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How to behave a man when a woman cries?


Many men cannot answer the question of why women cry so often. Girls are sentimental creations, and they are ready to burst into tears for any reason. Condemn such behavior is not worth it. It is part of the character of any woman. Knowing the causes of women's weaknesses, men can brace themselves for tears and not be taken by surprise.

Relieve mental stress

Why do women always want to cry? If the work of the ladies is associated with any increased moral tension, then the woman will often cry at home.

At work, the lady will do her best to save face, but at home she will allow herself to be weak. Tears help relieve mental stress and relax. This psychological technique comes from childhood. Mothers are advised to girls to cry and say that later it will be easier. Women take this phrase literally and therefore give free rein to tears every time the nervous system is cocked. This kind of discharge is very effective. After crying a few minutes, the lady feels reborn. Tears seem to wash away the sadness from the soul. Such mood swings can shock any man. But no need to be surprised. Sensitive female nature is capable of strong and instantaneous drops. But you can not worry about women's anger immediately after tears. Having cried, the woman for some time will be in a good mood.

Considers himself guilty

The conscience of all people is different. Someone suffers her injections at the slightest of his fault, and someone feels like a conscience whines when the person has crossed the line of what is permitted. Why do women cry? Psychologists say that ladies cry when they feel guilty.

Girls may sob and scroll through all possible scenarios in their head if they did not act the way they had already done. Such self-twisting benefits man does not bring. The girl only shakes her nervous system more strongly if she engages in self-flagellation instead of finding a way out of the embarrassing situation. Tears will only help in the first stage of awareness of their own guilt. Then they will be useless. Psychologists say that crying is necessary as long as tears bring relief. Calm down should be 5-7 minutes after the start of hysteria. Otherwise, a woman will harm her own fit with her seizure. Blaming yourself for what has already happened is meaningless. It is necessary to conclude and live on.


Why does a woman cry all the time? A lady can sob for some reason, or she can do it for show. For example, in a dispute with a man, when a woman is running out of arguments, the lady can turn to her secret weapon. Men can not tolerate women's tears, they seem to be a manifestation of weakness. If the representative of the stronger sex sees a girl who is crying, he immediately wants to hug and comfort the lady. And women, knowing this feature of men, shamelessly use secret weapons.

Tears have a strong manipulating effect. With the help of them, a lady can prove her right not only to a man, but even to a woman. In defense of the representatives of the weaker sex, one can say that many of the girls use the tears unconsciously, they act according to the instinct laid down by nature.

Tears of happiness

Girls are emotional creatures. Why does a woman cry often? Ladies can sob not only from grief, but also from happiness. Not coping with violent emotions, the girl receives emotional relief with the help of tears. After crying, the lady is relieved, she can collect her thoughts and act adequately. But at the moment of violent joy, the woman's brain shuts off, since the nervous system cannot cope. Is it good or bad? Definitely bad.

Anyone should be able to cope with their emotions and avoid overloading. Nerves are not eternal and at the moment of stormy joy, just as at the moment of terrible grief, a person loses a part of his nerve cells, which, as we know, do not recover. A girl who often cries of happiness should curb her emotions and take control of them. Otherwise, after a few years, the girl will have to be treated for serious nervous diseases.


Tears help the lady to restore composure. Why do women cry for no reason? Tears soothe a woman about as much as a man's cigarette. A guy may, during a period of nervous tension or frustration, smoke a cigarette and thereby divert his mind by making a useful relaxation of consciousness. A girl who has no bad habits, instead of a cigarette uses tears. After crying for 5 minutes, the woman calms down, it becomes easier for her, not because the problem has changed, but because the lady has revised her attitude to the problem. Even a short distraction helps calm down and relieve stress. After that, you can begin to solve a problem that now will not seem as insoluble as it was just 5 minutes ago.


Girls love to take care of those who are weaker than them. Women have developed maternal instinct, which allows them to sympathize not only with children, but also with animals, as well as with adults deprived of love. Why do women cry? Sympathy is one of the reasons why you can see tears in the eyes of a girl. A lady can sincerely empathize with both a living person and an invented character. Therefore, in the cinema or when watching a movie at home, women have eyes in a wet place. Feminine sympathy is a good quality that helps many people live happily. Compassionate girl will always take care of the happiness of others, thereby benefiting this world.

Why do women cry? Girls do not know how to restrain their feelings. Yes, and psychologists do not advise to accumulate negative emotions in your soul. Therefore, the insult to the girl may become known. It does not matter, the big offense was or very easy. For example, on the face of a young person, you can see tears if the girl is late for her minibus. Men may think that it is silly to cry over trifles. But such an instant emotional discharge helps a woman not to accumulate negativity in her soul. If a lady collects offenses, and negative emotions are stored in the soul, then at the most unexpected moment there will be a surge of emotions that will grow into a scandal or a major quarrel.

Don't you understand why women cry? Girls can cry in pain. The pain threshold in men is higher than in women. Therefore, the weaker sex can not tolerate strong attacks of pain. And in order not to scream, the woman begins to cry. Tears relieve tension, muscles relax, and pain subsides. Therefore, it is useful to cry not only from an emotional, but also from a physiological point of view. To hurt a woman has to quite often. Monthly symptoms of PMS, difficult pregnancies, childbirth and the further upbringing of children are associated with pain. In order to endure all life's trials and not break, nature has given a woman the opportunity to help herself on her own through tears.

Why does a woman cry?

The reasons why the weak sex sheds tears can be many - from the banal sentimentality that has arisen after watching a sad movie, to deeper internal problems that a man may not even be aware of.

Tears can be a reaction to an insult, a quarrel that happened the day before, the result of fatigue, hopelessness or lack of attention, how to understand what has become the real reason? No matter how trite it may sound, perhaps with a crying woman you just need to try to talk.

Immediately make a reservation - in a fit of hysteria, you can hardly achieve anything intelligible, but after some time the result will still be achieved. When the reason becomes clear, it is much easier to find the right words, and, perhaps, to proceed to concrete actions: for example, if a serious problem gnaws at a girl, you can try to find a solution to her together.

What to do?

Consolation and tenderness. Perhaps the most faithful and sensible option is to hold a woman to her, hug him tightly, show feeling and care, comfort in tender words, maybe even as a child, sit on your knees and try to understand what is wrong with your beloved.

Express your assumptions about what happened, perhaps it will quickly reveal to you. Pick up some relevant compliments, express the words of love and just shut up - sometimes tears need to be given free rein.

Distracting action. If the beloved does not want to admit what the matter is, and you have no assumptions on this point, you need to apply "deceptive maneuvers": bring a glass of cool water, offer to wash if you have a clean scarf or napkin in your pocket - offer it, because - dzhentelmenski observe how the lady's makeup spreads.

Cover your favorite with a blanket, offer to drink tea together, or just sit in silence, stroking the sad creature on the head and shoulders.

What can not be done?

In no case do not try to blame the woman for her tears, to give out some phrases like “You sob again! How much is possible! ”, Or even worse, confused, to leave a woman in this state alone. Perhaps, for the fair sex - this is the worst sin on the part of a man who will be very difficult to forgive.

Even if a stranger cries - do not pass by, do not leave her alone, it is better to pat her shoulders in a friendly way and positively add that everything has changed for the better. It is quite possible, if both of you are free - out of such an unpleasant accident, a strong friendship or even something more can grow.

How to deal with men: 5 rules

Living by the rules is hard, I understand that perfectly.

Sometimes you want to spit on everything and make a note of chaos, madness and confusion in your planned life.

One note, perhaps, you can still make, but not more, otherwise you will have to get the resulting mess for a long time.

This lyrical digression is directly related to how to behave with a man.

In a relationship with a strong sex, you also need to follow certain rules, not too often departing from them.

One of the wisest women taught me these rules.

At the old work, the authorities often invited her to conduct trainings.

Irina Ivanovna was not only an experienced psychologist, but also a gorgeous woman, which at the age of 45 could give a head start to any 20-year-old, had a husband who adored her, and two adult children-students.

One day, taking advantage of the fact that the bosses left on their own business, and appreciating our mostly female team, Irina Ivanovna decided to devote half an hour to the topic “How to behave with men” and shared her own experience of a happy marriage.

5 rules on how to behave with a man:

1. Keep your appeal.

2. Be caring.

3. Do not push him, trying to occupy the whole personal space of a man.

4. Less squabbles, scandals, nagging over trifles.

5. Do not "castrate" your loved one.

Remain beautiful and you don’t have to think too much about how to behave with a man

Every woman has her own secrets of personal charm and attractiveness, but no one will argue that there are any common standards of beauty.

You can, of course, say as much as you like: “But I weigh 100 kilograms, I don’t dye, I don’t go to beauty salons and in general she’s still a bitch, but my husband doesn’t like me, but how sincere you are in your statements?

Perfectly pumped priest, impeccable makeup and expensive sexual gear - this is not a complete formula of female attractiveness, although, as for me, every woman should learn to use decorative cosmetics, dress well and play sports.

It is very important not only to learn how to behave properly with a man, but also:

- regularly do a manicure and pedicure,

- to deal with excess vegetation on the body,

- put your hair in order,

- take care of the beauty of your skin,

- wear beautiful clothes,

- monitor health, etc.

Do you want to learn how to behave with a man? Be caring!

Every person is a bit of an egoist, which puts his own interests above others.

This is, in principle, correct, but the main thing in their selfish desires is not to overreact.

Especially if you try to understand how to behave with a man.

The strong sex loves to be taken care of.

I do not mean that you need to wear a boyfriend in the teeth of slippers and foresee any desire, but he should feel your care.

Besides, being caring and behaving correctly with a man is not so difficult:

1. Treat your understanding of his tastes and desires (within reasonable limits, of course), whether it be requests to experiment in bed or make cheesecakes for breakfast.

2. Listen to what he is telling you, what he is talking about, keep the conversation going, even if this fishing / hunting / cars / tanchiki are already sitting in your liver.

3. Care for him during his illness (men for the most part are lousy and suspicious patients).

4. Wei nest: the house should be cozy and comfortable for living.

5. Be close in conflicts, and when he is completely wrong - gently (and most importantly - alone!) Point it out.

6. Give him gifts (do not give only useful things every time, sometimes buy what he wants).

7. Praise him - men love flattery.

Respecting personal space means behaving properly with a man

Many women, when they bind their lives with a man, completely forget that they were fully accomplished personalities before him (had interests, hobbies, their social circle, plans, dreams) and completely dissolved in relationships.

Okay, that's your business, but why do you demand the same from him?

If you treat your loved one as if he is your personal property, he will soon get tired of this noose and he will run away.

But to behave with a man should be completely different:

1. Leave him time, energy and money for a hobby.

2. Do not yell for the fact that he sometimes meets with friends in a purely male company.

3. Do not search through personal mail, do not monitor social networks, do not read SMS.

4. Do not follow him.

5. Do not call 100 times a day with questions "Where are you?".

6. Do not force to report on each step.

7. Do not criticize his friends, etc.

Love for scandals and whining prevents women from behaving properly with men

Dear women, remember, all men (that's all up to one) can not stand women drank.

I understand that family life can not be honey-sugar in the style of "Yes, dear", "How do you want, darling", but it is absolutely wrong to itch every day like a Friendship chainsaw, to whine, complain and make trouble over trifles.

Why do some ladies turn their lives and the lives of their husbands into hell with whining, scandals, grumbling, I really do not understand.

If you have any claims, they must be substantiated and expressed calmly, without hysteria.

It is also very important to offer some kind of solution to the problem.

You do not need to behave with a man like an evil mother-in-law from anecdotes “I don’t know how, but absolutely not so”, to blow your lips because of different stuff and act according to the principle “guess yourself what I need.”

Not a single normal man would endure such stupid pressure. And why do you yourself need such a life? For the love of masochism?

The video below presents another great tip on how to properly behave with a man:

It is not so important how to behave with a man, the main thing is not to “castrate” him!

Naturally, I use the word “castration” in a figurative sense and I mean the situation when a woman with her own words, actions, behavior destroys everything male in a man, turning him into some kind of weak-willed old woman who does not have the right to vote in her house.

If you want to behave with a man correctly, then please:

1. Do not criticize him on trifles.

2. Do not humiliate him, especially in public.

3. Do not tread on his manhood.

4. Do not make him a henpecked, who does not dare to breathe without your royal permission.

5. Do not try to do everything on your own: repair the cranes, raise children, and with the builders doing your repairs, swear.

6. Do not use the phrase "Because I said so," "It will be as I want," "You are stupid, so I will do everything myself," "Do not go, you will spoil everything" and others.

7. Remember more often that you are still a woman, which means that the weaker sex, while the man is strong. Do not change roles!

Of course, you are not required to follow these tips.

Choose another tactic how to behave with a man, but if it does not give good fruits, then perhaps it is time to think: “And what am I doing wrong” and listen to smart people with an established personal life.

If a man cries. Memo to women.

1. Try to be tactful. Pretend not to notice the restrained male sobs.

2. If the sobs are not restrained enough - pat the man on the shoulder with the words "Well, well!"

3. If the man continues to cry, check his diaper and give the chest.