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Christmas cartoons: 20 best New Year cartoons


The most important thing for children on New Year's Eve is to look at all the best. Christmas and New Year cartoons watch online for free in good quality hd 720 and hd 1080 and then next year is guaranteed everyone will have a good mood! Cartoons about Christmas and New Year come from childhood, our first meetings with the beautiful, with a real miracle - the world of animation are connected with animation, and if these joys for children and adults are filmed on the theme of New Year and Christmas, winter, Christmas holidays, beloved season and holiday of all children on earth. Even as an adult, the viewer will watch cartoons about the New Year online for free, and his heart will be thawed from the sadness and longing accumulated during the year of work and walking through everyday torment.

The best cartoons about Christmas and New Year

Perhaps in other seasons it was difficult to select a minute or two for such a carefree pastime, but the New Year and of course Christmas is a real family holiday and what could be better than watching cartoons online in good quality with hd 720 and hd 1080. When outside the fierce cold and howling wind? The best Christmas and New Year cartoons satisfy the taste of any viewer - and an admirer of the classics, and lover of fresh, modern cartoons, shot from literary sources and original scripts. Our selection of the best cartoons about the winter holidays will give a lot of positive and make them the most memorable in your life and childhood of your children. Happy viewing and happy holidays!

Soviet Christmas cartoons

Soviet animation films are a whole independent branch of film production. In the eighty years of the Soyuzmultfilm film studio, more than 1,500 cartoons have been created in a wide variety of genres and artistic techniques, many of which were included in the Golden Fund of the world animation classics and received more than four hundred international festival prizes and awards. In the New Year holidays, see the whole family classics of Soviet cartoons.

Twelve months

An evil stepmother sends her stepdaughter at night in the winter to the forest for snowdrops. But what winter snowdrops, you ask? Yes, you cannot find snowdrops, it remains only to believe in a miracle, which the little girl did. And a miracle happened ... In the forest, the girl suddenly met 12 brothers who helped her.

Winter in Prostokvashino

On the eve of the new year, Sharik and Matroskin do not talk to each other and even begin to divide property, and all because Sharik for the winter instead of felt boots bought sneakers, and Matroskin seriously called him a dunce. Uncle Fyodor and dad decided to visit them, only the car broke down. And my mother has a concert, she is not up to the holiday. But what a New Year without miracles.

The Snow Queen

Once, the Snow Queen, the darkest and coldest woman on Earth, visits the same family. Without hiding her intentions, the queen in every way persuades the boy named Kai to go with her to her luxurious but deserted ice palace. The boy flatly refuses, because he truly loves his grandmother and Gerda. Then the Snow Queen retreats, but asks Kai to kiss her goodbye, and the boy agrees. From this very moment, difficult tests await friends. Will they cope, and will Gerda be able to break the spell of the Snow Queen?

Santa Claus and summer

Somewhere on the North Pole there lives a kind old man, whose name is known to all the children of the planet - Santa Claus. With the onset of the winter holidays, Santa Claus sets off, taking with him a pre-prepared bag of gifts. On one of the holidays, the northern old man finds out about some “Summer”, which he had never seen and did not know. Returning home, the old man never stops thinking about this “strange” season. He has strange dreams, and he cannot think about anything else. And Santa Claus decides to go to visit the kids in the middle of summer. What will come of it? Look!

Umka is looking for a friend

A polar bear named Umka in the Christmas cartoon series is looking for his friend. And in the process of searching with him there are all sorts of pleasant and not very stories. Umka for the first time will see a Christmas tree and colorful balls, and will discover many new and interesting things!

How a hedgehog and a teddy bear met the New Year

On the eve of the New Year, the Hedgehog and the Little Bear decided to get together to celebrate the new year together, but there is no tree. They go to the forest to look for a Christmas tree, but they find nothing suitable in size. The heroes are returning home, and the Hedgehog decided to become a Christmas tree himself.

Last year's snow fell

The main character of the picture is a lazy little man. Although he is a lover of laze, but his wife came across strict, so he does not give a chance to relax. And so, on New Year's Day, she sends her awkward spouse for a festive tree. This is where the wide-ranging nature of our hero manifests itself in all its glory. A seemingly simple question about the extraction of spruce turns into a series of extraordinary transformations and metamorphosis.

The story of the well-known fairy tale of the same name. The girl found a strange toy under the tree: Nutcracker. Suddenly, the toy comes to life, and the Nutcracker tells the girl the sad story of his curse and the insidious Mouse King. And here the most interesting begins.

Christmas Eve

The action of the cartoon takes place in the Ukrainian village. A simple blacksmith, Vakula, is trying to find his favorite "bride" his favorite bride. And all would be nothing if not for a few big problems that prevent the blacksmith from cope with the task. The fact is that the shoes, which the bride Oksana so passionately wanted, can only be obtained in St. Petersburg, and it is not possible to walk such a long way in such a short time. But Vakula is not a timid guy, and in order to carry out his plans, he decides to ride the devil himself. What will come of it and what other adventures are waiting for a simple blacksmith, look at the New Year's animated cartoon "Christmas Eve".

Snowman mailer

On the eve of the New Year, several children write a letter to Santa Claus with a request to send them a Christmas tree for the holiday, and then they mold the Snowman, who should take the letter to the magic forest. When it is midnight, under the clock, the Snowman comes to life and, together with a small courtyard puppy named Druzhok, goes in search of Santa Claus. Will the snowman be able to cope with all the dangers that await him in the magical forest, and will he manage to deliver the letter to Santa Claus? See the Christmas cartoon "Snowman mailer."

When the trees are lit

Santa Claus with gifts in a hurry to the city to visit the children, to wish you a Happy New Year. But gifts are lost on the road: Bunny for girl Lucy and a teddy bear for Vanya. They found the toys and returned to the Snow Maiden. But what about children without gifts? And the Snow Maiden on a miracle sleigh is in a hurry to the children and has time just for the beginning of the holiday ... "They say on New Year's Eve that they will not, everything always happens, everything always comes true!"

New Year's trip

The boy Kohl, whose father works in Antarctica, decides to get to the South Pole no matter what, to bring his father a Christmas tree. After all, the pope for the new year must have a Christmas tree.
On the way, Kohl meets Santa Claus. He asks him for help .... While the clock strikes twelve times, Kolya must have time to fly to dad ...

Santa Claus and Gray Wolf

New Year's cartoon about how the gray wolf dressed up as Santa Claus together with Crow stole the hare. But Santa Claus announcing anxiety in the forest, caught up with the Wolf, took away the hares and gave them to happy parents. Now they again have four sons and a daughter. And Santa Claus with the Snow Maiden and the Snowman hurried to the New Year tree.

Bears Neighbors: Winter Holidays

Children's comedic cartoon from Chinese animators about the winter adventures of bears Briaru and Brambu. On the eve of the New Year holidays, all the inhabitants of the forest begin to prepare for the most important event of the year. But bears are not so happy, it just so happens that according to the laws of nature, bears should sleep in their dens in the winter. However, the plans of the woodcutter Vika, who lives next door, confuse all the maps. Vic passionately wants to get home to his family, but he doesn’t have enough money to buy a ticket. Then the lumberjack begins to work hard, which causes discontent of the forest neighbors.

Christmas story

This is a Victorian enlightening story about the old and hardened miser Ebenezere Scrooge, who is undergoing a test of deep cleansing for one night. Mr. Scrooge is a financier / money changer who has dedicated his entire life to accumulating wealth. He despises everything except money, including friendship, love, and the Christmas holidays.

Christmas Madagascar

Santa Claus through the fault of the "Madagascar" company, crashes and gets to the Madagascar island, the resulting amnesia threatens to disrupt the celebrations. Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria take on the delivery of gifts to children. At the same time, they hope to return to New York on Santa's sledges ...

Ice Age: Giant Christmas

When Sid the sloth accidentally destroys a Christmas stone, Manny's mammoth tells him that he is on Santa's black list, which means that now the sloth will have to fly to the North Pole to ask the old man for forgiveness. Sid really wanted to fix it, but when he arrived at the North Pole, an awkward sloth only aggravates the already difficult situation. Will the cartoon characters fix everything and save Christmas?

The nightmare before christmas

The king of horrors and fears a monster named Jack Skelington once accidentally falls into the city of Christmas, where love, kindness and fun reign. All this was strange to Jack, and he decided to kidnap Santa and take his place. The results turned out, to put it mildly, nightmarish. But Jack wants to fix it. Will he?

1. Polar Express (2004, USA)

The cartoon of the famous director R. Zemeckis, which looks like a film, immediately raises the bar. The movements of real actors were digitized and at the same time you will admire the excellent play of Tom Hanks. The story is addressed to children who have ceased to believe in a miracle and Santa, as well as the majority of parents, in order to better understand their children. Our hero remembered all his life that night on Christmas. After a trip full of adventures, in an unusual train to the North Pole and meeting Santa, faith in a wonderful holiday returned to him.

Unusual and deep cartoon - it can and should be revised, because from the first time you can not notice everything. Impressions will be strong after viewing - this is how to return to childhood.

2. Santa's Secret Mission (2011, Finland, Italy)

Santa's Secret Mission or 3D Magic Crystal

Under Christmas, the life of a boy who by chance left an orphanage drastically changed. He needs to correct the situation in which he was involuntarily dragged in - to return the crystal, without which Santa would not be able to give out gifts to the children on time and their faith in the miracle of the holiday would be undermined. It is important to know that even if you made a mistake, you can fix it, the main thing is not to waste time on self-pity and act!

3. Christmas bells (1999, USA)

Gifts - what's a holiday without them? The situation in the farmer’s family this year is not easy and there is no money at all. We'll have to sell the pet children - horse. And the children are also preparing a surprise - a horse cart. The holiday is under threat, but the Christmas miracle happens! And the whole story takes place against the backdrop of a favorite tune - Jinge Bells.

4. Annabelle (1997, United States)

Christmas wish Annabelle

This sad story, when childhood is little-minded and those around are hostile, will end unusually and joyfully. It is based on the belief that on New Years Eve animals have the opportunity to talk. Annabelle shares her gift with her friend, a dumb boy. The main idea here is that unselfish friendship and love is a real miracle that can turn any dream into reality.

5. Fawn Rudolph (1998, Canada, USA)

People around can make mistakes, considering the fiery red nose of a deer a motive for ridicule, not realizing that this is a mark. Our hero will pass more than one test and will receive a worthy reward. Lovely, funny cartoon for family viewing.

6. My first Bible: Christmas (1995, USA)

My first Bible: Christmas

This wonderful series consists of short stories about the main events of the Bible. The complex is told here simply and clearly. Pleasant music and calm panache make viewing a memorable event.

7. Red Christmas boots (1995, USA)

Red Christmas boots

This story is about a shoemaker who did not believe in Christmas. Miracles happen to everyone. So, an angel appeared to our hero and said that an unusual gift was awaiting him. For each person, God has his own approach and he alone knows when and what path to bring to him.

8. Holy Night or the Story of the First Christmas (2000, Australia)

Holy night or the story of the first Christmas

Unusual view of Christmas through the eyes of a donkey. His fate is also interesting, as his character changed after his acquaintance with Joseph and Maria. From a wayward donkey, he becomes a protector, and thanks to his help, the Holy Family will find overnight in Bethlehem, where the Savior will be born.

9. Eloise 2: Christmas (2003, UK, USA)

Eloise 2: Christmas

A touching story about a little girl, a common pet in a hotel where she lives with her nanny, while mom is away. She really wants to make Christmas and invite everyone to the show. However, all threatened to be thrown and the last hope for a miracle. And it happens. This beautiful family cartoon will remind you that if you want something worthwhile and do not lose hope, then it will definitely happen. And better than intended.

Best New Year Movies - TOP 50 New Year

On the eve of Christmas and New Year, New Year films were invented to create a magical festive atmosphere. A selection of 50 unique films is devoted to lovers of a good family movie and fans of inexplicable Christmas miracles. This page contains the best festive films that can bring a smile and a feeling of real New Year's magic!

1. Exchange Leave

Who does not know, there is such a thing, for holidays to change houses. You will meet the New Year in another world, in a new setting, and life can drastically change for the better. Two girls who broke up with the guys because of constant infidelity, decided to give up apartments. A snag is only in the distance! Iris lives in London, and Amanda in Southern California. But kilometers is not a problem when you want to quit, forget and run away from home to the other end of the world!

2. Real love

In the cast of real stars, and the beautiful Claudia Schiffer received a decent fee of 200,000 pounds sterling for shooting in a minute episode.

The name of the film reveals the essence of the picture, but in another way the comedy is called - love is everywhere! Heroes of sensual melodrama meet all the time, fall in love, hope and suffer, and all these events take place on the eve of magical Christmas.

3. Princess for Christmas

Jules life has changed a lot since the death of her sister. The girl became the guardian of his nephews - a teenage boy Milo and a little girl Maddie. Children need constant care, but Jules does not have time, and on Christmas Eve she is fired from her job.

As if by magic, the grandfather of the children suddenly appears - the Duke of Castleberry, a polite and cold gentleman. Jules steps over his pride and agrees to come with his nephews for the holidays to the family castle, where he meets the charming and very educated younger son of the duke.

4. The best time of year

The main heroine, Jennifer, has not been enjoying Christmas for a long time. The girl is trying with all her strength not to be discouraged, she works with all his might and brings up her little son in love and care. On the eve of the holiday, her uncle arrives to Jenny, but not alone, but in the company of a handsome stranger. The man's name is Morgan, he is young, single and charming. It is logical that on the night before Christmas between him and Jennifer flare feelings, develop into a strong and mutual love.

“The Adventures of Rudolph the Fawn”, 1984, USA.

An old, but very kind cartoon about a special Rudolph deer, who was born unusual - with a bright red nose. All would be nothing, but due to the fact that the baby was not like the others, they did not want to take him into the game, they were teased and offended.

But any fairy tale should have a good end: one day, on Christmas night, a strong snowstorm and a wise Santa rose, in order not to get lost in bad weather, asked Rudolph to lead the team, lighting the whole way. Now an unusual little deer is a great fellow, he is the best!

Mickey: Once Upon a Christmas, 1999, USA.

Famous Disney characters Mickey, Mini, as well as their best friends - Donald, Goofy, Pluto and Daisy - gather in one friendly company to tell their stories about the magic power of Christmas.

A couple of Mini and Miki will share their story about how they decided to celebrate the most unforgettable Christmas in their lives, Goofy will tell about their incredible Christmas adventures, and the famous nephews of Donald Duck will remember the time when they dreamed about the soonest coming of the holiday, and также о том, к чему это в итоге привело.

Занимательные истории любимых диснеевских героев обязательно понравятся детям, а красочные картинки мультфильма обязательно настроят на рождественский лад.

«Секретная служба Санта-Клауса», 2011 г., США, Великобритания.

Another Christmas cartoon creation, which will slightly open a new portion of the sacraments, which are surrounded by all the Christmas holidays. Namely: how can a single, albeit magical, person deliver gifts to all children on our planet? After all, this is unreal!

But for the secret service of Santa, under whose leadership a huge number of elves work, who with incredible dexterity descend onto our roofs and arrange all the necessary presents with the speed of light.

In order to achieve this effect, Santa Claus has an entire complex system, as well as an ultramodern watchdog, a mixture of aircraft and classical sledding with deer. But, what to do if the canoe suddenly broke down? We look and we are surprised.

“Save Santa”, 2013, United States, United Kingdom.

The new cartoon, which reveals to the audience the old, but always interesting, scheme of the script: there are classic villains who are trying to uncover the secret of Santa Claus, namely, how he manages to offend nobody in one night and bring everyone to the present. To do this, they even dare to kidnap Santa to thwart the looming feast.

But there is still a kind and slightly carefree elf Bernard, who dreams of helping Santa create gifts, but until then he still works in the Christmas reindeer stall. Will a good and faithful elf to save Santa and the holiday - see for yourself!

The Nutcracker, 1973, USSR.

Well, what a New Year without old and favorite Soviet cartoons? Always good and instructive, bright and informative, they are loved, both by small children and their adult parents, because, thanks to each familiar character, we return to our carefree childhood each time.

The Nutcracker is one of the best Soviet cartoons about the New Year, a beautiful and touching story about how a simple girl managed to help the enchanted prince defeat a mouse goat and turn back into a young youth.

"Moroz Ivanovich", 1984, USSR.

Colorful cartoon based on Russian folk tales. Once there was a grandmother with two granddaughters in the village: one was hard-working and the other was constantly lazy and lay on the stove. Once it happened that two sisters got into the house of Moroz Ivanovich, who gave them some simple tasks. Depending on how the girls coped with them, each was rewarded according to merit - someone got a warm fur coat, and someone - an ice necklace.