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Products that should not be consumed after 30 years


Nutritionists have named nine foods that should be excluded from the diet after 30.

Let's face it! Nothing can roll back the time ago - neither plastic surgery, nor the negation of his date of birth, reports Chronicle.info with reference to health info.

You are 100% noticed that with age, and your features, and the things with which you surround yourself, change. So, the constant metamorphosis is going through your wardrobe. Here we add hairstyle and entertainment. What about food? You can love a product very much, but think about your body - it may have a completely different opinion!

These are the nine foods you should avoid if you have already celebrated your 30th birthday.

1. Protein or Energy Bars
Believe it or not, protein drinks and energy bars do not provide you with protein or energy.

In university years, you could skip breakfast and chew on hunger with anything. But as you get older, you should start eating right and eating healthy food (fruits, vegetables, cereals).

By the way, energy bars contain many undesirable ingredients: glycerin, sorbitol, whey protein, fructose, dextrose. They can spoil your health.

2. White bread
Everything made from refined flour is bad. White bread and croissants contain large amounts of sugar and glucose, which can disrupt the production of collagen and many proteins by the body (they prevent the appearance of wrinkles).

Switch to whole grain bread and bagels. Because of them, you will not jump weight. Bonus - the blood sugar level is normalized.

3. Cookies
Straight soul tearing! It turns out that favorite cookies are calories and fats. At a young age, the body does not care about such things. But in 30 years to lose weight is not so easy. So just put the cookies in the deepest box!

4. Microwave Popcorn
Do you like popcorn with butter? And your body is not. If popcorn is nothing, it's all right! But flavorings and oils do not like your arteries. Do not get so close to heart disease.

5. Margarine
Butter substitutes contain trans fats. They cause heart disease, clog arteries.

In addition, trans fats accelerate the aging process of the skin and increase the vulnerability to ultraviolet radiation.

6. Processed meat
Bacon, ham, salami and other sausages deprive your skin of elasticity. All these kinds of "meat" are crammed with nitrates and nitrites. Among other things, oxidize the cells of your body. This, in turn, disrupts the production of collagen and elastin.

Can't you do without a piece of bacon or ham for breakfast?

7. Sugar-free snacks
Buying sugar-free bars, but still gaining weight? Most likely, artificial sweeteners do not like your liver.

Avoid fake sugar. It will please your internal organs, you will stop recovering.

8. Iced coffee
This is a deliciously tasty way to quench your need for caffeine and thirst.

But caffeine products are not your allies in the fight against aging. They adversely affect the quality of sleep, and this disrupts the process of regeneration of the skin during a night of rest in bed.

Also, discard the straw. Sinking drinks through it, as scientists believe, causes additional wrinkles.

9. Beer and cocktails
The older the body, the harder it is to "process" alcohol.

Alcoholic beverages can disrupt sleep, and this, as you already know, is a factor with consequences. In addition, alcohol dehydrates the skin and violates its elasticity.

White bread

It is also worth limiting the amount of white bread consumed. It has a high glycemic index and immediately causes an increase in blood glucose, a lot of insulin is produced in response and the process of splitting fat stops. Also, after cooking, instead of vitamins and microelements, only starch and calories are quickly and easily absorbed by the body. White bread has a low fiber content, and it slows down the absorption of sugars, supports the work of the intestines, reduces cholesterol levels, and also reduces the risk of malignant intestinal tumors.

Diet drinks

After thirty years, you need to safely abandon any diet drinks. After all, they cause an enormous stress in the body of an adult. The fact is that, using a diet drink, our brain believes that a sweet product enters the body. Begins an active production of insulin, necessary for the processing of sugar, which, in fact, did not enter our body. It is necessary to abandon the use of purchased sauces, including ketchup and mayonnaise. Such products contain too much preservatives, taste stabilizers, starch and other harmful substances. Replace them with homemade sauces. Especially useful will be those that include cumin, turmeric and red pepper. Such sauces will improve metabolism and prevent the appearance of extra pounds.


Crossing the thirty-year barrier, you should forget about any pasta. They contain gluten, which requires too much energy to process it. Moreover, gluten is very difficult to digest. And if at the same time there are problems with intestinal microflora, then it will be very difficult to get rid of bloating.


Ready-made confectionery products also pose a potential threat to the human body over thirty years old. They contain a huge amount of trans fats that do not benefit the body and contribute to an increase in the volume of subcutaneous fat. Therefore, it is best to replace such treats with desserts prepared at home.

Everything else, try to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Nutrition should fit your lifestyle and body needs.
  • Even if you eat those foods about which you know that they will not benefit you, follow the norm, eat minimal portions.
  • Food should be varied and not one product should not occupy a dominant position on your table day after day.

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What to exclude from the diet?

Top products that should be abandoned for women after 30 years:

  1. Sugar. Excluding it from the diet is not completely worth it, but it is better to limit consumption to a minimum, and there are several reasons. First, this product helps to thicken the blood and disrupts blood circulation. Secondly, the abuse of sugar increases the risk of developing diabetes. Thirdly, it creates an environment that is favorable for the development of fungi, including those that cause thrush in women. Fourthly, the product is extremely harmful to the figure and contributes to the recruitment of extra pounds. Fifth, sugar worsens the condition of the skin, reducing its elasticity and causing the formation of acne.
  2. Long loaf and white bread. These products, without which many do not represent their life, contain yeast and simple carbohydrates, and also have a high glycemic index. Eating a piece of bread at breakfast or lunch, you provoke a sharp increase in blood glucose levels. And yeast ferments the intestines, causing severe discomfort due to flatulence and seething. If you cannot eat without bread, then choose whole-grain types that are more beneficial to health and shape.
  3. Ready confectionery. They are beautiful, tasty and nourishing, but they are best replaced by healthy snacks, for example, rich in slow carbohydrates with cereals. And in all kinds of cookies, cakes, cakes and buns contain sugar and trans fats. With sugar, everything is clear - these are extra pounds, an increase in the level of glucose and fungal diseases. But trans fats increase the volume of visceral fat (and it is the most dangerous!) And increase the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.
  4. Pasta. Yes, it is also better to forget about them, because gluten is found in the composition, which after thirty years is absorbed extremely slowly and lingers in the intestine for a long time, causing fermentation and rotting processes. This substance has a complex structure, is sticky and tough - all this is useless to the body.
  5. Ready-made sauces and seasonings. They contain a huge number of different preservatives, flavor enhancers, flavors and other synthetic additives that are unnecessary and harmful at any age, and especially after 30 years. In addition, many sauces are very high in calories, so women should abandon them at least for the sake of a slim figure. It is better to use sour cream, natural mustard, fragrant spices such as curry, turmeric, coriander, ginger, cumin. They will give the dishes piquancy, but the body does not harm, and some, by contrast, will benefit.
  6. Dietary low-calorie drinks. It would seem that they definitely do not harm the figure, but they are not useful for health and even dangerous. Taste receptors send signals to the brain, it perceives the liquid as sweet (and it actually is), triggers the production of insulin, which is necessary for the processing of glucose. But in fact, sugar is not received, and the hormone that has not fulfilled its basic functions, has a negative effect on the endocrine system and the entire body as a whole. It is better to drink natural herbal teas, compotes and fruit drinks with a minimum sugar content.
  7. Sausages, sausages. In the store you can hardly find healthy sausages: most contain preservatives, monosodium glutamate, stabilizers, color fixers and other chemicals. And also sausages, wieners and sausages are usually made from not very high quality raw materials and contain a lot of fat, processed meat products, skins of birds and animals. All this is difficult to digest by the gastrointestinal tract and requires significant energy consumption for digestion. Add to this the caloric content exceeding 300-350 kilocalories.
  8. Canned pickled and salted vegetables. Of course, sometimes you can allow yourself to eat a delicious crispy cucumber, but not often. There are several reasons, and the first is the high content of salt, which disrupts the water-salt balance and causes fluid retention in the body. As a result, by allowing yourself canned vegetables for the night, in the morning you risk getting up with an unattractive swollen face and not getting into the usual shoes. The second reason is the content of acetic acid, which irritates the mucous membranes of the stomach walls and increases the risk of developing gastritis or even ulcers.

How to eat right?

How to eat after thirty years, to preserve not only the shape, but also good health and energy? First, let's call the useful products:

  • Vegetables, berries and fruits rich in fiber and ascorbic acid. Dietary fibers contribute to the removal of toxins and stimulate the intestinal peristalsis, preventing the occurrence of constipation, which women often face over 30 years old (especially those who have a sedentary lifestyle). Vitamin C strengthens blood vessels and improves immunity.
  • Dairy products will help keep weight, improve digestion and normalize the intestinal microflora, which, by the way, is part of the immune system.
  • Cereals are slow carbohydrates. They are not absorbed immediately and do not provoke a jump in the level of sugar. Porridge, muesli without sugar or low-calorie natural cereal bar - a great snack that will give vigor and satiety for a few hours.
  • Red sea fish is a source of protein and contains omega-3 and -6 polyunsaturated fatty acids, which after thirty are especially necessary for the body, as they improve the functioning of the brain, blood vessels and the heart.

Now about the principles of healthy eating after thirty years. First, listen to your body and eat something that it responds better to. If a product causes discomfort, discard it.

Second, do not overeat. Increasing the volume of portions is fraught with excess weight, and the gastrointestinal tract is extremely difficult to cope with a large amount of food. It takes a lot of energy, you feel weak, there is bloating.

Thirdly, eat a balanced and varied. The body must receive all the nutrients it needs, so cook dishes from different foods.

Having rejected the products listed in the article and eating properly after 30 years, you will be able to maintain health and attractiveness!

Age and health

Over the years, our body becomes more finicky and no longer harmlessly reacts to harmful products, such as in 18-20 years.

For example, the older a person becomes, the harder it is to fight overweight. Over the years, metabolism slows down, so the diet should be revised. Nutrition should be useful and properly balanced.

Therefore, the choice of food becomes very important when you crossed the line for 30 years.

It is important to choose the right food, and a healthy lifestyle should be your constant companion if you want to live a healthy and happy life and not think about serious diseases.

But a number of products in the fourth ten should be completely abandoned. Here is a list of the most important enemies of the body when you are already over 30:

Harmful food

1. Yogurts with flavors and various additives

In fact, such a useful product as yogurt with various flavor enhancers contains much more sugar than chocolate.

To have a healthy complexion and not to provoke the appearance of wrinkles, refuse to use store yogurt in favor of a homemade product.

2. Canned vegetables

Canned vegetables contain a lot of salt, which contributes to premature aging of the skin.

Salt also negatively affects normal blood pressure. It is especially dangerous to use canned food in cans, which can release harmful chemicals that cause cancer, sterility and obesity.

Therefore, do not abuse canned vegetables, no matter how tasty they are.

3. Low alcohol drinks

With age, the body generally ceases to absorb alcohol.

If you are 21 years old, you can drink beer in liters, dance until midnight and, at the same time, look good in the morning, then forget about it at 30 years old. In the fourth decade, this luxury you no longer shine.

In addition to the morning hangover, you risk that your appearance may deteriorate. The fact is that alcohol "sucks" all the moisture from the body, for this reason, the skin loses moisture, respectively, and elasticity.

As a result, the deterioration of the health and appearance of your skin. If you want to stay beautiful and well-groomed, give up even low-alcohol beverages.

4. Sausages

Preservatives, flavor enhancers and stabilizers contained in sausages provoke the development of stomach cancer and other serious diseases.

Want to keep youth, beauty and health for a long time? Exclude any sausages from your daily intake of food.

Harmful substances in products

5. Biscuits with filling

Many of us love to eat various cookies, snacks and buns for breakfast. Still would! After all, it is fast, tasty and convenient.

But be careful with these sweets! Abuse of cookies and other pastries threatens you with serious health problems.

Frequent consumption of sweets is a huge risk to the body. In addition to diabetes, you can easily get into trouble with the cardiovascular system.

After all, both the biscuit itself and its filling include a large amount of sugar, which negatively affects your well-being.

6. Carbonated drinks

For those who are thinking about continuing their own kind, you need to forget about sweet carbonated drinks forever.

They contain an enormous amount of sugar and carcinogenic dyes, which lead to infertility in both men and women.

Want to be healthy and strong? Replace any carbonated drinks with plain clean water, in rare cases, with tea.

7. Diet drinks

Drinks such as diet cola, instead of the caramel chemical dye that gives that same famous brown color, contain elements dyed with brominated vegetable oil used in rocket fuel.

This component has a negative effect on thyroid hormones, and, therefore, undermines human health.

Of course, the corn itself does not cause any harm to the human body. But the method and technology of its preparation is another story. This is where the real danger lies.

In addition, popcorn can contain a huge amount of salt, sugar, flavors, palm oil and other synthetic ingredients involved in the cooking process.

What products are harmful

It has long been known that natural potatoes are not involved in the process of cooking chips (which are dishonest producers trying to convince us).

Вместо этого производители используют картофельную муку или специальные картофельные хлопья.

И это еще не самое худшее. Чтобы улучшить вкус чипсов, производитель добавляет в них самый опасный и вредный продукт.

Yes, yes, we are talking about sodium glutamate itself, as well as a number of different synthetic flavors and additives that give the chips taste of cheese, onions, sausages, and so on.

Harmful ketchup and mayonnaise began to be actively replaced by soy sauce.

Of course, fried soy sauce is not as harmful as, say, mayonnaise, but they should not be abused either. Do not believe that soy sauce is absolutely safe, and even more so, a useful product.

It contains a huge amount of sodium salt, which irritates the mucous membrane, forms kidney stones, and also contributes to the hated deposition of salts in the joints.