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8 myths from beauty salons that force us to pay more


Manicure is the most popular salon procedure and the most dangerous of all. With a standard cut manicure the master damages the skin, cutting off the cuticle. Even the smallest wound can be infected, including fungus, HIV and hepatitis of any kind. In order not to pay later for the carelessness or lack of professionalism of the master, remember a couple of things that you should pay attention to.

Wizard Tools

As one of the most popular services in salons is a classic cut manicure, pay attention to the tool. Its sterility is the key to your safety. If beauty salon specialists sterilize tools in a dry-heat oven (dry heat), then most often they put them in a craft-package equipped with a special valve. If the instruments are sterilized, then a small round indicator on it after treatment changes color and becomes dark pink. In addition, roasted Kraft package is almost impossible to break, which is why the masters cut it with scissors. This is another indication that the tool has actually been machined.

Technology work

A good master will always answer your questions and explain why he uses this or that material, how much he will stick on his nails, and even recommend the design. Master gives you home care tips - this is a huge plus! So he shows interest in ensuring that your hands always remain well-groomed.

Quality products

Coming to a good salon, we all hope that the procedure will be performed with high-quality preparations, original products. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Therefore, if you are suspicious about the appearance of the coating, its smell or sudden allergic reaction, you are entitled to ask for certificates for the products used.

Beauty parlor

There are less dangers in the cosmetology office than in the nail bar, but there are also risks. In the first stage, they all relate to sterility. Make sure that all the formulations used are prepared with you (for formulations that require mixing the ingredients).

If the procedure uses ready-made preparations or drugs, then they can be removed from the can either with a spatula, or with hands in sterile medical gloves, but not with bare fingers. In addition, the beautician should in your presence get cotton swabs and clean brushes for the procedure. With aggressive exposure, your skin is completely defenseless against pathogenic bacteria.

For injection procedures, the beautician must unpack a sterile syringe with you, which initially contains a filler or other means used. Remember, bona fide manufacturers in factories pack the products by syringes and pack them sterilely. If the beautician offers you to split one syringe with your girlfriend, daughter, sister (underline it necessary), even with a change of needle, get up and run quickly, because this practice is not just non-sterile, but illegal. One customer - one syringe! A stingy does not just pay twice; a stingy may well pay health for his greed.

Mezokokteyli and other drugs from a bottle or ampoule - another thing, from one ampoule can be typed with several sterile syringes. In this case, nothing terrible.

Hair salon

In a self-respecting beauty salon, masters will never allow a client to see traces of previous procedures. Hair scattered on the floor, pieces of nails, dust from removing gel polish, used cotton pads are an absolute taboo.

Talk to the stylist before you sit in the hairdresser’s chair. If he does not ask about your past experiments with hair, does not specify your desired final result, does not offer alternative procedures or coloring techniques, and so on, then we can assume that you are not too interested in you as a client, in this case do not wait.

If you are ready to entrust your hair to a hairdresser, the next thing you should pay attention to is a special cape. Synthetic fabric dressing gowns should be used only with a clean cotton cloth or a disposable turn-up to prevent contact with the skin of the client's neck. Do not neglect disposable collars, because capes are usually not washed after each working day. Sometimes they even become the main dust collector in the workplace. All used instruments should also be decontaminated in a special solution after each client, this will help to avoid infection with lice and demodicosis (skin mite).

Places to fear

Based on personal experience and common sense, we can say with a certain degree of confidence that salons located near train stations and other places with high traffic of people should be feared. Before you transfer your hair, nails and skin into the hands of a master, inquire if he has a license to carry out the procedures.

Salons located in small shopping centers and markets were also at risk. Remember, the more people in the cabin and the more services provided are like a factory conveyor, the less time there is to disinfect and sterilize instruments after each client.

1. European manicure is better than cut.

Not so simple. Both classic (edged) and European (unedged) manicures have both their disadvantages and advantages. Trim is suitable for heavily regrown cuticle and rough skin around the nail. Uncut is preferable when you regularly take care of your nails, and the cuticle just does not have time to grow back much.

Many complain that the cut manicure is too traumatic for the cuticle. But in fact, it all depends on the professionalism of the master. So choose exactly the type of manicure that you like or suits.

2. Split ends can be treated

The only method that will actually save you from the split ends is haircut. Care salon procedures or masks at home can make hair more docile or shiny. But they cannot “glue” the whipped ends.

Some salon procedures may temporarily solve this problem. For example, keratin straightening will make hair straight and shiny. The applied compound will protect your tips from splitting. But after it is washed off, the hair will become even drier. And all the damaged hairs will continue to exfoliate.

Therefore, the split ends should either be prevented with proper care, or cut off when they have already appeared.

3. Hair will grow faster if cut once a month.

Different people grow their hair at different speeds, but on average it is 1 cm per month. therefore how often you cut your hair will not have a positive effect on their length.

In this case, it is important to consider the condition of the hair. If they are dry, brittle, with damaged tips, then the haircut is recommended for them (see paragraph above). If the condition of the hair is normal and the haircut suits you, then cutting the hair once a month is not necessary.

4. Extended nails do not breathe

All the nutrients the nail plate gets through the blood. Therefore, claims that she "does not breathe" under extended nails or varnish are erroneous. From this it follows that the "rest" nails are not needed.

But sometimes the girls themselves want to take a break from extended nails or ordinary varnish. Moreover, the means for removing the coating can dry the nail plate. During such breaks, the nails and cuticle should be moistened with oils.

5. Expensive cosmetics are always better than cheap.

Of course, a manufacturer who develops a product formula in his own laboratory and releases it to the market, conducting an advertising campaign before that, should recoup his efforts. In addition, the composition of the cream or mask can include really expensive ingredients that can not be found in cheap cosmetics. Therefore, luxury cosmetics can be expensive and effective.

But often, manufacturers overestimate prices for their products at the expense of more expensive packaging or the brand itself. In this case, the composition and effectiveness of luxury cosmetics may not differ from the mass market.

Therefore, pay attention to the composition and be sure to use testers, so as not to get an expensive cat in the bag.

6. In winter and summer need different care

Manufacturers of creams and other care products made a fortune on this myth. We are convinced that in winter it is better to use a more fat cream, and in summer - a light emulsion that will not “fatten” the skin. In part, these statements are true, but there are pitfalls.

In fact, a fat, nourishing cream in the cold should be used only if you have more than 3 hours of active outdoor activity waiting for you. In this case, the skin really needs additional protection. If you plan to get to work and come back in the evening, you can be completely protected by an ordinary cream, selected by skin type.

7. Combing is useful for hair.

If you often comb, skin secretion will be distributed along the length of the hair, and the tips will receive sufficient moisture and nutrition. It's right. But at the same time Frequent brushing can make your hair dirty too quickly. In addition, the comb can greatly injure the tips, if they are dry and brittle.

Better get a light care product and comb no more than 2-3 times a day. Then the hair will be moisturized and not damaged.

8. Exclusive services are always very effective.

Many salons offer unusual and pleasant services, such as chocolate wrapping or massage with heated stones. And there is nothing wrong with this if you want to pamper yourself. But few people realize that the effect of such procedures is too small in comparison with the amount of money that you give for them.

If you want to arrange a day of relaxation and spend a tidy sum, then why not. But if in the salon they promise that after these procedures you will lose weight dramatically, rejuvenate, permanently get rid of cellulite or eliminate all toxins, then you should not unconditionally believe in these words.

Nuances worth paying attention to

  • The decor inside the cabin. It is important that everything around is clean, and next to the administrator there is a consumer’s corner where you can learn more about the salon.
  • If the salon is medical, then you can check whether it has a license to provide medical services. To do this, ask for a document from the administrator.
  • If you come for a manicure, then make sure that nail scissors and cuticles are processed after each client, and ideally nail files should be disposable.
  • The solarium after each client must be disinfected. So before you go to the booth, make sure that it was removed.

And most importantly - do not be silent. Do not like hair, makeup, hair color, shape of nails or eyebrows - say about it. In a good salon that takes care of its customers, the master will always correct the mistake or figure out how to make you happy.

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluron is widely used to combat deep wrinkles and folds, as well as for the correction of facial contours. It is applied in the form of a gel - it is pumped into the lips and cheekbones to give them volume and expressiveness. Hyaluron perfectly binds water, thereby making the skin elastic and well moisturizes it. In addition, it is not rejected by the body, so there is never an allergy to it. However, this miracle remedy can also lead to complications and unpleasant consequences: for example, to partial or complete loss of sensitivity, tissue necrosis, skin fibrosis. If the gel accumulates too much water, it can shift under the action of gravity, which will lead to a strong asymmetry of the face.


This procedure is used at the first sign of wilting and aging skin. It is based on the effects of radiofrequency radiation on the subcutaneous layer. At high temperatures in the tissues denaturation of collagen fibers occurs, which are responsible for skin elasticity. In response to the loss of protein, the body begins to actively produce it, which leads to rapid rejuvenation. The procedure has several negative effects:

  • it is necessary that the thermolifting was carried out by a highly qualified specialist, otherwise serious burns are possible,
  • the body can respond to the procedure by too intensive production of collagen, which is fraught with fibrosis (scarring) of the skin,
  • it is not known how deep the radiation penetrates - it can affect not only the subcutaneous tissues, but also the brain, and it is impossible to predict the consequences of this process.

To make beautiful cheekbones and adjust the shape of the face, cosmetologists suggest injecting very thin threads under the skin. In the places of their introduction, tissues begin to actively produce collagen, which allows you to quickly tighten the contours and eliminate skin sagging. Thread stitching is dangerous for several reasons:

  • there is a high risk of scarring and thickening of the skin,
  • fabrics lose elasticity and quickly grow coarse,
  • metabolic processes are disturbed in the subcutaneous layer, which leads to the formation of edema and premature fading.

How high are you willing to pay for beauty? Is it worth it to risk health, and maybe life? Take care of yourself and choose only safe anti-aging procedures!

Subcutaneous mite

Subcutaneous demodex mites are microscopic parasites that penetrate the skin and live in it. They cause a lot of unpleasant symptoms: redness and hardening of the skin, acne and rashes, severe itching and peeling. And often the infected does not suspect the presence of parasites, is recorded on new treatments, and the disease progresses. Later, with active scratching, you will carry an additional infection and complicate the course of demodicosis.

Demodex can get into your skin during standard beauty procedures, if the master does not properly process the device or instrument and neglects full disinfection.

Note! Mite Demodex manifests itself not immediately and can go unnoticed for a long time. But when the immune system is weakened, and the active reproduction of parasites begins, the symptoms will not take long to appear.

Yes, the usual visit to the beauty salon threatens with a sudden stroke. And this is really possible with a confluence of certain circumstances during the washing of the head. If the height of the chair is set up incorrectly, and the client is forced to throw his head back strongly, then neck hyperextension occurs. As a result, the vertebrae of the cervical spine will transmit an important artery supplying the brain, the blood flow through it will break or stop altogether.

There are two threats at once. The first is the lack of nutrition of the brain, because of which the brain cells will die. The second threat is a thrombus formed by clamping the artery and heading straight to the brain after the neck has been straightened.

Important! Signs of the tragedy that took place may not manifest themselves immediately, but after a few hours or even days. And sometimes they arise suddenly, when the irreparable has already happened.

Rules for safe visits to beauty salons

How to avoid all the dangers arising in beauty salons? This is possible if you follow several rules:

  1. Choose a salon with an impeccable reputation. If there were incidents in it, or there are reviews of dissatisfied customers, choose another place.
  2. Before carrying out the procedure, ask the administrator for a license permitting the activity. Also request certificates for all the equipment used and the tools used for the procedures.
  3. Specify how tools are disinfected. According to the rules, they should be autoclaved, and for a certain time.
  4. In the salon disposable tools can be used, and in this case the master must open the package with you.
  5. If while performing a pedicure or manicure, the master accidentally caused damage to you, he should immediately carry out an antiseptic treatment.
  6. If you are uncomfortable sitting in a chair, or your head is thrown back, immediately inform the master so that he can change the height of the seat.
  7. If you plan to conduct a procedure involving the use of chemicals, then ask the wizard to use only those that you used before. This minimizes the risk of developing allergies.
  8. If you offer a service for a very low price, it should be alerted. Probably, the master will use low-quality or expired funds.

Visits to beauty salons can indeed be dangerous, but if you know all the possible risks and follow simple rules, threats can be avoided.

Anti Acne Toothpaste

Effects: dry skin, irritation, pigmentation

This method is known for a long time. Он стал популярен благодаря многочисленным форумам о красоте. Не исключено, что есть те, кому паста помогла избавиться от прыщей. Однако добавить ее в косметичку будет опрометчивым поступком. Паста сушит кожу, от частого применения начинаются шелушения и нежелательная пигментация.It is better to use it for the health of your teeth, and for combating acne - special tools or services of a beautician.

Hydrogen peroxide for white skin

Effects: irritation, dryness, burn

Recently, tanned leather is very popular, but there are those who like whiteness. Many women are ready for desperate measures for whitening.

Nothing terrible will come of one session of using peroxide for such purposes. But if you rub it all the time, then getting a dry, flaky skin costs nothing. Burns are also possible. It is unlikely that the aristocratic view is worth such torment.

Facial masks from improvised means

Effects: allergic reactions, acne.

It would seem that there is nothing terrible in a mixture of mint with cucumber or lemon with sugar. However, many combinations give an allergic reaction on the skin, rash of acne. And some, in particular, sugar masks, simply traumatize the skin.

The analogue of the warming mask of cinnamon and lemon juice, among other things, will dry the skin and only cause additional problems. Leave honey, vegetables, sugar and fruits for healthy nutrition, and trust skin care and trust in proven products and specialists.

Aspirin to get rid of acne

Effects: dry skin, impaired pH balance, desquamation and irritation.

On the Internet in bulk life hacking, offering to grind an aspirin pill and put on the inflammation. However, it is worth remembering that acetylsalicylic acid, which is produced under the brand name "aspirin", is not the same as salicylic acid, popular in dermatology. There are no preparations for external use with acetylsalicylic acid, and there is no proven beneficial effect on the skin from it.

Apple cider vinegar instead of tonic

Effects: irritation, acne.

In many blogs you can find such advice for thrifty beauties. Before wiping your face with vinegar, consider that its pH balance is much lower than that of the skin. Therefore, such a home tonic will destroy the protective barrier on the face, cause irritation and acne.

Herpes Nail Polish

Effects: irritation on the lips.

Nail polish is only suitable for nails. Of course, in the short term, it is complete with lipstick closes unsympathetic bubbles on the lips. However, in the future it is unlikely to turn out to be something good. First, the lacquer on top of herpes causes severe irritation. Secondly, an unpleasant cold will only heal longer. Be patient and treat herpes with drugs.