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The most unusual wedding rings for newlyweds


Modern newlyweds are less likely to choose traditional rings made of yellow gold, knowing full well that they will spend most of their life with these jewelry.

Future spouses strive to show individuality in everything so that their holiday is special, therefore they choose rings with special care, take into account Western fashion trends or adhere to European classics.

Original design ideas

If you are not satisfied with the usual and barely noticeable thin rings, pay attention to more interesting design options:

  1. Interesting and bright look wide rings, and their width can reach 1 centimeter or more.
  2. You can buy stylish rings made of two different metals, for example, white and yellow gold, silver and gold, and so on. The metals of cold and warm tones, for example, gold and silver, metallic and bronze, are especially harmoniously combined.
  3. Want to distinguish yourself and perpetuate your love? Then be sure to order rings with engraving. And you should not choose any quotes or popular phrases, it is better to come up with something unique, meaningful for the couple.
  4. Honor the traditions? Then you can buy Slavic rings with various thematic patterns and symbols. The most popular among newlyweds is the Svadebnik ring. This symbol is a tandem of four interconnected and fastened rings connected in pairs and depicting open eights. And the eight, as is known, are a symbol of infinity, so that the feelings of lovers will be eternal.
  5. Another unusual option - carved rings. They can be made in the form of a certain framework in which forged or carved patterns are enclosed. But also the patterns can be free, it looks more tender and original.
  6. You can purchase a ring with a surprise. It may look like the most ordinary and even modest engagement ring, but on the reverse side there will be some kind of surprise - convex engraving in the form of a pattern or lettering. And even if you remove this accessory, there will be a mark on your finger - a dent, having the shape of a pattern. Unusual, isn't it?
  7. The ring is decorated with stones. And if everyone is already accustomed to cubic zirconias and white diamonds, the stones of more interesting and bright colors attract attention and look unusual. So, you can use emeralds, topaz, yellow diamonds. But if the gems you can not afford, it is quite suitable and will look even more unusually semi-precious.

Wedding rings with engraving 2018 photo options

The engraving on the rings is now more popular than ever, and each couple approaches the choice of inscriptions individually: some lovers put a date for dating, their names or some words and phrases important only for them, many newlyweds resort to catch phrases and traditional Latin inscriptions.

Here you will get acquainted with the wedding hairstyles of 2018 photos with stylish delicate options.

If you approached the choice of a wedding ring with a soul, if you wrote on it the name of your beloved or beloved, it becomes a talisman, it cannot but work. The ring will protect your love and your marriage, and every day will remind you that you have a loved one for whom you are responsible, said the famous European master of engraving.

Wedding Rings 2018 with diamonds photo trends

At the height of fashion in 2018 there will be rings with intricate decor and decorated with precious stones. Not every couple in love can afford jewelery with diamonds.

Therefore, jewelers suggest replacing this noble stone with inexpensive cubic zirconias. An artificial diamond has a low cost, but in terms of brightness, brilliance and decorative data it is almost as good as natural stones.

The beauty of diamonds will emphasize platinum or white gold. The whitish glitter of the metal will visually remove the boundaries, and the stone will appear even larger. You can take advantage of this feature and buy instead of a ring with one stone, a piece of jewelery decorated with a scattering of diamonds. The effect will be no less bright.

Previously, the ring with a large stone in the middle was given on the day of engagement. Now solitter rings are also bought as wedding rings. However, the traditional option, of course, can be considered rings with a sequence of medium in size or with a scattering of small stones. Brilliant - a stone that is suitable for both women and men. However, it is customary to decorate men's rings more modestly than women's.

The most unusual options

Creative people approach creatively to everything, including the choice of wedding rings. And some of them are just amazing.

Here are the most unusual wedding rings:

  • Ring "Dispektikonov." If you watched the cult film "Transformers", then you will understand what is being said.
  • "Will you be my second player?" This accessory looks usually and even trite, but the way it was presented deserves attention. In a simple box was put two rings. Under one was the inscription "The first player is ready," and under the other - "The second player is preparing for the start." Also included was a note with the message “Will you be my second player?”.
  • "The Legend of Zelda". This accessory will surely be appreciated by gamers who are familiar with the video game of the same name.
  • Ring in the form of a gaming dice-decahedron.
  • “Portals” is a pair of accessories. One ring is a ring with an elongated red portal circle and a part of a heart enclosed within it. The other looks almost the same, but the portal is colored blue.
  • "Tardis" looks well, very unusual. After all, the TARDIS is a spacecraft and at the same time Doctor Who’s time machine from the same series.
  • "Lightsaber" is suitable for fans of Star Wars.
  • Star Trek. This is an interesting ring with a star path imitation with an asterisk-stone.
  • "Green light". Almost nothing out of the ordinary. Just a pretty massive ring with a green stone.
  • "DNA". Genetics and doctors will definitely appreciate the bright design.
  • “Microchip” is an ideal option for those who are familiar with microchips and other small details of electronic devices.
  • “Indiana Jones” is a great idea for adventure lovers.
  • "Playstation". The owners of the console will understand and appreciate.
  • "Smile" - the usual ring with a funny smiley.
  • “Hello Kitty” is bright and cute.
  • CAT5 - a ring connector and a ring-cable.
  • A pair of rings with the words "I love you" and "I know."
  • Lego. Like to build a designer? Then this option is for you.
  • Rings "Chemistry" with inscriptions in the form of elements of the periodic table.
  • "USB". Ring with a ring in the form of a memory card and input.
  • Mobius ring. It looks like the famous Moebius loop.
  • Superman Ring.
  • "Star Gates".
  • "Space invaders."
  • "The One Ring". With it, you will definitely become the real lord of the rings.

Rings of stars

Celebrities also have bright, expensive and unusual rings. Here are the most interesting:

  • Ring Angelina Jolie did a whole year. It is decorated with a top quality diamond cut from emeralds.
  • Ann Hathaway's ring is a real masterpiece of jewelry, made of platinum and decorated with a six-diamond.
  • Kate Middleton's ring is a stunning ring with a huge blue sapphire surrounded by diamonds.
  • Ring Kim Kardashian gave her ex-husband Chris Humphreys. In its center is a huge diamond, surrounded by two small ones.
  • Wladimir Klitschko gave his beloved Hayden Panettiere a chic ring-puck, studded with diamonds.
  • Kelly Osbourne decided to order a wedding ring in the form of one of her father's most favorite earrings.

Plus and minus

Such a model of wedding rings symbolizes the unity of their owners - future newlyweds. They are two parts that perfectly complement each other, as well as two halves in love. One decoration cannot exist without the other.

Designers offer some of the most extraordinary plus and minus ring patterns, such as a ring topped with a nut and a pair of rings with a matching bolt. Another option of accessories made in this style is beautiful pair rings, one with a lock and the other with a key from it. A very simple and inexpensive version of the plus and minus rings are rings made of gold or silver with engraved halves, which together form a single whole.

Adorned with stones and curls

Couples who prefer wedding rings of this design are supporters of the approach, which states that wedding rings of the newlyweds should not be the same. Such couples choose rings with the same precious stones and openwork curls, made in the same style, but with differences. These accessories have a common artistic beginning, they may differ in color and in what materials they are made of. For example, some couples order a women's wedding ring made of white gold in jewelry workshops, and a man's pair is requested to be supplemented with a darkish coating.

Couples who want to stand out with the help of openwork design of the rings, but at the same time want their rings to be the same, pick up wedding rings with an original and unique pattern with curls. Such an elegant decoration looks on the hands of the newlyweds very solemnly and elegantly and at the same time cute and gentle. If you want to further diversify the design of such rings, it can be supplemented with a variety of colored precious stones that will color it with new colors. Such wedding rings will be the only and unique copies made exclusively for your couple.

With fingerprints of lovers

Such models of rings are made on the imprint of the ring finger of both future newlyweds. This original idea is very cute and romantic, so lovers tend to leave their unique pattern on the wedding ring of their second half. Such rings will be truly unique and exclusive, since similar fingerprints do not exist throughout the world.

As a rule, the imprint pattern of the ring finger is applied to the outer part of the ring so that it is visible to others, but some couples order the application of such a pattern inside the ring in jewelry shops. These newlyweds believe that the second half will each day touch them with their finger. Some couples complement these unusual rings with cute engravings with warm words or a memorable date.

With engraving

The most popular trend among newlyweds is the order of rings with engraving. Thanks to engraving even on the most classic wedding ring, it becomes unique. Most often, newlyweds engraved in the form of a wedding date or first acquaintance, the name of the second half or its initials on the inside of the wedding ring. This option is suitable for couples who want the engraving to be their common secret.

Lovers who wish to engrave to be noticed by those around them prefer another option: they order wedding rings with a through pattern in jewelry shops. Most often, it represents a memorial date in Arabic or Roman numerals or the initials of lovers, which permeate the entire ring in diameter. Usually, a through pattern is made in beautiful type, letters and numbers have an interesting and openwork design.


Rings with such an unusual design created one famous jeweler from America, while he called this decoration a symbol of loyalty. The peculiarity of such an accessory is that its inner side is decorated with volumetric convex engraving, which indicates the marital status ("married" or "married"). And if you wear such a wedding ring for a long time and suddenly take it off, on the ring finger there will be an imprint of this inscription, which will show off on it for more than one hour, showing people around that the owner of the ringlet is bound by marriage. This engraving on the ring is a comic and very interesting solution.

Paired with stones and curls

Accessories for the fingers of the bride and the groom should not be the same. Pair jewelry with stones and curls is a popular and rare kind of jewelry that is suitable for extraordinary personalities. Such rings have the same style, they are decorated with curly curls, decorated with precious stones, but they may differ in color. So, for a woman, a wedding accessory is made of white gold, and a man's shoe is made with a black coating.

For those couples who wish to decorate their ring fingers with identical, but original rings, jewelers are advised to look at products that have a unique refined pattern with curls. This accessory on your hand will look especially tender and festive. You can discuss with the jeweler the option of creating an exclusive pattern, complemented with a scattering of colored stones, in order to give the product brightness and colorfulness.

Rings with fingerprints of newlyweds

Romantically-tuned couples fit original fingerprinted jewelery. By removing the print from the ring finger of each newlyweds, an exclusive gold product is made. It is decorated with a unique pattern. In this case, you will receive a truly exclusive accessories, because there are no identical fingerprints.

Such a pattern is traditionally applied outside to be seen, but some people prefer to do it on the inner surface of the product. When wearing this accessory will create the feeling that your second half always touches your hand. Complete the unique pattern with a memorable engraving to get a truly unusual decoration.

With the names of the spouses or the date of the wedding

More and more newlyweds are choosing memorable engravings as decoration for their wedding rings. Even a classic gold product will become exclusive if you put a memorable inscription on its inner side with the initials of a loved one and the date of the wedding. Those who wish to demonstrate such inscriptions to everyone around them need to make custom-made rings with a jeweler to order. That is, outside the product instead of the traditional curls will decorate meaningful words for the marriage and numbers.

Rings that leave fingerprints on the skin

An original idea occurred to an American jeweler. He created unique rings. As a joke, the creator compared his invention with the symbol of loyalty. The essence of the invention lies in the fact that on the inside of the accessory there is an engraving with the inscription "Married" or "Married". With a long wearing of such jewelry on the finger remains a trace, even if you remove it from your hand. For several hours, the inscription will still show off on the skin of the ring finger, telling everyone around it that its owner is in a family relationship.

Those who do not wish to do such cardinal engravings and trust their chosen one / darling infinitely, it is recommended to choose more romantic inscriptions. Deep engraving in the form of a heart or initial of a loved one will look beautiful. Also romantic natures choose the option of applying the date of the wedding. Even if you remove the engagement piece for a few hours, the remaining skin mark will remind you of a joyful day.

Unusual forms of wedding rings

In addition to fancy inscriptions, non-ferrous alloys, precious stones, it is possible to make wedding accessories original thanks to exquisite shapes. Modern fashion dictates its own rules, and more and more newlyweds are moving away from the tradition of acquiring gold products of a classical outline. With the help of rings of irregular shape, you can demonstrate your individuality, originality.

In the form of a crown

Chosen - the queen of your heart? Then ring her hand with a crown-shaped accessory. Such rings are suitable for a couple in love, in which the bride feels like a princess, and perceives the groom as a prince. The product in the form of a crown, topped with elegant small diamonds, will decorate the refined hand of a woman, and on a man's finger will look stately and noble.

In the form of car tires

If your couple is closely related to the automotive theme, display this addiction, passion in wedding symbols. Jewelry houses offer future spouses, passionately fond of racing, jewelry, depicting a copy of tires with a tread pattern. Accessories in the form of tires or motorcycle wheels, complemented by engraving with a memorable date or inscription, will become exclusive, unique wedding symbols. If you both love bike rides or met at a bike marathon, order bike ring rings.

Square shape

Elegant simplicity is the first thing that comes to mind when you see square-shaped rings. Nothing superfluous in such a design, only straight lines, clear forms and discreet decoration with several small gems. Square jewelry accessories on the fingers look stylish and fashionable. They are great for both female and male hands. При желании, такие изделия дополняются ажурным узором, завитками или волнистыми линиями, что придает еще больше экстравагантности, необычности.

Уникальные обручальные кольца необычного дизайна и формы

Wedding rings are as individual as the lovers: every happy couple is different from everyone else. Some prefer the classics in everything, others like to surprise. The usual smooth rims of wedding rings are increasingly complemented by stones, decorated with engravings, inserts. Fantasy designers give rise to exclusive, very unusual wedding rings, designed to please creative young people.

Popular rings, decorated with various symbols and stones:

  • the love song sounds in the precious metal - the amplitude of sound vibrations is cut out on the rings,
  • the tiger symbolizes fame and protection
  • the image of a wolf means loyalty - these animals, like swans, create a family union once,
  • black onyx protects marital happiness.

The reason for buying rings - a reunion of hearts - pushes jewelers to ideas about the two halves. On this subject, unusual wedding rings are created: paired images, echoing engravings, hearts of lovers, yin and yang. Traditional key with a lock is interestingly played up on the men's and ladies' rings. Two hoops when combined constitute unity - a diamond serves as the unifying link.

Rings - a symbol of the invisible chain connecting the newlyweds. The motif of various weaves looks nontrivial and elegant. All the experience of humanity, its religious, historical and scientific knowledge, achievements in the field of art are embedded in the most unusual wedding rings created by talented jewelers. Openwork crowns, fortresses, oriental motifs, a sign of infinity - almost all decorations promise eternal love and wealth in the family.

Today it is possible to buy unusual wedding rings made of different materials: yellow and white high-grade gold, encrusted with diamonds, emeralds, with enamel inserts, in different styles - from avant-garde to luxury. Do not be afraid to surprise and be like no one!

Fashionable wedding rings shape 2018 photo trends

Recently, designers are increasingly releasing a pair of rings, made in the form of openwork rims. This effect is due to the metal wire of precious metals, which is worn on the frame.

This jewelry looks very airy and attracts everyone's attention with its elegance and tenderness. Often, these rings are “diluted” with precious or semi-precious stones.

Rings with engraving remain at the peak of popularity. We should not think that this is trivial, because each couple has a certain date, word, or some character that they associate with their relationship.

Engraving can be applied both to the gold and to the silver ring, as well as to other metal rings. Also, do not forget that the engraving may be reversed, that is, on the inside of the ring.

Square rings - the whole secret of these rings is that only the outer side of the jewelry is square, while the inner one remains round. These wedding attributes are great for all newlyweds who love to experiment and have an original approach to choosing wedding rings. Recently, rings that combine two or more metals have become extremely popular. Usually combine gold with platinum or different types of gold.

Creative wedding rings: ideas and their realization

Designers devote much time to creating original wedding paraphernalia.

Their rings can be called a work of art. Unusual rings are usually created in pairs.

Designer pair wedding rings can be quite expensive, but people are not afraid. Many are willing to lay out a fortune for owning these instances.

Exclusive Gold Rings

Rings of exclusive design in white gold belong to status jewelery. They indicate the position of a person in society and are made to order. Newlyweds can order a ring on their own layout. The master will fulfill and take into account all their wishes. White gold can be set in gemstone or engraved. The ring can have a fancy shape. Such rings should be acquired only in pairs, so that the image of the young people is one. A great option for exclusive unusual rings - wedding rings made of black gold or with black diamonds.

Photos of unusual pair of wedding rings

Ceramic Wedding Rings

Wedding rings with enamel or ceramics have a significant drawback. They are very quickly exposed to external influences and deteriorate.. Chips are formed on their surface. Of course, enamel or ceramics can be restored, but it is recommended not to use such rings for everyday wear. These wedding symbols are chosen because of their beauty and brightness. The ring can be of any color, with a color pattern or a stone ornament. Volumetric rings due to the coating. Ceramic rings do not differ in great value, but there are expensive items, for example, a gold wedding ring with enamel and diamonds will cost 50,000 rubles.

Photo of original ceramic wedding rings

Italian rings

The wedding rings of Italian designers have an excellent appearance. They are made as if from the finest web, beautifully interwoven by a jewelry master. Rings can be made of both gold and other metal. Have a small weight, but they look volumetric. Often have inserts of precious or semi-precious stones. Look elegant and sophisticated. The price depends on the material from which they are made, the weight of the product and the insert.

Photo of an exclusive openwork wedding ring

Vintage rings

Vintage wedding rings made of yellow gold are a product that has a past or an antique look. If there are older relatives who own such a unique treasure, young people can use the family heirloom. Artificially aged jewels are offered to those couples who do not have anything similar in stock. Usually they are massive, have a gem and are highly valued. Recently, popular among newlyweds. But wear such value every day is also not worth it, save it for your children.

Irish Wedding Rings

Irish wedding rings or as they are also called the cladda wedding rings have an original design. About this ring there is a surprisingly beautiful legend. It speaks of an Irish fisherman abducted by pirates, who, while yearning for his beloved one, made a ring of an unusual shape. The ring looks like interlaced hands holding a heart. The heart is crowned with a crown. The ring is usually supplemented with an inscription in Irish. It is a symbol of love, friendship and loyalty. It is not cheap, especially if it is made of precious metals. But now they make simple versions of more accessible components. The ring is suitable for people who have experienced separation or obstacles in their path. It will look decent on the solemn wedding event.

Photo of designer wedding ring

Rings in the Greek style

Greek style wedding rings often have a meander pattern. It resembles a maze. In general, the Greek rings are restrained. They are suitable for serious people who want to have the original wedding rings, but do not accept excesses. Interest in gold rings with a black pattern.

In addition, rings with a branch of olive tree are common. It is also an unusual and beautiful decoration, but it is uncomfortable to wear it every day. You can choose a ring with the symbols of the goddess of love Aphrodite - an apple, myrtle, poppy, rose or violet.

Rings with overlays

The overlay on the wedding ring is a decorative element that serves as an insert fastening to the ring rim. The better this part is made, the more likely it is that the insert will not fly off. It is important that the lining does not differ from the style of the ring, otherwise, the decoration will look like someone else’s piece has been glued to it. Often people mean insertion when they talk about lining. Therefore, it is important to know that this is not the same thing.

Slavic wedding rings

Slavic wedding rings will not only be a symbol of family life, but also a strong talisman against all bad. Rings are an ornament with a Slavic swastika. Popular is the image of the sun with red and blue rays, it personifies life. Red rays - feminine energy, blue - masculine. There may be other ornaments, meaning life and fertility.

Slavic wedding rings

Rings in the form of a nut and bolt

In this series of interest are non-standard wedding rings in the form of a nut and bolt. On the female ring insert replaces the nut, and the bolt is on the male ring. If desired, the bolt can be screwed into the nut, and then the ring will be a whole. This pair of rings is made of gold, but there may be other options.

Photo of cool wedding rings

Rings in the form of tires

Among the fans of racing popular men's rings in the form of tires. Now began to make paired rings. If the second half of the rider also respects the automotive business, then she will be able to order such a ring. The jewelry is made of gold or silver in the form of a car tire. Protectors are clearly visible, you can order an engraving with the date of the wedding or the name. Effectively look tire rings made of black gold.

Moon engagement rings

Lunar rings are wedding rings with adular - a rare type of mineral.

Unique moon wedding rings most often made of silver. It is with him that adular has magical properties to bring good luck to the owner of the ring. The moonstone is very fragile, the decorations are not made entirely of it, but every jeweler can straighten it into gold or silver, however, it is not so easy to get it. Most often, sales of analogues of adula, not representing special value.

Funny Funny Wedding Rings

Creative and creative people fit everything with humor. This also applies to the wedding celebration, if the couple consider themselves as such, then they should choose cool wedding rings. Such rings can be paired square wedding rings, made in the shape of an equal quadrangle, or spinning wedding rings. A smile on the face will cause wedding rings with fingerprints of the newlyweds. They are performed with finger print patterns. It will be a real exclusive. After all, there is no such fingerprint anywhere else. The pattern can be made both from the outside of the ring and from the inside. The rest is the usual gold ring. Width, you can choose any as well as the material from which to make the decoration. This does not mean that the product will be deprived of a precious stone. At will it can insert a stone, both in a square ring, and in any other.

Custom wedding rings

Alternative to wedding rings

An alternative to wedding rings can be any object that has a special meaning for the newlyweds. Often the newlyweds exchange bracelets. Since they are larger than a ring, you can engrave them with a declaration of love or knock out special words, the meaning of which is known only to a couple.

There are couples exchanging halves pendants, together they represent a whole. It can be half the heart or key and lock. Other options invented by the lovers themselves are acceptable.

It has become fashionable to do a tattoo on the site of a wedding ring. Usually the bride and groom knock each other's names

An alternative to the usual ring can be wedding rings with their own hands. The ring can be made of beads or wires. Such decoration, of course, will not have value, but will always remind of romanticism and ardor of lovers.

Whatever the engagement ring, the main thing keep your feelings throughout life and be faithful to each other.

Braided rings

Beautifully and gently look braided wedding accessories. Thanks to the skillful jewelery technique, the decoration is created with openwork weaving resembling lace motifs. Such a pattern in gold elegantly envelops the ring finger and looks amazingly beautiful. Some couples want to add weaving with precious stones. In this case, it is recommended to give preference to stones of a soft color, which only slightly tint the elegance of weaving, and will not become the main decor of the product.

To focus on the figure ornament, rings are made from several alloys: red and white or yellow gold, and sometimes with silver inlays. The color contrast of several alloys creates the effect of bulkiness and convexity of the lace pattern. When ordering a piece of jewelry, you can bring sketches of desired lace motifs, according to which the masters will make exclusive wedding accessories for you.

Rings nodules

When married, two people tie the knot. The knot is a symbol of strength and strength. Therefore, some newlyweds wish this symbolic sign to be displayed on their wedding accessories. Ring rings - a new-minded idea that has found a response in the hearts of many couples in love. The jewelry is made in the form of a ring, which is crowned with a strong, durable knot. Such a decoration on the finger will demonstrate to others around you your attachment to the second half and the meaningfulness of your choice.

Photos of the most unusual wedding rings in the world

Modern jewelry industry offers future spouses a lot of options for making wedding rings. Brides with grooms who are willing to experiment, and want to show their originality and individuality, will be able to choose an unusual jewelry to ring each other. A wedding accessory is the thing that you have to wear throughout your life. In order for the rings to please you for many years, choose products that will become a symbol of your unlimited mutual love.

With stones and curls

Sometimes the bride and groom dream that their wedding decorations are similar, but have a feminine and masculine design. In this case, suitable products, supplemented by the same stones or with similar patterns. It can also be a pair of jewelry with similar monograms, but the female ring is made of white gold, and the male is made of silver.

Products decorated with various curls look truly solemn. For example, Versailles patterns or an image of the tree of life can serve as a decor. You can order a unique pattern and then the wedding rings will turn into a true heirloom.

Rings can be inlaid with various precious stones. But do not forget that the wedding ring should be combined further with any other accessories.

With names or dates

An engraving will help to transform an ordinary ring into an original jewelry. Various inscriptions are applied to the product from the outside or the inside. These can be names, wedding date or other meaningful information. Engraving can be applied to any finished product purchased in the store.

The decoration, which has such an inscription made in the form of a through pattern, looks originally. Such decoration is made exclusively for individual order. Therefore, a young couple should take care of their wedding decorations in advance.

Another original design solution has wedding rings, in which names or phrases are made in Braille.

Sometimes on wedding rings do engraving in the form of notes. It can be a real melody of a real work. The product will reflect the first wedding dance or song, under which the young couple danced for the first time. This decision is incredibly romantic, because the brightest positive emotions are always associated with the dance paired with the beloved. Such a wedding ring will always smooth out any conflicts, recalling past passion.

The product looks beautiful if the pattern in the form of notes is made of enamel. Such a wedding jewel should be ordered from the best masters of their craft.

Fingerprint Rings

An American jeweler once recognized an unusual ring, jokingly calling it "a symbol of loyalty." The inscription “married” and “married” in mirror image is stamped on the inside. If the ring is removed, then this inscription will remain on the skin for a while, and everyone around you will notice the true marital status of the person.

Jewelers instantly picked up this idea, bringing in their original solutions. Instead of the inscription of marital status can be a picture in the form of a heart, the first letters of the name of the spouses or the date of the wedding.

Cardiogram pattern

A rather unusual solution is that a copy of a part of the groom's cardiogram is applied to the product. Thus, it shows that a man gives his heart to his beloved. Sound waves can be engraved on a smooth metal surface. Some couples turn to craftsmen to make a ring with a through pattern.

Crown on finger

To show that the beloved is like a queen for her king, the bride is worn a ring in the shape of a crown on her finger. There are also paired models of such jewelry that are suitable for both men and women. С такими кольцами жених и невеста будут выглядеть, будто принц и принцесса.

Такое изделие декорируют мелкими бриллиантами. На женской руке маленькая корона смотрится романтично и элегантно, а на мужской – поистине благородно.

В виде шин

Fans of automotive subjects will love the rings with the tire tread pattern. On a finger, items in the form of tires or motorcycle wheels look very original. This is a great solution for couples who met in a road setting, while traveling or visiting races.


No matter how strange it may sound, but the square shape of the rings also exists. Due to their appearance, they look unusual, but elegant. This shape is perfect for paired jewelry, as the square ring looks on both female and male hand.

When choosing jewelry with such a design decision during the fitting you should carefully listen to your feelings. The product should not interfere with neighboring fingers or cause any other discomfort. It will be on hand every day, so it should be as comfortable as possible.

Romantic and spectacular look on the fingers woven rings. Such masterpieces are created by jewelers with high craftsmanship. Thin strips of gold intertwine, reminding lace. To make the product look more elegant, gold of different shades is used in weaving, or a combination of different metals.

Such wedding rings can be inlaid with a scattering of stones. However, they should not play a major role in the decor, but only give it more brilliance. In itself, precious metal lace has an already completed design.

Nodules and chains

Marriage is entered by people who are willing to tie themselves together until the end of days. Wedding rings in the form of knots or chains can become a symbol of eternal love. A bolder modernization of the design of rings in the form of knots or chains is a jewel in the form of handcuffs. This idea has already been liked by many couples who wish to express affection for their second half.

Ring-knot will be a great symbol for young people who do not want to part with their lover or lover.

Beautiful wedding rings with white gold, photo 2018

If you want to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate the taste, you can buy models of white gold. The combination of two colors looks even more extravagant - in the form of two interlacing strips of white and yellow tones. Such a ring symbolizes the inextricable link of the young.

Here you will get acquainted with the color of the wedding in 2018 photo review of new products and ideas.

Consequently, if the newlyweds have traditional views on life, do not seek to prove anything to anyone, they can absolutely safely choose rings of a classic design. Most often gold items are traditionally yellow in color, less often newlyweds choose silver, for example, in case of allergies.

Wedding rings American 2018 photo news

A fashionable “American” wedding ring can have a round shape, an oval shape, a washer shape (straight edges and a flat outer surface), and so on. The main thing is convenience, that is, the ring should be neither small nor large, but just fit. The surface of a fashionable wedding washer ring can be decorated with a pattern, pebbles, ribbed and so on, and on the inside you can write something romantic.

Fashionable wedding ring in the form of a washer sits on a finger very comfortable, minimally touching the skin surface. This form of the ring is very popular with men who are not accustomed to wearing jewelry. This wedding ring has a very modern look.

Advantages: the profile has a comfortable fit with a perfect ellipse on the inside, the ring gently merges with the finger and weightless while wearing, if the ring is long to wear, it leaves no trace, if the ring is free of inserts and pebbles, it can be easily increased or reduced.

Stylish wedding rings with stones 2018 photo news

Jewelry fashion in 2018 offers beauties large jewelry decorated with stones, flowers and petals. But only the most courageous ladies can afford to wear such original engagement jewelry. Choosing a similar ring, they should understand that the decoration for the spouse will be completely different.

The same applies to precious stones: their presence in the engagement ring is obligatory, but in wedding jewelry - only at the request of the newlyweds. The most stylish and elegant look diamonds, both in female and male models. To the presence of other stones should be approached somewhat more selectively.

The most popular models of wedding rings are rings decorated with stones. Very often, only women's rings are decorated with stones, while men's rings remain strict and simple.

Buying wedding rings, rely only on their taste preferences, because then you wear them. No need to listen to grandmothers, who say that the rings must be smooth, break stereotypes, be individual.

Trendy wide wedding rings 2018 photo trends

Despite the fact that wedding fashion is changing very quickly, it also has established traditions. Classic smooth wide rings of yellow gold are relevant throughout the entire period of its existence, they will never go out of fashion. However, this option is not suitable for all young people, many people are creative in choosing wedding rings and prefer unusual decor.

Here you will get acquainted with beautiful wedding bouquets 2018 photo fashion ideas.

On a wide model, you can place other stones, both precious and semi-precious. Here, everything will depend on your taste: someone likes transparent cubic zirconias, while for someone, color options will seem more attractive, such as sapphire, ruby, emerald or amethyst.

Platinum or white gold looks best with diamonds, these precious metals are able to maximize the beauty and nobility of the stone. This may be one large diamond or a scattering of small pebbles.

If several years ago it was customary to give rings to a girl on the day of engagement with a single large diamond in the middle, now these tapeworm rings are also used as wedding rings.