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The most spicy dishes in the world: review and photo


Today, you will not surprise anyone with the taste variety in food, because humanity has long learned to create amazing masterpieces in the culinary world, where there is a lover for every dish. But spicy food here occupies a special position, it is possible for an extreme person to eat it all the time, except that not everyone is able to endure such a range of sensations.

But, nevertheless, there are quite a few such unique ones, and even that to go far: the majority of Asian nations recognize only spicy dishes that are present in their diet every day, from childhood to old age.

If one of us offers such a dish, then, having tasted even a small piece, you will start to clutch at the throat or stomach, trying to get rid of the burning sensation that captures all the breath.

How is it going? Someone absorbs such dishes throughout their lives and never has any health problems on this basis, and someone will not be able to eat a small piece!

It turns out that the whole thing is in the usual training and the substance capsaicin, which is contained in all hot peppers - the most important ingredient of all spicy dishes. Capsaicin can be addictive and its regular consumption in low doses leads to a blunting of taste buds: hot pepper ceases to seem so.

Chili peppers have a large number of varieties that differ in size, color and, of course, in the degree of pungentness. The latter value even has its own scale, which was invented by the pharmacist Wilbur Scoville, it is based on the amount of capsaicin contained in a particular type of pepper.

For example, Scorpio Trinidad is considered to be the hottest pepper in the world, which, by the way, is used to fill pepper spray cans and create tear gas, on a Scoville scale its sharpness is 2 million units!

For comparison, the burning ability of the famous tomato Tabasco sauce is “only” 800 units, but it is extremely difficult to eat it in its pure form! There are other types of hot peppers, which are used to create the most spicy dishes in the world.

It’s incredibly difficult for an untrained person to identify whether they are tasty or not, and in general to disassemble something other than a burning sensation, however, there are some brave souls who still decide to try something similar. So, all lovers of “sharp little” stock up on notepads and write down the names of the most spicy dishes, as well as places where they can be tasted.

"Hot Suicide Wings"

If you translate the name literally, you get something like "hot suicidal wings." This very funny name was awarded to them by a chef from Chicago, Robin Rosenberg, the inventor of these little little wings. Although, of course, "spicy" - this is putting it mildly, because this dish is justly the most spicy in the world!

The guest of the restaurant, who decided to try this dish, signs a special document, according to which he undertakes not to sue the owner of the restaurant in case of any possible problems with digestion. To make the wings so sharp, for their preparation they use one of the sharpest peppers in the world - Savina variety.

When this “suicidal” dish is served on the table for the daredevil, all the waiters are ready: if necessary, they provide an ambulance in the form of sour cream, milk sugar or white bread, which can knock off the incredibly sharp taste of pepper.

Chef Rosenberg himself has long dreamed of creating something similar and sincerely hopes that there will be such a person who will eat the dish from beginning to end with great pleasure.

"Bollywood Burner"

Another incredibly spicy creation that is made from lamb with curry sauce, on top is carefully studded with the hottest pepper in the world. You can find such a dish in one Indian restaurant in London, but not in the main menu, but only by prior special order.

Here it is also necessary to write a receipt about the conscious choice of the dish and all possible consequences that the desperate gourmet takes over. For the preparation of this Indian dish they use one of the most spicy naga peppers in the world, which, according to the Scoville scale, has an indicator of 850 thousand units! People who decided to try this dish, in one voice say - this is the hottest sauces in the world!

"Chinese hot pot"

This incredible spicy dish, which in its consistency and appearance resembles ordinary roast, is prepared from a large number of vegetable ingredients, as well as from roasting chili peppers and other savory spices.

They cook this dish in one of the country's restaurants, and those who want to try it are always decent, despite the fact that after the first spoon comes the standard picture: the daredevil clutches his stomach and throat, requiring water or other liquid.

By the way, do you know how to eat or, rather, how to deal with a dish if it turned out to be incredibly spicy? If you feel that “sparks” literally fell from the eyes, or rather tears, an indescribable fire in the mouth, and there is a real hell in the stomach, it is urgent to take measures.

Grabbing in panic for a glass of water is not an option, it will not help you, it is better to ask for some dairy product, milk or kefir, which contain casein, which is able to very well neutralize the action of capsaicin.

If there was no milk on hand, then to extinguish the fire in your mouth, you can drink some warm water with sugar or, in extreme cases, drink a spoonful of vegetable oil.

Not everyone knows, but it turns out that spicy dishes can even be useful: they increase immunity, and also increase the level of endorphins hormones, thereby raising mood and general vitality.

Nevertheless, it is better not to experiment with such dishes for people who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, as well as pregnant and lactating mothers. Contraindications are better taken into account and not to risk, since the consequences of such an act can be the most deplorable.

If you suddenly decide to cook something from these dishes, be sure to follow the safety rules: in no case do not touch your mouth or eyes, otherwise you can get a severe burn mucous.

It is best to work with rubber gloves when working with such hot pepper varieties, because if there are small wounds somewhere on the hands, then the substance capsaicin may cause severe pain.

1. Hot Suicide Wings

Hot suicide wings - literally means hot suicidal wings. Robin Rosenberg, the cook of one of the Chicago taverns, is still a wit. Chicken wings cooking it dare to try a few. The fact is that Rosenberg's branded wings are the sharpest chicken wings in the world!

The dish is so spicy that before trying it, the guest will have to sign a document, according to which he will not sue the tavern for possible physical complications. Chicken wings are cooked with one of the hottest pepper varieties in the world - Red Savina Habanero. A person who wished to try this dish will be provided with an ambulance at the first need: the waiters always have the “antidote” ready - sour cream, milk sugar and white bread.

The idea of ​​serving one of the most spicy dishes in the world, Robin had been bearing many years. “Of course, for many it is an unacceptable dish, but perhaps there will be a person to whom it will bring true pleasure,” says the chef.

2. Bollywood Burner

London Indian Restaurant claims a place in the Guinness Book of Records in the category “the most spicy dish on the planet.” According to restaurant chefs, their lamb dish with curry sauce and abundant powder of the hottest pepper in the world is by far the hottest dish on our planet.

This masterpiece is called "Bollywood Burner". In the main menu it is not. This hellish dish is served exclusively on special order. Those who wish to try this dish should give a receipt in the presence of the restaurant workers, in which he confirms that when ordering a dish, he takes all the responsibility upon himself in case of an unforeseen result of a dangerous tasting.

It is known that in the southern province of India, in Hyderabad, the cuisine is particularly spicy and, according to connoisseurs, the English curry is not like any hot sauce that they have ever tried. This curry uses the most spicy plant in nature - naga pepper. On the Scoville scale (the scale of the chilliness of peppers), its sharpness exceeds 850,000 units. For comparison, Tabasco pepper, which is widely used in Mexican cuisine, has a sharpness of only 800 units, and “pepper spray” is a tear agent used by the US police - 2,000,000 units.

Phaal is an Indian dish. It is considered the hottest curry in the country. Phaal is a sauce made from 10 types of pepper, the main of which is the so-called (Bhut Jolokia) Bhut Yolokia - in the Guinness Book of Records it is listed as the hottest spice on earth!

Huge popularity phaal purchased in New York, when the owner of one of the restaurants included it in his menu. As a result, restaurant visitors, having once tasted the phaal, then began to bring their friends there, so that they too could taste such a spicy dish.

4. Shameful hot pot

"Shameful hot pot" - a very spicy dish, which is prepared in a Chinese restaurant in the Middle Kingdom itself. Why this dish has received just such a name, the story is silent. True, there are legends in China that once this dish was an attribute of a certain sadomasochistic ritual in this country.

The owner of the restaurant says that despite the strict warnings about the spiciness of the dish, he continues to observe how the visitors grab their stomachs after the first spoon.

5. Australian chili

No one knows how to cook really spicy dishes like the Australians, writes mc.com.ua. Specific chili sauce, which is prepared in Australia, is considered one of the hottest dishes in the world.

Those who want to try this "slightly" spicy dish have never lined up in a queue. It is possible to add a drop to some big dish, but to take and eat “pure” sauce is not.

In the preparation of this chili, hot pepper is used, called “naga jolokia”, the same one that is used in the Indian restaurant in London, which was discussed above.

In Australia, finally, there were still those who wanted to become famous and swallow not even the chili itself, but its fiery component. Heroes name is Ryan Duke and Alex Fenning. Fortunately, the guys survived. The impressions of the heroes are approximately the same: they are not going to try IT a second time, but they are terribly proud of themselves!

Tabasco Mexican Sauce is known worldwide. However, the lightest version of the Tabasco Green Pepper Sauce is the most popular (only 600-1200 stoves).

The hottest sauce is Tabasco Habanero Sauce. His fortress is 5000-7000 skovilley, which is 10 times higher than the fortress Tabasco Green. In addition to the extreme for the average man in the sharpness, this sauce has a complex recipe, taking its roots from the Jamaican cuisine. Tabasco Habanero consists of vinegar, Abanero pepper (one of the sharpest varieties in the world), cane sugar, plain Tabasco sauce, salt, mango pulp, tamarind, banana, papaya, tomatoes, dried onions, garlic, spices and aged in oak barrels of pepper Tabasco.

Tabasco Habanero is just perfect for drinking vodka (no pepper vodka compares to a drop of habanero in a glass) and is intended to serve as a spice for exotic cuisines such as African, Caribbean and Mexican.

7. Couscous with lamb and vegetables

Couscous is a staple food in the Maghreb, particularly in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya. Also common in other parts of Africa, France, the Sicilian province of Trapani in Italy, and some regions of the Middle East.

Couscous exists in a variety of options, and not all of them are sharp. There is fish couscous, sweet and even vegetarian couscous. A lot of pepper is added to lamb couscous. By the combination of ingredients, this couscous is the most fiery dish. It is not surprising that the Magribins and Africans who adore him are much more active and more cheerful than their northern neighbors.

As a rule, couscous is prepared on the basis of durum wheat semolina. Traditionally, couscous was prepared by women, but since couscous is a very laborious process.

8. Watermelon Mexican

Fire a mouth and turn a person into a dragon can ... watermelon. But not a simple watermelon, but a watermelon cooked in a special way - in Mexican style. In Mexico, where most dishes just breathe hot pepper, do not forget about watermelon.

Here it is richly flavored with pepper, sprinkled with salt and sprinkled with lime juice. The taste of this dish is very specific and to many it seems simply incredible disgusting: if cooking salty watermelons in Russia is practiced in some places, then pepper watermelon looks like a perversion. However, on this dish are lovers of sharp little.

9. Mama Africa

Mama Africa is South African sauces. Tabasco lovers compared to lovers of "Mom of Africa", just angelic sweets. Mama Africa Habanero makes even the most persistent spicy taste fans cry. This is not surprising - there are 22 thousand skovilles in it! Gourmets who are especially sympathetic to ordinary people advise even to smell this sauce from afar!

Mama Africa sauces include fruits, fresh chili peppers, carrots, onions, garlic, green peppers, and lemon juice. And to add a piquant flavor, fresh and dried seasonings are added: coriander, basil, oregano, ginger, black pepper and mint.

The most acute are "Mama Africa Habanero", "Mama Africa with red chili pepper", "Mama Africa Chile with mint."

This dish is originally from Korea. Kimchi is a sharply seasoned fermented vegetables, primarily Peking cabbage. Pickled heads are seasoned with red pepper, onion, garlic and ginger.

In Korea, kimchi is considered the main course, without which no meal is complete. Koreans believe that moderate consumption of kimchi contributes to the resorption of fat deposits. So for someone this spicy dish looks like a dietary one. It is also believed that acute kimchi is a good anti-cold remedy.

"Hot suicidal wings"

“Hot suicidal wings” are the hottest chicken wings. Hot pepper is used for cooking SavinaIt is important to note that the extreme lovers who order a similar dish in the tavern are asked to sign an agreement proving the absence of any complaints.

Phaal is a spicy Indian curry that has gained a high level of popularity in Indian restaurants in New York. To create a sauce using 10 types of hot peppers, among which even Bhut Elekiya is listed.

Chicken Tandoori

Chicken Tandoori is a famous Indian dish. As you know, India is a country that has managed to become famous for a variety of spices and spices. It is not surprising that a large number of local dishes have a spicy taste. This is primarily due to the humid and hot climate, because food often deteriorates quickly enough and is a source of various infections. Spicy seasonings are a unique protective barrier, as a result of which it is possible to extend the shelf life of the dish.

Chicken Tandoori is a dish that can be successfully cooked using a variety of seasonings. For culinary purposes, chilli pepper, garlic, cumin, coriander, ginger root are successfully used. Unique taste characteristics guaranteed.

Tom Yam Soup

Thai cuisine is not only exotic, but also truly popular. It was Thai food that was appreciated by gourmets from different parts of the world. Local cuisine pleases with a variety of taste sensations. In some cases, up to four dozen spices and spices are used to prepare a simple dish.

One of the most famous local dishes is Tom Yam soup. This dish is a soup made from chicken broth. Shrimps, chicken, fish and other seafood are used as additional ingredients. Soup pleases with sour-spicy taste.

Chicken with Coconut Milk and Cashew

Chicken with coconut milk and cashews is one of the most famous dishes in the Sri Lankan cuisine. At the same time, the dish has a sharp and spicy taste. It is important to note that some people are convinced that local cooking is not necessary to allocate a separate branch, so it should be attributed to the Indian cuisine. Despite this fact, certain differences still can be traced.

In Sri Lanka, products are subjected to minimal heat treatment. The main task is to preserve the beneficial properties and amazing flavor. In India, vegetables and other foods are often cooked for a long time.

Chicken with coconut milk and cashew pleases a variety of taste edges. You can note the burning sensation and tenderness at the same time.

Chicken in Jamaican Sauce

Jamaican cuisine surprises with its unusual facets. At the same time, locals prefer hotter food, which should be cooked with a lot of allspice.

Chicken in Jamaican sauce is cooked simply and quickly. The main advantage is the special sauce, which consists of allspice, chili, shallots, thyme, nutmeg and soy sauce.

“Watt” with lentils

Эфиопская кухня включает в себя пикантные мясные и овощные блюда. Традиционно используются разнообразные специи и пряности. Овощи и мясо зачастую сочетают с базиликом, шафраном, кориандром, кардамоном, тимьяном, горчицей, красным перцем. Одним из самых достойных вариантов оказывается «вотт» с чечевицей. Данное блюдо отличается наваристостью и питательностью, благодаря чему появляется возможность утолить чувство голода и получить энергию, которая сохраняется на длительное время.

Tabasco is a popular Mexican sauce. The most common is a gentle option called Tabasco Green Pepper Sauce. However, the sharpest is the Tabasco Habanero Sauce, which is not only very sharp, but also original.

Tabasco Habanero Sauce includes:

  • Vinegar.
  • Pepper Abanero.
  • Cane sugar.
  • Mango pulp.
  • Salt.
  • Tamarind.
  • Bananas.
  • Papaya.
  • Dried onions.
  • Garlic.
  • Tomatoes.
  • Garlic.
  • Spice.
  • Tabasco sauce, which is mixed with the pepper of the same name.

Tabasco Habanero is ideal as a seasoning for Mexican, Caribbean, African cuisines of the world.

Watermelon mexican

It would seem that watermelon should be a sweet dish. However, this is not always the case. In Mexico, watermelon is customary to cook with sharp notes, which is achieved through the use of special spices. Watermelon is richly flavored with pepper, salt, natural lemon juice. As a result, watermelon Mexican acquires a specific taste, so this dish will not appeal to everyone.

Otak-otak is a popular dish in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. The dish is a fish casserole, which is steamed or grilled. The basis of the dish is a banana leaf. In this case, the casserole is prepared with minced fish, shrimp sauce, kalgan, dried chili pepper.

Each spicy dish has a truly amazing taste characteristics that can leave only the best impressions of yourself.

“Hot Wings for Suicide”

It is so literally translated the name of the spicy dish served in one of the institutions of Chicago. "Hot Suicide Wings" they are served immediately along with sour cream and bread to “cool” the stomach of a gourmet who dared to try this roast dish. In addition, none of the visitors will be able to taste these wings until they sign a paper stating that the visitor takes all the responsibility for his health after tasting the dish.

Bollywood burner

Lamb meat poured with curry sauce and abundantly sprinkled with the hottest pepper. Such a dish is served in one of London restaurants. Because of its sharpness, Bollywood Burner is not even included in the menu, it can only be ordered separately, also signing a paper that removes all responsibility for the health consequences of the restaurant.

Phaal is a mixture of ten different hot peppers from India. New York gourmands boldly try this dressing with fish and meat. Still, this smell differs from the most fragrant cheeses in the world!

Crippling powder

“Shameful hot powder” is a literal translation of food that the Chinese consider the most acute in the whole world. Sounds, perhaps, no less frightening than the "wings for suicide." When this powder reaches the stomach, one who has tried it experiences severe sharp pains. There is hardly a daredevil who tried him twice.

Killer chili

This sauce is made in Australia. Just add one drop to get the dish a sharp taste. Only two people in the history - Duke and Fenning - able to eat some of this sauce.

Tabasco - quite popular and famous in the countries of Mexico and the Caribbean islands sauce. Despite its zhguchest, in the sauce includes many and not sharp ingredients, for example, tomato and banana. All the sharpness Tabasco gives Abanero pepper.

Couscous Cousse It has a larger geography of its distribution than Tabasco sauce. Couscous was fallen in love both in Europe and in eastern countries. Couscous is of several varieties: for meat (the sharpest), for fish, and sweet.

What is the word associated with?Watermelon"? Sweet, juicy, huge summer berry. Only not for the people of Mexico! Mexicans salt it, fill with lime juice and the most stinging pepper. And someone really eats it.

But the Koreans care not only about the severity of the dish, but also about its healing properties. They prepare a dish that somewhat resembles sauteed Peking cabbage, adding ground ginger, onions, garlic and pepper to it.