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Fashionable trousers that have come to women's fashion from the men's wardrobe have become indispensable for women in everyday life.

Fashionable women's pants every season appear in the collections of famous designers, bringing notes of comfort, practicality, and at the same time elegance and sophistication to women's images.

Fashionable pants for women 2018-2019 are presented in a huge number of styles, so any woman of fashion will be able to find her perfect choice of pants for every day, for work, and even for a special occasion.

Due to its versatility, fashionable women's trousers are capable of creating gentle romantic images (classic fashionable trousers), comfortable casual bows (fashionable trousers in casual, urban and sporty styles), extravagant and unexpected sets (fashionable women's trousers in the style of boho, grunge, military).

It should be noted that stylish women's trousers, fashion trends for which are improved every year, are now as close as possible to elegance, femininity, and sophistication of the image.

If you are looking for your style, you want to choose fashionable pants that would meet your requirements, and at the same time would be a stylish addition to your personality, we recommend viewing our photo selection, which presents fashionable women's pants 2018-2019, novelties and styles that you will surely will interest.

But before looking at current styles and new trousers, briefly about the main trends.

Beautiful women's pants - fashion trends 2018-2019

Before you choose fashionable pants, decide on the color of this element of the wardrobe.

The seasons dictate their colors and combinations. Stylists advise to consider fashionable pants for the summer in saturated colors so that your image is bright and positive, like summer itself.

If you are ready to be the center of attention, choose fashionable spring-summer pants in red, white, blue, green, purple, blue, give preference to coral, peach, light gray and neutral beige shades.

Fashionable pants fall-winter, respectively, will be presented in dark and muted shades, in particular black, blue, brown, khaki, gray.

Fashionable trousers for women will be decorated with a strip, small geometric print, peas, floral and animal patterns.

As for fabrics, natural, sturdy textures are in fashion, in particular, fashionable trousers for women from body-friendly crepe-chiffon, cotton, leather, jersey.

Also fashionable women will like women's pants from tweed, velvet, twill, denim, gabardine, knitwear.

Summer trousers for women are models from organza, light chiffon, elegant lace, guipure and flax.

To make fashionable pants truly exclusive, the first persons of fashion decided to decorate the novelties of women's trousers with metallic threads on the seams, fringe, embroidery and appliqués, cuffs, pockets, stripes, draperies, cuts and other original elements.

Trendy summer pants have become trendy summer pants made of transparent fabric with short shorts, which only owners of the perfect figure can afford.

Note that the low fit has ceased to be popular, but fashionable trousers with medium and high fit are exactly the styles that should be considered in the near future.

Fashionable trousers for women should be selected depending on which style you like most.

And so, what does modern fashion offer us?

Classic and office women's pants

If we consider fashionable pants for women, which would emphasize your romantic nature, self-confidence, femininity and grace, fashionable pants in a classic style would be most appropriate for this.

The timeless classics has become the ancestor of business and office style, for which fashionable women's trousers are a mandatory component of the image.

Designers such as Roberto Cavalli, Alexis Mabille, Gilles Sander, Antonio Berardi presented stylish women's trousers in a classic interpretation in a large abundance of variations, showing straight, and slightly narrowed to the bottom fashionable trousers, styles with a high and medium fit, shortened summer trousers, fashionable pants with arrows.

Fashionable trousers of wide cut and flared

Fashion designers took a fresh look at the femininity and harmony of the image, showing in the new collections fashionable trousers with a wide cut and women's flared pants that returned to fashion.

To make you look as feminine and stylish as possible, models of women's trousers, culottes, sails, palazzo and similar styles of wide cut should be worn with a high heel and fitted top.

Fashionable flared pants with a moderate expansion from the knee, as well as wide women's pants will allow you to simulate the original romantic images, unusual bows in the street style and boho-chic style, unexpected sets in the youth style casual.

Fashion trousers: length contrast

The trendsetters decided to play not only with variations of width and fit, but also with length.

For those girls and women who love the original styles of trousers, we suggest paying attention to fashionable capri pants this time up to the ankle, which were presented by such trends as Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Escada, Chanel, etc.

But for lovers of chic, we advise you to consider the trousers presented in the latest collections Missoni, Eli Tahari wide, lying on the floor, which contrast with short styles to the ankle, but also look stylish and original.

Light images for the summer with pants in these styles will be appropriate for relaxing, walking, informal meetings, etc.

Women's fashion culottes pants - the undisputed trend of 2018-2019

Fashionable culottes got their popularity thanks to the original cut. Stylish women's pants, similar to the skirt, have become an unusual solution for many fashionistas, however, their popularity today is off the scale.

Depending on the season, culottes are sewn, both from lightweight and weightless fabrics, as well as from more sturdy and dense materials.

Fashionable women's pants, narrowed to the bottom, as before in fashion

Narrow skinny and slightly tapered trousers that will accentuate the beauty of women's legs, complement the fashionable youth look, help to create laid-back and comfortable kits in different styles remain relevant for modern women of fashion.

The most relevant are fashionable pants of a narrowed cut this summer, because they can be easily combined with a top in the form of a top, a T-shirt, a sweatshirt, and with nevisy and air blouses, classic shirts, and delicate lace tops.

Fashionable pants new items - a godsend for any woman

If the classic, fashionable trousers with high and medium landing are considered a traditional solution, then fashionable pants with baggy cut, unusual sail trousers, as well as ultra-fashionable styles with a loose fit will look very original on a woman's silhouette.

Fashionable trends for the audience presented in their collections such popular trends as Esteban Kortazar, Maki Osakwe, Karli Kushni, Mons and others.

If you are looking for a new style, look fashionable trousers for women and choose for yourself fresh ideas of stylish bows with trousers of different styles.

Features of style

The main feature of these pants is that they are shorter than the usual 1/8 length. This style allows you to look a little taller and slimmer, if you choose the right top.

An important point - the edge of the pants should be in the middle of the calf muscle or lower, but not higher. The style of these pants can be both straight and narrowed, and slightly flared. A great option - pants-cigarettes, they go well with many types of shoes and are suitable for women with any physique.

Despite the generally accepted success of 7/8 pants, it is not easy to wear them, they can lengthen your legs and make them more slender, and vice versa, shorten them. In order to show your figure in the best light, you should follow some rules when drawing up a bow.

Who do 7/8 pants fit?

It is difficult to find a girl who would not fit such pants, and often those who ineptly selects an image for them. Stylists advise to look at this model tall and thin girls. The style is perfect for sports and athletic figures.

Do not be upset if you meet the model parameters, because full girls will also suit 7/8 pants, but you will have to pay more attention when selecting the remaining elements of the image.

Curvy ladies are advised to pay attention to the pants with arrows and avoid too wide trousers, as well as drapery trousers.

How to choose women's pants for full ladies?

Most full ladies are embarrassed to wear tight pants, believing that it will fill them. Fashion stylists, on the contrary, are sure that extra weight is not a hindrance for creating a fashionable image and recommend women with curvaceous forms not to be afraid to try something new and create their own style with different models and colors.

When choosing a style, of course, you will have to take into account the features of the figure, which dictate additional requirements:

  1. If you are the owner of wide hips - make a choice in favor of loose trousers.
  2. If you have a big chest and shoulders, then you need to choose wide and flared pants.

Fluffy girls look great in straight trousers with a detachable waist. However, this option will be considered conservative and is suitable for lovers of the classics.

For more modern women of fashion better fit pants loose at the top and tapering down, so-called "bananas". Remember, the pants sit well only when properly matched.

Color selection

This season, full girls should look at dark and gray colors and shades, a good choice of fabric will be tweed and wool.

Corduroy trousers of discreet colors are also in fashion. When choosing such colors, the figure seems to be much slimmer, but at the same time, this does not mean that you should limit yourself to only dark tones.

Brown, burgundy, plum and other colors will look great as well. Light and bed, unfortunately, will give the figure extra volume, so try to avoid them.

As for summer trousers, models of pink, orange and green shades are a good choice. If you like pants with prints, look at the narrow strip, cage and colors, as well as various geometric patterns.

What to wear and match?

These pants will make you slimmer and taller with a properly selected top:

  • Lightweight tunics and blouses are perfect for summer pants, which can easily complement a casual or working look. Shirts will also be a good choice for short pants.
  • Combining with a blouse and a jacket will create an elegant and feminine look. A wide blouse or shirt will balance your image or make the figure more proportionate.
  • In the cold season, classic trousers made of dense material are recommended to be combined with loose sweaters, cardigans, pullovers or knitted sweaters.
  • Sport lovers can combine sport pants with pullovers and T-shirts.

We should also talk about classic trousers. Using these pants, you can easily create an image of a business woman.

The shortened length in the dark classic colors, minimalist strict design, the presence of arrows are indispensable attributes of such trousers, because They are perfect for coats and jackets. Stylists are advised to use such an image not only for work, but also for everyday bows or dating.

Full ladies should think about the combination of wide cropped trousers with blouses with a deep neckline, which will certainly divert attention from a full bottom.


Accessories will always help diversify your image. To the bright trousers fit big bags of bright colors, they will make your image truly light and rich. Jewelry is often chosen by mood, a good solution would be to use jewelry or jewelry.

As for shoes, 7/8 pants are perfectly combined with loafers or ballet flats, but high-heeled shoes or platform shoes make the figure truly graceful. Avoid boots and ankle boots, as they hide an interesting length.

Spectacular images

  1. Ladies with a wide bottom is better not to choose tight-fitting trousers in order to hide figure flaws.
  2. 7/8 pants with high-heeled shoes will increase the height and make the figure slimmer, and an unusual blouse perfectly complements the image.
  3. Back in fashion will be leggings that look great in a compartment with a tunic or dress.

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Fashionable colors of leather trousers 2018-2019

The classic option, not going out of fashion, is black. However, in the winter season of 2018-2019, there was a place for unexpected experiments, the popular flowers of this winter are:

  1. Red (suitable both bright and muted burgundy shade).
  2. Blue.
  3. Green.
  4. Yellow.

Colored leather pants 2018-2019

Trust earned a rather bold combination of bright and classic colors. When choosing a suitable model, the selected color of the pants, the style, as well as the material of the product and the combination with other elements of the wardrobe are important.

Actual styles and models

For skinny girls fit leather pants leggings. Especially good option for everyday wear or holiday. In winter, it is recommended to remember that pants of this type are not suitable for regions with a harsh climate, as they are very easy to freeze.

Fashionable styles of leather pants in the season 2018-2019

Leather pants are not always a winning option for women with curvaceous. In this case, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the alternative: free-fit trousers. In addition, this solution allows you to wear additional insulation without losing the silhouette in a particularly cold time.

Decorative items

Leather is a very whimsical and difficult to care material. However, with proper attention, leather pants will be your favorite thing. The advantages of using leather pants include:

  1. Durability.
  2. No allergic reactions during use.
  3. Nice appearance.
  4. The material is able to repel moisture during bad weather.
  5. Good compatibility with other things.

  1. Rivets. Metal rivets that adorn pockets have become a classic combination with leather.
  2. Fabric belts. Often they are of no practical use and play the role of an exclusively decorative element.
  3. Fur inserts. Thus, designers can emphasize that this thing is intended for the winter season.
  4. Paillettes. With this solution, leather pants are a good option for a festive meeting.
  5. Embroidery. A decorative element, embroidered on the pants, allows you to give the image a unique.

Trendy decorated leather pants

In addition, it is necessary to determine whether your pants are glossy or matte. Gloss attracts much more attention to the silhouette, which is why this option is suitable for people who are not ready to hide anything. Matte pants are suitable for business meetings and work.

How to choose a good leather pants?

Although leather trousers have long been entrenched on the tops of world podiums, for many women their purchase, and even more sock in real life, still remains an impossible dream. If this is so, then it is time to fulfill your desires, and for this you need to figure out how to choose "your" model from the variety that we are offered in stores and boutiques.

First of all, remember that you need to choose them based on the features of your own figure, for example, if you have extra pounds in your hips, then thin leather pants like leggings will not exactly decorate you, you will have to choose models of more dense material preferably without extra draperies and decor.

Although it is now very fashionable, it must be remembered that extra patterns or decorations can highlight the flaws of your figure and add a few extra kilos in problem areas.

Thin slender girls, as it is not difficult to guess, are much easier to choose from, because almost any style will suit them, but remember that “flat” and overly thin young ladies should choose bright colors, perhaps with draperies that will give the figure a bit of volume.

By the way, the highlight of this season can be called bright red or burgundy leather pants that fit tightly on the legs, emphasizing all the smooth and harmonious transitions of the female body.

It is these models that will be very useful for thin girls, as well as owners of appetizing and moderate forms. By the way, both donuts and thin ones should turn their attention to novelties among leather pants - bananas and riding breeches - they will easily hide excessive thinness or extra folds.

With regard to the direction of choice, those who have never come across leather pants may prefer to give preference to classic strict models, which, in combination with blouses and jackets, create a very extravagant, but not defiant, phenomenon.

Тем, кто стремится своим внешним видом привлечь, как можно больше внимания, лучше выбирать зауженные и облегающие модели, а для пущего эффекта можно добавить брюки из металлизированной и глянцевой кожи. Именно такие модели, как нельзя лучше, придают женскому телу сексуальности и дерзости, идеально подходят для клубных вечеринок и тусовок.

Naturally, pay attention to the quality of the skin, if you choose a natural material, then it should not have clues, stretch marks or scratches on its surface.

Check for sure the seams, they should not glow or stretch, it is better to give preference to products made of soft leather - they sit better on the figure and look nobler. If leather materials are unacceptable to you, it does not matter, a lot of fabrics are now being fabricated, impregnated in a special way, which gives them a “leather” look.

What can I wear with leather pants?

It all depends on what image you plan to create, because, as we said, you can fantasize very well here. If, for example, you do not want to shout about your audacity and sex appeal, then try combining leather pants with a “soft” top: a warm mohair or knitted sweater, turtleneck noodle or poncho.

In this contrast, you can balance the calling pants, you get a very comfortable and relaxing image, as shoes you can choose ankle boots or boots with a wide heel. In such an outfit it is great to walk down the street or meet with friends - harmoniously and extraordinary.

To create a feminine, soft style, the best way to combine leather pants with a light, sometimes even translucent blouse. It is better that she was a free cut and delicate color, in this way, you will create both a romantic and very erotic image.

Classic shoes are best for shoes. To heighten the effect, you can add a stylish and small, for example, in the form of an envelope, clutch.

To create an image of a “biker girlfriend”, you don’t have to strain yourself very much, because the trousers themselves are half the battle, and this is how the engine roars and at a frantic speed.

It would be appropriate to add a T-shirt or T-shirt of a free cut, necessarily wide, not tight, with an aggressive print. Deliberately coarse, decorated with spikes or other fittings, high-heeled ankle boots will add color to the image, and a leather jacket will be needed in a cool evening.

The final accent of this image is a large ring or powerful earrings, a small clutch bag or a small backpack, if you prefer boots to ankle boots.

In addition, leather pants - a great option for a party - just add them with a bright top, massive jewelry and high heel shoes.

For a casual look, classic straight trousers fit in with a neutral blouse and a fitted blazer. You can complete the look with the help of beautiful shoes with small heels.

Fashion trends

The outlines and silhouettes of trousers change from year to year. At this time, we are waiting for an unusual variety, ranging from seductive tight-fitting models - almost leggings of leather, and ending with the usual and familiar to all the style of classic trousers, which contrary to the rules sewed from black leather. They look cool!

According to the silhouette, it can be ordinary straight trousers, narrowed to the bottom, wide models, half pups from the thigh, banana pants and so on. In general, there will be plenty to choose from.

Shiny, even glossy leather is actively used, lacquer trousers have been seen, but if it is too bright for you, then you can pick up beautiful suede pants.

As for the length, it is standard. There are variations among the legs, ending in the ankle area and models of very long, almost closing shoes.

Now let's talk about the decor of the pants. Usually, the skin is not decorated too brightly, but this is not the case. Here you will find beautiful fittings and embroidery, and work directly with the skin - perforation, patterned punctures, and so on.

Designers in particular demand pants with arrows, which is unusual for this material, belts with beautiful buckles. Embroidery adorn suede models.

We select the color

The most popular and frequently encountered color in leather clothes is black. And there's nothing to be done about it - this has been going on for a long time. This year was no exception. Various black leather pants and trousers are the most fashionable now.

The color is universal, it fits into the very maximum of the ensembles, so it can be called basic in this respect.

White leather pants will be in demand in the spring of 2019. White color for the skin more rare, but it can also be called a classic. It looks fresh and always attracts attention. More rare variations - emerald and dark blue also appeared on the podium this season, they are suitable not only for spring, but also for autumn.

Very interesting red shades. There are few such trousers, but they are noticeable and stylish! From scarlet to maroon, everything fits perfectly.

A special place is occupied by such colors as gray, beige, shades of brown. The brown palette looks great and is very popular this season when it comes to leather jackets. Try also to pick up similar trousers to a jacket.

What to wear leather pants in 2018-2019?

Fashion changes annually and this applies not only to the clothing itself, but also to the usual combinations. What are they fashionable to wear now? How to make up-to-date, not outdated, image to be both fashionable and stylish? About this we now talk.

First, a simple top is claimed. It can be a regular cotton shirt, a blouse made of cotton and without decorations, even a men's shirt. The top can be tucked into pants. Pick a neutral color and calm. Simple prints are welcome, for example, a black and white check, vertical strip.

But no one bothers you dress up if you want. How about a bright blouse with a bow tie? This is a very feminine and luxurious outfit. In this case, the top will be the main thing in the ensemble, and the trousers will go to the background, if they are quite simple in style. Do not mix catchy top and bottom in one set.

An ordinary sweater or sweater will be the perfect pair to any leather pants. Pick up light shades: white, beige, light gray, cream, baked milk. They look gentle, beautiful, combined with almost all colors. You can take a cardigan and a vest instead of a sweater.

A simple addition would be a simple silk or chiffon top in combination with a leather jacket or a fur vest made of a bright fox or silver fox. It is beautiful and in addition - very possible!

Stylish trousers for women of 2018-2019 year

Classic types of women's trousers are popular and relevant from year to year. Thanks to their versatility and practicality, you can wear not only in the office, but in everyday life.

You can diversify business bow with classic trousers by adding bright accents in the form of a stylish blouse or shirt, as well as beautiful accessories - bright boats, or sandals and handbags.

Classic trousers of bright colors, such as red or blue trousers that are not so boring and much more interesting and original, look great, refreshing the image and making it stylish and fashionable at the same time.

Fashion trousers 7/8: the undisputed trend of 2018-2019

Popular among many fashionistas and even celebrities shortened pants to the bone, the so-called 7/8 pants. This type of trousers looks especially attractive with high-heeled shoes, emphasizing beautiful female ankles.

You can easily combine fashionable 7/8 trousers with classic men's shirts, delicate blouses, sweatshirts, which is fashionable and appropriate both in a business style and in a casual style.

Original and unusual pants 2018-2019 year with prints

Stylish trousers with prints are a great option for summer trousers, when original floral and bright patterns are most appropriate and look fresh and stylish.

Fashionable trousers of 2018-2019 with geometric patterns, prints in ethno style, as well as various stripes - wide and narrow, and fashionable trousers in a cage are also popular.

The color combination of fashionable striped trousers and with a variety of prints is presented in classic versions - black and white, as well as bright accents - red, blue, green, gold, yellow and brick shades of colors.

Fashionable culottes 2018-2019 year

Another trend of the season 2018-2019 are culottes, which have countless admirers of this style of fashionable trousers.

Culottes are feminine and elegant, they look beautiful in summer and are also good for the cooler seasons. Supplement stylish culottes with fitted top and shoes with heels or wedges and an unsurpassed look this season.

The most fashionable trousers of 2018-2019: photos, news, fashion trends of trousers for women

In our fashion review presents a variety of styles and models of women's trousers, the most fashionable pants for women who will be in the trend of this season.

What fashionable trousers you wouldn’t prefer, whether it be leather trousers, velvet, high-waisted or skinny skinny trousers, banana trousers or very wide trousers, you will be irresistible to your look.

The best images of girls in fashionable trousers 2018-2019, as well as photos of fashionable trousers from the shows you can view more ...