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How to apply lip glitter and combine it with another makeup


Lips - the center of attention and an effective tool seductress. Bright lips again conquered the pinnacle of popularity. Learn how to properly apply lipstick eye-catching shades.

For several seasons, natural make-up was in vogue, but now makeup artists suggest using the brightest lipstick shades. Red, red, coral and wine "coloring" lips, perhaps now at the height of fashion. They look spectacular, attract attention to themselves, make the woman's appearance more bright and attractive. Unfortunately, not every lady knows how to use bright makeup. Listen to the advice of makeup artists, who will tell you how to properly make up with bright lipstick.

Secrets of bright lips

Ten minutes before applying, coat your lips with shea butter or thick balm. It feels like a light oily film will remain, and thanks to this trick, the makeup will fall well on the skin. You can be sure that after this simple procedure, the makeup will last at least four hours.

To prevent the lipstick from spreading, circle the outline with a pencil. You can pick up a pencil to match the tone of lipstick or use colorless. Such a cosmetic product will not allow dyes to spread over the edges of the stroke and flow into folds.

Now on sale appeared a special tool Lipstein. It comes in the form of a felt-tip pen and contains a pigment that is immediately absorbed into the skin and keeps on it for a long time. Lipstein can be used only when you have soft and delicate skin on the lips. On flaky or dry surfaces, the pigment will fall unevenly.

Much depends on the quality of the cosmetic. Expensive and well-known brands have unique lipsticks, which are applied directly from the stick without various tricks and contour pencils, but at the same time they are not smeared and do not spread.

Of course, on sale you can find special resistant cosmetics. It looks flawless, but dermatologists advise against using it more than once a week. This product is very dry skin. Bright lipstick is best applied with a soft brush. Many people apply it with their fingers, but this will require certain skills.

Step-by-step instructions for creating beautiful lips

The process of applying bright lipstick is not as complicated as it may seem at first glance. First, use a gentle scrub to keep your lips from peeling off. Next, cover them with moisturizing colorless lipstick or Vaseline. Do this before applying decorative cosmetics.

Lips paint at the very last moment, but to prepare for applying lipstick must be in advance. After a few minutes, lightly powder the lips, then draw the outline with a pencil to match the lipstick and correct the outline. It is not recommended to go beyond the contour by more than two millimeters. The image may be vulgar due to the brightness of the lipstick.

Gently brush the lips with a brush, moving from the corners of the mouth to the middle. At the end, blot the excess with a paper handkerchief so that the makeup adheres well. If you want to give a gloss, apply a little shine in the center, and if you need to make the sponges more velvety, powder them with a light crumbly powder.

The tone of bright lipstick should be selected based on the skin tone. Dark and tanned women fit warm matte and pearl shades. Ladies with pale skin is better to prefer cool shades.

Secrets and photos of makeup with bright lips

It is important not to forget that makeup with bright lipstick should be complex. Look at the photos of models, working on which the makeup artists took into account all the rules and picked up the right shades of eye and face makeup.

Do not be afraid to try new shades! It is not necessary to immediately go out in an unusual way into the light! Experiment at home. And do not forget to paint your nails beautifully and put your hair. After all, the female image is always perceived as a complex, and one unfortunate detail can spoil five beautiful sections!

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What is glitter and its properties

The effect of shimmering lip makeup is a beauty rule that was introduced and popularized by the visage master Pat McGrath. Glossy makeup is extravagant, sexy, associated with doll beauty, tenderness and at the same time a challenge to society. Women liked it so much that the podium make-up switched from magazine covers to everyday life.

Pat McGrath is a well-known stylist, cosmetologist, actively collaborating with fashion houses such as Prada, Miu Miu, Comme des Garçons, Dolce and Gabbana, John Galliano. In 2016, she created an amazing, sensual makeup at the Atelier Versace show. The main sensation on the catwalk is the mouth of models in shining particles and sparkles.

Glitter on the lips forms the image of a fragile, but bold, riveting. You can use it, but you must take into account a number of rules and follow them.

Rules for the use of glitter in makeup

There are two ways to cover - dry and wet. In the dry method, the cosmetic is mixed with glitter or applied over several layers of lipstick. For wet brush pre-moistened with primer.

If you want to surprise your friends who are close to the trendy makeup with sparkles, create a fashionable make-up at home. You will need lipstick or gloss, primer, glitter and a little patience. To keep your lips as long as possible in perfect shape, get a spray-fixer for makeup.

Step-by-step procedure for applying glitter:

  • Moisturize your lips with cream. The skin should not be dry: spangles have a peculiar structure, after a short period of time it will be clogged in folds and microcracks.
  • Using a pencil, liner draw a smooth contour, give your lips an immaculate shape.
  • Cover lips with 2-3 layers of gloss or lipstick. Choose a glossy or shiny texture. Do not use matte, stylists recommend liquid lipstick.
  • Add a primer to the brush, then dip it into the glitter. Tapping glitter. Do not go beyond the contours. Perform the procedure carefully, slowly, so as not to apply shine on the skin around the lips. They are difficult to remove from the face, such flicker will look sloppy.
  • Make-up remover will help lotion, milk, balm on the basis of oil, fat. Tonic and mycelial water do not cope with small particles stuck to the body.
  • Sprinkle lips with makeup fixative.

Rules for flickering make-up:

  • reasonable selection of lipstick,
  • Use a trendy golden color, it looks great with red, cherry, nude tones. Glitter colors can also be mixed
  • face makeup only in the “nude” style: wide, natural eyebrows, a minimum of blush, mascara on the eyelashes. The main thing - even skin tone,
  • If your lips are accentuated, you should not use flickering shadows.

Makeup artists use glitters and shimmers for shimmering makeup. Glitter translates as "shine", and shimmer - "flicker." Large mirror spangles, which are immediately visible on the skin - glitters, and crushed to a tiny state, iridescent ornamental particles - shimmers.

Overview of various manufacturers

Lip glitters are produced by many trademarks. Pat McGrath Labs takes the leading place among professional products.

Three sets are on sale: LUST 004 EVERYTHING KIT worth $ 150, SINGLES for $ 25, KITS for $ 60. EVERYTHING KIT - set, which includes 6 lipsticks, vinyl gloss, lip powder and glitter. Makeup artist herself believes that it is necessary to combine several colors of lipstick. Thus it is possible to create shades.

Key manufacturers of makeup lines for shiny lip makeup:

Products of these brands are popular among stylists, created for professional make-up and are available for sale. They can be used independently at home, having previously practiced.

To find your image, experiment: apply glitter dotted, only along the contour, or give with their help the volume and expressiveness of the lower lip.

Primer plays an important role. It increases the durability of the makeup and is necessary so that the sparkles do not fall off quickly, covering the chin, neck and cheeks.

Make-up fixer is a must-have product that has won recognition in the beauty industry. With it, the make-up looks brighter, fresher, the sparkles “stick” to the lipstick. Trademarks clamps: Fix ’Make-Up from Clarins, Mist & Fix from Make Up For Ever, Beauty elixir from Caudalie, Fit + from M.A.C, Make-up-Secret professional.

When it is undesirable to use

Flickering make-up can not be called practical. Even with expensive makeup, the lips in perfect condition will not stay half a day. Spangles move, crumble, spread over the skin around the mouth. Drinking with glitter is quite difficult - makeup will immediately lose its appeal. Having decided on such a make-up, remember:

  • glitter is not the place outside the contour of the lips and on the teeth,
  • touching the lips during a party is minimal. Festive look can be greased with one touch,
  • make-up should be monitored the whole evening. The glitter floated does not paint anyone.

Appear in a society with a sparkling make-up under the power of every woman. It's time to amaze, experiment and try on the beautiful images created by leading cosmetologists of the beauty industry.

Features makeup with rhinestones and glitter

Getting ready to create a shining make-up, first of all figure out what one type of sparkles is different from another. There are three main types.

This term refers to any beauty tool, which consists of very small shiny particles with a reflective effect. Such radiant pollen can be found in lipstick, and in highlighter, and in rouge, and in nail polish.

Larger, in comparison with shimmer, shining particles that are visible to the naked eye. Glitter can be both crumbly and liquid. Look for it in the composition of varnishes, gloss, lipstick and liner.

Large bulging sparkles that more resemble gems. Rhinestones come in different colors, sizes and shapes, they are glued separately using special glue.

How to glue rhinestones or glitter?

Using glitter and rhinestones at home is not that difficult. Ideally, you need glue from an arsenal of professional make-up artists, but you can also handle it with available tools.

Primer for applying sequins Glitter Primer, NYX Professional Makeup © nyxcosmetic.ru

How to remove glitter?

Glitter removal is a two-step process. First, go over the skin with the adhesive side of the tape: it will collect the bulk of the sparkles. Remove the remaining, the most resistant, particles will help tool for make-up oil-based or vegetable oil - coconut, olive (by the way, it is most convenient to remove glitter from hair). Apply it to a cotton pad or cotton swab - and gently remove the glitter.

As for the removal of rhinestones, it all depends on the glue that you used. If the glue was latex-based, you can easily peel off the rhinestones without using additional tools (just try not to scratch the skin with nails!). In other cases, you will need a special cleanser - for example, a gel for removing false eyelashes.

Makeup with rhinestones on the face

If you are going to do makeup using rhinestones, it is best to place them in the temporal region and the inner corners of the eyes. Firstly, the make-up will be very effective, and secondly, the probability is high that the crystals will not disappear ahead of time.

How else can you use rhinestones in eye makeup? Tips look in our photo gallery.

Makeup with rhinestones on the lips

Before you start sticking rhinestones, use a lipstick suitable for the color of the lip (ideally, the shades of lipstick and sparkles should match). Lipstick should be stable, with a matte texture - on a glossy surface rhinestones will literally slide. Then apply a transparent glue for eyelashes and, before it has had time to dry, lay out the rhinestones. Important: try not to stretch your lips during the application process!

Makeup with glitter on the cheekbones

An ordinary cream highlighter with a delicate glow on the cheekbones is enough to make the face look fresher and younger. But if we are talking about a festive make-up, it's time to use glitter - with particles of medium or large size.

Another makeup option that has become a real summer hit is brilliant freckles! Act in the same way to create a scattering of bright freckles on your face.

Makeup with glitter on the lips

One of the most spectacular options for makeup with glitter requires accuracy and precision. But the result is worth it!

More details about this make-up technique can be found in the video below.

Makeup with glitter on the eyelashes

Apply mascara in several layers and, before it has had time to dry, apply a glitter on your eyelashes in a generous layer. You can use an eyebrow brush for this. Then comb the eyelashes with a clean brush from the old mascara and remove excess glitter that has crumbled under the eyes.

Makeup with glitter on the eyelids

On how to use the crumbly shining pigments in the makeup of the eyes, we describe in detail in our video tutorial.

If you are new to the make-up world, it may be difficult for you to make up your eyes with loose pigments. But there is also an easier way to create a sparkling make-up - with a brilliant eyeliner

You will find other ways to make eye makeup with glowing glitter in the video instructions created by beauty blogger Lena Sevelenium specifically for Makeup.ru.

Eyebrow Makeup with Glitter

One of the main and most unusual beauty trends of recent years is makeup under the eyebrow. To repeat it, draw the line along the lower border of eyelash growth with eyeliner.

The second option is to put a little glitter directly on the eyebrows, after mixing the loose pigments with hairspray.

Unusual makeup ideas with rhinestones and glitter

“Tears” of glitter, abstract drawings, makeup with the effect of “broken glass” and other interesting ideas for those who are looking for something new!

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How to wear make-up with glitter

There are two of the most versatile ways to wear glitter on your face this fall. The first works on the principles of minimalism, the second - playing on the contrast. Small glitter on eyes to match the shadows or instead of them, like sparkles on the smallest lips to match the lipstick, looks very attractive, adding a certain amount of mysticism to the image. This option can be worn even during the day as a standard natural makeup.

The second option is a game of contrasts. It's a little harder to use, since it's important to know which colors you can use. In this case, the sparkles-chameleons or holographic glitter look great. It can be applied on top of any shadow or lipstick, but this make-up is best left for the evening out. You can even use glitter as a liner.

Remember, liquid glitter can be applied without additional funds, but for dry you will need special glitter glue or you can use cream shadows as a base. Lipstick is easier - glitter "sticks" to any cream lipstick. It, by the way, can be used on the eyes. Or replace the cream eye shadow lip balm.

How to make make-up with sparkles

If there is someone who loves the sparkles in make-up more than us, it must be celebrity makeup artist Violett Fr. On his YouTube channel, make-up guru shows how to make a simple day make-up with sparkles, that is, a glitter for the eyes. And also, how to make a beautiful beauty bow with glitter for lips. You can wear these make-up options even in the morning, to the office, to meet friends, it is very elegant and at the same time a bit festive.

What it is?

Glitter in the fashion world is called glitter, that is, makeup with glitter is a make-up, complemented by glitter. One of the first to offer and perform it was the famous makeup artist Pat McGrath, who created Rihanna’s images for the concert and top models at the Atelier Versace show. And she also developed the first complete set of cosmetics, which includes six lipsticks, three glitters, as well as one gold pigment and gloss each.

When is this makeup appropriate?

Сразу стоит отметить, что макияж губ с глиттером точно нельзя считать повседневным, он подойдёт только для особых случаев, например, для фотосессий, тематических вечеринок, выступлений в качестве танцоров, показов, конкурсов красоты и прочих подобных мероприятий. Можно создать яркий образ для вечеринки, но помните о том, что блёстки – это непрактично: с таким мейкапом крайне неудобно пить и есть.

Что понадобится для создания макияжа?

To create makeup you will need the following tools and accessories:

  • The foundation. Its function can be performed by liquid or lipstick having a glossy structure (matte will not work, the glitter will simply not fix on it) or lip gloss.
  • Directly glitter. It can be specialized and designed specifically for makeup or designed for nail design.
  • You can apply glitter using a special brush or a usual cotton swab.
  • Spray fixture for makeup. It will allow to fix the coating and prevent the splashes from shining and their distribution over the face.

Makeup Technique

How to make lip makeup with glitter? It is performed in several stages:

  1. First, the lips can be moisturized and softened, for example, with a balm or cream. If they are dry, the glitter will begin to clog in the grooves, which will spoil the overall impression.
  2. Next, apply the main tool. It is applied in an even and rather dense layer, without going beyond the contours of the lips. If the coating is thin, the glitter will not fix on it properly.
  3. Then follows the direct application of the glitter itself. How to apply this tool? Gradually, to create a perfectly flat finish. Take a sufficient amount of glitter and gently distribute them over the surface of the lips, moving from the middle to the edges. Now fill the remaining voids and create a dense layer.
  4. Remove all glitter that went beyond the lips and fell on the face.
  5. Fix make-up with a spray.

Tip: there is another method that can be called wet (as described above - dry). You can simply mix the sparkles with a small amount of liquid lipstick or gloss, and then proceed to the application.

Rules and Tips

To make your makeup perfect, follow some rules and follow simple tips:

  • Remember that the main bright accent is your iridescent lips, so eye makeup should be less flashy and challenging.
  • A very important rule is the perfect face tone. So pre-clean the skin and apply a tonal basis. Do not forget to eliminate all defects, as the lips may attract attention to them.
  • Try to apply glitter locally, for example, only on the central areas of the lips, on the edges or on the inner region.
  • The contour of the lips should be smooth, well-defined and perfect. And for this you can use a pencil that advantageously lip lips and create their attractive outlines.
  • It is better to use medium-sized or large-sized glitter, since the small glitter tends to crumble, fall into the mouth and spread over the face.
  • Try experimenting with colors. So, the shade of lipstick or gloss and glitter may be different, which will create an unusual effect. Silver and golden glitters can be considered universal, they fall on almost all the colors of the lips. But also the basis and the brilliant coating can completely coincide in tone or relate to the same range.

Try to make a fashionable lip makeup with glitter and become bright and unique!