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Sandals gladiators: fashion trend of the season, 40 photos, what to wear!


Gladiators are sandals or sandals with lots of straps. They are not for nothing called the Roman, because such shoes first appeared in ancient Rome. It became famous thanks to the fighters who fought among themselves in special arenas for the entertainment of a noble public.

But the original shoes were not the privilege of the ancient Roman gladiators. It was also worn by wealthy men and women. Beautiful ladies often decorated their sandals with gold or precious stones.

Today sandals gladiators are made in different versions. They can vary in height (from ankle to knee), design, number and location of straps and color.

Some models have a rough look, decorated with metal rivets and buckles. Others, on the contrary, are full of grace and femininity. Classical sandals in the Greek style have a flat sole. However, modern designers offer high-heeled options.

Fixed on the foot of the "Roman" can zipper, lacing or clasps on the belts.

There are several main types of gladiators.

  • High. Models reaching the knee - the most outrageous option. They look spectacular with short skirts, dresses and shorts.

Low. Sandals and ankle sandals are a more modest version of gladiators. Such shoes can be combined not only with short things, but also with midi and maxi outfits, cropped jeans and skinny pants.

  • On a solid sole. The classic version of the gladiators does not have a heel. These sandals are comfortable for everyday wear, suitable for long walks. Models of this type look good with flying boho-style dresses, as well as casual bows with shorts, simple T-shirts and shirts.

  • On the heel. High heels are more feminine and elegant. For such shoes, it is better to choose concise models of trapezoidal short skirts and one-color dresses.

Today, tall gladiators are no longer so popular, although some fashionable women still create interesting outfits with such shoes. Options to the ankle and a little higher are more versatile and are still found on the streets of cities.

How to choose

If you decide to purchase gladiators, it is worth remembering that this is the case when clothes are picked up for shoes, and not vice versa.

Specific shoes will not fit into any image, and not everywhere will be appropriate. Therefore, it is worthwhile to immediately consider whether there are suitable things in your wardrobe.

Also worth considering the features of the figure. Roman-style sandals draw attention to the feet. And if this is not the part of the body to which you want to pay attention, it is better to choose another model of summer shoes.

This is especially true for tall gladiators. If you are the owner of long slender legs, then with the help of interesting shoes you can emphasize their beauty. Otherwise, you risk only to focus on the shortcomings.

An important selection criterion is the quality of shoes. The material should be soft. It should not rub and cause discomfort. The straps should not bump into the skin, it is desirable that they fit the leg freely. A good solution would be to choose a shoe that is more than half the size required.

What to wear

Sandals gladiators look great with short summer dresses in the Greek style. Light flowing fabrics, ruffles and flounces fit perfectly into the images created by such shoes. Not bad with gladiators look dress-shirts and short skirts.

A relaxed casual bow can be achieved with a combination of sandals with a lot of straps and denim shorts. Addition can be a simple T-shirt, T-shirt or shirt.

A hippie look with wide, colorful outfits, hats or kerchiefs looks interesting with lace-up sandals. Here wide leather belts, large ethnic ornaments will be appropriate.

Why not wear a gladiator?

Roman sandals have a pronounced style orientation. Inappropriate such shoes will be in business style. Strict dresses, pencil-type skirts and classic trousers suggest a completely different shoe.

Such sandals with long evening dresses do not look. Also, do not wear tall gladiators with shiny outfits and tight mini. Even the most feminine “Roman women” on the hairpin will not add sexuality to this image, but, on the contrary, will make it vulgar and tasteless.

You should not wear low gladiators with long jeans and summer trousers. It is better to choose a shortened model.

Stylish images

Consider the example of several photos, how specific shoes look in different images.

A snow-white lace dress with a fur cape in powdery colors creates a romantic mood. Tall black gladiators become an unexpected addition and change the mood of the image, bringing a touch of audacity to it. Leather bracelet is in harmony with the style of shoes, and the bag justifies the presence in black outfit.

Total black look with high Roman sandals is an interesting solution. Knitted dress of simple cut and classic bag in combination with unusual shoes create an original bow for walking and meeting with friends.

A sophisticated model of gladiators looks amazing with a short suede sand-colored dress. Graceful shoe straps emphasize the beauty of slender legs. The dress of a trapezoidal silhouette with a turn-down collar creates a stylish look that combines elegance and modern trends. A small handbag harmoniously fits into the outfit, making it complete.

A comfortable bow for every day is a combination of denim shorts, a one-color shirt and high lace-up sandals. A bold choice of shoes is compensated by a neutral beige-blue gamut of the image, which allows it to be visually pleasing and not defiant.

A stylish bow is the result of a combination of an overshirt long shirt and medium-height gladiators. A small bag with a concise design and a wristwatch is a good choice of accessories.

A bright and cheerful boho style bow creates a combination of a yellow dress, a floral print cloak and a straw hat. A long necklace and a suede bag with a fringe are chosen as accessories. Low-rise brown-colored gladiators look appropriate and harmonious in this look.

Sandals gladiators: the story of creation

In fact, gladiator sandals were worn by Roman legionnaires. Gladiators - slaves and prisoners of war, could wear such sandals only if, during performances on the battlefield, they acted as soldiers. However, in the epic films of the past and present century, gladiators appeared in the characteristic footwear of the past years, probably because they made a greater impression on the viewer. In the middle of the twentieth century, after the release of films such as “The Shroud” and “Spartak” on the screen, gladiator sandals became fashionable. Women quickly picked up this trend and began to wear "gladiators" as very comfortable beach shoes.

What it is?

Gladiators call shoes with a variety of leather straps (wide or narrow) that extend from the sole and pass through the upper part of the foot. These straps can wrap the ankle and even reach the top of the knee. Gladiators are also called Roman sandals.

This name tells us about the origin of shoes. Such a fashion came from ancient Rome. Similar sandals were also worn in ancient Greece and in the east.

Thanks to cinema and such world-famous films as “Gladiator”, “Alexander” and “Troy”, gladiator sandals remain in vogue after many centuries. With the release of these films, designers are still inspired by the antique style and create beautiful fashionable shoes.

Gladiator sandals are divided into three types: high models, low models and heels. What is it to wear?

This is one of the types of classic sandals in the Roman style - knee-length and flat straps.This shoe is especially suitable for girls who prefer an active and somewhat brutal style in clothes. She makes the image of a woman belligerent.

It is best to wear them with skirts, dresses, shorts and jumpsuits made of lightweight fabrics and a free cut, including ethnic motifs or safari style. This shoe is not designed for office wear and does not provide for outerwear, with the exception of light capes, jackets and long cardigans.

Please note that high models can both emphasize the advantages and highlight the shortcomings of female legs. Therefore, carefully think over the image before putting them on.

Often, such models have a rough look and are decorated with various rivets and buckles. Low rise Roman sandals will suit almost every girl. This is a great option for those who want to change their heels for a time, but at the same time very stylish and attractive shoes.

They are well combined with denim. It can be both jeans and shorts or skirts. Upstairs, it is better to wear short, free-cut tops, sporty jerseys, airy tunics decorated with fringe, or shirts. From accessories fit various ethnic jewelry (allowed a large number). Do not overload the image with massive bags. It is better to make a choice in favor of small bags over the shoulder.

Very often, girls make a mistake when wearing gladiators with jeans, without rolling up the edges of their legs. Jeans for release with a combination of such sandals, firstly, “steal” centimeters of height and, secondly, hide the upper part of the sandals. With rolled up jeans such an ensemble will look the most harmonious and visually make the girl taller.

High heels

Designers decided to diversify the variations of Roman sandals, adding to them heels - an indispensable attribute in the wardrobe of every woman. Heeled gladiators are a modern look of sandals that fit urban style. Heels or wedges made them more elegant and feminine. However, these shoes are less comfortable, unlike flat sandals.

Which gladiators to choose

Since this shoe itself is quite noticeable and attracts attention, then choose gladiators without too complicated jewelry (beads, rhinestones, etc.) and screaming colors. The more complex the design, the calmer the color should be if you want your images with these sandals to look elegant, and also if you want to create as many combinations with them as possible.

The more elegant your foot and ankle, the thinner the straps on gladiator sandals can be. They will only underline your fragility. Wide straps may look too bulky.
Since these sandals are tied at the ankle, it is desirable that it was thin. If you have it pretty massive, then other types of sandals will look more complimentary on you, which will be discussed below.

If with a thin ankle you have a sufficiently wide foot, or there is a bulging bone, then choose gladiators with wider bridges at the front, or consisting of many rather wide straps. This design will allow you to visually straighten the foot, minimizing distortion.
Also make sure that the foot in the sandals is well secured to feel comfortable.

Holders of full legs should avoid such sandals, as they visually increase their volume due to horizontally intersecting straps and an excessive emphasis on this part of the body.

As for color, it is best to choose neutral-color gladiators because of their rather bold design. About what colors are considered neutral, you can read this link.
These sandals look very impressive in different shades of brown (from camel and rust to chocolate)