or reduced. There may be tingling, discomfort, a feeling of cold, pale fingers, redness or blue, local changes in body temperature.

It is worth paying attention to the localization of symptoms. Only one finger or several fingers can grow numb, on one hand or on two at once. Sometimes numbness spreads to the arm and starts from the elbow or hand.

External factors

Numbness can be triggered by external factors:

  • Prolonged or frequent hypothermia. It provokes a strong vasospasm due to which blood circulation is disturbed. Blood does not enter the fingers, as a result they lose their sensitivity and full mobility. But after warming the state should be normalized.
  • Inconvenient clothes. A shirt, dress, blouse or other thing with narrow sleeves or cuffs will squeeze blood vessels and disturb the blood supply to the limbs, causing a number of unpleasant symptoms.
  • Injuries. With severe bruises, fractures and sprains, soft tissues, muscles, blood vessels and nerve endings are damaged, which affects the mobility and sensitivity of the fingers. After a local injury, as a rule, one injured finger, for example, thumb, index finger, numb, becomes numb.
  • Mechanical influences exerted during the performance of professional or daily household duties. With some manipulations, certain areas of the hands and fingers are penetrated, penetrated by nerves or blood vessels, the effect on which causes undesirable consequences. Symptom can occur after holding heavy or voluminous objects in the palms, working with vibrating mechanisms, cutting hard products with a knife, after long writing with a pen, and so on.
  • Sleep in an uncomfortable position. Numbness observed in the morning after waking up may occur after squeezing the hand, if it was under the head or other part of the body.

Internal factors

Why are my fingers numb? A symptom can signal health problems or malfunctions in the body. Consider all the possible causes of numbness:

  • Numbness of the fingers of the left hand can be a sign of a stroke. After such a dangerous disease, cerebral blood circulation is disturbed, as a result of which clear alarming symptoms develop: numbness in the hands, paralysis, impaired coordination, confusion or loss of consciousness, impaired speech.
  • Diabetes. With this disease, the blood thickens and can not fully move through the vessels. Often the blood supply to the limbs is disturbed, which manifests itself in the form of numbness, blanching of the skin.
  • Squeezing the nerve trunks. The areas exposed to this effect may be located in different areas and influence the symptoms and its localization. So, if a limb becomes numb from the elbow, then the ulnar nerve is compressed. If the manifestations affect the palm and fingers, then the median nerve extending into the wrist area is involved.
  • Osteochondrosis of the cervical spine. With this disease, degenerative and dystrophic processes are initiated in the cartilage tissues, which cause the compression of the limb nerves. In osteochondrosis, usually numbness is observed only in one hand: right or left. There may also be headaches, fatigue, dizziness.
  • Thrombosis of the upper extremities. If a blood clot forms in the hand, the blood supply to the hand and fingers will break, causing numbness. The symptom does not go away, but increases and extends to the entire limb. In the absence of medical care, tissue necrosis may develop, in addition, a blood clot can break off and rush into the heart, leading to death.
  • Polyneuropathy is a disease characterized by a pathological lesion of peripheral nerves, leading to a violation of sensitivity, trophic changes, paralysis.
  • Herniated intervertebral discs in which the nerves passing through the extremities are repressed.
  • Articular diseases such as arthritis, gout, rheumatism, arthrosis. The joints are deformed, increase in size and collapse, squeezing the nerves passing next to them and causing a violation of the sensitivity of the fingers.
  • Malfunctions of the endocrine system. The endocrine glands are responsible for the synthesis of hormones, the reactions and processes occurring in the body, the maintenance of normal blood circulation, therefore, during violations, various unpleasant symptoms develop, including cooling, numbness of the extremities, tingling in them.
  • Raynaud's disease. When it affects the small arteries, the main manifestations are numbness, coldness, blanching and subsequent blueing of the fingers, the formation of trophic ulcers (in severe cases).

Timely and effective diagnosis

If the numbness occurs once and reasonably, you should not attach importance to this. If the symptom appears periodically and often, you should consult a doctor and find out the causes of the pathology. Start with a visit to the therapist, so that he prescribes standard diagnostic procedures: ECG, blood test (total, for sugar, hormones), X-ray of the spine. The results of the examination will allow you to either make a diagnosis or refer a patient to narrow specialists: a rheumatologist, a neurologist, a cardiologist, a surgeon, a trauma specialist. Additional studies may be required: vascular Doppler, MRI or CT, encephalography, ultrasound.

Solution to the problem

Getting rid of the numbness of the fingers involves eliminating the factors that trigger it or the causes of the symptom. Problem solving may include the following measures:

  1. If the cause of the symptom is tight clothing, replace it with loose and comfortable clothing, the sleeves of which will not squeeze the wrists.
  2. Watch your posture during sleep: keep your hands free, do not put them under your head and other body parts.
  3. Massage will help to eliminate numbness: it will provide a rush of blood to the limb and accelerate blood circulation. Try to rub your fingers, pinch, lightly squeeze, actively iron.
  4. Perform the exercises: finger rotation, squeezing and unclenching.
  5. In some cases, a positive effect can achieve drug treatment. When inflammatory diseases are prescribed by a doctor, NSAIDs are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that stop pathological processes. Antispasmodics and prostaglandins eliminate vasospasms, anticoagulants reduce blood clotting, biostimulants accelerate metabolic processes and normalize blood circulation, angioprotectors help to strengthen the vascular walls.
  6. Recipes of traditional medicine are used: grinding with badger fat, applications with essential oils (needles, mint, tea tree, rosemary), baths with soda or mustard powder (tablespoon per liter of warm water).

Numbness is an unpleasant symptom, but you can get rid of it by finding out and removing the causes.

Numbness of hands during pregnancy

Very often women have numbness or tingling of the fingers while of pregnancy. The causes of this phenomenon are not always associated with pathology. Often this phenomenon worries at night in late pregnancy. In most cases of pregnancy, loss of sensitivity and pain in the joints of the fingers is associated with the manifestation of tunnel syndrome, which occurs due to static stress on the same tendons or joints.

Hands may become numb due to edema during pregnancy. If this is manifested, the woman should tell the doctor about it.

In the period of carrying a baby, it often happens in expectant mothers osteochondrosis and osteoporosis, and it can also lead to a violation of the sensitivity of the limbs.

But you can not "discount" and other diseases, because a woman must necessarily tell about the symptoms to your gynecologist.

Finger Diagnostics

  • Numbness of the middle finger and paired up with the nameless or index finger that goes to the outer side of the hand can be from inflammation of the elbow joint or from pinching the nerve in the shoulder.
  • Numbness of the index and thumb is often the case for diseases in the cervical spine.
  • When numb fingertips - This is a sign that the body lacks minerals and vitamins (A or B). Similar symptoms are typical for advanced anemia.
  • Symmetrical numbness of both hands can occur in diseases of the nerves and polyneuropathy.
  • Surgeries, strokes, stressful situations, as well as problems in the kidneys, liver, lungs, diaphragm dysfunction can also be the cause.
  • Problems with the fingers can be caused by diseases in the hand itself. Pinched nerve in the wrist area - "carpal or carpal tunnel syndrome", it is also called tunnel syndrome. Spasms of the blood vessels of the fingers, accompanied by pallor, blue, coldness and pain in the hands (Raynaud's disease).
  • Thrombosis. Blood vessel thrombosis can occur not only in the lower extremities, but also in the upper ones, if the numbness does not go away for more than 2 hours and the condition of the external integuments becomes bluish, the temperature of the hand drops, there is cold, difficulty in movements, then in order to preserve the extremity, it is urgent to seek medical attention using

Why and why at night do your hands grow numb in a dream - causes

In addition to the aforementioned reason for the uncomfortable position of the limb during sleep - under the body thrown behind the head, the hands often grow numb from the constraining movement of nightwear, the pillow too high, the restless bed partner throwing arms, legs, and head on you.

Fingers numb and can become numb with cramped jewelery not removed at night, brushes - watches, bracelets.

Also, nighttime numbness is a payment for a sedentary and, in general, a sedentary lifestyle, it is usually associated with spinal deformities and circulatory disorders.

Hands get numb at night, in particular, the hands as the carpal tunnel canal progresses.

Arms and legs regularly go numb during sleep at night with chronic venous insufficiency, diabetes mellitus, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, degenerative diseases of the peripheral nervous system, rheumatism,

Episodically numb, numb hands at night with a serious deficiency of vitamins B and some trace elements, anemia, hypertension, vegetative-vascular dystonia.

Biggest concern causes numbness of the arms and legs in one part of the body, coupled with dizziness, high blood pressure, impaired speech ... All this is a sign of an ongoing ischemic stroke.

Hands go numb after alcohol

Hands get degraded, their sensitivity is disturbed, goosebumps may appear, tingling, sticking after drinking and having a hangover the next day as a result of poisoning the body with ethanol, an imbalance of body fluids and vascular spasm.

Increased doses of alcohol, especially of dubious quality, cause agglutination (bonding) of red blood cells, which leads to the appearance of blood clots in the vessels. If a blood clot clogs a vessel of a limb, then gangrene may develop, if a thrombosis occurs in the brain, a stroke will develop, and a heart attack in the heart.

What to do if fingers are numb - treatment of numbness

Quality treatment, perhaps only with the help of specialists. Numbness of the hands, appearing from one disease, will no longer be able to indicate the appearance of another pathological process. Therefore, in the early stages it is easier to make a diagnosis, and in advanced cases, you may need a comprehensive examination.

Relying on Russian, perhaps, in case of this symptom is not worth it, sometimes numbness of the fingers is a precursor of a stroke.

Need to start with the cardiovascular system and the spine. A cardiologist needs to check not only the heart, but also the vascular system. After all, the cause of numbness may be hiding in its poor condition, for example, arthrosis or thrombosis, which does not provide sufficient power to the hands.

Be sure to do a CT scan of the spine and consult a neurologist. He is treated in the case of diseases of a neuralgic nature.
If these pathologies are not identified, then you should pay attention to the other possible causes mentioned above.

X-rays of the cervical spine can show nerve incarceration.

EEG (electroencephalography) - will give a report on the electrical activity of the brain.

If the numbness of the fingers is caused excessive loadsit is necessary to reduce them somewhat, diversify food, include products with vitamins and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Here you can do without special treatment.

With overstretching of the neuromuscular apparatus during monotonous movements of the hands, long trips behind the wheel or work at the computer are frequent complications. Then you need to periodically take breaks with the implementation of relaxing exercises and, perhaps, the help of a doctor is not needed.

At the first signs of tingling and numbness you need to include in the morning gymnastics complex neck and upper back exercises. And also for the hands and fingers for several minutes in the form of mutual palm rubbing, pressing both hands together with the tips of the fingers unclenched at each other, scrolling the hands, rotating the arms in the shoulder joints.

Useful alternate massage brushes.

In some patients, the most effective are manual contrast baths - hands alternately lower, then into hot, then into cold water. The procedure time is a minute in each tank. The water should not be very cold and very hot, the temperature is about 15-18 and 40-45 degrees.

Traditional medicine recommends rubbing palms and fingers with tincture of wild rosemary to alleviate the condition.

It is also useful to make trays of burdock broth, sage, peppermint, broth is needed strong, it is often advised to just steam the pounded raw material with boiling water, add a little salt and keep your fingers warm in this mush until it cools. После основательно утеплиться хотя бы на пол часа.

There is also a recipe for smearing the hands and feet with numbness with natural honey followed by rolling up the limbs for a couple of hours (if possible at night), improvements are expected after a week of use.

Causes of polyneuropathy

  • Diabetes,
  • Hypovitaminosis,
  • Anemia,
  • Infectious diseases.

Similar processes, accompanied by clamping of the nerves, occur in certain endocrine diseases, in case of nerve overloads, for example, when in a state of chronic stress or after a strong emotional shock.

Injuries can damage the nervous tissue and lead to irreversible consequences, then the numbness of the hands will remain forever.

An alarming symptom can be one-sided sensations.

This may be due to the narrowing of the lumen of the vessels due to various diseases. Atherosclerotic plaque or thrombus in the vessels means a threat of ischemic stroke.

The fact is that the numbness of the fingers of one hand occurs when a vertebral artery is squeezed or blocked on one side. The vertebral arteries supply blood to the brain, and the narrowing of their lumen, and even more overlap, can be a disaster for the brain.

Thus, even a slight numbness of the fingers of the left hand (as well as the right) can be a symptom warning of an impending stroke, and therefore requires attention.

Problem diagnosis

It is very important to make the correct diagnosis. The most alarming signal is numbness of the fingers of the left hand. First you need to eliminate the pre-infarction and pre-stroke state.

Numbness of the fingers of the right hand can also be a signal of an impending stroke. Severe disorders of cerebral circulation can be prevented if this pathology is diagnosed in time. Next, you need to find out the state of the spine for osteochondrosis. His treatment depends on the stage, so the examination must be thorough, you need to do all the procedures that the doctor prescribes.

Further diagnosis of numbness in the upper extremities is associated with the identification of inflammatory processes, compression or damage to the nerve endings responsible for the work of the hand and fingers.

Diagnostic procedures

  • X-ray of the cervical spine in different projections,
  • Doppler and angiography of blood vessels
  • Magnetic resonance imaging of the spine,
  • Computed tomography of the brain,
  • Electroencephalography.

If you wake up in the morning or at night and feel numbness in the fingers, then do not ignore this manifestation. Perhaps something needs to be done, because it can be a signal to the body about trouble.

First of all, of course, we think that the reasons are simple: an uncomfortable pillow, posture during sleep. Most often in this case we feel a little finger numbness, if you are in an uncomfortable position for a long time, the discomfort can spread to the whole arm, but, as a rule, this happens only on one side.

To exclude this option and not to bother the doctor in vain, try changing the bed, it may be worth buying an orthopedic pillow so that at night you will not be in an uncomfortable position when changing your posture.

If the problem is this, then there will literally be a positive result, and nothing more needs to be done.

In the case when simple measures did not help, you need to consult a doctor to get adequate treatment.

Pinching the nerve endings of the hand is treated by a neurologist with drugs, vitamins and physiotherapy. If the reason is excessive physical exertion or improper position of the body during work, then you need to eliminate these reasons and undergo a short course of treatment, restoring the balance in the body and the work of nerve endings.

Specific treatment is prescribed for inflammatory diseases or osteochondrosis.

Possible treatments for numbness of the fingers

  • Drug. Relieves inflammatory swelling, reduces pain, improves the functioning of blood vessels and nerves. Vitamins and chondroprotectors contribute to the restoration of tissue function.
  • Topical treatment involves manual therapy and massage.
  • Physical treatments stimulate blood circulation and tissue regeneration. The most commonly used laser, ultrasonic treatment, magnetic therapy.
  • Medical gymnastics in many cases allows you to completely cope with the numbness of the hands or significantly alleviate the condition.

Prevention of hand numbness

It is always much easier to prevent a disease than to treat it. Numbness of the upper extremities can be caused by disorders in the work of the vessels and nerves. To save blood vessels, you need to adhere to a healthy lifestyle, that is, do not abuse alcohol, stop smoking, limit salty, spicy foods.

Be sure to in the diet should be meat, fish, seafood, a lot of vegetables and fruits, greens.

If you work with your hands, you must take breaks in 45-60 minutes for a small gymnastics so that the normal blood flow of the limbs can recover. If you suspect more serious problems, immediately contact a specialist.

We strongly recommend not to self-medicate, it’s better to contact your doctor. All materials on the site are for reference only!

Unpleasant sensations in the fingers - tingling, numbness familiar to many. Often this does not attach importance. But if the symptoms appear constantly, it is necessary to find out the reason for the numbness of the fingers. Sometimes discomfort is easily eliminated by changing the position of the limb, a few active movements.

Causes of paresthesia

There are a lot of nerve endings in the fingertips. With an uncomfortable position, the vessels are compressed, the blood circulation is disturbed, which leads to unpleasant painful sensations. More often they pursue women than men. In any age category, numbness of the fingers and toes may occur. Non-disease related causes include:

  1. Sleep in an uncomfortable position.
  2. Local or general hypothermia of the body.
  3. In case of poisoning with chemicals, alcohol, drugs.
  4. The consequences of limb injuries.
  5. Long-term position of the fingers during certain activities (working at the computer, knitting, etc.)
  6. The presence of tight-fitting accessories (bracelets, rings).

Paresthesias often haunt pregnant women due to increasing loads and changes in hormonal levels. The seriousness of the violations should be considered if only the same limb or finger is numb. Often recurring symptoms may indicate the presence of such dangerous diseases as:

  1. Brain disorders and hemorrhages.
  2. Violations of the cardiovascular apparatus.
  3. Osteochondrosis and intervertebral hernia.
  4. Tunnel syndrome - a carpal tunnel disease.
  5. Disturbances of blood circulation in diabetes mellitus.
  6. Fungal diseases of the nails.

Sometimes a violation of the sensitivity of the limbs is associated with an abnormal lifestyle. In any case, it is essential to consult a specialist.

Symptoms and manifestations of the disease

In diseases of the cardiovascular system, numbness of the little finger, and sometimes all the fingers of the left hand, occurs. Violations of touch can be intensified at night. Gradually, they turn into tingling, spreading to the entire surface of the left hand. Accompanied by pain behind the sternum and under the scapula.

Numbness and muscle weakness in only one arm, lower limbs may indicate a stroke. This adds a strong headache, impaired coordination during movement.

Squeezing of nerve endings in the intervertebral discs of the cervical spine is accompanied by numbness and weakness of the three first fingers. There are pains in the shoulder, elbow, hands, feeling of crawling goosebumps. Numbness of the index finger is present in arthritis or arthrosis of the elbow joint.

Carpal tunnel syndrome often worries office workers who spend a long time at the computer, musicians, drivers. It occurs when making the same type, repetitive movements for a long time. It is manifested by numbness of the thumb and forefinger. There are pains and discomfort in the wrist joint, when the hand is bent. Pain can equally trap people of different professions, both painter and seamstress.

Diabetics suffer from high blood sugar vessels. Impaired blood circulation leads to numbness of the hands and feet. The same symptoms can be observed in inflammatory processes associated with fungal lesions in the area of ​​the root of the nail plate.

Loss of sensitivity treatment

Violation of tactile sensations is only a symptom of a disease. Proper qualified diagnosis is required. The fight should be aimed at treating the underlying disease. If the reason lies in heart problems, consultation and treatment with a cardiologist is necessary. Numbness of the fingers of the little finger and the nameless one may indicate a heart attack or stroke. In this case, urgent care and hospitalization are necessary.

When polyneuropathy should consult a neurologist. After diagnosis and testing, the doctor will prescribe an individual treatment. The complex includes the use of medicines, manual therapy, physiotherapy.

Cervical osteochondrosis or humeroscapular periarthritis often causes numbness of the fingers of the right hand. The causes, as well as the treatment, can be different. It will require consultation of several specialists - a neuropathologist, a vertebrologist, a rheumatologist, an orthopedist. In addition to the use of drugs aimed at eliminating inflammatory processes, prescribe vitamins, painkillers, ointments, compresses, physiotherapy, massage and gymnastics.

All appointments and recommendations of the doctor should be made in full and on time. This will help not only to get rid of unpleasant feelings, but also to prevent dangerous complications.

Physiotherapy and gymnastics

With these or other diseases, medical treatment is aimed at removing edema, eliminating pain, improving blood flow and nerve endings. Physiotherapeutic procedures play a significant role in the treatment. They improve blood circulation, help restore damaged tissue. Electrophoresis with hydrocortisone and lidaza will help relieve pain and inflammation in the joints and soft tissues of arthritis and arthrosis. Useful sessions of magnetic therapy, ultrasound and laser effects, amplipulse.

The complex of measures may include the impact on the active points - acupuncture. Osteopathy is used to reduce spasm in the muscles and ligaments. This technique and methods of sparing effects on certain muscle groups. The action of manual therapy is aimed at both relaxation and stimulation of soft tissues.

A healthy, active lifestyle will help get rid of the problem. Gymnastics and massage are extremely necessary to restore the sensitivity of the fingers. Developed many similar systems that can give a good result.

Traditional medicine

To get rid of numbness of the fingers at night, if the cause is a leaking of the limb, then no special treatment will be needed. It is enough to perform a few simple exercises consisting of unclenching and clenching the hands. If numbness is accompanied by pain, you can use the following folk remedies.

  • To enhance blood circulation in the limbs, rubbed oil-pepper mixture. To do this, 50g of black ground pepper is boiled in 0.5 liters of vegetable oil for 30 minutes.
  • Warm pumpkin porridge impose on the entire limb. Cover with plastic or compress paper, on top of a warm scarf.
  • Tincture on vodka of marsh cinquefoil, nettle and wormwood in the ratio 1: 2: 2, reduces inflammation, stimulates blood circulation. Plant material insist on vodka for 20 days in a dark place. Used as a rubbing.
  • To improve the sensitivity will help contrast baths. Hands alternately immersed in hot and cold water. The procedure can be performed several times a day.
  • When numbness of the finger pads associated with arthrosis of the elbow or shoulder joint make a compress with the "talker". Ingredients can be purchased at the pharmacy: physical. solution (150 ml), dimexide (50 ml), hydrocortisone (2 ampoules), lidocaine (5 ampoules).

Using the means of traditional medicine, you must consult with your doctor. Be wary of people who are predisposed to allergic reactions.

Preventive actions

The main goal, in time to notice the onset of the disease, because of which there are paresthesias of the fingers of the extremities. Monitor the state of the cardiovascular system, joints and spine. Avoid overcooling of hands and feet, excessive physical exertion, injury.

No matter how trite, you should lead a healthy lifestyle. Healthy food, a minimum of fat and salt - this is dangerous for vessels. Required regular physical activity, corresponding to the state and age. Correct alternation of work and rest, especially with monotonous and monotonous work. Mandatory refusal of smoking and alcohol.

To avoid unpleasant sensations associated with paresthesia, take care of your health. Contact a doctor in time. Adequate diagnosis can guarantee recovery.

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A person performs hundreds of manipulations on a daily basis, sometimes with numbness with the finger of his left or right hand, he sometimes does not attach much importance to this. Fingers grow numb, little fingers do not just happen, it can be a sign of a serious internal disease. If this phenomenon has become permanent, causes anxiety and inconvenience, you should contact the therapist, be examined, what to do in case of such an illness, what are its causes and how to treat it, consider in more detail in this article.

Why is the right hand often numb?

On the right hand is served more load when writing, typing. Numbness of the fingers is associated with impaired blood supply in the hands, as well as with the spine. Frequent numbness to be examined. Symptom is possible with:

  • injuries
  • pathological condition of the spine, or its individual vertebrae
  • joint inflammation
  • impaired blood circulation of the affected nervous system
  • endocrine system diseases.

With trauma, inflammation of the elbow joint, the middle or index finger becomes numb. Little finger, ring finger numb in diseases of the cardiovascular system. When tingling, pain should immediately consult a doctor.

Hand treatment is required for:

  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • circulatory disorders in the hands
  • thrombosis of the upper extremities
  • osteochondrosis of the cervical vertebra
  • blockage of blood vessels in the brain
  • ischemic stroke
  • Raynaud's disease
  • carpal tunnel syndrome.

In rheumatoid arthritis, the affected area of ​​the arm:

  • hurts
  • swollen
  • muscles are atrophied
  • temperature rises
  • growths appear between phalanges
  • fingers fetters, especially in the morning
  • the contracture of the fingers is disturbed during flexion, extension.

The general condition worsens, the weight is lost, weakness nervousness is shown. Subsequently, the pathology extends to the heart, respiratory system, kidney, stomach.

In rheumatoid arthritis, several joints of one arm are affected at once. If the disease is of a neurological nature, the lesions become symmetrical between the phalanges and wrist joints. Both hands begin to ache and ache. If left untreated, the seizures become permanent. The tissue that does not receive nutrition will eventually lead to the appearance of ulcers on the hands of necrosis, puffiness, and gangrene.

What is dangerous numbness in older age?

In people over 50 years old, numbness is a sign of atherosclerosis, if the index finger on your left hand becomes numb - a problem with the neck muscles. It is important for people of age to listen to similar sensations, also to the weakening of fingers.

When osteochondrosis numb little finger on his left hand, with overvoltage associated with needlework - the ring finger. The middle finger on the right hand becomes numb in case of diseases of the elbow joint, the problem is dangerous, requires examination by a doctor, in case of problems with the hand, the thumb is numb.

How to treat numbness?

Numbness is a symptom, so you need to treat the underlying disease that led to such a disease. It is impossible to start a disease, to be examined and treated always more effectively in the early stages of their development. Pay attention to the spine, cardiovascular system, numbness is likely with arthrosis, thrombosis, malnutrition. You should contact your neurologist, insist on CT.

If fingers get numb right after excessive loads, you need to reduce them, pay attention to nutrition, and include fatty acids in the diet. When movements of the hands at the computer or at the wheel, the neuromuscular apparatus is over-exerted, learn to relax, do relaxing exercises at least a few minutes per hour.

For tingling, numbness, develop the upper back, neck, massage or exercise. Massage alternately hands.

You can get rid of numbness using folk remedies, for example, by making a saline solution per 1 liter of water - 2 spoons of salt, hold sore hands for 35-40 minutes in a warm solution. Mix massage oil with sugar, massage your fingers. Loss of sensitivity of the fingers is a symptom of internal diseases, sometimes serious and insidious. Своевременное посещение терапевта, кардиолога, невропатолога и комплексное лечение избавит вас от подобных симптомов.

Беременность и онемение пальцев.

Многие беременные жалуются на парестезию пальцев. This is due to the increase in the uterus, which begins to put pressure on the nerve trunks and their endings. This is especially evident on the 7th - 9th month, swelling comes. It is important for a woman to monitor her blood pressure, to check it daily, not to consume salt, spices, fried foods.

If your hands go numb, then you need to monitor the development of the fetus using ultrasound, constantly, to reduce the swelling to eat asparagus, black currants, lettuce, parsley, celery.

How to improve health at home?

Our fleeting life sometimes leaves no time for going to doctors, paying attention to their health. But you can always take care of yourself. Our fingers, which are constantly in motion, tirelessly fulfill all our desires, any work, need rest and support. It is important to massage them, it helps to improve blood circulation, often keep your hands in healing baths, allowing them to relax and rest.

Massage, starting from the elbow and moving to the wrist and fingers, with each finger pay special attention. Independently you can do the rotation of the hands, right - left - up, left - left - down. Bend your fingers into a fist, put your chin on the phalanx, press your fingers on it and vice versa - with your chin on your fingers. Do not move your head and fingers, repeat 5-6 times.

Knead your hands with prolonged exertion, rotate with your hands, unclench, squeeze the phalanges of the fingers.

Food is of great importance, it must be balanced, with vitamins, microelements. We - what we eat, from malnutrition in the body develops many defects, because all the organs are interconnected.

It is not necessary to avoid routine visits to doctors, for numbness with pain in the hands, you need to contact the doctors as a matter of urgency. Loss of sensitivity may be due to hand injuries, strikes, consult a traumatologist, a specialist will better understand the causes of this ailment. Perhaps the appointment of acupuncture, osteopathy. If the fingers of the hands become numb, the tips of the fingers - it's time to think about health. Regardless of the etiology of numbness of the fingers, it is necessary to treat the root cause of the disease that has arisen, because numbness is a symptom, in some cases, the consequences can be dire.

How to eliminate numbness?

If the sensitivity disappeared due to severe hypothermia, or due to being in an uncomfortable position, this state will disappear on its own. With regular manifestations of numbness, not associated with a cold or uncomfortable posture, it is important to visit a neurologist or therapist. After all, the treatment of this condition directly depends on the disease that provoked it.