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How can you dye your hair out of red?


  • How to recolor red hair
  • How to recolor hair from dark to white
  • How to remove red hair
  • - washing hair dye,
  • - shampoo
  • - dye / tonic / hair balm.

Buy a special paint remover

You will need to first get rid of the red pigment. If you are going to dye your hair in blond or blond, then buy a whitening remover. At one time, she will not bleach the colored strands, but will only make them lighter by 4 tones. If you want to repaint red hair in dark colors, then get an acid remover, it is more sparing than whitening.

Prepare the mixture and apply it on dry hair.

Spread the wash over the entire length of the hair. If the roots have your natural color, then you can not avoid applying a wash to them, because modern means for removing paint does not affect the natural pigment. After applying the mixture, put on a plastic cap.

Hold the wash for 20 minutes

It should not be left on the hair wash for more than 20 minutes, because you can finally lose the healthy appearance of hair. After a time, rinse the mixture thoroughly with warm water and shampoo. If the red color still remains, then some funds to return the color allow you to re-apply the mixture to wet hair.

Apply balm for damaged hair

In the future, also use different masks, creams and other therapeutic agents to nourish and moisturize the hair, because the wash strongly damages their structure.

Paint the strands

It is better to apply the paint on the day after the discoloration. If you want to dye red hair in bright colors, you can once again lighten them with a wash to get the best result. It is important to re-wash with an interval of at least 2 weeks from the previous procedure and only then dye your hair in the desired color. Take the paint without the content of ammonia or coloring tonics / balms.

  • Repaint red hair
  • Hair dye
  • how to repaint hair

Tip 2: How to dye your hair blond

- Hair bleaching is the penetration of the chemical composition into the hair structure and the destruction of the natural color pigment. Therefore, even a slight clarification of harm to hair. They become dry, thin and brittle.

- Brighten hair in a few steps if it is too dark. In this case, it is better to carry out the bleaching procedure 2-3 times with a weekly interval than to kill the hair for one long-term application of the composition with a strong oxidant to the hair.

Tip 4: How to dye your hair

In addition to unexpected hair color, failure to comply with the rules can lead to a violation of the structure of the hair itself. Because of this, hair can become brittle, split. And may even begin their loss. To avoid this, hair coloring should start by learning the rules.

How to recolor black hair

Repainting black hair to a different shade is the most difficult dyeing process even for professionals. Oddly enough, even red hues are easier to dye than black. Therefore, it is immediately necessary to prepare yourself for the fact that the process will be difficult and long.

The first way to recolor black hair is to contact an experienced colorist. For 1-3 months, he will lighten the hair every time in several tones, until the color becomes suitable for repainting to the desired shade.

You can make coloring or bleaching of hair, followed by staining of these strands. Then the transition from black hair color will be soft and gradual.

At home, you can gradually dye hair roots as they grow. But this process will be very long. But gentle hair.

Blond hair coloring

Blonde hair is the easiest to dye. After all, they no longer need to clarify. But do not forget about the useful nuances. Hair can be dyed as one tone, and make highlighting or coloring, allowing you to structure the hair.

Red hair coloring

Red shades in any repainting, except black, leave pigment on the hair. And if you do not first lighten the hair or do not make a wash, then the final shade will be with the presence of a rusty color.

The wash is a gentle way to bleach dyed hair. It must be kept strictly determined by the instruction time, and applied evenly. Therefore, it is better to conduct a wash with an assistant. Otherwise, you can stay spotted. Do not be alarmed if after washing the hair will become acid-red or yellow. The process must be repeated until the shade becomes smooth and calm. Only by achieving such a result can you do direct hair dyeing.

How to get rid of red?

The red pigment is very rich and, as a rule, resistant, difficult to excrete. Even when the paint is partially washed away, the shade still manifests itself and gives up redness, especially in light. Neutralize it is not easy, but possible. And most of the methods discussed below require professional help.


How to repaint red hair? The most accessible, simple and gentle way is to change the tone to a darker one. The color will change in any case, but the redness will probably remain peeping. It will harmoniously look on chocolate, chestnut, wine and other similar colors.

If you want to completely mask the red pigment, you will have to try, and even better - turn to a professional. Masters who understand color schemes know that the red is overlapped by cold blue or green tones. Find in the sale of persistent and high-quality paint of such unnatural shades is extremely difficult, but in the arsenal of hairdressers and stylists there are so-called mixton. These are not independent coloring agents, but correctors or amplifiers of primary colors. Choosing blue, green, eggplant or purple mikston and adding it to the paint, you can get the desired dark saturated color and remove the red pigment.

Tip! If you are ready for another experiment, then you can color yourself in a dark blue-black color. But removing it is even more difficult than red, so think carefully before making a final decision.

The remover will allow to get rid of any undesirable color. The procedure is called decoupling and can be performed at home if a professional set is purchased. Correctly doing a wash like this:

  1. Wash your head with a specialized shampoo of deep cleaning: it will not only completely remove all contaminants, but also slightly open the keratin scales of the rods, thereby preparing the hair for further manipulations aimed at neutralizing the red pigment.
  2. Then dry the curls a little, but leave them moist.
  3. In the proportions prescribed in the instructions, combine the catalyst with a reducing agent, mix them until the mass is homogeneous.
  4. Apply the mixture along the length of the hair and leave for the period specified in the instructions.
  5. Wash your hair.

Important! If the red color is saturated and dark, then you may need to carry out several washes.


If you want to get a light shade, then the hair will have to discolour, and it definitely will not do them good. To entrust such a procedure and, accordingly, your curls can only be experienced master. Many make mistakes, deciding to make the clarification on their own: it turns out yellow or orange tone, and in the end you still have to contact a specialist.

In salons and hairdressing salons, bleaching powders are usually used: they quickly penetrate into the hair structure and lighten them in one procedure for 7-8 tones. But such tools require skill when applied: with an uneven distribution of the hair will be spotty and very different in shade.

If you still decide to lighten up at home, then buy a professional cream paint, and preferably a cold shade (remember: blue and green tones neutralize red). But do not seek to immediately turn into a blonde: it is extremely difficult and almost unreal. It is better to act gradually, lightening the hair by two or three tones in a few procedures.

If you get a light shade, but it has yellowness, redness or redhead, then there are two options. The first is to try on the image of a red-haired beast by choosing the appropriate paint. The second option - to continue the path to the blonde and painted in ashy, silver or pearl shades. Choose high-quality professional paint or contact the master.

Tip! You can try to highlight. Light strands, mixed with red, together will give an interesting effect with transitions and modulations, and the main tone will not look so saturated and catchy.

If you were painted with tonic

If red is the result of staining with tonic, then it simplifies the process of changing to another color. But it will be possible to return to the natural, although after that it will be possible to experiment again.

There are specialized shampoos for washing off tonics on sale: during the week they practically remove all pigment from the surface of hair rods. It is also possible to apply deep cleaning shampoo twice a week. If there is time left, then just wash your head with regular shampoos more often: the tonic will be washed off gradually.

Toning components are well neutralized by oils. Oil masks, by the way, are good for hair, so feel free to do them. You can apply olive, linseed, sesame, corn oil to your curls every day or every other day. It is kept for an hour under the film, after which it is thoroughly washed off.

Will folk remedies help?

If you want to lighten red slightly and make it dimmer, closer to the natural, then folk remedies will come to the rescue. But they only slightly lighten the basic tone, and they should be used often.

  • Lemon juice. Squeeze it and apply for rinsing hair or applying masks. In the second case, to enhance the effect, cover the head with a film and leave the agent for half an hour.
  • Fermented milk products: the more acidic the better. They contain lactic acid, which, like all fruit, destroys pigments and has whitening properties. Kefir or clabber can be used daily in the form of masks.
  • Baking soda. There are several application options. The first is rinsing with a solution (a tablespoon of powder per glass of water). The second is the application of a slurry made from water and soda. The third option is to add soda to shampoos before washing your hair.
  • Cognac (or any other strong quality alcohol) with vegetable oil. A mixture consisting of equal parts of the components, apply along the length of the curls and hold for an hour. Procedures are performed daily for the visible effect in a week or two.

Eliminating the red tint of hair is not easy, but it is possible, especially if you know and use truly effective methods!

As in the old days, hair was stained.

You again decided to change the color of your hair, but do not know what paint to prefer this time. Of course, in our market now there is such a huge amount of hair dye colors that it is not surprising to "get lost" in their labyrinths, and advertising from television also constantly pushes us. Have you ever wondered how our grandmothers dyed their hair? It will help us to get to know this creative portal of the world x A walnut shell 100 g of nutshell or the whole.

Advise sparing for hair. Fashion and beauty

Moderators, do not transfer please, after an hour I will rub myself! So, I have dark blond hair on the shoulder, NOT dyed for 7 years! Sometimes I look - it’s like nothing, the color is pretty bright, and sometimes I’ll look - horror-horror, dim and faded. (the latter see more often). It is necessary to dye your hair about the same color or slightly darker. Advise an effective, resistant, and GENTLE paint at a normal price. Not at all in the subject on this issue, with the edge of my ear I heard that there are such wonderful colors. or all.

Off question. but as red-red ox. Fashion and beauty.

Off question. and how red-red hair to make light brown to grow their own and there was an imperceptible transition. I want to grow my own and make highlights. today two (!) times I have smeared the cream with a paint for lightening-effect 0. I understand what can go to the salon, but I want it myself. Who thread came across this?

Question to those who dye their hair. Fashion and beauty

Tell me, if brown hair with highlights remains at the ends is painted in medium brown, but this color didn’t like and doesn’t suit the color scheme, can you repaint it in a lighter color? Or now you can only darker? I would like to return my light blond color back, and then brown completely "killed" my appearance: ((

How to choose the color of jewelry from natural stones to match the color.

Hair color plays a big role in how harmonious the image as a whole will look. Therefore, jewelry that is worn on the face or neck must be chosen to match the hair color, especially if it is a necklace made of natural stones. To get the most out of jewelry, consider the recommendations described below. For blondes most suitable stones of earthy tones, especially the earthy blue and green. Most blondes have a cool skin tone, and even earthy.

how to survive it ?. Fashion and beauty

once again decided to grow native hair color. now I will stand steadfastly, I could not stand it and dyed my hair. The difference is very noticeable. I have brown hair, in the summer they burn to a light tone. always painted in the dark. Now I go two-color. my hair has grown about 2 cm. I take care of my hair, always styling. but they still do not look very ((((((I even cut the entire length before the short shorts and I will have to cut my hair to remove the paint. But this takes time. How to survive.

About henna. Fashion and beauty

In connection with the decision to save, I began to think about switching to henna. All the same in the red I am painted. The following points confuse: 1) You cannot repaint your hair with henna. Only cut. And no coloring, colored strands. 2) I do not know whether it is possible to control the shade. 3) long this occupation. Share your experience, how do you solve these problems?

Here it is interesting - these are the first bells or the machinations of manufacturers of expensive paints ??

"The EU Scientific Committee (in its composition _ scientists and doctors) has swung at the natural dye _ henna known for thousands of years all over the world.
It is made from the leaves of the shrub, called henna, or lavsoniya-lawsone, the latest research scientists in mice and rats have shown: henna contains carcinogenic substances. Actually, only the main part of henna - law is poisonous, which in a bag should be no more than 1%. A half percent _ already the limit of security. Lawsonia, which can enter the body, affecting the liver, kidneys, and stomach, disrupts the blood-forming process. "

Color Desert Sage - I can not stop.

Girls, share! After analyzing the Panton's palette on the theme of the upcoming colors of the upcoming season, I chose "favorites" for myself - some bright rich flowers (Kashmir Rose, Marsala, Bay of Biscay, etc.). And Desert Sage - wrinkled his forehead at him and decided that I would be the last to make sets for him. Well, about anything color, faded some, boring. The Panton Institute of Color recommended it to be used as a base, but it can also be a complete set. He had to take any colors in companions.

Repainted. Fashion and beauty

I wanted to recolour, namely to lighten up, But I don’t know how to approach this matter. My hair hurts dark brown, thin, uh, well, not very thick. They say that first you need to lighten up, and how? About white henna - "be afraid of her, hair do!" Here I am at a loss. Didn’t they even come up with a paint that dyed dark hair without preliminary lightening? Girls, who repainted from a dark to a light color, share what colors you liked, what was brightened. AND.

Help! Unsuccessfully painted. Fashion and beauty

She came to the hairdresser, asked to mow and make red locks. The master says: "At your ends you will still see remnants of highlighting, it will be ugly. Let's do this: light strand, red strand. I'll do a little thinner, it will crumble and it looks like highlighting." Ok, I agree. When I was dried, mother dear! Now I sit in a wide white and red stripes. What can be done? I don't want to go to the hairdresser. Trite sorry for the money. Henna tint? To at least not so contrast was. Or rkaskoy.

Wants to paint. Teenagers

So my son came close to the "transitional age", among other things (as long as it’s nonsense, we are coping), he grows his hair and wants to dye it black. I understand that this is connected with love for the group "HIM". I sort of survived the cultivation, and they grow slowly, but the color is black. So I do not know how to respond. My boy said that I should decide before the 25th day, whether I will allow or not. I explained that black is not washed off, that if it is bad, I will have to have a short haircut, it is useless. Well, that is, not.

And again about henna .. It didn’t work out to paint (((. Fashion and beauty

Девушки помогайте плизз((( Расскажу не много историю. Имеем-очень кудрявые волосы, тонкие, пористые и сухие. Крашусь в рыжий цвет. Раньше красилась краской, но стали сильно выпадать волосы и решила попробовать хну. Первый раз красилась чистой хной обычной за 40 руб,разведенной на кефире. Все хорошо прокрасилось-и корни и концы были одного равномерного цвета.Держала 1,5 часа под пакетом и шерстяным беретом. Потом корни отросли на 1,5-2 см, я съездила на море и сразу после него решила.

Из хны в блонд - принимаю предложения. Мода и красота

Итак, как и хны сделаться блонд? Пока прозвучали такие идеи: 1) Не обрезать волосы, осветляться постепенно мелированием. Недостаток: Холодного оттенка блонд не получится, в крайнем случае - желтый. Отросшие корни будут контрастировать с остальным. 2) Обрезать волосы очень коротко. In short, cut off all henna, and then do anything with them. Disadvantage: To cut off all henna, you need to shave your head well, which is a little too radical. 3) Paint in some other color, darker, and.

transition from painted black to blond. Fashion and beauty

I was approved for the role with the proviso that by January 4 I would have lightened my hair color at least until I was blond or I would have to play in a wig. I don’t consider a wig (I myself was painted in a blueberry color at home recently. The hairdresser doesn’t brighten up due to age. How can I go from black to light brown at home and what kind of hair remover can I take for this? Thanks to everyone in advance for info.

(Condition: I do not recommend harmful hair.)
decent American paint (ammonium-free & organic) you basically will not get in the Russian Federation. For the house. use, all the more.

www.mastey.net Mastey Ammonia-Free Permanent Color.
if only someone for their own brings, but there is a haircut of $ 200.

I. CHI. Previously, it was possible to find a decent salon in Msk-Piter, which works with CHI "on American silk paints")))) + on the Farukovsky same therapy biosilk.
"All CHI Color and lighteners are 100% ammonia free"
in 94g for short hair, highlighting cost $ 50 (then it was more expensive than renting odnushka in St. Petersburg) and further higher taking into account the price-inflation :)))
A repaint your head hoo th schas will be worth if you want to save hair.

the master does not take, perhaps, because you: "It was painted recently at home in a blueberry color.", but not "because of age", and, mb, and the truth is, the hairdresser is so young and inexperienced that she has never repainted the blueberry color of a handicraft work. Most likely the master can not guarantee the result, it is not clear what you painted there. An oil painting: customers from the neighboring seats jump up and run off in the cabin from the salon! )))
Try to find a master / salon where they know how to make candy out of any (color) candy. Ask around ("ammonia-free" repainting (in stores / shops), if you have any staining. (Wella, Redken, Schwarzkopf Essensity)
There are advanced lines of paint without ammonia in brands, only they are distributed through salons.
Ii. Schwarzkopf
1. Essensity salon line (20 intermixable shades in light-medium-dark levels.)
Free From: Ammonia, Fragrance, Silicones, Paraffin- / mineral oils, Parabens, Formaldehyde-derivates

2. for a home without ammonia http://www.countrycolors.schwarzkopf.com/products/
3. from the dark, this remakes http://www.brillance.schwarzkopf.com/technology/

Iii. Wella Pro.
1. Blondor products (ammonia-free system) 23 salon in Moscow time
2. Koleston perfect with ammonia
3. Color Touch without ammonia tone-on-tone

4. Vellovo Home Decore, Safira, Wellaton, Wellaton Naturals
probably, in the store they know what kind

Iv. Redken similarly. (tint in tone-on-tone long-lasting no-ammonia demi-permanent haircolor)
+ Redken Lift 5/15 without ammonia. You can try on your colored hair.
REDKEN neighbor info (495) 725-63-31

V. Goldwell American. 2 lines:
1. Elumen - permanent ammonia-free haircolor.
2. Colorance - demi-permanent ammonia-free haircolor (tone-on-tone), but this is right now, most brands tint without ammonium.

Vi. About the paint Matrix I do not know anything special, in the sense of uniqueness.
probably also ammonia-free lines there. Although it is unlikely, they would have been promoting the "revolutionary technologies of the 21st century" on every pillar! http://www.matrix.com/products/

VII. Nexxus is similar.
In Loreale, I suppose, cho-that is for the house. of use.

Can I dye my hair again? Fashion and beauty

Yesterday I put on make-up - that’s what turned out to be completely yellow ... I don’t like at all ... If today we dye it again with another paint - will the hairline be completely hairy? but I do not like what happened. completely, with gray hair looked better.

Repainted at home last night ...
Here it is

When do you need to dye your hair

The reasons for changing the color of hair can be very different. First of all, such a procedure will be required after an unsuccessful previous staining.

Some brunettes and brown-haired women resort to changing the shade to a lighter one due to the appearance of a large amount of gray hair, which requires frequent staining at the roots.

However, to change the appearance is not always need some good reason. After all, the desire to try something extravagant, more fashionable and interesting from time to time appears in almost every woman.

Re-staining and possible effects

Unsuccessful experience of repainting the head of hair there are many lovers of experiments. Trouble in the form of a green shimmer, yellow roots or too dark color has to be corrected with the help of repeated staining.

Important! Frequent repainting can lead to dry and brittle hair, so it is recommended to re-paint no earlier than two to three weeks.

So that during this time you do not have to hide a green or red hairstyle under a headdress, you can Use the following tips:

  1. It takes some time to penetrate the dye into the hair cuticle. Therefore, if you wash your head thoroughly 3-4 times immediately after an unsuccessful dyeing, you can get rid of an undesirable shade.
  2. To improve the efficiency of the washing process, it is recommended to mix the shampoo with a pinch of baking soda, or use medicated dandruff shampoos.
  3. Today, there are special products for washing the paint, which only the hairdressers used to access before. Such tools will easily wash away the bad color. However, it should be noted that they also have a negative impact on the health of hair.

How to recolor blonde hair

The lightening process partially destroys the hair structure, which is why they do not hold color well. Therefore, to go from blond to natural color will need to dye the hair a few times. It should also be noted that bright colors are washed out faster than dark ones, so it is advisable to choose a paint that is one tone darker than the desired one.

Repainting from blond into any other colors should be carried out using ammonia-free dyes, to avoid even more damage to bleached hair. We have prepared for you a review of popular non-ammonia hair dyes.

Why does hair become green, blue or red after dyeing?

Many owners of light curls when trying to repaint them in ashen or light brown color get green, purple or reddish hues. This is due to the presence of pigments in some paints.

When choosing paint it is necessary to pay attention to the marking: the first digit indicates the base tone, and the digit following the first after a point or fraction is additional pigments. So, if after the number indicating the basic tone, the number is 4, then the dye has an orange or copper pigment. The number 6 indicates the presence of a purple pigment, 5 - red or fiery, 3 - yellow or gold.

Home use of 9–12% oxidizer often leads to deterioration of the hair structure and obtaining a yellow color. When you try to repaint it in ashen turns green. This is due to the fact that ashy dyes contain a blue pigment that turns green on yellow hair.

In order to obtain the desired result when repainting light colors, it is best to contact a professional hairdresser.

Council If you nevertheless decided to carry out the painting process yourself, then do not forget to make a trial staining of the dressing chosen from the side of the neck. When buying paint, do not forget to carefully study the marking for the presence of coloring pigments.

How to recolor dark hair

For a cardinal change in color, the owners of dark hair have to bleach them first, and then repaint to the desired tone.

To get rid of the dark color, you need to discolor the hair several times - for one approach no more than 4 tones. Conducting such procedures at home is fraught with unpredictable consequences, especially in cases of transition to blonde.

In order not to burn the hair, it is necessary to use clarifiers, strictly adhering to the instructions. However, it is better to entrust such a procedure to an experienced master.

When repainting black to brown, only one bleaching procedure is required. Details on how to lighten dark hair, you will find on our website.

To change the image, it is not necessary to resort to a drastic repainting of the hair. Dark-haired girls can be made ombre, highlighting, balayazh, or coloring. Such techniques today are popular and allow you to get the desired color without repainting the main tone completely.

If you want to change the color without lightening, then pay attention to the following ways:

  1. Tint - Special pastel, which gives the hair different shades, and at the same time does not harm them.
  2. Toning with special sprays, foams, varnishes or shampoos. This method allows you to get any, even the brightest shade.
  3. Crayons for hair - washed off after 2–4 shampooing procedures, but with the help of this tool you can create a variety of images.

How to recolor red hair

Red hair is easiest to repaint in black or dark brown. However, it must be remembered that the paint from such hair is washed off very quickly, and as it is washed away, a redhead begins to appear. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended to pre-discolor the hairdo by 2-4 tones, and only then paint in the desired color.

The colors of ashy shades cope well with the red color. However, if earlier henna was applied to the hair, then it would not be possible to repaint them.

For other, lighter tones, it is necessary to carry out the bleaching procedure.

Attention! If the red color is not natural, but colored, then it can be eliminated with the help of a wash. The yellowish tint that appeared after that is eliminated with the help of brighteners or tint balms.

Features care after repainting

Repainting hair can cause their fragility and lifelessness. Therefore, curls that have been subjected to repeated contact with chemicals, need special care.

  1. Masks and conditioners - help to improve the structure of the hair and maintain their health. It should be remembered that after applying the dyes it is undesirable to use fatty nourishing masks, since they contribute to the leaching of color. Therefore, it is necessary to choose only moisturizing conditioners and masks, or those tools that are specifically designed to care for colored curls.
  2. Tonic - such means are recommended to be used to maintain the color or to mask the yellowness on light hairstyles.
  3. Shampoos for colored hair. It is impossible to apply after dyeing shampoo against dandruff, since they include components that wash out dyes.
  4. Do not wash your hair for 1-2 days after dyeing. Otherwise, the paint will not have time to gain a foothold and quickly wash off.
  5. If after staining the curls become lifeless and brittle, you can correct the situation with lamination. Such a procedure will make the hair shiny and smooth, even after applying a hair dryer and ironing.

Properly carried out painting procedure will not only get the desired result, but also keep the curls healthy and beautiful.

Useful videos

Removal of hair color from dark to light brown.

How to dye your hair at home?

Shade selection

If you have black hair - the result of repainting, then there is no problem with the choice. You probably know your color type and which shades are best for you. But natural brunettes need to carefully consider themselves in the mirror and choose the paint carefully and thoughtfully. If this does not take into account the eye color and skin tone, then very unpleasant incidents can happen. Black eyebrows can also be repainted, but other natural data can be changed for you.

  • Graphite is a very original and beautiful shade that will never go out of fashion. But this is a cunning color. It is not for everyone, and often adds a few extra years. Graphite differs from black only in one tone, but, nevertheless, it makes the hair easier, and the image is softer. You should not try to repaint in it at home - often the color turns dirty gray and only spoils the impression of the hair.
  • Brown and all his shades are the most reasonable and safe choice for brunettes. They differ from black from one to 3-4 tones, so the hair will not suffer too much during dyeing. For girls with gray, blue or black eyes and fair skin, it is better to use coffee, dark brown or mocha. A green-eyed and brown-eyed beauties fit shades of redhead - milk chocolate, chestnut, cinnamon.
  • Auburn is fairly easy to obtain by lightening natural black hair. The hue depends on the composition and amount of natural pigment - it can be from yellowish to reddish. Brunettes with brown, green and even blue eyes usually have this color very much. It looks beautiful in modern styles of coloring: ombre, balayazh, shatush. But then the base black should be slightly lightened so that there is no too sharp contrast.
  • Blonde The brunette doesn’t have a chance to get his cold shades due to the peculiarities of her hair. On them, even after a strong discoloration will still remain yellow tone. For a short time, it can be neutralized with a tonic, but after 3-4 washes it will reappear. But warm blond shades: caramel, wheat, golden will be beautiful and mask the unwanted yellowness.
  • Blond is the most extreme coloring option for brunettes. Professionals categorically do not recommend such radical changes. Firstly, you simply risk being left without hair, which will have to be clarified by 8-9 tones. And secondly, very often already after a short time, the former brunettes in blonde begin to feel extremely uncomfortable and again darken the color. Here are just a bad hair health is no longer return, and the paint on them is kept very bad.

Technology of coloring depends on which of the shades you have chosen for yourself.


Compositions for bleaching are much more aggressive, but if you want to repaint black hair in light brown, red or warm shades of light brown, you cannot do without them.

Professionals usually use brightening powder. It quickly and well breaks the color pigment molecules and allows for clarification in just 10-20 minutes. But you should be able to work with powder correctly. Otherwise, it will easily ruin the hair or give an uneven shade.

A safer option for home brightening is cream. It is better distributed through the hair, has a sparing effect and is very easy to use. Professional creams can clean up to 8 tones in one staining.

But experts advise such a strong discoloration divided into two stages with an interval of at least two weeks. Otherwise, the hair becomes stiff, and the hairs break off along the entire length.

In the top three in most ratings are:

  • Bleaching Cream by Kapouse,
  • Blondest Blonde by CHI,
  • Glam Lights by Loreal.

Quite good results are obtained after the use of drugs BlondMe from Schwarzkopf, but women often complain that they dry out their hair badly and poorly eliminate the yellowish tint. But this line is much more affordable than other professional tools.

Folk ways

It is possible to repaint hair from natural black more safely and smoothly at home with the help of folk remedies. Our ancestors noticed that many products have light brightening properties:

  • Bee Honey,
  • natural beer,
  • kefir and sour cream,
  • lemon juice,
  • cinnamon powder
  • colorless henna.

Masks based on these products can, with regular use, clean up 2-3 tones of hair from a headpiece in a month, while at the same time noticeably improve its condition. This is perhaps the only way to safely lighten hair.

By the way, in most cases, the resulting shades are so natural and beautiful that the hair does not need any additional coloring.

There are a lot of recipes of such masks, we will not dwell on them here. We only note that in order to obtain the desired result, they should be done 2-3 times a week and kept for at least 1-2 hours. So have patience. But, according to those who used this tool, the result is worth it.


When the base for the upcoming staining is created, you can go directly to the procedure itself. When buying paint, keep in mind that on bleached hair, the color always turns out to be brighter and more saturated, as it is not muffled by natural pigment. Therefore, choose an agent that is a shade lighter than the desired shade.

To dye black hair with chocolate color or other dark shades of brown, usually a high-quality tonic or a gentle paint without ammonia is enough. This is another argument in favor of this particular tone for brunettes. In addition, gray hair and growing roots will not be so noticeable and too often you will not have to tint the hair.

For light brown and red shades, you need to use resistant paints, otherwise the color will be washed out very quickly. Before painting, listen to the advice of professionals:

  1. You should not perform monochrome staining - black roots on it are noticeable after a couple of weeks, it’s better to focus on highlighting, coloring or gradient techniques (ombré, balayazh etc.).
  2. Конечный результат сильно зависит оттого, насколько равномерно прокрашены пряди, а работать с густыми длинными волосами самостоятельно крайне неудобно – лучше обратиться к профессионалам.
  3. При нанесении краски на немытые волосы они повреждаются меньше, но на них не должно быть стайлинговых средств.
  4. You should not exceed the dwell time of the paint - this will not add intensity to the new color, and will ruin the hair more.
  5. If the hair has been brightened by 4 or more tones, you can pour a small amount (up to half a teaspoon) of natural oil: olive, castor or burdock into the paint to reduce its negative impact.

There is an interesting option for those who want to smoothly get out of the black color - getting a gradient effect. It is achieved by itself, if used for dyeing as the hair grows each time a lighter shade of color. But the transition will be noticeable only after 3-4 months. But this technique is not too harmful to the hair and creates a really beautiful effect.

Home care

Do not forget that the repainted black hair is lightened anyway. And if you did it in a chemical way - they are more or less damaged and require additional maintenance. They just need good professional shampoos and balsams for colored hair. They will help keep the intensity of the new color longer and improve the condition of the hair.

With homemade masks be careful. All oil-based products soften and moisturize hair perfectly, but they contribute to the leaching of pigment, but you do not need it at all.

Buy a good tonic and use it once every 2-3 weeks. It will make a new color bo richer, will provide painting of gray hair and growing roots. And less irons and ploek! It is not necessary to expose the damaged hair even to high temperatures.

Red hair dye

The first question that confronts a girl who wants to change her hair color is what kind of red hair dye will suit her. It must meet the basic requirements: durability, gentle impact, predictable results.

Choose a shade, focusing on the natural tone, or one that has painted hair. Some girls, seeing the color red on the package, immediately grab the paint and think that they will have the same result. But they do not take into account the fact that the hair color of the model is several tones lighter than its own.

If you do not understand colors, you can not get the desired shade. Especially if you want to do it with household paints. Color on the package serves to attract attention, and not to display the final result.

It is better to entrust the head to a professional hairdresser, who will choose the right tone and oxide suitable for your color and hair type. He will talk about the rules of care and recommend means to maintain color.

Red hair shades

Red is warm, cold, light and dark, with yellow and purple tints. If you choose the right shade, then you will change for the better. Pure red color is acceptable for fair-skinned girls with a yellowish skin tone.

But there are other red hair shades:

saturated red (3.5, 4.5, 5.5, 6.5, 7.5, 8.5, 9.5). It looks perfect in combination with the classic image. Business dresses and suits, a strict hairstyle will not look so dry and boring with an unusual hair color,
red copper (5.45, 6.45, 7.45). Suitable for hazel and light brown eyes. Recommended for girls and women with very light and fair skin,

red-violet (4.56, 5.56, 6.56, 9.56). Goes to girls with a natural dark shade of hair and tanned skin. It goes well with dark brown and black eyes,
red brown (4.57, 5.57, 6.57, 7.57). More restrained and calm red. Suitable for those who want a bright appearance, but look natural. This shade hides wrinkles, so it is recommended for women aged.

With the help of these figures, you can easily and accurately select a shade that suits your type of appearance.

Red henna for hair

Lovers of red hair is incredibly lucky, because they can get the desired shade without harming the hair. Coloring masks with henna strengthen, nourish hair and create a protective layer that does not allow ultraviolet light and harmful impurities in the air.

Red henna recipes for hair:

The most affordable way to get red is to make henna on hibiscus. Pour 2 tablespoons of tea with boiling water, let stand for 3-5 minutes, strain and mix with henna.
Also, the red tint will turn out, if henna brew on warm beet juice. It is enough to add 2-3 tablespoons for every 50 grams of powder.
Boiled red wine does not contain alcohol, but in combination with henna has coloring properties. Cranberry or cherry juice can be used instead.
To get a bright red tint, add a few pinch of ground cloves to henna gruel and wait 5 minutes for the seasoning to reveal its properties.
If you brew henna on kefir, then the shade will turn out to be red-copper and very saturated.
A red-brown tint can be obtained by adding a tablespoon of grated natural cocoa to one of the above recipes.

Henna dries hair. Therefore, it is ideal for oily type of scalp. To dye dry hair, add 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil, amla oil, jojoba oil to the mixture. Apple cider vinegar or lemon juice is used to fix the color.

How to dye your hair red

Getting a bright color is not easy. To do this, you need to diagnose the hair and, based on the results, choose the method of dyeing. If your native color (for example, level 7-8) is lighter than the desired tone (5-6), then you can do without prior clarification. When the situation looks the other way around, it is recommended to raise the tone before staining.

How to dye your hair red:

For the color to last longer, 2-3 days before the procedure, wash your hair with a deep cleaning shampoo.
Get paint the desired shade. For long hair, buy 2 packs, for curls up to the shoulders - one. The percentage of oxidant for hair without gray should be 3%, with gray hair - 6%.
Prepare a bowl, a brush, a comb with sparse teeth, clamps, and old clothes that you shouldn't mess with.
Dissolve the mixture according to the instructions and divide the hair into 4 parts: from the crown to the neck and from ear to ear.
Take ¼ part and divide it into strands 1 cm wide. Process each one, retreating 3-4 cm from the roots.

When the entire length is dyed, apply the mixture on the roots in the same way. If you immediately start to paint from the roots, then they will take a more intense shade and the color will turn out to be uneven.
Leave to affect the time specified in the instructions.
Then wet the hair, foam paint, spreading it along the length and roots, and leave for 5 minutes.
Rinse the curls under running water until it becomes transparent, and blot with a towel.
Apply balsam to fix the color. These products are sold in the shops of professional cosmetics and complete the chemical processes on the hair.
Wash off the balsam and dry the hair.

Do not overdo the paint in the hope of getting an intense color, the exposure time is limited to 30-40 minutes. Do not brush your hair after applying the paint, they are already subject to a chemical process and any manipulations will harm.

How to care for red

Red is hard to get. But even harder to save for a few weeks. To walk for a whole month until the next color update with shiny and bright hair, listen to the advice of experts.

How to care for red:

choose shampoos without sulfates. They do not aggressively wash their hair, do not overdry, and retain color,
discard homemade masks and base oils in hair care. Many girls notice that their color fades,
Between dyes, use a tinted shampoo that will give your hair brightness and color,
Get a line of hair care products for colored hair. Such products retain color and restore curls after chemical exposure,
after each wash your hair, rinse your hair with vinegar diluted in water, in a ratio of 2 tablespoons to 1 liter.
protect your hair from the sun. To do this, use tools with UV filters, wear hats and scarves,
Dyed hair is more susceptible to exposure, so use indelible means that create a protective layer.

If your color is flushed out ahead of time, do not dye your hair right away. Frequent chemical exposure will make them dry and brittle, and they will not be able to hold the pigment. Wait at least 4 weeks, and then dye only the roots. To update the length, it is enough to apply paint for only 5-10 minutes.

How to wash off red hair

If you are not satisfied with the result, which turned out, do not despair and try to neutralize it. In addition to the acid remover offered in the salons, there are many home methods available.

How to wash off the red color:

every other day apply oil masks on the roots and length. As mentioned above, they quickly wash out the color,
make kefir mask and treat her hair. Put on the shower cap and wrap up your head with a towel. After 2 hours, rinse,
chamomile masks help to bring red to a red color,
cocoa masks for hair will help to come to a shade of brown,
To get a golden color and slightly lighten hair, use a mask with honey and cinnamon powder. These natural brighteners work well on freshly painted hair,
re-staining using color correctors will help to neutralize the shade. To eliminate red buy green mikston.

Red hair color looks defiant and bold, so before you dye your hair in it, think about whether you will withstand the pressure, whether it suits you by nature or you should pay attention to soothing shades. But perhaps your life will change with a new shade of hair.