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How to restore the broken powder?


Even the most accurate female representative is not insured against accidental drops of cosmetics. It is especially insulting when powder or shadows belong to a branded manufacturer. Yes, and with the damage of the budget purchase is not easy to accept. The easiest option is to simply throw the spoiled product into the urn. But do not go to extremes. How to restore the broken powder? There are several ways that will quickly help save your favorite cosmetic joys.

Should I try to reanimate the broken cosmetics?

Very often, girls write on the forums: "I smashed powder. How to recover?" In response, you can hear a lot of negative comments about the failure of the process, they say, it is easier to throw the powder and buy a new one. And if it cost more than one thousand rubles, or was the road as the ideal cosmetic product that you have been looking for so long? Therefore, it is recommended to listen to clear advice on how to restore broken powder. Below we describe how to save the shadows, powder box or rouge, which have been subjected to a fall. After reading the tips, any person will be able to bring cosmetics to its original appearance and use it for make-up for a long time, until it ends as a result of use.

The most popular method

Consider the necessary components for the implementation of the well-known method that tells how to restore the broken powder, blush or bronzer. For the implementation of the planned need:

  • case with a broken cosmetic.
  • alcohol medical.
  • dessert spoon.
  • napkin.
  • flat surface of small diameter. Perfect a small coin or cap.

Instructions for restoring broken powder with alcohol

The best way to save your favorite matting agent that has been accidentally broken is to use alcohol. The action algorithm for achieving the desired result is as follows:

  • Carefully remove the chipped pieces of cosmetic and all the dust particles in a transparent pouch or cling film.
  • Take a spoon and grind the mass into powder. It is worth considering that even the surviving pieces must be crushed.
  • Next, you need to pour the contents of the bag into the factory cell in which the powder was originally.
  • Take medical alcohol, pour the contents of the powder box. The volume of fluid depends on the amount of the cosmetic itself. It may take a few drops or a full cap.
  • Bring the resulting powder to a pasty state.
  • Spread evenly over the mold, avoiding the formation of tubercles and depressions.
  • Wait 5 seconds until the alcohol solution is completely absorbed.
  • Spread the food film on top of the cell and press down with a flat surface.
  • Clean the edges with a tissue. Leave an open case with powder for the night.

The next morning you can use the product as before. During this time, the alcohol will completely evaporate, and the cosmetics will be like new.

How to restore the broken powder without alcohol

It happens, incidents happen when any girl is faced with the problem of falling cosmetics. Most often from friends you can hear: "I broke the powder." How to restore your favorite cosmetics without alcohol? After all, it has the property of drying out, therefore, for people with sensitive skin types, it is worth considering another more gentle option. In this case, we can recall the physics and properties of the powder, which can be shaped using pressure.

Instructions for saving broken powder with iron

  • Heat the iron to maximum temperature.
  • Grind powder into powder.
  • Put the product in a bag with a clasp.
  • In the package, once again grind the composition, making sure there are no large particles.
  • Take the metal factory cell from the powder.
  • Pour the resulting powder into a container.
  • Carefully tamp the contents with a spoon.
  • Turn off the iron and press it as closely as possible to the powder box (the result depends on it).
  • Hold for 15 seconds.
  • Repeat the previous action two more times.
  • Wait until the metal cell is completely cool and glue it to its original place.

Now you know how to restore the broken powder and give it a second life. These tips will save you from unnecessary expenses on new cosmetics.

What will happen to the powder if you break it?

Compact powder is a must have and a real magic wand for many of the fair sex: it is simple and easy to use, does not take up much space and has an economical consumption. But if it falls on a solid surface, even from a small height, it will instantly lose its original properties. The structure of the tool will be broken, the pressed composition will disintegrate into pieces, and it will be impossible to type and apply it with a sponge or brush. The same thing after the fall will happen with other similar means, such as rouge or shadows.

Method one

If you decide to use this method, then prepare high-quality ethyl alcohol with a strength of at least 70%, a plastic bag or food film, a spoon, a cotton pad or a paper napkin, if desired, a flat round object (for example, a coin or a lid from a five-liter bottle), and also directly affected by the fall of the powder.

  1. Take the powder and place it in a bag or wrap it with cling film so as not to contaminate the table or other work surface during handling. If you have a tight bag with a convenient and reliable zip-clasp, take it.
  2. Now your task is to crush compact powder into pieces as much as possible. At first glance it may seem that this way you completely spoil it, but in fact this stage will allow you to return the product to its original state. Therefore, treat it responsibly and crush the powder carefully so that there is no lump left. For such actions, you can use a spoon, the back of a pencil or the handle of a small knife.
  3. Now remove the bag or film and once again carefully crush the powder to remove all even small lumps.
  4. Next, add some alcohol to the crumbled powder. Its quantity will depend on the volume of the cosmetic: for a small package, one-third or half a tablespoon will suffice, and if the product is packed in a large container, then add 1.5 tablespoons. But it is better to determine the amount in the process: the powder should be completely wet, but do not pour it. If you accidentally add more than you need, then just soak up the excess with a napkin or cotton pad.
  5. When the alcohol soaks the powder, mix everything thoroughly.
  6. Next came the alignment phase. If you want a perfect surface, level it with a flat, rounded object. And to add a little texture, swipe the composition with a cotton pad or paper napkin. You can also use your own finger for alignment, pre-covering the tool with a film.
  7. Now leave the powder in the open state all night. During this time, the alcohol will completely evaporate and, as it were, seal and compress the composition, giving it an original texture.

Second way

This method can be used by owners of sensitive and delicate skin, who are worried about the fact that alcohol will irritate and dry. In addition, if the powder is placed in a metal container glued to the case, then this method will be particularly effective. You will need an iron, a spoon, a packet, a sharp object and broken powder.

Description of the recovery process:

  1. Heat the iron by turning it on to maximum temperature.
  2. While the device is heated and heated, enjoy the powder. It, as well as in the first described method, needs to be crumbled carefully. Place the product in a bag and chop with a spoon or any other object with a hard end.
  3. Now it is necessary to remove the metal container from the case, otherwise under the influence of strong heating the plastic, from which the packaging for cosmetics is usually made, will simply melt or become strongly deformed. To remove, pry the container with a powder with a thin knife or other sharp object and carefully separate it from the base. And in order not to scatter the powder, you can first move it into a bag, and then return it, grinding it again to remove lumps.
  4. Tamp the composition and even it in any way described above: with a spoon, a lid, a finger or a coin.
  5. Turn off the iron and make sure that the steam and water spray features are turned off. In general, it is better to completely remove it from the container in order to avoid accidental contact with the powder.
  6. Now place the iron with the sole on the container with the powder and press it as far as possible with your hand for fifteen seconds. Then, for a few moments, lift the device and return it to its original place and apply pressure for fifteen seconds. The heat penetrates into the structure of the product and literally fuses and reliably connects its particles, restoring the compact powder and returning its original characteristics.
  7. Let the powder cool, and then process the container with glue from the back side and glue it to the bottom of the case.

Finally, a few recommendations:

  • To clean the powder-stained case, you can use a cotton swab dipped in water or a clean, thin brush from an old eyeliner. Removing residues from narrow holes will help a toothpick. Mirror you just need to wipe with a damp cloth, and then dry.
  • If the packaging is damaged and broken, you can try to glue it with superglue. But you can move the product to the container from another fully used cosmetic. If there is none, then take a flat jar of cream, although it will not be very convenient to use it, as it most likely has a screw cap and does not have a mirror.
  • Instead of ethyl alcohol, you can take isopropyl. But do not replace it with acetone or solvent: such agents are harmful to the skin and can cause undesirable reactions.
  • If the described actions did not help, it is possible that the means has expired, and it should be definitely thrown away.

Broken powder is not a problem, and now you can easily and quickly restore it yourself.

Recovery Instructions:

  • We collect all the pieces (of course, except for those that were on the floor) in the powder box and the box from under the shadows and with the back of the brush, rubbing them all to a powder so that there are no pieces left,
  • Carefully, gradually pour the resulting powder with medical alcohol to a thick slurry. It is very important not to overdo it. To do this, type alcohol in a pipette or syringe and in small portions add it to the remnants of the shadows / blush,
  • Mix the resulting mass until smooth, gently level. Now our task is to press well and smoothly what we have done.

Ideally, you need to press something solid and accurately repeating the shape of this powder - a metal circle or square (you can use a coin of suitable diameter, wrapped in a napkin).

Usually do so: On the resulting mass of shadows and alcohol, put a rolled-up napkin and a coin on top that will act as a press. Press the coin to compress the shadows (preferably not to break the box when pressed).

Another nuance - the napkin should be dense enough so as not to become limp and not remain on the surface of the still not frozen shadows.

Thus, a part of the alcohol will evaporate, and a part will be absorbed into our napkin, and the broken powder / shadows will again be even and even, like new ones. We leave everything overnight with the lid open so that the remaining moisture evaporates:

Hint: So that after the restoration of the shadow or powder does not crack, you need to follow 4 simple rules:

  1. Dilute reanimated product only with alcohol,
  2. Before pressing, the shadow must be very carefully mixed to a thick homogeneous mass with alcohol. The key word in this case is homogeneous.
  3. It is necessary to compress the resulting mass with sufficient force,
  4. Do not finish drying the finished product in a warm place - in the sun, on the battery, in a draft, etc. Everything should dry at normal room temperature. It is enough to leave open the lid of cosmetics.

Visually see how cosmetics can be restored on video:

By the same method, but adding some glycerin besides alcohol, it is possible to make pressed out of crumbly shadows. And if you overdo it with glycerin - cream

Powder Types

On the shelves of cosmetics stores you can find a lot of tools for leveling the tone of the face and masking flaws. One such product is powder. Depending on the type, such a substance is used to correct the shape of the face, to mask defects and inflammations, as well as to even out skin tone.

    Crumbly. It is sold in large jars and applied with a brush. It looks like a powder. It is used to matte the skin and give a light shade.

Compact. This is the most common option. This tool is available in the cosmetic bag for each girl. Allows you to hide small defects of the dermis and even out the tone of the face.

In balls. Now this option is also popular. When using a brush, the shades of the balls are mixed, which allows to achieve a smooth tone. Apply a tool for smoothing skin color and a slight flickering effect. A great option for evening make-up.

Green. This type of remedy is used to mask acne and inflammations. It is applied exclusively on problem areas. From above it is covered with several layers of usual powder of beige color.

Bronze. Mainly used for evening makeup. Looks great on tanned skin. As a rule, it is applied to the cheekbones and cheeks. Well corrects the shape of the face.

  • Transparent. It is used exclusively for leveling the face and matting. Does not contain pigments and dyes.

  • How to restore the broken powder at home with alcohol

    Alcohol is an excellent organic solvent that evaporates quickly. It is thanks to this property that it is used to restore compact powder and shadows.

    Tools and materials:

    • Broken cosmetic
    • 2-10 ml of alcohol 96%,
    • Food film or zip package,
    • Rolling pin
    • Spoon.

    Recovery Instructions:

      Pour all the agent into a bag or tape and fasten the clasp. This will prevent powder from spilling out. If a part remains in the powder box, remove the residuals and transfer them to the bag.

    Using a rolling pin or the back of a fork, turn everything into powder. Even if there are whole pieces left, turn them into dust.

    Pour the crushed mass into the powder box and add a few drops of alcohol. Stir the disposable plastic spoon thoroughly. To this end, you can use a brush for makeup.

    Carefully average everything, and if necessary add more alcohol. It is necessary to make a thick porridge. Using a brush, tamp it down. Smooth the edges.

    Take a paper towel or napkin and attach to the surface. Press down a little. Thus, part of the alcohol is absorbed into the paper, and the product will become drier.

  • Using a cotton swab dipped in alcohol, gently remove any powder residue from the plastic case. Leave the box with the tool open for a day. During this time, the solvent will evaporate, and the powder will harden and will not spill out of the tank.

  • How to collect broken powder with hydrogen peroxide

    Hydrogen peroxide is not the best solvent for powder recovery. The fact is that it dries rather slowly. So you have to wait for the paste to dry. The order of assembly and recovery is different from the method of using alcohol.

    Tools and materials:

      Pour the tool into the package. If there are lumps of substances in the powder box, pick them out and put them in a bag or film. Using a rolling pin, turn everything into a uniform, fine powder.

    Pour a quarter of the powder into the powder box and add a few drops of peroxide. Stir until gruel.

    Level the substance with a plastic knife. Spread some dry powder and press it down. It is necessary that the surface becomes wet.

    Pour some more dry powder and a little peroxide. Top again with a layer of powder. Put a paper towel on top and press in a substance. The napkin should be wet.

  • Dampen a cotton swab in the peroxide and remove any residue from the plastic case. Leave the powder box open for 2 days.

  • Smashed powder, how to restore water

    This is a fairly simple method that does not require alcohol, peroxide, or any other solvent. Everything is very simple. Only water is used.

    Tools and materials:

    • Broken powder box
    • Water in sprayer
    • Coin or metal plate,
    • Plastic spoon.


      No need to pour powder residues into the bag. Crumble it right in the pan. Use sushi sticks or a plastic spoon for this.

    When all the powder turns to powder, sprinkle its surface with water from the sprayer.

    Press the powder side of the spoon into the pan. Place a coin on top and heat it with a hair dryer.

    Press the warm coin again. Водите ею кругообразными движениями до получения ровной поверхности.

  • Удалите остатки средства с пластиковой коробки при помощи влажных салфеток. Оставьте пудру высыхать на протяжении двух суток.

  • Разбила пудру, как восстановить без спирта антисептиком

    В данном случае для восстановления косметики применяется антисептик для рук. It can be purchased at any pharmacy. Ideal Bacilol, it will kill all pathogens and restore powder.

    Tools and materials:

      Collect the remaining powder in a file and turn it into a powder with a spoon. This can be done with a rolling pin; in some sources, pieces of the product are advised to be ground in a coffee grinder.

    Pour the powder into the metal pan and sprinkle with antiseptic. Using a spoon, turn everything into a uniform substance.

    Put a paper towel on top and press down. Paper will absorb residual solvent.

  • Open the lid and let the product dry for a day. Clean the plastic case with a cotton pad moistened with an antiseptic.

  • How to restore the powder with petroleum jelly

    As a result of recovery, you will receive not a compact powder, but a foundation. But it is better than throwing away an expensive cosmetic.

    Materials and tools:

    • Spoon or plastic knife,
    • Cosmetic petrolatum,
    • Broken powder
    • Bottle with dispenser,
    • The file is stationery.


      Pour into file and grind to powder. To do this, use a rolling pin or the convex side of a spoon.

    Pour the powder into the dispenser bottle. Enter cosmetic vaseline and mix.

    For mixing, use bamboo skewers for kebabs. It is necessary that the mass was homogeneous.

    Put the dosing cap on the bottle and shake. It is necessary to make a homogeneous paste.

  • Store as much as possible in the refrigerator. Shake if necessary.

  • General rules for the restoration of powder

    Of course, all the ways to restore the powder helps to make it as good as new. But in order not to be upset and not to spoil your favorite cosmetic, follow certain rules.

    Powder Recovery Rules:

      Do not use dirty tap water for recovery. Only distilled will do. Stir the compound thoroughly to make it uniform without lumps.

    Alcohol should be used as a solvent with a concentration of at least 70%.

    Do not leave to dry the powder in the sun. It is necessary that the drying took place in the shade. After all, direct sunlight destroys the tool and makes it tough.

  • Do not use vodka as a solvent. Often, manufacturers introduce glucose and a variety of sweeteners into it. This can give the product a strange smell and make it sticky.

  • Many complain that after recovery with alcohol, the product is poorly applied or dries the skin. Therefore, you can leave everything as it was. That is, pour it into a container and use it as a crumbly powder. If you add bronzer to the powder, you will get an excellent cleavage tool.

    How to restore powder - see the video:

    How to restore broken powder, eye shadow or blush

    Photos from the site: blogspot.com

    Such an excess can happen to every person, and you don’t feel like losing your favorite cosmetics, which often also has a fairly high cost. So what to do, how to fix the powder, which crumbled and is it possible to do something like that at all? We offer you two really useful instructions on what to do if the powder is broken, but I really don't want to throw it out. Nothing complicated here, the truth will have to work carefully, gently, try not to get dirty, but in the end the powder box will serve you for quite a long time.

    Many women ask the question: “I accidentally broke powder, how to restore it, is there anything you can do and how effective methods exist for this?” In fact, there are two simplest and most accessible ways that you can use if you have broken powder. home conditions.

    Required materials and equipment

    Understanding how to restore compactness and density, if the powder broke, as well as studying several popular methods, it is necessary first to understand that this may require special tools. Fortunately, you will not have to buy anything, and everything that is needed most often is in every hostess. What tools and ingredients may be needed to restore the powder, which has broken, we now and find out. Similarly, you can do with rouge or shadows, so that such an experience is definitely not superfluous.

    Photos from the site: webshop.do.am

    • The powder box itself or box with rouge, shadows, or another broken cosmetic.
    • The usual medical (ethyl) alcohol from the pharmacy.
    • Spoon or kitchen spatula. The best fit plastic, without unnecessary chipping and with a smooth surface.
    • Napkins are dry.
    • Plastic bags with zip-lok clasp.
    • Flat surface of small size (lid, coin, and so on).
    • Iron.

    How to recover, if the powder crumbled, it will not be difficult to understand at all, the main thing is to act strictly according to the instructions. There are two simplest and most effective ways to fix broken powder, so that it becomes as good as new. Moreover, such manipulations with shadows, blush and powder can be done several times, if the story suddenly repeats, and there is still quite a lot of powder.

    Medical alcohol: how to restore powder

    In order to restore the powder that has crumbled, you first need to prepare a workplace that you need to carefully cover with a napkin or paper towel. Prepare alcohol, a special spatula, powder box and get to work.

    Photos from the site: whstatic.com

    • Pour all the powder from the compact box into a plastic bag and fasten it on the clasp, releasing as much air as possible. If there is no such bag in the household, you can use the usual cling film, which will need to wrap powder powder. The main thing is to strictly follow that the substance does not spread throughout the kitchen when you work with it.
    • Even if there are whole pieces in the powder that did not break, they should be carefully crushed. Some recommend making it a small hammer, but a regular spoon will be absolutely enough. Just mash the powder until it completely turns to dust. Crush the substance very thoroughly so that your powder does not turn out to be excessively grainy.
    • Very carefully pour all the powder back into the powder box, just into the container, where it was before, trying not to spill a single gram. If you notice again some lumps, it will not prevent them to knead to a powdery state.
    • Open the bottle of alcohol, pour the fragrant liquid into the cap and slowly add it to the powder, gradually and very carefully stir it with a small spatula. Consider that the powder should be fully moisturized, but you should not pour it into a gruel condition, as it will dry for a very long time.
    • We'll have to wait a little until the substance absorbs alcohol and moistened, after which it needs to be mixed, until complete homogeneity. If necessary, alcohol can be added in the process of mixing, it does not hurt, the main thing here is not to pour.
    • Put a piece of cling film on the surface of the paste-like mixture of powder with alcohol, or you can use an ordinary paper napkin and carefully level it with a spoon or spatula, trying to compact the powder as closely as possible.

    Photos from the site: irecommend.ru

    After a couple of hours, and it happens, even in a day, when the alcohol completely evaporates, your powder will get almost the original appearance, and its properties will remain the same. It remains only to wipe the edges of the box, as they will inevitably get dirty and you can use a cosmetic product for its intended purpose.

    If you are thinking about how to restore the broken powder, and there was no medical alcohol at hand, you can use boric. It may take from a few drops to a whole bottle, it all depends on the powder, its properties, quantity and other factors.

    In no case do not use acetone, nail polish remover, thinner, or other substances of this kind in place of alcohol. Not only can you inhale harmful fumes while you are working, it is also not recommended to use the powder recovered in this way, as toxic aldehydes can remain in it, which will badly affect the dermis of the face. Restored powder should be used cautiously, as it may cause irritation, itching and allergies in fairly sensitive people.

    Temperature and pressure: what to do if powder crumbled

    Not every home has alcohol, and sometimes it is not possible to buy it. For example, if it is night on the street and you have to go through the whole city to the nearest 24-hour pharmacy. So how to restore without alcohol, if the powder is broken, without using this popular product? There is a second method that will allow you to collect the broken powder, compact it correctly, and then use it for a long time. This will require a conventional household iron, which we iron shirts, pants and skirts. It is remarkable that the powder can be restored simply by using pressure, that is, gathering it into place and compacting it as much as possible, but under the influence of temperature, it will also bake, which will stay much better in the future.

    Photos from the site: squarespace.com

    • Disassemble your powder box by carefully removing a special metal pan in which compact powder is sold.
    • All remnants of powder must first be poured into sachets, and, just as in the previous method, be thoroughly crushed with a hammer, spoon or whatever. You need to make sure that all the substance becomes absolutely dusty, otherwise the grit of the final product will interfere with your use of powder for the intended purpose and all your labors go down the drain.
    • In a metal tray that you took out of a plastic box, for example, using a knife or needle, put all crushed powder on it.
    • Take a spoon or spatula and start gently and slowly tamping powder. You should always start from the very edges, gradually moving towards the center, until all the powder becomes dense enough. It will seem to many that the powder has already become exactly the same as before, but this is a delusion, since it remains fragile and ready to crumble at the slightest push. That is why it is required to bake it with an iron.
    • You need to heat the iron to the maximum, pre-drain all the water from the tank, as well as turning off the steam mode. The device must give dry heat and nothing else.
    • Place the powder tray on the board where you are laying the napkin, cover it with a second thick paper sheet, and press down with a hot iron on top of it. To achieve the maximum effect, you can put a plate or a coin on the surface of the powder for better compaction and baking.

    Photos from the site: radikal.ru

    It is necessary to bake the powder several times, approximately for fifteen seconds, until it finally accepts its properties. Then you will only have to wait until the powder cools down and insert the tray into the plastic box, after which it can be used in the same way as the new one. To the metal pan does not fall out, it can be put on the glue, for example, on the thermal used for needlework.

    Useful tips and warnings: how to restore powder

    Thus, what to do if the powder has crumbled is already completely understandable, it can be easily and easily restored, and there is nothing difficult in this process. Even an inexperienced person will cope with the work, but it will not hurt to follow a few simple and effective recommendations.

    Photos from the site: blogspot.com

    • If it was not possible to find medical alcohol, but you have found isopropyl alcohol, then it can also be used to restore the powder.
    • Even the most expensive powder can be restored in this way, but the shadows may not respond to such manipulations and remain powdered after drying or cooling. However, do not rush to throw them away, as you can add them to nail polish, get an interesting effect, or even Vaseline, make a hygienic lip gloss or self-made highlighter.
    • If the shelf life of the powder has already expired or is nearing its end, then it is better to throw it away, because the recovery process will dry out the composition even more, which will undoubtedly affect its quality.
    • Note that the powder will still remain quite fragile, because you will have to handle it carefully.
    • There is an opinion that the powder restored by the second method, that is, with the help of an iron, can become much darker and harder, which will entail difficulties with its application.

    If you are going to apply the powder after recovery, especially when it comes to alcohol and other similar substances, it will not hurt to test the sensitivity of the skin in order not to earn an allergic reaction, which is quite possible. To do this, powder the base of the neck, and even better, the inside of the crook of the elbow and wait a few hours. If nothing happened, the skin did not begin to itch and peel off, there is no redness and pimples, which means that, most likely, everything is in order and powder can be used without fear.