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A wedding gift is inexpensive but good: possible options


Each couple who is preparing for the wedding wants their holiday to be special, and remember the bright moments.

One of these moments is the gifts that are given to the newlyweds.

What is the most suitable wedding gift?

To this question, the popular answer will be one - “Money!”. This is obvious - you don’t have to go shopping, which means you don’t need to invent something like that.

Money as a gift

Money is a universal gift. With their help, the couple can not only recoup their expenses, but also to equip their common home.

But such a gift is unlikely to be remembered after a few years. He will not leave the impression of something special, unless of course you present it in an original way.

Learn about various interesting and extraordinary ways how to donate money in our article: How to give money in an original way

It is worth giving money when:

* Decided to organize a wedding spontaneously and as soon as possible

* You know that newlyweds are not doing well financially.

* Are you a relative or close friend of the young

It is not necessary to give money when:

* Groom and / or bride older than you

* One of the newlyweds is your boss

* Newlyweds are quite wealthy.

Wedding gift to the bride and groom by the type of newlyweds

Before you give a gift, you need to know the type of newlyweds. When choosing a wedding gift you need to consider a few questions:

- Do you have your own housing?

- Will they live with their parents or separately?

- How long have they been living together?

- Do they soon expect the firstborn?

- First or re-marriage?

- Do they have everything or do they need something in particular?

If the newlyweds live with their parents

In this case, it may be inappropriate to give a set of cutlery, glasses / glasses or kitchen appliances (if the equipment already has the parents).

The most appropriate gift will be the one that will give the newlyweds privacy, albeit for a short time. Give them trips to rest, excursion, etc. Alternatively, you can book a room in a good hotel where the newlyweds will be able to spend a romantic evening.

If the couple live in their apartment (recently settled)

It's all easier - give everything that can be useful in the economy - from plates to cabinets, starting from your budget. It is desirable, of course, to give what is first necessary to the bride and groom in their common home.

If the couple live together for a long time

In this case, the newlyweds already have some things of prime necessity and need to pick a gift carefully.

Give them what they most likely will not buy by themselves: a large poster with a symbolic image (possible in a beautiful frame), a carpet or a picture (for the style of the house).

Of course, it would be nice if before the wedding you visit the house of the future bride and groom. In this case, it will be easier to decide what they lack in the house. Choose a gift that will fit the theme of the home. If everything is kept in minimalism, then you should not give a picture in a luxurious gilded frame or a carpet with many patterns and patterns.

If the newlyweds are expecting a child

Have you noticed the bride's tummy and found out that the newlyweds will have a child?

Then you can choose a suitable gift. Of course, you immediately want to donate a stroller or crib, but you should not do this, because a holiday first of all at newlyweds.

You can give a ticket to a sanatorium or another place where the bride and groom can relax and gain health, which is very necessary at the birth of the baby.

If the marriage is repeated

Choose a practical gift that the bride and groom will appreciate. This may be a set of vintage wine, an invitation to a restaurant or two tickets to a concert.

If the newlyweds have everything

Here you need to think and give a good gift that the newlyweds will not buy anywhere.

Order, for example, a joint portrait that the artist draws from a photo.

If you know that the bride and groom love animals and even thought to have one, give them a kitten or a puppy. You can also donate a parrot or hamster.

Wedding Gifts for Home

Since wedding gifts in Russia were a symbol of wealth, health and fertility, at weddings you could see a huge number of them - from fur and silk to domestic animals, including chickens, ducks and piglets.

The times have passed, the types of gifts have changed, but the tradition of giving gifts to the newlyweds has remained.

Today, it is quite important to give for a wedding kitchen utensils, interior items and textiles.

Wedding gifts for newlyweds: general information

* If you are at a loss when choosing a gift, ask the young people themselves what they would like to get to the wedding.

* Do not forget to pack a nice gift - the first impression is also important.

* If you have picked up a postcard for a gift, write in it by hand (this is important) sincere wishes.

* If you can consult one of the young couple’s acquaintances about the gift, this will be a big plus. Well, if you do not have such an opportunity, then you can simply give a happy couple a gift certificate to a well-known home appliance store, for example.

* If you want your gift to be not only useful but also symbolic, you can donate paired sets. For example, as a gift fit: glasses, plates, jewelry, which will symbolize the unity between the newlyweds.

* If you want to make an expensive gift, but you are experiencing financial difficulties, you can join forces with someone invited to the wedding.

What you should not give to the wedding

It is worth noting that giving some things can be considered a bad omen.

Before you visit the store to choose a gift, you should make sure that the bride and groom are not superstitious people.

Also, do not give such gifts that may be misunderstood.

Here is a small list of what is not advisable to give in the usual situation:

* Knives, forks, spoons (it is believed that they can bring quarrels and offenses)

* Any types of watches (symbolize parting)

* Mirrors (as a gift they symbolize early age and illness)

* Scarves (as a gift to frequent quarrels and treason)

Original wedding gifts

There are such gifts that are remembered and that the newlyweds will not forget, as they are unique, special.

Invite a photographer, make-up artist and hairdresser to create unexpected images for newlyweds and provide beautiful images for memory.

Small copies of the bride and groom, who will surprise not only the newlyweds, but all those invited.

You just need to transfer to the specialist photos of the couple, which are clearly visible faces and forms.

* Bed linen with photos of newlyweds printed on it

Order such a kit in a photo studio and surprise the bride and groom. It is worth noting that such a gift is more suitable if you are familiar with the couple.

Present a large barrel or a small keg of honey - this is not only original, but also symbolic and useful.

It is possible to put money around the barrel and, when congratulating you, say: "For honeymoon, eat all the honey and spend all the money!"

* Family coat of arms or family tree

As a rule, such a gift contains a monogram (the initial letters of the names) of the newlyweds. You can create an image based, for example, on the last name — if it is Sokolov, then it would be logical to create a coat of arms with the image of a falcon. There are companies that offer to create a family coat of arms and / or family tree. Heraldry specialists work in these firms.

It is worth noting that the creation of a coat of arms or a family tree takes a lot of time, so you need to order it early.

What gift to give to the wedding: a gift-impression

Not always the best gift, this thing - you can pleasantly surprise the bride and groom, giving them a trip.

It is advisable to give such a gift if you know the bride and groom well and are sure that they will like your surprise.

If you are a little familiar with someone from the newlyweds, but you know for sure that both of them want to make their long-held dream come true, then feel free to arrange such an opportunity for them.

There are several types of such a gift, here are a few of them:

Give the bride and groom a trip on a yacht, or arrange a trip on horseback. Another romantic gift is a balloon flight.

Try to arrange a wine tasting for the newlyweds or book a room in a luxury hotel for them to spend a romantic night.

In this category, you can include intimate underwear, underwear with humor, board or card games for adults, perfumery.

Alternatively, you can arrange a spa session for two.

This category includes steam yoga or massage. This gift will help the newlyweds to relax and just have a good time after the wedding bustle.

A visit to a master class (dancing, cooking, drawing, scrapbooking, etc.) can be a gift.

You can organize one or more excursions.

It is worth noting that before you make such a gift, you need to know exactly about the interests of the newlyweds, so that they are interested.

This can include scuba diving, joint parachute jumping, hang-gliding flight or paintball with the participation of friends of the newlyweds.

Wedding Anniversary Gift

A wedding anniversary gift may not be as important as the one that is given to the wedding, but this does not make it less responsible.

It is worth noting that every year in marriage has its own name.

1, 4, 13th anniversary - print, linen, lace

It is desirable to give textiles for 1 year of wedding (calico), 4 years (linen) and 13 years (lace).

Choose as a gift towels, tablecloths, bed linen, etc.

2nd anniversary paper

If you are going to give a gift for 2 years of wedding, then, as an option, you can make, or buy, a decorative tree, where you can attach leaves with different wishes, or cards, portraits.

3rd anniversary - leather

You can give handbags, wallets, purses, leather gloves, etc.

5th anniversary - wooden

Usually close and dear people give pieces of furniture and interior. For example: caskets, vases, table lamps, dishes, etc.

6th, 7th, 8th, 11th and 12th anniversary - cast iron, copper, tin, steel, nickel

Choose among such gifts as figurines, jewelry, cutlery made from the above metals.

As a symbolic gift for a copper wedding, a copper horseshoe will suit. At the same time, it is worth noting that according to another version, the cast-iron wedding was called woolen, which means that you can donate products made of natural wool.

For a tin wedding, you can give tea, coffee and various sweets in tin cans.

9th anniversary - faience

According to the old custom, spouses must beat old dishes and in return receive new ones. Of course, it is not necessary to spoil the good dishes, but the new dishes will not be superfluous.

10th anniversary - tin

You can give various items of tin.

Since this wedding is also called "pink", you can give any gifts in pink colors - textiles, jewelry, alcohol. The same gifts can be given on the 35th anniversary - coral.

14, 30, 40, 45, 55, 60th anniversary - agate, pearl, ruby, sapphire, emerald, diamond

It is customary to give jewelry, as well as various souvenirs decorated with the above stones.

15th and 20th anniversary - crystal and porcelain

It is also customary to give dishes, as well as souvenirs made of crystal, glass and porcelain.

25th anniversary (silver) and 50th anniversary (golden)

It is not difficult to guess that you can give various items of silver and gold, respectively.

After the 50th anniversary, you need to be smart and give something unique, exceptional.

DIY gift for a wedding anniversary

On the anniversary, you can give a regular gift and / or a gift made by yourself.

If you decide to make a small surprise, then you can give it along with the main gift, and if you are going to make a complex gift, you can give it as a separate souvenir.

In any case, such a gift will be unique and memorable.

Original greeting

To prepare a memorable and inexpensive memorable gift is trite, it should be presented with gifts original greeting for the wedding. At such celebrations, it is customary to arrange a special table for gifts, where each of the guests leaves a gift with a postcard, but does not prevent anyone from personally congratulating the young ones. Instead of long tirades about family comfort and harmony, you can pre-assemble an interesting video, if in the banquet hall there is a chance to show it to everyone. To record it, you need to attract other invited guests, if you plan to call close relatives, friends or a group of fellow students. Originally beat the appearance of the video participants, let everyone put on evening dresses and tuxedos or pirates costumes.

It is extremely tempting to arrange an incredible quest in the restaurant for the young. To do this, arrange with the staff of the establishment to hide the pirate "treasure" in a secret place, and the newlyweds hand over a map to search for a gift. Gradually involve other invitees in the search, stirring up more and more interest - this adventure will be remembered for a long time and will become the most original greeting. On the way to the “treasure with the loot”, spouses may hear additional greetings from friends and relatives. Together with the gifts, the original greeting for the wedding will be the song composition. In any of the restaurants you can order the performance of your favorite hit, such a surprise will cast a romantic mood and will not pass by the attention.

Surprises continue: creativity is welcome.

Happy wedding newlyweds can be congratulated in a special way. They take an ordinary brick and pack it in a plastic bag, wrap it with a ribbon on top. They also buy booties and a “money tree”, and attach banknotes to the leaves. Rafaelki laid out bootees. When congratulating, they say that the main thing for men in life is to do three things: to build your own house - accept building material (brick is served), plant a tree, just plant it in a larger pot (give a tree with money) and raise a worthy son (presented with booties).

Use the help of men to give such a symbolic gift. In the store, buy 16 packets of salt (16 kg equals poods), it will be very cheap. During the celebration, say that people need to eat a pound of salt together to respect and appreciate each other. Take a pound of salt, eat it faster, and never offend each other!

There are a lot of humorous, inexpensive wedding gifts, but good ones:

  • light bulb complete with soap to make love clear and bright
  • boxing gloves to clarify relationships in humane ways,
  • gasoline lighter (I want to give a little thing that is filled with gasoline, and then enjoy)
  • tie a hammer for chops and a carpentry hammer with a ribbon (each is a blacksmith of his own happiness),
  • from working mittens and buttons to make "pie gloves" in which to keep a spouse,
  • rolling pin sign "democratizer relations."

Gifts for the girlfriend on the wedding day

What kind of gift can you give to your friend? The bride turns into the queen of the holiday, so it is worthwhile to pick up a present for her, without failing to say a comic or partial greeting. As a gift to a friend for the wedding presented:

  • the pan, as a regulator of quarrels,
  • a broom for the bride to take care of the comfort of the house
  • cookbook to please spouse delicious dishes
  • certificate for the right to embrace and kiss the spouse, cook him food, iron his shirts, forgive her husband's hiking with friends to football,
  • a bouquet of fruits or sweets (in the evening, a lot of different colors will be presented to the sea, bring a touch of creativity - present a magnificent edible bouquet so that family life is sweet).

Surprise for the newly spouse

The husband should be the mainstay of the family, protect and protect from trouble. A funny gift will be remembered by the bridegroom and amuse those present if you hand it with pompousness and instructions:

  • repair book in the house so that nothing breaks
  • the wheel from the car to quickly get a car for my wife,
  • T-shirt with a photo of his wife, supplemented by the words "busy"
  • piggy bank for family budget
  • certificate for the right to pamper his wife, to kiss every day, help with cleaning and bring coffee to bed.

The wedding gift is inexpensive but good

Especially for those who are far from creativity, and the state of finances does not allow to buy an expensive gift, there are a number of win-win options. It is necessary to take into account the hobbies and hobbies of a young couple, and even better - to talk with other guests, so as not to choose the same gifts.

So, what a gift to make a wedding? The simplest and most popular option is a quality set of bed linen, which is always necessary in the household. It does not even depend on where the couple plans to live - separately or with their parents. Even there is nothing terrible, if the guests present a few more sets - they will never be redundant.

Together with sets of linen give blankets, pillows, blankets and bedspreads. All of the above is necessary for everyday life and is appreciated. In winter, wrapped in a fluffy rug, spouses will remember you in warm words. В такой тип подарков дополнительно вносят немного креатива. На подушках можно изобразить фотографии влюбленных, только заранее оговорите выбор фото. С такими презентами также дарят красивые наборы скатертей и салфеток.

Inexpensive gift for the wedding, but good - various trifles for the kitchen. It does not matter if either spouse cooks or eats in restaurants, in any case, they will need cooking utensils. They will present kitchen towels, oven gloves, several original plates, a set of cutlery or funny egg coasters. In each house, such trifles will be useful, and the variation in prices for them varies, so you can buy quality options without spending a huge amount of money.

The newlyweds will take advantage of the vase for flowers. After the celebration, they will put in it the bouquets presented by the guests. A beautiful decoration of the apartment will be a vase of colored glass.

If you develop a kitchen theme, then a set of pots will be a good and useful gift. It is only necessary to ask the young in advance whether such a gift is needed. Pans, too, will not be superfluous. An interesting gift is not an ordinary frying pan, but a heart-shaped pan for cooking pancakes or scrambled eggs. Such a gift will not be overlooked during the honeymoon. And in everyday life, heart-shaped pancakes look very touching.

What other gifts give a wedding? The tea set does not lose its relevance. If you do not know exactly the tastes of the newlyweds, purchase the classic version: with a neutral pattern or without it at all. If it is possible to find out to what motives the future spouses, then such a gift will become useful and pleasant at the same time.

An inexpensive but useful gift would be a decanter, a set of glasses or glasses, salad bowls, a set of pots for roasting, a vase for fruit, a champagne bucket, candy boxes, a stand for wine bottles or glasses.

Maybe young people have long been dreaming of a samovar, but are hesitant to purchase it? This is also a great gift idea. Or take a look at the china shops, where original spices are now sold in jars that capture the bride's imagination. There are so many that you have to think carefully about the complete set of such a set. If there is no confidence in the preferences of the spouses, choose a neutral gift, this refers to the color design and form.

DIY wedding gift: ideas

For many newlyweds, a touching gift will be a photo album made using the scrapbooking technique. Printed photos can be placed in the album, where you can display the development of a couple's love relationship before marriage, or donate it - the newlyweds will later paste in frames taken during a celebration or honeymoon trip.

Another inexpensive idea for a wedding gift with your own hands is making a tree with wishes. Here you can let fantasies roam, to please the girlfriend, who has now become the keeper of the hearth of a new family. A panel with a tree can be embroidered with threads or satin ribbons, a warm wish is embroidered on each leaf. There is another option: take a real branch of a tree and paint it out of a spray can of silver or gold, and use colorful satin ribbons to tie cards with pleasant words.

A tray with homemade cupcakes or cupcakes that are decorated in wedding colors will be a nice surprise. Just need to know in advance whether someone from the pair suffers from food allergies so as not to spoil the holiday.

If you do any kind of creativity in your free time, let it be painting or pottery, artistic embroidery or jewelry, you will have a huge advantage over other invited guests. Newlyweds who know about your hobby will be delighted to receive a unique beautiful wedding gift specially made for them. Over time, your masterpiece will turn into a family heirloom, a decoration for the family nest and a reminder of the day of the wedding.

Making a gift of money

A gift made of money, originally designed, for example, a monetary picture, will make an indelible impression on a wedding. It is necessary to acquire a large frame in which to accurately place the currency of different countries. You have to run around the city’s exchange offices to buy euros, dollars, pounds, shekels, rupees, or tugriks — all that is available. Against the background of small bills should be one or two with a large denomination. Donation to accompany the wish that the young traveled all countries whose currency is attached in a frame.

7. Designer Tricks and Small Art

Pay attention to the word "small": it is key here. The picture or the statuette you are about to present should serve as an interior detail, and not be its central component. Let it be something that you can effortlessly lift from the car to the celebration site and without any help.

Of course, such a gift suggests that you know the young people very well and their tastes.

8. Photo session

There are options. Perhaps the bride and groom will be delighted if you present them with a wedding photo session with the chosen master. Or maybe they want to take pictures after some time after the event. Discuss their preferences with them in advance and present a photo session only after receiving consent.

10. Fulfillment of desires

If none of the suggested options suits you, simply ask the future newlyweds if they have a wish list. You can even advise a couple to make it, because it’s not just you who don’t give to the wedding.

The wish list greatly facilitates the life of both guests and heroes of the occasion. Well, only those who want can be guided by it.

Money pot

What else can make a gift from the money for the wedding? For example, a money pot. This gift looks original and spectacular. It is better to buy a clay pot, to fill it up to the brim with it, after it is tied into a fabric and fixed with the help of a satin ribbon. Only need to comply with a number of conditions:

  • large bills wrapped in cellophane are laid on the bottom of the pot so that they do not break under the weight of the coins,
  • At the very top of the pot should be coins of different countries
  • the gift is quite heavy, so it is handed to the groom.

Money Tree

Money Tree is an excellent gift for the newlyweds, although it requires perseverance and creativity. There are several ways to design a wedding gift:

  • make on cardboard in the form of applications, where they attach a money,
  • the fastest option is to hang up bills on the indoor tree,
  • a tree can be made of wire by wrapping coins, and winding banknotes to the branches (the bottom of the pot for stability is also covered with coins),
  • the tree is made of foam rubber to insert coins and bills through the slits.

Also, the money can be hidden in the leaves of the Beijing cabbage, after wrapping them with cling film so as not to get wet.

Money Umbrella

An unusual and memorable gift will be a money umbrella. Ways to build a presentation:

  • money is attached to the umbrella, and on top of it is wrapped with cardboard or thick cloth to make a straw,
  • the tube is wrapped in dark paper to give the impression that there is a sausage in the middle (complete with a proper label),
  • “Sausage” from above to issue a ribbon from the money, a spectacular gift is ready!

Newlyweds will unfold a surprise, thinking that there is a sausage hidden there. Unwinding the ribbon, get to the umbrella, inside which the money is hidden.

Coin box

The treasure chest will be an original gift for a wedding, and inexpensive. It is very good if it turns out to be real, to remind the couple of the exciting moment of marriage for many years. You can make yourself or order from the master. Here the main thing is to devote time to beautiful design. How to decorate:

  • the craftswoman can sheathe the finished chest with ribbons and beads, sheathe with bright satin fabric, decorate with embroidery with doves,
  • you can go even further and make a little chest under ancient fairy tales - with a padlock and gilding,
  • if the treasure chest is dimensional, then “treasures” (coins and bills) are hidden at the very bottom, and colored shawls of chiffon are laid out on top.

The bride will open the chest and see the scarves, then put her hand to the bottom and find a cash surprise. In the old box is better to pour various coins, so that the life of the newlyweds was lush and rich, like in fairy tales.

How to please the newlyweds?

The bride and groom will enjoy the gift associated with their common interests. If guys love extreme sports, they will be delighted with diving or parachuting. Adoring pets will welcome with joy a magnificent aquarium with goldfish. Athletes need a simulator, bicycles or a subscription to a fitness club.

Gift certificates

If you absolutely do not like anything of the above, and doubt the desires of the young, take advantage of a win-win option - a gift certificate. Many stores include a similar service that helps out in such situations. Purchase certificates in stores such as construction or furniture, if the spouses are planning to arrange their home. In the sports shop, the newlyweds will be able to purchase goods for two, that is, skates, bicycles, roller skates or skis. If soon the young ones have a baby, then the best gift is a certificate to the children's store.

What is forbidden to give a wedding to the newlyweds

What can not be given to the wedding of the newlyweds? In no case can not present the piercing-cutting household items to the newlyweds. These include various forks, knives, tool kits, sabers, daggers, pins or razors. They will lead to regular quarrels between lovers.

It is forbidden to present as a gift to the bride and groom antique items and old paintings. In such items accumulated negative energy, which will destroy family ties, will force a couple to comply with the standards of behavior inherent in the previous owners of this thing.

To give handkerchiefs is to tears. This prohibition does not apply to the bride, she can give the groom a handkerchief with an embroidered monogram, this indicates that she is ready to go through life tests.

It is forbidden to give a different clock: manual or wall-mounted. Such a gift will lead to a quick separation. Previously it was believed that when giving a chronometer for a wedding, expect trouble: a divorce or the death of one of the spouses.

You can not give the bride hairpins, it will lead to quarrels and servitude of his wife. The spouse will constantly command her, but she will not be able to resist him. For a similar reason, the tie clips or cufflinks are not presented to the young spouse so that he does not become a henpecked.

Newlyweds are not given a mirror so that narcissism does not flourish in the house. But the whole negative of the gifts can be neutralized, if you demand a symbolic payment for the presents from them.

Tips for choosing

Choosing a wedding gift, you should adhere to some principles, which we will discuss further:

  • The simplest gift for a wedding is always money, beautifully packaged in an envelope. They will never be enough.
  • Ask the guests that they will give the newlyweds that they do not get the same things, because one thing is to get two sets of bed linen and quite another - three mixers.
  • Keep checks, so that in an awkward situation, to give young people the opportunity to return the goods to the store, replacing it with another for the same amount. By the way, it is therefore useful to buy the product itself a couple of days before the wedding (and before that you can only decide on a model).
  • Always pack a gift, then it will look much richer, more interesting and brighter.
  • Attach a signed postcard to the surprise, so that the young people know why, you should be thanked.
  • Do not be stingy, the wedding takes place once in a lifetime, it is not a New Year or Birthday.
  • Pay attention to the price tag, it will be superfluous in any case, even if the goods are expensive.
  • Consider the desires of the bride and groom, sometimes cheap gifts become more valuable and more useful than expensive and unnecessary things.

Dear, but welcome surprises

Washing machine

This thing can be called an ideal helper for the bride, because when she becomes a wife, a lot of responsibilities will be assigned to her, one of these duties will be washing the linen and clothes. And you will have to erase not only your own things, but also the things of your husband, and in the future also the things of children. If she doesn’t have a washing machine in her house, then each wash will turn into a real hell for her, especially considering the fact that for her these responsibilities are new, which means they are not used to. On this basis, scandals and conflicts in the family can arise, which is undesirable for young people whose minds have not yet fully strengthened for such troubles. It would be best if you buy a washing machine machine, since everything will be simple and easy with it, and the bride will never know about the problems that might arise from the usual washing.


Also not the latest technology for the family. It is usually given by relatives, since this thing is far expensive, and you can hardly afford to buy a good fridge - young people are unlikely (there will be more important expenses). When choosing, focus primarily on its volume and quality of materials. If there is an opportunity to spend a substantial amount on a refrigerator, then it is better not to save money, and choose the model that can fit the maximum of products for the whole family. After all, there are only two of them now, but it will take several more years and there will be a replenishment in their family, and even then they will definitely not have time to upgrade the kitchen appliances, and, all the more, prices are unlikely to be lower than today.

Gas / electric stove

Another type of technology for this hostess. A good stove will be not only a beautiful addition to the interior of the kitchen, but also the wife’s “fighting friend”. After all, the speed and quality of cooked dishes will depend on the stove, and the more delicious the meals are, the happier the husband will be, and accordingly the whole family will feel more united and friendly, which is very important for the young couple. Choosing between a gas and an electric stove, stop your choice on the one that is closer to the girl. If she loves innovation and beauty in life, this is of course an electric variant, if practicality and reliability is gas.


Such a thing is most loved by young people, because it is thanks to her that the preparation of any food can be kept to the very minimum. For a husband, a microwave oven is, above all, the ability to eat at home even without a wife in the kitchen, because putting a plate of food in the oven and warming it up for 2-4 minutes is not a problem. In addition, there are a number of products and dishes already cooked, but in a frozen state (especially for the microwave). For the wife, such a furnace will also be useful, because with it you can diversify family dishes. We already wrote about how to choose a microwave oven in previous articles, so we will not dwell on this in detail. And also write for her delicious recipes.


Many of the readers will think that in this version we are especially “bent”, because this is an expensive gift. We agree that the option is really very expensive, but we don’t say that it should be given to friends, acquaintances or one person. First of all, this gift should be made by very close and dear people (parents and good relatives), who can throw together on an inexpensive, family-friendly, and most importantly a new car. In addition, it is possible to take a loan and pay it together. Prices for new cars start at $ 6,000, on the one hand - this is a lot, but if there are also a lot of relatives and they all really want to please the couple, then 12 people will be enough to throw off $ 500 and the gift will be ready. However, you must be sure that the future family wants to have a car!


Today it is difficult to imagine a family that would not have its own TV, because not a single day goes without its work. Someone looks at him in the kitchen at dinner, someone at the weekend, but for someone in general it is almost the only joy in life. Therefore, in any case he will need a young family. It is more correct to choose a flat and widescreen TV (16: 9), since it is he who can provide the greatest comfort from watching movies and TV shows. Consider where the family will install it (in the bedroom, living room or in the kitchen) and, based on this, choose the diagonal (the larger the room, the more diagonal will be needed). In the hall the optimum size will be a diagonal of 42 inches. For more information on how to choose TVs, read our previous article.


You can opt for furniture, namely, on the bed. Of course, this is one of the most important elements in the house, because it also depends on how strong the marriage will be in all its senses, as well as how strong and healthy the newlyweds will sleep. It is rather simple to choose a bed, first of all repelled from the budget, further choose the most optimal mattress for this price and the bed itself. It is better to give preference to beds made of natural wood and with a metal frame, and mattresses of good structure (springs, fabrics, wooden inserts, etc.). Естественно нельзя забывать и о дизайне самой спальни, поэтому перед этим Вам обязательно стоит побывать в будущей спальне молодых и представить какая кровать здесь лучшим образом «впишется». Кстати, учтите, что, как правило, кровати приходится заказывать со складов, поэтому после заказа, кровать нужно ждать не раньше, чем через 1-2 недели.


Ещё один вариант мебели, который понравится молодоженам. Причем дарить такую мебель проще, в том плане, что она уж точно не останется без дела. Sliding wardrobes freely "wander" from a bedroom to a hall or a corridor, that is, somewhere there will definitely be a place for this furniture. Such cabinets have not only a direct purpose - they easily hide a lot of things and objects, but also perform a decorative function in the room. Many of them are fitted with mirrors in the door, so they can increase the space in the room (visually), and also can save you from buying additional mirrors in the apartment. In more detail about how to choose a sliding wardrobe you can read on our website.

Sandwich maker

Relatively new appliances in our stores. It is inexpensive, but quite comfortable. Fans of sandwiches (sandwiches) will be especially pleased with this gift. And it will be made, both to the husband, and the wife. For a husband, this is the best way to quickly prepare your own food, especially not “bothering” with her, and for the wife, the benefit is that the husband will not go hungry even when she is not around. In the morning, such a thing in general will be indispensable, because after sleep there is no desire to stand at the stove and make even the simplest sandwiches. In the care of equipment unpretentious, easy to clean, as it has a non-stick coating. The kitchen takes up minimal space.

Video camera

Of course, many of us have digital cameras that can record video, but this is completely different. The camcorder is more functional, allows you to shoot much longer, and the recorded video is easy to watch on TV or “transfer” to a computer for storage. In addition, modern camcorders have a fairly good quality matrix, allowing you to shoot home videos in the best quality. Now the young family will be able to capture not only the memory of the happy moments of their lives, but also record them on video in digital format.

Original Presents

Mittens for lovers

If you go to a wedding with friends, it’s not straightforward to say that you are close, then from inexpensive options we can continue to you a great option - mittens for lovers. Their essence lies in the fact that even in severe frosts, when it is impossible to hold hands (cold), mittens for lovers allow it. The solution to the problem was quite simple. Manufacturers sewed two mittens (left and right), but the space between them was expanded so that they could hold two holding hands of lovers. They added another exactly the same pair, but it was no longer sewn. Thus, the newlyweds even after the wedding will be able to walk in the winter and hold hands, and they will not be cold.

Ball of fate

It often happens that in life there are not enough signs of fate that could make for us one or another choice that we faced. But what then to do in such situations, when you don’t want to decide for yourself, but don’t give another person a choice, the answer is simple, a balloon of destiny will help you, who can predict the correct option and the answer to our question.

The newlyweds have a big life ahead, requiring a lot of decisions from them, so let us help them and present such an interesting, original, and most importantly useful thing - a ball of fate.

Recipe Book

It's one thing to give a ready-made book of recipes, and another thing is an empty one that a husband and wife fill up together, gathering in it the most delicious dishes that they like. Now, before the holiday, you will not have to wrestle with the choice of a delicious or original recipe, but it will be enough to open the book and look at those dishes that are best obtained. You can add your photos of cooked dishes to the recipes to make the recipes look more interesting and exciting. Do not forget to sign the book, indicating by whom it was delivered and when.


If the couple is young and the children are not planning to start yet, then they can solemnly hand over the puppy, for whom they will start caring together. On the one hand, it will unite them and make it obligatory to bear joint responsibility, on the other hand, it will show that it is not so easy to raise even a puppy, let alone a baby. In addition, a dog in the family will help avoid frequent quarrels, creating more positive emotions in the house than negative ones. About what kind of dog to get in the apartment you can read in our other article. The main thing to keep in mind is that the dog should please both the guy and the girl, so don’t need to take pocket dogs (for girls) or fighting dogs (for guys). Give a neutral breed, for example: Labrador Retriever, as in the photo below:

Engraved Pendant

Very romantic little thing, she will surely like the bride, because now she can every day wear a photo of her beloved near the heart. This pendant will remind you of the solemn wedding and all the positive moments that happened on it. However, try to choose a pendant from a good metal (preferably gold or silver) so that it does not lose its appearance. Naturally, the photos in the pendant should also be of high quality. Try to choose those photos in which the couple like yourself most.

Horseshoe for luck

Simple, original and tasteful. If you go to a wedding with a friend or girlfriend, but there is not much money, then you can use this original idea and give a horseshoe for good luck. Moreover, the view of this horseshoe can be very different - from a decorative object for the home to an elegant jewelry. The material may also differ from iron to real gold. You can find such a thing either in online stores or in the department with gifts in any shopping center. The gift will look much better if you pack it in a special box to give a surprise and a surprise. Also, the husband and wife should be told how to hang an apartment above the door.

Breakfast table

Give the opportunity to organize a special celebration for the newlyweds to each other: every morning bring breakfast to your loved one's bed. Just think about how it sounds beautiful, and it looks even better. However, without such a table, such a “celebration” cannot be organized, and you can be the very person who will correct such injustice. You can safely give it to the wedding of your sister or brother.

Fur handcuffs

Adults - adult gifts. Fur handcuffs are a great toy for the young, because they still have the first newlywed night ahead, in which these beautiful handcuffs will surely find their use. Of course, this cannot be called a full-fledged gift, but as a complement - completely. Buy handcuffs can be in any sex shop (or ordered through the online store). But do not forget to pack your surprise so that guests can not see what is inside. After all, the celebration will be attended by children and parents who do not really want to know the details of the intimate life of the newlyweds.

Balloon Flight

Romantic surprise for a young couple. And he will like not only the girl, but even the guy. And still very beautiful wedding photos on a sphere will turn out. To give such a flight is necessary, first of all, for couples who love an active lifestyle and are not afraid of experiments. In order for the surprise to turn out to be unexpected, you have to arrange the organization of the wedding so that all the organizers will know about the gift, except for the young and the guests. Even after a short flight, the couple will have so many emotions that they have enough for another honeymoon to come.


Salutes and fireworks - events that can no longer be called original or new at a wedding celebration, but it still remains desirable, and also not cheap (if we are talking about beautiful fireworks). Therefore, you can do the organization of this action, and your gift will be in this very salute. Thus, you will please the couple, you will make the guests laugh, and the couple will also save money. However, arranging a salute at the wedding - do not forget about safety, keep in mind that he will shoot late in the evening, when many guests will not be completely sober, which means that they can crawl to you "to help" with their advice.

Fondue Set

It is a vessel in which chocolate (or cheese) is melted and a special support in which the candle is placed. The set also includes special skewers, on which fruits are punctured and dipped into chocolate (or pieces of bread / meat, which are dipped in hot cheese). More expensive models of fondue sets are equipped with special burners that are used instead of candles and heat chocolate or cheese faster. To the set you can immediately add a few chocolate bars and different fruits, in this case, the gift will be more voluminous, beautiful and practical.

Digital photo frame

To give ordinary photo frames is already at least not relevant, not to mention their impracticality. They were replaced by modern digital photo frames, which are a regular photo frame, but instead of a photo, a screen is used in which you can upload photos taken on a digital camera via a USB flash drive. You can choose the ideal model with the help of our article: “How to choose a digital photo frame”, from which you will learn the basic rules for choosing digital photo frames for a family. The advantage of this surprise is that it can be given even in spite of the fact that they already have one model of this photo frame, as they can always put the second frame in another room.

DIY gifts

Handmade soap

If you want to make an original surprise with your own hands, then this is first of all, maybe soap. Make it simple enough, the main thing is to buy all the necessary materials, which, by the way, are very cheap. Time for preparation takes different ways, for beginners a little more, for experts - a little less. The main thing is that it will be practical, because the family will be able to use it every day.

Big cake

If you know how to cook delicious cakes, then you can make just a big birthday cake that you give to the newlyweds. The cake will never be left without attention and will definitely be eaten. In addition, there is never a lot of food at a wedding, so you can save a lot of money for a future family with a big cake.

Bouquet from candies

Another good option would be a bunch of candies that any of us can do; all you need is to get certain skills in this business, and all you need to do is to watch videos online, gather all the necessary materials and practice at home. The advantage of this gift is that it can be made in advance and is not afraid that it will spoil. The main thing - to keep a bouquet of candy in the refrigerator, and not in the sun.

And now a small survey:

We hope you have chosen to give the wedding to the newlyweds. You can also send in the comments your ideas and options that, in your opinion, are the most relevant and correct today. After all, perhaps it is your idea that will help other readers of the site "Happy Family Man."

How to give and receive wedding gifts: the rules of etiquette

Wedding gifts are not a commitment for guests, but a sign of attention and a desire to create a festive mood for newlyweds and guests.

However, they must be handed over correctly, taking into account the specifics of the holiday, its dynamism and a large number of those present.

To handing gifts at a wedding celebration does not cause discomfort among the newlyweds, listen to the following rules of gift etiquette:

  • If you are at a loss with a choice, find out from the bride and groom what they are better to give. Often couples themselves make lists of desired gifts and make “orders” from friends and relatives.
  • If you have prepared a bulky thing, arrange its delivery to the house of a young family on the wedding day, and at the ceremony of giving presents at the wedding give her a passport or a “symbol”.
  • Money is a universal and win-win wedding gift. However, if you do not know the newlyweds very well, handing them money is considered an indecent gesture.
  • Handing money, you can not show the contents of the envelope to guests, to name or denote the donated amount - this is a sign of bad taste.
  • For convenience, young people need to pre-organize a place to store gifts. For the money is to provide a casket with a lock, or ask a loved one to take money for storage.
  • The time of delivery of gifts on the wedding day depends on the scenario of the holiday. You can congratulate the bride and groom before the feast. Often gifts are given at the table during toasts and greetings. Sometimes the toastmaster allocates some time for congratulations: each guest comes to the couple and congratulates her without public phrases and toasts.
  • The young ones should heartily thank for each gift, even if it was not completely liked. If there are not so many guests, everyone should pay attention and look at the donated item (no need to remove money from the envelope).
  • In the case of a large number of those present at the wedding, the gifts are folded onto the allotted table along with attached greeting cards - there will not be time to look at them and listen to all the congratulations from the newlyweds.
  • To give or not to give flowers is your own business. Often, flower bouquets have nowhere to put, in the confusion they are forgotten and the flowers can wither until the end of the holiday.

  • Ideas of practical, original and romantic gifts to the bride for the wedding.
  • Many interesting options for donating money are originally found here.

What should not be given to a wedding celebration

    Things intended only for the bride or groom
    Wedding gifts and greetings should be addressed to both heroes of the occasion. The only exceptions are comic souvenirs like a rolling pin or saw for a wife, certificates of an ideal wife or husband, since their presentation is part of an entertainment program.

Things for the unborn baby
A wedding is an important event for young spouses, so gifts should be given to them, not to future children. In addition, many women consider it a bad omen to accept donations for unborn children.

Items related to superstition and omens
If newlyweds are superstitious people, it will be very unpleasant for them to receive as a gift:

  • pearl products (unfortunately in family life)
  • mirror
  • knives and other sharp objects (to constant quarrels in the family)
  • empty wallets, suitcases or other containers (for poverty)
  • antiques (can transmit bad energy from previous owners)
  • empty vase (mark of childlessness)
  • indoor plants (may impair the health of young spouses).

Overly fragile gifts
These include sets and articles made of thin glass and crystal, porcelain souvenirs. In the bustle of the holiday they can accidentally break, and this is considered a bad omen on the wedding day.

Baubles and cheap souvenirs
Wedding is an important event, which takes a lot of effort, time and money, so gifts to the newlyweds should be quite solid. If you are at a loss with a choice, hand money - even a small amount will be more appropriate than an unnecessary figurine.
The exception is made by exclusive hand-made souvenirs, made with soul and being the memory of the closest people and the symbol of family happiness.

  • Things that do not fit into the life of the spouses
    If a young couple lives with their parents, it is inappropriate to give her home appliances or items for home decor and home furnishings. But such things will come in handy if the newlyweds only equip their own family nest.
  • Creative packaging

    Create a festive mood will help creatively packed thing. Check out the following interesting ideas:

    • wrapping paper in the form of a photo collage with joint pictures of the couple
    • box plastered with colorful hearts with comic and touching wishes
    • textile packaging in thematic style (in the case of a stylized wedding celebration)
    • a box with a lock and a bunch of keys (you need to pick one correct key - the key to family happiness, which will open any doors)
    • gift basket decorated with beads, ribbons, lace, rhinestones
    • Matryoshka-box (several boxes enclosed in each other, with congratulations and the main gift in the smallest of them)
    • non-standard packaging (in the form of a heart, a pyramid, an object or an animal).

    Gift giving by a stranger

    In animation agencies you can order an unusual courier who will effectively congratulate the newlyweds.

    If the exit registration of a marriage is planned, the original presentation of a surprise from a paratrooper, which will effectively land next to the venue of the celebration, will be an interesting surprise.

    The “highlight” of the holiday can be a courier who has entered the window in a tuxedo with a colorful gift box or a folder with business papers (it will contain an envelope with money and documents for the delivery of happiness, well-being, wealth, etc.).

    Another interesting way to present gifts for the wedding - a greeting from a magician or an illusionist in the framework of the show program.

    Quest for the bride and groom

    So that the newlyweds will remember not only the gift, but also the process of its delivery, turn this event into an exciting quest game. This entertainment can be arranged both in the restaurant and in the open area (in case of exit registration).

    Participants in the quest can only be newlyweds or all the guests, united in two teams - under the guidance of the bride and groom.

    В случае коллективной игры квест превращается в состязание: проигравшему назначается штрафной танец или шуточное испытание.

    После первого задания новобрачные получают карту с указанием маршрута. На каждой остановке их должны ждать ведущие с очередным испытанием и подсказками.

    You can move along the route without a map - in this case, each hint will indicate the next stop. Plan no more than 4-5 stops.

    Quests of the quest must be connected with the couple’s life together:

    • important dates
    • the first gifts
    • traveling.

    You also need to include in the script questions that show how well the young spouses know each other.

    The result of this game is a long-awaited “prize” or a note with its name (if it is too bulky). It can be learned from parts of the assembled puzzle or by reaching the final point of the route.

    Pranks and surprises

    This version of the unusual presentation of gifts for the wedding is suitable for people with strong nerves. One of the most common ideas is to pretend that you accidentally dropped a box with a fragile and valuable thing.

    Take the box and put in it pieces of glass or old dishes. At the most crucial moment, “accidentally” stumble and miss the box so that it falls to the floor with a crash and the sound of fragments.

    Looking at the bewildered faces of the newlyweds and guests, say that you have only the instruction left - and take out an envelope with money from your pocket. Another option - after this, make a real gift and say that he remained safe and sound.

    • We choose certificates as a gift for a wedding: practical, original and comic.
    • A selection of interesting and original wedding gifts with their own hands is here.

    Money behind the glass

    Give the bride and groom a symbolic souvenir in the form of a monetary picture - put the bills in a chaotic manner into the photo frame and close it with glass.

    At the bottom of the picture, leave a fun instruction manual: "In case of urgent need to squeeze out the glass." Complete it with the necessary tool - a real or toy hammer.

    Estimated family expenses

    On a sheet of paper paper, glue a few paper pockets and put in each of them one bill of various denominations.

    Under the pockets sign the purpose of the donated money:

    • “Husband fishing”,
    • “Wife on cosmetics”,
    • “On baby diapers”,
    • “On the tenth wedding anniversary”,
    • “On holiday in the Maldives”,
    • “For a rainy day”, etc.

    Hand the poster with the admonition to properly manage the family budget.

    Money balls

    Give the newlyweds a huge box and ask them to open it immediately to release the festive mood. The box should be filled with multicolored helium balloons, on the strings of which bills rolled up will be tied.

    Open the packaging only indoors, otherwise the money balloons will fly away in an unknown direction.

    You can put the banknotes inside the ball (in this case it is better to use ordinary balloons rather than helium balloons). Fill it with sparkles and confetti and ask it to burst to get a gift. Bright fireworks from the money and emotions you provided!

    Sweet surprise

    Give the bride and groom a luxurious box of chocolates with wishes for a sweet and carefree life. Between the sweets beautifully lay the bills, rolled up and tied with beautiful ribbons.

    A box without candies can be a pleasant surprise - inside there will be only banknotes in the form of interesting handicrafts - flowers, butterflies, bows, etc.

    Money Carpet

    If you know that the young spouses are planning to go on a honeymoon trip, it is appropriate to present them with an unusual flying carpet that will “take them anywhere in the world”.

    To make a souvenir, insert bills between layers of film, sew film to get several pockets and sections. You can use regular files, glued together with tape, with money invested.

    In the center of the carpet, place a photo of the young. To make the gift look spectacular, sew around the perimeter of lace or motley ribbon.

    Another variant of the original delivery of a monetary gift for a wedding to travel lovers is to fill the carpet with currency of various countries and present them with a wish to visit all these countries.

    Umbrella with money

    Carefully tie the bills to the strings and attach them to the umbrella spokes. Hand this symbolic umbrella to the young family and always wish for a clear weather in their home. Ask the newlyweds to open an umbrella - they will pour a rain of money from the attached bills.

    For greater effect, complement the umbrella with an unusual pack of money - wrap it in a roll made of bills. To get the main gift, the bride and groom will have to spend a lot of effort, unrolling several layers of “wrapping paper”.

    Banknotes for the wrapper, you can choose a small dignity, because the main cash surprise will be waiting for the newlyweds inside.

    Raise the degree of fun: comic wedding favors and greetings

    In order to cheer up the newlyweds and all the guests, think up funny wishes and comic instructions for the bride and groom, turning the presentation of gifts at the wedding into an entertainment program.

    Give the newlyweds the symbolic and “vital” attributes of family life:

    • Rolling pin or pan to harmonize family relationships
    • Saw as a tool for spouse motivation
    • Beads from pasta for the wife: and the decoration is excellent, and the food is “for a rainy day”
    • Certificates for husband and wife with a list of responsibilities (for example, “kiss your wife”, “take out the trash every day”, “have everything your loved one will prepare,” etc.)
    • “Hobby gloves” to hold a spouse (attach buttons or double-sided tape to ordinary gloves)
    • Bow and arrow for the spouse - the main earner in the family
    • Brick - the first step to building your own home and creating a family hearth
    • Paired T-shirts with photos of newlyweds and the words "Busy" and "Busy"
    • A set of pins (so that the husband does not get angry if the spouse does not sew the buttons and use them)
    • Self-made driving license to drive a pram
    • A huge plate with a photo of spouses and the inscription “For two” (as a symbol of a single family and an economical option of using one dish for a meal)
    • Joint plate for food with a demarcation of the territory “for husband” and “for wife”
    • Fan so that it is not too hot from ardent feelings
    • Two pairs of boxing gloves to spouse “grown-up” to sort out the relationship
    • A coffee maker and one pair of slippers so that the husband and wife take turns giving each other coffee in the morning to bed
    • Gift or toy hammer, so that young people forged their family happiness together
    • Intimate gift “Pants with a joke” - they can be put on by two people at once to be closer to each other
    • A plate with a comic instruction on how to properly beat dishes during a showdown
    • A bag with the inscription “Pud salt” - all the contents must be eaten to get to know each other well
    • Beads from toilet rolls for a “clean” relationship with the instruction manual
    • Compass for a spouse to always keep a course on his wife, wherever he is
    • The clock without numbers with the inscription on the dial “Yes, what's the difference!”, Because the lucky ones do not keep track of time
    • A bar of laundry soap to the wife so that she can “lather her husband's neck” for offense
    • Soap and light bulb - souvenirs as a sign of pure and bright love
    • Things to get closer to the dream (for example, a hanger for a mink coat, a ticket on the door of your own apartment, a life jacket for a future yacht, etc.).

    Hand wedding gifts with warm congratulatory words and a sincere smile. Even an inexpensive or hand-made souvenir can be presented brightly and in an original way.

    The most important thing for the bride and groom is to see the support of dear people, to feel their love and joy, shared with the newlyweds.

    Wedding gift - tradition

    Tradition, if not commonplace. To make the impression of it more vivid, you should present a gift with an original greeting.

    Each guest can leave a gift with a postcard on it, but nothing prevents to congratulate the young people personally.

    Long tirades of harmony in the family can be replaced by edited video with congratulations from relatives, friends, acquaintances of the bride and groom. The original production will be a highlight of the congratulations: the participants of the video can wear tuxedos and evening dresses or pirate costumes. The choice of image is limited by imagination.

    Very fun to organize for the young quest in the restaurant. Hiding the "treasure" in the "cache" and hand the newlyweds search card will help the staff of the institution. If you gradually attract guests to the search for the celebration, you can kindle interest in the quest among all those present and leave them with a vivid impression of the holiday. On the way to the treasured "treasure" the couple will hear a lot of greetings from friends and relatives.

    The presentation of the gift will be more original if you accompany it with a song. Order hit live performance in a restaurant, and this surprise will not remain without attention.

    Original Gift Ideas

    You can congratulate young people on the beginning of their family life in a special way, for example, as follows.

    1. Take an ordinary brick and pack it in a plastic bag, wrap it with tape over it.
    2. Buy booties and lay out rafaelki in them.
    3. Buy a "money tree" and attach money notes to the leaves.
    4. Congratulating the couple, say that it is important for a man in life to do three things:build your house - accept building material (at the same time you submit a brick),to plant a tree (present a tree with money in a big bowl) andraise a decent child (give young booties with candy).

    To make an unusual symbolic gift for the wedding of the newlyweds cheap, ask for help from the men. Buy in store 16 kg of salt. They are cheap, packaged in packages. During the celebration, tell the young people that in order to respect each other, they need to eat a pound of salt together, it is better to do it quickly and not to offend each other.

    At the wedding give a lot of different jocular budget gifts.

    These include:

    1. rolling pin - with the signature "democratizer of relations",
    2. a set of light bulbs and soap - for pure and bright love,
    3. boxing gloves - to sort things out in a humane way,
    4. tied with a ribbon, a carpenter’s hammer and a milk for chops — as a memory of the fact that everyone himself is a blacksmith of happiness,
    5. "The frills" of the buttons and the frosts are the original gift for the bride's wedding for the future spouse.

    Gifts for young

    If you are choosing an inexpensive wedding gift for a friend, a future wife, consider options for joking gifts. Forget to hand a suitable one with cheerful congratulations.

    A wedding gift can be:

    1. cookbook - newlywed for culinary skill,
    2. frying pan - coordinator quarrels,
    3. a broom - for the bride to take care of home comfort
    4. certificate - the right to take care of his wife and forgive his trips with friends to football,
    5. a bouquet of candy or fruit - for a sweet family life.

    The husband is considered the support of the family, which protects her from adversity, protects from trouble. In this regard, you can amuse the guests of the wedding celebration and the young with a funny present, handing with instructions:

    1. home repair book - so that nothing breaks in the house,
    2. car wheel - so the husband quickly got a car for his wife,
    3. T-shirt with a photo of his wife and the words "busy"
    4. family piggy bank - for wealth and cash savings,
    5. certificate - the right to take care of his wife and bring her coffee in bed.

    As a rule, friends give young people various interior items, household appliances and household items, money or certificates for the purchase of goods and services.

    Also, the original inexpensive gift can be presented to the spouses:

    1. book on housekeeping, cookbook "For Dummies" - with a hilarious hint,
    2. books like “Books about raising a husband”, “Tutoring a wife’s guide” - for young people with a sense of humor,
    3. unbreakable plates with inscriptions like "to clarify the relationship,"
    4. pillowcases with the words "wife" and "husband",
    5. bed linen with the spouse and spouse border marked on it,
    6. anti-hours going in the opposite direction and indicating a time for sleeping, eating, walking and other things,
    7. mittens for the young, in which two mittens are joined together - so that it is more comfortable to hold hands,
    8. a short film about the newlyweds in a joking manner or a video message to the bride and groom with the wishes of a happy family life.

    Win-win gifts

    Even if you are far from creativity, and finance requires you to buy a wedding gift cheaply, you can present a win-win gift. Choosing a gift, it is important to take into account the hobbies of the couple. It is better to discuss the options of the presents with the guests of the wedding celebration, so as not to repeat with the gifts.

    A simple and common gift to the newlyweds for the wedding - quality bedding setwhich is always useful in the household, regardless of whether the couple is going to live with their parents or separately.

    It is not terrible, if the guests present several sets for the wedding - they will not be superfluous. Together with bed linen give pillows, blankets, bedspreads and blankets. Wrapped in a cozy blanket, in the winter, the couple will remember the warm words that gave it.

    Inexpensive, but a good gift for a wedding - beautiful set of napkins and tablecloths. Practical wedding gift - different things for the kitchen. It doesn’t matter if spouses cook or they’ll visit restaurants more often, kitchen utensils always come in handy.

    At the wedding give:

    All this is true for every home. The range of prices for such things allows you to choose quality options and at the same time to avoid large expenses.

    An inexpensive wedding gift - a flower vase. Newlyweds will be able to put in her bouquets immediately after the wedding celebration. Decoration of the home will be a stained glass vase of colored glass.

    A useful gift will be set of pans. But you need to know in advance from the young whether they need such a gift. And will not be superfluous pans. Particularly interesting are the products of irregular shape, for example, in the form of a heart.

    What else can you buy as a gift for the wedding cheap? Always relevant tea set. If the tastes of the newlyweds are unknown, it is better to give preference to the classic set of dishes - without a pattern or with a neutral motif.

    Original and inexpensive wedding gifts:

    • a set of clay pots for baking,
    • carafe
    • salad bowls
    • a set of glasses or glasses,
    • candy sweets,
    • cup coasters.

    Perhaps the young dream of a samovar, but do not dare to buy it. Why not make them such a gift? This is a great option gift for the wedding from the team cheap. In the pottery shops you can find original spices in cute jars that will greatly delight the bride.

    Do-it-yourself gift

    Surprise the newlyweds with a creative gift - hand them something done personally.

    A good gift can be:

    1. the photo album is in scrapbooking technique, empty or with photos of the spouses,
    2. tree with wishes on scrapbooks,
    3. a panel with a tree - embroidered with ribbons or threads, with a wish on each sheet,
    4. tray with homemade cupcakes or cupcakes, decorated in wedding colors. The confectionery composition should not cause allergies in young people,
    5. pair jewelry - if your hobby is related to the jewelry craft,
    6. portrait of young people - if you are fond of painting,
    7. a vase or a clay jug, if in your free time you are engaged in pottery.

    Making money

    A gift to the newlyweds can be called banal money. To impress young people by handing out bank notes, use a few original ideas.

    1. Bank with money. A standard glass jar is filled with bills that are rolled up and tied with ribbons. The jar can be closed on top with a lid or beautiful packaging paper fixed with tape.
    2. Money pot. Purchase an earthen pot and place small change in it, filling the pot to the brim with it. Tie a pot into the fabric and secure it with satin ribbon. At the bottom of the pot should lie wrapped in cellophane large bills. Thanks to the packaging, they will not break under the weight of coins. Above the pot must be coins of different countries. Such a gift is difficult, so you need to hand it to the groom.
    3. Money Tree can be issued in different ways. In the first case, a coin is attached to an application tree on cardboard, in the second case, bills are hung on a room tree. Another option is to make a tree out of a wire, wrapping a coin around it, and winding banknotes to the branches. For the sustainability of the present, the bottom of the pot should be covered with coins. You can make a tree out of foam rubber by inserting bills and coins through the slots. Another way to make a money tree is to hide coins and bills in the leaves of Chinese cabbage, wrapping them with food film.
    4. Umbrella with money. You can build a gift in several ways. In this case, money is attached to the umbrella, the outside is wrapped with a thick cloth or cardboard, creating a tube. This tube is wrapped in dark paper, giving the impression that the package is sausage. Attach the appropriate label. From above "sausage" make out a tape from money. Imagine: the young people will begin to unwrap the gift, thinking that this is a sausage, but they unwind the money lena and, having reached the umbrella, will find the hidden money.
    5. Bouquet. From several bills roll up roses and secure them with a rubber band to make a magnificent bouquet. You can make a flower composition in a different way: in the finished bouquet, place neatly folded banknotes in the rosebuds.
    6. Cake. Купюры необходимо свернуть в трубочки, приклеить их аккуратно на двусторонний скотч к основанию из картона. Наверху можно прикрепить пышный бант, для лучшей фиксации следует обвязать торт по периметру.
    7. Картина. This can be a blank canvas in a baguette frame or an embroidered picture of a tree, house, basket, flower. On top of the picture, bills, which are folded in the form of butterflies, leaves, flowers, are fastened with the help of threads - this is very effective.
    8. Necklace. Rolled up into tubules and folded in harmonicas notes are connected by ribbons. The resulting necklace is decorated with flowers for packaging, bows, ribbons.
    9. Coin box. An original and inexpensive wedding gift - a treasure chest. You can find a real chest, and you can make it yourself or order it from the master. The main thing is to make a product beautifully. The finished box can be sheathed with ribbons, colored threads, beads, and sheathed with satin fabric. Another design option is for old-fashioned tales: decorate the chest with gilding and a padlock. If the product is dimensional, at the very bottom of the chest hide “treasures” - bills and coins. Lay out the colored chiffon shawls on top. Put various coins in a box for an incredibly rich family life.

    Attention as a gift

    Expressing attention to the young will help:

    1. A collage of photos of spouses. The photo may be printed on T-shirts or on a large poster.
    2. Portrait the bride and groom on the joint photo, ordered from a good artist.
    3. Family photo album - quality, custom-made.
    4. Native chocolate, made to order - with the logo and the original wrapper: the name of the chocolate can be the name of the newlyweds, the decoration of the package - their photo.
    5. Creative Photo Frame. You can give young large frames with numerous slots for photos. It is necessary to think in advance the color range of photographs. All pictures can be black and white, while the frame - bright color.
    6. Young dolls - A great souvenir for the bride and groom. The similarity of hand-made dolls to the original is striking, so these dolls will be a very pleasant and very original gift.

    Emotions as a gift

    If you want to leave the newlyweds with vivid memories of the wedding day, give them something impressive:

    1. Tickets for the concert performer who likes the young.
    2. Parachute jump from a multi-storey building or from a bridge.
    3. Flight in a balloon.
    4. Flight by plane with the performance of tricks in the air.
    5. Rafting on a mountain river in boats.
    6. Certificate for the photo session.
    7. Certificate for participation in master classes in cooking, pottery, drawing and others.

    If the spouses are wealthy people, do not try by all means to allocate a gift amount that is unbearable for you. Better pick a bright gift that can deliver the bride and groom a lot of bright and pleasant emotions.

    Such a gift to the newlyweds may be, for example, box with tropical butterflies or specially written song for them.

    Expensive gifts from parents

    Of course, the most desired and expected wedding gift from parents is a house or apartment. But not all parents can afford such gifts.

    Other material values ​​will be no less pleasant presentations from them:

    1. land for the construction of cottages or houses
    2. car,
    3. a cottage in the country or a summer house, where spouses can attend the weekend, gather friends and relatives for various celebrations,
    4. jewelry - bracelets, pendants, rings, chains,
    5. honeymoon trip: a trip to the mountains, a tour of the beautiful city, a tour to distant islands.

    Often parents give the newlyweds:

    1. two tablets or laptop,
    2. major appliances: refrigerator, air conditioner, dishwasher.

    What can not be given to the wedding

    At a wedding celebration it is unacceptable to give to young people:

    1. Antique paintings and antiques - they allegedly accumulate negative energy of the previous owners.
    2. Piercing and cutting household items - forks, knives, sabers, tool kits, daggers, razors, pins. It is believed that they will provoke a quarrel.
    3. Handkerchiefs - harbingers of tears. However, the ban does not apply to the bride: she can present the groom with a handkerchief with a monogram-embroidery as a sign of anxious feelings and a willingness to go through all the tests with him.
    4. Hours - wall or manual. Such a gift can lead to a speedy separation. It used to be that if a chronometer was given to the wedding, it would not be possible to avoid trouble: the death of someone young or divorce.
    5. Barrettes for the bride - It is believed that they will provoke quarrels in the family and the servitude of the wife, her oppression by her spouse.
    6. Cufflinks or tie clips for spouse - there is a risk that, having received such a gift, the newly appeared husband will turn into a “henpecked”.
    7. Mirror - do not present young people as a gift for the wedding, so that no narcissism reigns in the house.

    A wedding gift is always individual, because everyone has different tastes.

    If you are in doubt when choosing a gift, then without hesitation, check their opinion with the spouses. Maybe they will even envelope with money. When preparing a presentation, show imagination and take into account the preferences of the couple.

    Whatever gift you choose, hand it with warm congratulations to the bride and groom. A gift made with soul and sincere understanding will certainly delight them.