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What to see next to San Remo


San Remo - a resort area in Italy, which belongs to the region of Liguria, the province of Imperia.

The formation of San Remo as a resort city of international importance began in the second floor. XIX century.

The city is an attractive holiday destination for tourists thanks to the sights, the famous music festival held here since 1951, the casino, the extensive bike path along the sea shore, ancient architectural monuments, and, of course, magnificent sandy and combined sandy-pebble beaches.

What beaches can be visited in San Remo?

The beach areas of this Italian resort are small.
Basically, the coastal zone is divided between hotels and the entrance to the beaches is provided mainly for guests of a particular hotel. For other tourists, the entrance to the hotel beaches is paid. On average, from 15 €. When paying for a week or two in advance, the cost will be much lower. Renting an umbrella and two loungers will cost from € 12 in the morning and is almost 2 times cheaper after 14 hours.

The entrance to the beaches in San Remo is mainly paid

There are few free beaches in the resort of San Remo.

The degree of comfort in such areas is low, for example, stones may impede free entry into the sea.

Rental of beach equipment is also paid.
Free rocky area on the seafront is located between the beaches of Oasis and Fontana (Corso Imperatrice).
Beaches in the city close at 19 h.

San Remo Hotels with Private Beach

Some San Remo hotels have their own beach:

    Hotel Miramare Continental Palace located on the territory of a large park on Corso Matuzia, 9. From the windows of the hotel there is a sea view, there is an exit to the city quay,

Miramare Continental Palace has its own private beach.

In summer, guests can use the small beach opposite the hotel for free.

Vouchers are required to enter the beach. You can take them at the reception, the sooner the better. the number of places on the beach is limited, Residence dei Due Porti 4 * is located on the first line, in the center of San Remo at Corso Trento E Trieste, 21. Vacationers can comfortably sunbathe on a sandy beach with a convenient entry into the sea. The water is shallow, it is a good place for families with children. There is a paid and free beach. For hotel guests there are discounts

Residence dei Due Porti has its own private beach with a very convenient approach to the sea.

For hotel guests access to the beach is free.

It is located in the heart of the town, near the San-Remo waterfront, but at the same time, away from the hustle and bustle.

Also among the popular tourist hotels with a private beach are: Lolli Palace 3 *, Belsoggiorno 3 *, Europa4 *, Sophia 3 *, Maristella 2 *.

The best beaches of San Remo

According to reviews of tourists from different countries, San Remo is not a place where you can enjoy the rest on the long and deserted beaches because most beaches are priotelny.
If you still plan to sunbathe there, you can listen to the opinion of travelers who have identified some beach areas in this Italian city:

    In the area of ​​the Lungomare V. Emanuelle seafront there is a sandy beach. Lido fontana with big stones. The stony part of the beach is free. The beach is equipped with showers and toilets. Grab a snack and drink at a local restaurant or snack bar,

Beach Lido Fontana is equipped with showers and toilets.

Tre Ponti is the only beach in San Remo with a sandy entry into the sea. The water here is clean and clear.

On the beach area there is a cafe, there is also a volleyball court.
There are both paid, well-equipped zones, and free, wilder ones.
From the beach there are views of the ancient city.

Cannes-Antibes-Nice-Monaco-San Remo. What to watch? How to allocate time?

. whatlook . San-Remo. 24.09 - San-Remo, beach, walking. Night at San-Remo. 25.09 - San-Remo. After lunch, departure to Cannes. In the evening we rent a car. night in Cannes. 26-27.09 - Cannes. Where to go? what .

Erica Rehhi[12.08.13 19:42:09] . SanRemo? Do you need it? an ordinary Italian town, why not spend time on it, if there is Nice, I do not understand. such a feeling what the plan is not made to desire look . the town is neither fish nor meat, I would personally feel sorry for him when beside there is such beauty as Saint Jean Cap Ferrat and the beach.

Why choose San Remo for a beach holiday?

On the territory of the beaches or nearby there are restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy regional and classic Italian cuisine.

City Quay - a great place for hiking. From here you can enjoy the picturesque sea and city landscapes.

Admire the promenade and beaches of San Remo, you can see the video:

The sandy beaches of San Remo in Italy are suitable for the rest of the youngest travelers. The sea is calm and shallow, and the coastal area is equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay.
Rest in the Italian San Remo is quite expensive, but the quality of the beach areas and paid services - at altitude

How to get to Sanremo

We were surprised when we learned about the existence direct train "Moscow - San Remo". True, the prospect of shaking in the car for almost two days scared away. If you are not afraid of such methods of transportation, I inform you that the seat in the compartment cost about 13 thousand rubles. We preferred the flight, alas, not cheap - our tickets from Moscow cost 30 thousand each, but, according to reviews of more successful people, you can catch budget options. Unfortunately, there is no airport in a small town, but you can fly to Cuneo, which is 66 km away, Genoa - 144 km, or French Nice - 56 km.

We landed in Nice, and then traveled by train, which was not very convenient, because there are few direct flights. But every hour trains depart to Ventimiglia. Companions turned out to be fellow travelers on the train, and they suggested that A trolley bus to Sanremo leaves from Ventimiglia every 15 minutes. These movements cost about € 7 for the train and € 2 for the trolleybus. Having arrived at the scene, and having told about our ordeals in the Mediterranean to the neighbors in the hotel, we learned that the distance from Nice to Sanremo is easily overcome by taxi in just 1 hour and € 300.

Acquaintance with the city

The city of Sanremo is located in the center of the Italian Liguria and together with Genoa, Spice and Savona makes the Italian Riviera. The French border is only 25 kilometers away.
The climate of the Riviera is eternal spring. Moroz here, of course, does not happen, but the exhausting heat does not tire. The usual weather for these places is 24 degrees during the day, many sunny days. Sanremo is located in the bay, between Green and Black Cape, and from the rear is protected from weather trouble by the Alps.

The mild climate and wonderful landscapes at one time attracted Russian aristocrats and royalty to Sanremo. This popularity has contributed a lot to the prosperity of the resort. In the XIX century, members of the imperial Romanov family loved to spend the winter there. So, in honor of Alexander II's wife, Maria Alexandrovna, the Embankment of the Empress is named. Alexandra Feodorovna, the wife of Nicholas II, also loved to rest in San Remo. The royal family of the resort were presented with palm trees, decorating the embankment so far. In 1913, the Romanovs erected the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, a vivid example of the Moscow architectural style with tiles, stone carvings and bright domes.

When the resort became popular, the Empress of Austria with the courtiers, the composer Tchaikovsky, the inventor Nobel, the artist Claude Monet and other celebrities recovered their health here. That the high-ranking guests did not feel any inconvenience, hotels of the corresponding class were built - "Royal" and "Grand Hotel de Londres".

San Remo meets the scent of flowers - this is the first impression. Sight and smell rejoice from bright colors and breathtaking smells, the sun heats gently, and the sea invitingly splashes on the sandy-pebble shore. Attractions of the garden city are considered bougainvillea - flowering shrubsgrowing everywhere. Sanremo often hosts flower fairs, bouquets are sold at every step. Magnificent roses cost here € 10, but you hardly want to buy them, because around the botanical garden there are flowers in every house, in squares, streets. Lianas wither the walls of houses, framed windows and doors. In a word, everything that can be removed by flowers exudes the aromas of eternal joy.

Sanremo is a modern fashionable resort with boutiques, cozy restaurants, comfortable hotels, well-kept parks with lush vegetation, a famous casino and a constantly festive atmosphere. The ancient city center and its heart - the district of La Pinia with intertwining narrow streets, stairs and courtyards. The city, which has only 50 thousand inhabitants, is roaring with cars and scooters, luring the smells of restaurants, sweet songs and interesting shopping (a couple of useful tips for those who will make purchases in Italy).

What is this city?

San Remo is a fairly well-known Italian resort town located in the administrative area called Liguria and belonging to the province of Imperia. Since this place is popular among tourists, it is surrounded by flower galleries almost everywhere, it is sometimes called the city of flowers, and it is truly picturesque and full of amazing aromas.

Sanremo became popular in the nineteenth century, when representatives of the highest strata of society began to arrive here literally from all over the world. But this city is still in demand and is actively developing, offering tourists a variety of entertainment.

How to get here, where to stay?

Sanremo does not have its own airport, but you can fly to Nice, Genoa or Milan by plane. Buses, trains and taxis ply from these cities, which will take you to your destination without any problems.

Problems with accommodation should not arise, because San Remo is a famous resort town in which tourists are happy to meet every year. There are numerous luxury four and five star hotels, budget hotels, guest houses, villas and spacious apartments.

Tip! If you are going to go to Sanremo during a sporting event or festival, then tickets and accommodation should be taken care of in advance.

Climatic features

The climate of Sanremo is pleasant and mild, and you can relax here year-round. In the summer there are 24-27 degrees during the day and about 18-20 at night (in the winter 10-15). In the daytime it is absolutely not stuffy here, and in the dark it is not cold, but it blows in a pleasant coolness. The place is well defended, so there is almost no strong winds here. There are some rainy days, the sun pleases most of the year.

What to do in San Remo?

What to do when arriving on vacation in Sanremo? Interesting activities for every taste abound:

  1. Just stroll through the city and enjoy the local views: seascapes, flower greenhouses, picturesque streets in the old parts of San Remo. The territory is relatively small, therefore, wearing comfortable shoes, you will completely bypass it in one day.
  2. If you lead an active life or play sports, then you will certainly be interested in the famous bicycle road, which has a length of 24 kilometers and is considered the longest in all of Europe. It is surrounded on all sides by greenery and stunning views, so the trip will definitely take pleasure. But besides bikes there are rollers, scooters, skateboards and so on.
  3. Enjoy a beach holiday and bask in the warm sunshine. There are a lot of beaches here.
  4. Art lovers or just lovers of good music will be able to attend one of the music festivals that take place in the city every year.
  5. Sports fans will also be satisfied, because in San Remo there are regular races, matches and competitions.
  6. To better get to know the culture of the city, go on one of the excursions. Also, sightseeing tours cover the outskirts and suburbs, in which a lot of interesting.
  7. Want to try your luck and succumb to the excitement? Then go to the local casino. But just do not take with you all the money: perhaps fortune will not be on your side.
  8. If you do not know what to do, go shopping for souvenirs or try local cuisine: different, mouth-watering and vibrant, like Italy itself.

What is worth seeing in Sanremo?

Sights worth seeing:

  • The villa of Nobel himself, which every visitor is simply obliged to visit. It is beautiful and interesting.
  • Christ the Savior Cathedral, which belongs to Russia.
  • The cathedral of San Siro and the square next to it.
  • Villa Hanburi with stunning beauty of a botanical garden.
  • Villa Ormond is known for its luxurious gardens with beautiful and rare plants.
  • Check out the local city museum and get to know Sanremo even better. But also in the city there are other museums that will be interesting to curious tourists.
  • In the upper part of the city you can find the temple of Madonna de la Costa, which you should definitely visit at least to take a look at the impressive panoramic view opening from here.
  • Embankment, called Corso della Imperatrice and got its name in honor of the Russian Empress.

Advantages and disadvantages

Let's start with the positives:

  • The majestic mountains are located near the city, and if you wish, you can go to these places on a tour.
  • A large number of interesting places that are worth seeing to any self-respecting tourist.
  • This is a very beautiful city, a trip to which will give aesthetic pleasure and a lot of pleasant impressions.
  • Everyone will find something to do: entertainment options weight.
  • Mild climate. Arriving here, as if you are in the eternal spring: warm, fragrant, tender and flourishing.
  • A large number of hotels.
  • Sea: warm, clean.
  • Quite reasonable prices. Of course, the costs can not be avoided, but if you aim to save money, you can arrange a budget holiday. In addition, in private shops and markets actually bargain, and if you find an approach to the seller, you can reduce the initial cost by 5 or even 10%.
  • Navigating through San Remo is quite possible on foot.

  • The beaches. There are many of them, but most of them relate to the territory of hotels and, accordingly, a fee is charged for entry. In addition, although all sites are equipped, some are not of the highest quality. And also there is a road between the hotels and the coastline, so it’s not always convenient to get there. Clean beaches are located in the outskirts.
  • Although the city is small and fairly quiet, there are a lot of cars and other vehicles.
  • Probably a large influx of visitors in the tourist season. And since the territory is small, a crowd of people can be significant and discomforting.

If you decide to visit sunny Italy, go to the beautiful and so different city of Sanremo.

Entertainment in Sanremo

The pearl of the center of San Remo - casinoThe initiator of the construction of which was the wife of the Prince of Monaco. Casino is a municipal enterprise, therefore all revenues are sent to the city budget. The art nouveau building was built in 1905 with the money of a local banker. The casino has become a symbol of the city and a landmark of Italy, bringing huge profits. Frequently say that nowhere else can one lose the state with such chic. But there are also good luck - the last big winner of € 350 thousand went to an unknown lucky man not so long ago.

Nevertheless, players are more often comforted by the “points” issued by casinos for frequent visits and lost money. When a lot of "points" accumulate, the player receives as a gift, for example, a car exposed at the entrance. True, this bonus can only be received by a veteran casino who has been playing for several decades. We were told that luxury cars in the parking lot can be rented "only" € 6,000 per day. An interesting proposal, but we decided to walk on foot.

In this place of the coast you can watch the regattas, retro rally, tournaments in tennis and fashion shows. Every day at dawn, a flower fair opens - the largest in Italy.

Walking through the old San Remo like everyone without exception. Medieval La Pigna was designed to protect citizens from militant Saracens, this explains the location on the mountain, the winding narrow streets and the abundance of arches. There is a historical museum in the fortress near the seaport, and more recently, about 15 years ago, there was a prison here. The house of the Nobel scientist, surrounded by a magnificent garden, the Cathedral of San Siro (XII century), the Palace of Boreas d’Olmo (XVI century) are the tourist attractions of San Remo.

We visited "Royal 5 * Lux" - a luxurious place, which we remember more than once, while spending short days and nights in domestic hotels. Modern building of the end of the XIX century, without false luxury. The embodiment of good quality and comfort: high ceilings, a huge bed, an incredibly spacious closet, immaculate bathroom. If you want to know what a five star hotel is, stay here. All on the highest level: Hotel cosmetics, towels, conscientious cleaning and maintenance. Around the garden, there is a pool with heated sea water, grottoes and waterfalls.

We took a few photos in this paradise, realizing that we would hardly have to live here. "Royal" is unlikely to appeal to young people, but for respectable people who are not inclined to violent amusements, this place is perfect.

These are not all hotels in San Remo - there are very modest and medium. But the main rule - the service always corresponds to the stated starry. So don't be surprised at the small pool or the absence of a bar in a three-star haven. We lived in "Paradiso" и остались довольны этим симпатичным отелем. Рядом парк, стандартный номер, бассейн, хорошее питание, милый персонал. Огорчали дикими воплями чайки, особенно на рассвете. Но тут уж ничего не поделаешь — море рядом.

Отзывы туристов об отелях Ривьеры не отличаются разнообразием: всё нравится, а некоторая сдержанность в выражении чувств объясняется не слишком демократичными ценами.

Пляжи Сан-Ремо

«Слабое звено» курорта. В Сан-Ремо песчано-галечное побережье, пляжи оборудованные и платные. Берег разделен на участки: отельные, платные и городские пляжи. Эти «загоны» нравятся далеко не всем, особенно в сезон, когда много отдыхающих. You will not be able to walk along the surf line for a long time, because very soon you will hit the fence. Alas, a beach holiday in Sanremo is not the most wonderful in the world. The best beach is Lido - it is clean, sandy and located far from the city center and port.

San Remo is a great place for a relaxing holiday, leisurely walks, breaking up money in a casino and enjoying music during festivals. The flowers, parks and gardens of this city are truly magnificent!

How to relax in San Remo?

. at SanRemo in mid-September. for 2 week. One I want to sunbathe, take a walk, get some impressions. There is only a hotel reservation. I don't want to use guide services. How to relax? whatlook .

diana14031[23.08.08 18:22:54] . last year, it seemed to me the numbers are a bit old. AT San-Remo I like the other hotel more. Of San-Remo very convenient to go to Monaco (recommended), you can. Nobel, the central street of Matteotti, where the famous "Ariston" is located beside with you, and more, it seems to me, there is nothing special there.

Only from Liguria (Allacio, San Remo, Nice, Genoa, Monaco). I will answer questions.

Only on Saturday we flew in from Liguria, lived in Allacio, visited the Cote d'Azur, Genoa, San-Remo and Savona. I will answer questions.

masyanya[15.06.11 20:56:07] . Genoa - what you succeded look, what liked. What train station come from Allacio? How to get from the station to. (17evro), we bought and did not regret it, we all looked, especially impressed the port, Okeanarum and beside with him is an octopus-shaped restaurant. From Alassio we went to the regional train to.

Italian Riviera what to see?

The second time we are going to Diano Marino. In this regard, the question: Tell me who happened what interesting places (architecture, entertainment, shopping) could be visited in the aisles of the Italian and French Riviera. P.S.S. what missed it. Thank.

Novel[12.05.05 09:06:32] . strategically convenient location France beside, the sea is clean, beautiful views (rocky landscape). Cons: language barrier (if you do not speak). We were in San-Remo at the fireworks festival, in Nice and in Monte.

Ospedaletti. What for the town where you can get out.?

. , what for the town where you can go, where to dine? If anyone was in this hotel, what for the hotel, as they have with the beaches, is there beside free of charge? Where can I go and whatlookDon't you want to lie on the sea for 4 days? Is it in the town, and even better beside with the hotel.

Martin[21.07.14 08:54:25] . move out and whatlookDon't you want to lie on the sea for 4 days? At your disposal all the Ligurian coast. Nearest point - SanRemo, 15 on the bus http://www.rivieratrasporti.it/ShowOrari.asp Through SanRemo can . where is there any station (you can also look on the map, on the websites trenitalia.com or viaggiatreno.it) Take a look On the map, does not any name raise anything in memory?

San bartolomeo al mare questions

. connoisseurs of Liguria please find answers to questions on rest in San Bartolomeo. 1) Is it possible to get by bus from Sanremo to San Bartolomeo al mare. 2) is there any entertainment.

tanuki[11.02.13 01:06:45] . San-Remo You can get there, there is a direct bus, on Tuesday I will try look . San-Remo and Porto Maurizio, the same bus goes there. Here I wrote a little about the trip, you can find for yourself what .

Western Liguria in early November

. ? what it would have been convenient to make attacks on other coastal towns towards Savona, as well as towards Ventimiglia, or maybe even a little Azure look. We plan to spend 4-5 days in Liguria without a car. I want to what the town itself would be nice, and in it it was on whatlook. With beautiful views and sunsets. what would be in the evenings.

mikluha[05.10.17 07:41:47] . look all the coastal towns, at least superficially, what to understand this month is not enough :) so you need to decide in advance and have to dance from it. Also note what . train station no. Therefore, I would naturally choose Fenale. But can you beside with SanRemo see some beach town for yourself.

First time in Spain what to choose from the following.

. . I want to live in the city, cafes, promenade, entertainment - beside. whatsomething look not very far. For the price I would like to meet up to 85 thousand for two. Yes and what would you advise to take - full board or half board? You are welcome .

DOCMOCH[22.02.08 23:34:31] . to eat up to the dumps. From L. to the car to the border with France, 80 km-we, through Perpignan-Marseille-Cannes-Nice,San-Remo-in Genoa went, it took 2 days. In one day turned into Andorra, through Figueros.

Holidays in Italy with a child: when and where

. is the Azov sideways. Adriatic is crossed out anyway. While I focus on Liguria: San-Remo, Portofino. I would be grateful advice

Lika25[21.01.17 04:36:09] . what whether. And I can’t imagine how to comfortably spend a beach holiday there. For three weeks, the city may love to bore both small and large. ABOUT SanRemo . but the beaches are sandy-stony (as in San-Remo). Beside a large water park (in Chériale) Le Caravelle. having a rest. Still take a look Diano Marina. AT .
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Portugal, Nice or Mallorca?

. and that the city was whatlookinteresting sights. Shopping is not interested. For the money I would like to meet a thousand in 80 for everything about everything. I can not decide because what about each of these areas they say their disadvantages that do not suit me. In Nice - what dirty beach in Mallorca - what bored for 2 weeks, nobody has to ask about Portugal. I'm interested in .

IrinaSPB[19.05.13 15:51:01] . at San-Remo. From Nice we explored the Cote d'Azur, including Cana, Monaco, Menton. Of San-Remo rode in Liguria, but the beaches there are not very everywhere, in Nice pebbles, in Kanakh sand, but the port beside, and in Italy.

Criticize (advise) the route to the north of Italy

. at 65-85 euros more expensive? or not to go to turin as well lookwhatsomething else? 06-08.09.12 Genoa 2days / 2 nights with a trip to Portofino and Rappalo for a day 08-12.09.12 San-Remo (or whatis nearby in the West of Liguria or on the Azure) swimming. if you get tired of swimming. 12-13.09.12 Acqui Terme 1day / 1night (as a stop?) Or whatsomething else? 13-14.09.12 Milan and overnight in Bergamo, before the morning flight. 09/14/12 flight home at 11 am

Elza_Mavlet[17.09.12 15:14:09] . San-Remo. all travel 15 days and 15 nights, they took the car to Bergamo, passed in Genoa :) the holiday turned out to be wonderful :) despite the fact what .

Genoa or Florence?

. . Genoa want to combine with Nice? Do you think what You can look with one eye on the road, train? Albenga san-Remo, Monaco :) Florence-Rome-Naples would be more logical, but I have already worked out a route for the end of June with these cities, and I even booked apartments in Monte-san .

ele-nka[28.01.11 00:57:25] . what therefore be beside with Rome and not to go there - we can not. to embrace the non-bestial is also impossible. we plan to go with backpacks to be mobile and more look. Another nuance. - two - yes the main thing is that the shower with a toilet in the room be and beside with railway and center. In general, in the head porridge, presentation, whatlook first of all - very vague. I want EVERYTHING. But you have to choose.

In Milan (Duomo Cathedral) on a rented car - I ask for advice

. at the airport of Malpensa in Milan by car upon arrival. On the way to the hotel we want to call in Milan, look Duomo Cathedral. BUT, there was a question. Perhaps we will not be able to drive to it in dense (transit. It’s best to leave the car (you can also pay for underground parking), how to get there, what still valuable in a short time you can still lookbeside? Next, go in the direction of Genoa.

hombre[23.07.10 12:25:16] Quote: Genoa, by the way, did not hook me at all. me, by the way, too. unreal number of blacks, a city on the mountains is located. attractions, you can say no. but in Margarita and Portofino - nice and comfortable. the water is clean enough. San=Remo compared to these places - garbage (IMHO)

Ventimiglia - who was?

Good day. We are going to rest in Ventimiglia. We will be there for 12 days. Tell me please, whatlook around? The machine will be available. Interested - beautiful views, coves, caves, beaches. . Well, take a walk through the old parts of the nearby towns, but since from quite a few, I would like to hear, on what pay special attention

leon[05.04.15 11:31:31] . east - SanRemo (climb the hill of La Pigna to the church of the Madonna), to the west - the garden of Hanbury in Mortola and secluded,. near the border with France). But of course, you should prefer raids on the French Riviera, because beside Menton (the mountainous part of the Garavan district with parks is very picturesque + old center.

Northern Italy. Independent journey.

. Portofino, Gena to Varazze (one night), then one day in SanRemo. After - for two days in Nice, with a visit to Monaco and maybe. to Milan airport and. Home! Note: the number of days - i.e. number of nights, what allows you to adjust the length of stay in one way or another.

Tap[29.07.14 12:15:56] Quote: And leave France the next time Nice - not all of France. If you dedicate the journey to France, you will not get to the north and to Nice, but look it would be desirable, especially what will be beside!

Advise a place. Rest at the beach in July, but also attractions nearby, eh?

Rested only once around Barcelona - I liked it, you can swim, and if it is an overcast day, you can go on a tour or on your own. But this year we want to Italy. But just no idea where to start. At least a finger show the direction. I will be grateful :-)

Olsha[11.03.10 13:37:48] . what I’m almost from the village, and someone is sick of Moscow, and we want something for people look and 10 dresses "to walk" need Dima, then maybe you should pay attention to the north of Italy? SanRemo .

Liguria East-Lakes-Liguria West - Criticize the route

. , what I will survive the rest on the lake, if it is Italy. :) It is important that the desire to be combined in selected places on the lakes look attractions . combined with swimming?) 7-8 days - Pietra Ligure (sea - swim + San-Remo, Menton, Genoa. some other little nice little towns - in.

NAT[31.01.13 23:08:00] . , a dining room in an old house with high ceilings with beams, practically on the embankment in the very center: beside City Hall, berth. I liked it there very much. There, by the way, was born and raised.

Italian route

Help determine the auto-route. June. 1 day San-Remo or genoa. Bend to Genoa because of UNESCO :) But Himself Remo more from childhood) 2 days Milan 2 days Venice 2 days Florence 3 days Rome 2 days Naples + Pompeii 1 day Bari Interested on the way back, which cities to build?

Kolya_Elena[30.01.11 22:00:55] . what choose? 2 day Venice. Padua, Vicenza Where to call? 1 day Verona. 1 day Milan. 1 day Turin. Should I stop by? Purpose of the rally look .

Barcelona-Nice-Monte Carlo. Who drove? Share your impressions.

There is such a sightseeing tour from Barcelona. Next - Girona, Figueres, Nice, San-Remo, Monte Carlo, Cannes and return to Barcelona. If someone was on this trip, please tell us more about it. Thank.

Slava[18.04.05 23:15:56] . you look on the city, so to speak from the inside, not from the front of his side, sit in his small street cafes, drink coffee, then you start to feel whatsomething like that what . sat down beside with him on the bench, peacefully looking at the sea, not believing what this is Nice, about which so many have read, and what .

Ventimiglia, Menton, Ez. What can you donate?

On the way out San-Remo in Cannes want look these three cities. But I feel what on time we will not keep up :( How long does it take to inspect each? How can we donate?

Olsha[19.08.13 17:26:23] Quote: beside in the railway station in Menton. From there far to attractions? 15 minutes on foot. Google gives a bunch of parking. It seems there is an open parking beside with the Cocteau Museum and the old market. You can drive Menton along the waterfront and look how is the situation, to the station is never too late.

Sanremo: description and main attractions

In the XIX century. This city loved to visit the Russian nobility. For example, the wife of Alexander II.

What to see in San Remo? Beautiful and picturesque city, wonderful nature, warm sea, sandy beaches, ancient monuments and green parks with flowers. Rest in Sanremo will be filled for you with architectural and historical landmarks. Among them are the villas "Nobel" and "Hanbury", the city museum, the Russian Church, the municipal casino and much more.

In addition to attractions, tourists are invited to plunge into the shopping tour, not forgetting at the same time to pamper yourself with the delicious ice cream, which Italy is famous for. Visit the cafe Gelateria Vecchia Matuzia, they have a huge amount of ice cream with different flavors - a popular place among tourists who forever left their “sweet” heart in this place.

Russian Church or Orthodox Church of Christ the Savior (Chiesa russa di San Salvatore)

The temple was built 100 years ago at the request of the Russian people, who so actively visited San Remo in the 19th century. Or rather, the idea came to the head of Prince Sergei Mikhailovich. He was supported by the tsarina Maria Alexandrovna, the wife of Alexander III, who often visited San Remo. By the way, she donated palm trees to the city, which were planted on the promenade, and in gratitude for this gift, the promenade was named after her. Palm trees are still growing there. But back to the ornate temple. It is made in the style of churches of the XVI century, has 5 domes, an octagonal bell tower and an iconostasis with copies of icons by M. Vrubel. The temple is active and services are maintained in Russian.

Russian church in San Remo

The church was restored after the Second World War, because she got a bomb. And since 1961, declared a monument.

Madonna's Cathedral (Santuario della Madonna della Costa)

Madonna's Cathedral

In the testimonies there is mention of miraculous healing in the walls of the temple. The world saw this sight in the Baroque style in 1630. Three domes, columns, stucco, bas-reliefs, the statue of the Virgin, marble, murals, sculptures. all this strikes the human imagination. The temple is located on a hill with a panoramic view of the bay and the city.

Cathedral of San Siro

Cathedral of San Siro

Gothic, with small Romanesque inserts, the cathedral was built in the XII century on the site of the old church, which existed two centuries earlier. Located in the center of the city, the appearance of the cathedral did not change, the only thing that was restored in the XX century. The church keeps religious items dating from the XIII century.

Embankment of the Empress

Empress Embankment

The embankment, about which we wrote already above, is named in honor of Maria Alexandrovna, more precisely in honor of her status. Now it is the main resort and tourist part of the city, where you can find the attractions of San Remo of the XIX century, and luxury hotels, here shopaholics satisfy their passion for fashion.

Civic Museum of San Remo

Civic Museum of San Remo

In the palace of the XV century, the Palazzo Borea d'Olmo, is a civil museum, with frescoes overhead, and with archaeological ancient Roman finds on the stands. Periodically there are art exhibitions, as well as paintings of the XVIII century and statues of Franco Bargegi.

Sunday and Monday are weekends.

Villa Ormond

Initially, the villa looked like a small secluded family house, but after an earthquake at the end of the 19th century, the Ormond family invited an architect who moved the house a little deeper into the garden and made her look gorgeous. Now the house had a huge terrace, inside the coffered ceilings, a fireplace from the Dolchevak castle, and around the divine gardens with exotic palm trees, ficuses, cedars, landscaped hills, olive groves, English and Japanese gardens.

Villa Ormond

Later, the mayor of the city purchased the villa and made it publicly available. A fountain, statues and a pavilion for exhibitions appeared in the park. On the Magnolia promenade they set up lanterns, illuminated the trees. Stroll there at the end of the day, where the coolness and beauty of this place are created for the evening promenade.

Municipal Casino San Remo

One of the four casinos in Italy - the municipal casino in Sanremo appeared at the beginning of the 20th century, when Vegas was still a desert. In 1905, architect E. Ferre won the competition for the design of this building.

Municipal casino in Sanremo

Initially, the casino acted as a room for concerts and dances, staged performances, held exhibitions, literary evenings and dinner parties. Often here you could meet tourists. There was a winter garden. The casino was closed once, during the Great Patriotic War.

Now Sanremo casino is one of the largest gaming centers in Europe. There is everything for those who like to try their luck: blackjack, slot machines, including touchscreen, poker and video poker, roulette and much more. Here are the European poker tournaments, all sorts of daily competitions and the Championship Hold’em (IPT).

In parallel, the building has cinema halls and an opera stage where concerts are held, and in the winter they also stage plays. “Literary evenings” still have their place, and in the gaming room, besides the casino itself, there are exhibitions, an exhibition of photos, paintings and sculptures. In the casino there are opportunities for parties and negotiations in the VIP-halls. In the gambling areas there are bars where you can eat lunch and brunch, the dining restaurant Biribissi and the snack bar Gio Ponti. And there is also an evening restaurant with a bar "Roof Garden" under the star dome. The terrace is open every year, in winter it is heated and tensioned canopy. In the same restaurant there is a scene where celebrities, including world-wide.

The entrance to the casino is free, minors are not allowed in the casino.

Restaurants Sanremo

Since we have touched on the topic of restaurants and bars in the casino, we will continue the topic of food and more. Restaurants in Sanremo are diverse. Rest in Sanremo will be remembered by gourmets in numerous places with Italian local cuisine, with pizzerias, fish restaurants, cafes, national dishes from different countries, gourmet restaurants.

The famous Italian ice cream in Sanremo

Local Food Restaurants

  • Taverna Al 29 is a small, family-run restaurant serving Ligurian cuisine. Home furnishings and reasonable prices.
  • “B.Bros & Co” is also a small restaurant in the basement, but it is considered one of the best in San Remo. Better to pre-book a table, awesome atmosphere. The choice of dishes is small, but the wine list and desserts will surely please you. There is a menu in Russian.
  • “Bruno” is also a family-type restaurant. Pizza is served only in the evening. If you decide to visit a restaurant on Friday or a weekend - book a table in advance. Neither English nor Russian menu.But there will be no problems with the selection and ordering of dishes, the staff is simply amazing. They like to make compliments, in the form of any "snacks" or aperitifs.

Gourmet restaurants

  • "Glam Restaurant Sanremo Villa Noseda" - Italian cuisine, Mediterranean and seafood. The check is above average. Tourists especially praise pasta, meat, fish delicacies and desserts.
  • Ristorante Acquerello is a fantastic family restaurant with fine, sophisticated cuisine and friendly service. The restaurant is located near San Remo, in Ospedaletti.
  • Bagni Matuzia is an excellent restaurant on a sandy beach. During the day, it works only for snacks, and in the evening it is full with delicious dishes!

Restaurants with reasonable prices

  • "Manik - L'Officina del Burger" - an evening burger outdoors, it is better to pre-book a table and come very hungry, the portions are gigantic. The menu has unusual burgers, such as burger pasta. The institution is located on the square with live music.
  • "Tipico Osteria Ex Trattoria Sapori di Pasta" - huge portions, delicious dishes, specialize in pasta and seafood. Located near tourist routes.
  • "Quintessenza Restaurant" - Russian-speaking staff, there is a menu in Russian. The restaurant is located on a noisy street, so it is often packed in the evenings. Delicious desserts and seafood are waiting for your tasting.

Shopping in Sanremo

The season of discounts in San Remo begins as in all of Italy - in the winter, in the beginning of January, and in the summer, in the beginning of July. This holiday "purse" lasts exactly 60 days, and discounts reach 70%.

Shopaholics San Remo will delight brand stores and department stores in Piazza Colombo.

There are also outletlets in the city in which discounts all year round are Euro Outlet, Diffusione Tessile, Consorzio Portofranco Outlet, for kids this is Outlet Baby Kids Sestri.