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The best and worst budget shadows: part 2, palettes


Have you chosen the perfect palette for your make-up yet? We will help you find the most beautiful shadows for a reasonable price. Cosmo has tested 10 beautiful palettes no more than 1000 rubles especially for you - enjoy!

The Blushed Nudes by Maybelline New York

An indispensable palette of nude and pink shades (as many as 12!), Which will help you to refresh your appearance and create the perfect day makeup. We like it not only for quality (the shadows are really very persistent), but also for their versatility - mix and experiment!

Price: about 800 rubles.

i-Divine Ultra Mattes by Sleek MakeUP

Cool matte palette for the most daring - 12 very bright colors: fuchsia, lime, indigo, purple ... In a word, with this set of shadows you will be ready for any party! However, the palette will fit every day - bright pastel shades are very calm and pleasant.

Price: about 900 rubles.

"Quattro" from Yves Rocher

A beautiful 4-color palette for girls of any type of appearance - these pinkish shades are so versatile and easy to apply that will suit both brunettes, and blondes, and blue-eyed, and brown-eyed ...

Price: about 990 rubles.

Secret Story by Faberlic

Incredibly spectacular palette from Faberlic with 4 trendy shades of green, brown and gold. All colors are very saturated, and the texture is satin, with a slight shimmer ... Well, very beautiful!

Price: about 450 rubles

Color Riche by L`Oreal Paris

10 beautiful discreet colors - from beige and soft pink to purple and brown. This palette is just perfect for every day: the shadows are matte, and the colors are calm. Grab it!

Price: about 950 rubles.

All About Grays by Essence

This is certainly not 50 shades of gray, but as many as 8. Steel, asphalt, graphite ... A wonderful version of the palette for those who do not like color makeup, but prefer gray, smoky smoky or, on the contrary, use light shadows. Almost all shades are brilliant, and this is now relevant.

Price: about 500 rubles.

Sand Nudes by Catrice

We all love nude shades, modern makeup for every day without them is difficult to imagine. With all its modest price, the Catrice palette is really great - it has 6 nude colors. Shadows are great to hold, but if you use the primer, the make-up will remain perfect for the whole day!

Price: about 400 rubles.

Colorful 5 by Sephora

Another excellent palette for reasonable money is the Sephora brand - 5 shades from dark to light, they all shine a little and perfectly match each other. Mix, shade in a light haze or apply a thick layer on the entire surface of the century - in a word, try it!

Price: about 1000 rubles.

Love in Paris from NYX

The palette with the romantic name Love in Paris is loved not only by us, but also by professional makeup artists. It will become the best friend of those who prefer natural makeup - 9 nude shades at once to create fashionable images. We must take!

Price: about 900 rubles.

Dup Shock Eyeshadow Palette by Pupa

A palette of 5 nude shades with a subtle radiance. Packaging of shadows is very unusual - in the form of circles. The shadows themselves are the absolute must have for day makeup. All 5 colors you probably will use! Lighter - in the morning, darker - in the evening. This is the case when you save and make a really up-to-date beauty purchase.

Nude palettes

Eye & Brow Contouring Palette, Catrice (020 But First, Hot Coffee!) (temporarily out of stock) “My main find and surprisingly is the cheapest. Shades are exhaustively correct. They are suitable for automatic sculpting of the eyelids: a matte beige on the whole moving eyelid, dark brown deepens the outer corner, a shiny creamy - amazingly highlights the inner one. The intensity is easily varied by layering. In the evening I make a languid Smokey, and when suddenly necessary, I tint my eyebrows with the same shadows and emphasize the cheekbones. Special thanks for the compactness. A palette is no more than a pager, if you still remember how they look :) In general, if there are claims to the million nude shadows that are available, try these ”, - Lena.

Mat Eye Colors, Make Up Factory, 070 (1159 rub.) - “I would not have thought that velvety matte shades can be watercolor. And that they can go this way. They fall smoky dust without sudden transitions and boundaries. Apply better with a brush. I do not know why, but these shadows are obviously more like it. Under the fingers, they can be completely shaded to zero. I would add some satin peach to the palette, and I would be very happy ”, - Lena.

Eye Shadow Quartet, Isa Dora, 44 Muddy Nudes (1125 rub.) - “Very soft, pigmented and creamy texture. Dusty, but, in general, not critical. But on cheers keep even without a base. That is necessary for every day, ”- Lena.

Redemption Palette, Makeup Revolution, Essential Mattes 2 (490 rub.) - “I have already said about one hundred million times and wrote that this palette is most excellent. In the light of the price around 500 rubles - just fly. To its advantages, in addition to the excellent quality of matte shadows for such ridiculous money, I will also carry a palette. The rare case when you have not one light base shade to choose from, but four. Of course, I am the queen of nuda, but I still get tired of painting the same thing every day, ”- Yulia.

Most Wanted Pallete, Artdeco, Nude to Go, (998 rub.) - “This is also a great palette, which I lost a little amid the Makeup Revolution. The quality is quite decent, the shades are good. Just when there is a palette with 12 shades on hand, the hand automatically reaches for them. But Artdeco has its own plus - not all colors are matte, there are three shimmer ones (and these are three normal chimmers). Again, on the issue of diversity ", - Julia.

Eyeshadow Palette, e.l.f., Mad for Matte, (577 rubles) - “A recent discovery that happened to me thanks to our Olya Tretyakova's love for iHerb. I'm not sure for 100% that the palette can be attributed to the nude one - the main part of the colors here is richly brown. But I use the left five shades every day - and I get what I need: "my eyes, only brighter and more." Shadows of excellent quality, problems with color output and shading - 0. Right wah! ”- Julia.

I-Divine Mineral Based Eyeshadow Palette (A New Day 430), Sleek Make Up (950 rubles) - “Having already checked out this palette, I was surprised to discover that this is some kind of mega-hit, I-Divine is already releasing either 7 , or 8 years (in different variations, of course), during this time 3.68 million pallets were sold, and about 1,325 pieces are bought in the world every day. Well, I'm ready to contribute, so that tomorrow they will be sold for a hundred or more more. 12 shades, 6 matte-satin, 6 shimmer, from sparkling champagne to dark chocolate, practice in nude nude as much as you wish, and eyelid - stand it. Some are a little dusty, some are not too willing to give color, but you can adjust, because they are layered well. The applicator from the palette goes straight to the furnace, of course, ”- Yana Z.

Non nude palettes

Full Throttle Shadow Palette, NYX, Easy on the Eyes (499 rub.) - “A monstrous outrage, just learned that the palette is removed from sale. But I will not remove from the rating. There is a chance that in the "Girlfriend" you can still find the remains, and some other NYX shadows have similar quality (for example, in the Contour Intuitive Palette). We have: two well-educated matte nudu and two metallic-tear. Inspired either by safari or by golden autumn: the color of fallen leaves and frost-nailed green. Apply with your fingers and only. Then the shadows almost do not dust and more densely, more uniformly fit on the eyelid. Especially good are soft-springy and saturated metallic. Why, why did they remove this palette from production ... ”- Lena.

Eye Shadow Palette, IsaDora, 62 Highlands (949 rubles) - “For the selection of shades of five points. The case when I didn’t know what I wanted, and IsaDora managed to guess my desires and hit the apple :) The lightest shade does not have large sparkles, but it miraculously highlights everything that needs to be highlighted. And most importantly, it is not whitish-mother-of-pearl (such look coarse, in my opinion), but warm, like baked milk. It mixes well with other shimmer shades, brown and olive. Matte khaki and eggplant are not knocked out of this everyday spectrum. But do not let him slide into banality.

In general, using the example of this palette, I realized that I was fed up with the trend instituted by Urban Decay Naked - to stretch colors in one scale. (Although the quality of Naked is excellent.) Yes, each shade is beautiful. But the most important thing for an artist is what? Inspiration. 8-10-16 pink / beige / gray shades inspire me ... today is not beautiful. If you suddenly - unintentionally - experience a similar feeling, there is a great chance that you will like the Highlands paletka, ”- Lena.

Masterpiece Nude Palette, Max Factor, 03 Rose Nudes (749 rubles) - “If, on the contrary, you do not agree with me, hold the Max Factor palettes. The first is in a cold beige scale, the second in a warm one, the third is pink-plum. Shadows are saturated and silky, just hand. Not too, however, universal, for all in varying degrees shining. It would not hurt a couple of matte. But such a quality for 700 rubles is still a search, ”- Lena.

Eye Love it Eyeshadow Palette, Misslyn (949 rubles) - “And this is exactly the case when you can create and stay within the law. I had two such palettes, in one instead of a green emerald green - rich crimson, and the rest of the range was also in ocher tones, but a little warmer. And this is a very correct combination, it also allows you to draw, as a whole, and not at all, either. And the emerald is here emerald, and crimson is a pleasant powdered raspberry, and I adore them both. True, I have a suspicion that they were limits. But this quality was equally excellent for both, so take any other combinations too. ” - Yana W.


Nude Look, Eva Mosaic (698 rubles) - “The shadows are so transparent that it is impossible to distinguish the difference between the four shades of the five. When I say “invisible makeup,” I don’t mean its complete absence ”, - Lena.

Color Catch Eye Palette, BeYou, 303 (745 rubles) - four shades for the “green nuda”, let's say. That is, three different shades of green, including, as it were, emerald green and, as it were, khaki, plus strong-shimmer cold white. So, you do not need any. White lays down as if you had a snowball in your eyes, the rest - form dirty stains of varying degrees of intensity, and all after three hours mysteriously disappear from the eyelids. Even with my, not fat and fertilized base. " - Yana W.

Do you have any of the described palettes, do your impressions coincide with ours? Tell us about your loved ones and unfairly not mentioned :)