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Stylish businesswoman: how to choose the perfect business suit


Hang the suit on a wide wooden coat hanger (no chair backs), the shape will last longer.

Do not dry-clean the suit too often, it can be harmful to natural fibers. Use a special soft coated brush.

Ironing a suit is recommended only with steam or using plastic protection attached to the iron in order not to damage the fabric.

For seasonal storage of a suit, use special ventilated covers to prevent the formation of stuffiness or mold.

Do not wear the same suit daily, let the fabric breathe for 1-2 days.

The unloved suit never wears out.

Fairly objective statement. Do not save where you do not need. Investing in high-quality and comfortable clothing allows a man to dress properly. Choose good men's suits, wear them with pleasure, enjoy life and succeed. Do not forget about such important elements of the style as men's watches, shoes and perfume, which, along with the costume, perfectly complement the image.

Women's business suit: which model of suit to choose

The right office suit is the international language of business etiquette of its kind. A business suit makes it possible to judge not only the financial status of a business woman, but also her professional and personal qualities. The choice of the ideal office suit should correspond to the following factors: it should be tight-fitting, but not constraining movement, correspond to the office dress code, but at the same time express individuality.

You can choose a business suit with pants and skirts. Narrow high-waisted trousers are slim, and classic straight lines lend stature to the image. Speaking of skirts, it should be noted that this is a more feminine option than pants. Office etiquette involves straight and slightly flared skirts. The length should be up to the knee. Cuts in the skirt are allowed, but they should not exceed 10 centimeters.

What to wear with a business suit?

First of all, for any costume model you need to choose the right blouse. The blouse can be monophonic or color, but in no way transparent. It is best to choose blouses muted shades: blue, pale pink, lemon, cream. Give up blouses and shirts in bright colors. Also, according to the rules of the dress code, the sleeves of the blouse should be either to the elbow or to the wrist. If instead of a suit with a skirt you prefer an office dress and a jacket, then do not forget that you should wear a monophonic dress. Better if it is a sheath dress in black or gray.

An important element of a women's business suit is a belt that gives a finished look to a suit, even if it is an ensemble of a blouse and skirt or when a jacket is removed. Belts overloaded with shiny and ringing metal fittings are unacceptable.

Remember that an office suit assumes the presence of tights, regardless of the time of year. In the summer they can be replaced by stockings. Complete the business image of shoes. They should match the suit in color. The heel should not be too high, 5–6 centimeters is enough. Ideally, these should be shoes with a closed nose and genuine leather.

How to add femininity in a strict office suit?

But even in the harsh office jungle, a woman continues to be a woman. And her desire to look attractive is natural and commendable. Only how can a business woman liven up her official suit, show her feminine essence and personality traits in office clothes, if there are only continuous restrictions around? With the help of accessories. Yes, the importance of accessories for reviving a business suit and expressing one’s personality is hard to overestimate. A graceful soft leather handbag, stylish expensive watches, elegant cufflinks, an original brooch, a filigree handle will immediately appear on the business image, creating exactly your unique image. By resorting to such seemingly insignificant details, you immediately select from the crowd of faceless and monotonous office staff, stretched into identical costumes and resembling an army of clones.

True, do not overdo it with decorations, otherwise you will look like a Christmas tree, and not a strict and all-knowing business lady. One jewelry in the form of a brooch, chain, ring or earrings is enough to emphasize your own individuality. The abundance of jewelry in a business setting will be regarded as vulgarity and petty bourgeois.

Choosing together the right business suit (11 photos)

It is not for nothing that they say that they are met according to their clothes, especially this concerns important meetings, interviews, as well as work in a serious office, where liberties in clothing are unacceptable.

And although now they are trying to deviate from the strict classics in the business image of a woman, there are still times when it is necessary to look simply, flawlessly, restrained, and most importantly - officially. What could be better and more correct in such a situation, a strict business suit, which ideally suits its owner? That's right, nothing!

A business suit is an amazing thing in many ways, it is capable of hiding many flaws in a woman’s figure, if necessary, imparting a too young person to be presentable and mature, and, as many know, it’s much more pleasant for most people to work and talk with an experienced woman and green girl.

Simply put, a strict classical suit is an irreplaceable thing, it should be present in the wardrobe of every self-respecting lady, and not in a single copy. So, with the fact that such a thing simply must be with every girl or woman, we decided, and now let's talk about how to choose a women's business suit so that you look just amazing in it.

What do you want to get?

Before you rush to the first jacket or skirt you like, you need to figure out the purpose for which you decided to purchase a business suit.

A very stupid point of view can sometimes be traced among girls and women: if I wrap myself in the most unattractive clothes that hang in a bag and absolutely do not allow someone to see a pretty and sweet lady in you, then I will look serious and responsible, I will be treated with respect and due attention.

Everything is just the opposite, partners and supervisors are much more pleasant to communicate with a nice and well-groomed lady who can boast not only considerable intellect and high abilities, but also a good sense of taste. Business suit allows discreet accents on women's virtues - at the waist, chest and hips. However, of course, everything should be in moderation.

The next important point - going to the store with such an important mission, it is better not to take with you children who will distract your attention, it is better to go alone or with someone who can definitely help in choosing a suit.

During the fitting, you must carefully consider yourself in the mirror, try on the intended business ensemble with the clothes and shoes that you plan to wear under, that is, bring high-heeled shoes and a blouse that, in your opinion, are best combined with a business style.

Be sure to try on several models - from the expensive and simpler, you can understand the patterns, which manufacturer is right for you.

How to choose a fashionable business suit for women and girls

In order to look advantageous in a business suit, first of all consider the peculiarities of your figure and appearance. Tall ladies are better suited models that divide the figure in half, that is, elongated jackets or jackets, pants and skirts to the knees.

If you have a small growth, then you, on the contrary, it is best to pay attention to the shortened versions of jackets, as well as skirts above the knees. Ladies with large and large hips should choose jacket models that are mid-thigh length, so you will cover unnecessary roundness.

Also pay attention to the decor and trim of the costume, an excessive number of pockets, stripes or fasteners can visually expand the figure, the same applies to too wide sleeves.

But, the shorter and neater the collar of a jacket, the more elegant the figure will look. You can turn your attention to Chanel-style jackets that do not have a collar at all, but they fasten with buttons, which will give your figure a special charm.

Costume requirements

It is believed that a good business suit should not have any excesses, rigor combined with a sense of taste - these are the basic requirements of a woman’s business suit. For example, a jacket in a business suit should be with softly marked shoulders, slightly raised up, but they should not be too square or triangular.

Sleeves usually depend on the style of the suit itself, the 3/4 variant is very convenient, especially for hot summer days.

For girls with non-standard figure, for example, too big breasts, but small pelvic part, it is necessary to pay attention to the separate sets. You may need a larger jacket than a skirt, or vice versa.

Trying on a jacket, be sure to combine it with a blouse or top, preferably a shade lighter than the tone of the jacket itself.

As you know, costumes can be trouser or with skirts, there are no strict restrictions on this score, each woman is free to choose the option that best emphasizes her features.

A skirt in a business style must necessarily be straight cut, it may be slightly below the knee or midi, and shorter versions are acceptable, but still an ideal option - up to the middle of the knee or two fingers below the knee.

Trousers are usually straight cut or flared from the hips. A pantsuit or a skirt version can be diluted with a third element - a waistcoat, and unusual triples are also very popular now - a jacket, a skirt and trousers.

It is important to approach responsibly to the choice of fabric and the quality of the thing itself. The most suitable option is costumes made from natural fabrics, for example, thick cotton or wool. It is better if there will be a small percentage of synthetic impurities present, such a suit and “breathing” will be good, but it will not quickly lose its shape, will please with its presentable appearance longer.

Fully synthetic fabrics and flax options are not allowed.

Pay attention to the lining - it should easily move away from the fabric, but if it is literally “glued” to the jacket, then it means that after several washes, it will begin to move away and bristling, giving the costume a stale look.

Carefully look at the external components - the suit should not bristle, the moment with buttons - it is better that they are made of leather, bones or covered with a cloth, it is better to either replace them with plastic or to think about the quality of the product as a whole.

The seams should be perfectly flat, without gaps, and buttonholes - without hanging threads. And finally, the most important thing is to choose the styles and colors of women's suits that suit your particular color type and image.

It is believed that the most successful colors for a business suit - is blue, brown or gray. But despite this, always pay attention to how the fabric is combined with the color of your skin, hair and eyes, it should transform you, and not, on the contrary, spoil.

One more thing - accessories, they should be strict and restrained, if it is a belt - the leather variants with a small buckle of soothing shades are best suited. As for jewelry, a small amount of jewelry is rather modest in size.

Business dress code rules

Women's business suit may consist of a skirt or pants and a jacket or vest. It is allowed to wear a classic sheath dress. The requirements for the style of clothing are quite tough: the skirt should not be too short or have a large slit, the style cannot be extravagant or provocative, you should wear a classic blouse of calm tones under your jacket, without a pronounced neckline.

The ideal style for a skirt is straight or pencil, and for trousers a traditional model with arrows, typical of a men's suit. If the dress code is not very strict, you can wear pants with a slight flare from the thigh. However, the choice of colors for the suit is large enough. The dress code is allowed not only black, but also calm shades of brown, green, blue, beige, gray, burgundy. You can also wear a dress in a small strip or cage. A blouse can also be not only white, but also pastel colors that match the color of the costume: pink, lemon, beige, gray, cream, light green.
Business suit should be of high quality, cheap synthetics are not welcome.

How to choose a suit on the figure

Properly chosen suit well masks all the flaws in the figure. If you have full hips, choose a mid-thigh length jacket with a straight or slightly fitted cut. Avoid tight pencil skirts. To balance the hips and shoulders, use the shoulder pads. Rounded tummy can be hidden short free jacket and pants with a high waist. Also, instead of a jacket, you can wear a long loose vest - it will visually stretch the figure. Too wide shoulders do not tolerate shoulder pads, choose fitted jackets, flared to the bottom, and straight skirts. The solution for the lean, "boy" figure - straight pants and a fitted jacket.
The dress code involves the mandatory wearing of tights or stockings, even in summer.

Business suit must-have in the wardrobe of a business woman

Once, wearing a business suit was considered an exclusively male privilege, but after the victory of women for equality of their rights with a man, women from the beautiful half of humanity also began to wear the suit with pleasure. The times when a woman in a business suit looked like “a cracker in a skirt” have sunk into oblivion, while these costumes themselves resembled the inventions of the Soviet factories that were once put on the flow - faceless and devoid of all attractiveness. Remember the heroine of the movie “Office Romance” Lyudmila Prokofyevna Kaluginna performed by Alice Freindlich - her famous brown suit can serve as a real guide, which should not be a business woman's suit.

The modern women's business suit has become a truly work of art, and must necessarily be in the wardrobe of any business woman (besides, not one!).

It is necessary to select a business suit with special care, and the motto “the cheaper the better” is absolutely inappropriate here. It is well-known that a good suit cannot be cheap, however, it is not worth striving for excessive luxury and pretentiousness. How expensive can you afford to buy? Feel free to call the largest bag that you can spend for business success - that's what you are guided by.

The material from which your costume is sewn should be beautiful, pleasant to the touch and, as the designers say, “to the body”, it should ideally sit on your figure and correspond to your age, position, and, of course, appearance.

How to choose and how to wear

The tacit office rule says: the older a business man (this applies to both women and men), the more expensive and stylish his suit should be. Are you against any rules and your costume is the “no worse than all” option? Then your destiny is to be just a cog in the office mechanism. Individuality, which is one of the components of the road to success, is definitely not your fellow traveler. But it’s not too late to fix everything, tomorrow you should put everything off and go to the store for new clothes! Carefully read our recommendations, and tomorrow your colleagues will certainly appreciate your updated image!

  • An elongated silhouette - a guarantee of elegance and seriousness of your status as a business woman, short jackets and jackets can only add levity.
  • The length of the skirt, as a rule, varies from the middle of the knee to the “golden line” - put your hand on the leg above the knees, its upper edge will make this line.

  • Classic, always fashionable and most prestigious in the highest business circles, the Chanel suit has always been and remains: a double-breasted jacket with a slightly cropped silhouette of a bouclé fabric, a skirt below the knee length.
  • Another unwritten rule - in the daytime business suit involves a skirt, in the evening - pants. Suppose you know for sure that a business dinner is coming up in the evening, then you can safely wear a trouser suit to work.

  • A versatile version of a business suit is a sheath dress, which should be necessarily with sleeves, even if short, and an elongated cardigan. This suit will emphasize both femininity and the business image of its hostess, depending on the accessories you use (we'll talk about them a bit later).
  • What should be the length of the skirt, depending on the shape of the legs? By the way, this rule applies not only to women - office workers, but in everyday life it should be followed: too thin legs should not be emphasized with short and tight pencil skirts, straight skirts of a slightly flared silhouette are best for them. Slender hips, on the contrary, you can slightly emphasize the fitting cut of the skirt. Full legs and thighs will most advantageously look in straight skirts of medium length, with a small slit on the side. Длинные юбки «в пол» в качестве офисного варианта, как правило, не допускаются.

  • Какие существуют ограничения для формы и силуэта брюк? Расклешенные от колена или слишком широкие не приветствуются, прямой покрой – то, что нужно для офиса. Slightly cropped trousers with small cuts at the sides are also acceptable.

Business style trends

Today, fashion designers are calling for gradually moving away from the usual cliches, from the ordinary, familiar lines of women's business suits. Of course, there should be no sudden, radical changes in the appearance of a female office worker, but a little more femininity and emancipation will certainly not interfere. Still, a woman must always remain a woman!

Designers in this season offer models that will never get lost in the office "gray" mass, they attract views and attention. One of the finds of a modern business suit should be considered its updated style, which is characterized by elegance, femininity and refinement, along with the severity of the image of a strong, confident woman. This seemingly impossible task was successfully embodied in the new collections by designer Alexander Wang, whose striped women's business suits became incredibly stylish and even acquired a hint of sexuality.

Dolce & Gabbana, on the other hand, offers modern business women costumes with classic elements that are present in their collections. With great success shown on fashion catwalks, these costumes seemed to come off the ladder of airliners in the form of flight attendants from the sixties. Without a doubt, no business woman who follows fashion trends will refuse to have such a stylish suit in her business arsenal of fashion couturier!

Of particular note is the androgyny in the styles of modern business suits - a combination of elements and lines of both female and male. It was possible to observe costumes on the catwalks that were very organically and modernly combining male and female features. For example, fabrics with a slight sheen, which are widely used by fashion designers to create men's suits, became the basis for creating women's business wardrobe.

Men's energy and women's sexuality formed the basis of the Bottega Veneta collection of business women's suits, in the opinion of fashion brand designers, it is these qualities that a woman who aspires to make a career should possess. The business image of a woman is organically complemented by clutches, so relevant during business dinners and giving the whole image sensuality and fragility.

What other fashion trends do designers offer us this season? They pay special attention to the fabrics - as a rule, they are rather dense, sometimes with an admixture of wool, use designers and tweed, and velvet, as well as corduroy and leather. The color scheme of business suits in the upcoming season was not particularly original - gray, brown, blue and black tones set the general mood. However, among the new products you need to say about such colors as the color of wine, mustard and burgundy. The styles presented by fashion designers at the shows of business suits were represented by asymmetrical lines, various draperies and original necklines.

Women's Business Suit Accessories

The story about a women's business suit would, of course, be incomplete if we didn’t say anything about the accessories used to revive the image and make the whole business look feminine.

“Why did you rank the blouse as an accessory, because it is an integral part of a women's business suit?” - you ask. The fact is that today the presence of a blouse is no longer so necessary as it was several years ago. Under the jacket it is quite acceptable to wear a vest, top, turtleneck or not wear anything at all - this is not forbidden by the modern fashion. The color of the blouse or top should be calm, not caustic-bright, do not forget that the office should have a businesslike, calm atmosphere and your provocative color spots can disturb it!

They must only be real, fakes are excluded! The number of jewelry should be minimal, to the extent that you wear one thing - a brooch, earrings or bracelet. If it is still jewelry, its originality should emphasize your personality and style. Again - do not wear a few jewelery at once, but if it comes to a set, then it should be designed in an elegant and elegant style. Watches - only the best and prestigious brands, no rhinestones and huge stones, remember that this is a sign of bad taste.

Whether it is a short haircut or haircut for medium or long hair, only natural, neat forms are appropriate in a business setting. The volume of the hairstyle should not be excessive, just as there should not be excessively bright or poisonous hair color. Give preference to natural shades, smooth, soft lines. And most importantly - the hair should have a well-groomed and healthy look, always be clean and shiny.

  • Makeup, manicure and perfume

Probably there is no need for you to remind the well-known truths that avant-garde and extravagant makeup for business communication is unacceptable, and the manicure should be kept in soothing, dull tones? Then you, of course, know that makeup is best to use a color palette as close as possible to the natural one, and the color of the manicure should be in harmony with the color of your suit.

When choosing a perfume, stop at the subtle, aristocratic fragrances. Let this smell be barely perceptible, but you will demonstrate to your business partners an impeccable business style and your high social status.

In the modern world, where sometimes the choice of work outfit is limited by the strict framework of the dress code, it is a stylish business suit that can be a real salvation for any woman who wants to look not only as a successful business woman, but also simply as a beautiful, unique woman who is happy every new day and optimistic about the future!

1. Pants or skirt?

This is the first thing you have to decide for yourself. Think what is more convenient for you. Remember that it emphasizes better the dignity of your figure and hides its flaws. Be defined with the most favorable style, a long skirt, width of trousers. Skirts are more feminine for women in the business world, but pants make you look slimmer and taller.

The ideal option, of course, is a three piece suit consisting of a jacket, trousers and a skirt. Or you should buy everything separately, but we will return to this issue a little later.

2. Jacket style

There are single-breasted and double-breasted jackets, or no lapels at all, with buttons to the top. Single-breasted are more classic and come in two or three buttons. If you are the owner of a gorgeous bust, it is better to choose a jacket with three buttons with notches. If you boast nothing special, you can choose what you want. Lapels can be with sharp corners or rounded. The cutout can be the letter V or round. Jacket can be with pockets and without. Pockets can be slotted or overhead, with or without flaps. Immediately clarify that a more formal look with welt pockets and V-shaped notches. Then decide for yourself. Jacket, you can choose a fitted or more loose cut. By the way, it is also important to decide on a long jacket. You can choose short, above the hips, to the middle of the hips, or long below the hips.