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Get rid of stretch marks on your body at home


The appearance of stretch marks is always a depressing phenomenon. Still, this fact can upset absolutely any woman, because every woman in any case wants to look beautiful, attractive, and also have smooth, elastic skin. However, you should not give up prematurely. Still, the problem is solved. And the answer to the question "How to get rid of stretch marks on the body?" Can be found. Of course, the presence of minimum stretch marks for many women causes the desire to get rid of them, to remove the “scars”. If you approach the problem correctly, it will be solved. So, how to get rid of stretch marks on the body?

Although the stretch marks on the skin do not actually cause any pain or physical discomfort, in terms of purely aesthetic perception, they deliver a huge amount of unpleasant sensations. First, it looks unattractive. Secondly, the presence of such skin defects causes numerous complexes in women. So, after all the fight with this phenomenon is worth it. But how to get rid of stretch marks on the body?

Healthy food

The main factor, without which it is virtually impossible to get rid of these defects, is the correct healthy diet. Probably, already a thousand times beautiful ladies have been told that the condition of any skin is extremely dependent on those foods that we eat. In particular, seafood, nuts, numerous vegetables, fruits, vegetable oil, and also greens are components that must be included in the diet of a modern woman in an adequate amount. Otherwise, it will be difficult to remove stretch marks on the skin, since there are not enough essential ingredients for skin elasticity. In order to get rid of the defects of the epidermis, be sure to use enough liquid. The lack of water in the body of any person to a greater extent contributes to the loss of elasticity and elasticity of the skin.

But how to get rid of body stretch marks at home? Particular attention should be paid to food for pregnant women, as well as women who practice diets. In particular, they are recommended to moisturize the skin with an additional variety of cosmetic products, which usually contain collagen and certain extracts of useful plants.

Many modern women are interested in how to get rid of body stretch marks using traditional methods. Well, let's see!

These defects will not disappear to the end!

Numerous cosmetologists often have to answer the most ridiculous questions about how to get rid of stretch marks on the body. True, the same experts say that it is not necessary to soar in the clouds and harbor illusions that after using modern massages, numerous folk remedies, as well as some expensive procedures, skin defects will disappear altogether. Still, a small trail of stretch marks will certainly remain.

It should be noted that in the first stage of the appearance of such defects, the body inevitably tries to fight on its own. What does it mean? This struggle occurs mainly due to the growth of additional connective tissue, which is saturated at the site of rupture with small blood vessels. That is why the original stretch marks have a pink or reddish tinge and only then become flesh-colored. The scars that have formed in their place are usually not tanned, because the connective tissue is devoid of pigment substances. Therefore, it does not make sense to escape in tanning beds. The main method of dealing with such a phenomenon was and remains the maximum discoloration of the skin at the sites of injury.

How to prevent the appearance of stretch marks

At the initial stage, the appearance of these defects can be easily foreseen. Be sure to take preventive measures that maintain skin elasticity. In particular, you should definitely provide your own body with sufficient physical activity. In addition, it should be remembered that to improve the elasticity of the skin most effective are those sports that are aimed at maximum stretching of the muscles. It is noteworthy that on the trained muscles the formation of these defects is less likely. In addition, you should eat properly. Thus, the abundance of healthy vegetables and fruits will be able to provide your entire body with numerous vitamins and minerals, and an adequate amount of protein foods will certainly help synthesize collagen and elastin. Of course, you have to give up all the flour, fat and sweet. Moreover, such flaws can also occur in adolescents. However, this category of the population has no problems with the elimination of these shortcomings. You can only adhere to a healthy diet, because getting rid of stretch marks on the body in adolescents is much easier than in pregnant women.

Of course, at the time of waiting for the baby, many women allow themselves to gain extra pounds. This is unacceptable! Do not allow in any case exceeding the optimal weight of your body. It should be remembered that even at the very first signs of completeness, it is necessary to throw all your strength at getting rid of extra pounds. Let it not be easy! It should be noted that it is necessary to deal with the appropriate procedures in time, because getting rid of stretch marks on the body after childbirth is rather difficult without proper training.

Before the birth of a child

Remember that during pregnancy you should use special supporting underwear. Bras and bandages must be made of natural materials. It is also necessary to scrupulously relate to the size of purchased clothing, including wearable clothing. It should fit you. All recommendations for further selection of linen will give a gynecologist.

It is necessary to use moisturizers for the body, which contain collagen and elastin.

Effectively fighting!

Stretch marks are a nuisance that occurs most often while waiting or immediately after giving birth. Also, this phenomenon is observed after a sharp weight loss. Of course, not all representatives of the fair sex have the opportunity to seek help in beauty salons. Sometimes not enough time and money. So how to get rid of stretch marks on the stomach after childbirth? Easy!

In particular, it is quite possible to get rid of stretch marks at home. You can make a scrub consisting of salt, ground coffee beans, sugar, vegetable or any other butter and sour cream. The resulting mixture should be rubbed into the affected areas for about fifteen minutes while you take a shower or just wash yourself. In addition, it is possible to rub the tincture, consisting of jojoba oil, as well as a variety of plant extracts. Among other things, you can also do massage with almond oil. Using scrubs and massages, it is important not to overdo it and not to injure the delicate skin.

Go ahead!

Stretch marks (in other words they are called stretch marks) appear, as a rule, with a large weight loss, during pregnancy, as well as immediately after childbirth. Usually they are formed in the thighs, abdomen, chest, and buttocks. But how to get rid of stretch marks on the stomach after childbirth? To deal with this phenomenon is quite possible in various ways. Today, herbal baths, as well as essential oils, wraps, special massage, peeling and specific salon procedures are widely used.

In addition to all of the above, you can also try to get rid of your annoying skin problems at home. Of course, you are unlikely to get rid of stretch marks immediately, but after about a month the skin will become smoother and more even.

Massage treatments

This is the most "ancient" way. It should be noted that massage is best done regularly, especially during pregnancy, in order to subsequently, if stretch marks have not yet appeared, to avoid their occurrence. Applying oil, it is necessary to massage the abdomen and thighs, in order to make the skin more elastic.

It is worth saying that in order to prevent such problems (with a dramatic weight loss or during pregnancy), it is necessary to massage the abdomen strictly in a clockwise direction. That is the rule! The waist should be massaged from the bottom up, and the hips - with vertical movements from the knees up. It is best to use oil or a special cream for such manipulations. Practice such activities daily, and you do not have to figure out how to get rid of stretch marks on the body after losing weight.

Water treatment

Where do without them? Water is known to be a source of life and energy. Without it, can not do. When taking a shower, be sure to direct a stream of cool water to your belly. Also do strictly clockwise circular motions. It is possible, among other things, to rub the skin with a special massage washcloth. After a shower, be sure to rub the skin with a towel, preferably before redness, and then you can apply a cream for stretch marks.

Today, these mixtures are very popular. And it is no coincidence. A home scrub can really help! Take one cup of sugar, one cup of salt, and also about half a glass of olive oil. Thoroughly mix and massage all areas of the skin in the shower, then rinse off the mixture with warm water. Then you can use a moisturizer. The result will be noticeable in about a month.

Also today, coffee scrub is in demand. It can be prepared in two different ways. First, you can take a hundred grams of finely ground coffee, pour boiling water over it to make a creamy slurry, and leave the mixture for fifteen minutes, covered with a lid. Then add one tablespoon of olive oil. In addition, you can put in a mixture of up to ten drops of essential oil of grapefruit, orange, eucalyptus, rosemary, juniper, cinnamon or bergamot. Scrub ready. If you do not know how to get rid of stretch marks on the abdomen after childbirth, the resulting gruel will help you.

There is a second way to make it. You can use sleeping coffee grounds. In the future, it is recommended to rub the skin with it either in a pure form, or mix gruel with butter, a means for the shower or sour cream.

Remember that the scrub can be rubbed into the skin only a couple of times a week, massage for ten minutes, no more. Rinse the mixture should be to start with warm, and only then cool water. The fact is that the contrast shower significantly enhance the effect. It is noteworthy that the coffee scrub is extremely effective in the fight against cellulite and stretch marks. This applies primarily to lovely ladies. And how to get rid of stretch marks on the body in men?

You should take two tablets of the drug, dissolve them in water and gently rub massage movements into the skin. In addition, you can use one gram of mummy on one spoonful of boiled water, then add eighty grams of baby cream, mix everything and rub the mixture into problem areas of the body once a day. The resulting mixture is best stored in the refrigerator.

How to use almond oil

Immediately it should be said that this is an extremely effective remedy that fights stretch marks, because it is very rich in vitamin E, it is extremely quickly absorbed into the epidermis, without leaving any greasy residue. Apply it is necessary during the massage. On how to get rid of stretch marks on the body, reviews often mention this particular tool.

Orange oil

You can also use orange (or some other citrus) massage oil. This tool is used only after the adoption of certain water procedures. You can make a massage rather coarse canvas mitten or a special napkin. It is necessary to make circular motions for approximately fifteen minutes. However, do not rub too hard, stretch, or pinch the skin. This type of massage should be performed for three months several times a week.

As you can see, it is quite possible to eliminate skin defects. It will be especially pleasant for those who do not have enough money to visit cosmetology rooms, because it is quite possible to get rid of stretch marks on the priest in adolescents at home. As they say, there would be only the corresponding desire.

Simple recommendations:

1) Watch for nutrition.

A lot has already been said and written about nutrition, but still allow ourselves to repeat. In order to keep your skin toned, it is necessary that seafood, vegetables, fruits, nuts, olive oil, and greens should be included in your daily diet in the right amount. It is also necessary to consume at least 2 liters of fluid per day to give the skin the necessary degree of moisture. Particular attention should be paid to this item to pregnant women who are responsible for the future baby and those who like to abuse mono-diets.

2) Procedures in the cabin.

We list the most famous and available methods:

  • mesotherapy - biologically active substances are injected under the skin (there is also an injection-free method by pressure), which break up large fatty molecules into smaller components, cleanse the body of toxins and excess cholesterol and thereby increase blood microcirculation. The method is effective, but somewhat painful,
  • algae wraps course with medicinal herbs and essential oils,
  • laser exposure - skin is polished and smoother,
  • chemical peeling - usually used for rough, deep and old stretch marks, the skin looks fresh as a result, the result is maintained for a long time,
  • Ozone-oxygen therapy - speeds up the metabolism in the skin, the skin noticeably brightens and scars become less noticeable.
  • 3) Home remedies for getting rid of stretch marks.

Some women decide on the most drastic measures to get rid of stretch marks, namely, surgical skin grafts. We would not advise you on this in any way, for the harm to the body will be enormous, but no one will be able to vouch for the result. Therefore, try to start here these methods available to everyone that will help you get rid of stretch marks at home:

  • take a contrast shower more often, it perfectly tones the skin by itself,
  • use homemade scrubs, for example: Mix a glass of salt / ground coffee with a glass of sugar and add half a cup of any vegetable oil. Apply scrub on the area of ​​stretch marks, massage, rinse thoroughly,
  • Immediately after the cleansing procedure with a scrub, it is advisable to rub creams containing collagen and elastin into damaged skin, preferably with a high content of vitamins A, C, E.
  • If possible, massage the skin more often, using any oil of your choice: orange, bergamot, tangerine, almond oil, etc.
  • Massage can be performed in conjunction with manual lymphatic drainage, it will help to restore the balance of the skin and will favorably affect the activation of blood and lymph flow.
  • and lastly: there is one perfectly miraculous home-made recipe for successfully combating stretch marks: buy mummy at the pharmacy, preferably from Altai, dissolve 2 tablets of mummy in a small amount of warm water and mix with any fatter cream, you can childish. The resulting composition daily before bedtime apply to the skin. It is not necessary to wash it off, the mummy has a good healing effect and allows you to regenerate the skin without resorting to surgical intervention.

It is clear that the recovery process will not be fast, but repeat the above procedures daily, and after a while the result will be sure!

Striae and the reasons for their appearance

The mechanism for the formation of stretch marks, called medical stretch marks, has long been known. After breaking the skin fibers, the lesions are “stitched” by connective tissue, and wavy stripes with uneven edges of different lengths and widths appear on the body. Why skin fibers - elastin and collagen - break? Scientists identify two factors:

  • stretching of the epidermis,
  • hormonal disruptions.

This can happen:

  • during pregnancy - when the abdomen and chest increase,
  • with fluctuations in weight - a quick set of extra pounds or when losing weight, because the skin does not have time to adjust to changes in volume,
  • during the period of intense physical exertion - the epidermis stretches more slowly than muscle mass increases,
  • in adolescents - an active period of growth involves the transformation of the skeleton and other body changes beyond which the skin does not have time (adolescent restructuring is called the main cause of stretch marks on the back, and in girls, stretch marks can form on the hips and breasts)
  • with metabolic disorders - there is a failure in the synthesis of collagen and elastin, the skin becomes inelastic and "breaks".

Stretch marks appear on different parts of the body:

  • on the back - in adolescents and athletes
  • на животе — при лишнем весе и похудении, у беременных женщин,
  • на руках — при жировых отложениях, у спортсменов,
  • на груди — в период беременности и лактации, при быстром увеличении мышечной массы, у девочек-подростков, при лишнем весе,
  • на бедрах и ягодицах — при резких изменениях веса, у спортсменов, в подростковом возрасте, реже при беременности.

Prevention: 3 treatments in 2 steps

It is easier to prevent the appearance of strii than to fight with them. Prevention of stretch marks is aimed at solving the following tasks:

  • skin hydration
  • providing the epidermis cells with nutrients and vitamins,
  • acceleration of regeneration processes,
  • activation of blood microcirculation,
  • stimulation of elastin and collagen synthesis.

To solve these problems, you can get by with just three procedures, which can be done in two steps.

  1. Cold and hot shower . You should start the session with hot water, and end it with cold water.
  2. Nutrient application + massage. Rub between the palms of the cosmetic intended for the prevention of stretch marks, and massage with pinching and patting movements areas of the body that are prone to the formation of stretch marks.

As a prophylactic drug, you can use:

  • cosmetics to nourish and moisturize the skin of the body,
  • cosmetics for the prevention of stretch marks,
  • cold pressed vegetable oil (for example, olive oil).

To enhance the effect once a week, it is advisable to work out stretched areas of the body with a scrub. The product can be bought, or you can do it yourself, by mixing two tablespoons of ground coffee beans with an equal volume of olive oil or shower gel.

How to remove old and fresh stretch marks on different parts of the body

Is it possible to get rid of stretch marks on the body if it was not possible to prevent their appearance? Despite the fact that the answer to this question is in the affirmative, a few points should be taken into account, aiming to cure striae.

  • Act without delay. Pink, red-bluish, purple striae are considered fresh - they are quite easily eliminated. After about six months, the stripes on the body turn pale due to the natural death of the capillaries. Remove the old stretch marks on the skin completely fail: you can only make them less noticeable.
  • Combine different methods. The use of several methods aimed at fighting striae at once greatly increases the chances of success.
  • Do not stop . Eliminating stretch marks is a long process, so be patient. It may take several months to achieve a visible result. Procedures should be resorted to regularly, and not from time to time.

Folk and professional cosmetics

Treatment of fresh stria on the skin can be done at home. Stretching can be affected by the use of cosmetics. The easiest way to go to the store and purchase a product specifically designed to combat stretch marks. Judging by the reviews, the following products have proven themselves well:

  • creams - Mama (Sanosan), 9 mois (Mustella), "Bepantol",
  • lotions - Palmer’s,
  • oils - Weleda, Frei,

Effective in the fight against stretch marks and folk remedies.

  1. Mix in equal proportions of finely ground sea salt and cane sugar.
  2. Add so much olive oil to the resulting mass had the consistency of pasta.
  3. Apply on moist skin with stretch marks with massaging movements, after two or three minutes, rinse with warm water.
  4. Repeat once a week.

Massage mixture

  1. Melt a tablespoon of shea butter on the steam bath.
  2. Mix with a teaspoon of wheat germ oil and a tablespoon of almond oil.
  3. Use for massage problem areas.
  1. Dilute 4 g of mummy in a tablespoon of boiled water and mix the mixture with 100 g of baby cream (any body lotion will do).
  2. Let it brew for a quarter of an hour and mix.
  3. Apply to problem areas every night after a shower.
  4. Rinse off after two to three hours.


Wraps will help to quickly remove stretch marks on the arms, thighs and abdomen. As a therapeutic mixture, you can use:

  • any cold-pressed unrefined vegetable oil,
  • cream with mummy (see recipe above),
  • diluted with water or oil to the consistency of the paste cosmetic clay,
  • liquid honey.

To enhance the effectiveness of the mixture for wraps can be enriched with essential oil (one or two drops per two tablespoons of the composition). In the fight against stretch marks aromatic extracts have proven themselves well:

Also, the procedure will require a roll of cling film, loose clothing and a warm blanket. The procedure is carried out in eight stages.

  1. Take a warm shower or bath.
  2. Massage problem areas with a scrub or hard washcloth.
  3. Rinse with clean water, wipe dry.
  4. Body parts with stretch marks lubricate the prepared composition.
  5. Roll up treated areas with cling film.
  6. Wear loose clothing and lie down for 40-60 minutes under a warm blanket.
  7. To take a shower.
  8. Lubricate the skin with stretch marks cream or any other nutrient.

A full course of wraps includes 12 sessions, which are recommended every other day.

Cosmetic baths

Relaxing treatment will improve skin elasticity and accelerate the process of eliminating stretch marks. The duration of the procedure is 15-20 minutes. The most effective courses of cosmetic baths, consisting of 10-12 sessions, which are recommended every other day.

  1. In the bath filled with warm water, add five to eight drops of essential oil, suitable for dealing with stretch marks.
  2. Pre-flavored product should be mixed with a tablespoon of sea salt, honey or milk, otherwise the oil will not dissolve in water.
  1. A tablespoon of mint pour a liter of boiling water and stand on the steam bath for ten minutes.
  2. Filter and pour into a bath filled with warm water.
  1. To prepare a salt bath, you need to mix 500 grams of sea salt with 100 ml of any cold-pressed vegetable oil.
  2. Brew 200 g of dry kelp with a liter of boiling water, filter after a quarter of an hour.
  3. Dissolve the infusion together with the salt mixture in a bath filled with warm water.
  4. Leftover kelp after making the infusion should be wrapped in a small piece of gauze and also dipped in water.

Pitfalls of home treatment

Despite the fact that home methods of dealing with stretch marks are considered safe, it is necessary to observe precautions.

  • Consult a doctor. It is necessary to exclude contraindications to the procedures, especially in the presence of chronic diseases, skin pathologies.
  • Conduct allergotest. Before use, you must check the skin's reaction to a cosmetic, including the composition for wraps. To do this, apply a little product on the bend of the elbow. If a day does not detect undesirable reactions (peeling, burning, irritation), you can use it.
  • Take into account possible contraindications. In some cases, the use of cosmetic procedures is dangerous to health. It can increase the manifestations of existing diseases, lead to aggravation.

According to the table, you can determine a list of contraindications for using certain procedures.

Table - Contraindications for home treatments for stretch marks

- Individual intolerance to "therapeutic" supplements,
- high temperature
- feeling unwell,
- cardiovascular diseases,
- some dermatological and gynecological diseases

With care and only after consulting a doctor: pregnancy and lactation

In a specialist's office: radical methods

With old stretch marks you can fight at home, but in advanced cases, you have to contact a beautician. Modern medicine offers several methods that can make striae as inconspicuous as possible.

  • chemical peeling - the acids applied to the skin “corrode” the damaged epidermis and start the processes of regeneration and production of elastin and collagen,
  • ozone therapy - using an injection introduces the ozone-oxygen composition, which stimulates metabolic processes in the skin cells, helping it to recover,
  • laser polishing - the laser beam "burns out" atrophied cells and activates the growth of new,
  • mesotherapy - biologically active substances are introduced (most often by injection) into problem areas of the skin, triggering the process of skin renewal,
  • microdermabrasion is a type of mechanical grinding, by means of which destructive tissues are removed.

Features of treatment during pregnancy and lactation

Already in the first months of pregnancy (and preferably two to three months before conception), you need to start caring for your skin with the help of specially designed means. Well proven:

  • MamaComfort,
  • Indulgent Body Cream (Avent),
  • 9 mois (Mustella),
  • Mama (Sanosan),
  • Destock (Vichy).

Contrast showers and massages, as well as physical exertion should be used only after consulting a doctor. In some cases, even though preventive measures have been taken, stretch marks may still appear after childbirth. It is necessary to immediately begin their treatment. To deal with stretch marks on the abdomen after the birth of a child is possible using the above-mentioned home methods. However, it is necessary:

  • consult a doctor,
  • refuse to use essential oils
  • Do not allow cosmetics in the baby’s mouth,
  • discontinue use of the product in the event of undesirable manifestations.

There is no unequivocal answer to the question of how to get rid of stretch marks on the body as efficiently as possible. The choice of a suitable method depends on the "age" of striae, and on the individual characteristics of the organism, and on financial possibilities. One thing is for sure: when deciding on ways to solve a problem, you should rely on the recommendations of doctors, common sense, and study the responses of women who were able to overcome the problem.

Feedback and results

With the onset of pregnancy, began to read reviews on the Internet about the cream of stretch marks. For me, the main thing is that the price was not transcendental and that there was really an effect. If something was praised, then these funds cost several thousand rubles per tube. But you need to use the cream for a long time, at least from the fourth month you need to start, and while you are breastfeeding, and it is generally advised to prepare and moisturize the skin from the very beginning of pregnancy. This is how much money you need to spend on these expensive and existing creams, mother dear.

Cream AVENT in this case is the thing. It really works! I advise everyone! It helps the skin to properly prepare and become supple, so that it can without consequences, without stretch marks, stretch and stretch back! Tips from experienced dermatologists and cosmetologists on this issue, it is important that the composition of the means of stretch marks include:

1. Moisturizing oils of natural origin (shea butter is desirable),
2. It is also useful for maintaining healthy skin extracts from algae,
3. If there is a composition of collagen, generally excellent,
4. Less chemistry, if you are pregnant, i.e. that it is hypoallergenic and suitable for pregnant women before and after childbirth (lactation period) ...

Girls, to begin with, I will say that stretch marks can be won at home and very quickly, tested on personal experience ... To begin with, I noticed that stretch marks appeared on my stomach, I was very upset and I decided to lose weight, they would shrink and they will not be visible .. Haa what a fool I was))) And yet I barely lost 20 kg in a year, but it didn’t bring me any joy, my stretch marks turned into SOMETHING. It is clear that they had already turned white long ago, but at first glance it looked awful, and to the touch and even more so (((I didn’t just stay, and various creams, and the praised mummy, but I didn’t give visible results, I was desperate ... And suddenly a recipe for wrapping, for tightening the abdomen, and by the way it was written there that it would help with stretch marks, but I didn’t pay attention to it ... I started doing wraps, and somehow I went to the mirror for 3 day .... but there are no stretch marks, but of course, they did not disappear, just compared to what was, they were almost not visible, I was winged continued the course, which consists of 6 days, and now they are not visible at all, a couple of wide ones are left, until the next course ... this is how a wrap for a tummy tuck helped from stretch marks ... Sorry for the wordiness, I am writing a recipe: Honey -1. but when you melt it, do not heat it much, otherwise it will lose its properties, Pepper tincture - 2 hours L., Clay 1 s. L. Any clay, I used red, but in the course it was dyed. for 2-4 hours. Do not be too warm, honey does not like heat ... I hope for someone to help)))

Last year, she underwent a course (15 sessions) of ozone therapy, the main goal was to remove the stretch marks that remained after the birth of the child, and they were very old for more than 8 years. They cut off my stomach, chest, hips and sides. Cellulite was removed very well, I’ve built up, the skin has become more even, stretch marks on my stomach have decreased by 30%. I went to the procedure 2 times a week, and all 2 months of ozone therapy I was like puffed up, constantly crunching under the skin, and because I was injected with ozone in every stretch, I was also in the hole because of the needle piercing the skin. I was very hurt, just like hell. And then a year later I decided to repeat the course, the pain was forgotten, there were memories of beautiful skin without cellulite. Today I decided to repeat the course, took a picture of my stretch marks, drank Nurofen's pill one hour before the procedure and took the anesthetic spray with me. After ozone therapy, I also made mesotherapy, as they say that the effect will be better. The goal is now to reduce stretch marks on the hips, and take the whole photo. I can not put the 5-ku, firstly because it is very painful, and secondly because approximately only 30% relieves stretch marks, well, let's try to repeat in combination with mesotherapy, sports, and collagen inside.

We get rid of stretch marks at home

Most often stretch marks occur in the most "unsuitable" places - on the chest, thighs, abdomen, buttocks. Shine on the beach in an open swimsuit is unlikely to work if all parts of the body are “striped”. Maybe it will be possible to disguise them or still get rid of them forever? The answer is ambiguous, especially if you have to deal with stryyami at home. There is an opinion that only a surgeon with a scalpel will relieve them completely, and that is not a fact.

We will not be encouraging you with unreliable facts, frankly we will say: home remedies will only help to make stretch marks less visible, but they will not remove them forever and irrevocably. Although the "seasoned" with might and main reiterate: they say, miracles happen, and they got rid of stretch marks completely. It is only important to follow three simple rules:

  • regularity,
  • accurate recipe and perfect recipe
  • long course of "treatment."

The fight against stretch marks is not easy, and it is very important to be patient, discipline yourself and under no circumstances skip, and also find a suitable recipe for yourself. At home, you can make a massage, which will stimulate the metabolic processes in the skin, scrub, cleansing from dead cells of the epidermis, prepare a nourishing cream that increases the elasticity and firmness of the skin.

In this article, we offer the most popular recipes, of which the majority of reviews are positive:

  • Oils for stretch marks. Oily massage oils can soften scar tissue, improve blood circulation, speed up cell regeneration, nourish and moisturize, increase skin elasticity and elasticity, saturating it with elastin and collagen. The most effective against stretch marks: wheat germ oil, jojoba, avocado, olive, almond, peach, sesame, linseed. The essential oils of neroli, mandarin, lavender, cypress, rosemary, cedar, rose, etc. enhance the effect of vegetable oils. The composition of basic vegetable oil is applied to problem areas with massage movements (you can use either one oil or combine them with each other), adding In it a few drops of any ether.
  • Aloe juice possesses unique properties: it will soften dead cells, launch new growth, relieve inflammation, and normalize metabolism ... In the fight with stretch marks, aloe-based wraps are very effective. Fresh leaves of aloe need to be crushed into a mush and applied to the problem areas, covering the “compress” with cellophane and wrapping it with a towel. Compress put on 30 minutes 2 times a day during the week.

These home remedies, as we see, are quite accessible, and reviews show that their regular use in a month gives good results.

Salon treatments

If you don’t have the desire or the strength to do stretching yourself, or you don’t believe in the magical power of mummy, coffee, sugar and avocado oil, and you want to get rid of the stretch completely, then you have to spend a round bag on the salon procedure. Immediately, we note that even in the salon, the results will not always rejoice, since the effect does not come immediately, and with some ways of getting rid of stretch marks a “relapse” may occur.

So, in the beauty salon to get rid of stretch marks can offer:

    Wraps Unlike homemade wraps - saloon more effective because of the choice of means. As a rule, masters use expensive “ointments”, the action of which is aimed at cell regeneration.

Each of these methods has a number of advantages and disadvantages. Not every procedure will give the desired result in each case. First of all, you need to focus on the reputation of the selected salon and the qualifications of its employees.

Instead of an epilog ...

At the end of this article, I would like to note or just to remind: stretching treatment is difficult, but proper prevention will help to avoid trouble, so we consider it our duty to identify the main preventive measures:

  • Необходимо поддерживать свой нормальный вес, избегать резких скачков, а для этого нужно правильно питаться и вести активный образ жизни.
  • Обязательно надо следить за состоянием здоровья. Так, гормональные нарушения могут привести к стремительному набору веса, а некоторые заболевания отрицательно отображаются и на состоянии кожных покровов.
  • При беременности, когда риск появления растяжек очень высокий, нужно использовать специальные кремы и гели, помогающие коже растягиваться.
  • Eliminate from the diet of harmful foods and enrich the body with healthy, high in vitamins and minerals.
  • Contrast souls and self-massage should be everyday companions of every woman who wants to preserve the beauty of her body.

The best ways to get rid of stretch marks - top 10

1. Self-massage

The main thing to do this massage regularly. Massage promotes a rush of blood to the problem areas, which means saturating them with vitamins and skin regeneration. For massage, it is best to use oil or cream. The abdomen and buttocks should be massaged in a clockwise circular motion. Hips and waist vertical movement from the bottom up. Massage movements should go to the heart. In cosmetic stores now sold comfortable brushes and cups, designed specifically for the removal of stretch marks.

2. Contrast shower

Good effect on skin elasticity. Can be combined with a light massage. After taking a contrast shower, rub the skin well with a towel and apply a cream for stretch marks or anti-cellulite cream.

3. Special home scrub

For such a scrub you will need a glass of sugar, a glass of salt and half a glass of vegetable oil. All these ingredients are thoroughly mixed and applied to the problematic parts with massage movements. After this scrub, you should put on the skin an ordinary body cream or lotion.

4. Coffee scrub

For such a scrub you need 100 g of finely ground coffee, which is poured with boiling water and infused for 15 minutes, you should get a thick coffee gruel, which is then added to a tablespoon of olive, flax, coconut or rosehip oil. You can also add 5-8 drops of essential oil of orange, grapefruit, rosemary, eucalyptus, bergamot.

5. Mumie

You can take the tablets and dissolve them in water in the skin or take 1 g of mummy for 1 spoonful of boiled water, 80 g of baby cream, mix, and then rub in problem areas 1 time a day. The prepared mixture should be stored in the refrigerator.

6. Orange oil

Orange oil and any other citrus oils are very good for massage. It is best to use after water treatments. Massage is best done with a rough canvas mitten or a special massage brush. This massage should be done no more than 3 times a week for 2-3 months.

7. Rosemary oil

5-8 drops of rosemary essential oil add to a teaspoon of almond oil. This mixture should be rubbed into the skin daily.

8. Almond oil

It contains a lot of vitamin E, so it is considered to be one of the most effective means against stretch marks. It is quickly absorbed by the skin and there is no greasy residue on it.

9. Hazelnut oil

Another storehouse of vitamin E. You can rub separately or add to the scrub.

10. Wheat germ oil

Thick in its texture, but no less rich in vitamin E. It is absorbed longer than almond. It is very good to use during the massage.

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Getting rid of stretch marks is a struggle and not the most pleasant. First you need to figure out how old they are, and if they have a large width and mother-of-pearl shade - do not waste money. For the rest - it is a daily work and painstaking, but the result can be achieved.


I have appeared at 14, now I am 22, so that fight do not fight, it is already useless. If at that time I used different moisturizers, as now, this would not have happened! When losing weight, they become less noticeable, because they are tightened, and everything is so useless, and they do not tan, because the scars do not tan.


Already almost 2 years. I did not immediately begin to heal, I didn’t really understand what it was. Then the red stretch marks began to be spread with salt, olive oil and mouthwash. Some have completely gone. But those that stayed very white and are well treated with a badyaga complex + oils + mumiyo + natural scrubs.

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That's what it means to do everything at a time when I had pink stretch marks, I did not care for them, but now when white is all, it’s impossible to get rid of it only if visually reduced.

About EM rosemary often read good reviews and it seems you can even use it on your chest. The only thing - this method can strengthen couperose, if it is.

Mumie and only it. Really effective. For a month, the stretch marks are lightened and almost imperceptible, a couple more months and I think they will disappear forever.

I have twice used the oil from the stretch Weleda. I will say it definitely helps. I began to appear stretch marks on my chest during the first pregnancy. Immediately after use, they became less noticeable, and during the second pregnancy I was already smarter and began to use this oil immediately and there were no stretch marks at all. Recommend.

Getting rid of stretch marks is work! I was most helped by iodine, the result is visible after the first application, after the skin peels off, I think if such a procedure is done every month, then for the year the stretch marks will reach their minimum and will be almost imperceptible!
Take the usual pharmacy 5% IODUS and smear the stomach 4 times a day for 3 days, the entire surface with stretch marks. Within a week, the skin will begin to resemble tough skin on the heels, and then the skin is ready to peel off for 5-6th day. In appearance, it resembles the same peeling process — like when the skin burns in the sun. It just peels off like a glove. It is possible to remove the entire animal straight with two patches; the peel is peeling off straight with the relief of the stretch marks.
Under the peeled skin will be pink thin skin. ATTENTION! Inspired by the result, in no case can not immediately be smeared with iodine again this new pink "young skin". We'll have to wait a week or even a half, otherwise, there will be a burn from iodine. Those. for example, if mazhesh iodine for the very first time, a little tweaks and all. All subsequent times will not tweak. But if you just removed the skin and smeared the young skin with iodine, then there will be a real burn. (not difficult to remember, I think).
In this way, people make tattoos for themselves. They are in the layer of derma (and that is where the main internal manifestation of which is a stretch occurs). It is logical to assume that this method can contribute to the fight against stretch marks.
By the way! Do not be afraid to stain your clothes with iodine. As it turned out, iodine is perfectly washed off from the tissues (which is not true for example about some oils)

While still pregnant, cared for the skin of the abdomen. At night, before bedtime applied oil BABY TEVA. Israeli cosmetics. It smells good. Very relaxing tensioned abdomen skin. The same oil can be added to the bath. Then the spirit relaxes. A kind of relaxation. Killed 2 hares at once and remove the stretch marks and rest. Conveniently.

During pregnancy, did not want to get rid of excess chemistry in order to prevent stretch marks. Hoped that they would pass me by. But after the birth, I noticed that I had stretch marks on my buttocks, but I noticed them when they were white.
At first I bought one inexpensive cream for stretch marks and just rubbed it according to the instructions (it seems that I rubbed it once a day for the night). No result. Then, after about six months, I decided to buy another cream - but I already used a massage brush: I smeared the cream and began to rub it with a brush, as if to rub it, with light massage movements. The result also did not find any. I realized that this is an empty idea.
But in any case, cream alone will not help you. There is no such magic cream that would just save you from stretch marks. It is necessary to combine the cream with at least some kind of exercise and massage.

I can definitely say that sport is necessary, but you can also buy a butter. I bought a bio-oil, half a year of sport + butter made themselves felt. My stretch marks have become like a cobweb, I’ll still continue to become completely invisible.

In the middle of my pregnancy, stretch marks also began to appear. Enough is enough, I decided to do this. The pharmacy advised 9 months cream for the prevention of stretch marks. She began to rub every day in the chest, thighs, abdomen. I can already point out a general improvement in the condition of the skin - moisturized, well-groomed, even resilient, no new stretch marks, and the old ones have visibly brightened .. I’ll stop feeding my toddler, I’ll get to the salon procedures)

As long as the young ones can try to smooth them out. I am a complex fit: proper nutrition, douche, glyco-a peeling from Isis Pharma, I drink a lot of water. Of course, they will not disappear, but what will become barely noticeable is sure. Everything has become much better!

I will share the Italian secret of losing weight. Italians make a peeling massage with natural Italian wool / mittens made of horsehair and aloe sisal. The skin is cleared of dead cells clogged with dirt and irregularities, rejuvenated, excess subcutaneous fat, stretch marks, loose skin, "orange peel" are removed.
The skin becomes smooth, delicate, thin, velvety.
Washcloths do a peeling massage on dry skin, so the Italians use them as soon as they have free time and a suitable place, very conveniently and quickly, the result is amazing.

After both pregnancies, I used cocoa butter and regular exercise at home. Exercises are the most common, nothing complicated, the main thing to do every day.

How to deal with stretch marks

It is recommended to start fighting stretch marks as soon as the woman noticed them. While they are still fresh, they are much easier and faster to clean.

There are several effective recipes for removing stretch marks at home. Also, the methods of application are different. Probably, it will take several months, the main thing is to have patience and confidence, and it is also important to adjust yourself for the result.

Remove stretch marks with massage

This method is the most effective. During a massage, blood circulation increases, which favorably affects the skin and the body as a whole. To do this, you need only a special massage cream, which includes elastin, vitamins A, E and C and collagen. It is necessary to rub up before the appearance of redness, so the blood circulation improves, but do not stretch the skin. The main thing is the regularity of the massage, do not forget to carry it out daily for several months.

But every part of the body is massaged differently:

  • Massage on the abdomen is performed strictly in a clockwise direction,
  • Massage at the waist or from the sides is performed with smooth strokes from the bottom up,
  • Hip massage is done by rubbing from the knees up,
  • Buttocks massage is performed in a circular motion, or from the bottom up.

In addition to massage creams, you can use natural essential oils, but not aromatic, they will not bring use. The oil from stretch marks is not rubbed into the skin, but applied with pinching movements after taking a shower with a scrub. Here is one effective recipe:

Jojoba oil - 50 milliliters, avocado oil - 50 milliliters, tangerine oil 10 drops, little neroli - 10 drops, rosemary oil - 10 drops, lavender oil - 20 drops, jasmine oil - 10 drops. All ingredients are mixed, cleaned for 24 hours in a dark place, then you can use.

Using the method of massage from stretch marks, the woman will also pull up the buttocks and legs, even cellulite will disappear, which is a pleasant application.

Remove stretch marks with algae

Algae restore metabolism in the epidermis, improve blood flow, thereby increasing the elasticity and firmness of the skin. Algae contains many trace elements, which in turn are very good for the skin. Wrapping in algae takes place as follows: a small bowl of algae powder is taken, diluted with water, left to swell for 20 minutes, then the resulting mass is applied on stretch marks, the top is wrapped with cling film and then with a towel for warming. An hour later, the algae are washed away. If you perform this procedure every few days, the effect will be noticeable after 3 weeks of use.

Remove stretch marks with mumie

To prepare the ointment with mummy, you must mix one bag of mummy (it is better to buy in bags than in tablets) with baby cream (a tablespoon), if necessary you can add a little water. A drop of essential oil will help to get rid of unpleasant smell. Apply the mixture on problem areas after taking a shower. If you use a whole tube of cream, respectively, in proportion to adding mummy, the ointment can be stored in the refrigerator.

Ointment with mummy, after taking a shower with a scrub, rubbed into stretch marks. Repeat the procedure should be daily for two weeks, the result is guaranteed. Deep stretch marks will become much less noticeable, and small ones will disappear altogether.

Remove stretch marks with blue clay and honey

To prepare such a tool is troublesome, but it is very effective. Natural honey is taken (if it is candied, it needs to be melted) and blue cosmetic clay in a 1: 1 ratio. Honey and clay are mixed and applied to problem areas, the top is wrapped with a dressing. It is left overnight, it is washed off in the morning. With each use, a new portion of the mixture is prepared, and it is not recommended to keep it in mixed form. This mask is performed daily until the desired result is achieved.

Remove stretch marks with scrubs

Using the scrub peels off the top layer of the epidermis, which helps to make the stretch marks less noticeable. Scrubs are made on the basis of salt, sugar or coffee grounds. Diluted with sour cream or olive oil. There are several ways to make scrubs at home.

Blend coffee grounds and sour cream. Coffee, if possible, is chosen coarse, and sour cream can be replaced with kefir. The mixture is prepared for each new application. It is applied to problem areas and pounded with massage movements for about 3 minutes.

Mixed sea salt with honey in equal proportions. This scrub can be done for future use.

A mixture of sea salt (preferably coarse), granulated sugar and olive oil is taken. Also optional is done for future use.

This is a badyaga. The ideal solution in the fight against stretch marks, and this tool is also inexpensive. It can be used both separately and mixed with hydrogen peroxide. Badyuga better to take in the form of powder, not a gel. A mixture of two ingredients is applied to problem areas and lasts for 20 minutes and washed off. Then you need to put on the skin moisturizer or cosmetic oil. The skin will turn red, tingling will be felt when touched, which is why it is advised to apply this procedure at bedtime. During the night, the reddening should pass, and the tingling will be present for a couple more days. There are several recommendations for applying badyagi:

  • Wear latex seals when applied so that the product does not fall on the skin,
  • A few days to avoid exposure to sunlight those problem areas that have undergone this procedure, otherwise there will be pigmentation on the skin.

Badyaga penetrates directly under the skin and directionally acts with its needles in problem areas. This deep cleansing improves blood circulation, which allows the skin to become healthy.

It is necessary to purchase a loofah washcloth and rub it until it appears red.

Remove stretch marks with aloe

Aloe juice can be purchased at the pharmacy, as well as freshly squeezed at home alone. For half a glass of aloe juice, take the same amount of extra virgin olive oil, mix everything thoroughly. You can also store this mixture in the refrigerator in a tightly closed glass jar. It is necessary to be smeared daily, and in the morning and in the evening, before the effect appears, but this occupation will definitely take a couple of months.

Remove stretch marks with herbs

Healing herbs are helpers in many healing problems. They will also help in the fight against stretch marks. It takes about 1 tbsp. l Hypericum, chamomile and succession, mixed with a spoonful of honey. This mixture is diluted with water (half a cup is enough) and brought to a boil. After cooling down, another spoonful of golden mustache and a spoon of aloe juice are added. The resulting ointment is applied to problem areas twice a day, morning and evening, daily.

There is another recipe with chamomile: 100 grams of chamomile is boiled in 250 milliliters of milk, a towel is dipped in the resulting broth and wrapped around the right parts of the body. Holds for 20 minutes, then without rinsing, smeared with baby cream.

Remove stretch marks with almond oil

Almond oil will help get rid of stretch marks, it is rich in vitamin E and other beneficial elements. Oil does not leave behind a greasy shine, as it is easily absorbed. To prepare the tool you need to mix almond oil (a teaspoon) and rosemary oil (8 drops). The mixture is rubbed in the morning and evening in problem areas on a daily basis for three months. If the skin is dry, then you can add some more wheat germ oil to the mixture.

All the above methods, how to remove stretch marks at home, will bring effect only with perseverance, patience and a positive attitude. If the result does not satisfy the woman, you should not despair, because men also have stretch marks, but for some reason they don’t worry about it at all. If a woman does not focus on the problem, then her man will not notice.