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What clutches will be in fashion in 2015?


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Everything new is, as you know, well forgotten old. In order to get yourself a stylish handbag, and maybe not even one, you need to get acquainted with important points. So:

Sizes of fashion bags 2015

In the latest designer collections you can see accessories of the most carved sizes. If you are not a fan of carrying with you a bunch of all kinds of things like cosmetics and other things, you can safely get yourself a miniature or medium-sized bag. They all 2015 will be at the peak of popularity. However, it is worth noting that the time of the "bottomless" bags has not faded into the background, they are still relevant, although not in the same way as in the past two years.

Forms of fashion bags 2015

As for styles, in 2015 there are plenty to choose from, so, perhaps, no woman will remain unhappy. In the trend as accessories, made in the form of a trapezoid, a semicircle with soft lines, and products of more stringent forms, such as a square, a rectangle.

Styles of fashion bags 2015

And here the difficulties with the choice should not arise, since in the latest designer collections there are options absolutely for every taste: laconic classic models, bright retro-style products, futuristic accessories, etc.

Coloring fashion bags 2015

In 2015, not only bright colors (turquoise, mustard, blue, red, red) are in fashion, but also standard black, gray, brown and white colors. Sunny yellow color and all its shades are especially popular.

Prints of fashion bags 2015

In the trend colorful accessories with mixed geometric and stylistic ornaments. Geometric drawings in the form of rhombuses, stripes and squares separately are also relevant. At the height of fashion and animal prints, such as leopard, animal images.

Jewelry fashion bags 2015

Lovers of brilliant and incredibly bright decor will be pleased, as most trendy bags are richly decorated with fringe, rhinestones, rivets, spikes, chains, as well as gold and silver zippers.

Materials fashion bags 2015

Leather is a classic - never out of fashion trend, as accessories made from this material look elegant, and its practicality can not be doubted. Fabric bags are also relevant, especially those models that are sewn from several different-texture fabrics at once. Such instances look very fresh and original. Another no less fashionable trend is fur bags. Such models are present in absolutely all fashion collections of famous designers.

Collections of famous brands

In the season of 2015, we again return to the past, in the 30s of the last century - the era of black and white cinema and the unprecedented popularity of bags on a vintage castle. This collection was presented by Dolce & Gabbana this season, it includes clutches embroidered with beads, rhinestones, gold thread. Such a magnificent gift will appeal to any beauty.

An everyday envelope is a clutch envelope. Charming in its simplicity and comfortable models can be found in the collections of Christian Dior.

Connoisseurs of minimalism should pay attention to the clutch wallet. A truly cute and tiny solution, if you do not want to carry with you a big bag, in the depths of which the wallet is constantly lost. This accessory looks spectacular with any clothes and is always in place - be it a party, an office or a romantic date. And this thing was represented in the collections of Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Nina Ricci.

This season also saw the light of the new invention of fashion designers, representatives of fashion houses Kenzo and Narciso Rodriguez, who combined an envelope and a clutch folder. The result was an elegant and fashionable flat handbag. Grace and simplicity - with these words you can describe this model.

One of the most convenient and compact models - folding clutch - has become the trend of 2015. Such a clutch at any time with a flick of the wrist can turn into an elegant bag. And you will not suffer from the fact that you have nowhere to put just bought a dress. A worthy choice is the collection of Viktor & Rolf.

The most unusual clutch of the season 2015 is a clutch box, or small suitcase. Looks like a reliable suitcase - on the lock and with a handle, only miniature. Inside, as well as outside, luxurious decoration in the form of rhinestones, painted elements. And it is not surprising, because the main collection is again represented by designers Dolce & Gabbana.

Hard clutches, with a dense frame, are present in many collections. The brightest models were demonstrated by Christian Dior, Valentino, Versace and, of course, Dolce & Gabbana.

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Fashion trends

If you want to choose a clutch bag that will be fashionable in 2015, then first learn the most fashionable trends of the next year:

  • Variety of forms. It can be both sharp and rounded corners, as well as various shapes. In general, the rectangular clutch customary for many people is far from the only option.
  • Variety of colors. The times in which the handbag had to be matched to the tone of the shoes, and the possible colors of the shoes were few, long gone. And today you can afford a clutch of almost any color, including bright or even “acidic”.
  • Convenience. Most models of clutches are equipped with comfortable handles, straps and loops that make the toe more comfortable and comfortable. So now your hands can be free.
  • The decor. In general, a clutch is not so much a container for things as a bright accessory. So let this very accessory be catchy and unusual! Choosing a clutch, do not be afraid of creative decorative details, they will be more than relevant next year.

Forms and models

Fashionable clutches in 2015 will have the most diverse and sometimes very bizarre forms. Here are the most current models:

  1. Classic clutches. This model is almost the very first. They were sewn in the XVI-XVII centuries. At that time, these accessories were generously decorated with various stones, beads, gold threads and so on. But the modern lady such luxury is also available. And especially in the future season will be a retro-style clutch on an elegant chain, similar to a reticule. By the way, for this trendy and chic accessory, you should thank the fashion house Dolce & Gabbana, because it was his designers who offered to recall the 30s of the last century and plunge into that era of elegant coquettes. These clutches will be perfectly combined with the most chic evening dresses. But for everyday wear this option is not suitable.
  2. Incredibly small, but almost universal clutch-wallets in 2015 will also be in trend. This handbag is the smallest among all the others, less it simply can not be. And this means that you will have to carry with you only all the most necessary things. If you are ready to abandon the mountains of unnecessary things that are often present in the bags of girls, then feel free to choose a clutch-wallet. This model, by the way, is not only practical, but also universal, as it will be combined with both stylish jeans, and with a strict office suit and even with evening dress.
  3. If you prefer minimalism and ingenious simplicity in everything, then pay attention to the flat clutch, which is a cross between a bag-folder and an envelope clutch. A kind of clutch folder. There is not much to put in here, but real business ladies take with them only the most necessary things. But clear lines, ingenious and elegant simplicity and feminine elegance will make your look unique. But this accessory is best combined with a strict and concise clothing, for example, with a pencil skirt, straight dress pants, blouses and shirts, fitted coats and shoes or boots with heels.
  4. Incredibly popular will be folding clutches, which have already managed to catch the fancy of many. And this option is ideal for unpredictable girls. For example, if you went to the store and, in addition to lipstick, you also purchased a skirt, then an elegant and miniature clutch can easily transform into a convenient and very roomy handbag. True, comfortable and functional? And still such models differ in original design. This clutch is ideal for everyday wear, but it can be combined with a strict suit. But under the evening dress is better to pick up something else.
  5. Want something original and bright? Then be sure to pay attention to the clutch with a rigid frame. One of the variants of such a model is already familiar to many and is a clutch box. But this is not the only option, because the forms can be very diverse and intricate, and the designers of the Versace fashion house convinced everyone. Original and bright look round clutches, as well as clutches in the form of some kind of fruit or objects. This model will be perfectly combined with cocktail or more restrained business dresses.
  6. The original and bright accent of your image will be a clutch box. It is a small little chest with a hanging beautiful lock, which is an important part and a mandatory attribute of such a model. Such clutches are usually worn at the small handle, but some of them are equipped with a comfortable strap. Gorgeous decor is required, which will make this accessory even more original. Such models are combined with evening or cocktail dresses, but not suitable for everyday wear.

Color spectrum

In the future season you will find a real riot of colors! So fantasize and do not restrain yourself, but remember that the clutch should be combined with your outfit. And especially classic black and gray, as well as ginger, emerald, blue, scarlet, burgundy, yellow, mustard, orange, pink, mint and turquoise will be relevant. Do not be afraid of "acid" shades, sometimes they are appropriate.

In the future season will be fashionable clutches with floral, plant and animalistic patterns, abstract or geometric patterns, with inscriptions and with intricate painted elements.

If you study photos from fashion shows, you can understand that the designers were not afraid to use the most unexpected and unusual, and sometimes simply inappropriate materials for making clutches. Here is what will be especially relevant in 2015:

  • Habitual for many leather and suede. These materials are versatile and practical, and also suitable for everyday wear.
  • Reptile skin, i.e., crocodile or snake (or imitation). It is also very bright and fashionable.
  • Want to be a gorgeous lady? Then pay attention to the fur. Extravagant fur clutch will make the image original and rich. But here you will have to forget about the artificial fur, it will look ridiculous.
  • At the fashion shows were presented plastic clutches.
  • If you like shocking, then get a metal clutch.

Clutch is an accessory that will look trite and boring without decor. So remember which elements of the decoration will be the most fashionable in 2015:

  • Feathers. They are loved not only by accessories designers, but also by the creators of fashionable clothes. But here it is important not to overdo it.
  • Original look clutches, decorated with fur.
  • Models with stones will make any image bright. By the way, the clutch can be completely embroidered with stones, and it will not look ridiculous.
  • Relevant pearls, beads and beads.
  • Pay attention to the clutch with fringe or tassels.
  • Applications will also be relevant.

Now you can safely go to the store for a clutch!

Clutches will gain a new round of popularity in the new warm season of 2015.

All designers, without exception, present to us in their new collections such diversity and abundance of forms and styles, as well as the materials from which these handbags are made, that the eyes just run away. Clutches can be made from:

• natural and artificial leather,
• textiles
• furs
• suede
• from composite materials

In size, clutches can be both very tiny and quite capacious, in which you can put not only a cell phone and cosmetic accessories, but also larger items of the first women's necessity.

Clutches can be either with or without handles, they can have smooth and rather concise forms or deliberately intricate. The advantage of such accessories can be considered their applicability with any style.

The most important trend of the coming 2015 can be called a clutch book. This is quite a bright and non-standard solution, as the handbag itself is a kind of small volume of any of the works of literature.

Such a clutch looks incredibly stylish, very unusual and most importantly interesting. Many of the western stars already lit up at various social events with such extraordinary accessories.

Also, the fashionable trend among small bags for the new season of 2015 will be their bizarre and unusual forms, which will especially appeal to lovers of shocking.

But, despite the small size of clutches, in the coming season, bags of large sizes will remain equally popular.

Residents of large cities will be able to find among the popular models of handbags with various bright accents, interesting. Relevant will be quite colorful bags, which can be decorated with additional accessories, have a metal chain or other attention-grabbing details. The most popular forms of bags will be:

Clutches - the main fashion trends of 2015

  • Remember that a clutch is a stylish thing, not a shopping bag, or a business bag, into which you can cram a large amount of necessary and unnecessary things. Let it be an unusual shape, decorated with a variety of decorative details - this year welcomes bold creative solutions.
  • Gone are the days when handbags were picked up to match the shoes. Today it is allowed to choose the color of the clutch that you like. Experiment with bright colors.
  • Designers took care of women, complementing this small handbag with eyelets and straps, which added convenience when wearing it, freeing its hands.
  • Rectangular clutch is not the only option. Its corners can be rounded, sharp, and the shapes are very different.

What form of clutch to choose

  • Always fashionable classics. Those who follow windy fashion will not disregard retro models - the most fashionable clutches in 2015. They resemble a miniature reticule fitted with a chain. It is appropriate to go to them with them, wearing the most sophisticated and chic outfit.
  • All the simplest - ingenious. A business woman who takes with her only the most necessary things will appreciate a flat-shaped clutch, something like an envelope or folder. Restraint, clear lines, simplicity, elegance - your image will “play,” and others will appreciate it. Recommended clothing: classic trousers, pencil skirt, elegant strict blouse, slippers or boots with heels, slim coat. The elegant strap, worn on the wrist, will always keep the purse under control.
  • The trend of the season - a handbag in the form of a book. The model looks very unusual and stylish, reminding its appearance of a small volume of any work. It can be a timeless classic, or a particularly fashionable modern writer. As a material for such gizmos use natural wood - a book cover, and a fabric that mimics the pages on the side. This model can be considered quite roomy and reliable. A sturdy clasp ensures the inviolability of what is inside.
  • Clutch Wallet. This is a miniature-sized handbag, which, depending on the finish, will be out of place in the office, at a party, on a walk.
  • Foldable model - clutch transformer. He was fond of many because of its versatility. This is a magic wand: in the blink of an eye, a miniature model of a handbag turns into a convenient and spacious bag. An indispensable accessory for everyday wear.
  • Those who like rigid forms will not pass by the clutch box. It is not difficult to choose the model that suits you the most from a large variety of different shapes - round, oblong, shaped like fruits.
  • Very fashionable clutch model 2015, resembling a box-chest. Its decoration is a miniature clasp - a highlight of the model. Important additions are a small pen, for which they carry this bag, and an intricate beautiful decor.

The most fashionable clutch materials in 2015

Fashion designers did not stint on the materials from which their products are made.

  • Versatile and practical leather, always sought after suede. Models made from these materials are indispensable for every day, and if you decorate them with decor, you can go out with them.
  • At the peak of fashion clutches, for the manufacture of which the skin of crocodiles and reptiles were used. Naturally, their price is affordable favorites, but a good imitation will allow many to look bright and stylish.
  • Advanced outrageous youth will not leave without proper attention clutches made of metal or durable multicolored plastic. They will complement the jeans, checkered cowboy shirts, bright sneakers.
  • This type of handbag looks elegant and unusual if it is made of fur, but only natural.

How to decorate fashion clutch 2015

Since the clutch is an important accessory, он должен быть обязательно красивым. В тренде украшений, которые применили известные дизайнеры, всему нашлось место.

  • Аппликации, выполненные из тканей, или других материалов, очень украсят клатч, и будут всегда актуальны.
  • Мех часто используется для декора, он прекрасно подошёл для украшения сумочек маленького размера.
  • На пике моды различные перья, которые применяются для придания клатчу оригинальности и особого шика.
  • Клатч, расшитый камнями, дополнит образ, сделав его необыкновенным и запоминающимся.
  • Not forgotten, and multicolored beads, beads, pearls are very relevant in all possible sizes.
  • Without intricate prints it is impossible to present a single fashionable thing today. For clutches for 2015, plant and geometric patterns, all sorts of inscriptions, abstraction, painting were “chosen”.

Practical ladies can say that fashionable clutch 2015 does not have the necessary number of functions, such as the usual bags. This is true, but if they are claimed, then they have the right to be. Good luck

Bags for spring 2015

This spring will be relevant models with a variety of metal and gold inserts, textile, fur, bamboo and combined options. Also in the trend will be bags with a sequin finish.


Do not forget about the accent of jewelry - It can be a medallion or a brooch. If we talk about colors and shades, first of all they should be bright and juicy. Also relevant models of dark blue and red flowers, cherry, burgundy, orange-red, delicate beige and chocolate brown.


Summer bags 2015

Summer bags in 2015 will delight their women of fashion with bright colors and textures, especially in the trend will be bags made of genuine and eco leather, as well as suede models.


Summer bags can differ in a variety of decor, creating a summer, sunny mood. This summer will be relevant white bags, as well as combined colors. Especially beautiful will look models of two contrasting colors, dividing the bag as if in half.


Suede bags

One of the most popular are suede bags, they always look luxurious and noble. Among the most popular models are black. Different sizes, styles and shapes allow you to choose any option.


As you know, high-quality suede is very durable and almost never goes out of fashion. This year, models will remain popular, where chamois is combined with other materials or several colors. From such a combination, the bag only wins and acquires its individuality.

Knitted models of handbags 2015

Thanks to the skillful selection of convenient and practical accessories, as well as the use of different parts for decoration, knitted bags in 2015 turned into a worthy accessory for any fashionista. Knitted bags turned out to be quite competitive in comparison with other types of such women's accessory. With a similar arsenal of changes, they bravely climbed onto the fashionable Olympus and immediately gained incredible popularity among numerous fashionistas.

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With each season knitted bags are interested more and more. And all because they are performed in the original techniques. For their design are used not only combinations of yarn of different colors and interesting patterns. To create a fashion accessory are also used various decorative accessories, beads, embroidery, fringe, various tassels, pompons and the rest of the decor.

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Leather bags

Over the years, genuine leather bags have been at the peak of their popularity, 2015 was no exception. Trendy leather bags can be made from embossed, patent, smooth, metallic leather, nubuck and suede.


Popular as natural leather (reptiles, crocodile, calf), and artificial. Leather bags in 2015 can be decorated with embossed patterns, perforations or inscriptions, contrasting trim and metal fittings. Fashion Print 2015 will be - stylized drawing "chalk".


Fashionable shoulder bags

Bags through a shoulder will become the real trend of a warm season spring-summer 2015. School bags, postmen bags, flap bags, field bags, saddle bags with long handles, which can also be worn over the shoulder, can be seen in almost any collection of fashion brands.


So fashion houses Ralph Lauren, Chloe, Kenzo and Valentino offer all women of fashion a classic postman bag, while Michael Kors and Louis Vuitton have released charming flap options. The Rag and Bone brand offers to carry bags on the back or chest, and Marc Jacobs decided to wear several models on their models at the same time, which differ in their purpose, color and size.