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Dry and rough elbows: why and what to do?


Alas, but body care is done very unevenly. The maximum attention is attracted to its individual zones, but some of them are not recalled at all. Quite often, they completely forget that their elbows also need proper care, hydration and nutrition. This happens for several reasons:

• they do not fall into the constant field of vision of their master,

• most of the time they are hidden under clothes,

• Some consider such care unnecessary and unjustified.

Most often, they are remembered with the arrival of the spring-summer period, when it is time to put on T-shirts and short-sleeved blouses, dresses and sundresses. It is then that they begin to ask the question: why is dry skin on elbows, and most importantly, how to get rid of this problem as soon as possible, returning them a presentable look?To begin with, it is necessary to determine the cause of dryness, since treatment may depend on it.

Dry elbows: cause and treatment

This problem can cause discomfort, as dry skin cracks, itches, clings to clothing. If this trouble happens periodically, then you can do with moisturizers and lotions, but if the dryness of the elbows is chronic, then you should take it more seriously, consult a doctor, undergo the necessary examinations. Experts will more accurately tell why dry elbows, because the cause can be both banal mechanical damage and the wrong daily routine, as well as problems related to hormonal disturbances.

Main reasons

1. Avitaminosis. If the body loses vitamins A, E and D, then it primarily affects the skin: elbows and the whole body.

2. Mechanical impact. This reason is more common in office workers, in people sedentary occupations, whose working day is spent at the table. Not everyone knows, but one of the rules of good form - not to put your elbows on the table - was originally invented for young nobles. The girls were forbidden to rub their delicate elbows on a wooden tabletop, so that the skin is not ruined and not darkened.

3. Hot foam bath. Almost everyone loves to lie in a warm bath, to relax after a hard working day. It has been proven that this method really helps relieve stress, especially if you add sea salt, various aromatic additives and special foam to the water. Frequent relaxation in such a bath is fraught with overdried skin, as water contains chlorine. And soapy foam balls contain cocamines, which also adversely affect the neutral pH of the skin.

4. Health problems are another reason why elbows have dry skin. Dark and dry elbow bends are a reason for immediate access to a doctor, primarily an endocrinologist. Because on the face of hormonal disruptions in the body caused by improper work of the pancreas and adrenal glands. Also, nervous shocks and regular stress can cause hormonal disruption.5. If you have very dry elbows, the cause is most likely caused by atopic dermatitis, which is one of the varieties of eczema. In this case, the affected skin should be protected from injury, as they can turn red and inflamed. If you find yourself with dry elbows, the cause and treatment should be determined and assigned not by yourself, but by a qualified specialist, in this case a dermatologist.

6. Seasonal problem. Dry skin on the elbows is more often observed in the autumn-winter period, since at this time there are sharp temperature drops, as well as dry air in residential and work premises caused by the operation of air conditioners and radiators.

Power change

Solving the problem of "dry elbows", the cause and treatment of which lies in the lack of vitamins and their replenishment, is possible not only with the help of drugs, but also by correcting your own menu. For example, you should increase the consumption of sunflower seeds, almond nut, chicken eggs, as they contain a high content of vitamin E.

To compensate for the lack of vitamin D you need to eat dairy products, cheese, fish liver.

If you eat more spinach, carrots, sorrel and beef liver, the problem of insufficient amount of vitamin A will be unfamiliar to you.

If the change in nutrition does not contribute to improving the condition of the skin, then more concentrated multivitamin complexes should be avoided.

Dry elbows in men and children

This problem is faced not only by women, but also by men, sometimes even dry elbows occur in a child. In babies, this is usually due to the fact that delicate skin rubs against the diaper, also because of hard water and unsuitable bathing products, therefore, after each bath, it is recommended that children should rub it with oil to properly moisturize and nourish sensitive skin.

If dry elbows in men, the main cause of the problem is the lack of proper care for this part of the body. From the strong friction they may even appear corns. To cope with this cause will help fat cream, which needs to be rubbed twice a day into the skin of the elbow bends for at least 10 days.

Recipes of traditional medicine

The chief assistant in the fight against dry elbows, according to traditional healers, is lemon.

Begin the recovery procedure should be with steaming the skin. Softened integument can be lightly rubbed with a hairbrush, and then apply fresh sliced ​​lemon to the elbows and hold for at least 30 minutes. There is a wonderful compress, which consists of grated cheese, honey and boiled potatoes. It perfectly softens the skin. But despite this, after any mask, you need to grease the elbows with a fat cream.

Saving elbows with a mask

There is one old, proven over the years way to improve the condition of the elbow joints. To prepare a miraculous mask, you need to take fine salt, heavy cream or sour cream, hydrogen peroxide and freshly squeezed lemon juice. This mixture is applied to the softened, peeled elbows. All this is wrapped with cling film and not removed for half an hour.

If you encounter such a common problem as dry elbows, the cause and treatment should be determined as soon as possible, and the course of healing should be continued for at least 10 days, and for a better result, it should be prolonged for a month. The next stage is prevention, which is to lubricate your elbows with cream every two days, and make moisturizing and nourishing baths 2-3 times a week.

If you regularly care for the skin on the elbows as well as on the hands, then with them there will be no serious problems, and they will always be healthy looking and soft to the touch.

Healthy skin on elbows: what vitamins are needed?

Since avitaminosis is a fairly common cause of skin problems, consider how vitamins need special attention in order for the epidermis to recover:

  1. Vitamin C. Takes an active part in tissue metabolism - if it is not enough in the body, the skin may begin to crack and peel.
  2. Retinol. With its deficiency, the skin regenerates much slower, which means that a person will be disturbed not only by dryness, but also by cracks, which will heal for a long time.
  3. Vitamin E. The strongest antioxidant that is vital to every person. Prevents aging of tissues and skin, helps to accelerate the exfoliation of dead cells of the epidermis.

Important! All of the above vitamins can be easily purchased at the pharmacy. But you need to drink them according to the instructions and characteristics of the body, otherwise hypervitaminosis may develop. Therefore, before starting the use of such drugs, it is advisable to consult with your doctor.

Causes of dry elbows in the female

Initially, women skin is much thinner than women, and this means that the skin will deteriorate faster. That is why the people of the beautiful half of humanity need a special and more thorough care of the epidermis.

Basically, the cause of the pathology are physiological causes, namely:

  1. Anemia. If there is not enough iron in the body, the metabolism is disturbed, which is why the skin becomes flabby, quickly aging. Accordingly, on the elbows, the epidermis changes its structure.
  2. Problems with hormonal background. During adulthood, during pregnancy, during menstruation - almost throughout life, the level of hormones in the blood of women varies. All these conditions can not affect the state of the epidermis.
  3. Abuse of chemicals. Every woman loves to soak in a warm bath with fragrant foam - it relaxes, soothes. But do not forget that gels and foam baths can significantly dry the skin - it is necessary to add essential oils to the bath. Detergents for dishes and cleaning are extremely aggressive for the skin not only of the elbows, but also of the hands. During cleaning it is necessary to use protective gloves.

In the period of menopause in women, it is also possible to note a significant decrease in the functions of the skin, it becomes much drier and loses its elasticity. The overall level of all hormones begins to change, and this primarily affects the condition of the skin, nails and hair. In such cases, problems with the epidermis are far from the only symptom of problems with the hormonal background. Also, a woman may experience these symptoms:

  • strong hot flashes
  • reduced performance
  • drowsiness,
  • mood changes, tearfulness.

After the baby is born, the woman's hormones also change, which can provoke an increased dryness of the skin. The same applies to the period of pregnancy and lactation. It is important to provide the mother with a full-fledged diet - as soon as the hormonal background returns to normal, the skin condition also normalizes.

Causes of dry elbows in the male

Men often suffer from dry elbows due to external irritants - for example, they lean their elbows on the table while eating, watching TV, etc. Due to the fact that in a strong sex the body weight is quite high, elbows experience an increased load, due to which they start to peel off, the skin cracks, etc.

Thanks to research, it has been established that men often visit baths and saunas - in establishments of this kind always chlorinated water, and this inevitably leads to severe dryness of the skin. In addition, males rarely pay proper attention to the skin - not everyone uses care products, etc. And this is important, because in the absence of proper moisture, the epidermis becomes coarse and flaky.

There are also diseases that can cause keratosis in both men and women:

  • genetic predisposition
  • exposure to aggressive environmental factors,
  • fungal diseases
  • diseases of the liver and digestive tract,
  • lichen,
  • Sesari syndrome.

Hypervitaminosis can also cause elbow skin damage.

How to get rid of skin flaking: treatment methods

If you are worried about this problem, you should consult a doctor. This may be a therapist - he will appoint general studies, or you can go directly to an endocrinologist or a dermatologist.

As a rule, in order to find out the cause of pathology, you need to go through the following studies:

  • hormone analysis
  • scraping the skin,
  • general blood analysis.

According to the results of the study, the doctor will prescribe treatment, because if the cause of the rough elbows lies precisely in the failure of the body, it is necessary to eliminate not external causes, but to act on the factors that provoke the problem.

As a rule, therapy is prescribed as follows:

  • use of vitamin complexes
  • hormonal drugs,
  • antifungal drugs
  • exfoliating and moisturizing cosmetics.

Also, the doctor will prescribe a special diet. The diet should contain nuts, fresh vegetables, cold-pressed vegetable oil, various types of greens, liver and chicken eggs. Such food contains a large amount of vitamins, and thus will eliminate their deficiency in the body.

If there are no pathologies in the patient's state, then it will be important for him to visit the cosmetologist's office. The specialist will prescribe special procedures that will restore the smoothness of the skin, make it supple and soft to the touch.

Traditional methods of treatment

  1. To steam the skin - for this you can take a warm bath, or hold your elbows over the bath with hot water.
  2. Next, steamed skin should be properly rubbed with a rough brush.
  3. Cut a lemon in half and attach it to the skin - at least 20 minutes.
  4. After you apply almond oil on your skin, you can use glycerin or any cream that contains petroleum jelly.

Dry elbow skin is not such a big problem if you can pay attention to it in time. Make moisturizing compresses, use care products - and in this case, keratosis does not threaten you. If all else fails, and the pathology continues to be disturbed, consultation with a specialist is necessary.

What is the reason?

So why does the skin on the elbows become dry? The causes of the disease can be different, the most common is the disruption of the endocrine system. In this case, you should contact your medical specialist who will select the most appropriate treatment.

Also, dry elbows can be painful due to a lack of vitamins A and E. Dryness can also occur due to the lack of necessary cosmetic care or due to incorrectly chosen care products.

In addition, external factors, such as temperature drops or clothes made of synthetic materials, are of some importance.

In order to return to the elbows a normal state, you first need to understand the reasons that led to the problem. This will help the doctor of the appropriate profile.

How to treat?

Dry elbows with thickened skin need preparations with moisturizing and peeling effects. For example, salicylic ointment has similar properties.

If there is an avitaminosis, the dermatologist will prescribe a vitamin complex to compensate for the deficiency in the body. With a lack of vitamins A and E, drops of “Vetoron” or “Vetoron E” are good, which are taken in accordance with the attached instructions. In addition, it is important to revise the diet and include more fortified foods.

In the case of endocrine disorders in women, refer to the endocrinologist and undergo a course of treatment with mandatory follow-up care for problem areas.

Exacerbations are characterized by increased irritability of the skin, during this period, doctors recommend the use of such medications as Radevit ointment, Lipikar balm, Pitival and Atoderm creams. Preparations are applied to previously cleaned painful areas twice a day. When there is severe itching, treat your elbows with bacon or fish oil.

It happens that skin problems are caused by inadequate care. Each hand washing procedure can be completed with moisturizing and nourishing the skin with suitable cosmetic products, without neglecting your elbows. For these purposes, a wonderful oil-based cosmetics, which should be applied by massaging movements in a clockwise direction.

Greater effectiveness demonstrate a cream, having in its composition alfalfa or chamomile. Such agents have a softening effect and accelerate the healing of cracks. For rough skin, which has an uneven appearance, preparations with lecithin and glycerin will be suitable.

The deterioration of the skin of the elbows may be due to temperature changes, a change in the season. Peeling occurs, and sometimes unpleasant rash, indicating excessive dryness of the dermis. Such manifestations in this case can be considered as a sign of impaired water-fat balance of the skin.

What to do and what to do in this case? First of all, stop using soap, as it dries the skin. It is better to give preference to such alternatives as liquid soap and gels that have a moisturizing effect. While washing elbows, massage them with a special hair brush with foam, which contains glycerin.

Useful oils

Oils with a softening effect allow dry elbows to return to normal. For these purposes, you can use, for example, sunflower oil, which we use when preparing dinner.

Heated oils can serve as a basis for night compresses, as well as for the preparation of baths. After holding the baths, keratinous particles are removed from the skin of the elbows with the help of a hair brush, after which the skin is treated with a moisturizing cream. When peeling can also help stone oil, olive and linseed oil. Of course, ideally compresses of these oils should be done at bedtime.

When the problem is solved, do not be lazy and take time for preventive measures. К ним относятся маски с питающими свойствами дважды в неделю, отшелушивание скрабами, каждодневное увлажнение эпидермиса. Такая профилактика сделает кожу нежной и ровной. Подойдут как уже готовые средства, так и те, которые Вы сумеете приготовить дома своими руками.

Народные методы

To reduce redness on the elbows, you can use a lemon wedge or cotton pad dipped in rice broth, sauerkraut juice or grapefruit. Such ingredients can boast a bleaching effect.

It also perfectly bleaches sour cream and kefir, they are applied on dry skin for 10 - 15 minutes. Also remove the red leaves of cabbage, which should be applied to the problem areas. If there are deep cracks and fresh scratches, it is better not to use citrus juice.

You can make a mask of a small amount of crushed cheese or potatoes with honey. The mixture is applied and fixed with a bandage for 30 minutes. After that, the problem area is treated with a nourishing cream.

Here is another effective popular recipe. Mix hydrogen peroxide, fine salt, lemon juice and sour cream (it can be replaced with cream). Requires 1 teaspoon of each component. Mix everything thoroughly and apply on cleansed and flaky skin, not forgetting to put on plastic bags. After 30 minutes, remove and apply the painful areas with nourishing cream.

To prepare exfoliating scrub, you need ingredients such as honey, sour cream, coffee grounds, and fine salt. Components are taken in equal proportions. After making the mixture, apply it to the surface of the skin and wait a few minutes. Wash off the composition and, following the traditional pattern, rub nourishing cream into problem areas.

Do not give up and oil baths, for cooking, heat the vegetable oil and immerse the elbows in it for 10 - 15 minutes. After the indicated time, take a cotton swab and rub oil residue into the skin with the help of it. A starch bath is also very effective.

Causes of dry skin on the elbows

Various factors can cause increased dryness and severe peeling of the skin on the elbows. As a rule, such a problem appears at once for several reasons, both external and internal. It can be:

  • Endocrine problems. Such causes are accompanied by certain changes occurring in the hormonal background, which, in turn, adversely affects the condition of the skin.
  • Sudden temperature drops, seasons change. It is during these periods that certain changes in the activity of the sebaceous glands begin to occur, which will affect the condition of the skin.
  • Lack of vitamins in the body. In order for the skin to be in good condition, vitamins E and A are required. If the body suffers a serious deficiency in these vitamins, the separation of the nail plate, peeling of the skin on the elbows, hair loss, etc. begins.
  • Various mechanical effects. This problem often occurs in people who sit at the table for a long time every day, resting on a hard surface with their elbows.
  • Eczema - This unpleasant disease is accompanied by inflammation. Some types of eczema can appear as a result of contact with low-quality synthetic things.
  • Improper care. It is worth remembering that the skin on the elbows needs increased hydration and nutrition. Therefore, if it is not regularly moistened, but hard water and aggressive detergents are constantly used, the use of cosmetics with numerous chemical elements - the elbows begin to dry, crack, peel.
  • Hot bath. This method helps to get rid of stress, especially with the addition of sea salt in water, foam or aromatic oils. However, such relaxing procedures can provoke increased dryness of the skin, because water contains chlorine.

Moisturizing with aloe vera

This is an amazing natural moisturizer that can cope with dry skin on any parts of the body.

Apply aloe vera can be as follows: Extract the gel from the fleshy leaf of aloe vera. Put it on your elbows. After 20 minutes, wash off the remaining gel with warm water. Repeat once or twice a day for several weeks.

Skin Care with Vaseline

This is another affordable and effective means to maintain the softness of the skin on the elbows. It relieves irritation and itching, smoothes the surface of the body.

It is better to use it before bedtime: You need to thoroughly wash your elbows with warm water and dry them with a towel. Apply a thick layer of Vaseline to your elbows. Cover them with an elastic bandage and go to bed. The next morning, rinse off with warm water. Repeat daily.

Soft coconut oil

This popular worldwide natural remedy has a high moisturizing ability and can provide effective elbow care. It contains vitamin E, which reduces dry skin.

Method of use: Heat some microwave oil slightly. Thoroughly rub warm oil into the skin of the elbows. Gently massage the skin for deep penetration means. Repeat the procedure daily after taking a shower and before going to bed. Coconut oil can be replaced with olive or almond.

Dry skin on elbows - Mild peeling

One of the important steps in skin care, especially prone to dryness - a soft peeling. It will allow elimination of elbows from peeling and dead cells, so that the skin looks better.

Peeling is recommended after taking a bath and a shower when the skin is wet and warm. You can peel the elbows with a coarse cloth, scourer, brush or sponge. At the same time it is impossible to press excessively on the skin in order not to damage it.

Finally, a moisturizing fat cream or a few drops of olive oil is applied to the skin to restore hydration. Enjoy the procedure is not recommended. It is enough to repeat it no more than once or twice a week.

Olive oil and sugar

From these two natural ingredients you can make a great home remedy. The texture of sugar will cope well with old cells, and the beneficial composition of olive oil will soften and deeply moisturize the hardened skin.

For this you need: In a small bowl, mix a quarter cup of sugar with the same amount of olive oil. You can add a little honey to them.

Massage this scrub in the elbow area for a few minutes. Wait 10 minutes. Wash off the scrub with warm water. The cream at the end is optional. To carry out such peeling once a week.

Honey Mask

Dry skin on the elbows - with the help of honey you can get an amazing natural cream that saves skin from dryness and flaking. It moisturizes and retains moisture in the skin.

To use honey as a mask should: Apply organic honey on elbows. Leave for 20 minutes. Wash elbows with warm water. Repeat twice a day to obtain the desired result.

Alternatively, some honey can be mixed with the same amount of milk. Apply the mixture on the elbows before taking a shower. Wait 10 minutes and wash it off. Repeat daily, until a positive result.

Soothing oatmeal

Oats are known for their soothing and nourishing properties. It can also be useful in the fight against dry elbows.

For this you will need: Mix two tablespoons of finely chopped oatmeal with enough milk to make a paste. Apply it on the elbows and let it dry on its own. Wash off leftovers with water and repeat once a day until skin is restored.

Shea butter for dry skin

Shea butter works as an excellent moisturizer and can remove dead skin cells, smoothing skin tone. Vitamins A and E, fatty acids in the oil help to hydrate.

You need to rub a small amount of shea butter in your palm, heating it up. Apply it on dry elbows. Massage them for a few minutes so that the product is absorbed into the skin. Leave overnight. Repeat daily or as needed.

Homemade glycerin cream

Like petrolatum, glycerin is a frequent guest in a first-aid kit. It is also often used to soften the hardened skin of the hands on various parts of the body, including the elbows. It is no coincidence that glycerin is included in the compositions of various moisturizing cosmetics.

Here's how to apply it: Mix in equal quantities of glycerin and water. Distribute on the surface of dry elbows. Wait 20 minutes and rinse. Do it twice a day.

Alternative option: Mix a tablespoon of glycerin and coconut oil. At bedtime, rub elbows with massaging movements. The next morning, wash off the remnants of cool water. The procedure is suitable for daily use.

Dry skin on the elbows - Banana peeling

A simple and effective way to maintain the softness of the skin on the elbows is to wipe them with the inside of the skin of bananas. The fatty acids contained in it help to moisturize the elbows to reduce dryness and itching. Antioxidants protect against darkening of the skin.

For this you need: Carefully rub the elbows inside the banana peel for 5-10 minutes. Allow the remnants of the pulp to be on the skin for about 20 minutes. Rinse them with cool water. Apply 2-3 times a day until desired results appear.

Useful tips

All the above tips will be useful, but you need to adhere to the main rules of skin care:

  • If dry skin on the elbows is not just flaky, but there are quite painful cracks, you need to seek medical help. It is better not to ignore this symptom, otherwise there may be more serious problems.
  • With the onset of the cold season, it is necessary to take multivitamin complexes, due to which it is possible to prevent the development of beriberi and other diseases, besides, the well-being improves significantly.
  • The use of various trays and oils will give the desired result only if they are used regularly. At least two weeks of intensive rehabilitation therapy will be needed to solve the problem. Then you need to constantly use moisturizing and nourishing products to maintain the condition of the skin.
  • It is necessary to follow the nutrition - the menu should contain various products, which include vitamins E, A, D.
  • Do not too often and strongly rely on the table or other objects with a hard surface, because of this, the skin becomes very rough and rough.

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Why is elbow skin dry?

Various factors can cause increased dryness and severe peeling of the skin on the elbows. As a rule, such a problem appears at once for several reasons, both external and internal. It can be:

    Endocrine problems. Such causes are accompanied by certain changes occurring in the hormonal background, which, in turn, adversely affects the condition of the skin. If, in addition to the dryness of the elbows, certain irregularities in the menstrual cycle appear, a sharp weight gain, excessive sweating, swelling, shortness of breath, it is necessary to contact a specialist as soon as possible.

Sudden temperature drops, seasons change. It is during these periods that certain changes in the activity of the sebaceous glands begin to occur, which will affect the condition of the skin. Consequently, the skin on the elbows begins to dry.

Lack of vitamins in the body. In order for the skin to be in good condition, vitamins E and A are required. If the body suffers a serious deficiency in these vitamins, the separation of the nail plate, peeling of the skin on the elbows, hair loss, etc. begins.

Various mechanical effects. This problem often occurs in people who sit at the table for a long time every day, resting on a hard surface with their elbows. As a result, the skin begins to become rough, peeling appears, and delamination and cracking may occur.

Eczema - This unpleasant disease is accompanied by inflammation. Some types of eczema can appear as a result of contact with low-quality synthetic things. In this case, only a doctor can help.

Improper care. It is worth remembering that the skin on the elbows needs increased hydration and nutrition. Consequently, if it is not regularly moistened, but hard water and a variety of aggressive detergents are constantly used, elbows begin to dry, crack, peel.

  • Hot bath. Probably everyone likes to soak in a hot bath, relieve tension after a hard day's work. This method helps to get rid of stress, especially with the addition of sea salt in water, foam or aromatic oils. However, such relaxing procedures can provoke increased dryness of the skin, because water contains chlorine. The pH of the skin is also negatively affected by the cocamines that make up the soap balls.

  • Prevention of dry skin on the elbows

    To skin elbows always had an attractive appearance, you need to adhere to the following tips:

      You can wear only those clothes that were made of natural materials, and forget about synthetics forever, as they negatively affect the skin condition.

    Periodically apply a mask of fat cream, sour cream, almond butter with honey.

    It is necessary to refuse to take very hot baths, to use only soap that contains moisturizing substances for washing. Perfectly fit shower gels.

    Regularly need to apply a special scrub, designed to care for the delicate skin of the elbows.

    Several times a day, including after taking a bath or a shower, you need to apply various emollients. These include flaxseed, olive, sunflower oil, as well as creams containing glycerin, chamomile, calendula, nettle, palmweed.

  • Special oil baths are made several times a week.

  • How to get rid of dry skin on elbows

    Due to the large number of different methods, each girl will be able to choose the most suitable method for her to eliminate dry skin of the elbows. However, in order to achieve the goal and completely get rid of this problem, you must first eliminate the cause that provoked this phenomenon.

    Oils against dryness

    Flaxseed, almond and olive oil are recommended against dryness of the elbows. They have a great softening effect, nourish, eliminate inflammation.

    You can take the oil and just rub into problem areas, or add to the bath. In this case, any oil is taken, or a mixture of them, and slightly heated until they reach room temperature (you can use a microwave). Then the oil is poured into a container in which you can drop the elbows. The duration of one bath should be at least 15 minutes.

    Starch trays

    In 500 g of water (warm) starch dissolves (2 tbsp. L.), And elbows are lowered into the finished solution for about 15 minutes, no less. Then the skin is rinsed with clean water and some nourishing cream is applied.

    To compensate for the lack of vitamins, you can with the help of special drugs, or simply changing the usual diet. Doctors recommend adding to your menu almonds, seeds, chicken eggs, which include in their composition an increased amount of vitamin E.

    To compensate for the lack of vitamin D, it is useful to use cheese, a variety of dairy products and fish liver. To solve the problem with a shortage of vitamin A, will help spinach, sorrel, beef liver, carrots.

    If a categorical menu change did not completely solve the problem of desquamation and painful cracks in the elbows, you need to take concentrated multivitamin complexes. However, here it is better to seek help from a doctor who will select the appropriate tool and determine the desired dosage.

    Softening creams

    Perfectly help special emollient creams. First you need to take a bath, because the skin should steam out and soften. Water contains chlorine, which adversely affects the condition of the skin, so you should add a little glycerin. Then the skin is cleaned with a soft scrub and lubricated with a nourishing cream. You need to use only extra moisturizers or moisturizers. Today to purchase such a cream will not be difficult.

    Folk remedies

    To reduce redness, you must regularly use pickle from sauerkraut, lemon juice, rice water. These substances not only perfectly soften, but also give a whitening effect.

    Perfectly suitable compresses, which are based on kefir or sour cream. The duration of this procedure is about 10 minutes. It is strictly forbidden to use these tools if there are wounds or cracks on the skin, as there is a risk of getting the opposite result and only aggravate the problem.

    Well softens the skin with honey, from which you can make nourishing and moisturizing compresses. In equal proportions, honey is taken with almond oil, which is slightly heated. In the resulting solution, you can drop the elbows or apply on the skin, making a compress, and remove after about 20 minutes.

    No less useful infusion of mint. To make such a tool, you will need to take crushed leaves (1 tbsp. L.) And pour boiling water (1 cup). After half an hour, you need to filter through a small strainer. From the resulting infusion ice cubes are made, which wipe elbows. Thanks to this procedure, a quick smoothing of the skin occurs, it becomes velvety to the touch.