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How to restore burned hair at home, TOP-5 best masks


Our hair is daily exposed to the strong influence of the surrounding world. Someone spoils them with permanent paints or discoloration, someone too often uses different stylers at high temperatures. The factors are many, and the result is one - dried, brittle, dull, burned hair, which, it seems, nothing will save, except for cutting hair well. But this is also a real delusion, even damaged curls can be reanimated. How can I restore burned hair? There are lots of options, from professional tools to popular recipes.

How to care for damaged curls?

Unhealthy hair not only lose vitality, but also look untidy and ugly, respectively, spoil any appearance. It is necessary to handle hair with care, but if the question of how to quickly restore the burned hair does not give rest, pay attention to the following recommendations, which relate specifically to the care of damaged hair:

  • It’s not worth shaving, but you still have to get rid of the burned tips. So the rest of the hair pile will be easier to reanimate. Otherwise, they will start to fall out.
  • While you are undergoing a recovery course, forget about the various thermo stylers. The iron, curling iron, heated hair rollers should be left in the past.
  • Give up for a while from tight hairstyles. If you weave braids, then do it freely, straighten the strands so that your hair feels comfortable. It is also not recommended to pin up curls with hairpins, invisible and other accessories made of metal.
  • To restore burned hair, especially if you have curly, you need to replace the usual shampoos and balms with parabens and sulfates in organic products.
  • If the life situation has forced you to use a hair dryer or ironing, then without thermal protection anywhere.
  • Forget staining paints. If you really want to update your hair tone, it is better to use natural dyes. Husk, black tea, chamomile, henna, basma and so on. On the basis of these products you can also make nourishing hair masks.
  • When the temperature outside the window drops below zero, do not forget about the hat. The same applies to the hot summer. Hair should always be protected from temperature extremes.
  • Hairsprays, foams, gels, mousses are sent to the trash can, they are replaced by natural oils. Perfectly nourishes and restores hair coconut, almond, burdock oil.

Following these simple rules will already help take the path of recovery and bring your hair back to life.

What kind of cosmetics fit?

A large role in the treatment and restoration of burned hair at home is played by special cosmetics. Be aware that the shampoos and hair conditioners you use include ingredients such as keratin, herbal ingredients, and vitamins. For example, provitamin B5, jojoba oil and so on. These elements restore the hair structure, moisturize, add shine and strength to the locks. Balsam and conditioner should include not only keratin, but also panthenol, which has a regenerating effect. The task of the balm is to close the scales and fasten them after shampooing, so you can forget about fragility, and your hair will be saturated with moisture, which will remain in them for a long time.

To restore the burned hair is possible only with intensive nutrition. Therefore it is necessary to take care of the appropriate hair masks. An excellent option would be products made on the basis of coconut, castor, flax and burdock oil. You can buy them at any pharmacy and use them either as a standalone product, or add a few drops to shampoo or make masks. Experts recommend a little heat up the oil before use, after exposure to high temperatures it will be easier for them to penetrate deep into the hair, restoring it from the inside.

How to restore hair after dyeing?

You can often hear from women such a question: "Burned hair with paint, how to restore?" Yes, discoloration of the curls, permanent staining with resistant paints in most cases leads to severe damage to the hair. Especially this problem applies to those with naturally weak hair. However, it is not worthwhile to run to the first beauty salon and ask for help; the most ordinary homemade masks from ingredients that can be easily found at home will help restore strands to life.

Burdock oil and cognac

The first useful recipe includes the following components: a tablespoon of burdock oil, brandy, natural honey and lemon juice. All ingredients must be thoroughly mixed and applied to the hair along the entire length. To heighten the effect, you should wear a shower cap or a plastic bag, then wrap the hair with a towel. Rinse only after 1.5-2 hours with water at room temperature and with shampoo.

Egg and butter

The second recipe is even easier! Prepare one egg yolk and a tablespoon of burdock oil. Mix the two ingredients thoroughly and apply the mixture to the hair for about 30-50 minutes. Of course, the result will not be noticeable immediately, and you can only restore burned hair after lightening with regular procedures. The minimum rate involves the use of such masks at least twice a week for a month.

What to do with hair spoiled stylers?

Burned hair ironing? How to recover incomprehensible? In fact, this is a very common cause of fragility and lifelessness of curls. And most of all suffer hair ends, because of what hairstyle looks messy. Do you think it is possible to restore burned hair? The answer is obvious - of course you can! Simple recipes of their most accessible components will come to the rescue.

Kefir mask

The recipe for a mask that will help save your hair after ironing or curling is as follows: Mix half a cup of kefir with a tablespoon of olive oil, a teaspoon of honey and your favorite hair balm. There also send 2-3 tablespoons of potato starch. Mix all ingredients thoroughly, you should get a mixture of consistency resembling sour cream. Further, the whole thing should be heated in a water bath so that the hair absorbs as many beneficial ingredients as possible. The mask is applied to the already washed hair and remains on them for at least half an hour, then washed off with water.

Honey and aloe

There is a variant of a simpler mask, which will also help to cope with the problem. We will need one tablespoon of honey, a teaspoon of aloe juice, castor oil and a couple drops of vitamins A and E. All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed, and the composition is applied to the strands with a rubbing motion. Wash hair with shampoo 35 minutes later. For maximum effect, you can complete the procedure by rinsing curls with herbal decoction. For these purposes, suitable infusion of nettle and chamomile. This mask is great for curls.

Salon treatments that will save your hair

No time to mess around with masks at home? Go to the beauty salon. There usually offer the following options that can bring your hair in a neat look:

  • Keratin straightening is the easiest and most popular way to improve your hair appearance and achieve shine and smoothness. Plus the procedure is that keratin, which is considered a building material for our hair, is included in the preparations that are used. Judging by the reviews, the lack of keratin straightening is not a low cost and short-lived result. If you wash your hair daily, then a healthy shine will go away very quickly and the procedure will have to be repeated again.
  • The second, no less popular way - lamination. The essence of the procedure is quite simple. A special composition is applied over the entire length of the hair, the task of which is to glue the scales together so that the moisture inside the hair is delayed, and those, in turn, are not fluffed. The result is instant! You will not have to put on masks for a month, your hair will look healthy and neat. The composition of the laminating mixture contains nourishing, moisturizing components that restore the structure from the inside. The result lasts for about a month, then the coating begins to wash out from the hair.

These two procedures are considered the most popular in beauty salons.

How to treat hair at home?

In addition to the masks described above, folk remedies that have already been tested by time will help to restore burned hair. The most popular ones are as follows:

  • Vitamin mask will save any hair. Just mix grape and burdock oil in a ratio of 3: 1, heat them in a water bath, then add a few drops of vitamin E. Apply a mask for at least half an hour, or better for an hour. It is advisable to pack the hair in a hat and wrap it with a towel.
  • To save dry hair can only be moisturized. For this we need a glass of kefir, a couple of teaspoons of olive and burdock oil. Oil must first be heated in a water bath, then mixed with kefir, which must also be heated in a microwave. The mask is applied to the entire length of the hair, and then washed off in an hour with shampoo,

Such home procedures will be a real salvation for affected by external factors hair.

Recovery Tips and Tips

Sometimes the desire of a burning brunette to turn into a warm blonde is stronger than common sense, and her hair after such experiments suffers and needs treatment more than ever. However, masks are sometimes not enough, you have to completely revise your mode of care:

  • Shampoos choose organic, without sulfates, silicones, paraffin and so on.
  • When buying care products, pay attention to include medicinal herbs, vitamins, oils, proteins, and so on.
  • Cosmetics use the one that is designed specifically for weak and damaged hair. In such products are more likely to meet the necessary elements.
  • Several times a week, make natural hair masks according to the recipes described above.
  • Not be superfluous to drink a course of vitamins
  • Give up the habit of combing wet hair. Discard plastic and metal combs.
  • Keep your hair from temperature changes, wear a hat in winter, and in summer hide your hair from the sun under a hat.

Compliance with such simple rules will help restore hair quickly and efficiently, with health benefits and with minimal waste.

The main causes of hair damage

From the moment the hair began to grow, the process of its damage begins. Hair cuticles break, stratify, coarse. Moreover, the hair is longer, the “worn out”, because it has been exposed to negative factors longer.

Causes of damage are divided into two large groups. The first - internal, which include poor or unbalanced diet, which causes anemia or vitamin deficiency, regular stress or insomnia. The way to fight is to reconsider your lifestyle.

The second group of reasons - external factors, they give the most negative impact on the hair, especially if you combine several at once and for a long time. Namely:

    Chemical effects. These include dyeing or bleaching, perm, exposure to chlorine dissolved in tap water or a pool. Aggressive chemicals destroy the hair structure, eating away at its surface. It is impossible to restore burned hair with paint or chemistry, because the regrown rod is, in fact, already dead cells that cannot be renewed and “overgrown” the damage caused to them. It is possible only to improve (sometimes significantly) their appearance with appropriate care and care: buy quality shampoos and balms, wear a protective cap in the pool, regularly indulge the hair with masks, and always use good preparations for dyeing or chemical waving, follow the instructions and choose an experienced wizard for carrying out all procedures.

Thermal effects. Burn hair can frequent or daily use of various electrical appliances and styling products (hair dryer, curling iron, tongs, ironing, straighteners, heated hair curlers). Also, the thermal damage of the locks is possible under the action of cold or heat from the environment, for example, it hurts the habit of not wearing a hat in the cold, going to the sauna and not covering the hair in the steam room with a protective cap. The consequence of all of the above is the loss of moisture in the structure of the hair, and their frequent twisting, changing the shape in this case leads to creases and excisions. That is why now it is so rare to see beautiful long strands - the fast pace of life forces a woman to use the means of destroying them, which in turn often causes shearing off damaged ends.

  • Mechanical effects. This refers to aggressive hair care and frequent washing. The keratin covering the hair shaft is fragile, like glass. It can crack from the blows that an ordinary comb causes to it. Especially harmful is combing wet curls, as well as combing them from the ends to the skin, simply tearing off the skin scales from the cortex. Frequent washing can spoil them, especially with unsuitable or low-quality shampoos. Very hot water also harms them: the keratin covering the hair is simply dissolved in it. Spoils the hair even haircut blunt scissors. They "zazhuyu" them, which will contribute to the appearance of cracks on the keratin and the appearance of split ends.

  • Regardless of the cause, the mechanism of hair destruction is the same: the layer of the cuticle is broken and exfoliates, exposing the next layer - the cortex, which gradually begins to lose moisture. Because of this, the hair fades, becomes dry, brittle and fragile, split ends or creases appear along the length. That is, the whole, intact cuticle is very important to preserve the natural beauty of the curls.

    How to restore burned hair at home

    In fact, it is impossible to restore damaged hair to its original state, because it is a dead structure that cannot inflict damage on it. But it is possible to significantly improve their appearance. In hairdressing salons and salons immediately after a harmful procedure such as perm, brightening, dyeing, it is suggested to carry out the “treatment” of hair, all sorts of care products are applied, masking the damage and making the curls smooth and shining - before the first washing of the head. At home, it is also possible to carry out various grooming procedures, thanks to which hair will grow healthy, and the damaged part of them looks much better. In addition, without such care, the process of destruction of the burned-out strands will be aggravated every day.

    Causes of burning

    Burned curls - the result of chemical and thermal effects, among which:

    Chlorine and aggressive substances of paints corrode the surface of hairs and destroy their structure. The upper layer of the cuticle peels off, the cortex is exposed and begins to lose moisture. It causes dehydration. As a result, the strands grow dull and dry up, creases and split ends occur on them.

    General care guidelines

    Curls, burned by chemistry or paint, cannot be fully restored, since these are dead cells that cannot be renewed. Still, with proper care, you can achieve a significant improvement in appearance, and healthy hair will gradually grow.

    Burned curls require careful treatment, otherwise they will begin to fall heavily. Therefore, the main thing in caring for them - do no harm. The following recommendations will help:

    1. A haircut. It is not necessary to have a short haircut, but it is very important to get rid of at least a few centimeters of burnt tips. This will prevent further excision and stratification of hairs. Shorter, but lively curls look much more beautiful than long, while dry and splitting.
    2. The washing up. Damaged hair should not be washed every day, it’s better to be limited to 2-3 times a week to prevent further loss of natural oils. Water should be no hotter than 40 degrees, otherwise keratin will dissolve. It is necessary to pick up shampoo and balm with a natural composition.
    3. Drying. At the time of treatment it is better to forget about the hair dryer, leaving it in case of emergency. If you need to use it, be sure to apply a heat-proof conditioner to the strands. It is better to dry your hair gently with cold air.
    4. Coloring and perm. It is advisable not to use chemical dyes, but it is difficult to fulfill this condition if the roots of a different shade grow. The solution is to tint only the radical part. Bleached strands can be tinted with a soft remedy. Another option is to add chamomile, onion peel, black tea to the treatment mask as a dye. Curling damaged hair is highly undesirable.
    5. Combing and styling. Расческу стоит выбрать с редкими зубьями. Нельзя дергать пряди и расчесывать мокрые волосы — они очень уязвимы, поэтому лучше дождаться высыхания. Утюжок, плойка, фен и другие термоприборы не стоит использовать, в крайнем случае нужно защищать волосы термозащитным кондиционером. Нежелательны шпильки, невидимки, заколки, тугие косы и хвосты. Лучше отказаться от лаков и пенок для стайлинга или хотя бы свести их использование к минимуму.

    Council Also, burned hair requires intensive moisturizing, so it is worth lubricating them with oils. In the heat and frost should wear a hat.

    Homemade Mask Recipes

    Care for burned curls necessarily includes the use of masks. It is better to cook them yourself, at home, because their completely natural composition will bring maximum benefit. Putting a mask should pay attention to the roots.

    Virtually all recipes, if desired, you can add vitamins A and E from ampoules or glycerin - such ingredients nourish the follicles well, stimulating the accelerated growth of new, healthy hair. Masks should be made regularly - twice a week for at least 3 months.

    Yolk is an affordable and useful product that helps to restore the appearance of damaged strands. Recipes with this ingredient:

    • Two yolks and juice of half a lemon. Stir and apply on curls for 10 minutes. Wash off the chamomile decoction. The mask will smooth the curls and make them shine.
    • One yolk, 1 tbsp. l mayonnaise, 1 tsp. honey and 2 chopped garlic cloves. Rub into the scalp, put on a bag, wrap a towel and go to bed. In the morning, wash off the mask, rinse curls with nettle decoction. Gradually, the hair will look better, and dandruff will pass.

    1 yolk, 1 chopped onion and 2 tbsp. l honey Spread the composition on strands, wash off in an hour. Shampoo will help to get rid of the smell of onions.

    Based on mummy

    Mumiye improves the appearance of damaged curls, and also activates their growth and strengthens the follicles. Mask recipes are varied:

    • One tablet mummy, 3 tbsp. l warm milk and burdock oil. Lubricate hair, wrap with a towel and wait 30 minutes. Rinse with a decoction of chamomile.
    • Eight tablets mumie, 100 ml of water, 2 tsp. honey Hold on the hair for half an hour, rinse with water. The mixture still remains - it can be removed in the refrigerator until the next time.
    • Two g mummy, 5 tbsp. l water, 100 g cranberries, 1 tsp. honey After half an hour, rinse with water.

    It is also useful to moisten the curls with a solution of 2-3 g of mummy for half a glass of water 30 minutes before each shampooing.

    Honey - a real storehouse of nutrients. Masks with it make the curls silky and radiant:

    • Two Art. l honey and a glass of warm milk. Hold on the hair for 40 minutes., Wrapped them with a towel.
    • One article l honey, whipped yolk and 1 tbsp. l vitamin B from the ampoule. Apply to curls for 20 minutes.
    • Two Art. l honey and 2 tbsp. l slightly warmed cognac. Lubricate dry curls, hold for 20 minutes.

    All components must be preheated in a water bath, but a maximum of up to +30 g., So as not to destroy vitamins and trace elements.

    Note! Honey masks should be applied to the hair immediately before washing.

    Dairy products are rich in proteins and calcium, thereby strengthening the strands, prevent the destruction of keratin. Effective recipes:

    • 100 ml of ryazhenka, 5 drops of castor, burdock and olive oils. Lubricate the hair, wrap your head with a bag and a towel, hold for half an hour.
    • 100 ml of milk, 150 g of black bread and 1 tbsp. l castor oil. Wait until the bread is softened, mix everything and apply on the strands for 30 minutes.
    • Yogurt. Ten minutes to rub it into the roots, massaging the scalp, then warm with a towel and leave for an hour.

    Milk mask do before the next shampooing. It should be washed off with shampoo, and often you should not use it with damaged hair.

    Essential oils are valuable by the presence of active ingredients, which comprehensively act on damaged hair, providing nourishment and strengthening of the roots, activating hair growth and giving them shine. Some effective recipes:

    1. Juice of two onions and half a lemon, 2 yolks and 2 tbsp. l almond oil. Apply for 20 minutes. Wash your hair with shampoo.
    2. 1 tbsp. l of honey, whipped yolk, 3 drops of cedar and rosemary oils. Hold the strands for 20 minutes, wash your hair with shampoo.
    3. 5 tbsp. l brandy, 2 yolks, juice of half a lemon, 2 drops of mint, pine and juniper oils. Apply for 30 minutes, rinse with water.

    Useful tips

    The beauty of curls depends, among other things, on the state of the body. Therefore, in addition to external care of the strands at home, you need to follow a number of rules.

    1. Adjust power. For the integrity of the cuticle and the strength of the follicles, proteins and the amino acid cysteine ​​are necessary. With sufficient intake of these substances into the body, the strands will shine beautifully, stop breaking and falling out. Therefore, a balanced diet with an abundance of seasonal vegetables and fruits is important.
    2. Abandon diets at the time of treatment curls. Otherwise, they will receive less vitamins and trace elements.
    3. Take a multivitamin complex. Only with sufficient content of nutrients in the body, they can penetrate into the hair structure.
    4. Get enough sleep, get positive emotions and avoid stress. Nervous and physical stress are common causes of weakened hair and bruises under the eyes.

    Burned curls need careful care. It is necessary to shear split ends, choose natural cosmetics for hair, if possible, give up the hair dryer, curling and dyeing. It is necessary to do regenerating masks 2 times a week, lubricate hair with oils to moisturize. With the regular implementation of these procedures, the result will appear in 1-2 months, and in 3 months the appearance of the hair will improve significantly.

    Useful videos

    How and what to restore the hair after a failed lightening. How effective keratin, restoring mask REDKEN, coconut oil and other means, will tell Olya Burakova.

    Burned hair paint or chemistry? To reanimate them will help tips and proven recovery methods presented in the next video.

    How to restore burned hair?

    A very common answer to this question: no way, just cut and grow hair again. You can, of course, really solve the problem with a haircut. But often everything turns out to be not so sad, although sometimes the sight of burnt hair literally causes tears - they look so hopeless. With proper patience and regular care, you can in a couple of months, if you don’t return the hair to its former condition, then at least significantly improve their appearance.

    The first thing that needs to be done to restore hair is to forget about forceps, irons and even hair dryer for the next few months. Your hair now needs extremely gentle care. Trim the ends every 15 days - this will heal the burned hair, give it a more neat and fresh look.

    It is also useful to purchase high-quality deep-acting conditioner for damaged hair containing keratin. It is advisable to use this conditioner twice a day, leaving it on wet hair for a few minutes to thoroughly nourish and soften. Another option is a cetyl alcohol conditioner that helps retain moisture in the hair.

    It is best to start with a haircut - if you remove the bitten and dry ends in time, then the hair will not be stratified higher, which will increase the chance of their preservation. A short haircut is a cardinal remedy for heavily burned hair, because it is unlikely to be restored. It is better to cut and grow, caring for them and taking vitamins and trace elements. Do not be afraid to change the image, especially as a short stylish haircut, emphasizing the beautiful shape of the head and facial features, looks much better than a head of lifeless and sloppy looking hair.

    If the hair is burned at the ends, then cut it off so that everything that has been burned is removed - otherwise further stratification is possible. After all the excess will be cut, you need to begin treatment of hair that has suffered to a lesser extent. Start a regenerative care with a gentle washing of the hair with a shampoo for weakened hair and applying a balm. Experts advise you to apply a balm on freshly washed hair and leave it for half an hour, and then wash it off so that the hair is slightly slippery, that is, not completely. This is how the balm will protect the hair from all harmful effects.

    Caring for burned hair requires patience, only with regular exposure to useful masks and rubbing can you restore them completely. Do not forget that the hair dryer, the sun, temperature drops and repeated staining will aggravate their condition.

    Care for burnt hair

    Careless dyeing, especially at home, too frequent styling using hot tongs and irons - and now you do not recognize your hairstyle. Burned hair can hardly be called beautiful: they become stiff to the touch, lose their luster and elasticity, they are difficult to style. Of course, to prevent the occurrence of such a problem is easier than to solve it: you only need to carefully select coloring agents, contact a proven master, not to get involved in hot styling. But no one is immune from mistakes. How to save hair and help them find the same beauty?

    What not to do if the curls are damaged, or how to treat the curls

    1. First, you can not use curling, hairdryer, ironing, thermo-curlers. The fact is that a hairdryer, curling iron and similar devices can further destroy the structure of the curls. Caring for burned hair involves the temporary abandonment of these funds.
    2. Secondly, care for damaged hair eliminates staining, highlighting. Dye is aggressive to your hair, and when they are so vulnerable, it is extremely destructive. You can burn curls even more.
    3. Third, periodically cut the strands. This should be done at least once in 15 days. This is a kind of compromise. There is an opinion that the only chance to treat damaged hair is to cut it. Of course, in such words there is a certain amount of truth. But! It is not always possible to do this, which means that alternative methods are needed.
    4. Fourth, burned heavily curls - buy a deep-acting conditioner that provides treatment and care for damaged hair. It is better that the balm contains keratin. To treat your hair, you can use it twice a day and leave it for a while (3-4 minutes). A great option is to care for burnt hair with an air conditioner with alcohol, which will help retain moisture.
    5. Fifth, do not tighten your hair with a rubber band, do not twist into bundles, do not use too many matches and stealth. To treat burned curls is to protect them from any impact.
    6. And, sixthly, if you treat spoiled curls, then certainly not to use or use irregularly varnish, gel and other cosmetics.

    Hair restoration masks

    Hair can be treated with masks. This option is safe and, most pleasantly, effective. In addition, masks are satisfied varied. Recall that to restore the curls damaged by curling iron, hair dryer, through masks can, of course, subject to regular use: you need to do masks often.

    If burned iron

    The first mask, which will be considered, is suitable for the treatment of hair, burned by the iron. For its preparation will need:

    • Burr oil,
    • grape oil
    • vitamin E.

    Before applying the mixture, you need to wash your hair: this simple method allows nutrients to penetrate into the scalp and hair more easily. Grape and burdock oils, taken in a 1: 3 ratio, are thoroughly mixed. Then 10-15 drops of vitamin E are added to the mixture. In order to prevent the mask from evaporating, you need to put on a plastic cap and even wrap your head with a towel. The exposure time is 30 minutes-1 hour.

    How to wash the mixture from the hair? You can wash your hair in the usual way, but it is better to do this: add a small amount of shampoo to the boiled water, prepared liquid and wash the hair. The second option is preferable, since more useful substances will remain on the strands.

    You need to make a mask twice a week.

    If strands are burned by electrical appliances.

    Such a mask is one of the most frequently used, as often girls say that they burned their curls with a hair dryer or other similar device. The components necessary for its preparation are:

    • mayonnaise (2-4 tablespoons),
    • burdock oil (1 tsp),
    • yolk (1 piece),
    • aloe juice (1 tsp).

    All components are thoroughly mixed, the mixture is applied with massage movements on the scalp and distributed over the entire length of the curls. Hair need to hide under a plastic cap, wrap a towel. The exposure time is 1-3 hours.

    How to save curls, strongly burned paint

    Restoration of hair heavily damaged by paint - a difficult task, but doable. And burdock oil is suitable for this purpose as well as possible. How to cook and apply the tool?

    1. Combine 2-3 tablespoons of burdock oil with glycerin (1.5 tablespoons),
    2. add one egg yolk to the mixture,
    3. all components are well mixed,
    4. the mixture is applied to dry, paint-burned hair,
    5. the prepared agent is left on the curls for 1 hour, preferably at this time to put a knitted hat on the head,
    6. after the allotted time has expired, it's time to wash off the burdock oil with warm water and shampoo.

    Universal mask option

    With this mask, you can improve the condition or, in the best case, restore the hair, badly damaged by chemistry, paint, hairdryer, ironing, highlighting.

    The mixture is prepared simply. One tablespoon of gelatin must be dissolved in two spoons of boiling water. Components must be mixed until completely dissolved. The mixture after cooling is added to the balm or hair conditioner. You can also add 1-2 capsules of vitamin A and a spoon (tea) of burdock oil. Restore hair with this mask is much more effective. Many girls note that after its application, the effect of hair lamination is created.

    Folk recipes for hair restoration

    Eggs. Even grandmothers told us about this miracle cure. As in any embryo, the egg contains a whole range of minerals and trace elements, amino acids and antioxidants. Egg yolk is suitable for dry hair, and protein will reduce the fat content of curls. Apply a beaten egg to your hair 20 minutes before washing your hair, and then wash it off with shampoo. Repeat the procedure 2 times a month, and your hair will get stronger and get a healthy shine.

    Milk products, such as kefir, yogurt or sour cream, will help clean the hair from styling products. Apply a little fermented milk product to your hair, and after 15 minutes, rinse it with water, then wash your hair with shampoo.

    Olive oil - ideal for dry hair and split ends. It can be added to the conditioner or hair mask after shampooing. Water will wash away unwanted fat, but will leave the necessary amount of oil to nourish hair and better comb it. This method is especially good before hair styling. Oil will not completely evaporate the water, and the hair will become unusually silky. Split ends are well dipped in olive oil before shampooing, and you will see that some of the oil is absorbed into the hair in a few seconds.

    Honey remarkably restores sun-dried hair, as it has a tendency to retain moisture. Apply 100 ml of honey to clean hair, its effect can be enhanced with olive oil or avocado oil, and after 10 minutes, rinse the mixture off the hair. This tool should not be abused. It is enough to use it once a month.

    Oily hair will help corn starch. 1 tablespoon of this product, diluted in 50 ml of water and applied to the hair, perfectly removes dirt and grease. This tool is good because you need to use it on dry hair, and you can use it regardless of the time you wash your hair.

    There are many ways of hair restoration, and you can easily choose any of them for your hair. But the main thing is that you do not abuse modern styling products and tools that gradually destroy the structure of your hair. Recall once again: the most beautiful hair is healthy hair.

    Any mask for burned hair is prepared immediately before use. The proposed composition suggests an average length of curls. If it is required to do recovery procedures for long hair, the number of ingredients increases.

    1. Grind two yolks, squeeze the juice of lemon and two onions there, pour in 50 ml of baked milk and add a teaspoon of mashed almonds.
    2. Mix a tablespoon of three types of oil - castor, burdock, flax. Heat a little with a water bath and stir in two yolks.
    3. Slightly warm the burdock oil mixed with brandy (25 ml each), add the yolk and a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice.
    4. Dissolve the pharmacy mummy (one tablet) in warm milk (three tablespoons) and pour in the same burdock oil.
    5. Beat two tablespoons of honey in melted milk (≈ 200 ml).
    6. Combine burdock oil (3 tablespoons) with pharmacy glycerin (3 teaspoons). Add yolk and mix gently until smooth.
    7. Grind the yolk and add to it a tablespoon of several components - brandy, honey, lemon juice, coconut or linseed oil, kefir.

    Hair becomes over-dried unexpectedly, hair suddenly begins to look dull and lifeless, become stiff, badly combed, split, and sometimes even break. There are many reasons why hair can become overdried. This includes coloring, blow-drying, perm, sun, hard water, wind.

    Cosmetic hair oils

    Перекись водорода открывает чешуйки волосяного ствола, чтобы проникнуть внутрь, окислить пигмент и осветлить его таким образом. После окрашивания чешуйки волоса остаются раскрывшимися, пряди становятся пушистыми, их сложно уложить и расчесать. Кроме того, приподнятые чешуйки лишают волосы естественного блеска и природной гладкости. Как помочь локонам? Как снова пригладить эти волосяные чешуйки? Сделать это очень просто при помощи косметических масел. Их можно купить в аптеке или косметическом магазине. Burdock oil besides moisturizing will help you get rid of dandruff. Castor protects against hair loss. Coconut oil will make strands incredibly shiny and radiant. Almond helps to restore very dry hair. Peach seed oil heals damaged and split ends. Any cosmetic oil will help to restore the burned hair after bleaching, you just need to apply it correctly.

    It often happens that hair suffers as a result of unsuccessful dyeing, bleaching, or perm. In this case, only radical measures will help. If the hair is spoiled very much, then the most reasonable thing is to just cut it and start to grow again, providing intensive care and no longer subject to chemical attack. The problem is that the composition of dyes breaks down the structure from the inside, because dyeing is a very strong oxidative process that lifts the scales, disrupting the integrity of the outer layer and making the hair defenseless against all negative external influences.

    A radical way to restore hair

    If your hair is burned with an iron or paint, then a radical way out of this situation will be going to the hairdresser. A professional will always help you and build a beautiful and fashionable haircut on your head. Of course, most will have to be cut, but new curls will grow beautiful and healthy, and you will look well-groomed. If you do not want a short haircut, then artificial resins will always come to the rescue instead of their spoiled ones. An experienced master can help rectify the situation by removing only the ends, which, as a rule, are in the most deplorable state. After the first aid to the injured hair is rendered, you can restore it at home.

    Medical cosmetics for recovery

    Special treatment masks, balms, shampoos, sprays - this is what is needed at such a time. All these tools are purchased in special cosmetic stores or a pharmacy. In the pharmacy, you can buy burdock oil, vitamins A and E, grape seed oil, glycerin. All these components will be useful to you for hair care at home. You also need to purchase a multivitamin complex necessary for strengthening. Special pills or sachets will strengthen your hair from the inside.

    Professional cosmetics for restoration

    To restore damaged strands will need special medical cosmetics. Buy funds of the same brand (proven and good!) And proceed to the procedures:

    • Two or three times a week, wash your hair with a low ph shampoo,
    • Treat strands with a restorative balm containing keratin. The exposure time of the balm is chosen for you, but the longer, the more useful, because after 1-3 minutes the results will not come. Grease the entire length, not just the tips. Hair rods should be thoroughly saturated with nutrients both inside and outside. Do not try to completely wash away the reducing agents - in this case, the remains will be very useful to you,
    • Already after two weeks you can proceed to the use of masks. Only an experienced hairdresser will help you find it. Regularly repeat the procedure for three months - this will strengthen the hair and make it silky.

    Home Cosmetics

    At home, you can safely apply not only store cosmetics, but also improvised. Here are 5 good recipes that will help you!

    Recipe 1. Mask from a mixture of three oils

    • Burdock oil - 1 part,
    • Castor - 1 part,
    • Flax oil - 1 part,
    • Yolk - 2 pcs.

    1. Mix all the oils in a bowl.
    2. Add the whipped yolk.
    3. Heat this mixture over steam.
    4. First rub into the roots, and only then - in length.
    5. Keep the mask for half an hour under the terry cap.
    6. Wash off.

    Recipe 2. Mask of burdock and brandy

    • Cognac - 1 part,
    • Lemon juice - 1 tsp
    • Burdock oil - 1 part,
    • Yolk - 1 pc.

    1. Heat a pair of burdock oil.
    2. Mix it with the rest of the ingredients.
    3. First rub into the roots, and only then - in length.
    4. Keep the mask for half an hour under the terry cap.
    5. Wash off.

    Recipe 3. Mask of onion and oil

    • Fresh onions - 2 pcs.,
    • Butter (ghee) - 2 tbsp. l.,
    • Pounded almonds - 1 tsp.,
    • Yolk - 2 pcs.,
    • Lemon juice - 1 tsp.

    1. Squeeze the juice of two onions.
    2. Add butter, crushed almonds, lemon juice and yolk.
    3. Mix well.
    4. First rub into the roots, and only then - in length.
    5. Keep the mask for half an hour under the terry cap.
    6. Wash off.

    Recipe 4. The mask of milk and honey

    • Honey - 2 tbsp. l.,
    • Baked milk - 200 ml.

    1. Mix both components.
    2. Lubricate the entire length of hair.
    3. Keep the mask for 40 minutes under the terry cap.
    4. Wash off.

    Recipe 5. Mummy Mask

    • Mumiyo - 1 tab.,
    • Milk - 6 tsp.,
    • Burdock oil - 3 tbsp. l

    1. Dissolve the mummy in preheated milk.
    2. Add butter.
    3. First rub into the roots, and only then - in length.
    4. Keep the mask for half an hour under the terry cap.
    5. Rinse with cool water or decoction of chamomile.

    Important! We offer an express method, read on one of the women's forums. He has already helped a lot, now it's your turn! The algorithm is very simple. Apply to the strands a restoring mask with jojoba and panthenol, wash off after half an hour. Lubricate your hair with a balm, hiding it under a warming cap. Wash off in half an hour and use any oil mask. Soak the tips in addition to polishing serum. Again, hide everything under the cap and wait half an hour. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo and dry it naturally.

    Watch the video, which presents six proven tools for quick recovery of burned hair:

    Salon treatments

    What to do with hair, uzhzhennuyu iron? Go to the beauty salon! You have two options:

    • Keratin straightening - perhaps the easiest way to heal hair and achieve perfect smoothness. As part of preparations for keratin straightening, you can find keratin, which nourishes strands with medicinal substances. The disadvantages of the procedure can be safely attributed too high price and short-lived effect. It depends on the frequency of the wash. If this happens daily, then very soon there will be no trace of the glossy shine.

    • Lamination - application to the hair of a special coating that glues the scales, keeps moisture inside and protects hairs from negative influences. The result will be instant! The composition for lamination contains nutrients and moisturizers, providing the strands with very good care. Hair will be beautiful and well-groomed within a month. Then the cosmetics will begin to wash off.

    Home procedures

    Cure burned hair will help and folk remedies. Here are a few proven recipes.

    Recipe 1. Vitamin oil mask

    • Burdock oil - 3 parts,
    • Grape seed oil - 1 part,
    • Vitamin E - 2 capsules or 5 drops.

    1. Mix both oils.
    2. Warm them up with water vapor.
    3. Apply the mask to washed hair.
    4. Hide your head under the cap and wait 30-60 minutes.
    5. Rinse with boiled water and a small dose of shampoo.

    Recipe 2. Moisturizing mask

    • Kefir - 200 ml,
    • Olive oil - 4 tsp,
    • Burdock oil - 4 tsp.

    1. Heat a mixture of oils.
    2. Mix with warm kefir.
    3. Evenly distribute the composition of the hair.

    Wash your hair in an hour (water and a little shampoo).

    Recipe 3. Mask of butter and mustard

    • Natural butter - 45 gr.,
    • Sunflower oil - 45 gr.,
    • Liquid mustard - 35 grams
    • Castor - 45 grams,
    • Liquid honey - 35 grams,
    • Burdock oil - 45 grams.

    1. Melt the oil in water vapor.
    2. Add mustard and honey.
    3. Pour all the oil into the mask.
    4. Saturate your locks with a mask and hide your head under a warming cap.
    5. Wash off after one and a half hours.

    Recipe 4. Mask of eggs and vodka

    • Yolks - 5 pcs.,
    • Vodka - 65 grams (for brunettes and brown-haired women - brandy)
    • Yeast - 35 gamma,
    • Glycerin - 15 grams,
    • Gelatin - 25 grams.

    1. Beat yolks with a mixer.
    2. Add the remaining components to them.
    3. Mix thoroughly and apply to the strands.
    4. Leave for half an hour.
    5. Wash off.

    Do not be confused by vodka - it retains moisture in the damaged hair.

    Recipe 5. Mask of gelatin and medicinal herbs

    • Water - 450 ml,
    • Sage - 15 grams,
    • Coltsfoot - 55 grams,
    • Gelatin - 55 grams,
    • Nettle - 25 grams,
    • Mint - 20 grams.

    1. Mix dry herbs.
    2. Fill with boiling water.
    3. Insist 1 hour.
    4. Dissolve the gelatin and wait another 15 minutes.
    5. Mix thoroughly and apply to the strands.
    6. Leave the mask for an hour.
    7. Rinse with cool water.

    How to save hair affected by lightening?

    Ladies love to change an image and can literally in a day from a bright burning brunette become a platinum blonde. After such experiments, the hair often needs special treatment. This will also help you a selection of our tips:

    • Prefer shampoos that do not contain sulfates, paraffin, silicone, petroleum jelly, alkane and surfactants,
    • All care products must contain ceramides, herbs, silk proteins, vitamins E and A, natural oils,
    • Use cosmetics designed for damaged and bleached hair. Their special formula makes strands silky and shiny, and also returns them a healthy and beautiful look.
    • Regularly perform masks for burnt hair - you can safely take the recipes described just above,
    • Drink a course of vitamins (lasts 60 days) or badger fat - they will increase hair growth,
    • Do not brush the wet strands, especially with an iron comb. Replace it with a ridge made of tortoise-shell with wide and rare teeth or a natural brush. It will be better to refuse plastic tools. And do not forget to comb before washing your head,
    • Avoid temperature extremes and large amounts of smoke. If you work in a hazardous industry, wear a protective cap.

    What exactly can not be done?

    • If you are thinking about how to cure burned hair, do not make mistakes that can cross out all the work on yourself. So what can't you do?
    • Do not use the iron, hairdryer, curling iron, hair curlers for the next three months. All similar devices destroy the damaged structure even more.
    • Do not resort to staining, highlighting and coloring, even if we are talking about tonic and shampoos. Paints very aggressively act on a head of hair - you will burn even stronger,
    • Do not give up haircuts. If you do not want to have a haircut very short, remove at least 5-7 cm of “dead” length - the hair after that will look much better
    • Do not tie your hair too tight, do not twist in their bundles, do not use too many hairpins or stealth. Take care of your strands from any negative impact,
    • Do not use lacquers, foams, gels, mousses and other styling products for styling.
    • Do not diet and give up bad habits. The advice, of course, is boring, but believe me, it is very important - it will help in the short term to restore the hair. If the hair will not receive adequate nutrition, the process may be delayed. In your diet should appear foods that include iron, folic acid, calcium, omega-acid, zinc, vitamins A, C, E and group B, copper and magnesium. Lean on clean water, fresh juices and green tea (about 2.7 liters per day),
    • Wear a hat in the cold and in the heat.

    Recovery burned - the process is long and difficult. But, having put certain efforts, you will surely achieve the best results.

    See also: Effective and inexpensive hair products that hide from us (video)

    How to restore burned hair yolk eggs

    Egg yolk is an inexpensive and effective way to restore the appearance of dried hair.

    Here are some popular recipes:

      With lemon. Mix with juice of half a lemon 2 yolks. Apply to hair, hold for 10 minutes and rinse, preferably with a decoction of chamomile. This will improve the condition of the strands and give them shine.

    With mayonnaise. Combine mayonnaise (1 tablespoon) and honey (1 teaspoon) yolk and 2 minced garlic teeth. Rub the mixture into the scalp. Cover your head with plastic and a towel and keep all night. In the morning, wash your hair and rinse your hair with infusion of nettle. This mask will enhance the look of your hair and remove dandruff.

    With onion. With yolk mix 2 tbsp. l melted honey in a water bath and 1 chopped onion. Apply to curls and hold for an hour. After rinse with shampoo to remove onion odor.

    With brandy. Combine 2 whipped yolks with brandy and water (4 tablespoons each). Apply for 20 minutes and wash your hair.

    Yoghurt. Beat 100 ml of yogurt with 2 yolks, add orange or lemon zest (1 teaspoon). Apply for half an hour on the hair and rinse.

    With aloe. Mix 1 tsp. melted honey with aloe juice (1 tbsp. l.) and yolk. Rub the mixture into the roots, then spread over the entire length of the strands. Hold for half an hour, wrapped his head with a towel.

  • With beer. Stir 1 banana, half a glass of beer, liquid honey (1 tbsp. L.) And yolk. Apply to hair for 30 minutes and rinse.

  • To achieve the result, make masks 2 times a week for 3 months.

    How to cure burned hair with mumiyo

    Masks with mumiyo strengthen hair, restore their beauty and stimulate growth.

    Try these recipes:

      With milk. Dissolve 1 tablet of mumiyo in warm milk (3 tablespoons), mix with the same amount of burdock oil. Apply the mixture on the curls, wrap a towel. Hold for half an hour and rinse, then rinse with chamomile decoction.

    With cranberries. Dissolve 2 g of mumiyo in water (5 tbsp.), Pound 100 g of cranberries, mix with 1 tsp. melted honey and combine with mumiyo. Apply the mixture to the entire length of the hair and hold for half an hour.

    With burdock. Dissolve 2 g mumiyo in water (100 ml), add burdock oil (2 tsp) and the same amount of burdock juice. Rub this mixture into the hair roots, and distribute along their length. Hold for half an hour and rinse with shampoo.

    With yolk. 3 g mumiyo dissolve in water (10 ml), mix with honey (1 teaspoon), yolk and olive oil (1 teaspoon). Apply on strands, wrap with a towel. Keep an hour and rinse using shampoo.

  • With honey. 8 tablets mumiyo dissolve in 100 ml of warm water, add 2 tsp. liquid honey and apply for 30 minutes on the scalp, then rinse. Leave the remaining mixture in the refrigerator to use later.

  • How to treat burned hair from essential oils

    The active components of essential oils, acting in a complex on the hair, help strengthen the roots, nourish them, stimulate growth and give shine.

    Here are the suitable recipes:

      With almond oil. Squeeze the juice from two fresh onions and lemon halves, add 2 yolks and almond oil (2 tablespoons). Stir. Application time - 20 minutes.

    With peach and lemon oils. Combine lemon essential oil (2 drops) and peach (2 tbsp. L.) With yolk and glycerin (1.5 tsp.). Apply for 20 minutes.

    With rosemary oil. Dissolve in 1 tbsp. l liquid honey with 3 drops of rosemary and cedar ether, add whipped yolk. Keep on hair for 20 minutes, wrapped with a towel to create a greenhouse effect.

    With peppermint, juniper, pine and avocado oil. Mix with 5 tbsp. l Cognac 2 yolks, juice of half a lemon and aroma oils of mint, juniper, avocado and pine (2 drops). Application time - half an hour. Rinse without shampooing.

  • With rosemary, pepper, basil and ylang-ylang oil. Take 1 drop of rosemary, basil, ylang-ylang and black pepper essential oils. Mix and rub into the roots. After half an hour, rinse with shampoo.

  • What to do with dairy products if your hair is burned

    Masks from dairy products suitable for all types of hair. Due to the content of protein, calcium and phosphorus, they nourish the curls, strengthen the roots, prevent the loss of and the destruction of keratin covering them.

    Below are a few recipes:

      With kefir. Heat the kefir in a water bath to a temperature of 30 ° C and apply it to the hair. Wrap your head with a towel and wait half an hour. If you want to give the mask a flavor, add 2-3 drops of your favorite aroma oil.

    With yogurt. Massage into the scalp with natural yogurt for 10 minutes. Then wrap it with a towel and wash the hair in an hour.

    With milk and egg. Beat 1 egg and mix with a glass of milk. Apply on strands for an hour and wash.

    With milk and black bread. 150 g of black bread pulp pour 100 ml of milk, wait for 20 minutes to soften it, then add castor oil (1 tbsp). Before you are going to wash your hair, apply this mask on the strands for half an hour.

  • With ryazhenka. In 100 ml of ryazhenka pour burdock, castor oil and olive oil (5 drops each). Apply on curls for 30 minutes, wrap them with a towel. Wash off using shampoo.

  • Mask for burnt hair with burdock oil

    Truly a magic elixir for burned hair after lightening, painting and curling is burdock oil.

    Use the following recipes for restoring masks:

      With yolk. Make a mixture of oils of burdock, castor oil and flax (1 tbsp.). Heat in a water bath to 30 ° C and enter the beaten yolks of two eggs. Massaging gently, rub the oil-yolk mixture into the hair roots, then apply it along the entire length of the curls. Hold for half an hour, wrapped his head with a towel.

    With vitamins A, E. Connect with oil extracts of vitamins E, A (1 tsp.), 1 tbsp. l burdock and castor oil. Application time - 30 minutes.

    With lemon juice and brandy. 1 beat the yolk, mix with 1 tsp. lemon juice, then pour brandy (1 tbsp. l.) and a similar amount of oil of castor oil and burdock.

    With aloe. Liquid honey (2 tablespoons) combine with the juice of one leaf aloe (about 2 teaspoons), 2 yolks, brandy (2 tablespoons) and 4 tablespoons. l burdock oil.

    With olive oil. Mix 4 tbsp. l Burdock, castor oil and olive oil. Hold for half an hour on your hair. Rinse with shampoo.

  • With arnica oil. Соедините с маслом арники и репейника (по 2 ст. ложки) 2 взбитых желтка. Держите на прядях 20 минут.

  • Чтобы воздействие репейного масла было эффективнее, перед использованием слегка подогрейте его в микроволновке или на водяной бане.

    Восстановление сожженных волос мёдом

    Due to the unique composition of honey has a positive effect on the hair. Hair with regular use of masks from it become silky and shiny. You can use it for cosmetic procedures in its pure form, as well as combining with different products.

    For example, you can make these masks for burned hair:

      With milk. Combine liquid honey (2 tablespoons) with a glass of milk (temperature - 30 ° C) and hold it for 40 minutes in curls, covering it with a warming bandage.

    With brandy. Stir liquid honey (2 tablespoons) with the same amount of cognac (preheat it to 30 ° C). 20 minutes keep the mixture on the strands, and apply it exclusively on dry curls, rinse with shampoo.

  • With vitamins. Liquid honey (1 tbsp. L.), Vitamin B (1 tbsp. L.), Mix with a beaten egg and keep on hair for 20 minutes. Apply the mask to an unwashed several days curls. Rinse with cool water and shampoo.

  • To make honey work on your hair most effectively, add it to the pre-slightly warmed mask components. But their temperature should not be above 30 ° C, so as not to destroy the micro and macro elements that make up the product.

    Features and rules of hair care

    In addition to the use of masks, burn-through hair also requires proper and careful care, because damaged hair is very vulnerable. All hygiene procedures should be carried out sparingly. Let's talk more:

      The washing up. If the hair is damaged, this procedure should not be performed daily, a maximum of 2-3 times a week, otherwise the hair will continue to drain and lose natural oils. Water for washing should not be hot, a maximum of 40 ° C, otherwise keratin will begin to dissolve, which will further worsen the condition of the strands. It should be used soft, preferably organic shampoo, keep it on them for no longer than 3 minutes, then rinse. After you need to use the balm, which should be on the head of hair the same time, and not written in the instructions for half an hour. Rinse off the balm is better not completely, the hair should be felt slightly "not washed off" from him, and not "squeak" from cleanliness.

    Drying. Only natural, hair dryer - under absolute prohibition. If there is an urgent need to use it, be sure to protect the curls with a caring heat protective spray conditioner. Choose a gentle temperature instrument, if there is - drying with cold air. It is forbidden to shake hair with a towel when drying, just gently blot it and let it dry in the air, in no case do not comb the wet strands and do not go to bed with wet hair.

    Environmental impact. Protect the curls from the effects of the scorching sun, frost, be sure to wear appropriate weather hats. In windy weather, do not walk with your hair loose, but collect them in a braid or cover them with a handkerchief. Do not go with a wet head on the street (for example, on the beach), use moisturizing and sunscreen sprays. Hair conditioner will also protect them from the negative effects of external factors. If you like to visit a bath or sauna, make sure that the strands are dry and protect them with a felt hat, preferably in the form of a beret (to protect the hair from below), which also should not get wet. Soaked felt loses its protective properties.

    Coloring and Curling. It is advisable to do without staining with chemical dyes, but if the grown roots are of a different color, it will be difficult to hold. In this case, choose the same tone and dye your hair not the entire length, but only the regrown radial part. Tinted bleached curls soft means. You can use natural dyes - chamomile, walnut peel, onion peel, black tea, just add the necessary ingredient to the regenerating mask. Loose strands should not be permed.

    Combing and styling. It is impossible to use thermometers (curling irons, tongs, hair dryers, rectifiers, thermo rollers). If there is an emergency, do not forget about the thermal protective agent, but never use the device if the hair is wet. Also banned all kinds of metal hairpins, invisible and studs. Laying strands in the hairstyle, try not to use varnish, foam and other means of styling. Do not braid tight braids, choose loose weaving, do not overtighten the curls with tight rubber bands. Use hairbrushes with rare teeth. When combing do not pull the strands, move your hand smoothly, slowly, starting from the ends, holding the curl. Wet hair is especially vulnerable, so you cannot comb it, wait until it dries out.

    A haircut. This is the easiest way to upgrade your hair. Cut your hair short and your hair will be updated to an acceptable state in a short time. If such a radical solution to the problem is not for you, cut 3-5 cm from the burned-out strands and in the future do not forget to regularly cut the tips. This will stop their further dissection.

  • Nutrition and Lifestyle. For hair to grow strong and healthy, protein and amino acid cysteine ​​are necessary. So the cuticle will be full, and the follicle - strong. This means that the curls will become shiny, not brittle, they will not be pulled out due to the slightest movement of the comb. Receipt of the necessary substances in the body occurs in the process of nutrition, so make sure that your diet is balanced, be sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables during the season. Lead a healthy lifestyle: get enough sleep, relax, please yourself, walk a lot in the fresh air.

  • How to restore burned hair - see the video:

    Look all !! RESTORED BROWN HAIR !! MANY PHOTO OF HAIR! + STEP BY INSTRUCTION! + Funds that helped grow healthy hair !! Review updated 12.01.2014g.

    Girls, all welcome!))

    To begin with, my hair is problematic. Little background: she often dyed her hair at one time, was a fan of various irons, etc., and as a result, dry, burned hair that protrudes in all directions, splits, does not comb. In addition, they began to fall out wildly, just some kind of horror, I lost a lot of hair. I tried a lot of money, but it didn't really help. I decided that it was all foolish and decided not to dye them, stupidly grow hair, and old women cut off their hair (I don’t want to do a short haircut). But everything is not so simple, because- Another problem is that my hair grows very slowly (((just some kind of trouble. Well, the third problem is, on top of everything, I have oily scalp, i.e. After various masks and so on, the hair gets dirty very quickly, so I don’t abuse them (((In short, all in one bottle. My hair is in the normal state in the photo below. You can see healthy grown hair. I want to notice that I did before laminating a few days before hair remover that finally killed my hair, but at least leveled the color off curly hair ..

    I decided to try this method of lamination, because lamination didn’t do before and there’s no time to go to the salons, all of a sudden it won’t help, and I’ll just throw out the money.

    I did this:

    . )I bought gelatin (lucky, I got a batch, inside 5 portion sachets of 6 grams, each sealed). Took 2 bags of 6 grams, it is about 2 tbsp. spoons. Added about 6 tbsp. spoons a little warm water, allowed to brew for 15 minutes. After that, hoping to solve all her hair problems at once, she added the following products to her eye to obtain a uniform consistency:

    1) Balm-mask for hair Dove nourishing care (smoothes dry hair, contains nourishing oils)

    2) Balsam-conditioner Kera-Nova "For hair growth" (very good pains, containing in itself nicotinic acid and hot pepper extract, which improve blood circulation, improve the nutrition of hair roots. And also the well-known keratin and white clay.)

    3) Agafia thick balsam "To strengthen strength and growth." (A wonderful balm, perfectly smoothes hair, is made on the basis of melt water, contains white honey, an infusion of herbs, burdock oil. Very good nourishes, well smoothes and stimulates growth !! I recommend it to everyone !!

    4) Belita balsam "Egg yolk" (a good balsam based on egg extract. It nourishes and restores.

    5) One hundred beauty recipes "Pepper balm to strengthen hair"

    6) Lavender essential oil (ideal for dry, dry, damaged hair, restores structure, gives shine.)

    7) Razmarin essential oil (Nourishes the roots, stimulates hair growth, strengthens the roots, gives a beautiful shine)

    IMPORTANT ADDITION. I want to note that a very big difference in effect is played by what kind of balms you add .. soon I tried to add completely different ones, the effect is a little different, I concluded that the more natural they are, the better the effect is, because Very silicone chemical balms for the campaign themselves kill the unfortunate gelatin and the hair instead of gelatin, fill with silicones and do not allow the gelatin to penetrate the hair and do their work. And as a conclusion, you can not see the special effect of lamination.

    After that, she put the whole mixture in the microwave for 30 seconds, stirred it again and applied wet hair FROM ROOTS TO TIPS to the previously washed up shampoo with massaging movements and wrapped with a soft film, placed on top of the bag. I waited an hour))) Then I washed it off with warm water WITHOUT A SHAMPOO and rinsed with cold water. Dryed with a hairdryer.

    Result You can appreciate the photo)))) Insanely happy, the hair is very beautiful, straight sparkle, well smoothed, felt, nutrition and hydration! And still hair considerably were condensed, Such feeling that each hair was covered with an invisible film. Girls, this is plague. I recommend to everyone. Waiting for comments)

    01/12/2014 Update a review in a year:

    They continue to use this wonderful method of lamination, they still like it a lot))).

    And yet, finally grew healthy hair))). Since after the above procedures, I lost most of the hair, the recovery and growing process was very difficult .. I tried almost everything I could .. First I had to completely abandon chemical shampoos that give short-term effects of moisturizing and beauty (and in fact only they kill the hair even more) and completely change the care for them .. Because skin and hair cannot breathe under all this chemistry.

    Here are the tools that also took part in growing healthy hair.

    1) Here is this wonderful natural shampoo from Natura Siberica, which miraculously transformed my hair! And since it does not contain any chemistry and due to the fact that it really very deeply cleanses and heals hair, I finally did have a undercoat, and my hair finally began to grow thick and healthyAnd by the way, it also gives the effect of lamination!

    2) And this is a natural moisturizing mask from Natura Siberica, which perfectly moisturizes and restores hair and contains a large number of extracts))

    Photos of the result and effort))). This is how my hair now looks immediately after washing ALWAYS, without ironing and extra sprays, "indelible", lamination, etc.))