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How to make money on your hobby


Many are pleased with the situation in which the hobby brings income. It helps to combine business with pleasure - to do what they love and earn money. Moreover, some hobbies contribute to the complete abandonment of the main place of employment. But what to do? A similar question is increasingly visiting women, especially during the decree. In men, too, income-generating hobbies are beginning to be popular. Next will be discussed about the most interesting and common methods of earning on hobby.

What is interesting to man

The list of income-generating hobbies is not really limited. The thing is that today you can earn anything. The main thing is to find a hobby that a person really likes.

When determining how to earn a hobby it is recommended to consider not only desires, but also skills. If a person likes to cook, but he does not know how to do it, you can forget about making money.


A hobby that generates income for women is not so difficult to find and customize. For example, many during the decree master handicrafts. Let's say they start making a variety of accessories and toys.

All this is successfully sold. Handmade (handmade items) are in great demand. You can produce goods in your free time.

What is best for sale? Here are the ideas for hand-made:

  • embroidery of paintings
  • making toys
  • weaving accessories and jewelry,
  • creation of elements of decor for the home.

What hobby brings income? Needlework really helps to earn money. Only in this area will a person have a huge competition. We'll have to try to unleash yourself.

If the hobby brings income, you can do your favorite things and get paid for it. Increasingly, such methods of earning interest parents on maternity leave.

Many in this difficult period master new recipes. In particular, baking and making mastic ornaments.

If a person cooks well, he can:

  • sell home-made dishes
  • offer confectionery to order,
  • make cakes and decorations for baking.

The latter option is in great demand. Unfortunately, if you consider cooking as a hobby, you will have to be patient. First, a person needs to explore the target audience and its interests / needs. Secondly, to cope with high competition and promote their own production.


Interesting income-generating hobbies are replenished every day. And almost every person can earn, not looking up from hobbies.

Today, many girls master scrapbooking. This is a kind of needlework, consisting in the design of personal or family photo albums. At the moment, you can make unique and original notebooks.

Success is waiting for someone who really gets unforgettable work. Looking for customers is best among future parents or people who need gifts for the holidays.


Another income-generating home hobby is blogging. This lesson can take a few minutes a day, or a couple of hours.

You can earn on a blog:

  1. By placing contextual advertising on your site. You can set the blog banners.
  2. Participating in a variety of affiliate programs. Usually it is required to place in the blog an affiliate link, for the transition on which or for the purchase of goods on which the blogger is paid a commission.
  3. Offering readers paid content. For example, some useful and interesting articles for money.

The main problem of such earnings becomes the attraction and retention of readers. For this, it is necessary not only to think over and publish posts every day, but also to have a good imagination. A boring person who does not update the blog in time will not achieve any success in this area.

Games to help

Is there any hobby that brings income for men? Yes, a lot of them. The main thing is to show interest in a particular area.

Many men (and even some girls) love to play games. In particular, in online-toys. There are a lot of them - from completely free to resources with a paid subscription.

It's hard to believe, but gaming can easily be turned into a profitable business. Here are the ideas that will help to cope with the task:

  1. Participation in beta tests of various online games.
  2. Bleeding game characters for money or resale of finished spells. This is a very risky business. It is often prohibited by the administration of the games.
  3. Promotion of own channel on "YouTube". Here you can receive income from advertising and traffic. The more people watching the channel, the higher the profit.
  4. Participation in competitions in cyber sports. There are both regional tournaments with a small reward, as well as major world competitions in the world. For them, you can get good money.

These are the most common methods of making money on gamers. Sometimes you can combine gaming skills with the rest of the hobby, bringing a good income. Then, as a rule, it turns out to earn much more.

What else to do at home to earn money from hobbies? Ideas, as already mentioned, more than enough. Everyone is able to choose a lesson for themselves. The main thing is to really understand the chosen field.

Some people like to learn languages. This can be used for part-time work. A person who knows a foreign language is capable of:

  • work as a tutor (including on Skype),
  • get a job as a teacher (even at home),
  • translate texts
  • translate a variety of games.

As practice shows, for success in this area a person has to know a foreign language really well. Primary skills are not enough to promote your own name. Customers will quickly leave inexperienced linguists.


If the hobby brings income, the person will be even better to try to do his job efficiently. At the moment, you can earn income from almost everything - starting with the babysitting service and ending with e-sports. This is normal. The main thing is to find yourself and do what you love.

Linguists and students often work on proofreading. This lesson is great for philologists or just literate people.

Most often, editors help to correct texts for freelancers or edit various websites. Finding customers is not difficult.

Some editors point out that over time, the hobby begins to strain. Usually payment for correctional services consists of the volume of work performed. On average, for 1000 characters without spaces, they pay 8-10 rubles. In this case, it is necessary to adapt each time to the client's TZ

Computers and everything related to them

Interesting hobbies, income-generating person, are increasingly associated with either needlework or computers. PC lovers and laptops always have something to do.

Computer geniuses can:

  • create custom sites,
  • repair computers and their components,
  • assemble a PC for order
  • reinstall and customize operating systems
  • carry out PC recovery and virus cleanup,
  • assist in the installation of protection against viruses and spyware,
  • teach computer skills.

System administration, web design, programming - all this is not only work, but also people's hobbies. With certain skills, they help to extract high profits, almost without leaving home. True, every day the competition in the mentioned area is growing.

The photo

An income-generating hobby for women can be discovered quite unexpectedly. Photographers and photography enthusiasts can quickly make money.

To do this, you can:

  • to offer photography and video filming services,
  • engage in image processing and correction.

The competition in the field of photo and video is huge. Customers have to find and hold in all ways. In addition, photography is a traveling hobby, and image correction takes a lot of energy and requires concentration. Moms on maternity leave without help with a child to photograph and edit images will be extremely difficult, sometimes impossible.

Master for an hour

What hobby brings income? Definitely answer will not work. Everyone decides how to earn money by doing his favorite thing.

Men can provide help around the house and at home. For example, to repair and manufacture furniture and equipment, to carry out repair work. In society, this work is called "husband for an hour."

Someone is repairing plumbing, and someone manages to make furniture and repair appliances. The services of movers, maintenance workers and even just a house mate are very popular. Unfortunately, at first, such a passion will not bring high income. In addition, it has a traveling nature. At home to work in this way is unlikely to succeed.

Internet surfing

Chosen hobby brings income? If not, you can almost always make a profit from the chosen hobby.

For example, many people like to browse websites and search for information on the Web. This is a hobby that women often do. It is called Internet surfing.

Among non-standard women's hobbies and income-generating hobbies, they often distinguish browsing sites for money. Profit will be small, but people will be able to get acquainted with the mass of a variety of services.

Usually earnings on Internet surfing is carried out using special exchanges - Wmmail, VipIP, SEOSprint and others. Registration on the portals is free. After a couple of minutes after its completion, you can start work.

Important: some work on entering captcha. This is a rare passion that helps not only earn, but also improve typing skills.


What is a hobby to come up with to generate income? Another interesting option is the development of writing skills.

A person can work as a freelancer (in particular, a copywriter), edit texts, create unique text content, describe products, films and services. Some earn on filling their own sites.

A longer and not always profitable occupation is writing your own book. Novice writers usually do samizdat. First you have to invest in books, and only then collect the fruits of the work done.

Important: Writing skills with other knowledge (for example, with gamers) allow you to quickly make a profit. Let's say from written instructions, secrets and guides.

Soap making

Is there any other interesting income-generating hobby for women? As already mentioned, handmade items are highly valued by modern society. And this can be used!

Increasingly, girls (and even some men) are engaged in soap making. Handmade soap - a great way to profit and self-development.

You can make not only soap, but also various bath accessories - bath foam, “bombs” and so on. The cost of goods received is low and payback is high.

Important: the competition in the field of soap making is growing every day.

That's not all. Consider the last interesting idea for earnings. This is about the passion for drawing.

It is difficult for artists to find work, but this is possible, especially on freelancing terms. Usually people who can draw:

  • sell or create custom comics,
  • publish personal comics and sketches on their own sites / blogs,
  • draw pictures and projects under the order,
  • work as teachers for hire.

Some suggest creating portraits and cartoons. As in most cases, in the artistic sphere the competition is high. But if you do not strive for earnings, and use your skills for fun, you can very quickly succeed.

Instead of conclusion

Your attention was offered a list of income-generating hobbies. Based on the foregoing, it follows that the profit can be obtained from almost any occupation.

This is not a complete list of hobbies with the possibility of earning. Active users of the Network are engaged in the promotion of profiles and groups, the administration of public tables and even the performance of paid tasks. Usually the range of hobbies is unlimited. The main thing is to show imagination and not to leave the chosen business halfway.

Earnings on blogging

Of course, no one will directly pay for your pleasure. But if over time your knowledge accumulates, why not offer it to other, less experienced people?

Thus, you, being an expert in your field, will be able to share your experience with like-minded people. To do this, you can create your own blog. In it you can talk about your hobby, share all the secrets, as well as impressions. Over time, people interested in your hobbies will start coming to you from search engines. If they like the information, they will visit your page regularly, as well as advise it to their friends.

When your blog is sufficiently visited, it will begin to make a profit. For this, it is necessary to create a specific product based on your interests. Then it can be offered to its visitors. They will start buying your product in order to meet their needs and learn more about the topic that your blog is about.

You can write a book in electronic form, record a video course, organize a seminar via the Internet, conduct individual consultations via Skype on the topic of your hobby.

Where to begin?

First, decide on the idea of ​​what you would like to do. For example, you cook deliciously, knit or sew beautifully, or maybe you are well versed in technology. It is important that the product of your creativity is unique, high-quality and interesting to others.

Once you have decided on a hobby, look for potential customers. Advertise yourself, tell your friends and acquaintances about your hobby, show them work. Do not be shy, ask them to tell others about you. This is the most effective way. Place an ad in a newspaper or on the Internet. You can create your website - it's even better. In it, you can upload photos of their work.

Take your business seriously, do everything neatly and efficiently. For example, if you know how to knit scarves and hats - do not touch knitting socks or mittens. First, study the process of making these things, make sure the quality of the yarn. Tie something for your friends. Think over your zest. And only then, when you become well-versed in your business, you can take on the organization of the business.

Do not forget to think about the delivery of goods to consumers. When you have customers from other cities and countries, you will have to think of a delivery method and payment method. You can also think of various promotions and discounts for regular customers.

Earnings from Marina's hobby

Two months ago, Marina Vyrubova worked as a senior consultant in a small metropolitan consulting firm. At the end of December, she was fired without severance pay, and she was left without money, but with two children and a large loan. It was not possible to find a new place quickly, the next payment date was coming up, we urgently needed cash. Then Marina baked a beautiful cream cake and took it to the nearest office. Cake bought for 400 rubles. On its preparation took an hour and a half and a maximum of 100 rubles.

The former senior consultant has been baking sweets and meat patties for several weeks, frying meatballs and selling it all in offices. Vyrubova already has regular customers, someone even makes special holiday orders. Now managers want to save money, Marina herself is confident, so many have abandoned the habit of dining in a cafe or restaurant and are quite happy with her cheap cooking. Five cutlets - 50 rubles, ten pies - 100, cakes - from 400. Average daily earnings - about 1000 rubles. Cooking is like a hobby at Marina. For many years she prepared food for her family and friends and never could have imagined what she would earn for a living.

“Attempts to make money on a hobby are a distinctive feature of crisis time,” says Sergey Smirnov, director of the Institute for Social Policy at the Higher School of Economics. “People usually do not even suspect for years that a favorite thing can bring money.” Sociologists confirm: many have begun to change their field of activity. According to the latest research portal superjob.ru, 87% are ready to radically change their profession. Most of them want to do something "creative" and, as a rule, associated with a hobby. 6% of respondents already take courses based on their hobbies.

Earnings from hobby Lyudmila

Lyudmila Shakhova is 30 years old, she is a designer in a construction company. Since childhood, fond of photography - with the camera never parted. Even wanted to become a professional photographer, but then changed her mind. I decided that a lot of money will not bring this occupation. Now Shakhova realized that she was wrong. The financial crisis hit the construction market hard, her company was on the verge of bankruptcy. Salary began to delay.

Shakhova was thinking of quitting, but it was scary to quit the job altogether. И тут она вспомнила о своем хобби, залезла в интернет и разместила самые интересные снимки в фотобанке - на сайте, торгующем фотографиями. За три месяца Людмила заработала 10 000 рублей, не прилагая вообще никаких усилий. «Думаю, вполне реально получать и 10 000 рублей в месяц, а это уже хорошая добавка к зарплате», - говорит она. Сейчас в сети выложено 140 ее картинок, и Шахова постепенно увеличивает базу. Лучше всего расходятся фотографии людей и векторная графика - фото под рисунок, говорит она, а на пейзажах особо не заработаешь.

Продать коллекцию - один из первых и самых простых способов заработать на хобби. Everything goes into business: coins from overseas journeys, stamps with still Soviet envelopes, old newspapers that happened to be on the mezzanine. The Muscovite Eugene, who asked not to give his last name, was left without work and in just a few days earned 16,000 rubles - sold 50 marks. With this money, he is going to live for two months until he finds a new place. His unemployment benefit is 4900 rubles per month.

Second-hand booksellers thought about selling their collections. Book forums are full of ads for selling antique books at very low, crisis prices. For example, the volume of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia from the rare edition of the 1950s can be bought for only 500 rubles. A year ago it would be very cheap. But in the full collection of more than 50 volumes, so that the owner of the entire encyclopedia can earn 25,000 rubles.

Earnings from the hobby of Eugene

On the eve of March 8, former accountant Evgenia Serova earned 5,000 rubles on the sale of home-made jewelry. For several years she has been making beads and bracelets from beads and non-precious stones, but she used to simply give them to friends and relatives. Handmade decorations cost from 600 to 2000 rubles. Eugenia sells five beads per month.

“The crisis is a good time to unleash your creative abilities,” said Elmira Davydova, general director of the Profgid Center. “People have a chance to realize their hidden potential.” According to her, in a stable time, it seems to many that frivolous activity, but now people have looked at their hobbies in a new way. “Do not lose the opportunity to earn even an extra 2,000 rubles,” Davydova is sure. “Especially since when a hobby starts making money, a person’s self-esteem rises.”

Marina Smirnova, a 35-year-old housewife, earned 7,000 rubles in three months. Before the crisis, she did not even think of getting a job: her husband, a programmer, earned a lot, and the family didn't need anything. At the end of last year, his salary was reduced by 20%, and now they say they can cut it off. Smirnov was embarrassed to ask for money for a new bag or a cafe to meet with her friends, and now she earns herself out of pocket money - without leaving home: she sews soft toys, pillows and decorative blankets.

Smirnova sells her works on the Internet — on needlework forums that have recently become very popular. For a few hundred rubles you can buy paintings embroidered with satin ribbons, knitted clothes for children and animals, various souvenirs and other pleasant trifles. “There will be a demand for handicraft in a crisis,” says Sergey Smirnov from the Higher School of Economics, Marina’s namesake. “Holidays and birthdays have not been canceled, and gifts are needed by everyone, and things from amateur craftswomen are several times cheaper than in stores.” Smirnov considers the creation of his own sales network to be the most efficient way to sell. He recalls the "Fair of Honey", organized by the Union of Beekeepers of Russia. If there were similar fairs among needlewomen, their profits would have increased significantly.

Earnings from Natalia's hobby

The biggest amateur earnings - on TV and in movies. Natalya Nikulina, a realtor, got on television by accident: she was searching the Internet for a friend and came across an ad that actors are required to shoot television shows. The real estate market is bad, and she decided to insure. “I posted my profile two weeks ago and almost immediately received an offer to shoot,” recalls Natalya. She has already starred in the programs “Hour of Trial” and “Trial by Jury”. Earned 4600 rubles.

If you regularly participate in the shooting, you can earn and 20 000 rubles per month. “The number of people willing to play in crowd scenes has grown by about 40%,” explains Stanislav Veselov, deputy casting director for TV projects at the Kino-Vincent TV art agency. In court television projects in 15 minutes of filming you can earn from 1,100 rubles, he says. For a small role with words - 4500 rubles. Approximately the same is the bit part in TV shows.

Marina Vyrubova, who is now baking cakes, is also thinking about serving as an actress. Money is big, and she always dreamed of playing in a movie. “In general, I already like this crisis,” she laughs. Vyrubova says that only now she understood that “there are so many things in life, much more interesting than financial consulting”.

Start a blog on your favorite topic.

Do you already have things you like to do outside working hours? There is a high probability that you can create a blog or website on this topic and make money from it. You can love healthy food, go for walks, train a dog or take care of your parents. And yes, this could be the theme of your site. What I have listed above is just a few things that really interest many, and they read about your experience with pleasure. For example, if you already go to the gym and know how it works, you have a lot of knowledge that is interesting to other women because they want to be healthy and the same as you. A fitness blog is an ideal hobby for you to make money. With your blog, you can talk about what you eat, how you exercise and how you manage time, for example. And in order to make money, you can recommend fitness products, such as yoga mats or workout clothes, or food products, such as supplements and cocktails, or recommend useful books. Blogging is the best way to turn everything you love into an opportunity to make money. You can even start blogging and writing about how it is.
It is even easier to get not your site, but the page in the instragram. Did you know that people earn a few thousand just for posting one photo for a company? Now you know and can try to earn them. The main thing you need is to attract people who are interested in you or the topic you are writing about. It is not fast to promote your profile, it takes time, but it is an incredibly interesting way to realize yourself while earning a living.

Write a book about anything

Now there are books about everything, and each will find its audience! They are written because people are interested in learning more about new things. So if you have knowledge about something - and it can be literally everything - then writing a book about it can bring you good money. I like e-books because they are much easier to publish, while paper books have more obstacles to publish.
People love to buy books. A simple book with smoothie recipes worth 300 rubles can guarantee you tens of thousands of rubles every month. And the most important advantage of the book is that having written it, you no longer need to work. If this is a good book that is becoming popular - people will buy it for many years and years in the future, which will provide you with passive income.

Create a course according to your competence

If you have a fairly good level of knowledge on a particular topic, you should think about creating a course about it. As long as your hobby is something that people want to know more or know better about - you can definitely try to make money with it. The course can be a manual or video tutorial. Many people do this. They start with a website on the subject they like and then create a product that helps people learn more about the topic.
For example, if you are an expert in the subject of beauty, you can create a site about cosmetic products. More narrowly - about natural cosmetics. You can create a course that teaches people how to create their own organic soap, deodorants and hair products, for example.

Become a Uber Driver

If you love driving and chatting with people, Uber is a pretty fun way to do it, and in addition to get paid for it.
Most of the people I met work part-time in Uber to earn money. Uber drivers make good money on peak dates. Income may be different, and it will vary depending on the city, but you can earn well, if it is not the main, additional income.

Take a photo of business

There is a huge income potential through photography. You can earn money by creating your own photography course. This may be a course on food photography, travel, etc. Find your chip! You can also earn money by selling your photos on photo stocks, which can pay you every time you upload your photos. In this case, your photo does not have to portray something unique. For example, my friend said that, of all her photos, a photograph of a globe on a white background is best for sale. So try it safely, everyone can earn!
Well, and the last, most obvious way to make money on photography is to photograph weddings and hold photo shoots.

Learn how to create and edit videos

Video is in great demand. Websites, businesses, and people like you and me need videos for various reasons. And they also pay a lot of money for it - because it's not the easiest task to make a great video, and then edit it and create the final product.
If you get a quadrocopter plus, the price of your video will increase.

Teach your language online

If you know some language, you can try to teach on Skype. If you know. Say English, it is not necessary to teach it. You can teach Russian to English-speaking students. Try it, it's interesting, and can be well paid.

Sell ​​the results of your needlework

Fair masters or instagram - great sites for selling things made with their own hands. If you like to make handmade goods - and they can be anything - from necklaces to wooden spoons, you can earn a lot of money by selling them on the above resources.

Create a video on Youtube

I love Youtube, because you can create videos on any topic and get millions of views for it. While your video is interesting or useful in some way - you can make money on it. Youtube uses ads as you already know. Did you know that a video owner gets paid every time they click or watch a video? Thus, it is obvious that the more views, the more money your video will receive. You can also send people to the site already inside the video. During the video you can send people directly to the website where they can buy something that will make you a commission or send them to your website where you sell something of your own. In any case, a lot of people use Youtube to get the information they need - and if you manage to create a popular video, you can make good money with it. I love the fact that you can make videos on any topic you like and make money.

Look for things for other people for money

Finding items for money is a great way to do business. If you are the one who likes to search for things to buy and sell, or visits flea markets, or just loves to make money, then you also have a way to make money.
You can search almost anything that makes it awesome. It can be a big thing, like a house, or small things, such as old books. The idea is to buy things at a low price and then sell at a higher price. Or search for things to order. You can buy things and sell things everywhere - in real life or on the Internet. Some sit on Avito or Yulia in search of interesting offers, buy a thing, and then resell at a higher price. What is not earnings?

Earn cashbacks

Money saved is money earned. Therefore, having learned to buy correctly in the right places, you will receive bonuses for your purchases. The simplest option is bank cards. Having the most profitable and making their usual purchases, by the end of the year you will find bonuses that are enough for tickets abroad. Not bad? Study carefully banking offers. By the way, buying the same ticket, you can save several times. And get both cashback on the card, and using services such as letishops or kopikot. Double benefit!

Complete paid surveys

If you are the one who likes to express your opinion on any matter, filling out surveys is a great way to make money. Company reviews pay you money for your opinion - because your opinion helps them to make better products and services. It really is. You can get several hundred or thousand rubles for just filling in one survey. And they may not be alone. A list of proven companies that want to buy your surveys here.

Do you have a hobby that can be monetized? Tell us in the comments!

What hobby can be turned into a business

Almost any. For example, if you like to cook sweets, you can make them to order. If you knit well, create things to sell. Fond of architecture - take a tour of the city. Love to read - keep a blog about books or create a paid newsletter.

This is worth thinking about if you go to an unloved job every day and you can not devote enough time to your hobbies. The advantage is that you don’t need to leave work right away. Start with a part-time job, and if it goes, then you’ll quit and work for yourself. In Russia, 20 million people work for themselves, so you can do it.

How to start your own business

The first thing to do is think out the idea. To do this, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What will I create?
  • What is the uniqueness of my proposal?
  • How am I better than competitors?
  • What benefits will it bring to people?
  • Who will be my clients?

Your proposal should cause an emotional response from customers. Something like: “Wow! So cool! I want it! ”You need to find your niche, which means that your offer should differ from other similar ones and be somewhat better for the customers to choose you. The lack of demand from consumers is the main reason for The Top 20 Reasons Startups Fail business failure.

Large companies before launching a new product or service conduct surveys in focus groups. If you like a new product, it is launched, if the reaction is ambiguous, it is being finalized or abandoned. So, if you come up with something new, check the viability of the idea on friends and acquaintances. Just do not spare your feelings and answer honestly. How to do this is well described in Rob Fitzpatrick’s book Ask Mama. How to communicate with customers and confirm the correctness of their business ideas, if everyone is lying around? ”.

For greater objectivity, create an anonymous Google-form with a description of the idea and a field for feedback. Send it to your friends, leave it on the forums and in social networks.

How to make a business plan

Even if you just want to make homemade marshmallows, a business plan will show how much you can earn and whether it is worth it.

A business plan consists of several parts. In short, it should:

  1. Describe the idea.
  2. Explore competitors and their advantages. If you can show the difference between yourself and competitors, you are more likely to attract customers and set a high price.
  3. Identify the target audience and ways to tell her about your product.
  4. Create a production and financial plan: calculate the cost of goods or services, the cost of rent, advertising, shipping, taxes and all other costs, monthly income, profit for the year and payback period. When you see the costs and the expected profit, you can adjust the numbers: find raw materials cheaper, raise the price, reduce advertising costs, deliver orders yourself.

If you do not know what price to set, use the formula: materials + overhead costs + labor = cost price. Cost price × 2 = retail price.

Materials - everything you need to make things or provide services. Overhead costs - delivery, advertising, rent, bank commission, taxes. Labor is how much you take to work. If you do not spend on renting or shipping - do not include this in the costs. If you do not need materials - also skip.

The Ecwid blog for entrepreneurs has an example of a business plan for the production of healthy sweets.

How to translate the idea into reality

1. Create a name and logo. They will be needed for the design of the site, pages in social networks and printed materials for customers. If nothing comes to mind, you can order a logo from the designer or do without it at first.

2. Come up with packaging. It is more pleasant for buyers to receive the order in a box or in craft paper than in a regular plastic bag. Let this increase the cost of goods by 50 rubles, but the buyer will smile and tell friends about you.

3. Find wholesale suppliers. Perhaps before you could buy materials in the nearest supermarket. But if you decide to do business seriously and make a profit, you need to reduce the cost of the product. Bulk purchases will help with this.

4. Consider the terms of delivery. How and where will you deliver your goods: in the region, in Russia or abroad? Courier or "Mail of Russia"? Will offer Pickup? You can skip this item if you provide services, but do not sell goods.

5. Take photos and create a description. The image of the goods is the first thing the buyer pays attention to. Старайтесь, чтобы фотографии были красивыми, в едином стиле. Если вы продаёте вещи, фотографируйте их с разных ракурсов и демонстрируйте детали. Если ваше хобби — это творчество, интеллектуальный труд или оказание услуг, показывайте своё портфолио и примеры работ.

6. Создайте интернет-магазин. Сайт — это ваша визитная карточка. Здесь вы коротко рассказываете о себе и показываете то, что делаете. Сайт не заменяет, а дополняет соцсети. Он нужен, чтобы потенциальные клиенты могли найти всю информацию в одном месте, а не листать записи на стене или в ленте. The site can be quickly and free created using the Ecwid service: register, upload a photo, description of goods and services, set up a method of payment and delivery. It turns out a beautiful one-page website with a built-in online store, which is convenient to view both on the smartphone and on the desktop.

How to create an online store

Let's tell on the example of “Ecwid” - everything is simple here. You register and immediately get to the control panel.

To edit a site, go to “All sales channels” → “Start site” and click “Edit site”. You will be prompted to fill in a page with blocks: “Introduction and cover”, “Name and logo”, “Contacts”, “Reviews”.

The homepage of the Ecwid online store. You can edit all visual elements: photos, size, font and text color, or remove unwanted blocks.

Page cover

This is the first thing a person sees when he enters the site. Download a beautiful photo of good quality. It can be your product, the team, you yourself, the production process or an inspirational picture (to help - a selection of photo stocks with free photos). Photo size should be 1,000 × 667 or larger.

In the introduction briefly tell what you are doing and why you need to choose you.

How to turn a hobby into a business

Before you start this transformation, you should think carefully - is it worth it? It often happens that a hobby that has become a means of making money, ceases to be a pleasant occupation, entertainment, recreation, and transformed into the same tedious and hateful work, like everyone else. Some people are simply not able to derive income from the fact that they love with all their hearts, but they often do not want to do that.

We must first try carefully - is the interest in the case going down because you have to take it more seriously than before? Is it too tedious and unpleasant to engage in self-promotion, promote your offer on the market, communicate more with people?

This is important, since doing business is always associated with a greater burden, responsibility, and assuming obligations. If all these moments are straining - leave everything as it is, and just do what you love.

But it often happens that a talented, knowledgeable and able person simply does not know how to earn money from his hobby, where to start, what to look for. We hope that our publication will be useful.

String on a hobby

On the hobby really often can not earn. More precisely, even almost always impossible. But if “strung together” on a hobby there are still some things that are just related to earnings, then in general, it may be more pleasant than doing something completely unloved and especially because of money. The resulting vector we get is important. To make it clearer, I will give my example.

I like to write, travel and take pictures. These actions do not directly bring any money and they seem to be made for the soul. But if I turn all this into a blog, attach structure, adjust travel goals for business's sake, write also the information I get during my travels, although I don’t really want to write about it, read about seo, optimize, study php and complete the site then in the end we get that of all the activities I do a hobby of only 50 percent, or even less (here, how can anyone do it). But the pleasure of these 50% overpowers all the "minuses" and the resulting vector for me is directed exactly to the plus. Moreover, when I worked in an office as an engineer, I didn’t even work at a 10% :) No, I didn’t hate work, on the contrary, I treated her calmly, but I didn’t get any pleasure, well, only on payday.

Thus, we again come back to the fact that at least a part of your work should bring you no pleasure, otherwise everything will get tired very quickly. Of course, it is believed that any business, if you deal with them a lot, sooner or later get bored and turn into a routine. I agree, it happens, but not the fact that always and at all. It seems to me that it is possible to “donate” a hobby once and check it out on your own skin, whether you get bored or not :) This is a hobby that you can then find something else, because they usually change throughout life, new ones appear and old ones disappear. But it may well be that you organize your activities in such a way that you will not even get bored with your hobby. Especially if it will take only part of your work.

The guys earn in Chiang Mai, despite the difficulties!

I also wanted to draw attention to such a moment. No one bothers, after a while, the most unpleasant things for you to delegate to someone. Well, it does not work for you to alter the WordPress template every time to fit your needs, right to tears and tossing the laptop against the wall, it means you need to give this direction to a programmer. In general, one direction or another in one’s work can be shortened or extended in time, this is just for those who are afraid that their hobby in their life will become too much.

What to do something

What to do, throw everything in the maelstrom to engage in a hobby? I think it is not worth it, well, only if your enthusiasm is not the car initially. At least you should do everything wisely. For example, start doing something together with the current work. Let it be a little, but in a few years you can finally understand what else you need to add to your hobby so that it will start to bring money. And someday the moment will come when it will be possible to switch from a previous job to a hobby, even with the loss of earnings. This will be the moment when you feel that the further development of your business is hampered only by a time limit due to the fact that it mostly goes to work. But in general, it will not be superfluous to create a financial buffer for 1-2 years in order to feel more confident.

For this period, you can even reduce personal spending, in the name of a good purpose, so to speak. In addition, you can discover such an interesting thing as losing the need for money spending format “please yourself”, as doing what you like, as a rule, you need to please yourself less, and without that well. I do not promise, but maybe it will happen to you, as happened to me. I did not need to visit cafes and cinemas, I lost any interest in buying things and equipment, I didn’t need anything in terms of shopping. No, this does not mean at all that I have stopped buying, only now it happens without emotions, without “I want”, but only on the basis of “it is necessary”. We need a laptop for work - I bought it, I need to change my jeans, since the old ones have torn - I am changing. But I don’t want to buy all this, just the opposite, I don’t want to spend time on it. Therefore, it is bought only if it is really necessary, otherwise it is banal too lazy to do it.

Specific examples

In order not to be completely unfounded, I will give some examples. Naturally, it is impossible to cover all situations, so only what comes to mind in terms of remote work and work via the Internet. About office work, I think, and so everything is up to date, you just need to go to the job search site and see the vacancies of the professions that suit you.

As I already wrote above, the opportunity to earn purely on my favorite business rarely appears, and specifically to make money you need to do something else additionally. If the artist paints pictures, then they need to be sold to someone, and here, either learn to sell yourself, or hire someone from the outside. Yes, it may distract from the creative process, but the world at the moment is such that the desire to earn should accompany the desire to create.

  • Travelers can earn on the services of a guide (both working for someone and organizing their tours), on consultations on travel, on maintaining their travel blog, on creating guidebooks, on publications in magazines, on photo stocks.
  • Photo lovers can make money on photo stocks, on photo shoots (both in their own city and traveling), on photoshop lessons or photos (both in the form of webinars / infoproducts, and on their blog).
  • Fans of writing texts can earn on their blogs (on various subjects), on copywriting to order, on publications in magazines, remotely being content managers of various sites, on conducting groups in social networks.
  • Prone to programming can make websites, plug-ins for various engines, templates. Create your own websites and services, both independently and in pairs with someone who will steer content and promotion. And I am silent, what are the possibilities of freelancing, and in principle, office work.
  • Knowledgeable languages ​​can teach on Skype, write some of their own manuals, translate to order.
  • Lost from morning to evening in social networks, you can do your own groups, as well as promote and lead other people's groups. That is, to study and engage in SMM. Including sell some goods possible through these groups.
  • Lovers of clothing may well become consultants, they can start a blog for the same shopaholics, describing the methods of selection of clothing and various discounts. You can also open your online store.
  • Slingomamam direct road to the sling consultants, as well as the resale of used slings, both simply through the community, and through the creation of your own online store.
  • For food lovers, it’s about keeping culinary blogs, organizing webinars, or advising on diets and calories. There is quite more space for projects, because they eat everything and every day. Right now, they already sell sets of food for everyday cooking, someone guessed.

Hobby becomes business

The only disadvantage of all of the above is that I have to work, and quite a lot. To earn well, you need to be an expert in a particular area, and this will take time. This I kind of hint that there is no freebie. For some reason, it is perceived by many that money should somehow come by itself, especially in blogging. However, in fact, it is necessary to work, to do some kind of business with all its attendant affairs, and in general “earnings” should be a goal in itself. That is why some bloggers (the smaller part) earn, while others do not (the majority). Yes, I think, not only bloggers ...

In fact, a hobby turns into a business, and without such an attitude towards it, it will always remain a purely hobby. This is a mistake of many people, including mine once. Believe me, people listen to paid courses and coaches to understand the effectiveness of this approach. It came to me intuitively, and I myself did not understand how I gradually moved to a more systematic approach, but how much time was lost ... Very cool, a recent interview with a popular blogger responded, finally putting everything on the shelves.

You have to make a choice sooner or later, or it will be made for you by circumstances. If you do not want to make money on what you like, it does not make money on his work, then perhaps you should not start. Decide for yourself initially whether you are ready to combine your hobby with work and make a business out of them, otherwise you risk losing a hobby from frustration and you cannot make a business. Perhaps you should leave the hobby alone and practice it for fun and self-expression when you have a mood. Business, on the other hand, presumes the existence of those cases that you don’t want to do, some prudence, and the need to take yourself in hand when something goes wrong and your hands fall.

Should I earn a hobby

I can not fail to mention another variant of the development of events, so that I would not be accused of opposing a LOVE hobby to ANELY work. After all, work can be loved, and a hobby in general only for the soul ...

It may well be that by taking the path of remote earnings, you can generally understand that you are interested in hobbies only in the hobby format, and your work in the office is not really so unloved (the pros and cons of freelancing). Anything can happen, and I am sincerely happy for those who are satisfied with the office, driving in traffic jams and so on. I have acquaintances who are not annoyed by traffic jams and are 100% satisfied with life in Moscow, I would also like that, but I cannot. And it was also great when a person studied at the university right away on the profession he needed, and then went to work in the same direction. I personally didn’t have enough consciousness in this regard, I just did it so that I had a higher education (during my student days I was only interested in booze / party). And only closer to 30 years, I realized an area in which I find it interesting to develop professionally, so I do not exclude that I will ever ripen to a second higher education, only already consciously chosen.

Thus, having tried something new, you can get experience, even if it is negative. In my opinion, it is much better to try and understand for yourself that it is worth returning to a previous job than to suffer in doubt and not to try anything. That's why life is given in order to find a case for the soul, so that the process itself, the result of the activity, and the format of the work are liked. Is this the main goal in professional implementation? It is only advisable to turn all this while young, as long as there is strength and everything is not so strongly tied to the family and responsibility to it.

True, not too impressionable natures will have to be sweet, they are kept on the headlines "leave the office and earn $ 1000 a day", "change the office in the basement to the desktop by the ocean" and so on. Of course, earning $ 1000 a day is quite realistic (I know such people), but this is preceded by studies, trials and mistakes, a desire to achieve their financial goals, enthusiasm, and finally, time.

Life hacking 1 - how to buy a good insurance

Choosing insurance is now unrealistically difficult, so to help all travelers, I make a rating. To do this, I constantly monitor forums, study insurance contracts and use insurance by myself.

Life hacking 2 - how to find a hotel 20% cheaper

First, choose a hotel on Booking. They have a good offer base, but the prices are NOT the best! The same hotel can often be found at 20% cheaper in other systems through the RoomGuru service.

Comments are welcome! (already 62)

2014-09-08 at 10:35 | #

Great article! Useful for those who are only going to turn a hobby into a profitable business. And pushing on the philosophical thoughts of those who did it :)
Five years ago, I began to turn my hobby (copywriting) into a business. On the one hand, I lost my hobby for a while (then I found it again in blogging). And it was pretty disappointing! Instead of pleasant evenings with a cup of coffee at a laptop, there were long working days (with a bunch of “paper” work, “knocking out” debts and other activities that did not give the romance of the profession). On the other hand, to achieve their goals - for example, to get freedom from the office and residence - it turned out, and it brings great pleasure!
In general, Oleg absolutely definitely noticed that you need to “decide for yourself initially whether you are ready to combine your hobby with work and make a business out of them” and are you ready for the fact that your hobby will become less routine 70-80% :)

2014-09-08 at 12:42 | #

Oh yes, working days are able to kill all the fun))) And when someone tells me that blogging is easy and there’s nothing to do there, it becomes funny to me. It now takes me 30% of the time to write articles, if not less. And moreover, the further, the more related matters appear.

2014-09-08 at 11:13 | #

Oh, Oleg, can I add?))) You do not have about hobby - creativity) And I have a separate block on this site on this site - How to make money by creativity, how to sell, where to sell, how to evaluate, what to do .... http://teddy-love.com/tag/kak-zarabatyivat-tvorchestvom

And for a long time I want to say thank you - about the thought of turning another hobby - a passion for traveling in a blog and a way to make good money)))

And on the subject of the article - I believe that if you are wisely approached and not only engage in a hobby, but promote what you are doing, engage in promotion, PR and sales, it will feed your hobby very specifically. My hobby - making designer Teddy bears - brought me apartments, a car, and the opportunity to drive around the whole world well)

2014-09-08 at 11:32 | #

Who would have thought about bears, right? ))

2014-09-08 at 11:50 | #

Well, when I started, every morning I did 4 hours of PR on the Internet and every night the same amount) And, of course, to earn money on my first apartment with creativity - then I worked at least 16 hours a day (when I could hire a PR assistant). And while they started calling me from television and filming stories and programs about me, while the journalists themselves began to ask for an interview with me, quite a few years of hard work passed))) OOOOchen hard) So it’s not just that - I sewed a bear and became famous)) Well, as with the blog, in general, I only started to bring in money a year later. As you say - at least 10 hours of work with a blog a day and it will begin to generate income. May be)

But on the other hand, I know that a large number of my students were able to leave work and earn more by doing their favorite hobby. Here it is warm, yes)))

2014-09-08 at 12:43 pm | #

Yes, PR rules the world)) I would also do, but my hands do not reach, I bet on the other. But someday I will do it all the same, especially if I sell my something. I want to do some useful thing and sell it))

2014-09-08 at 11:40 | #

Should I earn a hobby? I think you need to strive for this, if the hobby suggests such an opportunity. Ideally, what do we get the most? What we like to do. And the more we do it, the better it turns out. :-) Постепенно нарабатываются навыки, профессионализм. А это уже однозначно может быть кому-то интересным и полезным. Кто-то будет готов заплатить. И это замечательно! Другое дело, что не всякое хобби можно довести до удовлетворяющих доходов. С другой стороны, и сама сумма удовлетворения в доходах у всех разная. А если применить творческий подход не только к своему хобби, но и к возможности его монетизировать? Я думаю, что тех, у кого творчества, творческой жилки хватает и на то и на другое, можно назвать счастливыми людьми.This is great when a beloved business brings not only satisfaction from the business itself, but also income, and accordingly allows you not to do what you don’t like.

2014-09-08 at 11:41 | #

And I was hooked only by the last phrase about “it is desirable to turn it all up while still young, as long as there is strength and not so much all is tied to the family and responsibility to it.”
Itself has long been a family and many children, but in life I learn and learn new things often. It is more difficult for family people to transfer crises, let alone start something from scratch - Oh ... But it is possible:
With the first site, a cashless hobby lasted 11 years, the second site wasted to sell in vain, the third paid off in 9 months ...

2014-09-09 at 00:37 | #

Wow, 11 years old! How much patience it all continued ...

2014-09-09 at 10:12 | #

So it was a hobby in its purest form - the Ural mountaineering site, only from 2011 began to sell articles ...
He still holds on to some kind of patience and habit, although he remarked that once in 7 years the interests and even the direction of the person’s activity change, and the main thing is always unpredictable for himself!

2014-09-09 at 13:11 | #

Hmm, somewhere I have already seen info about 7 years, there are some cycles there. So I still have 2 years left, until I score on this blog)))

2014-09-10 at 05:25 | #

In fact, initially it was purely medical, like every seven years the person's hormones change and the body re-adjusts. And then it was overgrown with revaluations of values ​​and various, such as philosophical. Although I think one to the other is due to the fact that an oversupply or lack of hormones causes a person to behave differently, it means that his thoughts become different.

2014-09-10 at 08:50 | #

I wonder how long ago this “purely medical”?
In the ancient Indian scriptures, the Vedas, it is written about seven-year cycles.
Indian sage Osho more than three decades, wrote about it in his books, drawing information from his religious knowledge.
Because I can not agree with you that this is "purely medical." Many ancient people had knowledge that is only today confirmed by physicians and physicists and other fields of science.

2014-09-10 at 13:21 | #

Osho did not write anything at all, he only spoke, and others wrote down after him. The theme of the sage is very rocked, but Osho moved in limousines and lived in gold and diamonds and cannot be considered the ultimate truth. But in general, the article is not about that.

2014-09-10 at 13:39 | #

Well, the article is not about this, but your comment about it))) I answer you, and on the topic of the article answered below.
He wrote - it is clear that it was not by hand, but that his books were released. Even if they recorded him, it means he said that.
About gold and diamonds is not our concern. Sathya Sai Baba also did not live in misery, however, he helped many people to enrich themselves spiritually and change their minds for the better, and push their thinking beyond the ordinary.
Osho was like an example if you are very embarrassed by his figure. He took his knowledge from the religion in which he was brought up. Both before and after the seven-year cycles others were talking. So the primary information is from there.
And the fact that the knowledge of the Vedas resonates with something very deep in the soul of almost every person is the last resort)

2014-09-08 at 11:19 | #

Fully agree with the above. Itself long ago thought about the remote, but until I get some results, I can not quit office work. In my free time I constantly study different courses, I go through trainings, and a definite plan for further actions has already been made, but this all takes time, but I do not despair and slowly move to my goal every evening)) I really liked the article. She confirms that I am on the right track and that everything is possible))) Thank you)

2014-09-08 at 12:44 | #

Everything will work out! Be patient! By trial and error you will go where you need))

Types of hobbies and ways of earning

This field includes a lot of hobbies:

  • knitting and sewing,
  • decoupage
  • scrapbooking
  • author's toys and dolls,
  • jewelry making
  • soap making
  • cutting out of wood, stone, vegetables and other materials,
  • felting and more.

You will be surprised, but the demand for hand-made things is quite high. Do not be shy: put your products on sale. There are quite a few sites on the Internet where masters with golden hands offer their products to lovers and connoisseurs of unique things. It is also worth taking part in fairs, yard sales, charity sales, where you will be noticed and remembered.

First of all, you should give your products to friends and acquaintances - the more people see your crafts, the more likely that one of them will become your client.

But selling the fruits of your labor is not the only way to make money. Share what you can do yourself - arrange paid workshops, organize workshops, shoot educational videos. In the end, you can write a book if you are friends with the language and know how to express your thoughts well.

Articles, publications, blogging

This is a good way to make money for those who love and know how to write. And for all who have something to share. Your hobbies can be traveling, computer games, cooking or breeding aquarium fish, but if you can write, then you will certainly find readers with similar interests.

Income can bring well-written articles on topics of interest to you - copywriting can earn quite decent money. If you decide to create your own blog, manage to attract subscribers and readers, talking about your hobby, you will be able to earn money by placing ads on its pages.

But be prepared for the fact that you have to give this occupation a lot of time. Manna from heaven do not wait.

The safest thing to do is not food, but informational. That is, to take video and photo cooking processes. This product is happy to buy culinary sites. It is safer than selling edible products without the appropriate certificates of quality and sanitary compliance.

Nevertheless, many cooks earn money by making unique cakes of extraordinary beauty, preparing delicious home-cooked meals for office workers in the next building, or offering unusual flavors of exotic products to gourmets. And if it goes, you can arrange all the documents, turning a hobby into a source of permanent income.

Pets and Plants

The hardest thing to earn on large pets, starting with cats and dogs. Most animal lovers are generally convinced that it is impossible to earn money on this hobby in principle - it is too expensive to take a responsible attitude towards pets. But, nevertheless, there are ways to generate income:

  • Grooming, or grooming and claws. To do this, you need to gain experience, and even better - get trained in the relevant courses. And also buy a quality tool and a bunch of accessories. Usually, those who purchased it all the same to care for their pets begin to be engaged in grooming.
  • Handling, or showing animals at exhibitions. This is a good lesson for young dog breeders, in particular.
  • Walking with other dogs and keeping the hotel for animals - if you have time or space.
  • Assistance in behavioral correction and training - with the availability of relevant knowledge and skills.
  • The manufacture of ammunition and accessories, which is closely in contact with the love of needlework.
  • If you adore aquarism, do not hesitate to offer extra fry, snails or aquarium plants to pet stores.
  • If you breed songbirds or parrots, then do not neglect the collection of bright feathers during the molting period - the needlewomen will line up behind them. The same applies to the wings of exotic butterflies. For you - garbage, and for someone - the material for creating masterpieces.
  • Houseplants, too, can and should be sold. They still grow and multiply. Try to agree on cooperation with flower shops, they often willingly take on the implementation of beautiful plants.

Beauty, cosmetics, shopping

Do not even hesitate: this hobby peculiar to so many girls can bring real income. First of all it concerns the manufacture of environmentally friendly cosmetics from natural ingredients. Yes, for this you need to have a solid knowledge base and be absolutely confident in the quality of your products. Most likely, only your friends and acquaintances will be your clients, but this is already much better than nothing.

Girls may like to make videos about new makeup products and their application, write reviews of new products, and keep a blog dedicated to beauty and health.

Shopping lovers can offer their services in organizing joint purchases, shopping for non-resident customers, or organizing shopping tours.

3 tips at last

  • Constantly study, improve, so that what you offer to people is really high-quality. It does not matter that this is a leather bag sewn by your hands or a master class in its manufacture.
  • Evaluate yourself adequately. This applies to too low an assessment of the results of its activities, and to its revaluation.
  • Do not forget that your activity should bring you pleasure, otherwise everything will turn into another unloved work and a source of stress. At the same time, individual failures are not a reason to quit.

If one day you see that your hobby can bring you a steady and real income, consider making it your profession. This is a good way to be happy!

Expert comment

Irina Romanovich, founder of the brand

Behind every successful handmade brand, in most cases, titanic work and round-the-clock work are hidden. The master, or the whole team, works and self-improves, tirelessly.

Since the sale of handmade products is often conducted via the Internet to all parts of the world, except for trivial luck, there are extremely important and uniform rules for all, on which the success of a project directly depends.

  • Selling photos. This is not only a correctly composed composition calling for a purchase. Decide for yourself - rent a studio and hire a photographer for each shooting, or turn your own housing into a suitable place for a photo and learn the basics of photography. The photo of your products should not only induce a target audience to like, but also provoke a purchase.
  • Search your audience. Decide for whom you are making a product, find out everything about the needs of your customers. Conduct polls, look for information about the features of the market segment that you want to cover in your country and abroad. It is important to find your niche, do not blindly copy your colleagues. Be original and always look for useful information to improve your products.
  • Learn English, because the whole world speaks it. This is extremely important for the international market. A person without knowledge of English is like a beached whale, who cannot help himself, despite his size.
  • Be trendy, but don't be like everyone else. Among the many shapes, colors, sizes and ideas offered, try to develop your own style.
  • Than to search for the new buyer, it is much easier to get permanent. Keep friendly relations with your customers. Congratulations on holidays, please with discount coupons, do the newsletter about the new product.
  • The quality of your products is your face. This is what wins the hearts of customers. If you have the slightest doubt about the quality of the work done, it is better to redo it than to get a negative review.
  • You should know in person. This includes participation in local and international fairs, and photos of your creative process on the pages of social networks, and constant updating of the content to remind you about yourself. Feel free to talk about new projects, keep in touch with the audience.
  • Good reviews, like word of mouth, work for you. Be interested in the opinions and desires of your audience, but do not be intrusive. Try to build a friendly chat with your subscribers and they will tell you what they expect from you.
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