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Fashionable jackets parks 2018-2019: new items, trends, fashionable images - photos


The park is a textile jacket, which has almost a straight cut and is complemented by a waist drawstring, which allows you to adjust the fit. A mandatory attribute is a hood, and on the hem of most modern models have a cord.

The park originally belonged to the military style, but now it has become an integral part of the free casual direction. Simple models that appeared first and became popular among young people gradually transformed and acquired new parts. Fur has become a bright and stylish addition. And today, fur parks are a huge success among the fair sex.

Parks are preferred by teenagers and young girls, and this is logical, because the thing is ideal for creating fashionable images, designed in a free style. But such outerwear can quite become addition of the sports direction. At the same time, modern stylists advise not to be afraid of experiments and play on contrasts, combining simple and somewhat rough parks with romantic and feminine garments, including dresses and skirts.

How to make a choice?

How to choose a trendy parka with fur? When buying such a stylish thing, pay attention to several important points:

  1. Fur. It can be natural, which will automatically increase the cost of parks. For tailoring such outerwear are used fox, fox, rabbit, mink, silver fox sable. These are the classic and most popular options associated with wealth and luxury. And to make the park stand out from the crowd, you should choose more rare and original types of fur, for example, lynx or llama. Sheepskin has a short nap, but very warm, so it is ideal for active people. A more democratic and equally popular option is faux fur. Pay attention to its quality: if it is at the height, then the material will not be easy to distinguish from the natural.
  2. Length. The classic option is to park to the middle of the thigh or to the palm above the knees: it does not restrain movement and at the same time closes everything that needs to be closed from the cold and wind. In addition, this length is universal and suitable for girls with any build and height. The long parka looks somewhat extravagant, and only tall slim women can afford it. A short jacket is a stylish youth version. But in winter with such outerwear it is desirable to wear warm pants.
  3. Features fur trim. The most common option is a fur lining that covers the entire wrong side (sometimes with the exception of the sleeves). But the finish may be present on individual parts, for example, on the hem, the edge of the hood, sides, sleeves. It is very convenient if the fur comes unfastened and turns the park from a warmed winter into a lightweight demi-season.
  4. Colour. Classic are shades that fit into military style: sand, khaki, swamp, pale green, pale mustard, brown, dark blue, black, beige. They are discreet and inconspicuous, but not everyone likes. If you prefer brightness in clothes, pay attention to the actual saturated or delicate tones: yellow, red, coral, burgundy, pink, emerald, purple, bright blue, lime. Particularly interesting and stylish look models with bright fur: and the more it will contrast with the main tone, the more fashionable the image will be. Fur trim is often performed in bright pink, blue, yellow, white.

Fashionable jackets parks 2018-2019: classic models of parks for women

The most common and liked cute girls and women jackets parks in the classic presentation. The color scheme of the classic parka jacket 2018-2019 year - khaki, gray, dark blue, brown, beige colors, in which this type of jacket looks the most advantageous and stylish.

Inherent in the fashionable park are also ties at the waist and at the bottom of the jacket, which allow you to adjust its width, and also a hood is necessary, without which the parks are simply unthinkable. Most often, the hood has a fur finish that looks beautiful and elegant.

Stylish jacket parks 2018-2019: glamorous parks with fur

Exquisite jacket options parks are presented with a spectacular finish of natural fur, which gives the park elegance and sophistication. Beautiful jackets parks 2018-2019 with the original trim hood and lining in the form of fox fur or arctic fox look luxurious and stylish.

Beautiful jackets parks with fur are presented in the color of burgundy, dark blue, beige and muted blue colors, which give a special chic and sophistication to the jackets parks.

Also very often, beautiful jackets with fur parks from 2018-2019 have original finishes in the form of draperies, metal rivets and interesting details that adorn the jackets and give them a certain zest.

Vivid parka jackets for 2018-2019: original parka jacket models

Original and interesting parka jackets are presented with bright colors and unusual jacket trim, which attracts attention and is a spectacular option for outerwear for a cool season.

Original parka jackets can be, as with a bright finish in the form of fur fuchsia or in yellow, as well as the jacket itself can be in red, yellow, gently blue colors.

For bright and bold girls fashion parks in the original color of the decision are perfect as outerwear, which will help to create flirty and spectacular bows for autumn and winter.

How to wear?

What is fashionable to wear a park with fur? We offer some of the most successful options:

  • Jeans, with different models: skinny “skinny”, free stylish “boyfriends”, classic straight. In addition, wear a youth monochrome or print-decorated sweatshirt or long sleeve.
  • Knit narrowed cropped trousers. They are in harmony with simple blouses, fitted or loose elongated shirts, restrained sweaters.
  • Dresses The choice depends on the season and, of course, on the mood. In winter, this may be a sweater dress with a volumetric knit; in the fall, you can wear a noodle-type model or a fitted knit dress. And in the spring, when you want romance and tenderness, pick up feminine fitted dress-shirts, light straight or flared from the waist options, as well as simple "cases" without frills.
  • Dilute the free style and bring a share of femininity to the skirt: a simple straight, romantic flared "sun" or a sexy pencil model.
  • You can afford thick insulated leggings, which have again become popular and fully replace pants and jeans. And it is also convenient and practical.
  • In warm weather, you can wear denim shorts, not forgetting to complement them with tights: preferably thick and dark or thin in skin tone.

We select the right shoes

When choosing a park, you should prefer simple shoes on a flat course, for example, boots with no heels on laces or a lock, “timberlands”, boots with wide tops. In the season, you can choose sports models, for example, "sneakers", sneakers, sneakers. And in order to bring a bit of femininity into the image, supplement it with ankle boots, but preferably on a flat sole, a stable heel or wedge. Appropriate massiveness will give the platform.

We complement the park with accessories

The park can be complemented with youth accessories: voluminous knitted scarves or shoes, stylish hats (for example, “bini” models), leather backpacks or bulky shopping bags. You can also emphasize the waist and add zest to the package, choosing a thin black or bright contrast strap.

Pick up a park and create stylish images with its help!

Fashionable parks with and without a hood

The classic model of the parks is a medium-length jacket with an extended back, waist drawstring, wind strip, zipper, deep hood, numerous pockets and a triangular cut in the center.

However, parks can be trimmed with natural fur not only around the edge of the hood, but they can also be trimmed with different parts in the most unexpected places. For example, a stylish jacket looks stylish, where the inside of the hood is trimmed with fully short-haired fur.

This hood can replace hats and warm even in the most severe frosts. To the touch it is very pleasant, and in comparison with the cap is quite free. Therefore, it does not damage your hair.

Another type of finish can be a fur collar. In the park, this is most often a stand-up collar, which can be trimmed with fur inside, outside completely or with narrow fur tape along the top edge.

Natural fur can also be used as a lining, it will provide you maximum comfort. You should choose a softer fur that tolerates cleaning. The fur, located on the outside, will be able to make your image more expensive and solid.

If you choose the right shade of fur, it will be able to decorate your appearance, shades of skin and hair and emphasize the eye color. The winter park, complemented by a fur collar, can also be complemented with a fur trim on the hood. In this case, the color and type of fur must match.

Most often, the parks have double cuffs that look like shirts, often complemented by patches, while the inner ones are made in the form of elastic from knitwear. Such sleeves will protect your hands from penetration of snow and cold air.

Parks look romantically and femininely, in which natural fur acts as a decor for outer cuffs. Such a park should be made of a material that is resistant to abrasion, because parks with fur cuffs wear out quickly. For example, rabbit fur will very quickly lose its attractive appearance.

The jacket with fur cuffs will ideally complement the stitching of the hem with fur. This detail is used to create very elegant parks. In the trend today also fur pockets that complement even demi-season parks.

The fur, located on the edges of the front shelves, looks expensive and luxurious, especially if it smoothly flows into the fur surround collar. These jackets are often unbuttoned, creating multi-layered images that are in fashion this season.

You must be sure that the fur trim is not located near the fastener. Otherwise, the fur will be stuck in the clasp. Some parks with natural furs along the shelves, have no zippers, they fasten with the help of large buttons and hanging loops.

You do not worry that such a park without lightning and a wind strip will not warm you, because the fluffy fur will save you from frost and wind.

Short and long parks

Despite the fact that the classic parks have certain parameters, this outerwear has different options. For example, an elegant model of a winter park with fur along the hem often does not have an elongated back and a fishtail cut. So she looks more neat.

For women over fifty years, long parks with a straight hem will do. The elongated parks resemble a coat, while retaining all the benefits of parks, such as a high collar, functional pockets, drawstring and a deep hood.

Such parks can be worn with quilted insulated pants. If you prefer to wear warm long skirts in winter, but you really like parks, you can choose shortened models, because elongated parks with classic skirts will not look.

And if you like models of business style, you should try on one of the women's parks with natural fur on the hood. In such jackets there are usually pockets, but they are slit, and in some cases even hidden.

At the same time, the pockets are sewn into vertical seams and masked with chest pockets and a hidden zipper. Business parks are necessarily monochromatic, most often beige.

Warm parks are down jackets, where the fluff is used as a heater. External material they have a membrane, it protects the insulation from moisture that goes outside.

In conventional parks, materials can be blended or synthetic, which are impregnated with a water-repellent compound. At the same time, the material of the parks itself is more like cotton, and the material of the parka-down jacket - raincoat fabric or bologna.

Such down jackets are usually made quilted so that the down inside is not lost.

Leather parks are insulated with modern insulants, such as tinsuleyt, izosoft or holofiber.

It should pay attention to the quality of the skin, which should be supple and soft. In order to save money, you can buy a park from eco-leather. This material is inferior to natural, and surpasses natural leather in some characteristics.

Coloring parks

Most often, parks with natural fur are performed in khaki. And this is not surprising, because this outerwear was originally used as a military uniform for soldiers who served in the harsh climate.

However, one should not think that this shade of parks immediately defines it as a military. Today, the park is a universal and almost classic thing that no one perceives as an army.

And if you like the military style, you should choose a camouflage print park that will look great with black trousers or coarse army boots.

In order to keep a military theme, you can wear a wide leather belt with a large metal buckle over your jacket. In this case, fur is better to choose a hard one, such as a raccoon. While the red fluffy fox or soft rabbit will not look very harmonious.

However, camouflage parks are made with fox fur or chinchillas, as camouflage print is used not only in military style. He is firmly established in the fashion world and is not always associated with military uniforms.

This year camouflage colors of pastel or bright shades of blue, pink, green, lilac, yellow and orange will be in fashion. In some cases, classic green camouflage can be complemented with bright fur, for example, pink or fuchsia. Such outerwear is ideal for the youngest women of fashion.

Children's parks are often decorated with bright prints. But such models are unprofitable, since natural fur is expensive, and the jacket usually serves no more than two seasons.

In the fashion will also floral prints in all their manifestations. After all, not only summer clothes can be decorated with flowers.

Natural fur parks are also usually made with bright prints. With them you can make both feminine and youth images.

Light shades are perfect for young girls, and older women will suit rich ornaments, located on a dark background. The coupon coloring is gaining popularity, where the pattern is more frequent in the lower part of the parks, and upwards it becomes more rare and to the shoulders disappears altogether.

Parks with flowers can even be used in a sporty style. Often these are models with a print on the back and front shelves and plain sleeves. This hood is perfectly complemented by white fur stitching of the hood.

Of the monochrome models most popular sand, beige, dark blue and burgundy. Bold women of fashion can choose orange or red parks that will go well with black pants or jeans.

Romantic girls will suit pastel jackets with fluffy long-navel fur. They can be light lilac, pale pink, cream, pale blue or mint.

Those who prefer a business style should wear low-key models. They are perfectly complemented by silver fox fur.

If you want to refresh your outfit, you should use white trim. It should be borne in mind that black and white things will always look rustic. In terms of the combination of black color is universal. Therefore, you can safely use a black jacket, which will be trimmed with fox fur or dyed bright fur.

If you want to look trendy, you should buy yourself a park with a metallic shade. It can be made with silver, bronze, golden color or a shade of pink gold. These parks will look futuristic and stylish, they are perfectly combined with inflated boots of the same shade, with trousers and jeans of any color, even with prints.

These jackets will look best with fur similar shade. Silver parks with bright pink fur will also look interesting.

Very warm and expensive will be the parks, warmed from the inside with natural fur. Their laying is completely made of natural fur. Such parks often have a lot of weight, so many do not consider this option.

However, there are lighter types of fur, which the thing will not heavily weight, but it is also good to warm.

Wearing a fur-lined parka should be unbuttoned to demonstrate its luxurious material. Such parks are so warm that even when they are unbuttoned, they will warm up perfectly. Moreover, you can add your image with a warm scarf.

Types of fur for parks

Одним из самых доступных видов меха является кролик. Однако, у него есть один существенный недостаток – на нем очень быстро образуются проплешины. Женские зимние парки, утепленные натуральным мехом, из кролика делают редко. Кроликом чаще всего отделывают декоративные элементы.

Кролик влаги не боится, поэтому в такой куртке вы можете попадать под мокрый снег или дождь. Но ощупь это мягкий мех. Иногда его стригут под бархат или драпируют. Его также могут окрасить в самые разные цвета.

With the help of dyeing techniques, rabbit fur can imitate other types of fur. Shorn rabbit can be decorated with abstract intricate prints that are applied using a stencil.

Rabbit fur has high thermal insulation properties, so with the help of a rabbit collar you can replace a scarf.

Chinchilla is a very soft thick fur, which you will be able to serve as finishing for about three seasons, as it is also no different wear resistance. Unlike a rabbit, chinchilla is afraid of water, therefore it is impossible to call such fur practical.

However, today breeders have bred a breed of rabbits that resembles a chinchilla. This will reduce the cost of the product and give it moisture-proof properties.

Sometimes women's parks with fur inside are made of lynx fur or lynx cat. However, these animals are quite rare, so their skins are quite expensive.

The exquisite colors of the fur of these animals will be perfectly combined with khaki parks, so the artificial fur is often painted in this color, which is used in the manufacture of parks. Soft, thick and silky fur with original patterns in the form of spots or stripes has excellent thermal insulation.

The fur of a jackal, wolf or coyote is considered masculine; however, for the decoration of female parks he
is used most often to supplement the cuffs. Beaver fur is also considered to be male, because it is very heavy and dense, but it is also used to make female parks.

This fur is durable, so it is used for the manufacture of women's parks. Such clothing can last for many years. Beautiful ferret fur, having a golden sheen, is often used for the manufacture of collars and hood trim. The ferret can be white, sulfuric or hybrid.

Otter fur is considered the most durable. Women's parks are often trimmed with plucked otter. The raccoon and raccoon dog fur is also resistant to abrasion. It is beautiful, soft, thick and very warm.

Raccoon fur is often used in military-style parks. Very warm, silky arctic fox is used in blue or white. It is pleasant to the touch and looks gorgeous. Often, arctic fox fur is used to make jackets that can also be worn separately.

The most valuable and expensive fur is sable. Most often, sable trim leather parks that look respectable and solid. The sable is an image fur, besides it has a good wear resistance. The marten looks like a sable, but it is not so soft, not so silky and lush.

As a finish for women's parks, they also use kids' fur, a mixture of marten and sable. But kidas offspring does not. The fox fur is beautiful and soft, it is also quite light. Foxes are divided into red and black brown, but the color of this animal may be completely different.

Silky and soft mink is the dream of many fashionistas. If you can’t afford a coat of mink, buy a park with a mink finish. By itself, the mink can be of different shades, and paint it quite often.

Recently, the mink with a golden sheen, which is perfectly combined with metallized parks, has been popular. Often they use stencil coloring of mink fur for a tiger, jaguar or cheetah, but such mink will serve you less. The fur of a sheared or plucked mink will look beautiful, because with the help of these technologies an imitation of velveteen is obtained.

When choosing outerwear for yourself, special attention should be paid to the texture and color of fur and how it combines with the material of the parks. Also, you should decide what is more important for you - the aesthetic or practical properties of parks, service life or price.

The park, supplemented with natural fur, looks luxurious, and most importantly, if you properly care for it and follow all the recommendations, it can serve you for a very long time.

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Fashion parks season 2018 - 2019

A park is no longer enough to be just warm. She has become part of the style, and now her demands have increased. For any season and for every taste there is a suitable model: winter jackets, parks with fur of current colors will not freeze for the sake of fashion, summer parks will keep a good mood even in bad weather and will become your must-have in creating a unique look for every day. To create a memorable outfit, you need to try, because due to its brevity, the park requires unusual accessories and thoughtful things companions. Therefore, you need to carefully investigate the issue with which women's jackets are wearing parks.

Quilted parks

Those who are fed up or simply do not like the standard park should pay attention to an interesting hybrid of quilted jackets and parks. This harmonious symbiosis has become the embodiment of comfort, not devoid of style. It is more elegant than traditional parks, and also decorated with various decorative details, such as fur, leather inserts and an unusual collar. In the photo in the autumn-winter collection, Nicole Miller presented a delightful park jacket with juicy orange-colored fur without a hood. Looking at such models, prejudices about the “unattractiveness" of parks disappear, especially if they are worn in tandem with pants or a skirt below the knee.

Nicole Miller collection autumn-winter 2018-2019

Hermès collection autumn-winter 2018-2019

Bright parks

The cheerful colors of the parks in the fall and winter of 2018-2019 are able to melt the snow and bring back bright colors. Orange and yellow are incredibly popular jacket colors this season. They compensate for the lack of sun and sweet fruit in gloomy wet weather. In the trend now is not only a classic mid-thigh model with a lot of pockets and a strap covering the buckle, but also an elongated jacket of the park, more reminiscent of such a practical thing as a coat jacket. Try on this model with a midi dress. Below shown photos of winter jackets that will look fashionable and spectacular.

Collection Calvin Klein Fall-Winter 2018-2019

Dries Van Noten collection autumn-winter 2018-2019

Collection R13 autumn-winter 2018-2019

Light summer parks

Women's park jacket with fur - winter version. But you can enjoy comfort not only in the winter cold. Special summer jackets parks 2018-2019 are made of thin windproof material and replace windbreakers. Therefore, in the spring and in the cool summer, a jacket with a hood, resembling hoodie in style, will be a successful element of a casual style for city walks and outdoor recreation. In fashion now shades of brown and terracotta - win-win for this type of clothing as a park.

Collection spring-summer 2019, brand No. 21

Women's park jacket personifies a strong and strong-willed character, so it is not surprising that the camouflage colors suit her so much. In this park does not look rough and shapeless due to the waist, underlined belt. In 2019, the most trending color is brown-green. Enjoy the freedom of choice: in a fashion as a long model knee-deep and short to mid-thigh. Lovers of military style can wear it with tight black pants and high boots.

Collection Philipp Plein Spring-Summer 2019

Waist bags with a park

Waist bags have long been a fashionable accessory for street style. Laconic leather bags not only leave hands free, but are used instead of a belt over a jacket - both stylishly and practically. Fashion trends 2019 suggest not carrying one bag on a belt, but several small ones - a convenient way to sort small things into different compartments.

New Fendi Collection

What are the models and styles of jackets

Parks have received such distribution among the masses, largely due to the constant modifications and improvements. There are the following types of parks, among which you can always find a suitable one for a case:

  • Demi jacket parks may be of different lengths, with or without a hood. Usually they are not decorated with fur.

  • Fishtail Park - spring and autumn jacket, extended rear.

  • Parka down jacket - jacket insulated with down or synthetic filler with quilted lining and fur hood.

  • Military style park has a military color and themed applications.

  • Sports Park It is sewn from nylon double weaving, which will not give you offense in the rain and wind.

  • Denim - A denim park combines with many things and replaces a windbreaker.

  • Without sleeves - Park-vest is well suited for a warm spring.

  • With leather sleeves - Park with inserts made of genuine or artificial leather.

  • With multi-colored fur - women's winter jacket with lush fur of various shades.

  • Glamor - Park with decorative elements, for example, flounces. A characteristic feature is the natural fur of fox, mink or arctic fox, due to which the jacket looks elegant and expensive.

What to wear with color parks

Color parks look expressive than their beige, olive and black counterparts. Being the largest element of the image in the area, the multi-colored park should become the basis of the composition, therefore it is better not to add other bright accents.

Spectacular colors of parks will make friends with black or white narrow jeans and light blue jeans boyfriends. Similarly, things are with dresses and skirts. Monophonic things of the muffled tones can be carried with the unbuttoned jacket or slightly looking out from under it. But dresses with prints or bright colors are best hidden under the park until you take it off.

What to wear with a demi-season park

Use current layering when it is autumn in the yard. In the fight against dank weather, all means are good.

An autumn jacket with a straight dress, cardigan and ankle boots will form an unparalleled urban outfit, to which you will only have to take a voluminous tote bag. For a more sporty look, wear autumn jackets parks as a duet with tight pants or leggings. For this set of sneakers fit best, and you can walk for a whole day.

In the spring, when the cold wind is replaced by a warm one, and the snow begins to actively melt, treat yourself to a short skirt or tight shorts paired with a sweatshirt. In order not to jump through the puddles, it is most convenient to wear rubber boots on your feet, and under them socks.

What to wear with the park in winter

If it's winter, don't get upset. You just need to dress warmer, and then the bad weather will not take by surprise. But one winter jacket of the park will not save. To make a fashionable set for frosty days is not difficult.

In skinny jeans or tight-fitting pants in an ensemble with a sweater and timberland boots, you’ll have a youth outfit for walking. To make it completely comfortable, add a beanie and a volume scarf.

And if the soul asks to wear a knitted dress under the winter park with fur, add it with thick tights and high boots.

Fashionable color palette

Going in search of trendy clothes, women of fashion are usually asked: what colors are the most fashionable this season? Ask - answer!

Fashionable colors of outerwear for winter 2019.

The color range for the winter 2019 is represented mainly by soft natural shades. This trend is dictated by the course on naturalness, which is characteristic of almost all fashionable novelties. So, the title of the most relevant shades are:

  • light mustard
  • yellow,
  • red pear,
  • Violet,
  • sand,
  • dark chocolate,
  • Gray,
  • blue,
  • blue.

In short, you are looking for inspiration in nature - it will tell you pure and natural shades. You can also borrow ideas of color combinations from her, because everything in nature is harmonious.

Outerwear for the winter - a fashionable palette

Focus on trends

  • A stylish cage settled this season not only in skirts and sweaters, but also in outerwear. Especially relevant coat with such a print. A cell can be contrast or monochrome, small or large - but in any case it will be fashionable and beautiful. Designers are especially fond of prints interspersed with red, beige, blue and brown.

Velvet - fashion trend for winter 2019

  • The urgency of the cell is not inferior animalistic print in clothes. Shoes, bags and clothes with bold animal colors are certainly cool, but the most chic is a fur coat or coat with an animal motif in colors.

Animal Print - Fashion Trend

  • The original patchwork in the design of outerwear can save any fashionable woman from the blues, which often likes to attack in the cold season. These are original clothes with rather interesting character.

Fashionable outerwear in the technique of patchwork

  • The trend oversight is reflected in the updates of the outerwear of the season 2018-2019. On fashion shows often feature voluminous coats, down jackets, jackets and fur coats. The texture of the material here does not matter much. The main thing that the size was bigger.

Oversized winter wear

  • Bulkness + layering = stylish onion recipe with upper clothes for the winter of 2019.

  • If you meet models of outerwear with elements of the style of the 80s or military, boldly stride to the cashier. These fashion trends are more relevant than ever in the new season.

Military Style Clothing

  • Also, inspiration in drawing up stylish bows can be drawn from the aesthetics of the Wild West. The emphasis on western and cowboy character looks interesting and stylish. Outerwear based on this trend includes leather inserts, fringe, variegated colors, wide belts and poncho styles.

In the style of the Wild West

What other outerwear so harmoniously combines elegance and comfort? Girls adore the coat for its comfort and for the property to make the silhouette feminine and sophisticated. In such outerwear any fashionista looks solid and status. What style to choose this season?

Fashionable women's coat

  • Designers were inspired by the culture of India and the East, admired the beauty of flowers and created incredibly beautiful coats with prints. Jacquard, velvet and velor were chosen as the ideal fabrics for the tandem with floral patterns. As a rule, patterned motifs are performed on a dark background, which makes them spectacular and mysterious.

Floral print on coat

  • Coat-dressing gown and oversized model does not hand over its fashionable positions. Both styles are beautiful in their own way. They will be the winning base for the most stylish bows for this winter. Do not hesitate, take two at once!

Coat gown and overseas style

  • The actual fabrics for coats in winter 2019 will be leather, tweed, wool and plush. You can also find combined models.

  • A stylish coat for this season may include a fur trim on a collar or pockets.

Coat with fur pockets

Fur coats from eco-fur

An alternative coat to create a feminine look would be a stylish eco-fur coat. Just a few years ago, faux fur was a timid attempt by designers to announce a new trend. But today he confidently stormed on all the fashion shows.

Fashionistas are pleased with the affordable price of the product, its stylish look and ease of care. Decide this season for cool bright shades of a fur coat. The most top are:

Fur coats from eco-fur

Feel free to not only bright fur, but also its various textures. A modern assortment of girls offers fur coats with smooth or twisted fur of various lengths. Incredibly cute plush products do not go out of fashion for several seasons in a row.

Blown jackets and down jackets

This is another super trend of the upcoming season. Jackets and jackets can be of any color, but they should be distinguished by characteristic blowing. If we add to this the brilliant coloring of the metal, it turns out generally trendy thing as in the photo.

Metallic blown jacket

The most top models recognized quilted options. They can be long or short, fitted or loose. The choice is so diverse that every woman of fashion will choose an option for the soul for its stylish wintering.

Fashionable quilted jackets

It is also difficult not to notice the main criteria for a stylish down jacket. Today, designers simply love asymmetry and cutting experiments. And women of fashion, in turn, gladly try on these new items.

Jackets with asymmetry

Fashionable outerwear for the winter 2019 season is also presented with stylish sheepskin coats. For severe weather conditions, this is a great option, because it perfectly protects from wind and cold.

Universality of sheepskin coats consists in their simple compatibility with things in various style. They perfectly complement the dress and look no less stylish with pants and jeans. As shoes choose shoes, boots or boots.

Note! Trendy sheepskin different style overseas or contrast the main color or finish. The absolute hit of fashion trends is a white sheepskin coat. Such a thing will surely attract admiring glances to you throughout the winter.

Cape, Poncho and Capes

Of course, these things will not be able to warm you in bitter frost, but for European winter they are quite suitable. Such outerwear this season beats all records in its popularity.

Cape, Poncho and Capes

Ponchos and capes often appeared on the fashionable Olympus, and the cape became a stylish novelty. This coat has a characteristic trapezoid shape and cutouts for hands. Despite the rather loose fit, the cap successfully emphasizes the slim figure and skillfully hides imperfections. Eminent designers love these models without sleeves. Let it not the most practical option, but what a stylish.

If you want all your winter bows to be original and stylish, pick up the appropriate outerwear. A Cape, Poncho or Cape is a great choice.

Основные тенденции на верхнюю одежду в сезоне осень-зима 2018-2019 провозглашают: в моде природные цвета, игра с фактурой и покроем. Словом, любые ваши эксперименты будут в точку. Главное, не забывать о золотом правиле стиля – все трендовые вещи должны быть вам к лицу.