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Recently, many articles have appeared on the Internet about what a basic wardrobe is. What is the difference between basic shoes and any other?

Basic shoes: classic models of neutral shades from natural and high-quality materials. This is really comfortable shoes, long-playing, which can be worn from season to season.

By seasonality you can talk too much. We walk on fresh grass, on hot asphalt, on puddles and on snow. And your feet should be protected in all weathers.

Basic shoes rarely depend on fashion; you should not buy the most relevant new items of the season as basic ones.

1. Sneakers, sneakers, slip-ons

Once you appreciate sports shoes, you will never want to part with it. In your arsenal, there must be shoes for long walks or sports activities. The best option would be sneakers or slip-ons, and it is better to choose such shoes in a specialized sports shop and trust only trusted brands. After all, walking in this shoe will take a long time, but it is expensive. If you buy the right sneakers, they will serve you for many years, and their feet will not sweat or tire.

If the sport in your life takes up a lot of space, then one pair, of course, you can not do without, and if you pay attention to the trends of this summer, then you just have to buy snow-white sneakers.

2. Shoes

You should have base boats anyway. And I would insist on two pairs: black and beige. Hue can choose to your taste. They can be any: varnished, suede, high heels and platform, or a comfortable low heel. But they should be! They can be worn at any event, with any clothes - from jeans to evening dress on the floor.

As for the number of pairs of shoes, I can only shrug it off a lot. Here you decide how much you need it.

3. Sandals

Mastkhev this summer - leather sandals on a flat sole. Ideal for work in the office, and to give, and for the beach.

Already have a pair of sandals? What about gladiators?

4. Sandals, clogs

In summer it is very hot. Girls wear light summer dresses and sundresses. Here sandals fit on a light and comfortable cork platform. And they can be both neutral (to make it easier to pick up to the dress), and bright. It is important to remember that they must be very comfortable. If you don’t have one yet, this summer you can buy trendy white sandals on a high tractor platform.

Well, if for each image you have your sandals - black, white, beige, yellow or blue. So your summer will be even more fun!

5. Loafers, moccasins

Ideal loafers should be on every lady. Now there is no problem to pick up a pair. They are perfectly suited to the business image and will look very stylish with a dress.

Moreover, recently these shoes have become trendy.

6. Boots

Of course, I mean demi boots without heels. These are the perfect shoes for any weather. The easiest thing in stores is to find black boots, that will be enough. But if you prefer other colors, look for terracotta, gray, navy blue and dark green. Boots can be combined with any way: with jeans, leggings, maxi, midi and mini skirts, with a fur coat, coat and a bomber jacket ...

It is advisable to have a few more pairs of boots: high heels, boots (if your legs allow) of suede or fabric.

7. Ankle boots

The choice here, of course, is huge. Find a comfortable pair of neutral-colored ankle boots with a comfortable heel or wedge. In them you may have to go more than one hundred kilometers. In addition, they can be worn both in summer and in autumn and spring.

In general, ankle boots do not happen much. And it's not even their convenience or versatility, but how many models can be found in stores. Instead of further comments, I suggest just to see the illustrations.

Shoe selection rules

I would like to end our conversation with how to approach the choice of shoes so that there is a real opportunity to reduce its quantity, but not the quality of life.

1. Shoes must be expensive

Of course, the high cost is a relative concept. But buying cheap shoes, you risk throwing money away.

2. Do not buy shoes in the mass market

Of course, it is easier. The problem is that for well-known brands of mass-market shoes is not a priority, the manufacturer does not focus on its quality. Of course, I am not saying that you should not buy shoes there at all, but you need to do this wisely. Do not take the basic models - it is better to choose shoes to go out, which you will wear several times a year.

3. Shoes should be comfortable

Trying on shoes, do not make allowances for the fact that they are spread, and corns will quickly pass. If you are uncomfortable with them - do not buy! Especially when it comes to basic models.

Try to buy at least one pair of current shoes every season. So gradually you will be able to assemble a large collection of shoes suitable for you.

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What shoes should be in the wardrobe of women

But some landmarks, of course, exist. And many modern girls will come in handy in the wardrobe shoes listed below. She will help to create stylish images for every day with any clothes.

Therefore, before you buy regular ankle boots or ballet flats, check if you have the right loafers or brogues? :)

So, let's see what this is already in your shoe wardrobe, and what will fall into your shopping list?

Basic wardrobe shoes

Beige or black? Green or red? With color transition or leopard? It's up to you!

On the one hand, it took many years for our girls to understand why and why we need beige shoes. On the other hand, since they got everything, they thoroughly rubbed their eyes and in many offices turned into an element of corporate uniform.

Yes, classic, yes base. But in some places it is so boring, hackneyed and beaten that I want to advise to move on and not buy the 10th pair of nude boats. And pay attention to fashionable shoes as well.


Slippers for the street is in the wardrobe of every girl. The main thing - make sure that your ballet shoes do not have lush bows and hopelessly outdated buckles and flowers.


The most real slippers! The hearts of fashionistas are broken by them once and for all, they are not broken up either in winter or in summer. What do you think about this shoe? Horror or horror, "give two"?


Slip-on sneakers are lightweight, lace-up sneakers. Admit how many you have in your wardrobe? Slip-ons confidently pressed sneakers, ballet flats and sneakers! In winter, we will wear them too! After all, there are slipons on the fur :)))


Recently, this is the most important shoes in the wardrobe of fashionistas. In the summer wear them on bare feet. And in the fall and spring - with socks and tight tights!


Shoes with orthopedic insole, reminiscent of sandals with a wide sole. And how did we live without them before ?!


Home shoes of the cold season! Stylish, comfortable, slightly brutal and very practical!


About this shoe goes a lot of frightening stories and rumors. The most important - it cuts the leg. You heard that too?

All this nonsense. Yes, of course, not all ankle boots are equally useful, but to choose the height of your shoes personally, you need to be based on the length and proportionality of your feet personally.


The rainy season always dictates its own conditions, so one pair will definitely not be superfluous!


Comfort is our everything! I can not imagine how we used to do without sports shoes in the urban wardrobe. If you still do not think life without heels, read this article.


Many girls appreciated the beauty of this shoe. Loafers are just as versatile as ballet flats, and look much cooler!


If you think that only pants can be worn with this shoe, then you are mistaken.

Wear them with dresses and skirts! And how stylish are the brogues with colored tights, mmmm ...


Firstly, it is beautiful! Secondly, the heat :-)


The most sexy shoes after sandals! The main thing - do not overdo it, of course! A basic jackboots - definitely be! With what and how to wear them, read here.

And now, girls, I suggest you revise your shoe wardrobe! And see what is and what is missing.

And in order to create the perfect basic wardrobe and learn how to buy suitable for you and matching things and accessories, come to the School of Shopping :-) This knowledge is a great investment in the style, wardrobe and self-esteem of every girl. And also it is the real insurance against unsuccessful expenses, purchases and disappointments.

1. Classic pointed boats

In the first place in our lists, we put the shoes on high heels. Even if you do not wear a stud, such a pair must be in reserve. No one knows what will happen tomorrow, in a month or a year: it is quite possible that you will be invited to an audience with the Queen of Great Britain. In general, you have to be ready for everything in advance.

For passionate lovers of heels, having a perfect pair of shoes in the wardrobe will not hurt either. Elegant, elegant and at the same time universal shoes are ideal for a cocktail dress, and for evening dress, and for frivolous floral outfit, and for a business suit. The main thing when choosing such a pair is to pay attention to several nuances.

First, the toe: he simply must be sharp and slightly elongated. This form looks very feminine and visually gives the foot even more grace.

Secondly, heel. You should not choose too high the height of the stud - 9−11 centimeters is enough. And forget about the platform. She visually weights her leg. In addition, shoes with heels and platform look quite massive and are not suitable for all sets. As for color, then everything is simple. Light beige, black, dark blue, red - shoes “waving” is better to buy neutral classic colors. Then it will be easier for them to pick up a dress.

2. White sneakers

White sneakers are the best to complement any casual look. Probably, there is no more suitable shoes that would be so harmoniously combined with jeans of all colors, and with shorts with a high waist in retro style, and with a light skirt with a colorful pattern. Perhaps the only set with which wearing white sneakers is not recommended is a strict pencil skirt.

For the rest, there is no prohibition. The most courageous can wear rag sneakers even with a cocktail dress. It's nice that when creating the image you don't need to think about the combination of colors: fortunately, white looks great with a sea stripe, and even with neon shades.

3. Powder-colored ballet flats

In the wardrobe of every girl should be ballet flats in principle and in particular - flesh-colored. The fact that they will be perfectly combined with literally every thing of your wardrobe, and not worth mentioning. The main thing is that even with flat shoes, your legs will look longer and slimmer. True, wearing light ballet flats is better with bare legs or bodily tights.

Stockings of dark colors in combination with pastel shoes absolutely accurately spoil the image. In fact, ballet flats are a great tool for correcting small flaws. For example, wearing powdery black toe shoes, you visually shorten the length of the foot.

4. Men's style shoes

Androgyny has been keeping its position on the fashionable Olympus for several years in a row. True, to call this trend young language does not turn. The fact is that the masculine style in the feminine interpretation became fashionable back in the 30s by Marlene Dietrich. It was she who breathed life into the classic men's suit and tuxedo, turning these wardrobe items into new symbols of femininity and sexuality.

Trouser kits still do not go out of fashion: designers introduce them into their collections in almost every season. The same applies to men's lace-up shoes: brogues, oxford and derby. In modern women's wardrobe should be at least one such pair. The most versatile option is black or brown shoes. But if you want, you can get a couple more fun: burgundy, dark blue and even golden hue.

When choosing suitable brogues it is worth remembering that the lack of a high heel is an important condition. Androgyny and severity should be the main priorities when buying. True, this platform does not properly apply, the main thing is that it should be flat.

Ideal men's shoes will create a stylish and feminine image in the spirit of Marlene Dietrich, complement the business kit, and in addition, will be an excellent complement to the image in the preppy style.

5. Bright sneakers

Sneakers came into fashion relatively recently, becoming a real fashionable symbol of "zero" and "tenths." From sports uniforms, they turned into a thing, without which in our days can not do. Even if you do not plan to wear spectacular sneakers with dresses and skirts, still advise you to purchase one pair. More comfortable shoes for walking around the city and meetings in an informal setting is simply not to be found!

Those girls who are happy to wear sneakers at any time of the day or night should know the main thing. Do not confuse classic running sneakers with models for everyday wear. Whoever said that, but sports models look too massive and do not mix at all, say, with a shirt-dress. By the way, running in urban sneakers is also not recommended: playing sports in the wrong shoes can adversely affect the health of the joints and the spine.

Sneakers from the lifestyle lines of sports brands are best suited to create a contemporary and stylish image. In addition, many fashion brands have been reinterpreting sports silhouettes for several seasons in a row, creating sneakers with contrasting inserts, unusual grooved soles and even sparkles. Among them are not only Chanel and Dior, but also such democratic brands as Zara, H & M and Mango.

6. Sandals

Comfortable sandals with thin or wide straps are the best summer shoes and a great alternative to stiletto sandals. There are many occasions to wear sandals: going to a cafe, walking around the city, going out of town. True, there is a small minus: to appear such shoes in the office or at a business meeting, not everyone can afford. Here, ballet shoes and pointed toe shoes will come to your aid!

Fashion positions of 2013-2014

Ballet flats are very versatile shoes, which is probably why fashion designers try to diversify their appearance so much.

This season, as in the previous one, classical models of ballet toe with a rounded toe remain popular, they visually reduce the leg, and also give it a feeling of a certain lightness and flight.

Such shoes can be completely deprived of a heel, remaining on a flat course, or they can be equipped with a small stacked heel, the height of which should not exceed 2 centimeters. By the way, the latter option is more useful for the health of your legs, but at the same time remains as comfortable and comfortable as in the case of a completely flat sole.

These ballet flats, probably more than others, can boast of their diversity, because they can be presented in leather or rubber, models from any textile materials are also possible, they can be white, black, beige, in fact, any rainbow colors, decorated with spikes or sequins, bows or flowers.

In total and you will not list, the imagination of their producers is great, and girls need only to choose those models which as much as possible approach under their own style, or a concrete image.

Classic is always popular, but women of fashion should also be drawn to the new trends of this season - ballet flats with narrowed toes.

Socks can be deliberately highlighted with the help of metal inserts or textured leather, which will be different in color. As for the decor, most often these ballet flats are decorated with small or medium bows, flower arrangements or spikes, which, by the way, are very popular this season and can cover completely the entire shoe.

Also the trend of this season are ballet flats with an open sock, the cutout of which can be figured and very unusual. Also, the so-called sleepers began to gain considerable popularity, which differ from ballet flats only in the presence of a “tongue” at the site of foot elevation.

They, like ballet flats, are made of leather and various fabrics, decorated with various accessories, but their main distinguishing feature must remain in place. Even the most zealous opponents of shoes with flat soles could not resist the charm of these shoes, because they are so cute combined with almost any clothing.

Another fashionable style of women's ballet flats of this season became - oxford ballet flats, in outlines, which you can see the well-known classic lacing, perforations and recognizable skin embossing.

Что касается цвета и декора, то в этом сезоне остаются популярными повседневные модели черных, белых, коричневых и бежевых цветов. Любителям яркого и насыщенного, особенно это актуально в летнюю и весеннюю пору, подойдут искрящиеся желтые, красные, вишневые, оттенки синего и зеленого.

Especially popular this season are ballet flats of a rich emerald color, as well as his close brothers - indigo, turquoise, ultramarine, and so on. However, do not confuse all these bright colors with neon colors, the latter this season not in trend. As for the accessories, both classic smooth monochrome models and various bows, flowers, beads, rivets and beads are popular, as long as they suit your style.

What to wear ballet flats?

The main rule that is observed when wearing such shoes: ballet flats, sleepers or oxford ballet flats are not combined with socks, they must be worn on their bare feet.

For the rest, it’s rather easier to write about what ballet flats should not be worn, because they are so universal that they are suitable for almost any image: they are perfectly combined with narrow and straight jeans, look great with shorts and skirts above the knees, as well as dresses like "bell", "tulip", "with the smell."

The only thing, ballet flats are not combined with long evening dresses, as well as with long skirts, in them you risk having a monastic look. If ballet flats are close to sleepers, then they cannot be combined with a flare from the hip, as well as with straight wide pants, as it can turn out to be too homely, even pajama, image. Also ballet flats are not compatible with the classic skirt with a high waist, and also banana jeans.

Classic black high-heeled shoes

Nothing more, nothing more trendy. Classic shoes are always at the peak of popularity and are in demand. Remember, the basis of any image is a pair of black high-heeled shoes - definitely the most important thing.

They will become your pair of universal shoes, the one that will be perfectly combined with all the clothes: with a business suit and a cocktail dress, as well as with basic and other outfits.

Shoes that fit with everything (even the most basic) for me should be made of materials such as: satin, velvet or suede, as these materials are more elegant than smooth leather.

Just like high-heeled shoes, you need a pair of medium-heeled shoes to always be comfortable, we assure such shoes are also quite fashionable, but, in addition, it is also comfortable.

For most women, a suitable heel height is anywhere from 2.5 to 4.5 inches.

Neutral or light beige pumps

Even if you compare them with such a multi-faceted shoe, which is black pumps, shoes, they just do not fit all.

  • Try on neutral (not white) pumps to your wardrobe and you will get basic shoes with which you can make a lot of harmonious images.
  • Your best option is to find a classic design that will be relevant from season to season, year after year. The Christian Lobouten shoe collection, in a neutral color, despite its high cost, includes basic skin tones and ranges from beige to chestnut. In more detail on this topic you can learn from our article: Labuteni - fashionable shoes
  • Choose shoes to fit exactly, so that the foot does not slip or, conversely, the shoes are not too tight.
  • Pay attention, it is not necessary to combine clothes from dense fabrics and high-heeled pumps. So you can not achieve in the image of harmony and charm.
  • Try to follow the simple rule: the denser the clothes, the wider the heel of your shoes should be.

You need a pair of shoes that will look good with jeans, but isn't it usually that you can't wear the best pair of loose trousers with them too. Comfortable, practical and beautiful women's shoes are ballet flats.

To make things look pretty boring, you can look for unusual colors, prints or textures. But in reality, ordinary fancy ballet flats sometimes look more simple.

Black Classic Low Heel Shoes

A pair of low-heeled shoes, comfortable black shoes are an integral part of any woman's shoe collection.

They are just perfect in those days when sandals with ties and more glamorous shoes are out of place or look too defiant, for example, at a gala dinner, a spontaneous business meeting or even a funeral.

Classic shoes are multifunctional enough to combine them with anything, in addition, they are specially made on a very low and comfortable heels.

Feel free to wear high-heeled shoes, but for this you need to be taken separately must-have. However, you should not choose shoes with a heel above 3 inches. Something more can be regarded as too defiant and unacceptable.

Shoe shoes. What to wear with boats (video):

Comfortable sneakers for every day

Your choice, neat white sneakers or shoes in retro style with a pointed toe - a pair of comfortable sneakers must be in any wardrobe. And, perhaps, you are missing a pair of fashionable sneakers?

Metallic high-heeled shoes

There are special cases when the created image is not very in harmony with black shoes. For such situations, you just need a pair of shiny metallic metallic shoes with a heel.

It can be open-toed sandals or sandals with straps, it does not matter, as long as they are fashionable enough and fit everything, even if you wear them only once.

Metal heel is ideal for pastel colors, light neutral and white shades, it can be well combined with black.

Classic shoes and ankle boots with heels

Nothing will not update the basic image and will not make you feel better about yourself, like a high heel. And it does not matter how high or low he is, the whole point is to stop wearing a heel of shoes at least a little.

Look for classic ankle boots, sandals or low-heeled shoes if you want to look elegant even in jeans. But remember, comfort is still important, so do not get carried away. You can find a lot of interesting information about boots in our other article: Fashion ankle boots for women.

Knee-high boots

Whether it’s a model heeled boots or a warm and comfortable classic winter footwear, cold weather simply requires the purchase of a pair of boots. Plus, depending on what kind of boots you choose, everything from skirts to jeans with them will look just charming.

Every woman’s wardrobe should contain at least a pair of classic boots of brown or black color. It is the correctly chosen classic boots that always look expensive and fashionable. Knee-high boots are best combined with skirts of appropriate style, but ankle boots, on the contrary, go well with short pants. And if both the shoes and the trousers are chosen in the same color tonality, then this technique will allow you to visually lengthen the legs.

I like high-heeled low-heeled boots that may look casual or fancy.

Any shoes - an integral part of the female image. Therefore, it is necessary not only to choose a comfortable model, it is important that the shoes be a logical continuation of the entire image. Remember, beautiful shoes are capable of much.

3. Feminine ballet flats

Once registered in your wardrobe, ballet flats will never leave it. Black, beige or bright - any option will find its application. The best assistant in creating a feminine touching image is not to be found! Wear them with a pleated skirt, and with a sundress to the floor, and with cropped jeans.

4. High heeled sandals.

In the arsenal of any girl should certainly be at least one pair of stunningly sexy sandals with high heels. A distinctive feature of such sandals can be anything - bright color, active print, unusual decorative details. The main thing is to wear them, you feel irresistible.

6. Rough flat shoes

In rain, snow or ice, rough shoes with a flat sole or small heel are the way out for those girls who value comfort above all. By the way, there is no need to complain about the lack of diversity in the assortment of manlike shoes - you can choose both biker boots and cowboy boots, both concise and complemented by numerous buttons and zippers.

8. Wedge Sandals

In those moments when you still want to take a break from sandals, they will be replaced by wedge sandals. This is the most comfortable way to add yourself a few centimeters of growth. They go well with flared jeans and a long sundress. In addition, such shoes will easily help you out at an informal summer wedding.

10. Straight knee-high boots

Elegant and practical straight knee-high classic boots are timeless classics that help you to adequately overcome the vicissitudes of the weather. Depending on preferences, you can bet on the model on a flat sole or on the heel, in any case, the result will be great.

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