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Lightening hair at home by professional means


It is not always possible to easily dye your hair in the desired color. Before you do this, dark-haired beauties will have to discolor. To date, the purchase of ready-made lightening agent is not a problem, it remains only to choose it from a wide range presented in stores. What is a brightener and how not to be mistaken with the choice of product for bleaching, so as not to spoil your image and achieve the desired result?

What is a hair clarifier

When you want to paint in the most unexpected color, then you need to be ready to go through a few steps to achieve a result. If blondes have the ability to change shades without much effort, then brunettes have to lighten up before applying new paint. The clarifier is the very savior who, thanks to his formula, completely destroys the pigments, allowing you to continue to get absolutely any color.

Why you need and how it works

Lightening agent is used in hairdressing or at home for full or partial bleaching before applying the coloring composition. This procedure is necessary if a person wants to change the color dramatically, making it lighter by several tones. The same must be done if a brunette or brown-haired woman decides to dye her hair in a bright, unusual color, which is just so difficult to attach to dark hair.

The clarifier can process both natural and colored strands, since its action is aimed at the destruction of melanin (pigment), which is responsible for color. This process is called degradation by professionals, and its level depends on the composition of the product, the concentration of basic substances and the time of exposure. The less pigment remains in the structure, the brighter the shade becomes. If melanin is completely destroyed, voids are formed in the rods, which need to be filled with keratin. In this case, the gray appears.

The chemical composition of the clarifier includes basic substances - hydrogen peroxide and persulfates, due to which the bleaching process takes place. Absolutely harmless composition does not exist. Any bleaching agent damages the structure, otherwise the shade would not change. What is included in the composition:

  1. Hydrogen peroxide. It is responsible for the oxidation of melanin. When decomposed into water and active oxygen, the peroxide begins to actively destroy the natural or artificial pigment. Depending on the percentage of base substances, the brightening mixture is held for longer or less.
  2. Salt They are activators and enhance the reaction of clarification, called persulfates. Ammonium is often used as this substance, but when mixed with hydrogen, ammonia begins to be released, which gives off a very pungent odor. Thanks to him, the scales open up and let the rest of the drug substances pass for maximum destruction of the pigment.

Due to the fact that ammonia has irritating properties, many manufacturers replace ammonium with potassium, sodium or other alkaline components that “loosen” the cuticle. These products do not have such a sharp aroma, but they also destroy hair, and therefore good products often contain oils, vitamins and other caring ingredients.

Hair Brightening Products

If earlier a thick mixture of hydrogen with the addition of ammonium was used for bleaching, today in the shops you can find different options for washing off the hue: pastes, creams, powders, balsams with a brightening effect. It is necessary to choose on the basis of the percentage content of the basic substance and additional ingredients capable of restoring the structure after the procedure.

The most popular type is lightening hair cream. It is a mixture of basic substances, which is easy to apply and evenly distributed throughout the length. The cheapest options, such as Blondea, for example, do not contain any caring components, so after applying you should do a thorough care with masks and balms to restore the damaged structure, to guarantee the durability of the paint.

Professionals often use powders for their task, which have a powerful effect. Therefore, it is not recommended to use them at home, because unknowingly you can ruin the structure very much. Recovery will take a lot of time, effort and money, so think before choosing this option.

Powder is sold in small bags for one procedure or in large cans for regular use. It must be mixed with an oxidizing agent. During this process, the mixture begins to release active oxygen, which has a damaging effect on the pigment. If you decide to use this product for clarification, then you need to remember a few rules:

  • do not use powder to stain damaged, weak and brittle strands, otherwise you will further aggravate the situation,
  • choose sparing powders in combination with a moisturizing balm,
  • Brunettes should not be lightened with powder because there is a risk to get a yellow tint,
  • when burning scalp, immediately rinse the mixture.

Another product variant is a lightening paste. It will help lighten up to 5-6 tones at once. Due to its composition, which includes reducing components (oils, vitamins and nutrients), pasta is often used in beauty salons for gentle bleaching. Already in the process of dyeing, they begin to act and nourish your hair with useful substances.

Pastes are available in professional lines and are used exclusively for bleaching. The oxidizer is purchased separately and mixed with the paste in the proportions necessary to achieve the set result (with the help of these proportions the master adjusts how many tones you can lighten up). Toned if necessary, need other means.

Lightening Balsam

Another option is to make the color a couple of tones lighter, while not at all harm your hairstyle - this is to use a lightening balm. If you choose the product correctly, you will not only get a new shade, but also take care of your hair, filling it with shine. The peculiarity of the balm is that it does not penetrate inside, but acts outside. It is easy to control and you can not be afraid to dry out and ruin your hair. Means envelops, giving strands a light shade.

With regular use of the balm, you can be sure that you will get a color change of 2-4 tones. To achieve a good result, manufacturing companies advise using it in combination with a lightening shampoo of the same series. The effect of the drug on dark, light and dyed hair is somewhat different. When choosing a product, consider this fact as well, in order to be ready for the final result of clarification:

  • for the strands already clarified, the balm will remove yellowness without problems, even out the color and give it a perfect shade,
  • For natural blondes, the balm is a neutral option to make the hairstyle even lighter and at the same time do no harm to it, because tint products envelop, provide it with additional protection from ultraviolet radiation,
  • brunettes will not get the maximum brightening effect, because the pigment in them is very bright and strong, so refer to stronger clarifiers.

The better to discolor dark hair

It is necessary to choose a bleaching agent based on your hair type, desired effect, who will perform the procedure and budget:

  1. If you plan to do everything yourself, it is best to apply a cream or balm, which is made specifically for home use. Detailed instructions will help to do everything correctly, while you do not need to mix anything, because in the store you already have a product ready for use.
  2. If you plan to visit a beauty salon, it is better to consult with a hairdresser, who will do this procedure for you. The ideal option would be a preliminary visit, during which the colorist will recommend that it is better to use for clarification in your case. Professionals often use powders or pastes, which are then mixed with an oxidizing agent in the proportions that are necessary to obtain the desired effect.

Which hair clarifier is better

Today, in large stores and departments with professional cosmetics you can find a wide variety of clarifiers in any price category. Thanks to this, every woman can afford full coloring at home or with master hands, only which of the products to choose? It is necessary to take into account the condition of the hair, the composition of the clarifier, the method of use. Here are some of the most popular means of clarification, which is worth a closer look at purchase.

L’Oreal Platinum

The manufacturing company L'Oreal produces products that do not require additional advertising, which you can always rely on. If you are afraid of spoiling your hair by first coloring and want to get the perfect result, then choose Loreal clarifiers. Although their cost is higher than their counterparts from other manufacturers, the quality is always on top.

L’Oreal Professionnel Blond Studio Platinium is a real find for those who have long been looking for a simple solution for regular clarification. The company introduced two product options: with and without ammonia. Both offer a clarification of 6-7 tones. The texture of the paste is delicate, creamy, easily and evenly distributed over the entire length. There are no unpleasant odors, burning, besides, preparation does not need to waste time - the product is already fully ready for the procedure.

The composition of the paste is rich in nutrients. So, beeswax has smoothing properties. Specially Nutrierid substance complements the composition of the paste. It ensures the preservation of the natural level of lipids, prevents their destruction, strengthens the internal structure of the bulbs. L'Oreal pasta is distributed over the entire length, depending on the chosen coloring technique. After 30-50 minutes, the product is rinsed off with shampoo.

Wella blondor

Another well-known manufacturer of cosmetics - Wella - creates not only shampoos and care products, but also a wide range of colors. Professional powders and creams of the Blondor series will help to become lighter by as much as 7 tones. The manufacturer offers several bleaching options:

  • with a cold shade
  • with warm
  • gentle blond
  • bright expressive.

The composition of each tool includes nutritional components that help protect the structure from the harmful effects of an oxidizing agent, but this does not eliminate the need for additional care after dyeing. Non-ammonia staining with a brilliant result - so the manufacturer promises the effect of his gentle clarifiers. The cost of the products of the Blondor series depends on the type of product (powder, powder or cream), the presence of caring components, volume, purpose.

Palette Phytolynia

The German brand Pallet can always be found on the shelves in cosmetics stores. The paint is sold in a wide range, so you can choose any shade. Phytolynia series is inexpensive, the manufacturer promises the presence of caring ingredients in the composition, which during the staining nourish and moisturize the structure: oils and vitamins. The paint is very popular among women because of its accessibility, but the brightener, Palette, is twofold.

Discoloration with Palette Phytolynium is possible only if you have brown hair. This aggressive lightening hair dye greatly dries out, so then you have to use a moisturizing balm to bring back their shine. It is absolutely not suitable for brunettes, because yellowness may appear: to remove it in this case will help blue. The composition has a pronounced smell of ammonia. It is advisable to pass the test for allergic reactions.

The Pallett product kit includes everything you need: a lightening emulsion, cream paint, shampoo and conditioner for care, gloves. It is ideal for home use: the paint is easy to apply and spread over the entire length. Lighten up to a certain tone can be strictly following the instructions. Any abnormalities can lead to unforeseen results or even burned tips that will require long-term care.

Garnier color naturals

Another budget option is Garnier's super brightening hair bleach. Package contains:

  • bottle with developer milk (60 ml),
  • bleaching cream tube (40 ml),
  • 2 packs with bleaching thickener (2.5 g),
  • cream care after staining (10 ml),
  • instruction, a pair of gloves.

The manufacturer promises 100% paint over gray or 4-color brightening. The paint contains olive, avocado and carite oils, which are actively nourished during dyeing, so the result will be light, silky hair, which nevertheless requires further care. It is very simple to lighten with Garnier Color Naturals: mix the cream-paint with the developer milk, spread it over the entire length, wait for the recommended amount of time and rinse with warm water using a moisturizing shampoo and balm.

Syoss brand offers professional quality products for home use, so these tools can always be purchased in an ordinary household chemicals store. Depending on the strength of the impact, three types of coloring agents are distinguished from the Cies brand, medium clarifiers, strong and intense, so that everyone will choose a suitable option:

  • Medium makes the shade brighter by 4 tones. This tool will give girls who want to get a light shade, a new image, while maintaining the natural color.
  • Strong brightens for 6 tones. The shade will turn out without yellowness, and the components contained in the tool will give your hair a healthy glow.
  • Intensive clarifier is suitable for those who are ready to change dramatically in appearance. The hairstyle will be brighter by 7 tones (without yellowness).

It is very important before staining to test for allergies, and if no redness or burning sensation has not appeared, then you can start a full clarification. The kit includes an instruction that describes in detail the whole process: from mixing the components to washing the head. Be sure to follow each step to achieve the desired result and not harm yourself.

After bleaching with Syoss, make sure you get a quality balm and mask that will make your hair smooth after each wash. Clarifiers brand Cess can be purchased at an affordable price. At the same time, the manufacturer promises to paint over gray and guarantees an anti-yellow effect, which everyone is so afraid of. Syoss clarifiers are used both at home and in beauty salons for professional coloring.

Natural Brighteners

In addition to the fact that you can lighten the funds with the chemical composition, folk recipes from natural ingredients also offer their own versions of this procedure. After all, at all times, blond ladies were more popular, so that sly girls came up with various ways to do it more effectively. Here are the most common methods to make your hair brighter:

  1. Chamomile extract is a natural hair clarifier. It will help to make brown hair 1-2 tones lighter. To obtain the effect, you must pour dried chamomile flowers (2 tbsp.) Boiling water (1 tbsp.) And let it brew for 3-4 hours. After washing the head, it is necessary to moisten it with this broth and dry it. A mild effect will be noticeable after 4-5 procedures.
  2. Lightening with lemon is more suitable for owners of greasy hair, because the acid secreted by citrus dries out much. To lighten, squeeze the juice of one lemon and add water in a ratio of 1: 1. Apply the composition and leave for 30-40 minutes.
  3. Even honey helps to lighten up a little. To do this, simply apply it to damp hair, gently spread over the entire length and leave for up to 8 hours. Golden shade you provided.
  4. Another natural brightener is kefir. It will help to become lighter with regular use: apply the product along the entire length and leave for 40 minutes. In addition to the brightening effect, you will also get a moisturizing effect.

How to choose

The choice of clarifier depends on many factors. Here it is necessary to take into account both the price and the method of clarification (independently or with the help of a master) and the budget. The product greatly changes the structure, so you need to be prepared for the fact that after dyeing you will have to take more care with all sorts of means. How to choose and buy a hair clarifier, so as not to regret:

  1. If you have weak, thin, brittle hair, then you should not carry out this procedure at home. Contact a professional who will select the most gentle lightening agent.
  2. For home brightening, choose a cream that can be bought at any household chemical store. You should not give preference to professional cosmetics, because its use implies knowledge and experience in this area.
  3. If you plan to lighten up in the cabin, then pre-arrange with the master, who will recommend you a certain type of clarifier.

How to lighten hair

Прежде, чем приступать к осветлению, стоит учесть главные правила:

  • Не выполнять процедуру, если на голове есть ранки или язвы.
  • Не мыть голову за 2 дня до окрашивания.
  • Желательно провести тест на аллергическую реакцию на коже. If there is irritation, redness or burning, it is impossible to carry out painting.

If all these recommendations are followed and you are ready for the clarification procedure, then proceed:

  1. Be sure to wear protective gloves on your hands so as not to damage the skin of your hands with a burning mixture.
  2. Mix the ingredients in a glass or ceramic bowl, if required.
  3. Comb, denoting 4-6 zones.
  4. Smear your face with a fat cream on the forehead, temples, in front of and under the ears and on the neck.
  5. Spread the mixture over the entire length of the strand comb, slightly departing from the roots.
  6. Try to avoid brightener on the scalp.
  7. Wait for the time specified in the instructions for the clarifier and rinse with warm water. The head must not be allowed to dry out with a clarifier!
  8. Apply balm and rinse again.
  9. To achieve maximum mitigation after dyeing, you can use a balm or conditioner, which is sometimes put in a kit with a clarifier. If this is not, then you should pre-purchase such a tool that will take care and help the paint stay longer.

You can buy a lightening agent today in any store with cosmetics, and there is a price for any wallet. Depending on the brand, manufacturer and composition, the cost of one tube varies from 30 to 1500 rubles. If you did not find what they wanted on sale, you can always order powder, cream or paste in the online store with delivery by mail to Moscow or St. Petersburg. How much does the hair lightener cost:

Brightening paint

In order to properly dilute the paint for lightening, you will need:

  • The paint itself (can be purchased at any cosmetics store).
  • Oxidizer (if not supplied with paint). For light brown shades, 6% is suitable, dark - 8%, and black hair will perfectly lighten - 12% concentration.
  • Cosmetic brush (choose medium width and stiffness).
  • Gloves for protecting hands (cellophane or rubber).
  • Dishes (not metal!).

A red indicator will give the curls a brightness. Violet removes the yellowness of hair. Green removes red hues. Blue will give brightness to color.

Cooking process:

  1. Put on gloves (work only in them, in order to avoid getting paint on the skin, which can lead to irritation).
  2. Mix paint with a mixton, in a ratio of 5: 1 (per 100 grams of paint should have no more than 20 grams of a mixtone). Mix thoroughly until a homogeneous consistency.
  3. Add an oxidizer to the mixture. What amount to add is indicated in the instructions, since all oxidants are different. Usually for lightening strands use a ratio of 1: 2 (where 1 part of the coloring composition is diluted with 2 parts of the oxidizer).
  4. Stir for 2-3 minutes until a uniform consistency is formed.
  5. Paint is ready, you can use.

Brightening Powder

For the preparation of the bleaching powder mixture, you will need:

  • Non-metallic dishes for the dilution of the powder (the metal reacts with an oxidizing agent, neutralizing it).
  • Powder for clarification (or powder).
  • Rubber gloves (silicone or cellophane).
  • Cosmetic brush (optimal width, not very hard).
  • Oxidizer (for blond hair - 5-6%, dark - 8-9%, and black - 12%).

Mixture preparation:

  1. Wear gloves to protect your hands from aggressive ingredients.
  2. Pour the powder into the container and add an oxidizer to it, mixing proportions - 1: 2, where 1 volume of the powder is diluted with 2 volumes of oxidizer.
  3. Stir the components thoroughly for 2-3 minutes until a homogeneous composition is formed.
  4. The clarifier is ready, you can use.

Prepared means for bleaching (paint and powder) can be stored no more than 24 hours.

The process of bleaching hair at home

In order to perform the procedure, you will need:

  • The diluted composition of the coloring matter in the tank (how to prepare it described above).
  • Brush for application.
  • A cape that protects the back and shoulders from leaking paint.
  • Gloves to protect your hands.


  1. Carefully comb the hairline and divide it with a parting, from the forehead to the back of the head, into 2 equal parts.
  2. Back away from the front of the temples 1 cm, since there are lighter hairs, it is better not to discolor them.
  3. Separate one strand and evenly distribute the coloring composition from root to tip. Carefully coat the root area.
  4. Color the strands in sequence, moving from the temporal to the occipital zone. When one side is painted, start brightening the other.
  5. After application, leave the hair open (do not use a hat or any other object to close the hairline) for 25-30 minutes. Do not overdo it! The aggressive effect exerted by the oxidizing agent will severely damage the hair structure, and instead of blond hair you will get a bunch of straw on your head.
  6. After the time, rinse the composition with warm running water, using a shampoo (preferably hypoallergenic).
  7. Dry your head with a towel.
  8. Apply the coloring composition on the temporal zone, which is not stained, and wait 10-15 minutes, then wash off the paint.
  9. Apply a restoring mask on wet hair and maintain a necessary period of time.
  10. Wash off the mask and allow the hair to dry naturally (do not use a hair dryer or other device for drying).

Discoloration of dyed hair

If the hair was pre-dyed in dark colors, then it will be lightened only after 2-3 procedures (for black strands 3-5 procedures). The interval between treatments should be at least 10 days to allow the hair to recover from the previous lightening.

Also use special washes that discolor the dye composition found in the hair. Washes are very effective, but they are detrimental to the health of the hair.

Shampoos are less effective than washes, but safer.

Root clarification

A similar procedure should be carried out only on dry hair. The process is gradual, initially the hair is combed and divided from the forehead to the head evenly. Start painting first one side. With tapping movements, the roots are stained in the parting. Then those hairs whose roots are dyed are transferred to the opposite side, the process repeats. In this way, color one side of the head, then go to the other. The exposure time of the composition - 20-25 minutes. After wash the paint with shampoo. Use a regenerating hair mask.

Discoloration strands

For such a procedure, you need a hook and a special cap, in which there are holes for getting the strands. To use such a device is very convenient, because the paint does not fall on the main hairline that you do not want to lighten.

Comb your hair and put on a hat. With a hook, pull the individual strands out through the holes. Apply paint to the strands, evenly painting them over the entire length. Wait 25-30 minutes, rinse off the composition and apply a nourishing mask.


Anyone can make hair lightening at home. This applies to both owners of light brown tones, and those who have black or dark hairstyles. The main thing is to perfectly follow the rules described in this article and not to overdo the coloring composition on the hair.

If everything is done correctly, then you will get a result that is in no way inferior to the work of a hairdresser or a stylist. All in your hands!

Lightening hair with the help of the secrets of traditional medicine

The most common means, the existence of which our grandmothers knew, is nothing more than ordinary hydrogen peroxide. The composition of such a substance affects the pigmentation of the hair, significantly reducing it, after the procedure, the hairs become not only lighter, but also softer, weaker, which makes them even less noticeable.

The only thing to remember is that peroxide contains potent substances that can not only lighten dark hair, but also damage the upper surface of the skin, causing pronounced allergic reactions.

In order to prevent this, a small test must first be carried out: apply a few drops of peroxide, half diluted with water, on the elbow joint, bend the arm at the elbow and observe.

If you notice that the treated place begins to redden and itch, then this means that lightening the hair with this preparation does not suit you. If everything is normal, then you can go to the pharmacy for a bottle of hydrogen peroxide, the usual three-percent solution will work, which, among other things, will cost you quite inexpensively.

The easiest way is to wipe the skin of the face, hands or feet with a clean solution of peroxide for a few minutes. A visible result will appear in a few days, and after the procedure, do not forget to wash the skin with warm water and soften with a fat cream.

Another equally effective way to lighten unwanted vegetation is also based on the use of peroxide. First you need to prepare a kind of mask: squeeze out a little toothpaste from a tube (about 1 tablespoon), mix it with the same amount of 3% peroxide, mix everything until a homogeneous mass is formed, and apply to the problem area.

This mask must be kept for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with warm water and apply a greasy cream. Instead of toothpaste, you can use regular shaving foam, to heighten the effect, you can also add a couple of drops of ammonia, but be careful - alcohol can adversely affect the surface of the skin.

And if peroxide is not suitable?

If for some reason you do not use peroxide, then there are other, more harmless ways, which are mainly based on the use of folk remedies.

  • A fairly common and well-known tool is the most common lemon, or rather, its juice. As it turned out, its composition contains acid, which not bad destroys the dark hair pigment, the process of clarification is much softer and more accurate than in the case of peroxide. For a quality procedure, it is best to use freshly squeezed lemon juice: it is enough for them to wet all problem areas and leave for 20 minutes. At the end of the procedure, the juice should be washed off and smeared with cream on the treated places. To achieve a good effect, the whole procedure must be repeated 5-7 times.
  • For those who need to quickly lighten unwanted hairs, the above methods are unlikely to work, in this case, the most effective way is to dye them with ordinary hair dye. The only thing to remember is that such products can cause severe irritation of the skin and its temporary coloration, it is necessary to carry out a preliminary test and try to touch the surface of the skin as much as possible during the painting.
  • One of the most effective ways is white henna, however, it should be remembered that only name is associated with natural henna, but its composition is completely chemical, which also includes hydrogen peroxide. Someone thinks this remedy is more effective, the powder is diluted with water, applied to the surface with hair, covered with cellophane, and left for 20 minutes. After the procedure, the skin should be washed with warm water and spread with fat cream or oil.
  • Hydroperit tablets, which also have an antiseptic effect, are still popular. Tablets (2 pieces) should be ground into powder, add a few drops of ammonia, the same amount of warm water and a drop of any shampoo. We mix all the ingredients, apply a mass with a cotton pad to the problem area and leave for about 60 minutes, then rinse with warm water.
  • If you are the owner of a very delicate and sensitive skin, which is prone to allergic reactions, then correctly lighten hair will be using gentle natural remedies, for example, chamomile. We pour a glass of dried chamomile flowers with a glass of boiling water, leave for half an hour to languish in a water bath. The resulting warm mass should be laid out on the problematic hair zone, wrap in cellophane, and on top cover with a towel. With this compress you need to sit for 2 hours, after which the slurry can be washed off with warm water.

Radical means

Strong ammonia paints, pastes and powders. Such means guarantee a pronounced effect (3–8 levels of clarification) after the first application, because they affect the structure of the curls through particles of hydrogen peroxide, ammonia. Aggressive components cause significant damage to the strands in violation of the dyeing technique, so more of such products are intended for professional use. More information you will find here:

Error 1. Identify clarification and toning

The decision to become a blonde is often spontaneous. The woman simply goes to the store and buys the white paint she likes. At home, she mixes something in a tube with something in a bottle, applies it to her hair and waits. Not surprisingly, the result is different from expectations.

Creating a blond always happens in two stages.

  1. Lightening (discoloration). This is the process by which the natural or artificial hair pigment is destroyed.
  2. Toning. Give your hair the desired shade.

Lightening is made with a special powder or cream and an oxidizing agent of a certain percentage. For example, to make dark hair brighter by 4–5 tones, you need an oxide of at least 6%. If the hair is light, usually use a 1.5–3 percent oxidizer. But everything is very individual. Sometimes, to achieve the desired result, 6–9 percent oxide is used to brighten blondes.

The result of lightening is always warm. Why this happens, find out a little later. In the meantime, remember: there is no equal sign between the concepts of “lightening” and “coloring in blond”. After all, you can lighten up and to create a nuclear orange or acid-green hair.

Lightening is only the first step to a blond. It sets the substrate on which the color must necessarily lie.

The result of dyeing depends on many factors: the condition of the hair, the initial tone and shade and, of course, the coloring composition and the method of its application.

Mistake 2. Ignore background clarification and tone level.

In everyday life, people are divided into blondes, brown-haired, red and brunettes. Professional hairdressers and colorists have a harder time.

Human hair consists of a feeding rod (medula), which gives strength and elasticity to the cortex and a protective cuticle (a variety of dense scales on the surface).

In the cortex is melanin, which is responsible for hair color. Melanin consists of two pigments eumelanin and pheomelanin. The first has a dark shade (from brown to blue-black) and the shape of elongated granules. The second is a round molecule of yellow and red colors.

Natural hair color depends on the ratio of melanin pigments. The more eumelanin, the darker the hair, and vice versa: the blonde prevails in feomelanin.

The level of tone (or, as they say, the level of depth of tone) depends on the amount of eumelanin.

The tone level (UT or UGT) is the gradation of natural hair color according to lightness.

There are 10 UTs, where the unit is black, and the blond is everything that is higher than seven.


When lightening increases the level of depth of tone and appears background clarification. This is the color that is obtained after the partial destruction of the natural or artificial, if the hair was dyed, of the pigment.

Imagine a flask with red and yellow balls inside. The initial tone level is 6. Brightened to 9. Only yellow balls remain in the flask. The next step is toning, and you need to understand how much to add blue and red, so that the colors are mixed up and the flask looks beige from afar.

Before going into a blond, you need to determine the tone level, the predominant pigment and the desired result. It depends on what to lighten (powder or cream), what percentage of oxidizer to use, where to start applying the composition and other nuances. Hairdressers make special formulas to calculate how many grams of which tube to squeeze out for toning specific hair.

Error 3. Do not follow the instructions.

It is important to take into account not only the level of tone and background of clarification, but also to understand what type the composition belongs to and how to use it correctly. Lightening and dyeing hair - these are chemical reactions, the flow of which depends on the dye used.

All dyes can be divided into direct and indirect.

Straight lines do not mix with the oxidizing agent and do not penetrate the hair. Their molecules are deposited on the cuticle. Direct dyes are produced mainly in the form of tinted shampoos, balsams and mousses. Also henna and colored chalk are direct dyes. They are easy to use at home (no need to mix anything) to maintain or refresh the color.

Indirect dyes open the cuticle, penetrate the hair and destroy the natural pigment to make room for artificial. Such dyes are always mixed with an oxidizing agent - hydrogen peroxide with various additives. They are usually produced in the form of creams. It is more difficult to work with them (we need exact proportions).

Indirect also include dyes in which there is no ammonia, but its derivatives are present. У них не такой резкий запах, но принцип действия такой же, как у аммиачных красителей.

При работе с непрямыми красителями очень важно правильно подобрать процент окислителя. От него зависит, на сколько удастся подняться по уровню глубины тона и сколько держать состав на волосах.

Многие ошибочно думают, что чем дольше они держат краску на волосах, тем лучше будет эффект. In fact, manufacturers conduct more than one clinical study to calculate how much time a specific formulation needs to lighten, develop, and fix an artificial pigment. If the package says "Hold 30 minutes," hold for half an hour. Perederzhivaya paint, you just dry your hair.

Error 4. Do not care for hair

To become a luxurious blonde, it is not enough to lighten up. Blond requires constant care. Otherwise, the hair that has passed through the lightening reaction will hang with a lifeless tow.

Hair does not have strength and energy, because these are horny appendages of the skin. Some restorative cosmetics regenerate disulfide bonds and protein, but most conditioners simply tightly close the cuticle scales to reflect light. As a result, the hair looks good, it's nice to touch them.

On the Internet a lot of popular recipes for lightening hair. You need to understand that lemon juice, decoction of chamomile or kefir will never turn you into a platinum blond. The maximum will make brown hair half lighter.

But natural ingredients can be used to improve the condition of colored hair. Here are some good masks.

  1. Honey. Mix in equal proportions of honey, aloe juice and castor oil. Keep on hair 30 minutes. Wash off with plenty of warm water.
  2. Banana. Blender mix to complete homogeneity one medium banana, one egg, one teaspoon of honey, a tablespoon of burdock oil and two tablespoons of full-fat yogurt without additives. Keep for about an hour, then wash and wash your hair with shampoo.
  3. Egg. Two tablespoons of gelatin pour warm water and leave for 10-15 minutes to gelatin swell. Then melt it in a water bath, add the yolk of one egg and a tablespoon of your hair balm. Apply the mixture to your hair, put on a plastic cap and wrap your head with a towel. Hold 40–60 minutes. After the procedure, rinse hair with warm water.

Be careful with folk remedies. They can ruin even the most beautiful cold blond. "Food" on the hair will never give such an effect as professional cosmetics. From what is unlikely to make it worse - vinegar (an acidic medium will smooth the scales), coconut oil (but it is difficult to wash it off).

In addition, you need to constantly maintain the color tinted shampoos and other means, which also often contain nursing ingredients.

Gentle ways

Usually lightening has a detrimental effect on the hair, but there are methods that allow you to reduce the color intensity quite carefullyand some will provide the necessary care for the curls. First we analyze the products for gentle clarification.

Vitamins and minerals contained in cinnamon strengthen the hair follicles, accelerate growth, give shine and vitality. Seasoning is popular enough to give an interesting shade to brown-haired women. Burning brunettes to achieve the desired result will have to try very hard.

Blondes risk acquiring unwanted gold. Painted curls can get rid of the intensity of color.

As an independent procedure, cinnamon usually does not produce hair. Used in combination with other components that complement, enhance the effect. The most popular masks with honey, butter, lemon, chamomile.

Cinnamon effect no more than 3 tones, to achieve a stable result, you will have to perform several procedures. The plus is that Curls do not spoil. Rinse with acidic water, chamomile infusion will be an excellent color-fixing agent. To learn more.