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12 really easy ways to mark a first grader on September 1


  • How to celebrate September 1 in 2018
  • How is the "line" on September 1 in 2018
  • How to spend a city day in 2018
  • - a gift for a child,
  • - school supplies:
  • - a hall in a club, an institution of additional education or a cafe,
  • - balls, ribbons and other design elements.

Bright photo shoot

September 1 is a special day that should remain in memory for many years. This will help the child's photo session with you or his classmates at a professional photographer. After tedious posing in front of the camera, you can arrange a child to snack ice cream in a nearby cafe.

September 1 is an excellent reason to go shopping with your child after a solemn ruler. A machine or a doll, a watch or a fashionable hairpin, a huge designer or an interesting book - on this day, do not save on shopping.

Do it yourself

Modest - does not mean bad. If, due to various reasons, you are not able to please your child by going to a cafe or buying an expensive gift, this is not a reason to spend September 1, ordinary! Decorate the child's room with balloons, prepare a purely symbolic gift, bake an apple charlotte and arrange a family feast. Believe me, this will be enough for the mood.

Amusement park

Visit the nearest park or water park. Usually, on September 1, they hold interactive and entertainment events for schoolchildren with animators and puppets, as well as various competitions with prizes.

What idea of ​​holding September 1, you note, is not so important. The most important thing is to show attention to your child on such an important day for him. The happiness of your child depends only on you!

How to celebrate a first grader on September 1: create a festive atmosphere

The preparation of the celebration should be taken responsibly and seriously. And as a bonus, your child will have vivid memories of his first school day for the rest of his life. Everyone understands that the school year will have a pleasant start.

Do not think that creating a festive atmosphere requires a lot of money or time. Connect your parental fantasy, be creative and set aside an hour or two so that tomorrow your first grader or schoolboy of other classes will have fun and feel awe in his heart from parental attention to his little person.

So, the ideas of creating a festive atmosphere in your home:

  • Decorated children's room or hall balloons will create an extravaganza of feelings and emotions of your student.
  • Let be bouquet of flowers will be not only for the teacher, but also for the child himself. Doesn't he deserve it?
  • Make a photo collage to your baby. Introduce to children’s attention a film about how small he was and how he grew up. This will allow you to tune in to the “adult” note and assess the responsibility for learning. And also the similar gift will become one more confirmation that parents of the child LOVE him very much!
  • Wall newspaper. There may also be a photo of your child with the addition of wishes and all sorts of jokes. As an option, all members of the family and their friends who wish good and success to the student can subscribe to your wall newspaper and set up a true child.
  • And you have already decided what gift you will give? If this idea seems rational to you, then you should solve it in advance. Little kids will love the new board game, kits for creativity, the original designers. Older kids will like innovative gadgets and useful equipment.

A great festive atmosphere will devote a first-grader or older schoolboy to the understanding that there is a lot of interesting things ahead, and most importantly, that relatives and relatives will always be near and just to love, to love, to love ....

Where to celebrate September 1

There are many options for celebrating the Day of Knowledge. And each family will choose for themselves the most relevant, which will ideally fit into their traditions, plans and routines of life. We also offer you to choose from the options presented the one that is ideal for you and you will want to implement it for your small Pochemuchka:

  • City events. Surely on this day contests and quizzes are organized in the town square, in which the student and his parents can take part. It will be fun, interesting and entertaining. And most importantly - at the end of the evening, usually the organizers of such events award participants with prizes.
  • Hanging out with the class. For first graders, this is a great way to get to know your neighbors on the desk and build relationships with them. Parents will also be useful to learn moms and dads friends of their children. It is necessary to agree in advance, for example, on a roll call at school, about where the joint meeting of children will take place.

Do not forget to act in the interests of the kids themselves. Let it be an entertainment center, a cafe with guest animators or a park. Or maybe the meeting will take place on the playground? In this case, it is important to monitor the mood of the child so that he does not become overworked in the general noise. This idea is suitable for older children, because they could miss each other during the holidays and they have accumulated a lot of topics for conversation. Let better conversations take place in a relaxed atmosphere than in the classroom.

  • Active pastime. The most vivid memories of the child in his memory will remain the events that took place under the auspices of: "Fun and together." Perhaps all family members will want to go rollerblading or go to the forest for a family picnic, play badminton, arrange a quest around the park with the search for a real treasure.

You can also try yourself at the climbing gym, children's karting, fly in the aerotube or use other, childish, extreme forms of recreation in life. And did you try all the rides in the park? Or maybe there are parks in your city in which you have never been? It's time to show your child the unexplored side of the world and charge it with the energy of positive emotions. And after such an active start, the child’s success in school will definitely go up!

  • PHOTOSESSION. You can give a certificate to your child and he can use it at his own discretion. Perhaps your princess will pose for the camera in various roles with a lot of disguise and images. Well, whether it will be an individual, family photo or work with children - it is up to who gets this gift certificate for September 1.
  • Shopping. You can spend the day with the child after the first school line in a special way, going shopping in stores. Start with clothes, if necessary, and finish with toys or cute things.
  • Nice atmosphere in the cafe. Separate idea or finish of any of the above options is another way to show your child that this day is special for your family. Give the child to choose from the menu those dishes that he liked. Sweets like all children, besides glucose accelerates thought processes. So, today's menu will benefit not only mental development, but also the rallying of your family.
  • Circus, Dolphinarium, Museum. You can find your schoolboy such places in which he has not yet been, but really wanted to, or likes to be there. There is a lot of options and everyone can have it. Let the little one enjoy the animals in a touching zoo or try together such a long-awaited room of fear. And, maybe, in the poster of the cinema your schoolboy peeks at the funny cartoon ?!
  • Houses. Do you have organizational skills and know that you can surprise your child by yourself? This will be the best solution for all households. The presented option is time consuming, because you have to prepare. Bake a birthday cake, invite guests, or sit in a friendly but small company. The main thing is to focus on your schoolchild.

Maybe the child will wish to invite friends to him - do not hinder this. Pick up board games, think up entertainments, games, contests, quizzes, and at the end of the holiday, turn on dance music and have fun with the children's team.

And in kindergarten they remember you! Do you have good and warm relationships with your teachers during the years of your preschool? Do not forget to also congratulate and visit them. These people have given your child and you a lot of their time and warmth. They deserve the attention of you. And doing good to others is the best joint pastime that will stay in your heart for a long time.

Well, that's great! Your child goes to the first class and you want to give him a presentation that is ahead of him a special world, many bright events and amazing acquaintances. And let the children grow up so quickly. But, at times, you can stop the moments by taking a photo of a camera with happy children's faces, close friends and family members. Give joy to others, and your child will grow in an atmosphere of celebration and goodness!

Do not forget to subscribe to site updates, share your favorite ideas on your pages, because there are so many interesting things ahead for you! See you again!

Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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August 9, 2018 | 23:52

Wow, how many tips) thanks) be sure to use)

August 10, 2018 | 12:10

Thank you, I hope that they really come in handy)

We decorate the room

I can also advise you to make not only themed flags, but also a wrapper for chocolates and a small box for sweets (layouts are free). It looks like this:

I recommend to see these articles:

How to decorate a room with balloons (20 ideas in pictures) - a little more about the most affordable way to transform an apartment. Sometimes we make a big and elegant figure (or a letter and a number - 6 "A") - these are ideas in pictures about letters and numbers from different materials.

Make a gift first grader yourself!

When I was 7 years old, my parents brought a traditional bag for a first grader from the GDR, which in the united Germany is presented to children to this day. Fill the bag with a mixture of candy and small toys. Watch my master class! The size of the gift is half the height of a first grader :-).

By the way, very soon they will be asked to bring autumn crafts to school :-), so save this article in a bookmark: “40 ideas: crafts from autumn leaves.”

We invite your closest friends!

I arrange a children's holiday on September 1 for several years in a row. This is an incredibly emotional event! I collect the best friends of my daughter right after school celebrations. Coping with overexcited laughter is not easy, but you can :-).

Here is one of my home holiday scenarios by September 1: “Country Limonia is a meeting of the heads of magical states.” Suitable for children 7-10 years. For first-graders fit "20 games with a simple props from the chest animator." A lot and very interesting!

I advise you to look at the collection of contests collected in these articles: Contests for children "by age" and "about" (more than 100).
Separately, I recorded 15 competitions with balloons

If you plan to celebrate "Day of Knowledge" on the street (just in the courtyard or in nature), see the script "The Cave of Three Parrots" with killer competitions.

Another suitable format (the most benign for parents :-)) is the “Children's Party in a Cafe" with some kind of culinary master class.

We treat!

Yes, and for such a case I have ideas!

If you are not going to arrange a classic feast, organize a buffet table. First, look at my collection: "Decorating children's dishes: ideas in pictures."

If you nevertheless decided to celebrate September 1 more grandly, take a look at this Collection of children's recipes.


It can be a masterpiece to order or the most common but with the right candles. What is the number? What class are you going to? Here are our girls gathered in the 6th! Candles I slipped them with a secret (they can not blow out, light up again and again). How funny they were ... 🙂

Candles are sold in stores for the holiday, and are called - magic.

Irina Panasyan

Indeed, on September 1, it should be noted so that the child is not upset, having learned that "this mess is for 10 years." You have a lot of useful tips. Thank. Good luck.

If you are lucky and get a good and skillful organizer, then the holiday will be successful and fun 🙂 Thank you for the fun video. She laughed heartily 🙂

A wonderful parody of the Soviet years, thank you very much, laughed heartily. September 1 should definitely arrange a holiday baby, you have a lot of ideas.

It is necessary to celebrate. Children have to arrange holidays necessarily. And indeed, it is not a sin to use the services of professionals.

Very nice article and beautifully designed.

Dear adult companion, I, on behalf of technical ... :-) 🙂 ой oh, I can not) Excellent video, great article

I agree September 1 is a cool holiday. Then remembered for life

And every time I feel sorry for the children. Well, is this a modern school holiday?

If the school is lucky, then the holiday! 🙂

You have a lot of ideas and ideas about how to celebrate September 1, everything is just wonderful, parents have a difficult task to choose from the proposed diversity, you need to help your newly-made schoolchildren to help, because this is a holiday for them! And to me, as a representative of those who were “made in the USSR”, it was a lot of fun to watch the video, it was time for school 😉

A parody of the chef's speech from the factory - just super! Surprisingly, modern sponsors also manage to perform in front of first-graders who are “all-in-sep-eight-seven-seven,” in a similar way. Horror.

Beautiful, and professionally, you can really find a lot!

The bell rings

The solemn ruler and the first lesson in the classroom behind. Parents can relax, and children enjoy the holiday to the fullest. But in order for this to be possible, it is necessary to think out a plan of action in advance.

You need to start a few days before the important date, because the right attitude - the key to a pleasant day.

Creating a festive atmosphere

How to start? In fact, everything is very simple:

First of all, parents should forget about fears and discontent. Yes, you may have to spend a lot of money to provide the child with all the necessary educational materials, but you should not even mention this with a child. Prepare him for the fact that another interesting year begins, during which he will be able to gain a lot of new knowledge and impressions.

To create a festive atmosphere, give your child the freedom to choose in the process of buying school supplies, and then decorate the house together. The most affordable option - balls, beautiful autumn sheets, wall newspaper and photo collage.

On the wall newspaper, you can display the expectations of the children from the upcoming school year, “spiced up” all this with short poems of your own composition.

In a photo collage it would be appropriate to use photos from previous solemn rulers or to collect the brightest moments of a child’s life from birth to the present time, if this is a first-grader.

Go for a walk

Immediately it should be said that you should have two options for celebrating September 1, in case the weather let you down.

So, if your plans do not violate the weather conditions, then you can please the child with a hike:

  • To the picnic. This is a real expanse for children. In addition to jointly prepared goodies and songs around the campfire, you can easily hold family competitions, interesting contests and complete the holiday with bright fireworks.
  • In the amusement park. Such entertainment will be interesting not only for younger children, even teenagers often are not averse to having fun in such a place. A significant plus also lies in the fact that while the child enjoys playing games, parents can get distracted by a coffee break.
  • Walk on the water. Have you ever had a picnic on the water? Then Knowledge Day is the time for that. Firstly, you can fully enjoy the warm autumn day, and secondly, these are truly unforgettable impressions.
  • Horseback riding. Communicating with animals is one of the best ways to get rid of stress. The beginning of the school year for schoolchildren is always a little exciting, so unhurried walks on beautiful, stately horses will be able to perfectly defuse the atmosphere.

But if the solemn line had to be held under umbrellas, you should not despair. There are plenty of options to celebrate this day:

  • Cinema. Popcorn, an interesting film or cartoon, and a long time to discuss impressions. This will certainly appeal to the child.
  • Dolphinarium. If the child has never sailed with dolphins, give him that opportunity. No weather will prevent you from getting a hurricane of positive emotions.
  • Holiday at home. Who said that celebrating the beginning of the school year at home is boring? Favorite delicacies will surely cheer up, and interesting quizzes will awaken the spirit of rivalry. Another interesting idea is a video interview. Сделайте традицией ежегодно записывать такое видео, где вы будете задавать одни и те же вопросы. К примеру, кем хочет стать ребенок, что больше всего нравится в школе, несколько слов о друзьях и т.д.

Стоит отметить, что такие развлечения обычно подходят для учеников младших и средних классов. Do not be offended if a teenager after the line asks you for a little money for personal expenses and goes for a walk with friends.

Nice presents

September 1 is a holiday, and it is worth celebrating. Gifts, of course, are an integral part. First, let's remember the teachers. A good class teacher is a sin not to present a pleasant gift. But this does not mean that you have to fork out for expensive equipment or precious jewelry. Excellent options for this case are:

  • Candy stand,
  • original diary (for example, personal handmade work),
  • a cup with pleasant wishes from the students,
  • Souvenir tea or coffee sets.

Now let's see what you can give a student. First of all, you should pay attention to whether the present will be useful. Of course, it is great if the theme of the holiday will continue in this case. But if you know that some other option will be more useful - then why not:

  • High school students will certainly appreciate the new computer desk or some modern gadgets and devices (tablet, e-book, fitness bracelet).
  • For first-graders and elementary school students, childhood does not end, so you can safely please them with board games or kits for creativity. And for parents who are ready to share with the baby responsibility for our smaller brothers, we recommend that you present your pet as a presentation.
  • An unusual alarm clock - jumping, glowing, with a special glass surface, on which you can leave wishes daily, will be a funny gift for children of any age.

Pleasant impressions with which the new academic year begins - this is the engine that will help to get knowledge with pleasure. Do not be lazy to make a holiday, it's so easy.