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Five Tips for Choosing the Perfect Shoes


To make shoes fit perfectly into your image and do not cause discomfort, you need to understand a few points before buying:

  1. When and how do you plan to wear shoes? If you buy them for special occasions, then they certainly must be chic and stunning. And for everyday wear in the office fit a simpler model.
  2. Clothing. Be sure to consider and what clothes you plan to wear shoes. If this is a business suit, then the shoes should fit him and be discreet. And if you make a gorgeous evening dress, then choose something special and luxurious.
  3. Your skills and preferences. Girls and women who do not know how or do not like to wear high-heeled shoes, look very ridiculous in shoes with heels, and sometimes cause pity in others. But there are also representatives of the fair sex who literally hover without noticing the height of the heel.
  4. Weather. This refers to shoes that you plan to wear all the time and not indoors. If your city is often slushy, it is better to choose a closed model from high-quality waterproof material.
  5. The style you prefer. Any shoe should fit perfectly into it.

Important selection criteria

How to choose the perfect shoes? Get ready for a long search, be patient and take into account all the important criteria. Each of them should be considered in detail.

The material from which the shoes are made plays an important role, since it determines the practicality and durability of the shoes, as well as the comfort of wearing.

The following options are available:

  • Leather is the best choice, especially if you plan to wear it permanently, even in rainy weather. Leather shoes do not let in moisture, but they “breathe” perfectly, preventing excessive sweating and its consequence - an unpleasant foot odor. And although this material is very expensive, it is durable, so the shoes will last for a long time, while retaining their original characteristics.
  • Suede is also a natural material, but less practical and more capricious than leather. It looks noble and unusual, due to the nap it can acquire a relief texture. But in the rain, such shoes should not be worn. In addition, suede shoes are quite specific, so they are not combined with all outfits.
  • Leather substitute - the most inexpensive, but the least qualitative and durable material. Outwardly, it resembles skin, but is inferior in quality to it. First, shoes can leak, and secondly, with an active sock, the material is crumpled, forming ugly folds and breaks, and sometimes cracks.
  • Textile. Light shoes may well be made of woven textile material, which is sometimes treated with special impregnations and other compositions that improve the quality and appearance. On the one hand, such shoes are stylish and “breathes”, but, on the other hand, they are definitely not suitable for wearing in rainy weather.

Choosing fashionable shoes, pay attention to their model. In the shops you can see such a variety that the eyes literally run up. But special attention should be paid to such components as:

  • Noses. First, evaluate their shape and length. Too sharp and long noses have long been out of fashion, but a little pointed ones look elegant, and also visually lengthen the legs. The rounded shape is ideal if the size of your foot is more common than the 37th. Round noses will make your legs and the whole image more gentle. You can also find open models, but they should be chosen only in summer.
  • Sole. Heeled shoes are the most popular (its height and shape will be described in detail later), and they are truly associated with femininity. But shoes on the wedge look equally elegant, such models are more comfortable and practical. Another point is the platform. Sometimes it is very relevant and useful, because, firstly, it increases height, secondly, it reduces lifting of shoes and provides a more comfortable position of the foot.
  • Block. It can completely cover the foot or be a separate front and heel parts (that is, the middle of the foot will be open). The first option is more practical and often convenient, the second is suitable for special occasions and socks in the warm season.

The higher the heel of the shoe, the more tall and slender you will seem, is a fact. But excessive height can lead to tired legs and discomfort, so it is better to find a middle ground.

Pay attention to the thickness of the heel: the thicker it is, the more stable and comfortable the shoes will be. The hairpin is feminine and incredibly sexy, but not always comfortable. In addition, on ladies with appetizing forms of high-heeled shoes may look somewhat inharmonious, they should pay attention to models with rather thick and stable heels.

The shape of the heels can also be different. The most popular and standard option is the base (it is the widest part) and a gradual narrowing towards the end. But there are also more original models, expanding towards the bottom, curved and having very unexpected shapes.

Versatile, classic and out of date color - black. White shoes are ideal for a wedding, but they are fully combined with casual or solemn light dresses. Beige shoes look gentle and romantic. And for special occasions, you can choose more interesting and bright colors, for example, red, blue, burgundy, blue, purple, coral, mint and others.

Tip: try to pick up shoes that match the color of the outfit, sometimes it looks original and bright. But be sure to dilute the range of accessories and other details of other shades, so that the image does not look monotonous and boring.

Beautiful shoes can sparkle and attract attention due to decorative elements: rhinestones, stones, sequins, glitter, ribbons, flowers, spikes, rivets, clasps and so on. But the decor must fit into the style and image and fit the chosen outfit.

Tip: if the dress is bright, you should choose a discreet and uncluttered shoes. But a simple outfit can be supplemented with bright decorated shoes.


Finally, some useful recommendations:

  1. Pay special attention to choosing the right size, as shoes should not slide off, but they cannot be too tight and narrow either.
  2. Trying is required, so do not order shoes through the Internet.
  3. It is best to try on such shoes in the afternoon, when the legs are a bit swollen, otherwise shoes may be cramped.
  4. You can choose a universal option - black leather shoes. But also you can fit shoes to a specific outfit, for example, to a dress. And remember that the image should be harmonious, so that both the shade of shoes, and the material should be combined with clothing.

Let the shoes be not only stylish, beautiful and fashionable, but also comfortable!

Ideal shoes: model selection

Choosing the right model of shoes is half the success of a woman, because it is the model of shoes that can greatly influence the perception and impression of those around you. Would you like to visually reduce the size of the foot? Choose shoes with a rounded toe. Visually increase the size of the foot capable shoes with a sharp or elongated toe. If you are a happy owner of ideal legs and absolutely do not need their correction, give preference to shoes with a blunt toe, in which your fingers will be in a natural and, therefore, the most comfortable position for them.

Ideal shoes: comfort

Fashion is, of course, good, but when choosing shoes it is necessary to take into account such an important criterion as convenience. Know that really comfortable shoes should not reap even in the process of their first fitting. And do not listen to sellers who claim that shoes tend to wear out over time. Even if it ever happens, by that time your legs will be covered with calluses, and the purchase will have time to lose its original appearance and attractiveness.

Comfortable shoes should not be too big. Unfixed backs of such shoes will rub on your heels when walking, which will certainly lead to the appearance of corns.

Perfect shoes: quality

Ideal shoes must certainly be of high quality. When choosing the most suitable option for yourself, keep in mind that good branded shoes are always sold in boxes. In addition, in order to maintain the shape of their products, serious and responsible manufacturers must complement them with framed cardboard or plastic inserts.

Choose shoes with a bright lining. Black material may stain your feet, pantyhose or socks in the process of wearing. Make sure that the shoes of metal arch supports are present by checking their sole for bending.

Ideal shoes: workmanship

Ideal shoes can only be made from natural materials, the most preferred of which are leather and suede. And even more important is not what the outer surface of the shoe is made of, but what they have inside, i.e. what your skin will touch. The advantages of leather shoes to shoes from other materials are obvious.

First, leather shoes can be worn in any weather, because neither the sun nor the puddles of the skin are not terrible. Secondly, such shoes eventually adapts to the shape of the feet of its owner. Thirdly, the legs in leather shoes really breathe, and this saves a woman from the discomfort and many other inconveniences that arise when wearing shoes made of non-natural materials. Finally, leather is the most durable and practical of all the other materials used for the manufacture of shoes.

Tips for choosing the perfect shoes

At the same time, probably there is not a single woman who has never suffered from such shoes. As it is a shame when new shoes, for which a lot of money was given, rub feet to blood and award them with blisters.

What to do in order to purchase the next pair of new shoes only please their owner. We advise you to follow the following recommendations.

1. First of all, the convenience of shoes depends on the shoe. When trying on shoes, make sure that the weight is evenly distributed on the foot and you do not fall on your toes. If you lose your balance when you try on, it will be impossible to walk in such shoes.

2. Heel should also be comfortable. Of course it is no secret that the higher the heel, the slimmer your legs look. However, tall heels are often not very comfortable to walk. Therefore, for everyday life you need to choose low and stable heels. The optimal height for the heel is 4.5 cm. Of course, for a more casual occasion, you can choose a higher stud, but remember that frequent wear of high-heeled shoes harms your legs.

3. In order not to miscalculate with the size, it is better to try on shoes in the evening, as the legs swell a little over a day. Or, alternatively, buy shoes on the floor size larger, then you definitely will not rub feet. If the foot is too loose in the morning, you will be rescued by a special insole, which you can then simply pull out. And in any case, do not buy shoes on the size of a smaller, seeking to visually reduce the length of the foot. Even if they are spread, the silhouette of fingers is imprinted on the surface and it will still be noticeable that the shoes are not in size. Large assortment of shoes on the website towar.com.ua.

4. The ideal outsole should be soft and flexible so that the shoes can bend, and the upper part of the shoe is not deformed.

5. Shoe clasps and straps should not over-tighten and stick into the skin.

6. It is better to choose models from natural fabrics that let in air and allow the skin to breathe. These can be leather shoes, suede or fabric.

7. Speaking of color, then of course everyone comes from their own preferences. But fashion experts are convinced that in the wardrobe of any woman there should be two pairs of shoes of universal colors - black and physical. They are combined with any colors in clothes and are always relevant.

Observing these rules when buying, you definitely will not be disappointed in your new pair of shoes. A huge assortment of stylish and fashionable shoes of excellent quality can be found in the online store.


Let's talk about shoes. As a rule, all brides buy a new pair of shoes for the wedding. So that on the wedding day you would feel neither tiredness nor discomfort, you need not only the most beautiful, but also properly chosen wedding shoes!

Comfortable shoes will be the final touch to your stunning look. How to choose wedding shoes? InWhiteDress.ru prepared for you 10 tips!

1. Harmony of the image

Tandem dresses and shoes create a single holistic image of the bride. Forget about the phrase "All the same, under the dress is not visible!" We advise you to choose wedding shoes after buying a dress. First, think about the style of your celebration and what kind of shoes it will fit. Shoes must be in harmony with the chosen dress model. With a dress in the style of a Classic or Glamor, high-heel shoes are combined, and the style of Roustik and Boho look great with ballet flats, boats, models of shoes on the platform.

5. We study the range

Want to choose the perfect wedding shoes? Study in detail the proposals of wedding salons - a magnificent pair of shoes can be found in one of the shoe boutiques or in the online store. It will be especially cool if you can wear shoes after the wedding. Very practical!

Ideal shoes can be found in a simple shoe store. Usually the choice in them will be much wider than in wedding salons.

If you plan to wear stockings on your wedding day, then prepare in advance tights or nylon socks of identical density for trying on shoes.

8. Decoration and decor

It is better to avoid buying shoes with rhinestones, stones, flowers, buckles or other jewelry that can accidentally catch on the dress and damage the fabric. Even if these are the most beautiful shoes in the world, it is impermissible for them to spoil the main attribute of the bride - the dress.