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12 best home heaters according to buyers


In the cold season, centralized heating often does not provide high-quality heating of the room. Using a heater allows you to increase the temperature of the air in the house. However, heaters are powered by electricity, so their use is associated with certain risks and costs. Which device is the safest and most effective for a home or apartment?

Varieties of home heaters

Common types of heaters include:

  • fan heaters
  • oil radiators,
  • infrared heaters,
  • convectors.

The fan heater consists of a heating element and a fan. The heating element is located behind the fan, which supplies cold air to the heating element, and accelerates the distribution of warm flows. Main advantages:

  • fast warming up of the room,
  • multifunctionality (can be used as a fan),
  • occupies a small area
  • weighs a little.

Many models have an automatic shutdown system when falling and overheating. However, this species has several disadvantages:

  • consumes a lot of electricity
  • overdries the air,
  • makes noise during work
  • trash easily gets on the heating element,
  • when heating a thermal element, an unpleasant odor appears, caused by burning of dust that has fallen on the heating element,
  • burns oxygen in a heated room.

Oil devices are a shell of light metal, filled with special technical oil, heated by heating elements and gives heat to the outer case. Most heaters are quite massive, consisting of 7-11 sections. Their mobility is provided by small wheels attached below. However, there are low-power compact models. Advantages of oil radiators:

  • do not create additional noise
  • able to give off heat, some time after shutdown,
  • do not lead to the formation of odors
  • have a long service life
  • no direct access to the heater.

The main disadvantage is a lot of weight. If dropped, the oil battery can injure a person standing nearby. Also by cons include:

  • after the end of the service life begins to flow hot oil,
  • the heater body is able to heat up
  • dries the air,
  • heats up for a long time.

Infrared heaters create heat rays that heat not the air masses, but the surrounding objects. Heated surfaces give off heat, and the room warms up. Benefits:

  • more economical than other species
  • can be mounted on the wall, ceiling or mounted on the floor,
  • noiselessness
  • do not overheat during prolonged operation,
  • do not reduce the concentration of oxygen and do not dry out the air,
  • quickly warm objects and people.

The main disadvantage of infrared heating systems is that they heat only the surfaces they are aimed at. All the space in the house is warming up very slowly.

Convectors operate by the natural movement of air masses. The cold stream penetrates into the heater and is heated, and the preheated one rises up through special holes. Advantages of convectors:

  • compact, convenient to place on the wall,
  • provide uniform warming up,
  • during the work do not create noise,
  • the case does not heat up to high temperatures
  • economical use of electricity.

However, due to the fact that the air through the heating element is moving slowly, the rate of heating of the apartment is significantly reduced. When the device is operating, the humidity of the air masses decreases, therefore, with constant use of the convector, it is necessary to additionally apply a humidifier.

How to buy the best home heater that you need to consider when choosing a device?

When choosing the best heater for home and garden, you need to consider a number of factors:

  • The speed and duration of heating. The fan heater has the highest heating rate. However, it is not suitable for long-term work, as it dries the air very much and burns oxygen. If the device works for a long time, the room must be ventilated, which leads to cooling of the rooms. Convectors and electric oil radiators maintain heat better, but heat up for a long time.
  • Purpose of the use of heated space. For the living room, where adults are constantly located, all types of appliances are suitable. However, in the nursery, fan heaters and oil batteries should not be left unattended, as children can cover the heater or turn it over, which increases the risk of fire or injury.
  • The area of ​​the room. In small rooms, small devices are used, and in large rooms, powerful or somewhat low-power ones.
  • Type of management. There are 2 types of control: mechanical and electronic. At first, the user needs to independently regulate the heating mode. Electronic allows you to set the desired nature of the work using the remote control or panel. In this case, the device itself sets the on / off mode, depending on the desired temperature. Mechanical control method is less accurate. However, electronically controlled devices are the most expensive.
  • Power consumption More economical than a device with adjustable power.
  • Mobility. If you need to move the heater, you should buy a compact and lightweight model or a convector equipped with wheels.
  • Additional devices. Devices are often equipped with elements that can turn them off when overheating or loss of stability. When choosing an oil battery, preference should be given to models equipped with humidifiers. Some manufacturers offer heaters with a circuit breaker triggered when a certain room temperature is reached.
  • Appearance. If the device will be operated for a long time, the best device will be the one that fits the interior.
  • Build quality and type of insulation material. It is necessary to carefully consider the heater when buying. The oil cooler should be well soldered, and the bulb of the infrared device must be securely fixed. To choose the right suspension model, you should consider the reliability of fasteners.
  • Fame of the manufacturer. It is necessary to give preference to devices of famous brands.

Do not recommend to buy second-hand heaters. Buying an old device increases the risk of getting low-quality and dangerous goods.

The best manufacturers of home heaters, their advantages and disadvantages

Each home appliance store presents a variety of heaters from various manufacturers. The cost of devices depends on the brand. However, it should be borne in mind that the devices of well-known brands have more degrees of protection against damage and the risk of fire. Below is a brief overview of the most popular models of heaters for homes and apartments.

Home fan heaters

Home fan heaters are the cheapest type of heaters. They are made by many manufacturers of household appliances. In the modern market there are more than 20 different brands offering several models of heaters. The table presents the features, advantages and disadvantages of popular heating devices.

What are heaters for home use?

Today we consider only 4 most basic types of heater:

  1. fan heaters
  2. oil heaters,
  3. convectors
  4. infrared heaters.

They differ in appearance, device and method of heating the room. Each type of instrument has its own distinctive characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. All this, as well as the rating of the best models, we will definitely consider in our review, and will be able to figure out - what are the best heaters for the home?

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Fan heaters - fast heating of a small room

This type of device is characterized by low cost and simple device. The heating element is placed in front of a powerful fan and heats the air. At the same time, the fan accelerates the flow of warm air around the room and takes cold or cooled air from the other side.

Positive sides of this device:

  • allows you to quickly warm the entire room,
  • takes up very little space
  • can be used in the warm season - as a fan.

As a rule, for an hour of work fan heaters consume from 1 to 2.5 kW. Practically in all models there is a heater control for heating elements and a fan intensity regulator. It is convenient when the device can be controlled remotely or set the time on and off. Also, pay attention to the system of protection against overheating and the quality of the network cable.

  • The fan heater dries the air,
  • It disperses dust and microparticles through the air,
  • Enough noisy when working.

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We reread a huge amount of consumer feedback and identified the TOP-3 of the most interesting in terms of the ratio of the functional and the technical characteristics of the model.

Ballu BFH / S-03

The easiest and cheapest home fan heater. In fact, there is nothing to break inside this device. Control - mechanical, with excessive heating of the heating element or the body - is disabled. The power is low - 900 watts, but this is quite enough for a uniform heating of a room of 20-25 sq.m. Air heating comes from the incandescent electric spiral. The device is low noise, lightweight, mobile. But, the owners call for careful use of the model in homes where small children live - because the body of the device heats up very strongly during operation and may even burn when touched.

Timberk TFH T15XCZ

Stylish representative of the middle price segment, boasts a rational combination of simplicity of the device and some useful options. Let us consider in more detail - inside the model - a metal-ceramic heater with a multitude of cells for quick and effective heating of air, the maximum power is 1500 watts. Can work to the floor power - consuming 750 watts. Designed for heating premises of 20 sq.m. Externally - a compact and inconspicuous black and white triangle, mounted on the floor or on the table. When tipping over - immediately trips the device. There is a function of protection against freezing - if the temperature drops below + 5 ° - TFH T15XCZ automatically begins to heat and accelerate the air around the room.

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Electrolux EFH / W-1020

Practical and reliable fan heater with a wide range of options. Fastens on a wall, so - does not threaten to burn the child. In addition, you can direct the flow of heated air in the direction you want. It has two modes of operation of the fan heater and the ability to work without switching on the heating element. By the way, the heating element is made of ceramic, power - 2.2 kW. In addition to heating, the model provides for the possibility of air ionization. Management - pushbutton, electronic. The user can independently set the temperature of the heater with an accuracy of 1 °. Reviews of the model state that the EFH / W-1020 quickly heats the room 20-27 sq.m., there is a timer and control panel.

Oil radiators - a combination of mobility and productivity

Externally, this type of device resembles a conventional sectional cast iron battery. However, in fact, the case of such a radiator is made of lighter steel, which heats up many times faster. Most often, oil radiators have wheels for easy transportation. All seams are sealed. Inside - mineral and environmentally friendly oil, which is heated almost to a boil.

  • democratic value
  • environmental friendliness
  • device reliability
  • noiselessness
  • easy to install and use the device.

Interesting fact. In 2018, the manufacturer of robotic vacuum cleaners, the Okami Group, immediately launched 3 successful models, one of which topped the overall ranking of robotic vacuum cleaners. The best choice in the segment up to $ 500 (30 000 rubles).

Often, such devices become drying for hardly wet elements of clothes - socks, gloves, handkerchiefs. But be careful - the device heats up to such an extent that it will easily leave a burn on the skin.

  • slow warming up
  • hot body
  • occupies a lot of space.

Nevertheless, if such a device suits you, let's find out which oil radiators are bought most often?

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Ballu BOH / CL-07

Convenient and productive model available to any wallet. Mechanical control, there is an adjustment of the heating temperature, when turned on, the indicator light is triggered. Designed to warm the room in 15 - 20 square meters, has 7 sections, power - 1500 watts. Effective assistant in the off-season, you can safely choose for home or apartment, for safety net.

Scarlett SC 21.1507 S / SB

The thought-over and reliable radiator for convenient use and fast warming up. Two power modes - 1500 watts and 750 watts, 7 sections. Of the bells and whistles - the chimney effect and the timer for 24 hours. Serves for a long time, does not leak, settings are set easily, control is not buggy. In general, the device works properly and efficiently. The air humidifier is provided in model SC-056, which makes the use of such a heater more secure. Both models are turned off when overturning and overheating. There is a compartment for winding network cable.

Electrolux EOH / M-3221

A good radiator from a reputable manufacturer. An updated model range that combines compactness of the device and high heating efficiency due to 11 sections and an accurate thermostat. Sealed and superstrong case, however, the device is turned off when overturning. The control is blocked from accidental clicks, there is a shutdown when overheating. Three modes of operation - with a power of 1000 watts, 1200 and 2200 watts. EOH / M-3221 is heavy and massive, but it can be easily transported from place to place - after all, the manufacturer supplied the device with wheels. In general, it works without any complaints. Fast and uniform heating of large spacious rooms (25 - 28 sq. M.), Convenient operation.

Convectors - silent and inconspicuous

The principle of operation of this type of heater is based on a common physical phenomenon. A brief excursion into the school course of physics — convection — is a phenomenon, as a result of which hot, heated air rises up to the ceiling of the room, and the cold or cold remains below, near the floor. Inside the device is a powerful heater, as a rule, made of ceramics. Such a device heats the air, and it rises up, and the cooled air smoothly settles down, where it is again heated by the floor convector. As you understand, convectors are absolutely silent, except for those models that are equipped with a fan. It is convenient when a precise temperature controller is provided on the convector - this is how you yourself can set the preferred parameters of the device.

  • quiet work
  • heating productivity,
  • compactness
  • attractive design
  • availability,
  • economy,
  • easy handling.

  • dries the air,
  • heats the room locally,
  • copes better with smaller spaces.

Let's find out which heater is best to choose among various convectors. TOP 3 best devices.

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Electrolux ECH / AG-1500MFR

Inexpensive, but qualitatively assembled and safe convector for space heating and air purification from dust and odors. Inside the convector is an x-shaped ribbed heater, which guarantees an extremely high heat transfer. Also, air flows through several filters for high-quality cleaning. Power - 1500 watts, can work with half power - 750 watts. It turns off when overheated, the case is protected from moisture. Reviews indicate that in its price segment it is a normal device with standard functionality and useful options. True, the case gets very hot, and it becomes quite problematic to transport the device.

Ballu BEP / EXT-1500

Stylish and modern, practical convector. It has everything you need for safe and productive work - remote control, timer, protective functions that work when overheating, freezing. The model can be installed on the floor or hung on the wall. Occupies a minimum of space, pleases the eye with a beautiful appearance. Great for rooms of 15-20 square meters, has two power modes - 1500 watts and 750 watts. The owners mention that the relay is loudly clicking, sometimes you can hear the sound of iron being bent on cooling the device. But most of the reviews said that the model is reliable, efficient and quality made.

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Nobo C4F20

Powerful and productive convector. Can be used in wet areas. Power - 2000 W, designed to work in a room with an area of ​​20 sq. M. Precise electronic control, the ability to set the desired operating temperature, up to 0.5 degrees. This device is praised for its efficiency, fast heating, and the absence of relay switching clicks. Serves stably and for a long time, even under intense loads. It does not fail even with long-term work without supervision.

Infrared heaters - home sun

Инфракрасные обогреватели поступили в пользование совсем недавно. Как и все новое и до конца непонятое, ИК-обогреватели часто осуждают за негативное влияние на организм человека. Однако, все совсем не так. The principle of operation of this type of heater, though different from all previous types of device, but still nothing revolutionary. In fact, buying a heater at home, you buy a little technical sun. Like the sun, the device creates streams of heat rays that are absorbed by various objects in the room. Then, these objects themselves begin to give off heat rays to the surrounding space. It's simple!

  • lowest power consumption
  • absolute noiselessness
  • reliability,
  • fast heating
  • does not burn oxygen in the room.

  • heating occurs mostly locally,

Let's get acquainted with the most optimal models of infrared heaters for home use. So that you know what and from what to choose.

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Ballu BHH / M-09

Absolutely budget and efficient compact heater. It is designed for 15-18 square meters, the power of one lamp is 450 watts, and there are two of them in the device. The heater inside is halogen, it will work for a long time and flawlessly. The manufacturer has provided protective systems inside the device - from moisture, overturning and shutdown when overheated.

Polaris PKSH 0508H

Designed for heating 20 sq.m. Power - 800 watts. There is a timer for 3 hours. Judging by the user reviews, it is perfect for directional heating - drying laundry in the bathroom, warming up the beds before bedtime, heating the person sitting at the desk. At the same time, the heating is very fast and comfortable, there is no dry air and tightness of the skin. High-quality carbon heating element will ensure the productivity of heating and low energy consumption at the same time.

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Almac IC11

Reliable and stylish device. Designed for ceiling installation - that is, it can be safely hanged in the bedroom or children's room - there is no risk to earn a burn when touched. High power - 1000 watts, heating rooms of 20 sq. M. In the absolute majority, users could not identify a single significant drawback, in fact - this is the best heater for the home among infrared devices. Provides pleasant warmth, does not burn oxygen, heats the objects themselves - bedding on the bed, clothes nearby, etc.

So we looked at all types of heaters that are safe and convenient to use in everyday life. I am sure that now you know - which house heater is better according to the 2017-2018 rating, surely answered all your questions and dispelled doubts about the acquisition of any model from the list. We will only be happy if this information helps you make a reasonable choice and you will always be warm and comfortable in your home.

10 Ballu BIH-AP2-0.8

Infrared electric heater works by local heating of certain places or objects in the house. For example, it can heat the floor at the point where a person is at the desired temperature and thereby increase the comfort of this area. It is absolutely harmless and extremely effective, as it heats 4 times faster than heating systems. After all, he does not need to heat the air in the whole room.

Ballu BIH-AP2-0.8 - one of the most prominent representatives of such heaters. This model is designed for installation on a wall or ceiling. Special brackets included in the kit will facilitate installation of the device.

It is quite economical, consumes 850 watts in operation. The maximum installation height is 2.5 m. It is suitable for both home heating and popular public places.

  • Compactness.
  • Affordable price.
  • Economical power consumption.
  • Does not reduce the amount of oxygen in the room.
  • Heats effectively and quickly.
  • A little complicated care when installing on the ceiling.
  • No thermostat included.

9 Atlantic Bonjour CEG 1000W

This convector can be hung on the wall or put on the floor, due to its compactness and thin body.

Thanks to the closed heating element, it does not dry the air and maintains a comfortable atmosphere. This heater is designed for heating a room of no more than 10 m2. Due to the high power heating of the room is very fast.

Since the temperature of the case does not heat up above 45 degrees, it is absolutely safe for children. A silent operation makes it possible to use it in bedrooms, nurseries or living rooms. The thermostat located on the housing allows controlling the heating of the room.

The convector Atlantic Bonjour CEG 1000W is effective both during independent work and with additional heating.

  • Consumes little energy.
  • Heats the room quickly.
  • Low price.
  • There is protection against overheating.
  • Safe for children.
  • There are no legs in the kit.
  • The lower part does not heat up, warm air is directed upwards.


Oil heater is the best choice for heating any premises, as it heats the rooms quickly enough. It is designed to be placed on the floor. The wheels in the kit help to move it around the room without straining. And the convenient handle will facilitate movement.

Since the heating element is closed, it does not burn oxygen and is fire safe. Therefore, it can be installed in the bedroom or nursery at night. A switch with a light indicator facilitates its use in the dark. The thermostat allows you to control the process of heating the room. A built-in thermostat will keep the temperature at the right level.

Oil heater RESANTA OM-5N is perfect for heating garages, summer kitchens, balconies, baths and other rooms, with no centralized heating.

  • Overheating shutdown function.
  • Silent work.
  • Fireproof.
  • Easy moving.
  • When you turn off clicks are heard.
  • Power cable is not fixed.

7 Interskol TPE-2

This type of heater works like a heat gun. Interskol TPE-2 will quickly heat the right room or a specific place. Compact size and minimalistic design make it possible to place it in any interior. And in the summer, it does not take much space in the closet.

The quiet operation of the heat gun will not distract from everyday affairs. A small weight will facilitate movement around the apartment. It will quickly heat the air in the room, and then maintain a comfortable temperature. And it does not burn oxygen, and does not heat the furniture and walls.

This type of heating is suitable for use in construction (for example, installation of suspended ceilings), home or garage. Can be used as a fan.

  • Heats up a given area very quickly.
  • Adjusting the direction of blowing.
  • Economical.
  • Used as a fan.
  • Short cable.
  • Light noise.

6 Timberk TEC.E0 M 1500

Lightweight and compact convector is the perfect choice for space heating. Special shape allows installation on the floor or wall. And to facilitate the work of all fasteners are included. The classical coloring will allow it to be ideally combined in any interior decisions of rooms.

It is completely safe thanks to the integrated fall protection sensor. Since tripping trips off. Regardless of what temperature this convector operates, its body does not heat up above 65 degrees.

Timberk TEC.E0 M 1500 - a great choice for the country and home.

  • Heats immediately after switching on.
  • Does not take much space.
  • Safe for children.
  • The sensor from falling.
  • A little dry air.
  • Shortish cord.

5 Polaris PRE Q 0615

The compact size and light weight of this oil heater allows you to install it in a convenient place for you. Cord holder facilitates storage and movement, eliminating entanglement. Black color makes it possible to use in any design decision.

The heating element is completely closed, which ensures complete safety during operation. 2 regulators allow you to set a comfortable temperature. For night use there is a light indicator on the switch.

The oil heater of Polaris PRE Q 0615 is ideal for operation in sleeping, game or children's rooms.

  • Affordable price.
  • A light weight.
  • Economical.
  • Turns off when overheated.
  • Small heating area.
  • Sometimes it clicks during work.

4 Electrolux EIH / AG2-1500E

This type of heater combines 2 types of heating: infrared and convective. Due to the rational distribution of heat without losses and two heating elements, it quickly heats the desired volume of the room. It also creates a soft and pleasant atmosphere in the room and consumes a small amount of electricity.

Electrolux EIH / AG2-1500E can be used both at home and in the country or in the garage. For more convenient operation, it can be hung on the wall or put on the floor. Built-in timer and temperature controller will allow you to customize it individually for each room. And the electronic panel will show the actual and set temperature.

  • Does not dry the air.
  • Built-in thermometer.
  • Electronic control.
  • Overheating shutdown function.
  • There is a slight noise during operation.
  • Awesome price.

3 Polaris PMH 2095

Polaris PMH 2095 Micatermic heater is made in a stylish black color with silver trim. This modern design will not stand out from the overall design of the room.

Thanks to the microthermic heating element, it starts full heating immediately after switching on. In addition, it has a built-in convector, which distributes the heated air throughout the room.

When heated, the case does not heat up, so you can not get burned about it. And the special heating technology allows not to burn air. All these advantages make it safe to use in children's rooms. Lightweight allows you to carry it even fragile girls. There is a frost protection function in which it automatically turns on if the temperature in the room drops below 50 degrees.

  • Mobility.
  • Quietly working.
  • Stylish.
  • Efficient heating.
  • Does not burn oxygen.
  • Unpleasant smell during the first run.
  • There are no marks on the knobs of the regulator.

2 Stiebel Eltron CNS 150 S

With the Stiebel Eltron CNS 150 S heater, special mounts are included that make it easy to mount on the wall. The principle of operation of this convector is air movement. Cold air enters it through the lower grilles and, passing through the heating element, heats up and goes up. The thermostat will maintain the set temperature, and with the help of the regulator it can be set with an accuracy of 1 degree. Lack of fans ensures quiet operation.

The waterproof housing allows you to install it in bathrooms or on balconies. And overheating protection will make operation safer. The frost protection feature includes it at temperatures below 50 degrees. It is possible to use both independent heating, and additional heating.

  • Convenient.
  • Quiet.
  • Reliable.
  • Heats up quickly.
  • No auto-off feature.
  • There are light clicks of the thermostat during heating.

1 NeoClima TZT-508

This heater is used as a thermal curtain. Therefore, it prevents the appearance of drafts in the room and the loss of heat. It works best when installed above a door or windows.

Thanks to the remote thermostat, it is very easy to manage. A power adjustment allows you to customize the individual heating mode. The thermal veil of NeoClima TZT-508 is most often used in rooms with high attendance. The small dimensions make it possible to install it in a small room at a height of up to 2.5 m.

5 Sinbo SFH-3393

The most affordable economical heater in our review was the model Sinbo SFH-3393. The device has a stylish design, it can be used in the summer as an ordinary fan. The device is very easy to use thanks to mechanical control. There are several modern options, for example, a thermostat is installed in the heater, and protection against overheating and falling is also provided. This economical device is especially effective when it is necessary to quickly fill a room (up to 20 sq. M) with heat and maintain the microclimate for a certain time. During the work no harmful substances are emitted, since in the manufacturing process high-quality materials were used. The durability of the device provides a shockproof housing made of heat-resistant plastic.

Users highlight such positive aspects of the Sinbo SFH-3393 heater as availability, economy, versatility, compactness. The disadvantages include a short cord, poor visibility of the power indicator.

4 Timberk THC WS8 3M

The multifunctional electrical appliance is an economical Timberk THC WS8 3M thermal curtain. The heater effectively prevents cold air from entering the house from the street, reducing heat loss in the room. With this model, you can keep heat, insects, dust, smoke, etc., inside the building in summer. The device is mounted at a height of 2.2 m, and there is a remote control for quick control of the device. With a power of 3 kW, the heat curtain can economically heat a room of 30 square meters. The model has a stylish design, the front panel is made of heat-resistant glass of rich black color. The manufacturer was able to improve the efficiency and service life thanks to the implementation of the AERODYNAMIC CONTROL system.

Domestic users appreciate such parameters of the Timberk THC WS8 3M thermal curtain as cost effectiveness, stylish design, powerful heating, and the possibility of horizontal and vertical installation. Of the disadvantages noted only noise.

3 Noirot Spot E-5 1500

The French Convectors Noirot Spot E-5 1500 are distinguished by their economy, quality and comfort. The manufacturer managed to achieve a number of unique properties by equipping the device with an electronic control unit, a digital thermostat and the use of high-quality materials. The device effectively heats rooms up to 15 square meters. m, and the air temperature can be set with an accuracy of 1 degree. In standby mode, the convector consumes only 500 watts of electricity, which favorably affects the economy and durability. The monolithic heating element allows you to work smoothly for weeks, and the total resource of the model is designed for a 25-year period.

The reviews are dominated by positive ratings of the Noirot Spot E-5 1500 convector. Users are satisfied with their economy, heating speed, and silent operation. The only disadvantage is the high price.

2 Royal Clima ROR-C7-1500M Catania

Traditionally, the standard of safety and efficiency were oil heaters. The best representative of this category today is the model Royal Clima ROR-C7-1500M Catania. The device is able to provide a comfortable microclimate in the apartment or cottage area of ​​up to 20 square meters. In this case, the power consumption is limited to 1.5 kW. Thanks to the 3-step heating control, you can select the intensive, medium or soft (most economical) mode. The device uses an environmentally friendly oil that has undergone a multi-stage purification. Therefore, the heater during operation does not produce odor or noise. The thermostat and overheat protection add even more efficiency to the model.

From the advantages of the oil heater Royal Clima ROR-C7-1500M Catania, domestic consumers emit an affordable price, economy, safety and environmental friendliness. Some note a small buzz when working.

1 Polaris PMH 2095

To achieve high heating efficiency with economical power consumption, a number of innovations have been applied to the Polaris PMH 2095. First of all, it is necessary to allocate a heating element of mikatermichesky type with a power of 2 kW. Thanks to him, he manages to heat the room up to 24 square meters. The heating element is a multi-layered cake made of absolutely safe mica plates. The device is perfect for an apartment or cottage, when it is necessary to raise the temperature in any premises. Optimum warming up with the minimum expense of electricity is reached due to the combined heating. In the mikatermichesky heater there are heatwave and convection methods of heat supply.

Summer residents and tenants of the apartments note high heating efficiency, which is combined with the efficiency of the heater. The device is simple in work, easy and compact. Among the shortcomings can be noted the lack of automatic inclusion.


In an effort to effectively heat the room, many prefer electric fireplaces with the effect of "live fire".

To the note: in reality, such an electric fireplace is an ordinary fan heater with a visual imitation of a moving flame. The cost of this type of heaters largely depends on the model, but, as a rule, is high due to the high class of decorative design of the case.

One of the models of electric fireplace with trim of the case with valuable varieties of wood and 3D-imitation of the living flame

Usually electric fire is built into the wall or installed close to the building envelope. The device is characterized by efficiency, reliability and sufficient power. In addition, this heater can be used not only for heating, but also as an element of room decor.

Non-electric heaters

For all the above heaters require electricity. But in the absence of electricity supply, the need for heating does not disappear, and in such situations a gas convector is indispensable. Such devices are characterized by heating efficiency, durability and reliability. Бытовой газ при сгорании почти не образует вредных веществ, поэтому нет необходимости устройства в помещении вытяжки. Однако горение газа сопровождается потреблением кислорода из воздуха, и отапливаемую комнату необходимо периодически проветривать.

The gas convector is equipped with automatic gas cut-off devices when the burner dies out (flame sensor), gas pressure surges at the flow or tilting of the device.

Infrared heaters working on reduced gas (propane, butane) or diesel fuel (models with exhaust gas to the outside of combustion products) have also proven excellent.

For heating premises, you can use more powerful devices - gas guns, but they are used more often in industrial buildings, where people are not constantly present, periodically. However, even in such a situation, fire safety is a factor in first place in the requirements for the operation of such equipment.


Of all the above devices for heating the safest are oil heaters and electric convectors. But, whatever the heating device you bought, during its operation there is always a factor of elevated temperature of the equipment case and the danger of fire or burn. Therefore, you should always remember about safety and to strictly follow its rules. Only the direction of safety, which is in priority, depends on which heater you use.

In addition to the general rules for the use of electrical or gas equipment, the individual requirements set forth by the manufacturer in the instructions for use are mandatory.

What you need to pay attention when choosing a dacha heater

It is necessary to choose a country heater not only at low cost. Often such cheap models are dangerous to use and consume a lot of energy. It is important to adhere to several important rules when choosing a unit:

  • installation of the heater in the country should be carried out easily and quickly
  • it’s good if the unit is mobile so that it can be easily transferred from room to room,
  • maximum level of fire safety,
  • The heater for the garden should be economical, but efficient,
  • the multifunctionality of the unit, which allows to regulate the heating modes, is welcomed
  • The lowest cost of the product is not at the expense of quality.

Guided by these basic requirements, we will try to determine which model is better to choose for questioning.

The video tells about the rules for choosing a heater for the dacha:

An Overview of Electric Heaters

If it is possible to use any heating device, even working on gasoline or diesel fuel, for heating a garage or an outbuilding, then a unit in the house that functions only on electricity is appropriate. Let's consider what electric heaters will be able to heat the country house and a separate room.

Infrared Panels

The second place in popularity for country heating can be given to IR panels. There can be no talk of mobility here, as heaters are mounted permanently on the walls or ceilings of each room. Fixed IR panels to the ceiling with special brackets that come in the kit. For wall mounting, you will have to buy special fasteners separately. The control panel operation occurs through a temperature sensor.

For energy consumption, infrared panels are considered economical. However, there are certain disadvantages. The most important of them is the negative effect of IR rays on a person. Installation of panels is safe only on high ceilings. Practically, like all heaters, infrared panels dry the air. As for the cost, one quality product will cost about 3.5 thousand rubles.

The video shows the installation of infrared heater:

Heater Pattern

Recently, fashionable steel so-called heating pictures. These kind of wall heaters look like a plastic canvas with a plain image. The thickness of the film itself is about 1 mm. The size of the picture can be very different depending on their power. Inside the film is a special heating element. The whole system is so plastic that some pictures can be twisted by a roll.

The power of the picture heaters varies from 200 to 500 watts. Manufacturers assure that, compared to oil or infrared heaters, paintings are more economical by 1.5–2 kW with the same heating area.

A more accurate device picture of the heater is as follows:

  • The front side is represented by the first film layer. It has a drawing on it. In addition to decorative features, the first layer does not carry anything else.
  • Next comes the carbon heater, hidden behind two protective layers. Two layers of film protect carbon fiber from breakage.

The picture works from the 220 volt network by simply connecting it to a power outlet. After receiving electricity, the carbon heater begins to emit infrared rays, which are a source of heat.

However, as the main heating of the picture to give will not go. Such a heater is appropriate to hang in the bedroom for auxiliary heating of the room. No temperature and automation adjustments are provided here. Turned on the socket - the picture is warm, took out the plug from the outlet - the heating stopped.

In this video, talk about the work of the wall heater:

So what better to choose to give

It is time to summarize our review of heaters for questioning. The best choice for all the advantages and disadvantages of infrared heaters will be. Fixed panels fixed to the ceiling in all rooms will quickly dry the room from dampness and warm the air for a comfortable holiday cottage. In terms of power consumption, this is the most economical heater for summer house and a very profitable option.

The first place in safety and functionality can be given to electric convectors. They are the least dry air, which is very important for human health. In terms of power consumption, convectors are inferior to infrared heaters, but for the sake of country rest, you can close your eyes to such a disadvantage.

As for the rest of the heaters we considered, their purpose can be called specific, and as an option for a full-fledged country heating, they are not suitable.