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How to learn to play tennis?


What do those who are not quite in the subject (who do not play) know about tennis?
The main thing in the game is to hit the ball hard
Tennis players have a beautiful white uniform that looks good on a tanned body.
Sharapova - sexually screaming.
Kournikova is a great tennis player.
Tennis players are rich.

Listed is clearly not enough, however, the majority of such associations occur at the mention of tennis. True, if we talk about iconic figures, in recent years, the fame of Maria Sharapova, also a beautiful blondie, has practically moved Anya Kournikova from her pedestal, but many still associate tennis with Kournikova. Well, okay, not about that. And it's about how little people know about tennis. And about tennis - as a sport for lovers - and even less.

Tennis is played with their feet
First, tennis is not played by hand, as most people think. Until the moment when the arm works, you need to perform a lot of actions with the help of a trained body, starting with the legs. In tennis there is a saying: "Tennis is played with their feet." It is the footwork that determines the success or failure of the strike and the game as a whole.

Hence, an important concept from the terminology of tennis is the approach to the ball. In order for an amateur, especially an age amateur who wants to learn tennis, to get something done, you need to learn the necessary components of not only a successful game, but a game that will allow you to learn how to throw the ball back to your partner and get the ball back. Thus, if the goal is to achieve a rally (also a term), then there will be no game without:
The trained approach to the ball
Properly made (in time) swing and blow
Ability to get into the court (and not in the out or net)
Pitching skills if you want to play to the score
Good physical fitness

Do not call the balls - balls. And the court - the field. A court is a playground. There are two types of markup on the court (white lines) - for playing alone and for doubles.
If a person decided to play tennis, at the age of, say, after 40 (and later), then there is no point in playing “loners”. It means - to play only “loners” and not to play “pairs” at all. The reason is simple. Sounds cynical. When the forces will not play a single tennis (two opponents on the court), then there will not be much time to study the pair game.

Decided, at the age, to learn how to play tennis? Play the pair! And only couples! Do not waste time!

Why? Because doubles tennis has its own strategy, and it differs from the one used in “single handed”. I saw a lot of amateur players who also drove “loners” for many years and ignored the doubles game. Then, on the court, being invited to play a couple, they looked very helpless. Despite good tennis training.

The pair game makes the player at the net, who is waiting for the moment to intercept and score the ball. Good played pairs have “homework” of various combinations that they easily carry out on the court. There are basic classic situations about which it can be said that they are "from a tennis textbook." They are below.
Strong feed, weak reception, the netting at the ready and scoring.
Candle rivals, the opponent barely “pulls out” the ball, the netting at the ready and scoring.
Complicated oblique blow, the opponent barely gets the ball, the netting at the ready and scores.
And so on.

Long jokes in pairs, similar to those that lovers of "loners" can lead, when rivals exhaust each other, until again someone who knows how, will not come to the net and will not slam the ball, such long jokes in pairs - a rarity . Setochnikov arrange a real hunt for the ball, and all four, as a rule, are involved in one big interesting sports history, which begins anew each time. If a person doesn’t have the experience of a pair game at all, he doesn’t understand what is “hold the corridor”, he is not ready for quick movement along the player’s grid from the opposing team, he cannot understand why he’s “bred like a sucker” all the time, because he’s smashes the ball in a single player game. It is clear that such a partner will be invited once and will not be called again. And now the most important thing - why do you need tennis?

Tennis is a new life and a new one - you!

Tennis is a secular game. You can merge companies and have a good time in sports. For the benefit of business connections. With the benefit to expand horizons. With health benefits. Tennis players are all maniacs. When I was shaping, I understood that I needed him for a figure. And bravely for several years she writhed on a rug, counting down time, serving a "term." Two times a week. You must Fedya, you must. And then you get fat. Saved by motivation and charming instructors, showing by example how to fight for their beauty. It was difficult.

On tennis, I run, whistling, grunting from happiness. From tennis I crawl a little alive, the next day everything hurts. However, any, and vigorous youthful, and - rewound as a mummy, a grandfather of amateur tennis, when you ask him - Let's go, let's play. the face changes immediately and something very recognizable lights up in the eyes. Let's go to. Well, it is difficult for me, of course, to imagine that a friend told me - Let's go to shaping .. And I changed my face, my eyes lit up - Of course, let's go! Ran !!

Tennis is a game! A real game! Interesting, exciting, gambling. At the same time, we are all constantly growing in tennis. Something is changing. Someone starts to make a new pitch, someone teaches a cutter, someone masters a new strategy for the game. Again - experience. Nobody canceled it. The more we play tennis, the better we play tennis. The level grows depending on the number of strokes on the ball, and it's great! There is no limit to perfection.

Often I tell a story when, at the dawn of tennis, I was running, light and restless, stuck to a German old man on Turkish courts. The Germans love tennis and, like us, love tennis companies to go to the seas to play for 10 days.

Heat. all gone from the courts. I have not played enough. Watching grandfather standing with a racket. 75 years, maybe more. I meet him and call to play. He says: "I'm waiting for a partner, but there are 10 minutes." I think, okay, we will play to 4, now I’ll take him down for 10 minutes and go for lunch. A bit of a load was not enough for me to deserve lunch, as I thought. Continue?

In general, the score was 4-0, or rather, 0-4 (I myself). Minutes past 7. We finished before the arrival of his partner. And I did not understand how he moved. It seemed to me that he was standing like a pole and swinging a little. But for some reason, the ball flew from it all the time to where I am not, and I could do nothing with my agility. God bless this grandfather, he taught me a lot then. I was like a circus horse, all covered with soap, and he did not even sweat.

Tennis is a unique sport in the sense that the more and longer a person plays, the better he learns to expend his strength, the technique is improved, the ability to put the ball there where the rival fails, the racket and the ball always outweigh the usual physical condition opponent. There is no need to run. Run on football. Here you need to think and learn to put the ball wherever you want.

In other words, why amateur tennis is good for age players. Because the more experience you have, the less you will spend energy, learn to save power, but at the expense of technology that is improving every year, you can compensate for the need to “run like a horse”. As "growing up" a person does not, unfortunately, become faster, more agile and stronger. But tennis provides an opportunity for several years to learn exactly the style of the game that will not hurt you. And you can play, however. Until - uncertain age.

So, if you are between 35 and. and you want to play tennis. No not like this! If you have a desire to do some kind of sport, so that it is good for your health, for keeping fit, for a figure, for example, if you have the opportunity to set aside time for your sporting activities and a desire to learn something new, get busy by tennis! This is the perfect sport for the age lover. And tennis will stay with you for a long time, and maybe forever :-).

Evgenia Vasilenko. Photos from different trips of our tennis club "New Moscow".

What is the use of tennis?

Before trying to understand how to quickly learn to play tennis, let's talk about the benefits that you get by choosing this sport. Why is tennis so popular now? Of the obvious advantages in the first place it is worth mentioning the strengthening of muscles, the development of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Studies have also shown positive changes after regular tennis training for people who suffer from migraines, insomnia, poor appetite and even depression.

Tennis is not without reason called a noble sport. To understand how to learn to play tennis well, you need to use tactics. Notice how your strategic thinking improves after just a year of training. In addition, this sport is available to everyone. Even if you have suffered an injury in the past or have low physical fitness, you only need to pick up the appropriate equipment and pace of the game. The most important thing is to choose the right sneakers for tennis. And half of the load on the body will subside.

How to start playing tennis?

Here are a few items that will help you in the beginning of the way of mastering a new sport:

  1. Search for a professional coach. Some people think that if the goal of training is not to get into a professional sports league, then the services of a coach in tennis come to nothing. Those who are not trying to figure out how to learn to play tennis on their own, but go straight to an experienced specialist, are wiser. With a trainer, you quickly learn how to hold a racket and strike. They will also explain to you how to move around the court and breathe, without any risk to your health. These can be both group and personal lessons, but look for a coach with whom you will be comfortable so as not to waste time and money.
  2. Finding the right court. So it was the turn of the search for a place where you can even learn to play tennis. In large cities, finding a court is a simple task. The probability of finding a court near work or at home is rather high. Often there are courts at specialized sports schools, universities, and even in large hotels.
  3. Choosing a coach. From the found professional trainers you need to choose the one that suits you in all respects. To do this, you can talk to his students, ask about how the coach behaves in the learning process. This will help you understand how to start playing tennis and quickly develop skills.
  4. Purchase of inventory and equipment. The most important of all is the purchase of a tennis racket. This process is an individual one, it is better to order a racket after consulting a trainer. Also you will need tennis sneakers. Special shoes reduce the risk of injury and make the game comfortable.
  5. Regular workouts. To master the basic skills of playing tennis, it will be enough to play once or twice a week under the supervision of a coach.
  6. Finding the right partner for sparring. It is most pleasant to work with friends whom you know and feel well with them.
  7. Account management when playing. Remember that in the game a person loses about 40% of the skills that were obtained in training. Playing on the account especially motivates and increases the concentration of players.
  8. Preparing for full games. To understand how to learn tennis without attracting a sparring partner, you should try to play on your own. Use the wall, moving away a sufficient distance, and throwing a tennis ball about it so that it bounced off. Try to beat off your own “pitch”. This practice will help prepare for the game with another person.

How to learn to play tennis big?

Add some more tips with which you can play more interesting and effective.

  1. Do not relax the muscles after the first strike. Try to get into the habit that the completion of the first strike is also a preparation for the next one.
  2. Do not lower the racket after impact. One of the secrets to learning how to play tennis is to minimize effort and not lose concentration. Lowering the racket down after striking, you do exactly the opposite - you lose sight of the ball and double the amount of effort.

What is useful tennis?

The benefits of tennis are invaluable:

  • Half-hour intensive training will help burn from 300 to 500 calories, which means that tennis lessons will help get rid of extra pounds.
  • In the process of the game, almost all major muscle groups are involved, so that your body will become taut and prominent (you must have noticed and evaluated the sexual forms of tennis players more than once).
  • Tennis will help to significantly increase the speed of reaction, because to hit the ball, you must first notice it, and then immediately move and make a sharp movement.
  • Such a game improves brain activity in general, because in its process the player must plan and think over each action in advance.
  • You will improve coordination, gain agility of movements and learn to control your body.
  • Training normalizes the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, thereby greatly improving the functioning of almost all organs and body systems (after all, they begin to receive much more oxygen and nutrients from the blood).
  • Tennis lessons will help improve immunity, give vitality and give energy.

Is it possible to do everything?

Tennis lessons have some contraindications:

  • Some vascular or heart diseases: heart failure, hypertension, arrhythmia, ischemic disease, varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, and some others.
  • Severe respiratory diseases.
  • Joint diseases: arthritis, arthrosis, osteoporosis.
  • Injuries.
  • The period of exacerbation of serious chronic diseases.
  • Spinal diseases such as intervertebral hernia, osteochondrosis.
  • Common systemic diseases (systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatism, multiple sclerosis, vasculitis) in the acute stage.

What will it take to play tennis?

The first step is the choice of equipment. Here is what you will need to purchase:

  • Racket - the main tool of any tennis player. How to choose a racket? There is no point in acquiring a professional for a newbie, since it costs a lot and can be broken if it is handled incorrectly (believe it at first). There are several important selection criteria. The first is the area of ​​the stringed surface. The more it is, the easier it will be to hit the ball, but the less accurate the shots will be. It is better to find a middle ground. The second criterion is the weight of the racket. It usually ranges from 250 to 450 grams. The heavier the racket, the more powerful the blow will be, but the more difficult it will be to hold it in your hands. It is much easier to hold a light racket, but it will not allow to make powerful blows. The ideal weight for a novice female player is 260-280 grams, while for men it is about 320-350 grams. The third criterion is a pen. Handle sizes are denoted by numbers. Handles 1 and 2 sizes are suitable for children, as well as girls with miniature palms. Sizes 3 and 4 fit the average man, and size 5 is designed for people with a very wide palm. And finally, the last criterion - the composition of the strings. It is better to choose a racket with synthetic strings, it will be more affordable and fairly durable.
  • Ball. It is best to buy a sports ball, it has an optimal weight and is more durable and durable.
  • Clothing. It is better to choose light and comfortable clothes that do not interfere with movement. This could be, for example, a top and skirt or a T-shirt with tight-fitting shorts. For games in the fresh air in spring or autumn you can buy a sports suit. To keep your hair from getting in your face, get a sports bandage on your head. If the game takes place in the open air, then get a light, light baseball cap made of natural fabrics.
  • Footwear. It is advisable to purchase sneakers that will provide the necessary support for the foot. Their sole should be rubber, quite thick and providing proper cushioning. Choose pretty high top sneakers to protect your joints. And in order for the legs to "breathe", it is advisable to purchase shoes made from natural materials.

Rules of the game

How can a newcomer quickly learn how to play tennis? First of all, you should learn the rules of the game. A few important points:

  1. Court. The lines running along the length of the court are called side lines, and the lines denoting width are called back. The court is divided by width into two equal parts. In addition, there is a central line that is perpendicular to the back and connects them to each other. Also indicated by the lines and feed areas. The border of the court are the outer edges of the back and side lines.
  2. Innings. The first one is played with a lot and is carried out to the right of the center line, then after each point the players change their location. Prostration for the line - breaking the rules. When you first touch the ball of the net or hit out (out of court), the player is given the right to re-serve.
  3. Kick off the ball. Отбить мяч нужно после одного его касания о корт или же до касания (на лету). Но первая подача отбивается только после касания. Если мяч оказался за пределами поля, то удар не засчитывается. Мяч, задевший сетку, но упавший на стороне противника, будет засчитан.If the ball touched the body, was hit before the intersection of the grid line, or the player touched a racket or a grid, the point will not be counted.
  4. Match. One match can consist of three or five sets. And each set consists of at least 6 games. The exact duration of the match is not defined.
  5. Points The first successful strike brings 15 points, the second still 15, the third - 10. The fourth strike means victory. The winning difference must be at least two balls. You can win a game by beating 4 balls. In the set, the player who first won 6 games wins (and the opponent must win no more than 4). The winner of the match is the one who wins 3 sets out of the total 5 or 2 sets out of 3.
  6. Tie-break - a duel to 7 balls with a difference of at least two balls, which is required with an equal score (6: 6).

Who do you train with?

For a beginner at first, it is better to take lessons from an experienced coach. He will tell you the rules, teach you how to hold a racket and hit the ball, serve, and move around the court. In addition, a professional trainer will be able to deliver a punch and bring it to perfection.

When the technique is fully mastered, you can proceed to training with a partner. You can find it in the sports club in which you are engaged, in local forums of novice tennis players or on social networks.

Where to train?

In fact, finding tennis courts is easy, they are available in almost every city. But first, choose not the most popular and not the most visited, to enjoy the game to the full, not to think about time and lack of it, and also not to be embarrassed because of the views of strangers.

It is worth noting that for a beginner who is just beginning to master the basics, it is best to conduct training in the gym, it will be more convenient.

Useful tips

Some tips for newbies:

  1. Tennis is not conquered by everyone and not immediately, so do not expect a miracle and be patient, it will be useful to you.
  2. To hone skills and master the technique of impact, first play in proud solitude with the wall. Yes, yes, it will help to find the optimal impact force, learn to steer the ball, influence its flight path and move quickly. And only then go to the games with a partner to understand how to plan strikes and predict the actions of an opponent.
  3. If you started to play with a partner, then do not strive to immediately play on points, for beginners it sometimes distracts from the game. To start, just try to hold the ball for as long as possible. And when you learn how to do it, go to the game on points. But still remember that the excitement and the desire to win are two different things. In addition, be sure to ask your partner to make complex feeds and beatings, to learn how to quickly respond to strikes.
  4. Do not start the game if you are annoyed or in a bad mood. First calm down and come to your senses.

Be sure to learn how to play tennis to become slim and nimble.