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Rules for peeling using ultrasound


Ultrasound has been successfully used in various spheres of human life, including in cosmetology. In medicine, it has been used for more than 30 years, when the first apparatus for ultrasound was created. After a short period of time, ultrasound penetrated into the sphere of cosmetology. At first it was used to cleanse the skin of impurities, and then it was used for peeling.

Currently, ultrasound facial peeling is able to replace several cosmetic procedures at the same time, as it smoothes wrinkles, cleans the skin and corrects facial contours.

What is ultrasonic facial peeling?

Almost everyone knows what peeling is. With this procedure, the appearance and color of the skin is improved, in addition, it begins to rejuvenate. But this effect does not last long, and it is often categorically impossible to repeat it, because due to the heavy load, the epidermis loses the ability to update itself. This often leads to pore pollution and skin aging.

But women dream to always stay beautiful. This is what largely contributed to the appearance of such a procedure as an ultrasonic facial peeling. He is the most gentle view peeling, used to remove the top layer of the epidermis, consisting of dead cells. In addition, with the help of such a procedure, superficial wrinkles are smoothed out, acne and contaminated comedones disappear, hemodynamics are improved, the skin is naturally moisturized. The face becomes refreshed and visibly rejuvenated. Due to deep cleansing, the pores do not seem too large, and the skin becomes velvety, smooth and soft.

This procedure is completely painless and does not cause any discomfort, and it can be done very often. The result lasts a week - one and a half, after which it is recommended to repeat it for a better fixation of the effect.

Indications for the procedure

Ultrasonic peeling has the following indications for it:

  • oily skin and acne
  • seborrhea,
  • enlarged and clogged pores
  • reduced skin tone and turgor,
  • local inflammations
  • black dots,
  • oily shine effect
  • dull complexion
  • swelling,
  • age-related skin changes.


Despite the fact that the bonds peeling is done on different skin types, it is forbidden to be carried out by people suffering from oncological or cardiovascular diseases. Also, the procedure is prohibited for exacerbation of skin diseases, during pregnancy, with blood diseases and thrombophlebitis, if the patient has a face trophic ulcers, abrasions or woundswith mental illness, wearing a pacemaker and having implants.

If the patient has pustules or aggravated acne, you must first carry out a preliminary treatment. This may be a cosmetic or medical procedure. Only after treatment can peeling be done.

If any surgical interventions were performed on the face, then this procedure is prohibited during the recovery period.

In addition, cosmetologists do not recommend ultrasound peeling:

  • over silicone implants
  • on the eyes
  • above the thyroid gland
  • on the genitals
  • in the area above the heart.

The procedure for ultrasonic peeling

The peeling of the face is performed using a device that produces high-efficiency ultrasonic waves that do not cause any harm to a person. In various beauty salons, the procedure steps are carried out in different ways. The beautician performs manipulations at his discretion, taking into account the individual characteristics of the skin of each patient.

In the first stage, the skin should be cleaned of cosmetics. with special lotions. If this is required, you can additionally clean the skin with a scrub, lifting the skin scales, which increases the likelihood of complete cleansing of the skin.

Then the skin needs to be moistened with mineral water or a special gel, after which the beautician applies an ultrasonic scrubber blade to it and starts to drive it along the massage lines. The patient in this case can feel only the vibration of the apparatus, and in those places where the skin is located very close to the bone (cheekbones, forehead).

At the end of the ultrasound peeling procedure, a light plastic massage is carried out, a moisturizing mask and a cream suitable for a certain type of skin are applied.

On average, the face peeling procedure lasts no more than 40 minutes, and the result can be assessed almost immediately. To keep the skin in good condition, ultrasonic peeling is recommended. hold 1 - 2 times a month, but it is possible more often if there is evidence on it.

Lack of rehabilitation period

Taking into account the fact that during peeling the skin of the face is not damaged at all, patients after it can immediately return to their daily activities. This procedure is often called the “day off”, because it is performed when you need to quickly bring the skin to a perfect condition.

Safety procedure

Since ultrasound does not have any toxic effect on the human body, patients who agree to such a procedure do not risk anything at all, unlike chemical peeling, which can cause intoxication active chemical compounds. Of course, the probability of this is very small, but it exists.

Other benefits

  • suitable for people who are not allowed to expose the skin to heat,
  • possible to hold at any time of the year
  • skin does not stretch and is not injured,
  • the procedure is performed even with rosacea,
  • eliminated the risk of infection,
  • skin does not leave scars and scars.

Like other types of peels, ultrasound is aimed at removing the uppermost layer of the epidermis. But vibrational vibrations penetrate much deeper, due to which they occur immediately several types of exposure:

  • Mechanical. As a result of ultrasonic vibrations, the skin of the face is cleansed of dirt and dead cells. In addition, they are very effective against scarring, because they contribute to the resorption of the collagen fibers that make up the scar tissue. A facial massage is performed, accelerating the regeneration.
  • Physico-chemical. There is an acceleration of exchange processes.
  • Disinfectant. Ultrasound remarkably fights bacteria, and is therefore very effective if there are acne.

Ultrasonic peeling is a gentle procedure, therefore, if a face is too dirty, it can not cope with it. In advanced cases, mechanical cleaning is first carried out, after which the result is fixed by peeling.

Face care

After the completion of the face peeling, the skin becomes pink, but rather quickly it returns to its natural state. No special skin care is required, because it is easily restored by itself.

After ultrasonic face cleaning undesirable within 12 hours:

  • dye eyelashes, eyebrows, hair,
  • apply makeup
  • go to the sauna, swimming pool, bath, solarium,
  • engage in physical activity.

Thus, ultrasound facial peeling is a modern way to rejuvenate the skin, which is chosen by millions of women. This procedure is completely painless, and very little time is spent on its implementation. But do not forget about contraindications. Therefore, before it is necessary to consult with a cosmetologist.

What are the main advantages of ultrasonic cleaning of the face?

When using an ultrasound machine, the skin of the face is effectively cleaned, its injury is excluded, and what is important - the whole procedure is absolutely painless. Another worth adding that this method has a variety of indications for use. Ultrasound peeling can be used on any skin, even with hypersensitivity or the presence of a mild form of rosacea.

Using the ultrasonic cleaning method:

  • skin of the face is cleaned of various impurities,
  • horny cells, black dots and comedones are removed,
  • pores narrow and become less noticeable
  • skin cells are updated,
  • skin tone increases,
  • fine wrinkles are smoothed,
  • evens the complexion
  • greasy shine disappears.

Separately, it is worth noting the massage effect, which is achieved with the help of high-frequency ultrasound vibrations. Due to this additional important property occurs:

  • stimulation of collagen production
  • improvement of blood circulation in the epidermis,
  • lymphatic drainage
  • acceleration of metabolic processes in the skin,
  • deep penetration of nutrients into various layers of the skin,
  • maximum absorption of cosmetic ingredients.

Therefore, ultrasound facial peeling is good to use before applying creams and masks.

How is the procedure in the beauty salon?

When undergoing the cleaning procedure in the cabin, it is necessary to connect a passive electrode (for grounding the device), which is attached to the client's body in the form of a “bracelet” or simply placed in his hand. There are devices whose grounding occurs by pressing a button by a beautician.

For the procedure does not require further steam face. It is enough to remove cosmetics and carry out a standard cleansing with milk and tonic. The skin must be well moistened or smeared with a special gel, since the ultrasound waves in the air decay, and the liquid is a good conductor.

How do the cleaning itself? The beautician slowly moves his face with a metal spatula, holding it at a certain angle. Peeling is carried out against the direction of the massage lines - from the side zones to the center of the face.

Avoid areas of the eyes, lips and thyroid. Each area of ​​the face and neck should be treated no more than 4 times. No discomfort with ultrasonic cleaning does not occur, only the touch of the scapula is felt.

Ultrasonic peeling at home

For those women and girls who reluctantly visit beauty salons due to lack of free time, or do not have enough money for it - there is good news! There was a great opportunity to clean the face with ultrasound at home.

Now the stores have a huge selection of ultrasonic peeling machines (scrubbers), which are provided for individual use. The device is quite simple to use, and the result will be so amazing, as if you were “in the hands” of an experienced cosmetologist. And one more important factor - the amount spent on the device will be much less than what you pay for visits to beauty salons.

What you need to know during the procedure

  1. The average cleaning time is about 15 minutes. If the skin is sensitive, time is shortened. With additional massage and application of cosmetics, the session will take longer.
  2. Depending on the type of skin, its condition and depth of exposure varies the power of the ultrasonic device. If there are inflammations on the face, then the effect of ultrasound is minimal.
  3. To moisturize the inflamed skin, use salicylic acid lotion. Fat face type is treated with tonic with lactic acid.
  4. After completing an ultrasound facial cleansing, you will look better than before the procedure. There will be no redness and inflammation, like after chemical or mechanical peeling. Therefore, this method can be resorted to before an important event.
  5. During the session, the ultrasound does not affect living cells, so there is no sensitivity to ultraviolet. Accordingly, such a peel can be done at any time of the year.
  6. Ultrasonic cleaning is universal - it can be done on any problem area: neckline, arms, back.
  7. How often can an ultrasound peeling procedure be performed? If you have problem skin, then cosmetologists recommend taking a course of 5 to 10 treatments once every 2 weeks.

In which cases ultrasound peeling is contraindicated

Any cosmetic procedure, even the most innocuous, has a number of contraindications. Ultrasonic peeling is no exception. It is forbidden to resort to this method in the case of:

  • inflammatory processes requiring treatment,
  • increased body temperature
  • if the skin has various lesions and stitches,
  • the presence of various tumors,
  • infectious diseases in acute form
  • recently made chemical peels,
  • pregnancy
  • various forms of cardiovascular diseases,
  • neuralgia in any form
  • individual intolerance,
  • severe endocrine diseases
  • manifestations of rosacea with strongly dilated vessels.

If you decide on carrying out an ultrasonic peeling, then it is better to do a full course of procedures. And then you will be pleasantly surprised by your reflection in the mirror, and your environment will give you compliments.

What is the essence of the procedure?

The peeling procedure is well known to almost every woman. Some prefer to do it yourself, and someone only trusts cosmetologists. Ultrasonic facial peeling is considered one of the most gentle and gentle types of such a procedure. During its holding, a layer of keratinized skin cells is carefully removed. After this, the regeneration processes occur much faster, the cells are restored, rejuvenated. In addition, ultrasonic peeling helps to remove small facial wrinkles, traces of acne and acne. The skin is moisturized naturally, thanks to which normal skin microcirculation is restored.

Already after the first session you can see that the person is much younger and fresher. Even deep pores under the action of ultrasound are cleaned very well and no longer seem so large. Running your fingers over the face, you can feel that the skin has become velvety and smooth.

Before the first session you should not expect painful sensations, everything goes without any discomfort.

Cosmetologists recommend carrying out such peeling regularly, because its result will last only one - one and a half weeks.

A systematic visit to a specialist in just a few sessions will help to forget about rashes, inflammatory processes and other troubles that all women periodically face.

Indications and contraindications

Ultrasonic face peeling, like all other similar procedures, has a number of indications and contraindications. A cosmetologist after the first examination will accurately tell whether or not an ultrasound cosmetology session can be conducted.

Most often, ultrasonic peeling is used in such cases:

  • acne, black dots
  • seborrhea,
  • swelling of the face
  • greasy face
  • inflammatory processes
  • decrease in skin tone caused by age-related changes.

The procedure may apply. on different skin typesthat allows each woman to get rid of exciting problems fairly quickly and painlessly. It should be remembered that there are also a number of contraindications for such a procedure. Ultrasonic peeling is not performed if there are cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Women during pregnancy, lactation is also prohibited this procedure. The presence of injuries, wounds on the face also completely eliminates the possibility of peeling. If a person has a pacemaker, implants, then this is also a contraindication to the session.

During the period of acute inflammatory processes on the face, you should first eliminate them and only after that you can proceed to the procedure itself.

Technology holding

As before each peeling, at the first stage, the beautician completely cleans the client's face with special lotions or even scrubs. This is done very carefully, so that later the device cleans the face as best as possible. After cleansing, a peeling agent is applied to the skin, in some cases mineral water can be used. The liquid is needed to make the device better in contact with the skin, to clean it well. Immediately, the peeling itself is carried out using an ultrasonic scraber spatula.

Throughout the session, the client does not feel any unpleasant, and even more pain. A slight vibration can only be felt in those areas where the bones are located closely - these are the cheekbones and forehead.

After the end of the session, the beautician will necessarily carry out a light massage, after which it will moisturize the face with a special cream, selected according to the client's skin type. The whole procedure takes 30-40 minutes. To get the desired effect, keep the skin in perfect condition beauticians recommend peeling 1-2 times a month. In some cases, the number of sessions can be increased according to individual indications.

Benefits of Peeling

Ultrasonic facial peeling has a number of advantages that you should definitely mention. First of all, many are attracted by the fact that after the procedure a special rehabilitation period is not required. You can easily combine a visit to the cosmetology office and your daily activities.

Also such a peel is completely safeand this is very important. In addition, it can simultaneously be combined with other cosmetic procedures. Специалист подробно расскажет обо всем этом или сам назначит курс необходимых сеансов.

The affordable cost of such a peeling is another very significant advantage over other offers. You can go for such procedures at any time of the year without fear of injury or scarring. In addition, during the session completely eliminated the risk of infection of the skin by various diseases.

In that case, if the skin of the face is very dirty, the beautician can first appoint a mechanical cleaning and only then proceed to the ultrasonic peeling.

How to properly care for the skin after the procedure?

Ultrasonic peeling - the procedure is very gentle, soft, so there are no special recommendations for skin care.

It should only be remembered that within 12 hours after peeling, you should not go to the sauna, actively engage in sports, apply makeup, paint eyelashes. During this time, the skin is fully restored, a slight redness will disappear.

Ultrasound peeling is a very affordable, safe and effective way to always be confident in your appearance. The youth of the skin depends only on how strongly the woman tries to prolong it. Modern technologies and professional cosmetologists will help to successfully cope with this task.

Varieties of procedure

To date, there are three types of peelingwhich have differences in penetration depth:

  1. Peeling surface type - with this type, the beam penetrates only to the depth of the horny and granular layer of the skin, not further.
  2. Ultrasonic peeling of the face, during which the entire epidermis and surface capillaries of the dermal layer are treated.
  3. Deep type peeling - during this kind of procedure, the entire reticular dermis is affected. This deep peeling is the most common and popular, because with it the skin becomes soft and becomes silky.

Ultrasound peeling

The procedure is carried out with the help of a special preparation that produces waves having a high intensity. It is with their help that the effect on the skin of the face occurs, and it becomes fresh and young.

1. Direct preparation of facial skin:

  • The first step is to remove all residues of cosmetics with the help of special lotions.
  • If the skin has strong impurities, it is treated with scrubs that promote deep cleansing.
  • Further moistening is carried out using helium or mineral water. This stage is obligatory, since it is with the help of water that ultrasound can fully manifest itself.

2. Skin Cleaning:

  • A special paddle with ultrasound is applied directly to the skin.
  • The specialist slowly takes it along the lines of the face. At this point, the patient feels only the vibration over the skin.
  • The area around the eyes and lips are not amenable to ultrasonic cleaning, as sensitive cells are located there, which can cause soreness.

3. Stage of completion:

  • The final step is to conduct a light plastic massage and applying a moisturizing mask.
  • Next, the specialist applies the cream, which is selected according to the type of skin of the client.

On average, peeling lasts no more than an hour. The effect can be noticed after the first session, however, to achieve the maximum result and fix it, cosmetologists recommend visiting at least three procedures with a time interval of one week or two.

Recovery period

After this event beauticians do not recommend performing some procedures.that can aggravate the skin condition.

  1. Apply an excessive amount of cosmetics.
  2. To clean the face in other ways.
  3. It is necessary to protect the skin from exposure to ultraviolet radiation and high temperatures.
  4. Take medications.

If you do not violate the contraindications and indications for carrying out an ultrasonic peeling, the result not only does not take long to wait, but will last for a long time. Beauticians recommend to undergo a peeling course in the winter season, because at this time the skin is least exposed to ultraviolet radiation.

What is ultrasonic peeling or ultrasonic cleaning?

Under the ultrasonic peeling understand the procedure that provides facial cleansing of the face, peeling, as well as updating the surface layers of the skin under the influence of high-frequency vibrations.

Ultrasonic peeling is a superficial physical peeling that provides rejection of the stratum corneum of the skin due to the breaking of bonds between the cells of the stratum corneum under the action of ultrasonic waves.

A triple effect is produced on the skin by means of an ultrasonic peeling. In particular, it helps cleanse the skin, renew skin cells, and eliminate dead cornea. With the help of sound vibrations, a peculiar massage of the skin is performed, the production of collagen is stimulated. In addition, ultrasound provides deep penetration of the active ingredients and nutrition of the epidermis in the phonophoresis mode.

Experts recognize ultrasonic peeling of one of the most gentle types of cleansing, which allows you to remove only the superficial layers of the epidermis, eliminate acne and contaminated comedo, smooth surface wrinkles, improve hemodynamics, provide natural hydration and lifting. During ultrasonic cleaning, metabolic processes in the cells are activated, their nutrition and oxygen supply are improved.

Ultrasonic cleaning of the face is carried out up to 2 times a month. As for dry skin, the quarterly procedure should be considered optimal. Many customers need only one such procedure per year.

As experience shows, ultrasonic peeling is effectively combined with the procedure of ultraphonophoresis, which provides for the introduction into the epidermis of nutrients, as well as medical preparations.

Due to the gentle nature of ultrasound peeling, it can be done at any time without fear of a reaction such as traumatic skin pigmentation.

Many doctors do not unequivocally refer to ultrasound peeling and argue that the effect of ultrasound on the human body is not sufficiently studied. And therefore, it is recommended to hold it no more than twice a year.

Ultrasonic face cleaning is the best instant remedy before an important event, if you did not have time to get ready for it, but you need to look your best.

If you have problematic oily skin, then the best result can be achieved only with a combination of ultrasonic peeling with mechanical cleaning of the face. Ultrasonic peeling or facial cleansing is good for aged and dry skin.

The mechanism of action on the skin when cleaning ultrasound

The mechanism of action of ultrasonic peeling is to process the epidermis with a transverse sound wave shape with a frequency of 22-44 kHz. Sound waves can penetrate to a small depth of no more than 0.2 mm, while achieving the effect of light peeling, micro-massage, moisturizing the skin and redox processes in the skin are activated.

Ultrasonic cleaning provides high-frequency oscillation, which exerts a variable acoustic pressure on the liquid medium that is applied to the skin. There are "microjet", which weaken the connection between dead horny cells of the epithelium, contributing to their rapid removal.

Micro massage with ultrasound waves stimulates tissue repair processes, accelerates intracellular metabolic processes, and activates collagen synthesis. The use of a pulse mode when performing massage in combination with active sera is the key to a pronounced lifting effect.

Ultrasonic Peeling Apparatus

It is very important that the ultrasonic peeling apparatus is of high quality and multifunctional. Only in this case, the patient can expect the effect of the procedure. In beauty parlors there are bond apparatuses of the following companies: Gezanne (France), Onto (Germany), Reviderm AG (Germany), Grand AespioO Inc. (Korea), Health Beauty (Israel), Skin Karma (Sybaritic Inc., USA), Skincare (Italy), Decomedical (Italy), RÖS'S (Spain), Neo (China), Silver Fox (Spain), Biomak (Poland) , Sonic Cheng (Taiwan). There is also a bond apparatus NS-201 of the Russian company Neoesthetic.

German, French and American are the best, but at the price too expensive, Chinese and Korean are cheap, but may be unreliable, Poland and Taiwan are better, and the average option is Italian, Russian and Spanish devices for ultrasound peeling.

Any device can break down due to improper operation, and over time the models become obsolete, especially the effect of the procedure depends not only on the device, but also on the professionalism of the cosmetologist.

A good machine for home cleaning of the face is an ultrasonic device Gezatone KUS-2K (France).

Indications for performing the ultrasound peeling procedure

• the presence of oily skin and acne,
• comedones (black dots),
• seborrhea,
• effect of oily shine of the skin,
• the presence of enlarged and clogged pores,
• unattractive dull complexion,
• reduced turgor and skin tone,
• swelling,
• local inflammations,
• age-related skin changes.

The advantages of ultrasonic cleaning include

• the widest range of application (face, back, neck, hands, neckline),

• the possibility of replacing with it several types of cosmetological manipulations, such as skin depressurization, massage, mechanical cleaning, lifting,

• effectiveness in the treatment of acne and elimination of excess sebum secretion,

• suitable for dry sensitive skin,

• possibility of use in the vulnerable decollete area, since this peeling does not contribute to the formation of keloid scars,

• the magnificent instant visual result which is expressed in finding of the young, pure, tightened person,

• absence of the rehabilitation period and any restrictions after the peeling procedure,

The disadvantages of ultrasonic face cleaning include

• short visual effect,

• availability of a wide range of contraindications,

• unpleasant sounds emanating from the apparatus during the procedure, which reduces the comfort of the procedure,

• not sufficiently pronounced positive effect in case of oily, very problematic skin, since inflamed and deep comedones are not removed,

• The effect of ultrasound on the human body is not well understood.

Ultrasound peeling procedure

Ultrasound peeling procedure involves performing actions related to the implementation of:

• Make-up removal and toning based on skin type.

• “Grinding” of the skin using a cream gommage (a special preparation that does not contain mechanical particles). At the same time it is possible to provide a gentle and safe effect. The composition of gommage includes chemical ingredients that promote the removal of dead cells.

• Masks for cold hydrogenation under the film of the company used by the beautician for 15-25 minutes. It replaces the vaporizer, while the skin is not injured by steam, and the effect is to loosen the upper layer of the epidermis. And the film creates a greenhouse effect and enhances the effect of the mask.

• Ultrasonic peeling. In this case, the cosmetologist acts with a device blade on the skin at an angle of 45 degrees and constantly moisturizes it with mineral water (with oily skin with lotion with lactic acid, with inflamed skin with lotion with salicylic acid) with a vaporizer, and it is best to use a special hydrogenated gel (there is many firms with aloe vera). The film is lifted only in the area that we process.

The procedure is performed from the side zones to the center of the face against the massage lines; the upper eye zone, the thyroid gland, and the lips should be avoided. Each skin area can be processed no more than 3-4 times. The procedure should not last more than 15 minutes, and on sensitive skin 5 minutes. If hyperemia appears in the impact zone, the procedure should be terminated. Power and exposure time is chosen by a beautician depending on the type of skin and its problems. On inflamed, sensitive skin, the power should be minimal.

• Massage, assuming a smooth effect on the skin through the flat side of the scapula of the apparatus along the lines of lymphatic drainage (from the center to the side areas of the face).

• Phonophoresis, which involves the application of a therapeutic or care agent (ampoule) intended specifically for phonophoresis. At the same time, smooth action is performed by means of the flat side of the blade of the apparatus along the lines of the lymph outflow.

• applying an antibacterial porous mask.

• applying a soothing cream.

• In some salons darsonvalization is done at the end.

In beauty salons it is recommended to usually take a course of 5-10 procedures once every 2-3 weeks, if you have problem skin.

Massage and phonophoresis promote

• rejuvenation at the cellular level,
• elimination of wrinkles,
• the introduction of cosmetic products in the deeper layers of the skin, which provides a prolongation of the action of such drugs.

Each of the ultrasonic cleaning procedures lasts about 25-35 minutes depending on the use of additional agents and is accompanied by a slight tingling, a sensation of heat, and vibration.

Skin condition during and after the ultrasound peeling procedure

In the process and immediately upon completion of the procedure of ultrasonic face cleansing, the skin can become pink in color, however, quite quickly the complexion becomes normal. No special care is required after this cosmetic manipulation, the skin is easily restored by itself.

You should not apply makeup, dye eyebrows, eyelashes, hair, do not visit the pool, bath, sauna, solarium, and also do not physically overwork and do active sports for 12 hours after cleansing the face with ultrasound.

Effect after ultrasonic cleaning

• cleansing the skin from pollution, including high-quality pore cleansing without the use of mechanical effects,

• normalization of the protective functions of the epidermis and increasing its adaptive characteristics,

• renewal of the upper layers of cells, due to which the skin looks significantly younger, velvety, soft, smooth, moisturized,

• in the elimination of black dots,

• narrowing of the skin pores,

• exfoliation of cornified particles,

• skin leveling,

• improvement of complexion,

• enhancing the skin's ability to self-renew,

• improved lymphatic drainage and hemodynamics,

• elimination of stagnation,

• improved cell nutrition,

• acceleration of the synthesis of elastin and collagen.

Possible complications

Complications after the procedure of ultrasonic cleaning of the face are practically not observed, if the technique of the procedure and the rules of operation of the ultrasonic device are observed.
If a cosmetologist makes a mistake, small burns or areas of hyperemia may occur.

The price of one ultrasound peeling procedure ranges from 600 to 4000 rubles.

Photos before and after ultrasonic peeling

The advantages of ultrasonic peeling

Ultrasonic peeling is used for all skin types, at any age, at any time of the year and on all parts of the body.

Most often, this procedure is done on the face, in the décolleté and on the back.

After ultrasound peeling, there are no various complications - inflammation, wounds, scars, as after mechanical peeling. The face treated with ultrasound looks refreshed, it shows no signs of mechanical impact. The rehabilitation period is not needed. Sometimes the skin may turn slightly pink, but after a few hours this phenomenon will disappear. Ultrasonic cleansing of the face is recommended for clogged pores, acne (not inflamed) and other problems. After the procedure, the skin looks younger, the complexion improves, the pores are narrowed, the inflammatory processes are reduced.

You can visit the beautician even during the lunch break without any damage to your health, work or appearance. Immediately after the procedure, you can safely go to a business meeting or a solemn event.

Ultrasonic cleaning can be applied frequently and without harm to health. Such careful removal of dead cells in the epidermis cannot be achieved with normal peeling.

What you should also know about ultrasound peeling

Sometimes the result is different from the expected. The effect of peeling largely depends on the condition of the skin before the procedure. A cosmetologist may recommend several sessions. This is especially true for people with problematic oily skin.

Ultrasonic face peeling is not a rejuvenating procedure. It improves the complexion, slightly tightens the skin, but the rejuvenating effect is not so strong that the client "shed" 10 years. The development of elastin fibers, caused by the action of ultrasonic waves, returns the skin elasticity and elasticity.

Removal of age spots is not always successful. Some people cannot even get rid of them in a few sessions.

Some patients experience painful sensations. Probably, in this case, affect the individual characteristics of the organism. It is also possible illiterate conduct procedures by a beautician.


Now, many beauty salons, in addition to ultrasonic peeling, offer to carry out phonophoresis. Это процедура заключается в совмещении ультразвуковой обработки кожи с введением в нее лекарственных препаратов. Под влиянием ультразвукового потока молекулы лекарственного средства становятся более подвижными и интенсивнее проникают вглубь тканей кожи. Ультразвук делает кожу проницаемой для них. Таким образом воздействие лекарственного препарата значительно усиливается.The active substance is able to act in the depth of the skin tissue. Phonophoresis is a procedure that is based on the cumulative effect of ultrasound and drugs. Under the action of ultrasound, this procedure increases the permeability of the walls of blood vessels, cell membranes and epidermis.

But not all drugs can be used with ultrasound. Independently apply ultraphonophoresis without consulting with a cosmetologist is strictly prohibited.

Ultrasound peeling skin care

A beautician will certainly talk about the rules of skin care after peeling. There are a few basic rules.

To care for your skin, it is better to choose sparing agents. It is better to use gels or foams that do not need to be rubbed. Wash your face with slightly acidified water.

For several days, it is desirable to abandon decorative cosmetics. It is recommended to touch the face as little as possible. If you try to control this process, the risk of infection on the skin of the face will be minimal.

Immediately after the procedure, do not actively sunbathe. When going out in the sun, you should use a cream with an ultraviolet filter. The degree of protection of the cream should be at least 30. It is also recommended to temporarily abandon the bath, sauna, swimming pool and solarium.

Advantages and disadvantages of ultrasonic peeling at home

Ultrasonic peeling can rightly be considered a very gentle and safe procedure. Unlike dry cleaning or laser use, this procedure does not provide for mechanical action on the skin. Accordingly, the upper layer of the epidermis does not burn acids. The person is not injured.

The advantages of home ultrasound peeling:

    Exfoliates dead particles. Unlike standard dry cleaning, skin particles are not burned or dissolved by reagents. They are destroyed and disintegrate into fine dust under the influence of ultrasonic waves.

Eliminates Acne. Due to the mild effect, pus is removed from the pores, which accumulates due to septum blocked ducts.

Reduces the number of black dots. Under the influence of an ultrasonic wave, dirt is removed from the pores. Remnants of sebum are removed. At the same time, the pores themselves do not expand, which prevents the infection from penetrating into the skin.

Removes age spots. Ultrasonic waves normalize melanin production. It is evenly distributed in the skin layers. Therefore, freckles and age spots become brighter or disappear altogether.

  • Helps reduce wrinkles. Under the influence of ultrasonic waves is the activation of metabolic processes. Wrinkles become less noticeable. They are gradually smoothed out.

  • Despite the relative safety and simplicity of the procedure, you should be aware of its shortcomings. In most cases, after the manipulation, the effect is visible, and, quite significant, but it all depends on the features of the epidermis.

    The list of disadvantages of ultrasonic peeling for the face:

      Low efficacy against advanced acne. This is a gentle treatment that preserves and preserves the integrity of the skin. But acne and acne, which is quite running, remove with the help of this cleaning will not work.

    A large list of contraindications. This is especially true for people who suffer from neurological ailments. They will not be able to use this device due to possible complications.

    Low efficacy for very oily skin.. In the presence of a large number of comedones and excessive sebum secretion, it is worthwhile to combine ultrasound peeling with chemical manipulations. Ultrasound is often used before or after peeling with fruit acids. In this case, it turns out to clean the face.

    Decent price of the procedure. In the cabin, manipulation is not cheap, so you can save money by buying a device for home use. That is, after testing the device in the cabin, you can purchase such a device for the home.

  • Unpleasant sounds. The device often buzzes strangely, and this makes the procedure a bit unpleasant. But you quickly get used to this buzz.

  • Overview of devices for ultrasonic face cleaning at home

    Now on the market is quite a large selection of devices for ultrasonic cleaning of the face. The cost of the device is not very high and is on average equal to two peeling procedures in the salon. Accordingly, the equipment will quickly justify itself.

    Overview of devices for ultrasonic cleaning of the face:

      Gezatone Superlifting. This device is in the middle price range. Equipped with a comfortable grip and an extra beam with ultraviolet. The peeling procedure is more effective due to exposure to ultraviolet radiation. The weight of the device is 150 g. It has a nice design and does not require special care. Cost - 60 dollars.

    RIO Sonicleanse. This unit is more efficient because of the greater power. The device is often used in beauty salons and studios for face and body care. Very large range of settings. But its value is higher than the previous one. The price of the simplest device of this company is $ 100.

    LW 006. Produced in St. Petersburg under license. The package and device is very simple. The power of the device is small, but ideal for home use. When applied, phonophoresis occurs, which makes the pores more susceptible to nourishing masks and creams. Accordingly, after the manipulation, the healing compounds are more actively absorbed by the skin cells. The cost of the device - 50-70 dollars. The price depends on the number of attachments and equipment.

  • Gezatone KUS-2K. One of the most popular appliances for home use. Differs low price and stylish design. The tip is represented by a classic spatula, which gently exfoliates dead skin particles. The cost is $ 70, and the weight is 300 g. A very convenient pen and an intuitive display with control buttons.

  • How to use the device for ultrasonic peeling of the skin

    Initially, you should definitely make sure that you have no contraindications to the procedure. With significant rashes and acne on the face, it is necessary to carry out mechanical cleaning. Only after healing, you can begin to use ultrasonic devices.

    Before the procedure, clean the face with a milk or foam. Choose a cleanser depending on skin type. After this, wash again and blot your face with a dry cloth. Be sure to remove all makeup residues.

    Often, before ultrasound peeling, fruit acids are applied on the face, which gently dissolve dead particles and sebum, which is in the pores. But at home it is better to carry out as an independent procedure. Otherwise, you can get irritation and inflammation of the epidermis.

    Instructions for use of the device for ultrasonic skin cleaning:

      Apply to the face a special gel. It is the conductor between the skin and the ultrasonic waves. This gel is also selected depending on the condition and characteristics of the skin. The composition of almost all of these funds contains hyaluronic acid, which helps retain moisture in the cells.

    Next, you need to drive the nozzle over different skin areas. Make sure that at one point the nozzle of the device was not more than 7 seconds. The whole procedure lasts 15 minutes.

    Spatula-nozzle should be carried out from the temples to the forehead, against the massage lines. You should not drive in one place more than 3-4 times.

    The lines on which the peeling is performed are horizontal and aimed at meeting each other. They intersect in the center of the face.

    After the procedure, the skin should be wiped with an antiseptic. It is best to use special formulations or the weakest Chlorhexidine solution.

  • After that, apply on face cream. This is especially true for women with dry and sensitive skin. She after the procedure needs moisturizing and nutrition.

  • How often can you do an ultrasonic facial peeling

    At the very beginning, the frequency of peeling depends on the condition of the skin. 3-4 procedures are usually enough with breaks of 4-5 days. It is during these first sessions that the soft cleaning is carried out.

    The duration of the session is minimal. This is necessary to check the sensitivity of the skin and eliminate the risk of irritation and allergies.

    If within 2-3 days after the procedure no rashes and spots appear, you can safely use the device once a month. This periodicity is enough to keep the skin fresh and young.

    Skin condition before and after ultrasonic facial peeling

    In most cases, the final result depends on the skill of the beautician and the condition of the skin. Do not expect that after a single peeling procedure, a person with a large number of comedones will shine health.

    Results after the procedure:

      Skin becomes smooth. The greasy luster disappears, the tone of the face becomes even. This is especially noticeable on the skin, which is prone to the formation of a large number of comedones.

    The number of pigment spots decreases. Over time, the number of pigment spots decreases. After the first procedure, they become lighter and then may disappear altogether. This is true in the presence of freckles.

    Inflammation decreases. Sensitive skin with proper care after the manipulation becomes smooth and soft. Inflamed epidermis calms down.

    Small wrinkles are smoothed. This is especially true in the presence of vertical and horizontal wrinkles in the forehead and nose.

    The effect of masks is enhanced. After ultrasonic peeling, the healing compounds are better absorbed and completely absorbed by the cells. Thus, the skin "breathes."

  • Skin becomes noticeably younger. With regular peeling, you can forget about problems with acne, inflammation and pigmentation.

  • How to do ultrasonic facial peeling - see the video: