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Fashion Clutch 2017


Modern rhythm of life recognizes minimalism in everything. Therefore, many girls are increasingly choosing miniature fashion clutches and handbags. This element of the image is extremely convenient, because in many cases you should not carry a lot of things with you. Let's see what fashion clutches are now at the peak of popularity.

Clutches in their structure

Neat handbags are of two types: soft and hard. The choice between these models depends on the preferences of girls:

Soft in its structure fashionable women's clutch bags are the best choice for everyday wear. They are usually quite large, therefore, very roomy. These models often have a long strap or handle for more comfortable wear.

Another trend is fashionable clutch bags that keep their shape. Casual options are average size, strap. Evening options are often very small in size, because the party does not need to carry a lot of things. For convenience, these models complement the chain for wearing, or without it, for wearing directly in the hands.

What are the sizes of clutches

Clutches come in 3 sizes:

  • large: suitable for everyday looks,
  • average: a good option for both daily and festive wear,
  • small: suitable for evening exits.

Forms of female clutches

There is a wide variety of different shapes for these bags.

The most popular and most fashionable clutch bags:

  • Envelope: a soft clutch shape resembling a paper envelope. There are a variety of sizes, the most common large clutch envelopes. They are comfortable in everyday life, extremely roomy.

  • Boxing: hard frame models. These fashion clutches, photos of which can be seen on this page, perfectly fit into the evening dress. Have a small size.

  • Book: hard rectangular version, it looks quite unusual and vintage, due to its shape of the book.

  • Youth: a bright view of clutches. This handbag can be, as various shades, and forms, for example, in the form of lips or fruit.

  • Wallet: small clutch, reminiscent of old wallets on the arc fastener.

  • Casual: models of concise colors, with a strap for convenience, usually of medium size and rectangular shapes.

  • Business: conservative shapes and colors of this type look great in an office style, are comfortable, and also do not violate the strict dress code.

Fashion accessories material

Handbags can be made from a huge amount of materials:

  • leather,
  • artificial leather
  • eco leather
  • the cloth,
  • fur,
  • suede,
  • rubber and silicone.

And this is not a complete list of options, because the fashion is developing and demonstrating more and more extravagant versions of materials for manufacturing.

Trendy clutch bags will always be relevant and popular. They are appreciated, above all, for small size and ease of wearing. Therefore, miniature handbags are a great option for any occasion.

Fashion Clutch 2017 for new technologies and cyber space

In 2017, the focus was on high-tech, cyber-space, new technologies, so we can enjoy the fashionable clutches of 2017 made in the true decent futuristic style that fantasy writers dreamed of in the 60s of the last century.

Karl Lagerfeld (Chanel), as always, was very sensitive about the trends of the epoch in 2017 and, of course, this was reflected not only in robots, but also in relation to the environment and humans, for example, industrial colors associated with shades of a gasoline puddle:

Tight shape handbags 2017

Trendy clutches 2017 demonstrate the interest of designers to bags with rigid forms, concise lines with “rich informational content”, which are perfectly combined with evening dresses. Designers Gucci, Versace, Michael Kors Collection decorated their models with elegant chains that make these accessories sophisticated and elegant.

From left to right: Gucci, Mickael Kors Collection, Versace

From left to right: Louis Vuitton Spring / Summer 2017 Ready-To-Wear, Dolce & Gabbana Spring / Summer 2017 Ready-To-Wear

From left to right: Louis Vuitton, Prada, Christian Dior

Fashion Clutch 2017: Klachi-boxes in the forefront

In 2017, the fashionable clutch bags-boxes 2017 were worthy of their “place in the sun”. These are the absolute leaders of the catwalk shows from Fashion Week. Models of fashion favorites 2017 are presented in a wide range from calm and elegant, restrained tightly shaped clutches with wide and narrow straps, chains, to eskvagantny drums bags (Dolce & Gabbana), Christian-Dior handbags, Chanel bags and others .

In general, you understand, designers are very interested in clutch-boxes and you can “tame” a similar product of any kind in almost any fashion house. At one of the most impressive shows from Dolce & Gabbana, miniature items for personal items, for example, are richly decorated with rich decor and accessories.

Perfect, luxurious image of a temptress with a flawless original fashionable clutch-box causes an indelible impression on the opposite sex.

The fashion house Chanel demonstrated more restrained and concise forms.

How to wear fashion clutch bags 2017?

And yet, adherents of bold experiments with clothes sometimes wonder how and with what a clutch can be worn.

Fashion Week shows show that 2017 bags can be worn as you like: over the shoulder or just in hand. However, handbags of small sizes and rectangular clutches of 2017 are still important to carry in your hand.

It should be noted here that a cute miniature handbag must necessarily match the chosen style. Among the variety of models of modern accessories, you can choose a few with whom it will be interesting to go to a disco, party or restaurant.

Trendy clutch 2017 is perfectly combined with high-quality jewelry, emphasizing the individuality of their owners.

Fashionable look from the Dolche & Gabbana S / S 2017 show.

A woman in evening dress with a beautiful handbag, will certainly attract the interested views of others. Rectangular fashion clutches 2017 calm colors perfectly correlate with the business style.

Guided by a variety of texture and color, you can choose universal items for your wardrobe. Designers offer many combinations of colors and shades with which you will be happy to experiment.

For example, the original casual models of fashion clutch 2017 from Versace. We see interesting combinations with knitwear, woolen, cotton, neoprene and other things. The last photo shows a trendy bow with leggings 2017.

On these photos, fashionable clutches are beautifully combined mainly with monophonic dark clothes. In the first photo, we see an interesting and very accurate combination of a blue pastel shade on a clutch of 2017 and a suit.

Models of fashion clutch 2017 from Versace

In winter, where fur coats, sheepskin coats and jackets “reign”, it is better to pay attention to the 2017 fashionable clutches made of fur and suede. For a warmer period, leather small bags look great.

A prerequisite when choosing a fashionable clutch 2017, should be a harmonious combination of products with elements of clothing. The unerring observance of a sense of proportion in everything will be the key to a beautiful ensemble of things.

High-heeled boots, a fur coat or a vest made of natural fur, and a voluminous 2017 fashionable winter clutch with a chic finish will perfectly complement the desired image of a successful woman.

In the daily life of 2017, classic clutches of the traditional type, without any frills, will be very relevant for charming ladies. Graceful bags in the form of envelopes go well with fitted dresses and suits, stilettos.

The history of the clutch handbag

Fashionistas around the world increasingly began to appear in the world with miniature handbags. It is not only an object where you can put small things. This is an indispensable accessory that will suit any outfit, if you make the right choice.

For the first time clutches were seen in the 17th century in Parisian women. They looked like bags, made of soft fabric and drawn onto a rope or a string. Hung bag on her wrist. In those days, clutches were very small and extremely expensive, because they were made of expensive materials and decorated with precious stones.

In the middle of the 19th century, the clutch underwent changes - now it was an evening accessory of a certain shape that could be carried in hands. So the handbag looked much more spectacular than a bag that hung on a cord. At the same time, a poshet appeared - a small handbag, which was worn on a strap, but rather, it was intended for daily use, and not for evening exits.

Fashion 2018: clutches of stylish shapes and colors

They have become a kind of symbol of fashionable everyday images, which today are far from conventions. Even conservative business outfits are becoming emancipatory, and the ubiquitous casual style is more feminine and elegant.

It’s not necessary to carry a lot of things with you today, plastic cards and miniature gadgets - also played a role in the popularity of fashion clutch 2018.

The tone, as always, was set by Italian and French designers who produce accessories as an organic addition to the main clothing lines.

One of the most interesting recent trends is models of “hard” shape, resembling a miniature box or box. Covered with expensive and effectively tanned leather, these accessories do not require additional decor. Delicate and sophisticated accessories with a famous logo - the best decoration. Such models led the trends of business accessories and even pressed traditional bags.

Along with them are very popular soft, classic forms, reminiscent of the fact that such models are bags-envelopes, closed on a volumetric flap. Today they are equipped with a comfortable handle on the back wall, which allows you to wear an accessory on your wrist. Pay attention to the clutches-2018 in the photo - they look very stylish and elegant:

A little healthy conservatism in the style and pointedly expensive noble materials are essential features for luxury accessories. Graphicity of lines and conciseness of design are perfectly set off by precisely chosen colors.

The fashion for colored accessories will seem to delight us for more than one season. Noble shades of brown - from chocolate, to all shades of mahogany, all shades of the “sea” range, warm shades of red and coral ... The trendy range of colors is rich in stylish offers.

Stylish bags - clutches 2018: material and decoration

The style of the accessory is set historically, but the wildest designer fantasies allow to embody the materials of execution and decoration. Avant-garde clutch bags in 2018, designed for everyday ones, are sewn today from a wide variety of materials.

The favorite, of course, is genuine leather. But the more abnormal your image as a whole, the brighter and more active the material itself and the decor can be. How many would not argue about the stylists about the relevance of "predatory" prints - they are still in fashion. But this season they are not sustained in traditional natural shades, but in originally selected colors.

For example, dressing under the "python" in blue-green or pink-purple tones.

The fashion 2018 on textile clutches has become a peculiar challenge of respectability. Denim, tapestry, brocade, velvet ... The choice this season is huge. Such models are distinguished by a bolder design and active decor. Popular models of this season with volume trim in the form of decorative bows and volume colors look very stylish.

A decoration with embroidery, semi-precious stones, sequins, rhinestones and chains is considered a classic of the genre. The rule of the most fashionable accessory - the smaller the size and freer style - the more active the decoration. Notice how the clutch bags of 2018 are decorated in the photo below:

This season is very popular accessories decorated with fur, both natural and artificial. They resemble a forgotten, but such a cute female accessory as a clutch. By the way, such “couplings” can be worn not only with winter clothes, but also with evening ones.

Stylish clutch 2018 allows you to successfully create fashionable mixes, the accessory can be completely different in style from the overall ensemble. One of the most current trends: original models in combination with everyday outfits.

This idea is perfectly supported by topical accessories of “gilded” leather, trimmed in punk style with rivets and buckles or decorated with inlays of large Swarovski crystals.

One of the most popular themes of such a finish: East - ornaments and patterns, in Indian or Egyptian style. Of course, they are not picked up in tune to clothes and shoes - the accessory itself plays the role of a peculiar decoration.

By the same principle - as decoration - designers suggest wearing clutch bags with other accessories if they are needed, for example, with voluminous totes and shoppers.

Clutches 2018: evening accessories

These models are in themselves in fashion, such close attention as they have not been given since their appearance almost a hundred years ago. Then, as now, they were used as evening accessories. As an evening clutch in 2018, any richly decorated model is perfect.

A great option is also accessories in vintage style, this is especially appropriate if the evening dress itself is quite simple, but elegant - for example, a little black dress.

Classic evening options that will support your reputation as the true fashionista are miniature velvet accessories embroidered with beads or sequins. This is a universal combination for any evening or solemn image.

Avant-garde and bold look will be fashionable in 2018, clutch bags with a finish of natural but smooth fur or an unusual design.

For example, in the form of a book or a bottle of expensive perfume, an open fan or a soft toy .. PLook at how the original design of fashion clutches is original - 2018 in the photo:

We combine

How to choose a clutch to the dress? The main rule of choice: if the dress has a rich and diverse decor, then the clutch should be strict and elegant. But to the dress of concise design, on the contrary, it is worth picking up the handbags of the original design and a lot of jewelry.

One of the most relevant decisions is the creation of monochrome evening images. Therefore, the clutch can be selected according to the color of the evening dress. It can be the same tone (such solutions are offered by the fashion houses Valentino and Emporio Armani) or be of the same color as the dress, but differ in shade.

If the dress has a complex ornament or pattern, then to such a toilet it is worthwhile to choose a solid clutch, the color of which follows the leading color of the toilet.

The contrasting combination of clutch and dress looks no less interesting. Very different accessories in color completely transform the outfit. A white or black clutch, as well as a handbag in the color of silver or gold, is almost universal solution. Pick up handbags of bright colors for evening dresses should be based on the compatibility of colors.

So, with a variety of options for handbags to pick up a clutch to any evening party will be easy. But first it’s worth deciding which image you plan to create, and whether the bag will be a bright spot of the ensemble or will become its logical continuation.

What is and what is needed?

Classic clutch is a dense envelope of various materials: whether it be leather, suede or velor.

In this small bag are placed all the most necessary items: telephone, keys, credit card, lipstick and other trifles. The clutch is needed precisely for these necessary trifles, and, of course, to complement the style, it is indispensable at social events and business meetings.

From the English language, the clutch translates as “grab”, “grab” or “squeeze”, such handbags are usually carried only by hand. A clutch bag is either too big a purse, or a very small handbag.

The wardrobe of a true fashionista without a clutch will not be considered a complete wardrobe, so it is important to know about this necessary accessory as much as possible in order to know which clutch to take and with what to wear it.

The history of this female accessory begins from the 16th century. Then there were purses, original bags-wallets, which were used exclusively for carrying money.

The rebirth of the clutch occurred after the French Revolution of the late 18th century, when handbags appeared - rediculi. Then a small handbag in the hands of a woman was considered good form.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the clutch was an unpopular female accessory. Popularized by his famous Coco Chanel and Christian Dior. The creator of the “little black dress” was a fan and small bags, but she always forgot them somewhere. Due to her problem, she created models of handbags with thin straps or chains, such models were called Chanel 2.55.

In the postwar years, Christian Dior cemented the popularity of a small handbag, presenting it in one of his collections. After that, not one woman could not leave the house without her little handbag.

Раньше клатч использовали только как дополнение к вечернему наряду, в наше время как такую сумочку только не используют: и в офис, и на выпускной, и на каждый день и даже как дорожную сумочку. Какие виды клатчей существуют и для чего каждый из них?

  • Клатч на каждый день должен, прежде всего, быть вместительным: вы должны смочь поместить в него как ежедневник, так и ноутбук.
  • Клатч для будней должен сочетаться как с деловым костюмом, так и с джинсами. И, конечно, такой клатч не должен быть дешёвым и некачественным.

  • Road clutch simply indispensable on the road. With him it will be convenient to keep on hand everything you need: money, tickets, passengers. To accidentally somewhere not forget it is better to buy a clutch with a special strap.

  • Theatrical clutch is worn only in the hand and designed to attract attention. If you see more than one detail on a clutch, do not hesitate: it belongs to a theatrical appearance. Theatrical clutch should be covered with various decorative elements: stones, beads, sequins, etc. With such a clutch do not combine many accessories, so you can overload your image too.

  • Evening or holiday clutch should be well combined with the rest of the dress: either complement it or be an emphasis on it. This option is suitable for all major holidays in life: as a graduate at the prom, and for the bride.

The main thing that you need to remember when choosing such a clutch: it must be small in size, if you do not want to hold it in your hands - choose a chain. Here you can turn on your imagination and buy the most brilliant or maximally colored accessory that would not be so appropriate in everyday life. This option would be appropriate at any age, it is not only a youthful clutch.

Fashion models and styles 2018

  • A classic clutch is called a small handbag. It has a rectangular shape and is made on a solid frame. The classic version of the clutch does not have a strap, external pockets, it is placed strictly in the hand. Choose it as an addition to cocktail dresses.

  • The clutch box has a rigid frame, thanks to which this type of clutch is presented in a wide variety of variants. Most often it is found in a rectangular shape.

  • A handbag on a strap, with handles or on a chain is simply indispensable. The latter came from a handbag-tube, by the way, Coco Chanel loved her very much. These types of clutch are worn either over the shoulder, on the arm, or wrapped around the arm.

  • A clutch transformer is an extremely practical thing: when folded, it looks like an envelope, in unfolded it is a decent size zipper bag. This type of clutch can be on a long strap. It can be worn to work, and in the evening - on a date.

  • Clutch with clasp belongs to the category of vintage items. At one time he was not popular among designers, but today most fashion houses use just such a handbag in their shows. The clasp is a special vintage clasp that is sewn to an already finished clutch. It resembles two curved bows, which are fastened together by two beads, such a clutch is also called a kiss with a fastener. It is perfect only for a vintage look.

  • New youth trend today - transparent clutch. Plus it is that it is combined with absolutely all outfits. Minus - now people around you will know what is stored in your purse. Only one more clutch placed inside the transparent can save the day.

  • An excellent option for a business suit would be a clutch bag. His need to choose the color of the suit, so he will dilute the boring office style, emphasize your femininity and will not stand out too much. It should be borne in mind that in case of anything, such a clutch is not suitable for documents.

  • Clutch in the style of boho is quite capacious. It is characterized by a motley color with different ethnic patterns. This clutch should be worn with appropriate bright clothes.

  • Sports bag-clutch bag is ideal for sports style. Fitness lovers will appreciate this handbag like no other, since such a handbag can be put in a bag for training. So all the necessary stuff will not be lost in a big bag.

Size and shape

Today practicality is in fashion in everything, including the types of handbags. Large clutch size will help to bring with you not only lipstick, but also a full-fledged tablet. For such clutches, manufacturers choose soft fabrics, which visually reduces the size of the clutch, allowing even with a capacious clutch to feel like a lady with a small handbag.

There is a mini size clutch that fits on the palm. He looks like a little casket. This clutch is used mainly as an evening accessory.

Fashionable today square and round clutches are chosen by a woman who is not afraid of experiments. Feminine bag-boxes have a strict geometric shape. Such clutches are ideal for trips to the exhibition or to the museum. But they should be worn only with unobtrusive things: a monochromatic black dress, for example.

For lovers of shocking, a number of trademarks have released heart-shaped clutches. Such a handbag will add to any image an element of novelty and emphasize your individuality.

Leather is universal for a clutch. As a material, it fits absolutely under any clothes: both day and evening. It remains only to choose the desired color and size. Leather clutch can be made from python, crocodile and even stingray skin. These are, as a rule, materials of elite clutches.

Velvet, satin, velor and silk clutches are allowed to be worn only for evening dresses. With the rest of the clothes - a bad tone.

Fur clutch is combined only with clothes of the same color as the clutch itself. It is perfect for winter clothes made of fur or with fur inserts.

Lacquered clutch at all times remains stylish and bright. Varnished products are suitable for business style and for everyday. Most often, it is the clutches of this material that have a large number of colors.

A fabric clutch, like a denim, is best suited for casual wear. It should be remembered that the jeans clutch is best worn with jeans or shoes made from the same fabric.

A clutch of lace fits exclusively to the wedding dress. Its color must be in harmony with the shade of the dress. Remember that it is he who will captivate the attention of the guests, so you need to choose it as carefully as possible. If the wedding dress is decorated with any decorative elements, then on the clutch should be appropriate decorations.

Wooden clutch has a rectangular shape and a rigid frame. It is for those for whom the naturalness of the material is important. It can be used for everyday wear, but you should not forget that such a clutch is not the most practical. Best of all, such a handbag will look with denim.

A suede clutch will look great with leather clothing. It is advisable to pick up a handbag in color to the shoes of suede. Care of him is not as complicated as it seems: it is enough to buy a special brush.

Quilted clutch created Coco Chanel, it is ideal for publication. Black leather, quilted with rectangles, squares and circles - a real fashion accessory, which is included in the list of things needed by every woman.

A clutch bag of felt or a felted clutch bag can be sewn independently: there are many lessons about creating this type of clutch bag. They are suitable more for the summer season and for summer clothes. These materials are durable, so you can be sure that such clutches will remain with you for a long time.

Color and print

Clutch, like any other female accessory should be noticeable and colorful. Ideally, the clutch contrasts in color with the main garment.

Burgundy clutch, it is also called - Marsala created only for elegant women. It is ideal for spring and autumn wardrobe. Best of all this color clutch used for daily wear.

Blue and black are considered universal. It is suitable for any style and is included in the list of things that every girl should have. Such a clutch is suitable for official meetings and for evening dress.

Coral or green clutch will help to dilute the boring office style, as long as it fits well with your image in color and decor. These colors will highlight your bright image. They are indispensable in the evening image.

It is better to combine clutches with pictures with monophonic clothes or with certain elements in clothes, even with a different print. A good option would be if, for example, a leopard clutch is combined with leopard inserts on clothes. A skull clutch is perfect for the same kind of accessories (earrings, bracelet, ring or chain with a skull). But the print with roses is not combined with accessories. With him you need to choose either a ring with a rose or a clutch with it.

Gold and silver clutches will always be relevant. If you are going to buy one single clutch for publication, choose a clutch of these very colors. They themselves are accessories with a bright accent, with them you do not have to suffer and choose jewelry, you just have to pick up a monophonic dress.

Pink and turquoise handbag is simply necessary in the summer. It will be perfectly combined with both wool and yuki in the floor of different colors and shades. Clutches of such colors are especially well combined with white clothes. This option is suitable even for business style.

The less the clutch is decorated, the more likely it is to choose clothes for it. Otherwise, for each bag with decor should choose clothes with the same decor. It is better not to mix decorative elements with each other.

The clutch with rhinestones, with sequins and stones is best suited for such a dress, where there will be at least a small, but an element of such a decorative material.

With pearls, everything is much simpler: just put on a pearl jewelry and that's it, the perfect look is ready.

A spiked clutch and a rivet will be appropriate only with the same shoes or outerwear of the same design. Otherwise it is better not to wear, your image will look vulgar.

The clutch with feathers and fringe is best suited for a dress with appropriate inserts, if we are talking about evening dress. With daytime clothes, everything is much more interesting. Fringe is often referred to as retro style, hippie and ethnic style, so this clutch is most often attributed to summer clothes. Like feathers and fringe, an embroidered clutch is relevant for summer. It is foolish to use this decor at other times of the year.

Better clutches, of course, from famous brands: Louis Vuitton, Lucky Craft, Furla, Armani, Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Alexander McQueen and Valentino. These bags are useful when you need to create a "talking image": emphasize your social status, for example.

One of the most sought-after collections of the famous Louis Vuitton brand is Monogram clutches. This is the famous brown canvas with a proprietary monogram and trim made of genuine leather. A blue-gray check clutch by Louis Vuitton is more of a spring or summer version. For the winter and autumn version of this company has a "chess" in brown tones. This nonsense has bright colors with the same famous monograms.

Lucky Craft bags are a budget version of a female accessory: the cheapest clutch can be purchased for only 560 rubles. At the same time it will look like a very expensive handbag. Theatrical clutches, quilted, from crocodile skin (its analog), from suede - which only this manufacturer has no options.

A clutch from Furla is rather a smaller version of the bag over the shoulder. A variety of options for colors and prints are amazing: more than 130 models. Even the most fastidious customer will find her only mini handbag among all this variety.

The main principle of the Italian company Armani - a variety of options. It is taken into account in the production of clutches. The peculiarity of the brand is that Armani produces both handbags for women and men. So you can safely pick up the same clutches for yourself and your partner.

The feature of Italian clutch from Gucci is that most of their models are equipped with a special eyelet and are made of genuine python leather of different colors. Such a clutch represents a huge scope for fashionable experiments and will look both with jeans and a dress.

Bottega Veneta is one of the most expensive of the entire list of described brands. The models of clutches of this company are made from soft leather, which is weaved according to the ancient weaving technique. All accessories of this company are made in Italy.

The brightest and most unusual clutches can be found on the shelves of the English brand Alexander McQueen. It seems that the handbag of this designer is not combined with any clothing. Just the opposite. Such bags can be worn with a business suit. By the way, the clutch handle in the form of four rings is the idea of ​​this particular brand.

The Valentino brand has a noticeable design: most clutches have characteristic rivets or quilted bright material.

How to choose?

In any way the main thing - accessories. What is your goal in choosing a clutch? Will you take him with you to work or on a date?

What size do you want a handbag? You need to put in it only lipstick? Or do you need the most capacious clutch? In this accessory size matters. The handbag should match your parameters: a small clutch will be lost against the background of a magnificent body.

What color should a clutch be? To determine this parameter, you should carefully look at your clothes. What color the bulk of your outfits, the same color, choose a clutch. The same applies to materials and decorative inserts. Remember that a clutch of rich materials will be out of place at a formal event.