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What to wear with a short top


Talking about the fashion trends of this summer, we wrote that short tops and bustiers are in fashion, but we didn’t tell how to wear these stylish things.

Bustiers in the collection Altuzzara 2017

Miu Miu 2017 Crop Tops

Before you tell not so much how to show what to wear with a cropped top (also called cropping top, from English crop top), we will tell about it all that we know.

Bra-like cropped tops were worn and still worn by Indian women. Say more: a cropped top is an essential piece of belly dancer clothing. In Europe and America they began to be worn only in the 50s of the last century, combining them with pants with a high waist or full skirt.

Shortened tops back in fashion in the 80s. It happened right after Madonna at one of the concerts appeared in a shortened T-shirt.

Madonna in a very short top. 80s

Then, either in the late nineties, or at the beginning of the two thousandth, the shortened, tight fitting tops were put on by two more singers - Britney Spears and Christina Agiller. Following them (well, or just so it coincided, yeah), the shortened tops began to be worn by all and sundry everyone who could afford to bare a flat stomach. However, those who bare the belly was not worth the word "absolutely", also worn, but now is not about that.

Then the cropped tops went out of fashion - gone to return in 2014. And now, in 2017, they are at the peak of their popularity.

Who is the shortened top

Today, each of us is an artist himself, a designer and a stylist, we can proudly say: “I see it so!”, And with this sauce put on everything. And to be in its own right is not well, but cho.

Our opinion is still somewhat different: you can only wear a cropped top for those with a beautiful and taut belly. From our point of view, it is necessary to emphasize those parts of the body that look complimentary, and even then not always: a shortened top should not be worn in the office or at a business meeting.

Types and subspecies

The cropped top is a common name. If we talk about the so-called. subspecies, here:

  • Top bras (bustier)
  • Top gang (same bustier, but strapless),
  • Cropped Turtleneck,
  • Cropped sweater,
  • Cropped blouse / shirt,
  • Cropped T-shirt / T-shirt,
  • Top kimono.

Crop top with pants, shorts or jeans

A yacht, the Mediterranean Sea or even some ocean, and, of course, you are in a top gang and denim shorts, in a thin chain around your neck and sunglasses:

Girl, sea, top

Gigi Hadid wears a cropped top with jeans and fur slippers. If you need to go to a business institution, you can wear a shirt over the top and instantly get into the trend. total denim.

Gigi Hadid in striped top and jeans

Oh yes. Shortened can also be a sweatshirt. You can wear it with jeans, more precisely, with what is left of them, as in the photo, or with a denim skirt.

Zendaya in a cropped sweatshirt and very ripped jeans

A cropped black long-sleeved top (also called a long-sleeved top, and you can’t hide or hide from these English borrowings), combined with low waist pants. Of course, only if your tummy is as flat as that of Gigi Hadid.

In her free time, the top model wears a cropped top.

And again, a lover of shortened tops Gigi, this time in a shorter long sleeves and high-waisted pants. And, importantly, in a completely different way:

Crop top combined with wide cropped trousers

Gigi in a cropped top, this time white. She wears it with a striped trouser suit:

Striped suit and white cropped top

If only the lumen is visible, but not the entire abdomen - great! And especially if you are a happy owner of such a stylish and incredibly feminine embroidery:

White embroidered bare shoulders shirt and jeans

Cara Delevingne, too, does not expose the entire belly, and her short turtleneck is beautiful a little more than completely, and at the expense - think! - several contrast bands. All ingenious is simple, fact.

Cara Delevingne in pants with high waist and short turtleneck

Kara is British, and this fact automatically means that she cannot but have a cardigan!

Blue Cropped Cardigan and White Wide Pants

In the fall or spring, a bomber jacket can be thrown over a cropped top:

Skinny jeans, cropped top, bomber jacket

Zendaya wears a white cropped top with white pants, see photo:

Zendaya is all white

Cropped top with skirt

The same top in combination with a black pencil skirt, a fragment:

White cropped top kimono and black skirt

A cropped top in combination with a pencil skirt doesn’t look so much elegant as sexy. Nor is it at all vulgar!

Images with a pencil skirt

And again, Zendaya, this time in the top three gently blue.

If the tummy is bare only slightly, and your costume is made of cozy knitwear, then it can be worn in the fall or spring as in the photo on the right:

Crop top in autumn

With a fluffy skirt, regardless of its length, even midi, even maxi, even mini, top also wear:

Fluffy skirt and short shirt

A cropped top is perfect for evening activities. Today, the stars are still not so exposed

Short top: who can wear it?

The short top fits girls with the correct proportions of a figure and a beautiful press. However, if you have small problems in the lower abdomen, and the upper press is attractive, you can combine top with pants or a skirt with a high waist. Then the flaws of the figure will be hidden, but the merits will be in the spotlight.

Do not forget about skin color. A strip of pale, bluish skin is unlikely to cause delight in someone. Therefore, your tummy should be at least with a slight shade of tan.

Such open models are preferred by self-confident girls who like to attract attention. And those who lead an active lifestyle, prefer sports and simple models of tops.

Which model to choose?

The choice of model depends only on your personal taste and features of the figure.

Slim ladies with small breasts and narrow shoulders are recommended to give the volume of the upper body with ruche, frills and frills.

Girls with a sporty figure and pronounced broad shoulders are advised to pay attention to elongated tops with wide straps and a small round neckline. Well suited to a similar build tops with a smell or its imitations and T-shirts with Basques.

Women with a "rectangle" with a flat stomach, can afford short tops and tops in the style of "gang".


Perhaps this is the most famous and popular type of T-shirts. Knitted classic cut come in different colors, lengths and textures. Owners of slim figure fit tight knitted shirts in ribbed. They look great with short shorts and denim skirts of various lengths. Slim knit tops with a smooth texture are ideal for combination with jackets, jackets, cardigans.

Variety of models

Models tops there is a wide variety, so it is unlikely that you will be without new clothes. Here are some of them:

  • Top bustier. In appearance, it resembles a bra, so it requires careful thoughtfulness of the image, so as not to look vulgar and vulgar. It is better to wear it for special events that allow this style, or wear under outerwear.
  • Long sleeve top. Universal model, relevant in summer and in cool time. In most cases, you can combine with any clothing.
  • Top with a short sleeved fit. Such a model can look beautiful even on girls with magnificent forms.
  • Top T-shirt. Very convenient and practical for exploring the city.

What to wear?

If all the conditions to wear short tops are met, and you decide that this clothes will only decorate you, go on to the question of what to wear it with.

A short top and skirt is the perfect and always a win-win combination. For a strict but bright image you can combine the top with a pencil skirt. It is desirable that the skirt had a high waist.

A full skirt and slinky top will create a romantic look. In such a dress feel free to go on a date. As an option - a fluffy skirt and voluminous top with deflated sleeves, baring shoulders. This image is also very gentle and romantic.

A high skirt of a fitting cut of stretching fabric and a short top is an ideal combination for girls with a flawless figure, as it emphasizes both the advantages of the figure and the disadvantages.

A long skirt and a short top can look completely different. For example, a black top and skirt look elegant and not vulgar, and a wide skirt and a loose top in combination with sandals will create a casual, stylish look. A lace top and a light flying maxi skirt are perfect for a romantic, feminine look.

You can combine a short top with different models of trousers. Pipes, straight classic models, harem pants and riding breeches - they are all well combined with the top. With one caveat: the waist of the pants should be too high. A suit with a short top goes well.

Universal option - jeans and a short top. Jeans models can also be different - pipes, boyfriends, straight or flared.

Short top and shorts are a fashionable combination for courageous girls. And the shorts are appropriate and loose, and tight. But necessarily - with a high waist and preferably - not too short. You can complement the dress with a long cardigan or an openwork coat.

Women's tops - a good basis for creating memorable images. Feel free to wear this wardrobe item if your data allows it. In extreme cases, slip on a cardigan, jacket, or loose shirt.

2017 Short Tops

Considering the latest innovations, the Crop-Top 2017 should appear in every fashionista striving to keep up with the times. And it is not in vain, because it is not just another thing in the wardrobe. This item will be a real magic wand. With it you can create a lot of bright, stylish and original outfits. It is combined with shorts, skirts, pants, jeans. Mixed styles and the most unexpected color combinations are allowed.

Stylists recommend not to blindly copy the proposed kits, but feel free to experiment and create your own unique image that will emphasize your individuality. Short stylish top can be made in a variety of styles: street, sports or glamorous. He may well become part of the outfit, not only for leisure, but also for working days.

The most popular colors are:

  • short solid top bright and juicy color
  • floral print
  • fashion strip,
  • maximum gloss (Lurex and metallic),
  • inscriptions and emblems.

Exploring new products, you can select three positions that will appeal to even the most biased-minded women:

  1. Metallic top slightly loose fit with wide straps. It is more like a stylish vest in a futuristic style. It can be worn separately, worn over a shirt or even a sheath dress.
  2. Denim in everything!Top bustier from this material is multifunctional. It is worn over a T-shirt, instead of underwear or as part of a beach outfit.
  3. Topic with lacing. A great summer option that you can beat for every taste. It can be worn separately with jeans or wide trousers, on top of a translucent blouse or shirt, in case of cool weather, over a knitted dress.

Women's Crop Top

With the arrival of the spring-summer season, women's short tops became extremely popular. Today it is the most trendy detail of women's wardrobe. Do not be afraid of difficulties with the selection of a set for it. Knowing the basic rules is not difficult at all. But what is very important is your figure. Understanding the fact that your belly and waist will be bare, their condition should be as perfect as possible. This should be taken care of in advance. In some cases, a slightly protruding belly can be hidden behind pants or a skirt with a high waist, but it is better not to count on it.

Short knit top

For lovers of original and fragile things knitted crochet top is perfect. Light openwork patterns are relevant for the warm season. They look very tender and feminine. Thick knitting can be used for cooler weather in combination with a cardigan or an extended jacket. This option will be a suitable detail for a restrained and elegant look. Bold and charismatic ladies with a perfect figure can afford sexually explicit outfits.

Sleeveless Crop Top

Although slightly unusual, a cropped top with a long sleeve looks very harmonious. This is a great option for cool weather. It can act as an element of office attire. For sewing use knitwear, silk or lace. There are models that completely fit the figure, and there are free models that create a trendy multi-layer effect. A bold and bright look with a top made of eco-leather with mesh inserts. It can be part of the evening dress or everyday. It is more dependent on the bottom of the kit.

Short lace top

Delicate openwork patterns always give a woman elegance, sophistication and sexuality. Therefore, lace crochet top is very popular among the girls who know a lot about how to look perfect. The immediate destination depends on its style. This may be a solemn outfit, office or casual. Options cut can be several:

  • with long or short sleeves,
  • with open back,
  • with shoulder straps or stand-up collar,
  • free or close-fitting.

Short sports tops

Convenience and practicality in modern fashion in the first place. A sports crop top is a great option for creating everyday bows. It can be combined with skirts, shorts and pants, made in the appropriate style. Cropped shirts and T-shirts look great with high-waisted jeans. From shoes, choose sneakers, sneakers, sandals at low speed. Do not forget about accessories. They make the image complete and complete.

Wide short top

Fashion oversized touched and cropped t-shirts. Freedom of action and liberation is what most women want. They can be made in a business style, casual or sports. This will be the deciding factor in what case they wear. Black Crop Top is a versatile item. Due to the color, it can be a great addition to jeans, skirts and shorts. He can wear to work or go for a walk with friends. Lace model will be perfect for a festive party.

Crop top bustier

Top bustier will be an excellent alternative to a T-shirt and a traditional T-shirt. With it, you can create many stunning and interesting images. Forming cups will help emphasize a beautiful neckline, and thin straps - femininity and attractiveness. In the trend juicy tones, graphic, animalistic and floral prints. Girls who love glitter and luxury should look at the options with a decorative design. Rhinestones, rivets, beads, sequins will make even the most ordinary black short top bright and expressive.

Fringed Crop Top

An excellent option for the summer is a cropped fringed T-shirt. Complete with denim shorts or a short skirt, she looks stylish and relaxed. It is also a very good option for girls who are embarrassed to bare the body. Hanging ribbons, as a rule, fall below the waistline and largely cover the abdomen from prying eyes. The white short top looks great on a tanned body as part of a beach outfit.

What to wear with a short top

In order not to look ridiculous or vulgar you need to know what to wear with a crop top. One of the trends of the last few seasons is layering. This wardrobe detail can also be a part of this look. This option looks unusual in some way, but for those who are ready for experiments, they will definitely like it. For example, a shortened shirt can be worn over a shirt. This combination looks good in urban fashion. In some cases, the top can replace the usual vest.

Another topic can be worn over a sweater. This option is suitable for those who want to stay stylish even with the onset of cold weather. In the absence of a strict dress code, this set can be worn in the office. It is best to wear a bustier and an undershirt in underwear style over a T-shirt. Or they can be used instead of a bra for transparent clothing. The image will be bold and attractive.

Crop top and skirt

The first nuance that is worth considering is the length of the skirt. It will be relevant to the knee, midi and maxi. Mini categorically not welcome. Such a kit will look vulgar and awkward. But as for the style, in this matter the variations are much more, but the waist must necessarily be overestimated. And she has a lot of advantages:

  • a high-waisted skirt in combination with a short top creates the right impression. Such an image is devoid of vulgarity and excessive flatulence,
  • she visually pulls the silhouette and makes it more slender, hiding the extra volume in the hips,
  • A pencil skirt suit and a short top can be worn at work. A strip of slightly exposed belly is acceptable in the absence of strict requirements for the form of clothing.

Short top and shorts

Для летних прогулок самым распространенным и универсальным вариантом является кроп-топ и шорты из денима. С ними можно носить кружевные модели, спортивные, объемные, бюстье, бандо. A set with a linen bottom and a light jacket is allowed even for going to the office. Do not forget that short tops for girls bare the shoulders, arms, stomach, sides, so they are relevant only for owners of slim and taut figures.

Who are tops to go to?

Of course, the best in the top will look a girl with a flawless figure. But a variety of models allows you to choose something suitable even for girls with appetizing forms. It is important to choose a style and learn to combine such a thing with other items of clothing.

Especially bright and original tops look at the brave and confident girls. Active people will appreciate comfortable sports or simple and concise models. But the fair sex, different shyness, in such things may feel uncomfortable.

When can I wear a top?

Universal thing can not be called top. He is unlikely to fit into a strict business style. And although some models can be combined with classic things, it is definitely not worth putting on an office with a strict dress code or business and important meetings. But the tops are ideal for everyday wear, as well as for walking with friends, dates and parties.

How to choose?

First of all, you need to decide on the style of top. Options:

  • Top bustier resembles a bra. This model is suitable for confident and slim girls. And it is best to wear this top in special cases.
  • A long-sleeved top can become a universal thing, because it can be worn both in summer (if it is stitched from lightweight and breathable material), and in spring or autumn and even in winter. In addition, it is combined with almost any things.
  • Tight-fitting top with a short sleeve looks very bright, fresh and youth, and even on girls with appetizing forms.
  • A loose top T-shirt or top T-shirt is suitable for active girls who prefer street style.
  • Top blouse - this is the option that will be combined with clothes of classic and even business style. If the dress code allows, then such a thing can be put on even in the office.
  • Top gang - perhaps the most open and bold option that will cover only the chest, exposing everything else for show. It is best to wear such a thing in the summer, for example, at beach parties. This model does not have straps, therefore it is better for girls with large and heavy breasts to pay attention to other options.

Choosing the appropriate styles, determine the fabric. Since the top itself is a bright, original and sexy thing, it is better to choose simpler and denser fabrics, since transparent or too complex can overload the image and make you look like a circus actress in stage dress.

As for flowers, they can be any. Choose the ones that suit you and will be combined with the clothes with which you plan to wear the top.

What can you wear tops with?

What can I wear with a fashionable short top? There are incredibly many options!

  • A top blouse can be worn with a high-waisted pencil skirt. This image will be quite strict, but at the same time sexy and bright.
  • Practically, today fitting skirts with a high waist, knee-length or a little lower, sewn from stretching and elastic fabrics (for example, knitwear or stretch fabric) are ideally combined with almost all tops. But such a skirt emphasizes the lower part of the figure, so that the owners of too bulky buttocks and hips will not fit.
  • Tight top can be worn with a new look full skirt. This image will be gentle and romantic, so that in the selected set you can go on a date.
  • You can choose an asymmetrical skirt with a long hem.
  • To balance a little and make the upper part of the set more restrained, you can wear a long skirt to the floor.
  • With a free tank top, you can wear a denim skirt. Such a youth and sports tandem is suitable for walking with friends.
  • You can wear a simple skirt straight cut knee-length or slightly above them.

  • Pants will look perfect with a youth top.
  • They will help to create an original and bright image of a trousers-pipe with a high waist.
  • Pants, breeches, too, can be combined with tops, but preferably with simple and not too voluminous (otherwise you will hide almost the entire figure).
  • Wear classic straight or slightly narrowed trousers with arrows to create an image of a businesslike, active and self-confident person.
  • Hooded trousers look very original with tight-fitting tops. This is a convenient everyday option.

Jeans - a comfortable and versatile thing. Variants of successful combinations:

  • Tight-fitting jeans with a high waist are best for wearing a tight-fitting T-shirt.
  • Classic straight jeans will be combined with a top blouse.
  • Try experimenting with flared jeans.
  • To create a fresh, bold, youthful look, choose boyfriend jeans.

With a top, you can wear any shorts: youth denim, high-waisted fabric, skirt shorts or long shorts.

What to wear over the top of the top?

In 2015, stylists advise to wear jackets, blazers and jackets over the top. But you can also choose a cardigan, a loose shirt or a light bomber jacket.

Any footwear is combined with tops: sneakers and sneakers, wedge sandals, flat sole and heels of any thickness and shape, as well as ballet flats and shoes. The choice of shoes will depend on the style of your outfit.


Wearing a top, you can afford bright accessories. Several fashionable solutions:

  • Large chains.
  • Bright beads
  • Bulk pendants.
  • Original neckerchiefs.
  • Fashion clutches and envelope bags.
  • Thin straps.
  • Oversized sunglasses with bright frames.
  • Earrings with stones.
  • Original eye-catching bracelets.

Useful tips

Some useful tips that will make you the real queen:

  1. Wearing a short top, watch your posture.
  2. If you decide to wear a top, then other things from the kit should be simpler, otherwise you will look too colorful.
  3. To avoid confusion, wear a top bra. But remember that it should not stand out and be too noticeable.
  4. If you really want to wear a top, but you feel insecure, wear a tank top under it. She will close her belly and become a kind of background for the top.
  5. To create a suitable, stylish and fashionable image, study photos from fashion shows.

Choose a suitable top, learn to combine it with other things and become the most stylish, fashionable and vibrant!

How to choose the perfect bottom for a cropped top

First of all, critically evaluate your figure in the mirror, even if every day you hear dozens of enthusiastic compliments in your address. Wearing a short top can only be those who do not have fat folds at the waist - girls with a beautiful press. If you have a protruding belly, read how to hide it with clothes.

General recommendations for choosing a pair

Put aside the topic and remove from the closet all your skirts and pants. First you need to try them on without top and evaluate the overall look. Things in which the sides “overflow” are immediately put aside. Leave only those in which the belly and waist look perfect and are not pinched by a belt of trousers or a skirt even after active movements.

Pay attention to which style your T-shirt belongs to. A sporty short top is best worn with casual clothes and casual outfits made from simple fabrics. If this is a lace topic, then you can pick up a pair of noble fabrics to it. However, the lace is “friendly” with simple materials, such as jeans, cotton, flax.

For elegant and evening tops need a corresponding bottom. Do not neglect the combination of fabrics, so as not to end up with a bag tied with a satin bow. Exquisitely look sets in which the tops and the lower part of the costume are made of the same fabric. This option is able to notice the dress.

Short bustier tops can only be worn by self-confident girls, if you are shy and blush with men's looks, choose more closed clothes. Almost universal and even more modest asymmetrical tops, which are shortened front only.

If you have plump arms, buy a top with a short sleeve. This can be worn even with denim autumn jackets and windbreakers. The topic on the straps, and especially without them, is suitable for girls with small breasts or under a jacket.

Pants and their modifications

Stylists are advised to wear short tops with trousers with a high waist, high seating tightens the abdomen and eliminates the formation of unattractive wrinkles. It is noticed - the hidden navel makes the image more decent, short T-shirts and even the bustier will be more modest than jeans with a low waist.

According to the style of pants can be almost any - choose those that hide the flaws and emphasize the dignity of your figure. Even with full legs, wide-leg trousers, flared from the hip, look good. These are best combined with fitting tops of elastic fabrics. For narrow models, you can choose a flared A-shaped T-shirt.

WITH tops-blouses Classic trousers are combined, including arrows. Also, cropped blouses are suitable for evening dress. Bloomers require a slinky top, and “pipes” - free.

If you really want to wear short tops, but the figure does not fit the ideal frame, pick up a light shirt, cardigan or some blouse that you can wear on top. This top will hide the sides and back, which will make you feel more confident.

Skirt-pants - another suitable option for a stylish dress, ideal for women who have different sizes of the upper and lower parts - full hips with a slim waist. It is desirable to wear tight-fitting tops in such a set, then it will seem that the lower volume is justified by a skirt-pants.

Shorts and capris for summer look

In the hot summer, shorts, capris, bermudas and other cropped trousers are best combined with short T-shirts. All this is great for the city and the beach, but do not forget about the limits of decency and sense of style. What is permissible in the coastal zone and in the country looks ridiculous in a shopping center and in a cafe. If you need several places at once, put a light cardigan on top, at least openwork.

Shorts can be any - denim, linen, knitted. Again, do not forget about the combination of fabrics and colors.

If you need a strict image, choose Capri classic style. If you crown such a set with a vest, you can even wear it to work.

How to choose jeans for top

High rise jeans are a perfect match for tops. They can be straight, narrowed and even flared. But do not hope to hide the stomach in this way, you only emphasize it. Even more ideas with which you can combine high jeans, read our other publication.

Models with a low fit can afford only girls with a perfect figure. But even it is better for them to refuse such in the city, having left for a beach, giving, tourist bases.

An average fit will do if nothing protrudes or hangs. Raise your hands a few times, bend over, sit down. If after such a warm-up the look is perfect, the model will do.

Ripped jeans go well with knit and knit short T-shirts. Skinny better emphasize flared T-shirt. With boyfriends look great knitted tops free cut.

Skirts for short top

The short top and mini are permissible only for very young women. Everyone else can wear such an outfit only on the beach. Suitable for shorter top knee-length skirts and lower. Looks great maxi all modifications. If you have a little wide hips, pay attention to the year, they beautifully emphasize feminine forms and slim.

High-waisted skirts are very relevant this season. But here is another secret, high waist visually makes the lower part longer, which helps to increase the length of the legs. If you need office wear, buy a high-waisted straight skirt. Looks good with a universal pencil skirt with a blouse top.

For casual look fit loose styles of lightweight fabrics. Try on a pleated skirt with a tight T-shirt (pleats can start right off the waist) or a flared skirt. Good skirts with the smell of any length. If you are only sure about the beauty of the front of the legs, try wearing a mallet skirt - these look great with a fitted top.

How to turn a short top into an office outfit

Do you want to feel seductive even in a strict office setting, or do you need to get dressed for work so that you can go on a date or go out with your girlfriend in the evening? No need to wear a short top with a bag to change clothes after work.

To turn the top into an office outfit, just put it on with a strict suit. This may be a skirt and trouser set, as long as the vest or jacket completely covers the bottom of the topic. Be sure to button the bottom buttons so that even in your imagination no one can see your tummy.

After work, the jacket can be unbuttoned, turning this strict clothing into casual or even elegant - it all depends on the fabric. If the situation allows, the jacket can be removed. But remember - if only the front of the waist is openThe costume looks much more attractive.

Tops-blouses are well-suited for office use. If there is no strictly dress code, then this option is valid even without a jacket.

And do not forget to tan, the white strip of skin always loses tanned! You can use our tips and tan without the sun at home.

Fashionable styles and colors

Any fashionista will be able to choose the top of a suitable style and color. Designers do not put rigid frameworks and restrictions, thereby providing freedom of choice. Sports girls fit cropped shirts from knitwear, with printed emblems, inscriptions, drawings. The colors can be bright, almost flashy, and classic - gray, black, beige, white. Depending on how much you want to draw attention to yourself, choose either a calm option, or something more saturated tone.

The style of casual clothing makes it possible to choose tops made of faux suede, denim, thin shtroksa, in front on buttons or zippers. This season, designers are urging to relax and enjoy the demonstration of their beautiful body. Translucent models of dark colors will help to do this.

With lace

Lace makes such a prosaic wardrobe item, as a T-shirt, self-sufficient, stylish and feminine. Knitted lace, located on the edge of the neckline of the T-shirt, refers it to the linen style. The lace element can be on the back, partially or completely filling it. Such T-shirts, with seeming simplicity in the front, look very piquantly from behind. Such a stylish little thing is easy to make yourself if you have the skills to crochet and basic sewing techniques.

Flax T-shirts have all the wonderful properties of this natural fabric. They are hygroscopic, they are cool in the heat, they are very smooth and pleasant to the body. Linen tops with embroidery rshilie look beautiful. The only drawback - flax tops crumple. If this is unacceptable for you, choose a top from a mixture of flax with artificial fibers.

A perfect choice for summer - crocheted shirts.

Fillet knitting will allow you to embody almost any pattern in the canvas. Even a beginning knitter can handle such work. You can use patterns for embroidery. T-shirts look very beautiful in the Irish lace technique; experienced masters will choose this sophisticated technique.

Variety of styles

Now there are a huge number of different variations of T-shirts and tops. They vary in length, fabric composition, cut. There are with a deep neckline, elongated, there are even T-shirts-dresses.

Summer is the best time for open clothes. Designers offer to wear T-shirts in the summer as an independent piece of clothing, and not as a piece of underwear. Wrestling T-shirts long ago moved from the male wardrobe to the female. They look great with sweatpants, short shorts, even with stylish youth skirts. Wrestlers will fit in military style, combine them with khaki skirts and trousers and heavy boots on a tractor sole, so popular in the last season.

With a deep neckline

T-shirts with a deep V-shaped or oval neckline will suit girls with large breasts. Wear a bra with lateral support under this shirt to create a seductive neckline. An interesting and fresh combination - a low-neck T-shirt, worn over a short slim lace top. This mix will be good on ladies with small breasts.

Asymmetric bottom line

Mike with an asymmetrical bottom line fell in love with women of fashion. It is well equipped with tight jeans, leggings, shorts. Longer at the back, this model makes it possible to make fitting models of trousers more modest, without at the same time closing interesting details in the form of an expensive belt or unusual pockets.

Open shoulders

Mike-top with open shoulders - the main trend of the new season. T-shirts with cutout “pocket” or with cutouts on the shoulders after a long break are back in fashion! Complete them with boho long skirts, denim shorts and overalls.

Not long ago T-shirts were a detail of underwear. Но сейчас они уже плотно обосновались на подиумах и в гардеробах самых стильных женщин. Дизайнеры не могли остаться в стороне от новых веяний. Посему майки-топы появились в коллекциях самых известных брендов, таких как ARMANI JEANS, TOM TAILOR DENIM, LEVI’S®. Более демократичные H.I.S., PELICAN, Moremio тоже не остались в стороне.

Шорты с завышенной талией

The knitted top-shirt of a classical cut from natural fabrics as well as possible suits perfectly to shorts with a high waist. Pick a color according to your desire, but the best would be to look top neutral blue, black or gray melange. Tuck the top into the shorts, leaving a slight overlap. Such a lineup of clothing details visually make the legs longer, and the waist - thinner. You will create a retro-image in the style of the 80s of the last century.