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Physiognomy of the forehead: concept, definition, application


How to understand the gestures that you like a man
It can be difficult for girls to understand what is in men's heads, because they rarely express their feelings with words and prefer to keep everything in themselves. We have to focus on non-verbal gestures of sympathy.

When you are around, he will try to quietly adjust his clothes in order to look more attractive in your eyes.

Pay attention to the posture: the body can be tense and stretched up to appear higher, one leg is put forward (it shows on the subject of his sympathy), and hands on the belt so that you can see and admire his physical strength.

Eyes say for sure whether you like him or not. If a man looks at you for a long time, turns his face away when meeting his eyes, and his eyebrows quietly drop and rise, then you shouldn't be afraid of such strange behavior, because these unconscious gestures of a man say that he likes you.

When a man says something to a woman he likes, he does not control his hands and can rub his chin, touch his eyes, twist a ring on his finger or a button on his jacket - all this gives him excitement and a desire to please.

When you try to determine by the gestures of a man’s sympathy for a woman, you should look at a combination of several signs. After all, he can correct clothes or twist the ring simply because of insecurity or habit.
Do not build illusions on your and his account.
As already mentioned, representatives of the stronger sex do not like to talk directly about feelings. And why, when it can be conveyed with the help of body language and gestures? Especially a man in love, whose head is only busy with thoughts of his beloved, they can be determined unmistakably. After all, when he is in love, his behavior and gestures change dramatically.

A young man in love stares intently into the face of his beloved. Periodically, his eyes fall on the lips.

He will not miss the opportunity to touch your body. For example, put a hand on his shoulder, accidentally put his arm around the waist, accidentally touch his hand.

A man in love can show various sexual gestures: straightening of shoulders or slacking when you appear in sight, walking back and forth, sliding (“stripping”) eyes along the whole body and others.

You will learn about his sympathy by his behavior - he happens to be in places where you go, catches every word, began to love what you started giving presents. Believe me, he chose them very carefully, consulting with people who know a lot about gifts.

Remember that such pickups are used by pick up artists who know the sign language of men perfectly. Mostly their intentions are sexual in nature. But now you know what a sincere man in love gives out.

How to understand that you like a woman
Women are not so simple. Find out whether you like her or not is certainly possible only if she herself tells you about it. After all, many do not hide their sexuality and lure men with views, behavior and other non-verbal means. Understanding them is extremely difficult, but knowing that you are interesting to a woman is still possible.

Women in love are still the owner. When there are many other girls around you, she is secretly jealous. They give her just a withering glance and resentment in your direction (she may get angry or move away from the topic when it comes to other girls).

Their eyes say a lot. At close contact, the woman looks into the eyes of her lover without stopping.

A girl likes you if she always has time for you. You want to walk, talk, you are sick and ask to come - she is right there. So feminine care and attention. If she really cannot come, she feels guilty and apologizes to you 1000 times.

Pay attention to the behavior in your presence. Each girl throws a short glance at the subject of his love. If such a look, come to her and just ask: "How are you?". If she starts fussing, nervous and not knowing where to put herself - this is a sure sign of sympathy.

A woman's smile should be given great importance, especially if a girl responds to her look or appeal.

You definitely like a girl if she gives gifts. There are no commitments or sexual hints here - she just wanted to make something pleasant. And if this is a handmade gift, you definitely have no choice!

Reading female body language is simple, but understanding what each of their gestures and glances means is difficult. After all, for some, flirting, gifts and sexual nonverbal hints is the norm. You can only find out about responding 100% by asking directly.

Main characteristics

What does physiognomy of the forehead tell us about human traits? It turns out that if this part of the face is convex (steep), then its owner is endowed with imagination, originality and literally hates rigid systems. Such a person solves all problems with an original approach and tries to look for alternative ideas. She can not tolerate limitations in choices. These are independent people who are looking for the best solution to the task.

When a sloping, rejected form is observed, physiognomy of the forehead indicates that such a person has a good memory and speed of reaction. These people always prefer proven methods. To avoid wasting time, they are able to quickly apply known facts and accumulated experience in new circumstances.

If the forehead is straight, without deviation back and rounding, then the person is 100% straightforward thinking and gives preference to a phased approach in solving problem situations. The process of assimilating information causes him difficulties. In such cases, physiognomy of the forehead speaks of a person with progressive mental activity, which is not able to perceive too fast and inconsistent flow of information. These people need to be given time so that everything, as they say, is decomposed in the head on the shelves. If in such a situation to force a person to think without delay, his brain “boils” and comes to a dead end. But these people, if something is remembered and learned, then it is once and for all, at least in most cases.

Truth or error

By the way, physiognomy of the forehead is considered by some pseudoscience scientists. But, undoubtedly, it can be said that any underdeveloped or, on the contrary, too developed part of the body has a negative impact on a person’s life. This suggests that the corresponding personality needs a certain aspect of character to be corrected.

In such cases, the person should do their own self-improvement and make additional efforts to compensate for the shortcomings of his personality. For example, if a face is square in shape with an excessively developed central part, and the forehead is too narrow, then special attention should be paid to the mental aspect.

What do wrinkles on the forehead say

Physiognomy is the science of methods for determining the type of a personality, its spiritual qualities and character according to certain characteristics of a person, among which wrinkles play an important role. The whole life experience of a person is reflected in facial features, in wrinkled folds, and, of course, in the eyes look. As a rule, people with a heavy fate have deeper wrinkles. It is believed that on the forehead of a person can be from one to six lines, which are of different shapes and thicknesses.

If the lines are short and thin, scattered and wavy, then the person most likely does not know how to concentrate, has poor health and a difficult fate.

If there are rough, distinct, scattered lines of the forehead, physiognomy speaks of the impossibility, the inability of a person to achieve the goals set in life. His plans most likely failed. Due to the turmoil, these people become sullen, which affects family relationships.

Signs of a successful person

The horizontal line passing in the middle symbolizes a noble, beautiful nature and a corresponding life. This personality is successful. However, if such a line is located close to the eyebrows, then a person will face failures at an early age.

A forehead with two or three lines is a good sign. The owner of this type of wrinkles, most likely a successful person. If there are three such lines, then we are talking about artistic nature. If there is a transverse, perpendicular short wrinkle that crosses them, it can be said that the person is noble and has a high position on the office ladder. In addition, he is likely to be a long-lived.

The popular personality is the carrier of three long lines that have no breaks and pass through the entire forehead, like an arc. They have a wide social circle and a rather peaceful life. The diamond on the forehead speaks of fame and longevity. Usually these are creative people.

Signs of good humor

If there are no wrinkles on the forehead, it means that this person is soft and kind. Horizontal wrinkles often occur when raising eyebrows in facial expressions of surprise. This is typical for scientists, artists and neurotics. Horizontal wrinkles on the whole forehead speak of prudence and good nature. However, if such folds are formed by numerous small horizontal wrinkles, the person is unable to complete matters and is prone to discussion and gossip.

Horizontal grooves above the bridge of the nose - a sign of a strong desire to achieve a very important goal. They are called volitional or wrinkle concentration. They are formed due to the frequent frown of eyebrows. So the eye muscles are strained, and the pupil is fixed, and the look is fixed in a certain point. Eyes are watching.

Small horizontal wrinkles formed over the outer edge of the eyebrows indicate that the person is constant in principles, honest and knows how to keep his word.

Chinese opinion

But the presence of a vertical line in the singular, located between the eyebrows, according to the Chinese physiognomy, indicates a possible danger. The Chinese call it the “hanging needle”, which visually divides the face into two parts. These people should be careful in family relationships, so as not to destroy them unwittingly. It is considered that if the face of such a person is endowed with strong features, balanced with regular eyebrows, nose, eyes, this will neutralize the impact of such a strip. By the way, such people often reach heights along government lines or other areas of concern.

Sharp and angular wrinkles on the frontal part with similar wrinkles, but smaller, indicate the aggressive nature of the personality.

What else can be said about a person in the form of the frontal part of physiognomy

The high forehead, but narrow speaks of an extraordinary mind, but indifference to others. The same height, but wide, indicates a sign of strength and intelligence. They are thinking and observant people capable of analyzing everything in their lives, especially men. They can succeed in any business, as they are endowed with a unique sociability, benevolence and responsiveness.

The physiognomy's slightly sloping forehead is interpreted as a sign of an impressionable nature with a strong imagination, artistic abilities and a sharp mind. This is if it is slightly beveled back. If this is more pronounced, then we are talking about originality and ardor of the mind, creativity of thinking, eccentric behavior and independence in judgments.

If a person has vertical wrinkles on the frontal part of the head, in the area of ​​the bridge of the nose, then this is a serious person, prone to criticism and pedantry. Such people often move eyebrows, intently examine the object of attention, striving for concentration on trifles and something important. That is why after a certain time they form perpendicular wrinkles above the nose. Such grooves may still indicate a temper temper, cruelty and absolute discipline non-compliance.

Even ancient thinkers were interested in physiognomy of the face. The forehead is the part that is responsible for the intellectual component of the personality characteristics. Even 5,000 years ago, Hermes, a Greek thinker, said that the external reveals the internal in man. His followers also believed that the body, especially the face, did not lie. It reflects as a mirror all internal processes, including the brain. This is how the science of the face arose, which, by the color of the skin, the proportions of the nose, the ears and the eyes, the wrinkles formed, helps to determine a person’s character, hidden diseases and fate. Today every day the number of people who are interested in physiognomy is increasing.

The shape of the forehead and the presence of wrinkles speaks volumes, but certainly not about everything. For a complete diagnosis, it is necessary to examine the entire body of a person, arms and legs, especially the feet. It is very important to observe verbal gestures. They also talk about a lot about the character and inclinations of the individual.

This knowledge is mainly used by psychologists in various areas of their activities, although the scientific nature of physiognomy has not yet been confirmed. However, the experience gained in this area will be useful for actors, teachers, lawyers, doctors and many other professionals working with people. In China, physiognomy was generally considered a full-fledged branch of medicine. In any case, this knowledge is of interest for a very wide range of professions.

The concept of physiognomy, or how can you understand a man?

Physiognomy is a science with which you can learn to understand people without words. A person can control his speech, but gestures - no. This is exactly what physiognomy deals with; it decodes all common gestures, facial expressions and views of a person.

All people lie, and absolutely everyone does not want to be deceived. We want to know the truth, but sometimes with the help of words - not to recognize it. But with the help of gestures it is quite possible to do it!

Body parts

The fact is that it is difficult for us to control gestures, views — all this happens on a subconscious level. Women are impressionable creatures. What to hide, we love to listen with our ears, and then we wonder why we break hearts so often. Want to know how men really treat you? What part of your body attracts them the most? How to understand a man? You can get answers to all these questions simply by looking at the man’s face.

We analyze the look. The first three seconds are decisive, it is during this time that you will understand the true attitude of a man towards you. At that moment, observe where the young man’s gaze is directed, namely, on which part of your body he is looking. So, if he looks at:

- chest, it means he wants you intimacy. And it does not matter what size the bust has bestowed on you by nature. If a married man is looking to your decollete area, it means that he wants to diversify his sex life. And you for him fleeting passion.

- lips. Romantic men pay attention to this part of the body, if he stares at your lips, it means that he has warm feelings for you.

- eyes: your mind and intellect are important to him.

- hands, strangely attracted anxious and vulgar men. Most likely he has serious problems with his personal life and has not had sex for a long time.

- neck, better stay away from such a man. Fans of this part of the body are prone to violence, sadism and perversion.

- ass and hips, congratulations he wants a child from you.

- legs like men who love to show off.

Now we will observe the pose and the man’s gestures. Depending on how the guy is standing, you can determine his degree of self-confidence. If he slouches, then in a relationship he will always be displeased with everything, will complain and pretty much tire you with this.

Watch his booty, if he pulls her out, it means that he is a terrible boaster and often does not keep his word. Does a man constantly joke and admire his sense of humor? This suggests that before you confident type, who is confident that he is the best.

If, on the contrary, literally every word from a guy has to be pulled out, it means that he keeps back something. So be on the lookout.

The pose "hands in trousers" tells us that a man is absolutely confident in his sexuality. Be prepared for the fact that his ambitions are in the first place.

The timbre of the voice can also reveal a lot of interesting things. Listen to your interlocutor carefully and pay attention to the little things. Adequate person speaks calmly, smoothly. Those who speak quickly are always in a hurry in life, and in this case there may be problems with nerves.

If a man speaks slowly with you, most likely he wants to bewitch you with his intellect. The main thing in this case is not to fall asleep.

The abundance of affectionate speech and compliments indicates the intention to drag you to bed. Remember, everything should be in moderation.

A normal man will not allow the use of mats in your presence. If he swears at you, it means that he is far from cultural education.

You can understand a man by watching him. Just do it discreetly, by chance. Otherwise, you can greatly frighten any young man.