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Stylish women's trouser suits for 2018-2019: styles, novelties, trends


A print suit will be a very trendy solution. Geometric prints may well be suitable for a working day, if the rest of the accessories are concise in form and detail. But various floral and futuristic fantasies should be reserved for exits to the city, to parties and creative events. Very well appreciate the selected print, because it is peculiar to him to create optical illusions and not always winning.

See that the drawing does not give an unnecessary volume, where it would not be worth it, or do not break the proportions. Observe the proportions of the body and pattern. For example, too small a picture will make a woman weighty advantages even more massive. Be sure to rate yourself from behind. Unfortunately, when sewing clothes, especially with this mass-market sin, a fragment of the picture can be in a completely undesirable place and sometimes even create ambiguous associations.

Casual and Sport Chic

The fast rhythm of big cities makes a woman often make a choice in favor of comfortable clothing. Dressing up a business suit with a casual t-shirt and shoes is a very comfortable and elegant option for a work day or an informal day meeting. A relaxed urban version implies the same casual shirt or striped sweater paired with more comfortable shoes (loafers, sandals, etc.). Another trendy trend is the combination of an elegant suit with sneakers. The game of contrasts always looks fresh, especially if the soul asks for experiments. Fans of sport-chic in their pure form prefer to combine a suit made of soft fabrics with sneakers and sneakers.

Want to lengthen your legs? Choose long pants that can be worn with a stud. Want to emphasize slender ankles? Roll up long straight pants or buy a suit with shortened legs.

Stylish, elegant version of the suit, where there is a tuxedo. Gentle gloss of silk on the lapels nicely emphasizes the face, and the color of the lapels may differ from the color of the suit. You can choose a more contrasting combination (black with white), or a soft contrast (black with the color of burgundy wine), or you can stop at the classics and prefer the combination of tone to tone.

A tuxedo will be more suitable for going out after 5 pm, although a light suit looks great at a daytime event. The more elegant and shiny fabric the costume has, the more evening and even festive it is. Such an option may already correspond to the dress code Black Tie Optional, Creative Black Tie, Cocktail Attire, Semi-Formal, Dressy Casual, etc. It is very beneficial to have such an option for an evening out. This will dilute the usual variety of dresses, besides, it is very convenient. Add to the suit classic pumps on a heel, an elegant clutch is simple, with chic and does not require special knowledge in the field of style.

Bohemian chic and 70s

This season, designers have offered us many variations on the 70s and bohemian chic with their fitted elongated jacket models and flared trousers. Bright colors, floral print, brocade, corduroy and other characteristic attributes reign on the podium. This suit is perfectly complemented by large sunglasses, a hat or a blouse with a print (in the case of a plain suit), a knitted top or a scarf with a print.

Stylish business and office pantsuit for women of the 2018-2019 season

Office tandems in women's wardrobe can not do without an important item of clothing of each lady - fashionable pantsuit.

A distinctive feature of a business suit will be a straight cut, conciseness of the silhouette, seasoned lines that give a hint of severity and elegance in an office bow.

It should not be in a business trouser suit and excessive decor that is not welcome in this style. Excellent top models of trouser women's suit for office are shown in shades of gray, blue, green, brown, and also in black, which are most harmonious for this style.

Discard the models of women's suits for office with cutouts, too flared, short and wide trousers, that it would be better to look in street or casual style, but not in business.

Blouses, shirts and tops in a bright palette and with democratic prints will help to add freshness and femininity, which will dilute the strict office suit for the lady in the season 2018-2019.

Inspiring examples of office looks with trouser suits 2018-2019 in a business decision for modern business women are shown below, after viewing which you can repeat these sets already in your performance.

Elegant evening trouser suit 2018-2019 year for women

Allocates, among other things, evening trouser suit 2018-2019, among all other models of the season - luxurious materials, of which evening dresses for women are made.

This is, of course, the top-of-the-season metallic fabrics, jacquard, velvet, silk, satin and can not do without sequins, which skillfully complement the trendy evening suits of 2018-2019.

Amazing and amazing trouser suits for the evening make a considerable competition to dresses, pressing the latest ones on the evening outlets of many modern ladies.

So, many famous people of this world actively demonstrate the best evening bows with trouser suits for important events: ceremonies, presentations, parties and celebrations.

Why don't you even look out for yourself in excellent evening costumes of beautiful eminent beauties and recreate evening tandems with a trouser suit for an important event in life?

Beautiful evening trouser suits are best suited for corporate parties, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, New Years and any other celebration and celebration in your life.

Stylists recommend to pay attention to such important elements for evening outfit’a with elegant pantsuit like exquisite makeup, hairstyle and, of course, accessories - clutch and sandals or stiletto heels to complement the impeccable look of ladies.

Spectacular red trouser suit 2018-2019 year for memorable bow

Red color looks incredibly impressive: energetic, bold and intriguing - in tandem with restraint and straight lines of silhouette, will allow you to perform a spectacular tandem of color, silhouette and texture.

Exquisite red trouser suits are incredibly popular and relevant among beauties who want to be in the center of attention, attracting rave views.

Thanks to the spectacular look with a red pantsuit, your accessories, jewelry, hair and makeup should be flawless, gracefully completing the look.

Many of the models of red trouser suits are made without unnecessary decorative elements. Straight lines, a minimum of decor, stylish accessories will allow you to perform sophisticated and attractive sets.

The best addition to a red trouser suit will be tops, blouses or shirts in white, as well as flesh-colored, which look harmoniously in such a tandem.

Stunning cropped trouser suits 2018-2019 year

The shortened version of the 7/8 trousers was demonstrated by the couturier not only in a separate performance of the trousers themselves, but also in the solution with trouser suits for women of the 2018-2019 season.

Trendy women's suits with 7/8 trousers look stylish and original. And the pants themselves can be, as in a flared style, straight and wide, which will allow you to look charming and amazing in any of the solutions.

Exquisite trouser suits with a short version of the trousers open the lower part of the female legs, demanding to pay special attention to the shoes, which should be perfect, preferably on a stiletto, and it is best to complement the image.

It is also worth noting that the individual fashionable suits with short trousers are made with jackets in an original style with decor, inserts, drapery and embroidery, which looks very interesting and elegant.

The most beautiful trouser suits 2018-2019 for women: the best bows with trouser suits in different styles - photo

We invite you to review the latest trends and trends in women's trouser suits for the season 2018-2019: new trouser suits, the best models of trouser suits in current shades of the season.

You can look at the trendy look'i of girls in trouser suits and find delightful and inspiring images for your own image ...

Relevance trouser suits

Today, women's trouser suits are called the basis of the basic wardrobe of every woman of fashion, to which he owes his uniqueness. Costumes can be easily combined with other things, creating an image that suits any occasion.

Modern stylish models are devoid of the former rigor, which designers diluted with new forms and fashionable shades. Therefore, now it is not difficult for girls to choose a model that will fit both in body shape and in color.

Many say that wearing a pantsuit, they feel more confident and mysterious. And men in this way are attracted by something forbidden. Therefore, a girl in a stylish trouser suit will not be ignored.

Images on the catwalks and a selection of celebrities

Among the variety of women's trouser suits on the catwalks you can see models from denim, in sports, linen, retro and safari style, as in the photo.

Single breasted jacket

A distinctive feature of a single-breasted jacket is one row of buttons. Usually they are from 1 to 3 pieces. Such models are more rigorous and classic.

The choice of the length of such a jacket depends on personal preferences. But the cut is better to choose based on the features of the figure. For girls of sports looks fit, both free and slim models. Trouser suits for obese women should have a straight cut jacket.

Double breasted jacket

Unlike single-breasted models, double-breasted jacket has two rows of buttons. Also double-ups have slots - these are small cuts located on the back or on the sides.

Long models of a jacket are more often chosen by women who need to hide imperfect hips. However, such trouser suits for obese women make the figure visually shorter, therefore they are not suitable for girls of short stature. Short jackets on the contrary make the legs longer.

A stylish provocation, many people call the jacket-tuxedo, which will be an excellent choice for evening bows. You can wear it like a gala dinner, a theater, or even a wedding instead of a wedding dress.

His dignity is called the fact that a tuxedo suits absolutely all women, regardless of height, age and build.

Summer trouser suits often have a vest instead of a jacket.

Business or classic

A distinctive feature of the business version of the suit is the restraint and severity of cut. However, this does not mean that such a model would be boring or even old-fashioned. Fashionable today is considered a suit with straight cut trousers. In some models the style of trousers is used - pipes. With all its modesty, they look quite attractive. Shortened pants are allowed, but not more than 5 cm from the ground.

To a wedding or celebration

Today, brides are increasingly choosing a pantsuit for a wedding. The style is different, the main thing is that it should be chosen according to the figure. Ideally, if it is snow-white or milky color, which will make it as festive as possible.

Stylish suits with pants will be an alternative to the prom dress. As for the style of the graduation suit, it can be both pipes and flared trousers. The choice depends on the figure of the graduate.

Summer images

Summer trouser suits differ airy fabrics and fun colors. For most models, the sleeve length is ¾, 1/5, or does not have them at all. This will make the top visually airy and easier. In the warmer months, the shortened pants will be the best option. Elegantly look models with basky, decorating a jacket.

What to wear

When choosing a pantsuit the question may arise: what is it to wear? Today, strict shirts have already lost their relevance, so stylists recommend using something elegant, and sometimes even frank.

Classic variants of the jacket can be complemented by a top in the linen style. In this case, a harmonious balance of relaxation and restraint is created. Similarly, a blouse with a deep neckline and a blouse made of translucent fabric will look like in the photo.

Today, the combination is incompatible with the trend, so the costume can be easily combined with a t-shirt decorated with a print. Owners of an ideal breast can put a jacket on a naked body.

What to wear a suit for special occasions? In a festive atmosphere, a blouse decorated with a bow or a jabot will be appropriate.

Color options

If the pantsuit is planned to be made basic clothing, then you need to choose simple and discreet shades. Among the universal colors are black, gray, beige. They are easy to combine with other clothes, and they will be appropriate in any situation.

Among the current colors today are red, burgundy, blue, indigo, chocolate and dark turquoise. Such costumes look luxurious and can transform other things. No less demanding light colors - creamy, lavender, salmon or smoky gray.

This universal color is associated with many mystery or mystery. Visually, he removes his master from the rest of the world. But with inept use, black is able to negatively affect the mood and even add a woman a couple of extra years.

This color symbolizes the rest. Since he is able to visually increase the volume, it does not fit girls who want to appear slimmer. In addition, he white suit can focus on fatigue.

Beige brown

Beige will be perfect for creating business bows. It is not striking, it goes well with many shades and looks very elegant. Brown - is able to give a feeling of security and will surround those around them.

Gray is a symbol of success, causes a sense of security and tranquility. Therefore, psychologists recommend gray-colored suits for choosing to conduct serious business negotiations.

Blue blue

All shades of blue are soft and allow you to relax as much as possible, disposing to trustful communication.

Red, burgundy, pink, fuchsia

Red is considered a symbol of energy and movement. He is chosen by active, purposeful and self-confident women.

Not the last role designers took and costumes with a print. Relevant today will be costumes with geometric colors (cell, strip, etc.). Look great models with ethnic motifs. The choice of romantic natures will be a floral print.

Suits in a cage

It is believed that clothes in a cage can visually make wider the part of the body that is worn. Accordingly, trousers in a cage can make the hips more expressive, and a jacket will expand shoulders.

Flower print

Light flower colors will be the choice of romantic and sophisticated natures. This costume can be safely worn for a walk or meeting with friends, complementing them with a plain blouse or top pastel colors.

Choosing shoes and accessories

To always stay stylish, you need to understand what shoes to wear with a pantsuit, and what accessories to choose? Regarding business or classic models, they are chosen by boats, which will make the image elegant and concise. Girls short stature should pay attention to the high hairpin.

Some simple models of suits are allowed to be worn with sports shoes (slip-ons, sneakers or sneakers). What shoes to wear with insulated models? In this case, you should choose ankle boots or ankle boots.

Features and benefits

The main advantage of a trouser suit is its versatility. It is not only perfectly combined with many things, but also suitable for any event.

The best part is that now this part of the wardrobe has only a touch of rigor, which is diluted with fashionable shades and shapes. You can find a product for any occasion that suits you not only by the shape, but also by the color type. This is a very important feature, because the abundance of models is really a big plus.

The costume is able to radically transform the girl, adding to her image of confidence. Many ladies claim that in such a thing they feel sexier and more mysterious. Men really see in this dress something taboo and seductive. Therefore, to conquer men's hearts, the pants set is also useful.

Styles and models

In a business suit must be present severity and restraint. But this does not mean that it should be boring and old-fashioned. Now very popular trousers straight cut or pipes. They look quite modest, but very tasty.

As for the jacket, it should have narrow lapels and a fitted silhouette. The length of the hips will be the most appropriate. Do not forget that the shoulders must be in place, and the length of the sleeves should not cover the brush. As for the pants, they can be slightly shortened, but not more than 5 centimeters from the ground.

Chanel style

The suit in the style of "Chanel" is always elegance and sophistication. It is distinguished from other models more loose material, the decor of the pockets on the sides of the jacket and its edges. Ворот бывает разным, но чаще всего представляет собой небольшую стойку. В классической интерпретации рукава верха имеют длину ¾, но сейчас можно увидеть и удлиненные варианты.

Брюки должны быть немного укороченными и непременно прямыми. Приветствуется повтор деталей на пиджаке. By the way, the classic suit "Chanel" has a color consisting of several approximate shades.

Incredibly popular became sets with a vest. Ideally, the top should be straight cut and have a length to mid-thigh. His brevity and not very wide lapels will incredibly decorate any girl. As for the pants, they can be slightly narrowed and certainly shortened. Stylish look with a lapel.

Also the vest is present in the business version, but in a completely different interpretation. Such a suit has the name "troika", because it consists of three main parts. The vest in this case fits the body and has a rather short length. Jacket and trousers must comply with the rules of business style.

The perfect wedding suit should be white or milky. Color instantly make this thing more festive. The style itself does not have any uniform rules. The main thing is that all the details are clearly on the figure.

Flared trousers look especially elegant and elegant this season. They make the image more relaxed and feminine. For women of age more suitable pants straight cut, but slightly shortened.

A jacket of medium length must have a fitted cut and small lapels. Unnecessary details will interfere, so you can add only a small modest brooch in the chest.

For mother of the bride

It is important that the color of her costume does not blend in with the shade of her daughter’s attire. It is better to choose something neutral and calm. In the product itself should not be anything extravagant and bold. The fitted jacket and straight cut trousers will make the image modest and sophisticated. You can add the image of a contrasting blouse, but not flashy shade.

It is important that the outfit fits perfectly on your figure. Most of all pay attention to the correct fit of the shoulders.

You can add some decorations and accessories to make the look more interesting.


The classic suit is always made of thick fabric, and also boasts discreet colors. Pants have a straight cut to the knees, and below they expand a little. Slightly fitted jacket cut is complemented by wide lapels and horizontal pockets on both sides. Often, it fastens with several buttons.

In the classic version, the bottom has clearly ironed arrows, and its length reaches the toe. Strict outfit can always be diluted with an unusual shirt or some accessories.

To graduation party

Perhaps this is a great alternative to the dress, because the pantsuit can look elegant. Graduation is an evening event, so the whole image should correspond to the time. It will be very cool to look bright makeup in combination with a colorful set. Pay attention to the most trendy colors of this season.

If we talk about styles, then trousers-pipes and flared pants will look equally good. Jacket may be slightly elongated and slightly fitted. Contrast shirt and modest accessories are welcome. Do not forget the heels that will certainly add femininity to this bow.

The summer suit differs from others in its light fabrics and refreshing colors. The jacket often has sleeves with a length of 1/5 or ¾. So the top looks somewhat airy. Shorter trousers of the narrowed cut that will be great to combine with shoes with heels are welcome.

A more elegant summer suit will make the Basque. She always adds a unique elegance to the image.

With an extended jacket

An extended jacket is one of the most fashionable trends to date. He is able to adjust the shape and make the image incredibly stylish. Remember that the top of the straight cut looks the most effective. Fitted options well emphasize the waist, but deprive the set of some zest.

With riding will be perfectly combined trousers straight cut or pipes. And the jacket itself may not have a gate at all or be supplemented with narrow lapels. In this case, minimalism is appreciated.

In pajama style

Pajama style has added not only combination dresses, but also stylish costumes to our lives. Ideally, it should resemble pajamas, not only in style, but also in the material.

In the classic version of the jacket has a free cut, slightly deflated shoulders and a small turn-down gate with a cutout. Also, the top is necessarily fastened with buttons, and still boasts horizontal pockets and is slightly lower than the hips.

With this jacket will be great to combine a little wide trousers, tapering to the bottom. In order not to make the image too relaxed, you can accent the waist with a belt. Do not forget about a neat haircut, heels and stylish accessories.

Colors and prints

If you want to buy a suit to add it to the basic wardrobe, then use the most simple colors. The universal shades include black, white, gray and beige. They will make friends with many things and save you in any situation.

As for the most fashionable and sought-after colors, they are extremely numerous. Now deep, but slightly muffled tones are most appreciated. Among them are burgundy, bitter chocolate, rich blue, red, indigo and dark turquoise. They look incredibly luxurious and seductive. They really have the gift of transforming other things.

Not less popular are many light colors. The leaders among them are smoky brown, lavender gray and creamy shades. Fantastically feminine costume will make exclusive salmon colors.

It should be said that prints are not the last in the fashion arena. Now ethnic patterns and geometry are highly valued. Cell and strip are welcome in any interpretation. Flower drawing is considered more gentle and romantic.


Knitwear perfectly adapts to any shape and is considered one of the most elastic materials. For a suit, you must use a tight jersey, which will be better to keep shape. However, it will be the best to complement tight-fitting styles. Remember that sometimes this canvas looks cheap, so for special events it is worth choosing something else.

First of all, this is definitely an everyday option. For the suit should be used rare and dense yarn. Spit or other various patterns are welcome. A jacket of such material will look stupid, so closed blouses are most common. It is worth saying that this is a fairly simple suit that will look best in dark colors.

This incredibly refined and delicate material will complement the set in a pajama style. Silk can boast not only its flawless appearance, but also excellent properties. It does not cause allergies, breathes and dries quickly. For summer, this is an excellent option, because in such a suit it will be very easy, and most importantly, it is not hot.

Another unusual type of fabric has returned to the fashion scene. Velvet looks crazy status and rich. The soft and gentle cloth will look great in evening dress. It is dense enough, so for a hot summer will not work. A big disadvantage of velvet is that it instantly collects all the dust on itself.

This material is considered one of the most enjoyable for sewing summer suit. First of all, it breathes and helps to endure high temperatures. It is easy and really very convenient. In the linen set you can go to work or walk. In any case, it will look appropriate and very stylish. And he keeps his shape well and looks perfect in any color.

This fabric is rather dense and warm, therefore suits for cold seasons are removed from it. Tweed is a heat resistant material that can save from rain. He looks rather restrained, but rich. Perfect for the style in the style of "Chanel". This kit will serve you for many years, because this canvas is considered to be very strong and durable.

For full

Full girls need to forget about too fitting options. Best of all, if the pants and jacket are straight cut. Clear lines do not delay attention to any flaws, because they bypass them. The top will perfectly hide the belly and sides, and the long sleeves will hide the imperfect triceps.

Try to focus on the chest if it is large. To do this, choose a blouse and a jacket with a good cut. Thus, you will divert attention from the minuses. By the way, the elongated top will help to close the wide buttocks, and the dark color of the suit will additionally adjust the silhouette.

Many thin girls can not get better, and this problem worries them very much. However, they can also take advantage of some secrets, picking up clothes. For example, from the overly narrow hips attention will divert Basque. In addition, it looks very elegant and greatly decorates the image.

As for the style of the costume itself, it should also not be tight-fitting. You can pay attention to flared pants or straight cut. The jacket is also worth choosing a straight, because in this case it will hide the bends.

For low

Low girls need to visually lengthen their legs with shortened pants and heels. Do not forget that the elongated jacket visually makes everything just worse. It is better to dwell on a shortened, fitted model that will create a clear separation of the bottom and top.

Pants can be tight-fitting, straight or the style "pipes". About flared models should be forgotten, as they are more suitable high.

For high

Tall girls need to replace heels with some other feminine shoes. If the costume is quite elegant, then it is better to stop at a very small stiletto.

Flared trousers will help make the legs a little shorter. They do not have to be fully voluminous. Now look great models that fit the buttocks, but expanding below the knees. It will be great to combine with them a slightly elongated jacket or vest, which will make the bottom a little shorter.

What will be fashionable women's business suits 2018-2019

We want to immediately say that women's business suits of the novelty, whatever they are, undoubtedly, contain austerity and brevity, because the business suit can be called a favorable background that helps a woman to declare herself and successfully develop in a particular business sphere.

Women's business suits have stopped doing only in one-color version, offering women new business suits with different top and bottom in color.

Beautiful women's business suits with pants, as before, continue to be a practical and versatile option for all occasions of a woman’s business life, allowing her not only to look perfect, but also to feel the same.

But women's business suits with a skirt - this is not only a practical option. Beautiful business suits for women with a skirt make the fair sex more feminine, more self-confident, while not focusing attention on female sexuality.

Women's business suits with a vest also become fashionable, which becomes simply indispensable when it is already hot in a jacket and in a shirt is still cool.

Also fashionable women's suits with a vest enable a woman to play with images, combining a vest with various shirts, which always helps a woman to be different, a skirt - not necessarily from a native costume, with pants of different styles.

Women's business suits for 2018-2019 are striking variations of cut and relevant fashionable color solutions that can not dislike.

It is clear that conservative women's business suits, which are used by women of certain professions, continue to adhere to the classic color palette of the business dress code, namely gray, brown, black, dark blue, beige.

But women working in organizations where a more loyal dress code will be able to afford women's business suits of turquoise, red, marsala, blue, mustard, light gray and other interesting colors, if, of course, such rich women's business suits are admissible.

Beautiful women's business suits can be complemented with accessories, but this must be done very carefully, so as not to make a business fashionable bow screaming. This is unacceptable in business attire.

Beautiful women's business suits 2018-2019 for the cold seasons

Fashion designers always make women happy with new items. Business suits for women are no exception.

The first persons of the fashion industry have taken care to create fashionable business suits for women from warm fabrics that will warm you well in winter and look perfect on a business woman.

Fashion designers have offered women's business suits made of wool to stylish beauties, which will always be relevant for business clothing.

Business women will be able to try on beautiful women's business suits in a single-color version, cellular business suits and striped women's business suits.

Beautiful women's business suits with wide, straight or tapered trousers will be complemented by a single-breasted or double-breasted thigh length jacket. This business suit will look very stylish and will become a universal kit for a business woman.

Summer women's business suits - the perfect solution for stylish women

Summer women's business suits will be very original and interesting, which will delight women with a large selection of styles and novelties.

Fashionable business suits for women for the summer are women's trouser business suits, business suits with a skirt and vest, beautiful business suits with a classic sheath dress and a light jacket.

There is no doubt that women's business suits are not compatible with the concept of "boring." Thanks to beautiful cut options, color summer palette and perfect fabrics, every woman will find her flawless women's business suits that will allow her to feel very good, look unmatched, setting the rhythm of determination and pressure in her development.

Women's business suits 2018-2019: cut features

Women's business suits most often consist of a jacket, which can be combined with a skirt, trousers, dress.

It is a jacket or jacket that draws the first attention to itself when a woman in a business suit appears, therefore you need to approach his choice with particular responsibility.

Today, the most popular are women's business suits with a jacket or jacket, which presents a classic collar for a business suit.

Fashionable in 2018-2019 year will be women's business suits with a jacket without a collar, a neckline instead of a collar, an unfolding collar, a stand collar.

Not long ago there were women's business suits with a short jacket. Now models in the extended version, up to a hip will be more actual. So the figure of a woman looks proportionate.

As always, women's business suits are drawn to minimalism in the decor, nevertheless, neat buttons, zippers and zippers will be present in stylish business images from 2018-2019.

Women's business suits do not change the pencil skirt and straight skirt. But it cannot be said that women's business suits with a straight, trapezoid-shaped skirt and draped to and below the knee will not adorn the silhouettes of business women this season. Will be. And how!

Beautiful business suits with wide trousers, shortened and tapered trousers have not lost their popularity, and will continue to delight women along with the straight cut of the trousers.

Without a doubt, women's business suits 2018-2019 in a new fashionable presentation are exactly what modern business women choose.

We have compiled a very beautiful photo collection on the theme “Fashionable women's business suits”, where they presented strict business suits for women, beautiful and feminine business suits, and even women's business suits, which are chosen by stars. We hope you find interesting ideas for creating your business image here.

Fashionable women's suits with shortened pants 2018-2019 year

Among many fashionistas, women's trouser suits with short 7/8 pants, which look stylish and very elegant, have managed to gain popularity. This version of women's trouser suit is perfect in the office, making the image more interesting and slightly flirty.

Also, a women's suit with cropped trousers from 2018-2019 will be a great idea for everyday bow for many of the fair sex.

Cropped trousers in a women's trouser suit can be with or without arrows for the office for every day, which looks equally stylish in different looks.

You can complement a women's suit with shortened 7/8 trousers with pumps and high-heeled sandals, as well as medium-heeled shoes for more comfort in everyday life.

Stylish women's trouser suits in bright colors 2018-2019 year

For stylish girls who want to look spectacular and unusual, designers and stylists offer to select women's trouser suits of bright and original colors - blue, yellow, red, green, etc.

Bright women's trouser suits from 2018-2019 are most suitable for the warm season, beautifully combined with stylish accessories and ornaments, refreshing the appearance of each girl and woman.

Особенные вечерние луки можно создать с яркими женскими костюмами из качественных легких тканей, дополненные стильными лодочками либо босоножками, которые лучше всего подходят для восхитительного и яркого образа.

Модные дома и именитые дизайнеры представили красивые и элегантные женские брючные костюмы для невест в качестве свадебного наряда, что довольно необычно и оригинально.

Элегантные вечерние женские костюмы с брюками 2018-2019 года

Стильные женские брючные костюмы являются красивой основой для лучших выходов в свет на различных мероприятиях и торжествах самого разного рода.

The best example of amazing images with evening trouser suits for women are many celebrities who choose fashionable evening trouser suits for publication.

Fashionable images of girls and many celebrities in beautiful trouser suits can be viewed in our fashionable selection of photos.

You can also look for fashionable trouser suits for 2018-2019, without sleeves, with a basque, shortened or lengthened jacket and many other original styles of suits for women.

History of

With each century, the whole world changed, and with it the fashion. At first, women began to wear short cocktail dresses, and then realized that eating things was much more convenient.

At the beginning of the twentieth century there was a real fashionable coup. It was organized by the world famous Coco Chanel. This kind of woman with a wonderful sense of taste first put on her pants. She did this not to attract attention or surprise the public. Just one day, Coco Chanel realized that it was more comfortable to travel in pants than in a skirt.

Since then, women have realized that no one has the right to force them to wear certain things. If a woman wants to wear pants, she can do it.

In the 20s, many famous women began to wear trouser suits. At that time, a movement called "feminism" began. Women began to fight for their rights in society, and accordingly declared war on all obsolete norms of life. Elizabeth Miller and Amelia Blumer have not once appeared on the covers of feminist magazines in pants.

It is worth saying that, despite all the obvious advantages of trousers, most women were afraid to wear them. Men in every way ridiculed and condemned the feminists, so women were afraid to anger the strong half of humanity.

Ten years have passed, and a new trouser-gowner, Marlene Dietrich, has appeared in society. This amazing actress turned the whole world upside down. Cinema has just appeared and therefore enjoyed wide popularity all over the world. Actors for people became idols, many wanted to be similar to people from screens.

Marlene Dietrich loved to dress as she wanted. She preferred sexy clothes and thought that the costume was very stylish, comfortable and seductive clothing. The conservatives were silenced when they saw the great Marlene in front of them; they all didn’t give a damn about the fact that she was walking in men's trousers, and with a cigarette in her hand. She was and is the standard of beauty, so women, looking at her, stopped being afraid to wear costumes.

As the years went on, the fashion for pantsuits gained rapid momentum. At the beginning of the 60s, André Courgès made a splash. In his collection, he offered women to wear suits with tight pants. Women and men realized that pants can emphasize all the charm of the female body.

From now on, women's trouser suits began to appear in the collections of all fashion designers. They began to use different in texture and color of the fabric, now wearing pants has become fashionable.

Actual models

Despite all the madness and shocking that is happening in the modern world, designers in business suits advise to give preference to the classics.

Chanel and Valentino offer to wear knit suits. Their collections resemble school uniforms, but at the same time they look chic and sexy.

For brave girls, designers offer velvet pants. This is a peculiar fabric and it is better to wear things from it to slender girls. Moreover, there is a perception that velvet clothes give a woman age. But, you choose.

Especially sexy costumes look in the collection of Balmain. Models on the catwalk also demonstrate chic costumes in which the pants fit the legs to the maximum, and the jacket with a large neckline emphasizes the chest.

Some designers offer to wear suits for a couple of sizes larger, thereby introducing some relaxation in the image. But for work in the office it is better to choose the fitted option in order not to become a clown among colleagues.

Do not be afraid to wear trouser suits, decorated with various buttons, sequins, embroidery. It will be especially fashionable in the coming year.

What color to choose?

If you choose a costume for work, it is better to choose pastel colors or classics. White color will be especially fashionable in 2013, but remember that not everyone can afford to wear it. Black suit will never cease to be fashionable, so it is always a win-win thing. Well, the last trend of the seasons is beige color in clothes.

Designers urge not to be afraid to move away from the classics. Choose your pants and jackets in bright colors: red, blue, burgundy. With the right selection of accessories you will look amazing.

In the next season in boutiques you will see unusual costumes, for example, in a cage, a slanting strip or with pictures.

Do not be surprised to see insane elements of decor on the costume, such as huge buttons, chains, and even skulls. The gothic style is especially relevant now, so you can easily shock the people around you.

Despite the fact that the costume can be insanely bright colors, there is one rule that is important to follow - pants and jacket should be made in the same color and style.


Naturally it is better to abandon massive bracelets. Under the jacket with long sleeves, they will look ridiculous. Better decorate your wrist with a good watch.

But you need to decorate the neck. You can wear a string of pearls or a thin chain.

Decoration may differ from the color of the suit, it is only desirable that they are neat.

The most successful jewelry can be a brooch. Just keep in mind that it can attract a lot of attention to itself, so the brooch should be beautiful and, if possible, dear.

Only high-heeled shoes are able to decorate the costume. Especially high-heeled shoes are able to transform any, even the most boring suit.

Women's pantsuit can be worn not only at work, but also for a walk in nature or meeting with friends. This is a great option for presenting an exhibition or museum. So you must have this thing in the wardrobe.