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Microsoft lost 36 thousand Windows Phone users at once

Nokia, which has recently lost its leading position in the mobile market, is actively increasing its presence. In particular, this may indicate a number of smartphones, advantageously differing from their competitors due to the special technical characteristics.

The same can be said about the model that we describe in this article. Meet: this is Lumia 640 DS, a review of which we have prepared especially for you. It should be noted that under this brand two different devices are released, which, first of all, differ in their dimensions and a number of possibilities. This is the model 640 and Lumia 640 XL. The review, which we have prepared today, will tell about the main advantages and disadvantages of this smartphone, will describe some user feedback about it. We will also draw a number of our conclusions regarding this gadget.


Let's start with a general description of how the device is presented in the Nokia model line and how the manufacturer positions the Lumia 640. The review we prepared showed that the smartphone belongs to the lower middle price class - prices start at 10 thousand rubles. Despite this, the capabilities of the device can really be called broad, based on the specifications specified by the developers. In particular, we are talking about a powerful processor, a colorful display, the build quality of the Lumia 640. The review that you are reading now contains more detailed information about all of these points, so you just have to be patient and you will learn everything about this device very soon . For now - we give the characteristic of the packaging of the device and its kit.


First of all, I would like to note the special flat shape of the box in which the device is offered on the market. It is made from a special, not quite familiar in its texture, cardboard with images of the smartphone and Microsoft logos. Opening the package, we meet a neatly laid device that comes in a modest kit with a charger. The developers did not equip the model with a cord to connect to a PC, so it will have to be bought in a separate order. Also inside you can find the model documentation, which describes the features of working with Lumia 640.

Our review will not stop on the set - let's move on to the exterior of the smartphone.

It is hardly worth noting that Lumia has its own corporate identity in which all devices of this line are manufactured. The same can be said about Microsoft Lumia 640. The review contains images, so from them you can already understand what is meant. This is the darkened front side of the device (visually “erasing” the line between the actual screen and its plastic surroundings) and the bright glossy surface of the back cover of the phone. In this style, all Lumia are made, so the user will not discover anything new for himself (in this regard).

The phone is produced, as they used to do in Microsoft, in two colors. These are blue and orange colors. However, the panel will be on sale in other colors (and, in fact, it depends on them what a smartphone looks like).

The navigation elements of the device are represented by a classic set consisting of soft keys under the screen and physical ones on the right side. We are talking about the display lock buttons and a rocker volume control knob.

In general, the assembly of the device can be noted from the positive side - the quality of plastic is high here, and all the elements fit closely. In the hand the phone lies well - despite the glossy texture, the model does not strive to slip out of the hands. So, while we were preparing for the Lumia 640 review, no defects, backlash or squeaks could be found.

The phone is presented in the popular (recently) class of devices that consist of 5-inch phablets. This is the optimal size for the screen of the device, for which there is considerable demand today. It can be said that such models are both quite functional and not too bulky at the same time.

The XL version received a display, the diagonal of which is somewhat larger and reaches 5.9 inches.

The resolution of the display, which operates on the basis of IPS technology, is 1280 by 720 pixels, which allows us to speak about a clear and saturated picture. In addition, the image on the screen of the device does not change its color range even when turning and tilting, which is a positive feature.

Outside, the screen is covered with an oleophobic coating (which significantly reduces the frictional force of the finger on the screen and, moreover, makes it easy to remove the resulting fingerprints on the Microsoft Lumia 640. The review also showed that the display is equipped with a third-generation Gorilla Glass protective glass impact and damage.

The model, as already noted above, is equipped with a fairly productive "stuffing", despite its relatively low cost. This refers to the Qualcomm processor - Snapdragon 400, which operates on the basis of 4 cores. Each of them is capable of delivering a clock frequency of 1.2 GHz.

In addition, the smartphone has a 1 GB RAM, which suggests its high speed.

Reviews left of the Lumia 640 LTE (the review, of course, also takes them into account) show the same thing - the phone is capable of playing cumbersome (in terms of its graphic component) games from the Windows Market and, moreover, has a “quick” response. We didn’t manage to detect any inconveniences, such as delays or “glitches”, in our daily work while we were testing the device.

It should be clarified that both versions of the smartphone work on the same software platform.

operating system

In part, this quality of the smartphone is due to its software component, or rather, the OS on which it operates. This, according to official specifications, Windows Phone 8.1. This version was relevant at the time of release of the model in early 2015, whereas after the release of Windows 10th version, most likely, the provision of the smartphone was updated.

There is a lot of controversy about how comfortable it is to work with a WP-platform device. Users accustomed to the flexibility of Android can, of course, complain about the features of Windows Phone. One way or another, the system also has a lot of merit. These include the simple and intuitive logic of building the system structure, a wide software suite, the availability of some standard software packages from Microsoft, such as Office and others. All this, of course, makes working with the phone more convenient and at the same time expands the user's capabilities.

Our review is not about the Android device, about which there are so many rumors about their low level of autonomy. Nevertheless, the level of battery consumption (the capacity of which, according to official documentation, is 2500 mAh) is at about the same level. Increased XL-version is different in this regard, since it provides a 3000 mAh battery. This suggests a higher level of autonomy of the device compared to the basic version, even despite the increased display and, as a result, a slightly different level of charge.

If you actively use this device (I mean working with Internet access networks, watching videos, playing games and other applications), then one charge will be enough for 1-1.5 days. Therefore, most likely, more advanced users who use a wide range of device functions will need to charge it every day.

For those who need Lumia 640 LTE (which we are reviewing) only as a phone (I mean using its most basic functions and capabilities), it should be said that in standby mode, the model is ready to work for 3-4 days.

As we know, all Lumia-smartphones are positioned by the developer as devices with a high-quality camera that can take great pictures. This feature even describes a number of models from Microsoft as “camera phones”.

However, as the review of the Lumia 640 LTE Dual has shown, this model is not one of those. On the one hand, the resolution of its main camera is 8 megapixels, which, given the developer's reputation, allows us to speak not of “fictitious” pixels, as is the case with a lot of Chinese manufacturers, but of a real indicator of high quality images. So it is, but given the low cost of the device. In practice, of course, in most cases, what this camera shoots will suit most buyers. What can be said about the front, the resolution of which is equal to 0.9 megapixel.

The model Microsoft Lumia 640 XL Dual SIM favorably differs from the basic version in this respect. A review by us showed: the pictures are more saturated and realistic if they are photographed by its 13-megapixel main camera. The frontal on the “enlarged” model also turned out to be more powerful - we are talking about 5 megapixels.

There are no unique features that could be attributed to the communication side of the device on the Lumia 640 Dual SIM (a review proves it) no. Yes, both smartphones support the work of two SIM cards (which can be indicated by the full name of the device). In addition, the phones are equipped with all the necessary (for this class of devices) capabilities like: Bluetooth module, GPS and A-GPS navigation systems, support for working with high-speed mobile LTE connectivity.

Fans of technological innovations will like the presence of an NFC-module on both smartphones. With it, you can make contactless payment, as well as charge the phone (if you have a special charger) without the need to connect to the network.

I would like to pay special attention to various sensors and other modules installed on this model. So, the presence of an accelerometer, an illumination sensor, and an approximation will not surprise anyone today. But additions such as SensorCore (a special solution from Microsoft, which allows to improve the operation of the device's sensor and make it more efficient), the magnetometer and the smartphone's orientation sensor in space are already something new.

Of course, the average user is unlikely to pay close attention to these systems. Nevertheless, they are - and with their help, work with some applications can become more interactive and exciting.

There are quite a lot of recommendations and characteristics of users who are fortunate enough to have experience with this device. We found and analyzed them in the process of preparing this review.

Among them, as it turned out, most of them belong to the positive ones - people in every way extol the device, note its stable operation, powerful characteristics, wide opportunities, stylish design. Nevertheless, we are interested in negative reviews and complaints - this is how we will make our Microsoft Lumia 640 LTE review more interesting. After all, having seen the weak points of the device, any future buyer will think about whether he needs such a smartphone.

So, first we should note the design features of the model. Buyers note that the rear speaker, protruding above the surface of the cover, closes if you put your smartphone on something soft. Thus, the phone is heard much worse due to sound absorption.

Next you need to say about backlash - some reviews indicate poor-quality assembly. Perhaps this is only part of the released devices or some kind of defective batch. However, we came across a sample, the cap of which sits "monolithically."

Another remark, duplicated in many comments relating to the body, concerns the quality of the plastic from which the apparatus is made. Users show that it looks a bit cheap, which is why the model does not have the “high cost effect” that some other devices have.

Some users complain about the quality of the cameras. Like, for communication on Skype, the front one, and for simple pictures, the back one, they work quite well, but even compared to the fourth iPhone, the image quality is noticeably inferior.

There were also complaints about the screen installed on the Microsoft Lumia 640 Dual SIM. The survey conducted by us showed a good image quality; however, users complain about the graininess at a certain viewing angle. Perhaps, if you take a closer look, the pixels will actually be noticeable - in principle, this can be expected from a device of this class.

So, we have tried to describe in detail the presented model Lumia 640 3G Dual SIM. The review, hopefully, was complete enough to help you get some idea of ​​this device. Of course, it has several advantages both over its competitors in the segment, and over more expensive devices. For example, to those should be attributed a wide software suite, productive platform, autonomy. Although, frankly, the model has weaknesses - the body (assembly and materials), the camera, the location of some functional elements, equipment.

If you are looking for an inexpensive, but powerful and functional device - you can turn your attention to the Lumia 640 or 640 XL. Of course, we advise you to hold it in your hands beforehand, try it in your work and form some kind of opinion about the device. If none of these shortcomings seem to you to be overly serious, then, in our opinion, the device for 10 thousand rubles can be an excellent choice.


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The fact is that they did not leave the phones, but from the platform on which there was written software especially for them. They didn’t buy el elites, for example, but simply realized that they had no prospects on Windows and decided that the sooner they got the better

In this case, we are not talking about the unattractiveness of the operating system, but about the fact that failed smartphones for obvious reasons (increased wear in police work conditions!) They simply had nothing to replace them with - the release of low-cost devices was stopped. That is why there followed an absolutely logical decision about switching to another platform.

Antonio Badalamenti,
Are iphones inexpensive devices? Wow.

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Инсайды #1069: Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, линейка Samsung Galaxy A, Honor V9 Mini и безрамочный флагман Elephone

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Where I wrote about the lack of advice from the Samsung? Do not distort the words

Well, then it all comes down to about the same reliability ratio. As for the firmware, it’s been a long time known by xiaomi that before buying a model you have to wait 3 months after its release.

here, too, is not so simple. I took my RN4X a couple of weeks after the start. In general, there were no complaints once. And this is the first phone that even rutavat is not a hunt and there is no need (it hasn't been the case with anybody for more than a month :)) not to mention the custom. There were HTC, Samsung, Lenovo, ASUS, Iphone5S (I didn’t buy it - I got it for a week to “drive” - I returned it without regrets)

It is possible about the "buggy firmware" in more detail?
And then I have already half a year XRN4 and I just can not understand in what place and what exactly is buggy.

A lot of that is buggy. Led to advertising on a well-known site and bought a piece of problems. From the firmware is buggy - during an incoming call, everything that should be displayed when you call does not jump out. The locked screen just starts to glow and the strip of green on top is as if I had turned off the bell myself. Although the phone is locked on the table. Or if I start dialing someone and immediately this contact calls me, it stops responding to the touch for 10-15 seconds. Often drizzling modem mode. There is a point, but there is no Internet on it, whereas the Internet works on the phone. Recently, more and more often began to emerge a notification about the heating of the device during normal use. The problem with the regular weather. It is updated only manually and then often pops up a message stating that the traffic has ended there is no access to the network. Although I have a limit set to 99GB.

What kind of money are you talking about, if Xiaomi doesn’t care about the Russian market? They focus on India, China and Indonesia. Believe it yourself? But the devices are neither good nor bad, they only cost the money for which they are sold. I myself use Mi 5.

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Dogii, Dim4646
You as usual together & # 128527,


The Microsoft Lumia 640 smartphone family was presented at the last Mobile World Congress 2015 just over a month ago. The general index 640 was received not by two and even not three, but by as many as eight (!) Models.

The range of "Windows-backgrounds" added to the following models. Four options Lumia 640: with support for one SIM-card and 3G networks, with support for one SIM-card and LTE networks, with two slots for SIM-cards and support for 3G networks, with two slots and LTE. Also, the public were presented four variants of the Lumia 640 XL with a similar combination of distinctive features. The junior model Lumia 640 has a 5 ″ screen, while the Lumia 640 XL has a slightly larger screen - 5.7 ″. If we consider that all smartphones will be sold at the same time, and the options with one and two SIM cards will have the same price, then the question arises: what did Microsoft marketers actually think about? The Lumia lineup is already so full of devices, and you can figure out how one of them differs from the other, only if you read the lists of features and compare them line by line. The release of four pairs of smartphones with the same price and the only difference in the number of slots for SIM-cards does not facilitate the process of choosing a mobile companion. Why bother to market identical smartphones with the support of one or two SIM slots with the same price tags? After all, it is clear that, other things being equal, buyers will prefer models with support for two SIM-cards.

Be that as it may, at the time of the review, Microsoft only had information on four versions of the smartphone: 640 LTE, 640 DS LTE, 640 DS 3G and 640 XL DS 3G. Hereinafter, the abbreviation “DS” means support for two SIM cards. For all variants of the smartphone, several body colors are available: white, black, red and blue. Some of them were available, others were available only by reservation.

The basis for the Lumia 640 family of devices is the SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 400, all smartphones are equipped with 1 GB of operational 8 GB of flash memory. The display type of all models is the same (the diagonal is different), but the main cameras of the 640 and 640 XL are different: 8 Mp and 13 Mp, f / 2.2 and f / 2.0 optics, respectively. The front cameras are also different: the wide-angle camera Full HD 5 MP in Lumia 640 XL and HD 0.9 MP in Lumia 640. Naturally, the larger 640 XL battery is more powerful: 3000 mAh vs. 2500 mAh. And one more difference: models with LTE support are also equipped with an NFC module.

The hero of this review was the smartphone in the version of the Lumia 640 DS 3G.

Characteristics of smartphones Microsoft Lumia 640

  • SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 MSM8926, 1.2 GHz, 4 core ARM Cortex-A7
  • GPU Adreno 305
  • Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2 operating system, Lumia Denim package
  • Touchscreen display 5 ″, IPS, ClearBlack, 1280 × 720, capacitive multi-touch, Corning Gorilla Glass 3
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 8 GB internal memory
  • Nokia Lumia 640 3G model: 2G GSM communication (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz), 3G WCDMA (850, 900, 1900, 2100 MHz)
  • Nokia Lumia 640 LTE model: 2G GSM communication (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz), 3G WCDMA (850, 900, 1700, 1900, 2100 MHz), 4G / LTE (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, 17, 20, 28)
  • Data transmission GPRS, EDGE, HSPA + (up to 42 Mbit / s), LTE (up to 150 Mbit / s)
  • Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC
  • GPS / Glonass / BeiDou, accelerometer, magnetometer (compass), gyroscope, proximity sensor, light sensor
  • FM radio
  • Cameras: main 8 megapixel (autofocus, flash), additional 0.9 megapixel
  • 2500 mAh removable battery
  • Dimensions 141.3 × 72.2 × 8.8 mm
  • Weight 145 g

For comparison, the table shows the characteristics of several recent models of Nokia in the version with LTE support.

Appearance and usability

There are several typical options for the appearance of Lumia smartphones. The first group includes strict rectangular (in plan) devices with chopped sharp edges. The devices of the second group also differ in faces intersecting strictly at an angle of 90 degrees, but their body is made of plastic, and not of metal. Finally, the third extensive group includes models with rounded, smoothed hull lines and smooth edges that merge into one another. Most of the representatives of the third category are also made of plastic. It is obvious that it is still easier to cut and turn a metal at a right angle than to give it a rounded or curved shape.

The current hero of the review belongs to the third category of Lumia smartphones. Smooth contours of the case and colored plastic give the Lumia 640 a somewhat frivolous look, but this is the long-standing trend of Nokia / Microsoft designers. They love cheerful and cheerful tones in their devices, and we can only praise them for it. For lovers of strict style there is a black and white back panel.

At first glance, the Lumia 640 makes a pleasant impression, but the devil, as you know, is in the details. And the longer you work with a smartphone, the more, unfortunately, you find such disappointing moments.

The main, main, almost ultimate disadvantage of the Lumia 640 design is an extremely slippery plastic. Perhaps the current hero of the review - this is the most "irrepressible" in the bad sense of the word smartphone from those that have been in my hands. The varnished back panel and side faces of the Lumia 640 turn the smartphone into a bar of soap. Nothing helps - neither a sufficiently large width of the faces, nor a significant surface area of ​​the back panel, the smartphone still strives to slip out of hand. It’s out of the question to use the device in transport, and moreover to do something with one hand there: one extra push - and Lumia 640 will leave from the palm towards the center of the Earth. What made Microsoft designers choose such material for the body of the review hero can be understood, but what allowed the engineers to agree with them is difficult. In the majority of “Lumii” soft-touch plastic, which feels like rubber, feels less slippery, is used. However, judging by the appearance of the recently announced Lumia 435, slippery plastic is a long-term trend in the work of Microsoft developers. It is sad. Well, in order to finally close the plastic theme of the back panel of the Lumia 640, I note that, as it should be on the lacquered surface, it perfectly collects fingerprints, touch marks and scratches.

Given the above, one could not dwell in detail on how the smartphone lies in the palm of your hand. But if you abstract from the lacquer plastic or imagine that the owner of a mobile computer has increased roughness of the skin or the surface of the smartphone is covered with a layer of dirt, then the following should be noted: in terms of dimensions, the Lumia 640 fits perfectly into a medium-sized palm. The smartphone has to hold tight, and the fingers have something to hold on to - help the wide side faces. When working with a smartphone, the power management button is located just under the thumb of the right hand. The relatively low weight of the mobile computer does not cause discomfort or fatigue.

One hand to control the Lumia 640 is difficult, but with a lot of desire you can. The main obstacle in this is not a large display, but, as already mentioned, slippery plastic. In a pocket of trousers and a shirt the mobile computer is located without problems.

The quality of materials and assembly Lumia 640 no complaints. Plastic does not look cheap, does not crunch and does not creak, the back panel of the smartphone does not bend, there is no backlash of parts and other sounds when shaking.

We turn to the next unpleasant feature of the look and design of the Lumia 640 - a wide gap for the phone speaker. When the smartphone was in the editorial, a certain amount of dust had already accumulated in this deep tank. Over time, it will become even more there if you do not pay enough attention to cleaning it. But the phone speaker hole is not the only collector of dust and dirt on the face of the Lumia 640.

The same depth, but a much smaller hole, is provided for the microphone, which is located at the bottom of the screen. It will be really difficult to clean anything out of it. The gap between the protective glass of the display and its plastic rim ends this “deep” list.

The entire front panel of the Lumia 640 is a glass of Corning Gorilla Glass 3. Under it are the display, front camera lens, light and proximity sensors. There are no dedicated touch buttons to control the system for the Lumia 640, they are replaced by virtual counterparts.

The back panel of the smartphone closes its entire body, "overlapping" going to all the side faces. This design of a mobile computer is also called the “boat”. The design is strong, but it can be very inconvenient if you need to get access to the battery compartment. Lumia 640 is one such case. In order to more or less quickly detach the back panel, you have to push quite hard on the lens of the main camera, holding the smartphone by the top edge of the case. There are no recesses for nails or other means of assistance. We just press on the lens, the body is squeezed out, a millimeter of plastic appears, we catch it with a fingernail, and we separate two parts further. It is clear that this is far from the most reliable solution, and only the rarity of the operation itself to replace the battery, SIM card or memory card during normal operation of the smartphone helps to alleviate the fate of the camera glass.

The back panel of the Lumia 640 is installed without any problems. Replacing the memory card and SIM-cards is possible only when the battery is disconnected. If one of the Micro-SIM-cards gets stuck, it can be pushed with a fingernail or other handy tool through a special hole in the case. Judging by the fact that grooves and openings for pushing SIM-cards began to appear in almost every new smartphone, their jamming in the connectors is quite common.

Holes are provided for the camera lens, LED flash, main speaker and connectors in the back of the smartphone. For keys there are repeaters. Three rubber dampers and a black sticker instead of an NFC antenna, which this Lumia 640 model does not have, are glued on the inside of the cover.

The plastic keys on the right side of the Lumia 640 case control the volume and power of the mobile computer. Strange, but the traditional button to control the camera, Microsoft engineers in the Lumia 640 did not provide. The shape of the keys is flat, the dimensions are sufficient for comfortable control of the smartphone blindly. Additional convenience is created by a large key stroke and a distinct click when pressed.

The left side of the Lumia 640 case is left blank. At the top of the smartphone is a headphone hole. At the bottom is a single Micro-USB-compatible connector for sync cable and charging.

So, the appearance and design of the Lumia 640 left mixed impressions. With the general tradition of design and execution, in the current review hero there are many small and one major flaw in terms of exterior. Let's be honest: it is inconvenient to use a smartphone, it is very slippery. Lumia 640 should be immediately hidden in the case or change the back panel, for example, on the cover with front curtain and card holder.

The screen parameters of the Lumia 640 are as follows: matrix IPS, resolution 1280 × 720 pixels (HD), diagonal 5 ″, density of points - 293 dpi. The picture on the review screen is clear and colorful, individual pixels are invisible.

Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protects the display of the smartphone from damage. The brightness of the backlight is adjusted manually and automatically.

The Lumia 640 capacitive sensor can confidently recognize up to four simultaneous signals. If the signal becomes five or more, it begins to confuse them, the signals begin to disappear, and the sensor behavior becomes inadequate.

A detailed examination with the use of measuring devices was carried out by the editor of the “Monitors” and “Projectors and TV” sections. Alexey Kudryavtsev.

The front surface of the screen is made in the form of a glass plate with a mirror-smooth surface that is resistant to scratches. Judging by the reflection of objects, the anti-glare properties of the screen are no worse than those of the Google Nexus 7 (2013) screen (hereinafter referred to as simply the Nexus 7). For clarity, here’s a photo of the white surface reflected in the off screens (Nexus 7 on the left, Microsoft Lumia 640 on the right, then they can be distinguished by size):

The screen of the Microsoft Lumia 640 is a bit darker (the brightness of the photos is 97 versus 111 of the Nexus 7). The tripling of reflected objects in the Microsoft Lumia 640 screen is very weak, this indicates that there is no air gap between the outer glass (it’s the touch sensor) and the surface of the matrix (the OGS screen is One Glass Solution). Due to the smaller number of boundaries (such as glass / air) with very different refractive indices, such screens look better with strong external illumination, but repairing them in the case of cracked external glass is much more expensive, since the entire screen has to be changed. On the outer surface of the screen there is a special oleophobic (fat-repellent) coating (very effective, better than that of the Nexus 7), so fingerprints are removed much easier, and appear at a slower rate than in the case of ordinary glass.

When the white field is displayed in full screen and with manual brightness control, its maximum value is 385 cd / m², the minimum is 3.4 cd / m². The maximum value is quite high, and, given the excellent anti-glare properties, in bright daylight the image on the screen should be clearly visible. In complete darkness, the brightness can be reduced to a comfortable level. With the brightness control is all quite difficult. First, on a separate page, the user can select one of three profiles with fixed brightness levels and turn on the mode with automatic brightness adjustment by the level of ambient light (the sensor is located to the right of the front camera's eye).

Secondly, on another separate page (closer to the end of the list of applications and settings), you can go to the next level page and adjust the brightness levels for the specified three profiles for manual mode.

And for the automatic mode on this page, the degree of sensitivity is adjusted:

Next, for the automatic mode (when the ambient light conditions change, the screen brightness both increases and decreases) for three conditions, we give the screen brightness values ​​for the three positions of the sensitivity slider (at minimum, default and maximum). In full darkness in automatic mode, the brightness decreases to 3.2, 12 and 25 cd / m², respectively (the first value is too low, the other two provide acceptable comfort of reading from the screen in complete darkness), in conditions lit by artificial light of the office (approximately 400 lux) яркость устанавливается на 80, 250 и 385 кд/м² (первые два значения могут считаться подходящими), в ярко освещенном окружении (соответствует освещению ясным днем вне помещения, но без прямого солнечного света — 20000 лк или немного больше) — повышается до 385 кд/ м² в любом сл учае (максимум, что ожидаемо). В итоге данная функция работает более-менее адекватно и позволяет пользователю вносить коррективы в ее работу. Заметим, что в настройках есть опция, включение которой якобы улучшает читаемость на ярком свету. Непонятно, что же в действительности меняет эта настройка, так как при ее активации яркость подсветки не меняется, и визуально на экране тоже ничего не меняется — хоть на ярком внешнем свету, хоть в темноте.At any level of brightness, there is no significant modulation of the backlight, so there is no screen flicker either.

This smartphone uses an IPS matrix. Micrographs show the typical subpixel structure for IPS:

For comparison, you can see the gallery of microphotographs of screens used in mobile technology.

The screen has good viewing angles without significant color shift even with large deviations of the gaze from the perpendicular to the screen and without inverting the shades. For comparison, let's take a photo in which the same images are displayed on the Nexus 7 and Microsoft Lumia 640 screens, while the brightness of the screens was initially set at about 200 cd / m² (full screen on the white field), and the color balance on the camera is forcibly switched to 6500 K Perpendicular to the plane of the screens white field:

Note the good uniformity of brightness and color tone of the white field. And test picture:

The color rendition is good and the colors are saturated on both screens, the color balance is not significantly different. Now at an angle of about 45 degrees to the plane and to the side of the screen:

It can be seen that the colors did not change much in both screens, but in Microsoft Lumia 640 the contrast decreased to a greater extent due to the strong lightening of black. And the white field:

The brightness at an angle in both screens has noticeably decreased (at least 5 times, based on the difference in exposure), but in the case of Microsoft Lumia 640, the brightness drop is slightly more (brightness from photographs 227 versus 230 for Nexus 7). When deviating diagonally, the black field brightens strongly and acquires a yellowish tint or remains approximately neutral gray. The photos below demonstrate this (the brightness of the white areas in the direction perpendicular to the screen plane of the screens is the same!):

And from a different angle:

When perpendicular to the look, the black field uniformity is good:

The contrast (approximately in the center of the screen) is normal - about 750: 1. The response time of the black-white-black transition is 23 ms (13 ms on + 10 ms off). The transition between grayscale 25% and 75% (by the numerical value of the color) and back takes 37 ms in total. Built on 32 points with equal intervals on the numerical value of the shade of gray, the gamma curve did not reveal a blockage either in highlights or shadows, and the figure of the approximating power function turned out to be 2.14, which is close to the standard value of 2.2. the curve deviates little from the power dependence:

The color gamut is close to sRGB:

The spectra show that the light filters of the matrix to a moderate degree mix the components together:

As a result, visually colors have a natural saturation. The balance of shades on the gray scale is good, because the color temperature is not much higher than the standard 6500 K, and the deviation from the blackbody spectrum (ΔE) is less than 10, which is considered an acceptable indicator for a consumer device. At the same time, the color temperature and ΔE vary little from shade to shade - this has a positive effect on the visual assessment of the color balance. (The darkest areas of the gray scale can be ignored, since there the balance of colors does not matter much, and the measurement error of the color characteristics at low brightness is large.)

Go to the second (distant) page with the settings of the screen and select the next level of attachment - page Color profile - the user can select one of the preset profiles or a profile in which the color rendition can be adjusted with color temperature, hue and saturation sliders.

The last slider slightly changes the color gamut. Pregnant Bright we get:

Pregnant Natural we get:

Profile cold - increased color temperature. Profile standard characterized above visually and measurements. Profile bright - increased color saturation. Go to profile additionally. Note that fine adjustment using a calibrator significantly complicates the lack of a numerical display of current values ​​and the ability to select your own image for display at the top of the screen, or at least just a large portion of the white field on this page. The numerical result of the correction is shown in the graphs above with the signature Corr. There are some improvements, but not fundamental. You can stop at the default profile standard.

Let's sum up. The screen has a fairly high maximum brightness and has excellent anti-glare properties, so the device can easily be used outdoors even on a sunny summer day. In complete darkness, the brightness can be reduced to a comfortable level. It is permissible to use the mode with automatic brightness adjustment that works adequately. The advantages of the screen include an effective oleophobic coating, the absence of flickering and an air gap in the layers of the screen, as well as sRGB color coverage and good color balance. Significant disadvantages - low stability of black to the deviation of the view from the perpendicular to the plane of the screen. However, the overall screen quality is high.

Smartphone Microsoft Lumia 640 is equipped with two speakers and one microphone. The phone speaker, which is located at the top of the front panel of the mobile computer, is distinguished by high volume and good sound quality. Even with strong external noise, the voice of the interlocutor will be clearly distinguishable.

The main speaker Lumia 640 is located in the lower part of the back panel of the smartphone. Its volume is also high, but the sound quality is average. At maximum power and with an abundance of low frequencies, it begins to wheeze noticeably.

For the main speaker, there is only one hole in the back of the smartphone, and even a small diameter. As a result, the speaker is very easy to drown out if you close this hole with something. The volume of the sound becomes almost zero, only the body of the smartphone will continue to pass vibrations.

Included with the Lumia 640 was not a standard headset, so the quality of the smartphone headphone output was checked in conjunction with Sony MDR-XB30ER wired headphones. Subjectively, the sound quality turned out to be high. Even at the maximum comfortable volume, there were no distortions. To get to the highest possible level of sound power did not work - it became scary for hearing. Thus, with good headphones Lumia 640 is quite suitable for listening to music in all conditions.

The volume of the sound in the smartphone changes both programmatically and with the help of two keys on the left side of the device. To play music in the memory of a mobile computer, a regular Xbox Music audio player and the MixRadio program, a streaming radio service client with the possibility of a paid subscription for unlimited listening to audio tracks, are installed.

Headphones connected to the Lumia 640 play the role of an antenna for the FM radio built into the smartphone. Without headphones, it does not work. The program to control the receiver has a standard appearance. She can automatically search for stations, favorite stations can be assembled into a list or placed on the desktop in the form of tiles. RDS technology and audio output to the main speaker of the smartphone are supported.

As already noted, smartphones Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL are equipped with different cameras. In the mobile computer that was tested, the models with 8 Mp and 0.9 Mp sensors were installed on the main and additional cameras, respectively. The physical size of the main camera sensor is 1/4 inch. The f-number of the camera's optical system is f / 2.2, the focal length is 28 mm. The camera is equipped with an autofocus system. For shooting in low light conditions, LED flash can be used. Video recording is carried out with a resolution of 1080p.

The aperture number of the optical system of the secondary camera is f / 2.4. There is no auto focus system. Video is recorded with a resolution of 720p.

The bad news is that the Lumia 640 does not have a traditional button to control the camera. Perhaps the manufacturer makes it clear that for photo experiments it is better to look at another model of the smartphone.

Shooting is controlled by the Lumia Camera app. There are no serious delays when the camera is activated, the launch of the application takes just over a second.

It makes little sense to describe the capabilities of a full-time program for photo and video shooting in Lumia smartphones. The layout of the controls is intuitive, the basic settings are on the main screen of the program, the advanced settings are hidden in several additional menus.

Gorgeous smartphone, which lacks the attention of both the public and the manufacturer

Two things prompted me to write this review: the first is that I have this smartphone, and the second is that I consider it, Lumiyu, and the entire Windows Phone platform to be very undervalued.

Now in order.

I was in love with the design of the interface and the first Noki on Windows Phone from the very beginning. But since I already had a phone, I could not afford to buy a second one for a decent amount. And it's good, because the first Nokia did not receive updates to WP8, many were hurt, I was just lucky.

After some time, I again caught fire to buy Lumia, and noticed that they are getting cheaper on the ad sites, I almost bought Lumia 925, a smartphone, the design elements of which were neatly borrowed in the Iphone 6, but again I almost hit it. as this phone will no longer have a new update to Windows Mobile 10, it’s a pity and in vain, as the power allows. Moreover, the system itself is not so demanding on power, it works smoothly and well even on very simple smarts.

Having studied a bit I decided to buy Lumia 640because of the price, as they were very much sold brought from America, bought there by the stock, and then completely decided to take it there itself, through an intermediary, it was still the store to pay for the delivery to Ukraine, or the intermediary, because America shipping was free.

After 10 days, the phone Lumia 640 att was in my hands.

Attention, it is important!

This is an operator version of the ATT operator, when buying, pay attention to whether the smartphone was either unlocked - Unlocked, or it was written that it was never included in the network native to it - ATT. If everything is so, then it is very easy to distinguish it, there is a Help section on the operator’s website, and there is an unlock request form, you send an IMEI number, a phone model, and you receive a code that requests the phone to unlock.

Now tell you about, for that i love these phones and the operating system Windows Phone (Windows Mobile10).

  • It is the same on all phone models, the difference in speed, quality of the screen, camera, but outwardly - the same, it is convenient and simple.
  • It works smoothly, weighing very little applications.
  • It has a concise design - white text on a black background, very clearly visible, even on the go, sections of the program menu are traditionally swiped with a swipe, but there are already new applications with the same navigation as in the android inside applications
  • desktop consisting of large tiles - everything is clear, concise, unrealistic and unusual. Tiles can be resized and grouped by daddy.
  • all contacts from accounts in iCloud and Google perfectly synchronized and all numbers were transferred