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Wedding padlock

Locking the castle of love, the newlyweds swear to each other in eternal feelings and loyalty, like the protagonists of the book of the same name Federico Moccia.

This is a story about a boy and a girl who, in the name of his love, wrapped a pillar with a chain and locked it in a lock. They swore to each other in eternal love, and the key was thrown into the water as a sign that their oath was forever sealed at the bottom of the river.

The closed lock on a wedding - a symbol of the strong union. The key is thrown away by lovers: now none of them break the promise made to each other on a happy, memorable day.

Where to hang the lock?

Castles hang in the iconic places for "lovers." In Moscow, Luzhkov Bridge, in St. Petersburg - Kisses, in Kiev - Parkovy, in Paris - the bridge of Arts, Florence - Ponte Vecchio. It is difficult to find a city on a map where such a magical tradition has not taken root.

You can often find lovers in the parks, on decorative bridges, gazebos, etc. No matter where the lock is located, its significance for two does not lose its power: eternal love, strong union, reliable, faithful companion of life.

Newlyweds prefer to shoot at the camera when the lock is closed. He becomes one of the most touching memories. Now watching the video on cold winter evenings will remind you how strong the feelings of the two were on that day, and how they got stronger in the past time.

The original castle of the beautiful Love Story

Online store "Fata" is a huge selection of unusual accessories. Among them a special place is occupied
wedding locks.

Here you will find locks of different shapes, sizes and colors. Happy newlyweds recommend:

1. chic vintage locks,
2. cute options with funny themed drawings,
3. models with engravings “Love”, “Forever”,
4. classic locks in the form of hearts of different colors.

Find the "same" wedding castle, the purchase of which will be the beginning of a new, happy journey for you with your soulmate.

Locked hearts of lovers - this is a strong union, which is not afraid of misfortunes and adversities, it is complete confidence in the person with whom you are destined to walk hand in hand throughout life.

Wedding locks on the bridge

In romantic Italy, with the light hand of the writer Federico Mochia, this ritual became traditional throughout Europe, and then in Russia. In the early 90s, in his novel, he described a touching love story, the characters of which used this attribute, demonstrating loyalty and love for each other.
Back in Russia, in ancient times, the newlyweds left such a “closed secret” under the threshold of the house. Keys are always thrown away. Today, they are taken to drop into the water.

We offer various options for this wedding accessory, which will be the main element of the wedding walk to the bridge or fountain. This is an elegant product that is specially made for this ritual. You can pick up a pattern with pigeons or get along with minimalist hearts. The product is of high quality, aesthetically attractive, for every taste and budget.

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