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How to prepare for pregnancy


The task of a woman who dreams of a healthy child is to find a good father and take care of her own body. Planning for pregnancy begins in a year, at least 6 months, in order to be able to get rid of hidden diseases and treat chronic ones, give up bad habits, and morally tune in to the coming changes.

In a healthy body - strong baby

The first step is to consult a gynecologist, or a family doctor. Examination of the thyroid gland and genitals, the digestive tract and the heart. Be sure to have blood tests for sugar and hormones, because sometimes the expectant mother does not realize that she has a tendency to diabetes, or an excess of testosterone.

Pregnancy is not a fairy tale, and all nine months a woman will not flit on the wings of happiness. The developing organism is a tremendous test for the mother's body, because the child needs calcium, vitamins and minerals, which he takes from the parent. During this period, the old problems are exacerbated, the risk of earning several new diseases increases. A woman who decides to give birth to a baby should take care of her own health so that the pregnancy can proceed with minimal complications.

So, during the preparation for conception, it is worth testing for:

  1. Worms, which have almost 90% of the world's population,
  2. Toxoplasmosis, if a cat lives in the house, or you often have to contact her,
  3. Venereal diseases, because some are transmitted not only by intimate intimacy, but also by household means: through handshakes, kisses (even on the cheek), hygiene items, for example, a towel,
  4. AIDS, even ladies, who 100% trust their husbands,
  5. Rhesus factor spouses. Sometimes it is this item that causes premature labor, or miscarriages,
  6. If there are relatives with genetic diseases in the family history, it will not hurt to find out how likely it is to pass this problem on to the child.

Minor troubles
The future mother does not hurt to go to the dentist’s office and to cure all her teeth affected by caries. During gestation, the enamel gets less calcium, and due to toxicosis it becomes thinner. Bacteria develop more actively, the inflammatory process begins, risking to develop into pulpitis or other unpleasant things.

Vaccinations and drugs
Rubella, parotitis, measles and chickenpox threaten the life of the mother and the developing fetus. They can lead to deafness, diseases of the brain and nervous system of the child. Analyzes will help determine if a woman has antibodies to these infections. In case of their absence, it is necessary to undergo vaccination at least 3 months before conception.

Planning a pregnancy is to refrain from certain hormonal drugs, antibiotics and other drugs, because of which babies are born with pathologies.

Conscious choice

During pregnancy, not only physical health is tested for strength, but also the woman’s nervous system. Morning toxemia in the first months, the weight increases, and the shape of the figure changes. Someone feels more confident and attractive when others are depressed.

The stomach will grow, you may have problems with your nails or hair, you will have to change your wardrobe, and try to remain calm when another relative tries to touch the “cute belly”. The future mother should learn to treat all changes and problems with humor, or at least with understanding, not to worry about trifles and tactless people.

Psychological tricks
You can draw a table in two columns: enter all the disadvantages of an interesting position and fears associated with carrying into the first one. The second is filled with pleasant associations and thoughts, the advantages that pregnancy gives. And if there are more minuses, it is worth to postpone the conception of a scion. If you won the pros, you can safely proceed to the implementation of the plan.

Material base

A child is an expensive pleasure. A pregnant woman has to be tested regularly and undergo an ultrasound scan. Plus, the nutrition of the future mother, the replacement of clothes, the choice of a good clinic and qualified doctors. You can use the services of free specialists, but in most cases a modest gratitude is a guarantee of the careful attitude of obstetricians and light labor.

The units of parents thinking about the child, understand what amounts will have to invest in the development of the baby. Money is needed for additional examinations that help find out how healthy the fetus will be. To repair the room for the nursery, and the purchase of supplies for childbirth, as well as the baby itself.

Stable salary plus savings on a “rainy day” is a guarantee of calm for a pregnant woman. After going on maternity leave, she wouldn’t have to worry about where to get an extra hundred rubles to buy bread, or from whom to borrow money for a caesarean section (if you suddenly need it).

Lack of stress is a healthy baby, reducing the risk of premature birth, or threatened miscarriage. Therefore, it is worth saving for pregnancy, as for buying a car or a vacation at sea.

Stop nicotine

To smoke or not is the choice of the woman herself, but if she thinks about the continuation of the race, there is only one option: to quit. Nicotine is a heart disease, low weight, delayed development of the fetus. To give up cigarettes should be 4-7 months before conception, giving the body the opportunity and time to be cleansed of tar, and recover.

The future father is recommended to forget about the existence of nicotine for at least 3 months in order to improve the quality of sperm. The ideal option is to throw away a pack of cigarettes, and never return to them, because a woman in the position is contraindicated in the same room with a smoker.

We for sobriety

The second bad habit is alcohol. No spirits for 4 months before pregnancy. The exception is a glass of wine, but even red or white should not be carried away. Smart women do not need to tell what is fraught with alcohol abuse, or narcotic substances. And adult men understand that they are also responsible for the health of the child, and together with the beloved they switch to fresh juices and mineral water.

Power in food

Special attention deserves the diet of a woman who has decided to give birth to a child. The daily menu should be rich in vitamins and minerals, proteins and carbohydrates. It is necessary to abandon hard diets and fasting for 6 months before conception, so as not to deplete the body. There is a list of components that a woman should receive daily, and in sufficient quantities.

Calcium (prevention of osteoporosis and tooth loss):

  • Whole milk,
  • Natural Yoghurts
  • Cottage cheese and cheese
  • Kale,
  • Beans,
  • Broccoli,
  • Dietary fish,
  • Figs,
  • Seaweed,
  • Almond.

Iron (prevention of anemia and oxygen starvation of the fetus):

  • Chicken and red meat,
  • Beef liver,
  • Yolks,
  • Dark chocolate,
  • Dried pears,
  • Prunes,
  • Nuts,
  • Brewer's yeast,
  • Oatmeal (not to be confused with fast food).

Folic acid, or B9 (for the prevention of miscarriages and the normal development of the child):

  • Spinach,
  • Hard cheese
  • Cod liver,
  • Asparagus,
  • Peanut,
  • Boiled or raw beets,
  • Brussels sprouts.

Useful cereals, salads from fresh vegetables, fruits and berries, vegetable oils. It is advisable to avoid fast food, margarine, fried foods and animal fats.

Weight category

Large ladies are recommended to think about losing weight, because during the development of the baby a woman is gaining extra pounds. And the extra weight is fraught with complications during pregnancy and childbirth.

It is necessary to dump body fat a year before the planned conception, adhering to proper nutrition, or a strict diet. It is obligatory to consult a doctor so that weight loss does not provoke gastritis or an ulcer.

Important: Having achieved the desired performance, you need to fix the result for at least 6 months, and try not to lose kilos and not get better.

For girls with a fragile physique bordering on anorexia, a diet is recommended for gaining muscle mass (not fat). Thin women, as well as excessively full, it is harder to endure a child, not hitting a save.

Physical exercise

Sport is a great option to prepare the body for 9 months of pregnancy. Running develops stamina and breathing, strengthens the back and legs. You can visit the pool, sign up for fitness or learn yoga, which is also involved in carrying a baby.

Strength training is not the best option. It is advised to give preference to cardio workouts. It is advised to pay particular attention to abdominal muscles, and at least 15 minutes a day to pump the press. Due to physical exertion, the body remains in good shape until pregnancy, and after giving birth it quickly returns to its original parameters.

Specific complex
Women will benefit from Kegel exercises aimed at the development of vaginal muscles. Girls who have mastered this complex, it is easier to endure the process of childbirth, with minimal injuries and tears. You can practice at home, or find a center where a special trainer will teach all the subtleties, and show you how to work with and without simulators.

Father's preparation

The future father does not interfere with preparing him mentally for the difficulties that he will have to overcome during the carrying of the fetus, and also after the appearance of the infant in the family.

Pregnancy is associated with certain risks and inconveniences; it is not as fabulous as it is described in women's forums. But if properly prepared, 9 months of carrying a new life will fly by quickly, and without complications.

1. Exercise

If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, you should add physical activity. Exercises with high and medium intensity increase the ability to conceive, especially in women who are overweight.

Having accustomed yourself to physical activity before pregnancy, you are more likely to continue the exercises and after its occurrence, and this has a proven positive effect.

While you are not pregnant, choose any sport at will, and starting from the first trimester, switch to softer and safer types of activity. The most suitable activities for pregnant women are Guidelines for Physical Activity during Pregnancy:

  • Medium intensity aerobic training
  • exercises to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor,
  • walking,
  • swimming,
  • stretching
  • strengthening exercises.

Pregnant women are not advised to engage in cycling and horse riding, gymnastics and hockey, as well as all sports where you can fall, get injured or overload your joints.

2. Eat right

Even before the onset of pregnancy is to take care of their weight.

Overweight and obesity during pregnancy are risk factors for many adverse outcomes (spontaneous abortion, congenital abnormalities of the fetus, stillbirth), as well as pregnancy complications (diabetes that occurred during pregnancy, pre-eclampsia, thromboembolism).

To get rid of excess weight, go to a healthy diet. To complete your diet, add the following categories of Nutrition Before Pregnancy products:

  • Cereals. Wheat, oats, buckwheat, rice, corn and legumes. Try to choose wholegrain or little processed foods.
  • Vegetables. Alternate dark green, red and orange. Choose fresh or frozen seasonal foods.
  • Fruits. Eat fresh, canned in their own juice or water, frozen or dried seasonal fruit.
  • Milk products. Choose low-fat foods that are rich in calcium.
  • Meat and fish. Protein is essential for normal fetal development and placenta health during pregnancy. Before pregnancy, a sufficient amount of protein will help prolong the feeling of fullness and reduce weight.
  • The right fats. Try to limit the amount of harmful trans fats during the offspring. Get the necessary saturated and unsaturated fats from lard, dairy products, fish, vegetable oils and nuts.

Do not get involved in strict diets. A recent study of Low carbohydrate intake to increased risk of birth defects revealed that diets with low carbohydrate levels before and during pregnancy can cause a birth defect of the neural tube. Without a sufficient amount of carbohydrates in the mother’s diet, the risk of defects in the spinal cord and fetal brain increases by 30%.

At the same time, the head of the study, Dr. Tania Desrosiers (Tania Desrosiers), noted that folate helps to prevent neural tube defects (this includes folic acid). However, this vitamin is not the only essential for pregnant women. At the planning stage and during pregnancy it is worth taking care of other beneficial substances.

3. Take micronutrient supplements.

Malnutrition in mothers increases the risk of low birth weight (less than 2.5 kg), premature birth, stunted growth, perinatal diseases and mortality, and the lack of certain nutrients increases the risk of congenital abnormalities and fetal malformations.

Good nutrition is necessary for a healthy pregnancy, but some vitamins are difficult to obtain in sufficient quantities only from food. Lack of vitamins and other elements can be filled with special additives.

You can buy supplements with vitamins and elements separately or choose a suitable complex. For example, the complex “Pregnoton Mama” was created just for those who only thought about the child, but also suitable for all trimesters of pregnancy and lactation.

Below we will look at several vitamins and minerals that are necessary for a woman and a future child at the planning stage, during pregnancy and during breastfeeding.

Folic acid

Studies have shown that to compensate for folate deficiency, it is better to replace synthetic folic acid with 5-methyltetrahydrofolate. It is a natural form of vitamin B9 (folic acid) and is absorbed much better. Scientific Review: Is It Negative? Scientists from the University of Saarland in Germany argue that natural folate 5-methyltetrahydrofolate is completely absorbed by the body, does not have an upper level of absorption and does not mask vitamin B12 deficiency.

Therefore, when choosing a vitamin complex or supplements with folate, pay attention to its shape. The Pregnoton Mama complex contains 200 µg of 5-methyltetrahydrofolate (extrafoliate) and 200 µg of folic acid, which significantly increases the absorption compared with the intake of folic acid or products rich in this vitamin.

A lack of iron can lead to anemia, which is dangerous for both the mother and the child. It can cause preterm labor, limit fetal growth, and cause low birth weight.

Vitamin complex Pregnoton Mama contains liposomal iron. When choosing additives, be sure to pay attention to the form of iron. The fact is that supplements with iron sulfate, fumarate and pyrophosphate can cause damage to the gastrointestinal mucosa, discomfort, nausea, and constipation.

Liposomal iron helps to reduce inflammation and inflammatory bowel disease. A pilot controlled study to avoid these effects. Liposome is a non-toxic nano-sized vesicle vesicle. Iron protected by this vesicle is not released in the gastrointestinal tract and does not cause nausea and other side effects. At the same time, bioavailability of liposomal iron is 3.5 times higher than bioavailability of iron pyrophosphate, 2.7 times - iron sulfate and 4.7 times - iron fumarate.

Iodine deficiency can cause Maternal Diet and Nutrient Requirements in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding. An Italian Consensus Document termination of pregnancy, birth defects and neurological problems. After the 12th week of pregnancy, iodine is necessary for the production of thyroid hormones in the fetus, therefore, after this period, its amount should be increased to 150–250 mcg per day.

In the vitamin complex "Pregnoton Mama" contains 150 micrograms of iodine - this is quite enough for the planning period, the pregnancy itself and breastfeeding.

A sufficient amount of this vitamin affects Father’s pre-conception of vitamin D intake for 5–5 years old on the formation of the musculoskeletal system and the overall health of the fetus. In addition, vitamin D reduces Vitamin D supplementation for women during pregnancy the risk of preterm birth and low birth weight.

The recommended rate for women is 600 IU, however, in the vitamin complexes can not find such a quantity of the substance. The fact is that manufacturers take into account the consumption of each vitamin and mineral with food and reduce its amount in the complex in order to avoid possible overdose.

Например, в комплексе «Прегнотон Мама» содержится 5 мкг (200 МЕ) витамина D. Оставшуюся норму витамина можно получить из сельди, лосося, макрели, желтков яиц, сметаны, сливочного масла, печени домашней птицы и скотины. Включите эти продукты в свой рацион вместе с витаминами.

Полиненасыщенные жирные кислоты омега-3

Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids reduce Maternal Diet and Nutrient Requirements in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding. An Italian Consensus Document risk of preterm birth, fetal death and postpartum depression of the mother. In addition, docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) - one of the varieties of omega-3-polyunsaturated fatty acids - has a great influence on the development of the brain and retinal fetus.

Since omega-3 fatty acids are essential and are not produced in the body, they must come from food. The best source of omega-3 is fish and seafood, but since many pregnant women are afraid of consuming sea fish because of the potential for fetal hazards, you can get omega-3 from supplements.

In the complex “Pregnoton Mama” contains 200 mg of DHA - this is exactly how much Dietary fat intakes and pregnant women need for normal fetal development.

Start taking vitamin and mineral complexes three months before the intended pregnancy. This will create in the body a supply of all necessary micronutrients.

4. Go to the dentist

Pregnant women are more prone to caries because of increased acidity in the oral cavity, and are 30% more prone to periodontal diseases and gingivitis (bleeding of the gums).

Since the risk of oral diseases increases during pregnancy, you should go to the dentist in advance, check the condition of your teeth, eliminate all defects and consult about further measures.

In addition, follow a few rules:

  • reduce the amount of sugar and sugary drinks,
  • brush your teeth twice a day with fluoride paste,
  • use dental floss every day
  • chew gum without sugar to normalize the pH in the mouth.

5. Learn everything about your health

Three months before conception, it is recommended to undergo pregravid training: to pass tests, identify risks and eliminate them if possible.

As part of the pregravid preparation, spouses are screened for all types of sexually transmitted infections, blood tests for hepatitis, treponema viruses, HIV, measles, rubella, varicella, toxoplasma, and others. If necessary, spouses can be vaccinated against rubella, measles, chicken pox.

Also at the planning stage of pregnancy, it is desirable to check the thyroid gland.

“Testing and monitoring thyroid function usually involves taking tests for hormones and ultrasound. The revealed violations can lead to anovulation, infertility, spontaneous miscarriages, premature birth, delayed fetal development and perinatal complications, ”notes Anna Kannabikh, gynecologist of the mobile clinic DOC +.

6. Pass the genetic test

Genetic studies are simply necessary if you or your relatives had hereditary diseases, however, to exclude risks, they can also be carried out by healthy people.

Sometimes healthy people do not even suspect that they are carriers of the so-called balanced chromosomal rearrangements (aberrations), which do not manifest themselves externally, but may be responsible for infertility or miscarriage.

Natalia Beglyarova says that the most important part of genetic diagnosis in preparation for pregnancy is the definition of karyotype, or karyotyping.

This diagnosis reveals a doubling or absence of any chromosome, movement or rotation of the area inside the chromosome - gross violations in the structure and number of chromosomes that can cause spontaneous abortion and stillbirth, as well as more than 700 diseases, including Down syndrome, dementia, physical defects fetus.

A person’s karyotype is unchanged throughout life, so research can be done once in a lifetime at any age. In some countries, for example in the UAE, karyotyping is included in the set of mandatory tests before marriage.

For this test in the laboratory, blood is drawn from a vein. A month before the study, antibiotics should be abandoned, for three days, alcohol. Blood is given in a state of satiety, not fasting.

7. Watch your emotional state.

Stress, anxiety and depression during pregnancy adversely affect Anxiety, depression and stress in pregnancy: implications for mothers, children, research, and practice on the development of the nervous system of the fetus, as well as the development of the baby after birth. Therefore, it is important to adjust the emotional state of the mother before pregnancy.

Observe the daily routine, normalize sleep and nutrition, add physical activity, try methods of auto-training and meditation. After the onset of pregnancy, the emotional state of a woman may be unstable: due to hormonal changes, tearfulness, sensitivity, anxiety increases.

In order not to increase stress, during pregnancy you should be in a comfortable atmosphere, with loving and understanding people. You can discuss it with your relatives in advance, solve problems with work, if there often arise stressful situations, visit a perinatal psychologist.

8. Give up bad habits

Refusal of smoking and alcohol is necessary for carrying a healthy child. Children whose mothers smoked during pregnancy have lower intellectual abilities, problems with hyperactivity and antisocial behavior.

Smoking should be excluded at the stage of preparation for five cycles. When smoking enters the blood carbon monoxide, which leads to circulatory hypoxia, can disrupt the formation of placental bed, cause premature aging of the placenta and retard the development of the fetus. Also during fetal development, the fetus from the second to the ninth week is very sensitive to alcohol, consumption can lead to developmental defects and deformities.

Give up bad habits at the planning stage, and you will not have to suffer guilt and risk the health of the child during pregnancy.


According to statistics, in Russia no more than 4% of couples purposefully prepare for the birth of a baby. This indicator is the result of the lack of awareness of future parents about the importance and benefits of preparing for parenting.

Proper planning significantly increases the chances of a healthy pregnancy and proper development of the fetus.

Be active, eat right and take vitamin-mineral complexes, monitor your physical health and emotional state, and you can avoid many problems, protect yourself and your child.

Maximum information

Adult people preparing for parenthood need to be able to make informed decisions, to have the courage to take responsibility for themselves and their offspring, because the expectations do not always coincide with reality. In this regard, doctors strongly recommend to prepare for pregnancy, because the future mother will face a mass of new life tasks that need to be successfully solved. And dad and all the relatives need to be prepared for the fact that their life will be abruptly changed.

In the preparatory process is very important information component. A woman should understand approximately what changes will occur with her body, state of health, psychological state when she will carry the child. Many are completely unprepared for the unpleasant sensations that accompany the pregnancy, the severity and pain in the later periods, the rapid change of mood, the need to get used to new eating habits, to sleep deprivation closer to and after childbirth. Some women are so unable to accept the metamorphosis that occurs with their body over the course of 9 months, that they bring themselves and their relatives to the strongest stresses, and this is definitely not good for the child.

It is necessary to understand who a pregnant woman can count on in terms of physical and financial assistance if necessary, who can cry "in the waistcoat", who can get professional advice, who to contact in a force majeure situation.

Of course, the best and the greatest amount of information can be obtained from a specialist, but it is useful to listen to a mother or a close relative regarding everything related to pregnancy and childbirth. By the way, the information received from the mother about how her pregnancy was proceeding, whether there were no abnormalities, whether there are any family diseases can be very useful during the gestation.

Information training will reduce the level of anxiety and possible frustration. In married women, the husband must participate not only in conception, but also actively take on various powers from conception both before and after delivery.

Comprehensive Diagnosis

Women's consultation is the first medical institution visited by a pregnant woman. And this happens in most cases. And it would be necessary for both spouses to visit doctors at the planning stage for a preliminary examination, an elementary examination, and receiving professional answers to burning questions.

After all, it may be that by registering, a pregnant woman will reveal pathologies that may adversely affect the condition of the fetus, and in some situations lead to a spontaneous abortion. It is extremely difficult for a physician to select a proper treatment regimen, since in almost all medicines pregnancy is a contraindication to prescription. At the planning stage, it is much easier to get rid of the disease and begin to conceive, being in good physical and mental form.

In addition to standard tests (blood, urine, biochemistry, hepatitis B and C, HIV, tuberculosis, smears on the microflora), the most important research is the diagnosis of TORCHS infections. These are the most dangerous diseases (toxoplasmosis, cytomegalovirus, rubella, herpes) transmitted from pregnant to fetus, which can affect the nervous and binocular system, heart, skin and cause the development of severe deviations in the fetus until its death. In this regard, you need to visit a therapist, find out whether the woman was ill with rubella, whether there are vaccinations. Before pregnancy, you can be vaccinated against dangerous infections, so as not to worry about possible infection during pregnancy.

A woman will need to undergo a sonography of internal organs, including genitals. The partner should be examined by a urologist or andrologist. It is useful to pass the spermogram to make sure that the sperm cells are healthy, since many abnormalities in the fetus occur because of poor-quality seminal fluid, because the child receives the genome from the mother and father.

The doctor will tell you how long before conception an X-ray examination will be safe, how to behave with pets, because you can get toxoplasmosis from cats, give advice on nutrition, possibly prescribe vitamins. Moreover, you need to visit the doctor in advance if there are chronic diseases and drugs are taken on a regular basis, especially if they are hormonal agents.

Often in the process of childbirth, a woman’s eyesight suffers due to an increase in intraocular pressure as a result of excessive loads that the woman's mother carries. Therefore, when planning, you need to consult an ophthalmologist, especially if you have problems with your eyesight, not even the woman herself, but her immediate family. In many cases, a caesarean section is prescribed because of eye problems.

Another specialist, a visit to which is mandatory both during planning and already during the gestation period, is a dentist. Before pregnancy, the oral cavity should be brought into full order, since even a single small area of ​​caries can serve as a breeding ground for infections. In addition, the fetus lives and develops due to nutrients received from the mother, the deficiency of which can lead to loss of teeth in a woman, deterioration of the hair, skin, nails. The gynecologist and the therapist on their part will advise which products can be consumed in order to minimize losses. The dentist in turn will tell you how to keep your teeth intact.

According to the comprehensive diagnosis, the doctor will assess how much the woman’s body is ready for conception, childbirth and childbirth.

Weight and nutrition

Excess weight, as well as its deficiency, often makes it difficult to get pregnant. If there is excess weight or lack of it, you need to consult with a nutritionist and find the right food.

Before pregnancy, everything can be corrected, because many women go on a diet, being in an "interesting" position. This is a big mistake that could cost the baby’s health or life. In addition, obesity is a risk factor for developing hypertension or diabetes.

Future parents, especially mom, need a varied diet so that the balance between the main trace elements is maintained. Vitamins must be consumed in full, the energy value of products in the aggregate should not be below the norm. The doctor may prescribe drugs of iodine and / or folic acid. In the diet try to adhere to the general principles of healthy food: less fried, fatty, salty, smoked, pickled.

When puffiness, it is recommended to exclude salty foods from the diet. Also eat less sweets, pastries, sweets, chocolate. Consider replacing such sweet products with natural ones: dried fruit, jelly or marmalade (useful for bone structures), fresh fruit. What is definitely worth giving up is: fast food, coffee and strong black tea, sausages, canned food, sweet soda, food for the night.

Without the consumption of pure water a person can not be healthy. Moreover, without water, the normal development of the fetus is impossible. The question of the volume of daily water intake must be addressed with a doctor.

Bad habits

Preparation for pregnancy requires refusal from smoking, taking medicines and alcohol. This applies to both future parents. Men need to know that the harmful tar contained in cigarettes, the alcohol contained in alcohol, significantly reduces fertility and erection. No wonder if it is impossible to conceive a child, in 40% of cases the fault lies with the man.

Passion for a woman cigarettes often leads to menstrual disorders. Active or passive smoking during gestation disrupts blood circulation in the placenta, leads to hypoxia, abnormalities in fetal development, and fetal death.

After successful delivery, it is a risk factor for the sudden death of the infant. Also for the fetus even the minimum amount of low-alcohol drinks is deadly. It is necessary to quit bad habits a few months (at least three) before the intended fertilization, so that the partners' body is cleansed and matured.

This is due to the duration of the full cycle of spermatogenesis (three months). Vital, healthy sperm cells need to be present in the seminal fluid of the future father. In this regard, it is useful for a man to pass a spermogram, even if it is not necessary for medical reasons.

Healthy sleep

Full-fledged enough sleep is not a fad for partners preparing for parenthood. During the night rest, intensive restoration of the vital activity of organs and systems takes place. Including normal hormones, strengthens the immune system, which is important for a successful conception.

During sleep, the body accumulates energy resources, wasted during the previous day and necessary for normal functioning the next day. A person deprived of normal sleep risks mental and physical health.

Without sleep, attention concentration, memory deteriorates, a person becomes inhibited, cephalalgia, chronic fatigue, depression, hormonal imbalance develops, and even the menstrual cycle is disturbed.

If the work does not allow a good sleep, you need to get enough sleep in the daytime or go to bed an hour or two earlier. But the body should get its 8 hours (minimum) for sleep.

Activity and movement

Some women, having learned about their pregnancy, go to bed almost for the next 9 months.

If there are no contraindications, then in no case do not need to limit their physical activity. Lack of movement leads to stagnation in the pelvis, poor blood supply, oxygen starvation, muscle weakness.

We are not talking about intense sports exercises and raising iron. Sports training will have to be replaced by swimming, Pilates, long walks and cycling, morning exercises, yoga, skiing, treadmill. You should not be zealous, everything should be in moderation, to mild fatigue.

Pregnancy and delivery - the hardest processes that require good physical fitness. Strong muscles will make it possible to bear and have a baby normally. Men are not recommended to visit steam rooms, saunas, take hot baths.

Emotional condition

In today's world, one can hardly do without stressful situations at all. Everyone knows about the negative effects of stress on health. Short-term stress on the body is not as bad as chronic.

При перманентном течении стресс теряет свою защитную функцию и становится дистрессом – деструктивное расстройство, истощающее энергетические запасы организма и его адаптационные способности.

Дистресс может стать спусковым механизмом для обострения латентных патологий, появления психоэмоциональной нестабильности, головной боли, бессонницы, дистонии, менструальной дисфункции и других неприятных симптомов.

Preparation for pregnancy should include not so much a runaway from stressors, but the ability to relax after stressful tension. In this case, the pathological phase (distress) does not occur. If this is relevant to you, consult a psychologist how to learn from a stressful reaction to extract positive things, not to be afraid of such situations, to turn stress into a motivational factor pushing for creativity, growth in the profession, and getting new knowledge. And now make a list of fun activities.

Do not lose sight of even such “trifles” as letting yourself enjoy your favorite delicacy, watch a positively influential film, communicate with an interesting person, and so on. To this list is to resort every time after stress and choose a lesson for the soul at the moment. Try also to remove from your life people who have a bad influence on you.

If you need more detailed and complete information on how to prepare for pregnancy, contact the specialists of the AltraVita clinic. At your service are not only qualified gynecologists and andrologists, psychologists and sexologists, but also modern diagnostic equipment, an in-house laboratory, and experts. Use professional advice, get diagnosed on high-quality equipment, approach the issue of conception responsibly, and then the desired pregnancy will bring only pleasure and joyful moments, not problems and excitement.

Where to begin?

In the modern world, people prefer to plan every period of their lives. Proper preparation pregnancy is a sensible solution. The state of health of their unborn child directly depends on the lifestyle of the parents. Before embarking on conception, it is necessary to take into account many nuances regarding preparation for pregnancy. Start preparing for the upcoming pregnancy is worth at least 3 months before conception, ideally for half a year or a year.

Planning for pregnancy includes following stages:

    Medical examination, passing the necessary tests,

Search for competent specialists

Preparation for pregnancy for the woman begins with visiting the gynecologist. It would be nice if one specialist will conduct a woman’s pregnancy from start to finish. It is necessary to choose another stage of preparation for pregnancy.

In the absence of significant problems with reproductive function, you can contact any gynecologist in the antenatal clinic. If there are diseases of the sexual sphere, it is better to turn to gynecologist - endocrinologist or fertility specialist.

Comprehensive survey required from both partners. Future parents need to look into the office of the therapist. He will give directions for the necessary tests and tell you which other doctors you should visit. Before conceiving a child, it is necessary to cure in advance the existing diseases that may harm the unborn baby. It is very important for a woman to visit a dentist: get rid of caries and remove wisdom teeth if necessary.


At the planning stage of pregnancy, future parents will have to go through multiple diagnostic procedures and research. First, complete blood count is done. If there are points of contention in the results, the doctor prescribes a biochemical analysis. Along with this, the following studies are conducted:

Also required testing for the presence of infectious diseases. For this, a smear and blood is given for the presence of sexually transmitted diseases. A separate analysis is done on TORCH - infections. If you find any problems, a woman and a man must first get rid of them, and only then begin to conceive.

For more productive preparation for the process of pregnancy, a man should take a spermogram, which will show the percentage of activity and sperm count.

If a man or a woman has inherited diseases in the family, then the probability of transmission of the disease to the child should be identified. In this case, worth a visit genetics doctor.

There is an analysis that determines the level of compatibility of partners. It should be carried out in the event that the pregnancy does not occur for a long time.

In certain situations, conception can only be possible in the process. artificial insemination.

From the appearance of serious illness during pregnancy, no one is insured. Therefore, it is desirable to pre vaccinate against the most common diseases. These include:

Most vaccinations are optional. Opinions about the need for their conduct vary. But experts recommend to protect your body from possible diseases. Most vaccinations need to be done six months before the immediate moment of conception.

Preparing the body for pregnancy

The success of conception is greatly influenced by the lifestyle of the couple. The process of carrying a child is incompatible with the use of alcohol and smoking. Should abandon bad habits at least three months before pregnancy. This applies not only to women, but also to her life partner. Alcohol and nicotine affect sperm quality, reducing the chances of a possible pregnancy.

At the planning stage of pregnancy are welcome playing sports. They significantly strengthen the body, preparing it for a new position. It is also recommended to control the daily diet. Preference should be given healthy food. It is better to abandon fast food, sweets, smoked, salty and spicy.

You need to eat more protein and plant foods. As snacks, you can use nuts, dried fruits, vegetables, fruits, cottage cheese desserts, etc. Proper nutrition contributes to well-being and general body health.

Stressful situations during pregnancy planning should be avoided. Against them, menstrual irregularities may occur, which makes conception practically impossible. A woman should keep a schedule of menstruation, writing down all the data in a separate notebook. This information will allow the gynecologist to determine the causes of possible problems.

If there is excess weight, then he needs to get rid of it. He can interfere pregnancy. Special attention needs to be paid healthy sleep, walks in the fresh air and psychological mood.

Benefits of vitamins

Replenishing the supply of vitamins is desirable to engage even before planning a pregnancy. Certain vitamins affect specific life support systems organism. Therefore, vitamin deficiencies can have a very negative effect on the conception and health of the unborn child. Most often, women are appointed vitamin complexes. For men, special preparations are also provided. The most important vitamins include:

It is very difficult to overestimate the benefits of vitamins during preparation for pregnancy. When planning a child's female body requires a lot of strength and nutrients to carry the fruit. Thanks to their presence, the baby will be able to fully develop.

Despite the fact that vitamins are essential for the body, they should not be taken without consulting a doctor. Hypervitaminosis of some vitamins can also negatively affect the development of the baby, as well as a deficiency.

Key point in preparation for motherhood is the definition of favorable days for conception - the period of ovulation. Without it, the process of conception is impossible. Each cycle in the female body grow and mature eggs.

But fertilization capacityAs a rule, only one of them receives. At the confluence of the sperm and the egg, an ovum is formed, which is soon implanted in the uterus.

You can determine ovulation using the following methods:

    special ovulation test,

Conception process

There are many factors that can increase probability of successful conception. These include certain postures during intercourse, calculating ovulation, taking certain medications, etc.

Some women have such pathology as the bend of the uterus. It does not greatly hinder the process of conception. But depending on the side of the bend, poses are chosen. Sharply get up and go to the shower after sexual intercourse woman is not recommended. It is better to lie down for a couple of hours, placing the basin on a high pillow.

Some couples have a desire to conceive a child of a particular gender. In fact, nature is difficult to deceive. But there are ways by which you can increase the probability of the birth of a girl or boy.

Spermatozoa with a male chromosome are faster, but they have a shorter lifespan. Sperm with female chromosome slow, but despite this, they live long.

If sexual intercourse occurred before the onset of ovulation, it is likely that the spermatozoid will encounter the egg cell with the female chromosome. In order to become pregnant as a boy, you need to practice sexual intimacy on ovulation day.

Difficulties in planning

Not all couples can get pregnant the first time. There are many reasons for this, both from the male side and from the female side:

The most common problem that can be encountered when planning a pregnancy is lack of ovulation. To stimulate the release of the egg woman prescribed hormonal medications.

Sometimes pregnancy fails early because of insufficient endometrial volume or low progesterone levels. These problems are solved by using hormone drugs on certain days. menstrual cycle.

In those situations when hormonal drugs are helpless, surgical intervention is involved. It may be laparoscopic or abdominal surgery. Laparoscopy is considered a diagnostic procedure, but it can also be used to remove various lesions on the genitals. Abdominal surgery is performed when there are more serious problems.


Most of the problems associated with conception, occur on the background of hormonal disorders. Bring hormones back to normal with the help of medical drugs. Progesterone deficiency at the planning stage of pregnancy fills Utrozhestan or Duphaston. To stimulate ovulation most often prescribed Klostilbegit. To increase the endometrium, doctors prescribe Femoston, Divigel or Proginovu.

Every woman needs to take drugs with a high content of vitamins before pregnancy, if a sufficient amount does not come from food. The most popular are Fembion, Elevit Pronatal, Vitrum and Complivit.

For promotion male fertility prescribed medication with zinc, selenium and folic acid. Medications such as Speman, Tribestan, Spermaktin, Himcolin and Verona are widely distributed. It is not recommended to take the listed drugs without a prescription.

Compliance pregnancy planning rules ensures its favorable course in the future. The better the preparation for the new situation, the more problems can be avoided.

What is the preparation for pregnancy

In order to properly prepare the body for pregnancy, it is necessary to carry out a certain set of activities. This is a simple, but responsible manipulation, allowing to make a healthy baby. Planning consists of psychological, physical measures, taking vitamins, revising lifestyle. It depends on the probability of conception, comfortable gestation, childbirth without complications. Familiarize yourself with the steps involved in the concept of preparation and the planning steps.


Psychological preparation is required for pregnancy. Some people want a child so much that they are trying to “adjust” the month, the day of conception, in order to have a child of a certain gender and zodiac sign. This is wrong from a medical point of view - ovulation does not occur in all cycles. Every healthy woman 1-2 times a year, cycles occur without it, and ovulation is affected by many risk factors.

The couple with no health problems from the moment they started trying to get pregnant, there is a year for self-conception. If after this period the onset of pregnancy did not occur, it is worth to consult a doctor, to reconsider the psychological state. From stress, stress at work, illness, uncertainty about tomorrow, there are failures that affect the preparation process.


Minimal exercise during preparation for a quick conception, weight loss will help to bear the fruit without any special health problems. During pregnancy, the spine, abdominal muscles and legs carry a load - pay attention to them when you plan to conceive:

  1. Spine and back - strengthen the trapezius and latissimus muscles, the muscular corset of the back to prepare for the deflection of the body under the weight of the fetus.
  2. Abdomen - work on your abs and perineal muscles to make them more elastic.
  3. Hands - triceps, shoulders will experience the load when carrying the child born.
  4. Legs - working on the calves will help avoid varicose veins, dilation of the vessels due to weight gain.
  5. Pelvic floor muscles - Kegel exercises will help to strengthen them, which will lead to normal sexual activity, cycle, eliminate the risks of complications, breaks during childbirth, especially when preparing repeated pregnancies.

How to prepare for pregnancy

Those who want to know where to start preparing for pregnancy, you need to keep in mind that it is not only a woman. A man also needs to take a responsible approach to planning, because the child inherits his genes. Improvement of the male body begins in three months (to improve spermatogenesis), and female health - in six months or a year. The process includes testing and improving health.

For a woman planning a pregnancy, testing is required. The expectant mother should definitely visit a gynecologist. The minimum check in female consultation are:

  • vaginal smear on flora,
  • anamnesis for ectopic pregnancies,
  • blood test for syphilis, HIV, hepatitis,
  • medical examination for mycoplasma, ureaplasma, chlamydia, cytomegalovirus, toxoplasmosis,
  • Ultrasound of the pelvic organs, kidneys,
  • Analysis of urine,
  • vaccination against rubella.

X-ray, tomography, and X-ray affect female eggs. During the preparation, it is necessary to replace medical preparations for the treatment of chronic diseases that are safe for the fetus, visit the dentist to treat the teeth and eliminate caries. A woman needs an oculist's consultation in order not to aggravate vision problems during gestation. Over the age of 35, a genetic analysis and genetic counseling is required. It will be necessary to find out whether there were any deviations in health on the part of the father or the mother.

Equally important is the preparation of men for pregnancy women. 45% of unsuccessful conception accounts for causes associated with male infertility. This may be congenital genetic syndromes, the absence of elements of the genitourinary system, problems with sperm motility. A man three months before the intended pregnancy should stop smoking, eat properly, eliminate alcohol. Exercise, eliminate stress, lack of sleep, treat for infections, undergo fluorography, take tests.

The following simple rules of preparation will help to eliminate the low mobility of the sperm of the reproductive system of men:

  • not wearing tight underwear, tight pants,
  • try not to be exposed to vibration,
  • Do not visit often baths, saunas,
  • avoid bruises, tears, cuts,
  • take vitamin E, L-carnitine, zinc.

The general recommendations of doctors for a couple planning a pregnancy are the following rules for preparing for the conception process:

  • donate blood to the Rh factor to reduce the risk of miscarriage,
  • drink less coffee, tea,
  • avoid overcooling, overheating,
  • do moderate exercise
  • finish taking antibiotics for a month for a woman, for 2-3 months for a man,
  • abandon hormonal contraceptives for three months before conceiving a child,
  • pass tests for compatibility pair, postcoital test.

How to set yourself up for pregnancy

A woman is important to tune in to pregnancy. It is necessary to avoid evil thoughts, not to dwell on conception, to eliminate stress, fear and fear. The following rules serve as psychological preparation:

  • do not think about pregnancy, do not dwell on it,
  • change the situation - take a trip, relax, visit friends, chat,
  • visit a psychologist.

How to start family planning

There are more people interested in how to plan a pregnancy. Their serious attitude towards preparation increases the chances of giving birth and carrying without complications. Creating a family begins with the following steps:

  • health training - advising a urologist, gynecologist, endocrinologist, general practitioner, psychologist,
  • tests for viruses, infections, HIV,
  • Ultrasound, spermogram, hormogram,
  • favorable time for conception - the third week after the end of menstruation,
  • two days before the day "X" give up sex, douching, alcohol.

Proper nutrition

Здоровый образ жизни невозможен без правильного питания, влияющего на протекание беременности и зачатие. Полезно выполнять следующие правила:

  • есть больше овощей, фруктов, зелени, круп, рыбы, молочных продуктов,
  • give up fatty, canned, smoked, as well as strong tea, coffee,
  • use spinach, onions, green lettuce, cauliflower, liver, kidneys, meat - they have a high content of folates, affecting the development of the fetal neural tube,
  • include lean meat, beans, peas,
  • eat sweet peppers, tomatoes, kefir, rich in vitamin C,
  • for normal development of bones, teeth, take calcium from dairy products, cereals, cheese,
  • to compensate for the lack of vitamin D and strengthen the immune system more to walk.

Rejection of bad habits

Preparing for pregnancy includes giving up bad habits (smoking, alcohol), which affect the motility of healthy sperm, can cause fetal damage and lead to developmental disabilities. It is useful for future parents to walk more, play sports, not to diet, get enough sleep and avoid stress. Healthy food will be an addition to a set of training activities.

Folic acid is the most important vitamin for pregnant women - it is taken in the first five weeks of embryo development and three months before pregnancy. Before taking, consult your doctor about the correct dosage. Other important substances are vitamins C, D, E, and microelements - calcium, zinc, iron. It is useful to take them with food.