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The rhythm of modern life dictates its own terms of housekeeping. Today, literally women only devote themselves to family and home. The majority also builds a career, and brings up children, and cooks, erases, cleans, and finds time for itself. How to combine all this most effectively? The Fly Lady system is a real find for working women! Let's talk about it in more detail.

The essence of the system

Where does such an interesting name come from? The fact is that Lady Fly is a system developed by an American housewife. Its name literally means “flying lady”. And indeed, take a look at a modern woman: she always has time, she does everything quickly and efficiently, she is spinning all day like a bee. In this hectic, it is very important to plan your time so that at the end of the day (week, month, year) you do not feel like a driven horse. "Lady Fly" - a system that saves in such situations. If you follow its principles, the cleaning will take only 15 minutes a day, but the result will always please. I wonder how is this possible? Then go to the basic terms.

The Fly Lady cleaning system helps you efficiently manage your time. But before talking more about how this works, it is necessary to understand the basics, i.e., the terms that will be used further:

  • Routine There are things you need to devote time to every day. This is routine. It will be great if they do not require a lot of strength and patience from a woman, but, on the contrary, will become a pleasant pastime. Routines in the "fly lady" are evening and morning. After sleep, time is given to hygienic procedures, breakfast and makeup, i.e., bringing yourself, beloved, in order. In the evening, besides the need to remove the makeup applied in the morning, spread out the bed and, perhaps, read a little, it is necessary to make a list of tasks that you will carry out tomorrow.
  • Audit trail. It is in this notebook that the “flying lady” will write down the list of planned cases. But this is only one of its section. The other should reflect all close-ups for the week: washing, going to the store, hanging curtains, etc. The third section includes the phone numbers you need (friends, relatives, delivery services, etc.). And one more, the fourth, can be called personal. Here you can make entries about everything that interests you. For example, make interesting quotes, ideas and more.
  • Zones. You will need to divide your entire apartment into parts. For example: entrance hall, kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom. You can combine something, or, conversely, divide. Each zone receives attention within one week.

So let's get started? As we already know, “Lady Fly” is a system that requires doing the morning routine. Where to begin? Of course, with cleaning the bed! You also need to clean up. Every morning! And this does not mean that you only need to brush your teeth and somehow collect the hair in the tail. Not! Dress diligently, be sure to wear shoes and put on makeup. Not going anywhere? But after all, for yourself to be beautiful is very nice! By the way, about the shoes. Women living on the “Lady Fly” system are advised to purchase lace-up sneakers for the house so that sometimes it is tempting to lie down on the sofa and look through the magazine. Such shoes are not so easy to take off.

Another important point of the system is an island of purity. You can choose it yourself. Usually it is a sink in the bathroom or in the kitchen. She must be clean always! So do not take away a cleaning agent from it, it will be necessary for you very often now.

"Thawing" of the home

Each of us, if he tries, will surely find in his house such things that it’s time to get rid of. Each month, the Fly Lady system recommends throwing out 27 of these items. Cleaning the house on it should be systematic, but not exhausting. That is why each "bee" should get a timer. Every time you put on it exactly 15 minutes. Having started the timer, you will immediately start cleaning, and as soon as you hear its signal, leave all the work. Today you completed the plan! Just like that!

“Lady Fly” is a system with the help of which you will gradually make your home cleaner and cozier, but at the same time you will not fall dead from fatigue. It is clear that at the very beginning it will be difficult, because, having noticed the result, you will want to do more and get rid of the garbage as soon as possible. Do not hurry! The apartment is “cluttering up” not in one day, so everything should be cleaned up in it consistently.

First of all, identify the so-called "hotspots" ("hot spots"). These are the places that require immediate attention. Many of them are wardrobes with clothes, computer desks, as well as a play area in the children's room. So they should be addressed first. And do not forget - no more than 15 minutes a day! Every evening we write in the audit log what we will do tomorrow, and do not forget to note what has been done today.

Well, we told the main points, now we’ll tell you about the rules that the Fly Fly system requires. For mothers who have babies who are very small, as for other women, cleaning according to these principles will not be burdensome at all. It is only necessary to follow all instructions clearly.

Rule 1. Do not complain and do not feel sorry for yourself!

This is the very first thing a woman should remember to want to start living according to the system. No one except you will help you bring your life in order. Therefore, take yourself in hand and begin to act. “Lady Fly” is a system that makes women real magicians, always and everywhere in time, smiling and happy!

Rule 2. Put yourself in order

This has already been mentioned above. We throw away all old bathrobes and torn slippers. We get nice clothes. This does not mean that you should “flit” around the house with a mop in an evening dress. It is enough to choose something convenient and comfortable. But in it you should be neat. And if, for example, guests unexpectedly descend to you? How will you feel if you meet them in what you are wearing now. Awkward? Then run to change clothes!

Rule 3. Kitchen

This is the holy of holies of every mistress. To make an island of cleanliness exactly the kitchen sink is offered by the Fly Lady system. The book, released by Marla Silly, who developed the system under consideration, entitled “School of Lady Flying”, describes that the first thing her heroine undertook was to clean the sink. It must be monitored constantly. It should shine in the morning and in the evening, and even at 3 o'clock in the morning, be it a weekday or a holiday. And, of course, the whole kitchen also needs to be put in order. But this is already in the framework of cleaning by zones.

Rule 4. Plan and control

To keep in mind all your plans, grand and not very hard enough. For this purpose, the fly lady system use the audit log. For working women, it is simply necessary, because, having come home at the end of the day, it is rather difficult to remember what you wanted to do, where to remove. This rule will relieve from the many sufferings that have accumulated a lot of cases. Just open the magazine, see the plan and get down to work.

This also can be attributed, and another item. In the evening you should prepare the clothes that you wear in the morning. If necessary, we also prepare outfits for a spouse and children, so that in the morning no one would run around the apartment in search of the “same” shirt or dress.

Rule 5. Tame the mess

This formidable "beast" is actually quite possible to win. You just need to act on several fronts:

  • Always immediately clean up after yourself. It doesn't matter what you did - knit, read, cook. This habit will soon yield positive results - there will be much less clutter in the house.
  • The cleaning system "fly lady", as has been repeatedly repeated, involves spending only 15 minutes to clean one area. Plan your business for the week. For example, this week you clean in the bedroom and living room. Take Monday to review things in the closet, on Tuesday to sort out the chest of drawers, on Wednesday, pay attention to all the mirrors in these rooms, etc. If you don’t have time to do something today, set aside for tomorrow, but do not waste more than 15 minutes!
  • Really evaluate your capabilities. Do not plan more than you can do in the allotted time.
  • Do not save mountains of unnecessary things. If the varnish is out of date, feel free to discard it. Read the magazine - in the trash, because you will not reread it again. Unnecessary things should not know your pity.
  • Do everything with a smile!

“Lady Fly” is a system that has helped many people manage their lives. Many women admit that it was thanks to her that they remembered about themselves, got rid of old dressing gowns and a heap of unnecessary things. Yes, and in personal life, this system helps well. Agree, if a woman always looks good, maintains order in the house, while not falling every evening from exhaustion, she has more time and energy for her family and, of course, her spouse. The Fly Lady system, which has only positive reviews, really helps to plan your time and always be at your best.

As it seems

Do you live in chaos? Do you feel driven by a horse? Thinking about cleaning makes you annoyed? Have you lost hope of changing anything in your life and do not know where to start? Do not worry! We were all the same!

Join and throw off the burden of domestic problems from your shoulders! You will learn to treat homework with a smile. Housework will bring you joy. You will never be ashamed of your home and feel guilty. Your heart will be filled with joy, and your home with peace and comfort.

By subscribing to our newsletter, you will receive daily Fly mail. Fly lessons will help you develop a routine, get rid of trash and finally bring your house and your life in order. You will become more organized, even if you never managed to come to a meeting on time or prepare in advance for an important event.

Gradually, step by step, you will learn to keep your life under control and not to carry the burden of daily problems on yourself, and easily fly from holiday to holiday, day after day!

We are called Flyladi, Jet mistresses, Lady bees. No matter the name - the essence is important! Do not try to read at once the entire site and our entire forum. BabySteps! Start with the small and most important - Fundaments of the FlyLady system. You will understand where to start. Then read our FLY lessons - they will give you the keys to solving problems you may encounter.

The main life of the project is of course in the forum and there you will find a storehouse of conveniently structured, very useful information for almost all occasions. Get your FLY blog for free and read others!

Remember! You will never be behind! You are just starting to change your life!

Right now

This week we are working in Zone 2: Kitchen (December 10 - December 14)

Kelly's job on Monday, December 10

Your task for today will be to wash the kitchen fronts. I'm sure you have something to work on.
If possible, use a special tool for your type of coverage. Furniture cleaner / universal detergent / laundry soap - use whatever you see fit. Even a dry cloth can do a little miracle! :)

Do not get carried away! On a timer call, look around - enjoy the radiant cleanliness of the kitchen!

With love, kelly

This week

FlySpot is a place where dirt accumulates, and you don't even notice it. Give 15 minutes to this front of work, and you will be pleasantly surprised by the result.

Check that you have all the necessary appliances for cooking - ahead of the holidays, the evening of December 31 is not the best time to urgently buy a garlic press or baking paper

Also, an additional revision of spices will not hurt - to throw out all overdue or spoiled, and to buy the missing. It's simple :)

You can’t sort the trash, you can only get rid of it

for the New Year

Mission number 10. Checking the festive budget

today we land at the table and check the map, sorry, with the PCJ for compliance with the planned and real budgets. You may need an extract from the program in which you keep financial records. Mark the items that have already been purchased, including gifts, decorations, groceries, tickets for mornings, postcards, carnival costumes, etc.

Be careful and cautious, try to fit into the allocated amount, do not forget, there is still March 8 and 14th from February 23! And they still have to live. Choose gifts that are impressive not by price, but by the amount of love you invested! Show creative ingenuity. Give the right gifts. Discuss with your family the price limit for gifts, so that no one feels deprived. Look for those options that will help keep your budget in perfect shape!

And stop thinking about money with concern and despondency! These are just not very nicely drawn paper pictures! You should be proud that, thanks to reasonable planning, this year holidays will not be a heavy burden, but really the best time of the year! After all, you are FLYING!

Love and pamper yourself

Welcome to December: a month full of holiday preparations! Believe me, now is the time to learn to seek out time for yourself, beloved. It's hard to learn, easy in battle!

We are inspired by the ideas on our forum.

Indulge yourself with Flylady

This week we will indulge not only the body, but also the soul. Dim the lights in the room, light the aroma lamp with your favorite scent (candles or incense sticks will work too), lie down more comfortably and turn on something relaxing that will allow you to drift off into the distance. It can be both classical music and something jazz. Or maybe you want to listen to a bit of reggae and thoughts find yourself on a sunny beach. Music heals the soul! :) And the soul soaring from happiness will not allow your body to be tired and broken!

Give time only to yourself! Often this is the best pampering! :)

The Flyladi system in Russian will help make the house clean and comfortable, love cleaning and become a good hostess.

Where to begin? From the first day of the day, tidy yourself up in the morning and complete some simple tasks. Go to a special section, learn everything in order. Do not try to do everything at once! I remember that housework cannot be redone, it can only be done. Start!

Dear mothers, we offer you fly lady assignments for children. These tasks can be done in any order. We number them only for your convenience. Teaching your child to order, remember that praise the baby should be for the very attempt to clean up after themselves.

Take with us the cleaning stages of the Fly Lady system in the Russian way. You will see that it takes very little time, but after a few days you and your homework will see the first results. Practice and theory, all in stages. Do everything consistently.

Here are all sorts of tablets, templates, sample blanks. All these utilities are very individual, but the samples help to create your ideal. Download the finished sample or edit for yourself. Templates for free on our website.

Flyladi in Russian

Quite naturally, if you have a question, is there such a system, so to speak, in Russian? Of course have! Everything that Marla had invented once and continued to develop hundreds of her followers is quite applicable for Russian housewives, for this it is enough to deal with the features of the fly system. To do this, select a few basic tenets.


You need to start with this: we start an audit trail in which you need to keep daily records. The first is a plan of action for the next day (where the cleaning will be carried out, in which zone). The second is the weekly plan. For example, you devote Monday to shopping, Tuesday - general cleaning, and so on. Thirdly, we make up a menu for each day, and also select all the necessary products for it.

In addition, the point of self-organization includes the appearance of the hostess. According to Marla, you need to constantly keep yourself in good shape, and a cozy dressing gown and slippers are greatly removed from this state. Therefore, at home you should always look as if you are preparing to meet guests: light makeup, hair styled, beautiful and comfortable clothes, and light shoes, preferably lace-up.

Division into zones

All home space should be divided into separate zones, for example, 1 zone is a kitchen, 2 zone is an entrance hall and so on. Every week is the time for one of the zones, while every day is given to it, no more than 15 minutes. Say it is impossible! But it was not there: for example, this week your work area is a living room.

You set the timer for 15 minutes and during this time you try to do the most necessary things, for example, vacuum the floor, exhaust the pillows, clean the lockers, and so on. As soon as the timer worked, we finish cleaning.

Thus, one zone per week is spent 5 times for 15 minutes, which is not so little. В выходные флайледи ничем подобным не занимается, в это время она уделяет внимание себе, родным и полноценному отдыху.

Составляем список рутин

Рутины – по системе флайледи, это такие мелкие повседневные дела, которые обязательно нужно сделать, например, уборка постели, уход за собой, подготовка одежды, готовка завтрака и так далее.

Рутины не должны занимать более 20 минут в день, по сути, это поверхностная уборка, которая не требует особых энергетических затрат. In order not to overdo it with time, again set the timer.


It is also called “the hour of blessing the home”, it lasts no more than 70 minutes: 7 cases of 10 minutes for each, no more. Cleaning comes down to basic actions: wash and vacuum the floor, wipe off dust, clean the mirrors, throw away unwanted trash and so on. All other processes are performed during the week while working in the "zones".


Flyladi is not just an invention of a bored housewife, it is a real lifestyle, which was tried on and adopted by thousands of hostesses around the world. And all because it really allows you to keep your home in perfect purity, while not spending on this infinite number of time, literally turning into a "driven horse."

Another rule of flyladi is to constantly get rid of all unnecessary things, leave only those things that you like, and you really wear them. If the thing lay in the far corner of the cabinet for more than six months and. at the same time, nobody has ever remembered about it, you can confidently send it to the trash can.

Origins of the Fly Lady System

The Fly Lady system was developed by an American, Marla Silly, who wanted to save working women from feeling guilty about the mess in the house. After all, business women and simply not very organized women often do not cope with household chores. And how to keep the house clean is not taught either in schools or in universities.

That is why this system quickly found female fans first in the USA and then around the world. This happened in 1999, when a special mailing of lessons to all interested women was organized via e-mail. After some time, a site dedicated to this topic was created.

The main result that women received through the mailing list were the healthy habits formed in them, which contributed to the maintenance of constant cleanliness in their apartment.

Basic concepts of the Fly Lady system

The term “FlyLady” itself can not only be translated as “flying lady”, but also to decipher the abbreviation “F-finally L-loving Y-yourself” - “finally love yourself”.

In addition, you should know that in the Fly Lady system there are such things as:

  • Audit trail.You must have a notebook or notebook in which you will write down your planned cases and mark them with a check mark when performing.
  • DefrostingThis includes throwing out trash that you haven't used for some time. Please note that trash accumulates not only under the bed and in the closets, but also in the workplace and in the computer. (Read about how to clean up the workplace)
  • Hot Spots.It can be shuflyadki, shelves, tables and other surfaces on which “useful” trivia have been collected for months.
  • RoutineIn other words, these are the so-called rituals that must be performed daily. These can be simple activities, such as preparing clothes for tomorrow or rubbing dust on the dresser. These can be morning rituals or evening rituals. At first there may be 2-3 of them, and then gradually you will add new ones.

Basic principles of the Fly Lady system:

  • § Regularity. 15 minutes is better, but every day, than once a week, 5 hours.
  • § Creating an “island of purity”. Each hostess should have a place in the house where it will always be clean.
  • § Getting pleasure from work. Lushe do less, but with pleasure, than a lot, but with disgust.
  • § Refusal of perfectionism. No need to try to do everything perfectly. Do just fine.
  • § Use timer It is necessary in the literal sense to set aside a certain time for the execution of some business and to fix it when the timer is triggered.
  • § Planning. If you make a house cleaning plan and follow it, you save your time. In addition, every time you cross out completed cases from the list, you will have additional motivation.

Thousands of women thank the creator of the Fly Lady system for the fact that they were able to put in order not only their apartment, but also their lives. Become one of those women for whom homework is not hard work, but a wonderful flight.