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Culinary magic has reached incredible heights: its brightest representatives work wonders. This is easy to see if you personally look at their work on television. Wizards of the kitchen in their programs carry so much useful knowledge and make so many culinary discoveries that housewives literally tremble in anticipation of the next series.

This television cooking show, barely appearing in 2005 on British television, immediately caused a storm of enthusiasm among millions of women. The recognized maestro of the kitchen explained in an easy and intelligible way how you can cook any dish quickly and tasty. Each session, in which Gordon Ramsay revealed his secrets, was very exciting and informative. And, in his opinion, to cook tasty and healthy food, you do not need to exhaust yourself with the search for unknown ways. According to the Knight of the Michelin stars, at home, every housewife is able to work wonders.

All events take place in his restaurant, where only professional chefs have been gathering lately. And they prepare each new dish with the whole world under the close attention and participation of Gordon himself. By the way, for each television session Ramsay necessarily presents the audience surprises. For example, he simply adores growing sheep and calves in his own farm, and then (let the vegetarians' hearts not tremble with pity!) Cook various delicacies from the meat of these pets. By the way, Ramsay is somewhat skeptical about vegetarianism and believes that his representatives deprive themselves of many pleasures of life. The magician of world cuisine often arranges live culinary duels with star guests. According to Gordon, there are no winners in these “battles”: the main thing here is the birth of a new, unusual and tasty dish. For example, such as tartar of scallops with fresh cream and caviar, served in a chilled basil consommé. According to Gordon Ramsay, he draws all his culinary creativity from family lunches and dinners when Tan's wife and children gather at the table.

“Three in the same kitchen, including the impenetrable jungle” - sometimes you can call the TV show “Kitchen without a kitchen”, the main hosts and participants of which are three Americans, who became famous for their culinary skills. Once Madison Cowan, Kane Raymond and Michael Psilakis got tired of having a show at regular restaurants, and they went to wild places to visit wild tribes to show off their remarkable talents. Wizards of the kitchen set themselves the task, figuratively speaking, to cook porridge from an ax. Catching fish, preparing game, finding edible roots as a seasoning, finding water suitable for cooking - all these worries lay on the shoulders of cooks spoiled by civilization. And they did not flinch before difficulties, as millions of TV viewers could watch while watching the work of famous chefs. Of course, the three famous chefs could not be like the ancient man, who knew only one dish - meat cooked on a fire. Therefore, from the fact that gives wildlife, Cowan, Raymond and Psilakis acquired the most necessary and useful. Stewed game on local herbs, a light snack made from tree fruits and other dishes were cooked in field conditions, in the open. And it must be said that famous chefs taught a lesson how to survive in the jungle, eating healthy and tasty food, without changing their civilized habits.

"Dinners for 30 minutes from Jamie" - one of the most favorite British shows. Witty and cheerful presenter - world-renowned culinary master Jamie Oliver in each session teaches viewers how to save time and surprise households with tasty and satisfying food. He in his peculiar amusing manner tells about many secrets of his cuisine, which we had never known before. According to the culinary genius, his wife Jules inspires him for creative exploits. He thinks that if his beloved woman copes with fantastic recipes of the royal chef, then any housewife can do it. Note that for half an hour, Jamie Oliver cook will be able to make any dish, perfectly serving it and decorating with greenery. By the way, since childhood he has been engaged in growing vegetables and fruits on his own plot. And over the years, this occupation has become the main tool for creative work in the kitchen. Note that lunch for 30 minutes under the supervision of Jamie himself is always quick and tasty. And the quality of each dish is excellent.

Battle Chefs

Culinary show of a new format in which professional chefs compete with knives for the title of the best chef.

Airing time: on Saturdays at 13:05.

In each issue.

The reality show on the TV channelFriday!», In which a seedy cafe turns into a first-class restaurant.

Broadcast time: on Wednesdays at 19:00

In project "On knives»Constanti.

Food, I love you!

Culinary Travel Show on the channel «Friday! ”- guide to the most unusual, appetizing, delicious sights of the whole world.

Broadcast time: on Saturdays.

The Hunger Games (show)

"The Hunger Games" - culinary show on the channel "Friday!" (until June 1, 2013, the MTV channel that went through rebranding and changing leadership). As show host "The Hunger Games" protrusion.

Dinner party

"Dinner Party" - weekly culinary show on REN TV.

“The Dinner Party” is a show that originates from a simple culinary recipe and etiquette rules, and reveals the secrets of hospitality and the creation of an unforgettable celebration.

Time for lunch

Culinary project Channel Onein which housewives challenge the masters of high cuisine. Why do homemade dishes seem tasty to many? What are ready to surprise the master of gourmet cuisine from expensive and famous restaurants? Where to look for healthy and tasty food - in your kitchen.

Live delicious with Jamie Oliver

Culinary show of the famous "naked chef" Jamie Oliver.

Jamie oliver - a famous cook, a fighter against fast food, the author of several dozen books about healthy eating. Jamie is authoring the show.

One of the most popular and “long-playing” culinary television programs on Russian television, in which famous people take part.

Eat it immediately!

Leading programs "Take it off immediately!" decided to expand their activities and teach people not only to dress stylishly, but also to cook deliciously. A new program received the title "Eat it immediately!".

Breakfast with Julia Vysotskaya

The Russian culinary program is broadcast from 2009 on the morning air of the NTV channel from Monday to Thursday at 7:55 in the morning. The duration of the program is five minutes. The program is hosted by a famous actress and TV host.

MasterShef. Kids season 1

American cooking show on Fox channel, based on the British format “Junior MasterShef» ( Junior MasterChef).

The channel’s management initially feared that Gordon Ramsay, known for his.

Program "Eating at home"has been on the NTV channel since 2003.

There are quite a few culinary programs on Russian television, all of them are quite popular, because each has its own unique flavor.

Culinary duel

Russian television culinary show, goes on NTV channel on Saturdays at 10:55. The duration of the program is 1 hour. The show premiered on October 5, 2002. ".

Culinary reality show on the Ukrainian channel STB.

AT "Masterschef»20 worthy amateur chefs, selected from thousands of applicants, will compete in a gastronomic duel for the title of the best chef of Ukraine and the title“ Master Scherf ”, a cash prize of 500 you.


You probably heard about the British chef Jamie Oliver - in St. Petersburg and Moscow there is a restaurant “Jamis Italian”, where you can taste his signature dishes. And Jamie's website is inspiring to cook them at home.

The recipes accompany the bright photos, each dish shows the calorie and energy value, which is not often seen in the blog. In addition, here you can watch the video of Oliver's culinary programs, get useful tips, and even share your thoughts on tasty and healthy food on the forum.

Veronika Belotserkovskaya conquered the housewives of Russia when she published her recipes in LiveJournal. Now she publishes books, conducts master classes and cooking classes, sells products, responds to comments and questions from her readers.

Her website and blog remains among the leaders in attendance, despite the fact that recently Veronica does not so often publish new posts. Devoted readers never cease to admire her recipes, and beginner chefs are inspired by her ideas.

Lida Zinchenko

The author of the blog is the mother of five boys (triplets and two “catching up”), a girl from Moscow living in America. “Cooking is a therapy in which I fit in caring for my family, self-expression and love for healthy spontaneous experiments,” she writes about herself.

All Lida recipes are vegan, very tasty, understandable and easy to perform. She shares with readers her nutritional experience, raising children, maintaining physical fitness.

Green kitchen

"Green Kitchen" - a project of a young married couple. Louise makes and cooks vegetarian dishes from organic products, and David, a professional photographer, shoots the result on video and photos.

The blog looks like a diary: date, recipe, photos. The site has a convenient search by month and by category: Asian food, Christmas, desserts, drinks, baby food, chocolate, soups, side dishes and more. If you are too lazy to read and translate recipes, you can watch the video. This blog will appeal to vegetarians and simply followers of healthy eating.

The author of the blog is Olga Baklanova, the mother of two sons and the grandmother of two grandchildren, whom she tries to teach to cook and feel the nuances of taste. Olga travels a lot and shares her impressions about countries, food, wine, traditions in a blog.

Here you will find more than a thousand recipes for breakfasts, soups, salads, desserts, main dishes, drinks, sauces, side dishes, appetizers. In addition, you can get acquainted with reviews of cookbooks and kitchen novelties, learn how to choose a wine, and watch videos of cooking various dishes.

The author of the blog is Valentina, a girl who is engaged in graphic and web design in Italy. At some point, she decided to change her diet. Valentina believes that it is best to prepare dishes from herbal ingredients that are rich in nutrients, as well as use local farming and seasonal products.

The blog, in addition to vegetarian and gluten-free recipes, have personal notes and a large number of photos. And, by the way, it was the photos that caught our attention. Each shot is worthy of admiration. Valentine is the whole still lifes that you just want to admire. First - the art, then - culinary experiments. But both that and another in a blog at height.

Love & lemons

Blog with the most convenient search engine. Recipes can be sorted by season, diet, type of food and ingredients. There is no intrusive advertising and extraneous posts - only recipes, with a detailed description of the method of preparation and excellent photos. We are for a simple and useful food - and this blog is fully consistent with our expectations.

Local milk

Author Elizabeth Evelyn Kirby divides recipes by season, taste (sweet, spicy) and cooking (dinner, lunch, gatherings). Looking at the photos in the blog, you almost certainly also want to set the table beautifully, decorating it with fresh flowers, fresh fruit and antique utensils.

Eat with Julia

The author of the blog is Yuliana Pliskina, an expert on healthy nutrition, a gastronomic journalist, the author of the book Myth-eaters. Tells about tasty and healthy cooking, beauty and effective lifestyle. Many recipes, many necessary tips and revelations of product myths.

A cozy home blog with vivid pictures and a variety of recipes that are grouped by type of food: aperitifs, desserts, first, second, sauces, smoothies, breakfasts, gluten-free, vegetarian dishes and much more. You will also find a lot of interesting pastry recipes.

It is very convenient that the author Livvy makes step by step photos, so the recipe is very clear. There are no super complicated recipes that are unrealistic to prepare, only proven dishes prepared by the author.

We hope our selection of culinary blogs will be useful and interesting for you!

"Hell's Kitchen"

Many have heard, but not everyone knows that the project “Hellish Kitchen” is nothing else but an adaptation of the American show “Hell's Kitchen”, the first series of which was released in 2005. To date, the original already has as many as 11 seasons and who knows whether producers will stop there. By the way, the famous “specific” style of behavior of the leaders was brilliantly brought to life by the notorious Gordon Ramsey, on whom all domestic leaders of “Hellish Kitchen” equal themselves.

That is why the participants of this TV show should have not only outstanding culinary abilities, but also a strong nervous system, because it is not so easy to withstand all the comments and quibbles of the presenters. Needless to say, "Hellish Kitchen" is called a real survival school for future chefs, well, and for the viewer - an exciting drama series with elements of comedy and cooking.

"Naked cook"

Surely, many have heard of the super-popular British chef Jamie Oliver, the real star of the culinary world, which all housewives of the world simply adore. "Naked cook" - this is his first child, which appeared on the screens of American television back in 1999.

This young man made a real culinary revolution, changing his views on cooking in general, and also showing that healthy eating is not only useful, but also very tasty. To whom the “Naked Cook” seems a little, can switch to “Living tasty” with his own participation - an exciting and informative show.

"Master Chef"

Another well-known culinary adaptation, which since 2011 has also appeared on the Ukrainian channel. The meaning of the show is simple: there is a set of participants who compete with each other, perform various tricky tasks from the presenters, participate in culinary contests and prove their right to be called "the best cook of the country."

In addition to the prestigious title, the winning participant gets good rewards - a cash prize, as well as the opportunity to study at one of the most prestigious schools in the world in France.

"French chef"

This program is often called the “progenitress” of all existing culinary shows, and in the image of her host, Julia Child, even the script for the famous film “Julie and Julia” was written, the main role in which was performed by the charming “Meryl Streep”.

Only these facts are quite enough for the sake of curiosity to still see the show “French chef”, which, at one time, turned the whole idea of ​​cooking - it turns out that cooking can be interesting and quite boring.