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What you need to know about birth abroad? When and where to look for a clinic?


There is a good place where we don’t exist, ”says a well-known proverb, and we really often live by this principle. This is especially evident in future parents. When a man and a woman find out that their heir will soon be born, and they have less than 9 months left to settle all things, in a panic they are ready for anything, if only the child is born in the most comfortable conditions for him.

You can, of course, refer to Mother Nature and recall that several hundred years ago women gave birth, at best, at home, and more often where God would send: in the field, in the barn, under the stink of the foul-smelling market in Paris (remember, a frame from of the film “Perfume”?!) ... But we are not at all like our great-great-grandmothers and know the other side of comfort, and therefore we would not mind offspring to the light in the spa. By default, many do not even try to look for such “royal” conditions in Ukraine, and are sent to give a new life to another, more comfortable country for life.

In childbirth abroad, indeed, there are advantages: for example, a child born in the United States automatically becomes a citizen of this country, receives a passport and an insurance policy. You can also simply give a child Brazilian, Chilean or Canadian citizenship, giving birth to him in one of these countries. Having a passport different from that of a citizen of Ukraine is very beneficial for those who want to travel a lot in the future - a Brazilian citizen, for example, will have visa-free access in 146 countries of the world. And born in Canada, in addition to the advantages of free access to most countries, has another clear advantage - he does not have to pay Canadian taxes (unlike American citizens) if he does not live in this country, and the child has the full right to education and medicine .

Of the minuses of birth outside of Ukraine - their price. But if the parents do not feel sorry for any money at the birth of a new person, then why not go on to give birth to what the heart asks?

The most popular directions of Ukrainian future mothers - USA, Canada, Israel, Switzerland, Germany, France. In these countries, there is a high level of medical care and good living conditions for families.

Issue price

The cost of childbirth, in addition to the cost of the process itself and the maintenance of the woman in hospital, it is important not to forget to add additional expenses for the flight of the future mother and her attendants, as well as 2-3 months of life before and after birth in the selected country.

Considered the most expensive childbirth in Switzerland - for the natural appearance of the baby and the Alpine mountains outside the window here will be asked to $20 000. But those who gave birth in this country say that you will not have to regret: you will live in 5 * apartments, eat like an heir to the royal family, and the staff will be courteous and pleasant.

The most affordable prices are childbirth USA (excluding ticket price). Here, natural birth will cost about $3000 – 5000. For a cesarean, however, will have to pay about the same. If you add also the cost of a ticket and accommodation, you get an amount of at least $10 000.

A high level of medical care is renowned and Germany. In German clinics, the cost of labor starts from $9000 and may increase several times, depending on the severity of the process and postpartum care of the mother and baby.

Prices for delivery in Of france vary - different clinics offer to pay the amount from $5000 before $30000. Peculiarities of childbirth in this country in intensive postpartum care for a new mother - women in labor expect massages, baths, therapy and other postpartum procedures.

For the world famous israeli medicine will have to pay the amount from $6000 before $12000 (seemingly modest clinic, but the doctors are highly professional) or from $30000 for a luxury complex with a hotel.

Organizational issues

It is better to entrust the organization of births abroad to specialized agencies - they provide intermediary services on a turnkey basis, that is, the expectant mother will not have to worry about documents, registration, quality of housing conditions and other household and bureaucratic moments.

To arrange a trip yourself, you have to do the following:

  1. Contact the clinic. Find the e-mail address of the clinic you like on the Internet and write them a letter to which it is important to attach all health certificates. In response, confirmation, terms and indicative prices should come.
  2. Get a visa for the parturient and accompanying. With the invitation from the clinic, this procedure is noticeably simplified, but the US consulate is not so willing to issue a ticket to US citizenship, for example, their European counterparts, and therefore those who plan to give birth in this country will be asked to live in the US for about 6 months.
  3. Buy plane tickets. And to clarify with this the conditions of stay of a pregnant woman and a newborn on board. Some airlines refuse to transfer to women with a gestation period of more than 30 weeks. There are also restrictions regarding the minimum age of the transported child.
  4. Book accommodation for before and after childbirth. It is advisable to choose a comfortable environment in which the mother and baby will feel at home.
  5. Prepare all documents. It is necessary to carefully examine all the nuances associated with the paperwork for the birth of a baby, otherwise it may be difficult to return to their homeland. In this matter, it is better to consult with a lawyer in advance.

True story: how it was

To find out how everything actually happens, we asked those who directly encountered this issue to tell about the birth abroad.

Tanya Ruban, has experience in childbirth in the US

“Comparing childbirth in Ukraine and in the USA is the same as comparing latte with caramel and McCoffee 3-in-1”

The famous model Tanya Ruban is already twice a mother. Tanya gave birth to her first son in Ukraine, and went to New York for her youngest daughter.

“We didn’t fly to New York purposefully to give birth. Since 2010, I have worked and lived there, and in Ukraine I have appeared only on arrival. I learned about the second pregnancy in 2014, when I came to Ukraine for 6 months. At home, I really missed New York and it was decided to move there. This time in Ukraine was restless, because we did not decide for long.

I gave birth at the Queens Hospital Center, where we had a doctor I knew (the head physician of the gynecological department was the jackpot).

Medicine in the US is paid, but we made out insurance and it covered all the costs.

Service, comfort, appearance of the hospital, the professionalism of the doctors - all at the highest level, even in the state clinic. Although maybe we were just lucky.

All surveys and analyzes differ significantly from those conducted in Ukraine. Feeling there is also something completely different, safe and confident that everything will go well.

There were no problems with the documents - in the hospital I filled out a piece of paper, and after 2 weeks the birth certificate and the social insurance number of my daughter arrived in the mail. You submit documents for a passport yourself, but there are no problems with this either - it, like the birth certificate, is sent by mail. ”

Zina Wolfington, has experience in childbirth in Chile

"I was very lucky with the country and service - I gave birth in Santiago, Chile, in a private clinicAlemana. They say that it is better than giving birth there only in Asia.

My birth fell on a Sunday night, which is not the best time in any country. But the doctor came to the clinic on Saturday evening, and with it the midwife. I have nothing to compare with, but they say that the doctor who leads you during the entire pregnancy does not take birth everywhere. I also had my favorite doctor and my midwife, whom I met at the 35th week of pregnancy.

While I was in labor, my husband was offered to go to rest in my room.

There were some inaccuracies on the part of the staff (the dropper and epidural anesthesia did not work out the first time), but in general everything is very attentive and caring. Comfort exceeded all my expectations. After natural childbirth in the clinic, they are left for three days, after cesarean - by 4. I was remarkably fed, helped to take a shower (who was in my ward), took the child for the night and even conducted newborn care lessons.

The only difficulty for the entire period of stay in Chile, I would call communication. Spanish was new to me. And even though I mastered them at a conversational level, in such a stressful situation as the first birth, it was difficult to think and communicate with the staff.

Rasta on childbirth fully covered by the insurance company. Without insurance, they would cost about $ 5000. "

Country selection

A country can be chosen by a woman according to several criteria:

  • Cost Often our compatriots pay primarily to this factor,
  • Knowledge of language
  • Reviews Of course, hearing from a girlfriend that she gave birth to a child in a particular country and positively evaluates the clinic, you also want your baby to appear there,
  • The possibility of obtaining citizenship by a child. Far from all countries, born, the baby will receive citizenship. The list of countries that are ready to provide it includes: USA, Argentina, Mexico, Canada, Colombia, Brazil, Jamaica, Peru, Barbados, Pakistan, Uruguay. The fact that the child was born in these countries gives them the right to become its citizen. At the same time, it is mandatory to register a newborn at the consulate of your home state, otherwise it will be almost impossible to leave the country and return home.
  • The level of service and medicine. Of course, this is one of the most important criteria. This is especially true when childbirth is not quite smooth.

Country Ranking

The most popular countries in which our compatriots want to give birth are:

  • USA. It will cost you $ 15 thousand. If there are any complications when a baby is born, this amount increases to $ 18,000. The US attracts women with a good level of medicine and the fact that the child will receive citizenship at birth,
  • Germany. If at birth there will be no complications, you will pay $ 9 thousand, and if they will be - $ 15 thousand. Germany, future mothers choose often enough. The main reason is the excellent medical care. According to statistics in this country, the minimum infant mortality rate at birth compared with other states. It’s also easy to get here
  • France. Those who have a baby born there, respond very positively. Paying from 5 to 30 thousand dollars (depending on the chosen medical institution), you will receive excellent care, pain relief during childbirth and excellent postnatal care,
  • Israel. This country is known for its achievements in medicine. This also applies to the perinatal area. The cost of childbirth will cost you $ 6-30 thousand, but you will be able to receive medical care and services at the highest level, and experienced doctors will work with you. Many of our compatriots for the first time see their child here,
  • Great Britain. The process will cost you $ 8 thousand. They often come here if a woman has a multiple pregnancy. Great Britain is known for the fact that experienced doctors are engaged in nursing twins,
  • Finland. Cost - $ 7 thousand and above. In some clinics, childbirth will cost only $ 4.5 thousand, if there are no complications. Otherwise, the payment will increase to $ 10 thousand. You will be living in a comfortable ward, however, you also need to pay extra for it - as a rule, the cost is about $ 1,000 per day. This amount will include care and nutrition,
  • Switzerland. The minimum cost of care in clinics in this country is $ 20 thousand. If there are complications in the process, this amount may increase several times. Despite such prices, many women want to give birth here. This is due to the ideal cleanliness of institutions, excellent conditions of stay, excellent service and highly qualified staff.

When choosing, each expectant mother is guided by different criteria - it is important for someone that giving birth abroad gives an opportunity to obtain citizenship, someone needs care with medical care, and someone is guided primarily by the cost of services.


The issue with the organization must begin to decide in advance - it is desirable that you do it no later than 3 months of pregnancy. If you start later, you risk not having time to settle all the nuances. Preparation consists of several important steps, each of which must be given sufficient attention.


Having determined exactly where you will give birth, start looking for a company that will help you organize your trip and accommodation in the clinic.

In this question there is a choice:

  • Travel companies. Currently, many of them specialize in organizing treatment abroad. They have established contacts with medical institutions, in which they will help you settle. Based on the fact that this aspect is part of their business and brings considerable income, in other countries they also have connections with translators, airlines, carriers at the place of stay. In addition, travel agencies will undertake visa processing and a number of other services,
  • Medical institutions. This, of course, is not about public hospitals. Special services at branches of foreign clinics are engaged in the organization of birth abroad. As a rule, they consist of several departments, each of which is responsible for organizing the entire trip - from the preparation of documents to the organization of the return of the patient home after giving birth. Many women choose this option, because they have the opportunity to go directly to the representative office of the clinic where they would like to go abroad (if it is, of course, at home).

It is advisable to contact any of these organizations no later than 6-8 weeks of pregnancy in order to be able to arrange a trip in a timely manner.

It is necessary to send the results of your examination, an extract from the medical card to a foreign clinic. Based on these documents, an individual program of upcoming births is developed. In some cases, clinics ask for additional testing.

It is necessary to collect these certificates in female consultation at the place of residence, having previously registered. Documents are transferred to the institution through the organization that you selected in the first stage of preparation.

Its experts translate them into the language of the state in which you will give birth. After studying the documentation, the receiving party determines the cost of services, sends the list to you through the same organization, where it is translated into your native language.

Thus, all consultations with the clinic are conducted via e-mail. A number of clinics do this for free.

In order to receive a consultation, an email must be sent to the clinic with the following data:

  • Date of Birth,
  • Address, contact details,
  • A detailed description of the medical services that you need,
  • A description of your wishes about what a medical institution should be
  • Detailed information about the results of studies that were conducted at the place of residence.

If you are satisfied with the cost and conditions offered by the institution, and you decide to give birth in it, a contract is concluded between you and the clinic for the provision of services.


Discuss in advance the question of which airline you use the services of the organization of your choice. The fact is that a number of airlines have restrictions on the transportation of pregnant women.

Most of them refuse to take on board if the expectant mother is in the second half of the term.

Nevertheless, there are companies that will not refuse to fly, and the organization you have chosen should cooperate with them.

Contact with loved ones

This is also an important point, especially if you are going to go abroad without an escort. You must be provided with a translator on site, who, in addition to communicating with the clinic staff, must take care of the timely transfer of important information to your relatives.

In addition, communication with them should be supported by a special supervising department.


Regardless of whether your child will receive citizenship after giving birth abroad, and for how long you plan to stay there, you need to control the process of returning home.

All your documents must be in order so that you can easily leave the country.

This question should also be addressed by the organizers of your trip.

To ensure that organization and delivery go smoothly, do not delay in preparing for this important process.

When to solve

Some particularly prudent ladies (they also chose the wedding dress on the school bench) decided where and how they would give birth before they even started the first stage - conception. All the others need to know that the preparation process (we are mainly talking about documents) for childbirth in another country will take quite a long time, so it is advisable to determine the place by the second trimester (end of the third month or the 14th week of pregnancy).

Moments concerning the country:

  • Climate. Решите, подойдут ли вам климат в целом и погода в сезон, когда вы прибудете на место,
  • Особенности въезда в выбранную для родов страну. Необходимость визы/разрешённые законом сроки безвизового пребывания,
  • Уточните условия перелёта для беременных. В авиакомпаниях они отличаются. Одни разрешают летать до 36-й недели беременности, другие могут не пустить на борт после 34-й — нюансов немало. Plus, almost always the carrier will ask for medical documents authorizing your flight,
  • Decide on the placement at the time before and after the maternity hospital. Better, of course, separate apartments. But, on the other hand, clinics that actively practice receiving mothers from other countries may have accommodation options in the immediate vicinity,
  • Prepare items that will be needed after delivery. Since from the maternity hospital you hardly go straight to the airport and home, everything in your temporary dwelling should be everything that your baby needs for the first time (changing table, bath, etc.).

Not only each country, but each clinic has its own requirements for expectant mothers. However, there are basic points that are relevant to any medical institution where you will give birth. These include:

  • Translating the entire history of your pregnancy into English or into the language of the selected country, it is advisable to capture all the information about your health condition too.
  • The issue of joint stay during childbirth. Should my husband / mother / girlfriend be tested, undergo a medical examination. Can this be done at home or necessarily on the spot?
  • Who will be the link between the medical staff and you: a Russian-speaking employee, a translator?
  • Discuss the question in case something goes wrong during the birth or after it - with the baby or with you: what equipment and specialists the clinic has, if it isn’t necessary, how the issue of transportation to another clinic is resolved.

Most popular countries for childbirth

Russian personal mothers checked the service in different countries by personal experience and made their own list of countries for birth:

This, of course, is not the whole list: in principle, it is possible to give birth in any country, but these are the ones most often chosen by parents from Russia as the birthplace of a baby.

Peculiarities of birth in different countries

  • USA: Doctors prefer to make a cesarean section whenever possible.
  • France: often gynecologists men.
  • Italy: “free childbirth” is common - the expectant mother gives birth in the position in which she is comfortable: standing, lying and other variations.
  • Great Britain: natural childbirth is a priority, mostly pregnant women are not taken in advance, but already in active childbirth.
  • Israel: In addition to classical anesthesia during labor, they will offer acupuncture and aromatherapy, homeopathy.

In which countries give citizenship by birth

We are talking about those children whose parents are foreigners, and came to the country for the birth of a baby. These countries include:

  • USA
  • Argentina
  • Barbados
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Colombia
  • Jamaica
  • Mexico
  • Pakistan
  • Peru
  • Uruguay
And nevertheless we will not refrain from council. Do not idealize obstetric care in any country. Childbirth in country A, even with the maximum amount of positive feedback from different people, does not guarantee you. Therefore, in any case, the main thing is your attitude and a good doctor, and at what point in the world is the second question.

Step 1. Choose a country

The first thing to do is to decide on the choice of the country. Where do you want to give birth? Start thinking about it is desirable as soon as the second trimester begins.

To make a choice, answer the question: why do you want to give birth abroad?

The goal may be:

• obtaining a second citizenship for the child,

• reliable and comfortable delivery in a serious clinic,

• the desire to enjoy the heat, sun and sea in the last months of pregnancy.

Choose based on your end goals.

Plus a high level of medicine. And, of course, mild climate, sun, sea.

Have you decided on a country? Go ahead!

Step 2. Choose a clinic

Here it is necessary to rely on what is important for you. If natural childbirth is important for you, to have skin-to-skin contact (this is when they put your baby on your belly) right after giving birth and to let the umbilical cord pulse, then look for a clinic with the “Benevolent to Mother and Child” status.

And if you, for example, want to give birth vertically, then you need a clinic in which vertical childbirth is practiced.

Choosing the right clinic is very important. For example, it must have a resuscitation department. Just in case.

Step 3. Contacting the clinic

You can write or call the clinic. Of course, better to call. Since the mail can respond late or not answer at all.

Specify all the details, namely:

  • before which week of pregnancy you can come (usually the first visit to the clinic should take place no later than the 35th week),
  • how to monitor pregnant women in this clinic
  • how often do you need to visit a doctor,
  • what language does the doctor speak
  • what documents you need to bring with you for paperwork for the child,
  • how much time will take the paperwork.

This is an important point. For example, in Barcelona, ​​if you try, then the documents for the child can be issued in 2 weeks. But there are countries where it can take up to 2 months. Specify the time in advance.

All arranged? Make an appointment.

Of course, if you do not know the language, at this stage you will need a translator. You will need his services during the trip. But it is better to hire a local, so you at least do not have to spend money on tickets and accommodation for him.

What you need to know when choosing a birth in another country?

  • To give birth abroad start preparing from about the fourth month of pregnancybecause you need to know in advance and decide in which country and clinic the baby will appear.
  • You need to decide services which airline you are going to take advantage.
  • An important issue is knowledge of the language of that countrywhere are you going to go. After all, if you do not understand the national language, you will not be able to comply with the requirements and instructions of the birth doctor.
  • Collect all necessary documents - both for entry into the country, and those that are needed in the clinic.
  • Talk to the doctor in advance, find out a list of necessary things for childbirth and for the baby.
  • Do not forget that the birth of a child in a foreign country does not give him the right to be a citizen of this country. The exceptions are: USA, Brazil, Canada, Argentina, Colombia, Peru. And also Uruguay, Mexico, Jamaica, Barbados, Pakistan- in them one fact of birth automatically gives the right of citizenship.
    Therefore, all documents for registration of the born baby will be filled at the place of residence. But first, the child must necessarily register with the Russian Consulate in the country where the birth took place. Otherwise, you and your child simply will not be able to leave the country.

In which countries do Russians most often wish to give birth?

  1. If you believe the data published by the international organization "Save the Children", which protects the rights of children around the world, then in the ranking of the best countries for childbirth in the first place is Finland . In her risk of mortality during pregnancy and childbirth is in the ratio: 1: 12200.
  2. The next place in the ranking is Sweden , and in third place - Norway .
  3. Decent level of medical care in Israel, Germany, Latvia and Singapore .
  4. The most popular among Russians are USA, Finland, France, Israel, Germany, United Kingdom .
  5. Switzerland choose only people with high incomes.

Prices and conditions of delivery in 7 popular countries

  • Give birth in the USA
    Delivery price - 15 thousand dollars, if childbirth proceeds without complications. If you need to do a cesarean section, or if there are any difficulties, the cost will rise to 18 thousand dollars.
  • Delivery in Germany
    The average cost of delivery is 9-15 thousand dollars.
    Choosing which country to give birth to, Russians, more often, stop their choice on Germany. First, just get here: you can by plane or by bus, as well as by train or by car. Secondly, medical care is top notch.
    The cost of childbirth depends on the clinic and the amount of medical care. Natural childbirth will cost 9 thousand dollars, and 15 thousand. dollars “will pour out” deliveries with cesarean section and with other complications.
  • France for the Russian childbirth
    The cost of delivery on average - 5-30 thousand dollars.The price depends on the level of the selected clinic.
    In French clinics, women in labor expect a high-level medical birth. Almost all women in labor are given a pain reliever. Much attention is paid to the postpartum period.
  • Give birth in Israel
    Price of delivery in Israel - 6-30 thousand dollars.
    High European quality medical care and the absence of a language barrier make Israel a rather popular country for the birth of Russian women.
    Deliveries in the Israel General Hospital, depending on the complexity, will cost from 6 to 12 thousand dollars. And if you give birth in a specialized private center, the birth will cost about 30 thousand dollars.
  • Delivery in the UK
    Price of delivery- from 8 thousand dollars.
    Usually birth here is chosen by mothers waiting for twins or triplets. It is the United Kingdom that is famous for the most famous cases of multiple pregnancy, safe delivery of twins and their successful nursing.
  • Give birth in Finland
    Births in Finland will cost from 7 thousand dollars.
    Almost all hospitals have Russian-speaking staff, so you can save money on an interpreter. The cost of classic childbirth without complications starts from 4.5 thousand dollars, and when force majeure will have to pay a decent amount. A homely chamber on average will cost about $ 1,000 per day, which includes food and care for the mother and newborn.
  • Delivery in Switzerland
    20 thousand dollars is the starting price for childbirth in Switzerland. With difficult childbirth cost increases significantly.
    But, if the Russian woman gives birth there, then comfort awaits her as in a five-star hotel, disciplined honey. staff and perfect cleanliness.

Childbirth abroad is your choice, but do not forget that for a baby the most important thing is the love and care of parents.

Questions about being in a foreign clinic, you need to trust only to companies that specialize in organizing childbirth and treatment abroad.

And what do you know about birth abroad? Share your opinion with us!

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