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TOP 100 cartoons!

Usually, the first cartoons parents offer babies closer to their first birthday: from about 1 year old (plus or minus a couple of months) children can begin to show interest in characters and stories on the screen. Of course, planting a baby at the monitor, moms and dads want not only to entertain and distract the baby, but also to help its development. And this contributes to a lot of high-quality, easy to understand, kind and colorful cartoons for the little ones.

Criteria for choosing the best cartoon for kids

A good cartoon for the little ones has:

  • kind, simple and clear plot,
  • real, recognizable characters
  • small timekeeping
  • top quality animation
  • excellent quality of translation and voice acting (if the tape is foreign).

Leave the full-length ribbons at a later age: the kids are not yet able to understand the intricacies of the plot, or sit long in one place. Also, “Price Expert” considers it necessary to remind that the best cartoons for kids under 3 years old are those in which the main characters are not monsters (even cute ones) and superheroes, but “humanized” animals: sly fox, good-natured bear, evil wolf, brave little mouse or a curious cat. Starting from 3-4 years in the list of cartoons you can add cartoons with the participation of people, as well as colorful full-length tapes of famous animation studios.

1. The Lion King - classic full-length animation

Why in our ranking of the best children's cartoons: Great animation for children from 5 years.

Rating: 9.9 out of 10

If we are to offer the kids "full-length", then only the best! "The Lion King" - a masterpiece of the studio "Disney", has gained immense popularity in the world, and the plot is clear to children from about 5 years. In the cartoon there is both funny and scary (death of Simba’s father), both instructive and incomprehensible, so be sure to sit down to watch the tape with your little movie fan.


  • high quality animation and Russian voice acting,
  • clear and fascinating story
  • luxurious musical arrangement (music and performance of Elton John),
  • colorful heroes.


  • the film is quite long
  • There are moments that are not understandable to kids.

Typical reviews about m / f "Lion King":

“Kind, instructive, touching, cheerful, a little sad, but still with a happy ending - this cartoon really teaches a lot, teaches life! This is a family cartoon that unites generations. ”

"He teaches to admire nature, to live in peace and harmony with it, teaches goodness and devotion, gives the first ideas about friendship and love, and evil is shown just enough to demonstrate the importance of goodness and not a bit more."

2. Mickey Mouse Club (“Recognition”) - a great educational cartoon for children over 3 years old.

Why in our rating: entertaining and educational.

Rating: 9.8 out of 10.

Created by Disney Studios, this animated series is notable for its superb animation quality, a fascinating “interactive” storyline and a lot of developmental moments. Competently selected tasks are able to keep the interest of the kids for a long time and teach them many useful things.


  • high-quality graphics,
  • great Russian voice acting
  • familiar characters that have become classics,
  • interesting and feasible assignments for three years.

Minuses: not found.

Typical reviews of m / f "Club Mickey Mouse":

“The cartoon is not only entertaining, but also educational. In the game form, numbers, colors, forms are learned, in the course of the adventures they find unusual uses for the most ordinary things, i.e. learn to think outside the box, develop ingenuity. "

“Personally, I really like this cartoon! Kind, positive, instructive, developing! "

3. Mom for a baby mammoth is one of the best Soviet cartoons for kids.

Why in our rating: The best cartoon about love to mom.

Rating: 9.7 out of 10.

A whole generation grew up on this Soviet cartoon - but it has not ceased to be relevant, because the theme of my mother's love is inexhaustible. The tape evokes wonderful feelings, and positive characters, a clear plot and a happy ending make it one of the best cartoons for kids.


  • good and clear story
  • raises the theme of love for mom,
  • legendary song.


  • "Soviet" quality of animation.

Typical reviews about m / f "Mom for a baby mammoth"

“It doesn’t happen in the world for children to be lost ... Well, isn't it modern, not exciting? Let my sensitive baby cry better over this story than the soulless Tom and Jerry look! I am for Mammoth and the same bright films! ”

“This is a cartoon of my childhood. Indeed, there is a classic over which time has no power! And the song, though childish, and the words are so simple, but this is a real masterpiece! ”

4. Musti - the best cartoon for kids from 1 year

Why in our rating: the safest cartoon.

Rating: 9.7 out of 10.

When watching the tiny “Musti” parents can not worry, because this is the most kind, harmless and not overloaded with information cartoon. The main character - the kitten - lives with his dad and mom, does the usual things and communicates with other animals. This series teaches to take care of friends and make friends.


  • high-quality graphics,
  • great music,
  • calm and realistic scenes.


  • not everyone likes that heroes do not move their mouths,
  • short series (5-6 minutes).

Typical reviews of the cartoon "Musti":

“Colorful and useful for the development of cartoon! It shows family habits, family fun, changing seasons. Heroes - cat, bird, hare, cockerel - kind and caring. We look from 11 months - I like it very much, and my daughter ”.

“After reviewing a lot of the cartoon series, I could safely leave the child to watch it alone, I am confident in Musti.”

5. Franklin and his friends - a useful “psychological” animated series for kids

Why in our ranking: cartoon therapy for children.

Rating: 9.6 out of 10.

It seems that the script of this series was developed with the participation of child psychologists, so the plots resemble stories from the life of real kids. Each series reveals one of the common problems of childhood: older and younger brothers and sisters, lies and truth, self-doubt, etc., and using an example of the behavior of the characters, a clear and realistic solution is offered. Wonderful and very useful cartoon without a single gram of negativity.


  • good quality,
  • helps to solve children's problems.

Minus: the series is not very dynamic, so some children (and adults) may seem boring.

Typical reviews of the m / f "Franklin and his friends":

“The cartoon is unique, I have not seen anything like it. Heroes learn to cope with fears, insecurity, resentment, to find the best qualities in themselves and achieve success. "

“Good and positive cartoon. It is a wonderful idea that we can all make mistakes, but everyone has a chance to ask for forgiveness, to correct the situation, and this, I believe, is very useful for the modern child to know. ”

6. Luntik and his friends - an understandable and colorful cartoon for kids

Why in our ranking: teaches good deeds.

Rating: 9.6 out of 10.

One of the most popular cartoons in Russia for kids won the love of children and parents with the kindness and availability of plots, and the main character - a cute and simple-minded Luntik - teaches kids to be friends, to forgive and help.


  • instructive moments
  • the protagonist is very fond of children,
  • a lot of colorful characters
  • clear stories.

Minus: Some parents see him in the fact that the main character is a completely fictional character, unlike any real creature.

Typical reviews about the cartoon "Luntik and his friends":

“I'm not afraid to show“ Luntik ”to children. They have learned a lot from the cartoon! And even the caterpillars, the most harmful in the cartoon, cause a smile. The child is implanted with a sense of beauty, hard work, diligence, respect for order, obedience. ”

“A lot of positive in this animated series! Luntik teaches our children not to respond with aggression, to remain tactful and polite. It discusses in each series different life situations that orient kids, how to act. ”

7. “Kitten named Gav” - time-tested cartoon about friendship

Why in our rating: unsinkable classics of Soviet animation.

Rating: 9.4 out of 10.

Cartoons such as “Kitten named Woof” make us all kinder, and babies create an excellent basis for the development of real feelings and emotions, friendship, mutual assistance, love of animals.


Realistic and interesting stories,

Minus: Alas, low quality video and sound.

Typical reviews about m / f "Kitten named Woof":

“Good characters, funny songs, a positive story with a happy ending (when the kitten and the puppy finally found the owners) - what could be better for the development of your child?”

“This is a cartoon with a capital letter. Such must be cartoons - with real adventures and experiences of friends and a wonderful ending. ”

8. Masha and the Bear - a cartoon for all ages

Why in our rating: universal cartoon for the whole family.

Rating: 9.3 out of 10

Of course, “Price Expert” could not ignore this megapopular domestic series about the friendship of a girl and a bear. The creators of the classic fairy tale “unwound” to a very cheerful, positive and modern series that is watched with interest not only by children, but also by adults. “Masha and the Bear”, judging by the reviews, is suitable for children from 2.5 years old, but not all the plot twists and actions of the characters can be understood by the little ones.


  • great quality,
  • great songs, hits,
  • funny characters.

Cons: dEtam 2-4 years to watch with parents in order to avoid misunderstanding of the plot (this is not a minus, but rather a recommendation).

Typical reviews of the animated series "Masha and the Bear":

“The cartoon is bright and positive. Beautiful animation and three-dimensional graphics. And most importantly, children like it. And if one of the kids copies Masha, but this problem is not a cartoon, but a family upbringing. ”

“We are looking at 1.5 years old, very much! The cartoon is interesting, funny, with meaning, there is something to see for both kids and adults. ”

9. Guess with Jess (Riddles of Jess) - informative cartoon for children from 4 years

Why in our rating: A successful educational cartoon with good heroes.

Rating: 9 out of 10.

A cartoon about an inquisitive kitten and his friends, who in each series are looking for the answer to some “big question”: “How to build a boat?”, “What to do with the garbage?”, “Why do we need spiders?”, Etc. Heroes are constantly talking with the audience, engaging him in an amazing process of knowledge.


  • non-trivial educational subjects,
  • good and nice heroes.


  • graphics are imperfect,
  • It is difficult to find a high-quality Russian version.

Typical reviews about the jigsaw puzzle "Jesse":

“A very good-natured cartoon. I really like the fact that in each episode there is a riddle that children must guess along with the characters. ”

“Drawings, facial expressions, animal behavior - everything causes only positive emotions. The cartoon teaches friendship, inventiveness, motivates to get new knowledge and admire the world around, shows how to cherish and love nature. ”

10. Pictures Themes - the first drawing lessons for kids

Why in our rating: teaches to draw in a playful way.

Rating: 8.8 out of 10.

The cartoon was created for kids 1-3 years old, taking into account the peculiarities of their attention at this age. The protagonist Theme (in the French version - Didou, in English - Louis) and his ladybug girlfriend Liza draw something new in each series, and the drawing becomes real. Drawings appear step by step, and the Theme in the process of drawing constantly appeals to the viewer.


  • interactive,
  • arouses interest in drawing,
  • understandable for kids and not overloaded with details.

Minus: simplified animation (but perhaps so conceived by the creators).

Typical reviews about the m / f "Pictures Themes":

“Theme Drawings” help to explore the world around us, develop the imagination and give a clear example of how to draw simple objects. We look together and after viewing we try to repeat the drawing. ”

“A very useful cartoon that attracts the crumbs to the beautiful lesson - drawing! It was created primitively, of course, but nothing superfluous - for my two-year-olds, it looks with pleasure ”.

So what kind of cartoons for the little ones to choose?

Of course, the child is raised by parents, not cartoons. Still, "Price Expert" advises not to let the selection of cartoons for your child take it for granted. Be sure to watch them yourself before showing to the child. Evaluate and analyze the quality and storylines so that the baby is surrounded by kind, understandable characters who teach friendship, compassion, respect for nature and people. Happy viewing!

1. Zeropolis (2016)

In the selection: Teammates, Talking animals, Police, Friendship

Movie Info:
Genre:cartoon, action, comedy, crime, adventure, family
A country:USA
Year of issue:2016
Producer:Byron Howard, Rich Moore, Jared Bush
Duration: 108 min.
Cast:Ginnifer Goodwin, Jason Bateman, Idris Elba, Jenny Slate, Neith Torrens, Bonnie Hunt, Don Lake, Tommy Chong, JK Simmons, Octavia Spencer
Film description:In a modern town called Zveropolis, a variety of animals get along side by side, even carnivores and herbivores. Rest on the streets is taken care of by the police, who often take strong and courageous tigers, elephants or bears. But now Judy Hopps's hare, contrary to all the arguments of logic, from her very childhood, wants to put on her uniform and join the slender ranks of the police of Zeropolis. The persistent and confident main character manages to translate her plans - she brilliantly graduates from the police academy and waits for the first appointment in her life. But Judy’s task is not to capture the criminals, but to issue fines for parking in the wrong place. Soon, however, Zeropolis stirs up the news of the terrible abduction. The police quickly comes to a standstill, and then Judy comes on the scene ... Will Zaichihe succeed, not by word, but by deed to prove that she deserves the title of a real detective? @ the-cinema.club

2. House (2015)

In the selection: Friendship

Movie Info:
Genre:cartoon, fantastic, comedy, adventure, family
A country:USA
Year of issue:2015
Producer:Tim Johnson
Duration: 93 min.
Transfer:Full dubbing
Cast:Jim Parsons, Rihanna, Steve Martin, Jennifer Lopez, Matt Jones, Brian Stepanek, April Strybing, Steven Kearin, Lisa Stewart, April Winchell
Film description:Each of us to a certain extent affects the well-being of our planet. The film "The House" tells a fascinating story of how aliens (race Bouw) invade planet Earth. Once on the planet, aliens begin to reorganize it. At the same time, earthlings are placed on special reservations. One risky girl named Dar manages to escape from aliens who have settled on the planet. Soon she meets with a stranger. The optimist Oh was previously driven out by his fellows. Their meeting becomes nonrandom. They have to save the planet from the resulting influence of aliens. The guys have a reliable assistant. They are flying car. Will O and Dar be able to save the planet from aliens? Or are the attempts of these two dissimilar cinematic heroes to be just a waste of time and energy? @ the-cinema.club

3. The Croods Family (2013)

In the selection: Prehistoric times, Disasters, Family Relationships

Movie Info:
Genre:cartoon, fantasy, comedy, adventure, family
A country:USA
Year of issue:2013
Producer:Kirk de Mikko, Chris Sanders
Duration: 98 min.
Transfer:Full dubbing
Cast:Nicholas Cage, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, Katherine Keener, Cloris Leachman, Clark Duke, Chris Sanders, Randy Tom
Film description:Family life is always hard. And life in a large family is perhaps even more difficult. Add to this a limited area of ​​housing, the absence of neighbors, friends, a despotic father, who watches every step and Granny with a little greeting and you will fully plunge into the life of the main character. But everything is not so sad, because it is quite typical for a caveman life. And soon the routine of the whole family will collapse along with the house and they will be forced to begin the journey in order to escape. But, as it turned out, while living in a cave, they were completely unsuitable for survival in the outside world. I was lucky that the restless Guip met with Small, who helps the family through difficult times. Cartoon is incredibly funny and will have to taste both children and adults. It shows how people can change for the sake of others and how important the family is in the life of each person. @ the-cinema.club

4. Despicable me 2 (2013)

In the selection: Agents, Children

Movie Info:
Genre:cartoon, comedy, family
A country:USA
Year of issue:2013
Producer:Pierre Coffan, Chris Reno
Duration: 98 min.
Transfer:Full dubbing
Cast:Steve Carell, Kristen Uig, Benjamin Bratt, Miranda Cosgrove, Russell Brand, Ken Zhong, Steve Coogan, Elsie Fisher, Dana Gayer, Moises Arias
Film description:Grew, the real villain, was quite a lot of big robberies and brought a lot of trouble to others. He heads the gang, which consists of lively minions, who are very active. And he has three daughters. Once he adopted them for business, but then, getting used to it, he decided to keep it. It turned out that Grew is a rather caring father, but still, he remembers his dashing earnings. But he was tracked down and abducted by an agent, after which Grew found himself in the anti-villain organization. Оказалось, что обществу нужна его помощь в поимке гораздо более опасного преступника. Правоохранители считают, что Грю под силу просчитать, что тот будет делать в будущем. Теперь и он примет участие в операции, вот только получится ли у него из злодея превратиться в помощника закона. @ the-cinema.club

5. Холодное сердце (2013)

В подборке: Сказки,Принцессы

Информация о фильме:
Жанр:мультфильм, мюзикл, фэнтези, комедия, мелодрама, приключения, семейный
Год выпуска:2013
Режиссер:Крис Бак, Дженнифер Ли
Продолжительность: 102 мин.
Перевод:Полный дубляж
В ролях:Кристен Белл, Идина Мензел, Джонатан Грофф, Джош Гад, Сантино Фонтана, Алан Тьюдик, Киран Хайндс, Крис Уильямс, Стивен Дж. Андерсон, Майа Уилсон
Описание фильма:У молодой принцессы Эльзы скоропостижно скончались родители и ей пришлось взять на себя бразды управления королевством Эрендел. It turned out that her strength was not enough to control the ice and snow, and her kingdom was under the cover of eternal winter. The princess decided that her people had already suffered enough from her, therefore her destiny is to leave forever her homeland and continue to live in the mountains. But Anna, her younger sister, decides to go in search of her. She goes along with the ice merchant Christopher and his deer named Sven. They will remember this adventure for a long time, during which they will meet new friends and various mysterious creatures. After enduring various trials, they will be able to remove the curse imposed on the kingdom so that its inhabitants can enjoy the lost warm summer. @ the-cinema.club

6. Monsters on vacation 2 (2015)

In the selection: Dracula, Children, Vampires

Movie Info:
Genre:cartoon, fantasy, comedy, family
A country:USA
Year of issue:2015
Producer:Genndy Tartakovsky
Duration: 89 min.
Cast:Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Selena Gomez, Kevin James, Steve Bushemi, David Spade, Keegan-Michael Kee, Asher Blinkoff, Fran Drescher, Molly Shannon
Film description:Welcome to the world of monsters! After the events in the first part, the daughter of Count Dracula became a mother. She and her husband are engaged in raising a baby. Only in any way monsters can not understand to which clan it belongs - people or vampires. Count Dracula does not lose hope that before the first year of birth, his beloved granddaughter will start cutting teeth. If this does not happen, his daughter will take her grandson for permanent residence in the United States to her husband's parents. The count does not want to lose his grandson and daughter. Unusual boy loves his grandfather, with him he learns the art of transformation, but so far there is no much success. The boy's father is also not happy with the prospect of returning to the world of people, because he has already become accustomed to monsters, here he feels necessary and popular. Count Dracula and his son-in-law collude while the husband distracts his wife, grandpa will take his grandson to the center, where he can learn all the charms of monster life. @ the-cinema.club

7. City of Heroes (2014)

In the selection: Superheroes, Robots, Comic screen versions

Movie Info:
Genre:cartoon, fantastic, comedy, family, action
A country:USA
Year of issue:2014
Producer:Don Hall, Chris Williams
Duration: 105 min.
Transfer:Full dubbing
Cast:Ryan Potter, Scott Edsit, Daniel Henney, TJ Miller, Jamie Chang, Damon Wayans Jr., Genesis Rodriguez, James Cromwell, Alan Tuedik, Maya Rudolph
Film description:In this animated film shows the incredible adventures of the most ordinary guys who are destined to become true heroes. They must defeat the sinister and treacherous villain named Yokan. The events of the cartoon take place in San Francisco in the future, in which the boy lives, whose name is Hiro Hamad, who is a young genius inventor. He designs and constructs various robots, together with his elder brother named Tadashi at the Technological Institute of the city. Yokan's life is no different from how his peers live, but thanks to his genius, he creates a robot that has become a doctor and its goal is to serve people's health. But after the city began to be in danger, Hiro turned the robot doctor into a superhero to save his city. It seems that he succeeded. @ the-cinema.club

8. The secret life of pets (2016)

In the selection: Dogs, Talking animals, Friendship

Movie Info:
Genre:cartoon, comedy, family
A country:Japan, USA
Year of issue:2016
Producer:Yarrow Cheney, Chris Reno
Duration: 87 min.
Cast:Louis CK, Eric Stonstreet, Kevin Hart, Jenny Slate, Ally Kemper, Albert Brooks, Lake Bell, Dan Carvey, Hannibal Buress, Bobby Moynahan
Film description:Terrier named Max is terribly lucky - he lives in a warm, cozy apartment in the very center of New York and the hostess Katie loves him very much. But once the dog’s well-fed and satisfied existence stops, the girl brings another dog into the house. Duke very quickly realizes what's what and begins to crowd out Max, by all means seeking the attention of the hostess. The confrontation of two animals leads to the fact that they both get lost in a big city and almost become prey to catchers of stray dogs. But to the rescue of the main characters comes the street organization of assistance to abandoned beasts, headed by the rabbit Snowball. What would they have taken for their own, the dogs say that they themselves have fled from their careless owners. Meanwhile, in the New York high-rise building, other dogs notice that Max has disappeared somewhere and rush to the rescue of a friend. @ the-cinema.club

9. Monsters on vacation (2012)

In the selection: Hotels, Dracula, Monsters, Vampires, Werewolves, Family Relationships

Movie Info:
Genre:cartoon, fantasy, comedy, family
A country:USA
Year of issue:2012
Producer:Genndy Tartakovsky
Duration: 91 min.
Transfer:Full dubbing
Cast:Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Selena Gomez, Kevin James, Fran Drescher, Steve Buscemi, Molly Shannon, David Spade, SeeLo Green, John Lovitz
Film description:Any work takes away strength and exhausts, over time. Therefore, rest is necessary for every worker. The work of the monsters, too, is quite tedious. To scare people and sow fear among them, monsters must stay in shape. For this purpose, the famous Romanian vampire, Count Vlad Dracula, built a hotel for the monsters on vacation called Transylvania. This hotel enjoys excellent ratings and ratings, and is known worldwide. In addition to the monsters, Dracula’s daughter, Madis, lives in the hotel. Her father, the vampire earl, carefully hides her from the world of people and all sorts of troubles. To celebrate the 118th anniversary of Madis, Dracula gave a grand party in her honor. Various monsters from all over the world arrived, and not only them. A young guy named Jonathan, after reading about the hotel, decided to visit him. This is where the adventures begin, from which Dracula tried to save his daughter. @ the-cinema.club

10. The Puzzle (2015)

In the selection: Children

Movie Info:
Genre:cartoon, family, comedy
A country:USA
Year of issue:2015
Producer:Pete Docter, Ronaldo Del Carmen
Duration: 95 min.
Transfer:Full dubbing
Cast:Amy Poehler, Phyllis Smith, Richard Kind, Bill Heyder, Lewis Black, Mindy Kayling, Caitlin Diaz, Diane Lane, Kyle MacLauclin, Paula Poundston
Film description:Eleven-year-old girl Riley with her parents comes to an unfamiliar town where she will have to go to a new school and find new friends. But everything is very complicated by the emotions that inhabit the head of the main character. There are five of them - Joy, Fear, Disgust, Sadness and also Anger. This whole strange company, comfortably sitting on the chairs, controls the behavior of Riley. Most often, the disparate five manage to agree among themselves, but after moving everything in the head of the schoolgirl goes awry. And in the end, this complete confusion translates into incomprehensible to others, and for the heroine herself, behavior. Soon, emotions begin to realize that they just need to make peace and act exclusively together, because the girl’s happiness depends only on their well-coordinated work. But how does this strange puzzle arise in the mind of little Riley? @ the-cinema.club

11. Kung Fu Panda 3 (2016)

In the selection: Talking animals, Fights and martial arts

Movie Info:
Genre:cartoon, action, comedy, adventure, family
A country:China, USA
Year of issue:2016
Producer:Alessandro Carloni, Jennifer Yu
Duration: 95 min.
Cast:Jack Black, Brian Cranston, Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, JK Simmons, Jackie Chan, Seth Rogen, Lucy Liu, David Cross, Kate Hudson
Film description:The main character, combat panda Po, continues to improve their skills in the art of martial arts. Now he must go from a dragon warrior to a real teacher. It was at this time that a panda appears on the streets of the village, wandering in search of his long-lost son, who turns out to be Po. The main character gets a long-awaited opportunity to reunite with his relatives, because dad brings him to a secret place where only pandas live. But the boundless happiness from finding a family was for a short time - it turns out that the villain Kai is very soon preparing an attack on a secluded village. The only chance to repel the enemy is to train all pandas in kung fu art. But can an experienced protagonist cope with the role of a teacher? After all, awkward relatives do not shine with sporting form ... However, the valley of pandas must find worthy defenders. @ the-cinema.club

12. How to train your dragon 2 (2014)

In the selection: Dragons, Friendship

Movie Info:
Genre:cartoon, fantasy, comedy, adventure, family
A country:USA
Year of issue:2014
Producer:Dean DeBlois
Duration: 105 min.
Transfer:Full dubbing
Cast:Jay Baruchel, Kate Blanchett, Gerard Butler, Craig Ferguson, America Ferrer, John Hill, Christopher Mintz-Plassse, TJ Miller, Kristen Uig, Jimon Hons
Film description:Like many other stories, this one started with hatred. People hated dragons. Dragons hated humans. But thanks to the diplomatic abilities of the baby named Hicking, peace was established between these two menacing peoples. Peacetime brought great opportunities for exploring the surrounding lands. This is exactly what the young diplomat Iking decided to do. In one of his travels with his faithful friend Bezzubik (dragono, by the way) Ickinge discovered an incredible place. It was an ice cave. True, there were many similar caves in the district. But there were no such inhabitants as in this cave. Who inhabits the mysterious place and what prepares the future for the two reconciled peoples? @ the-cinema.club

13. WALL · AND (2008)

In the selection: Loneliness, Future, Space, Robots

Movie Info:
Genre:cartoon, fantastic, adventure, family
A country:USA
Year of issue:2008
Producer:Andrew Stanton
Duration: 98 min.
Transfer:Prof. (full duplication)
Cast:Ben Burtt, Elissa Knight, Jeff Garlin, Fred Willard, John Ratzenberger, Katie Najimi, Sigourney Weaver, Nicky McElroy, Garrett Palmer, Kai Steele Smith
Film description:In the center of the plot is a robot named Valli, which cleans the planet from various wastes. After everything was empty, he diligently worked and daily found himself entertaining. There are few interesting activities in his life, except sometimes the robot manages to study interesting findings. He is incredibly calm, but after a certain period of time, everything will change. Vallie will have to fly into space travel, where many adventures will await him. Fundamental changes begin when he sees an alien robot who has visited the planet. The stranger is very different from him and therefore Valli decides to teach her various usefulness. They communicate in a very interesting way, but it is noticeable that a certain connection arises. @ the-cinema.club

14. The Sandman (2016)

In the selection: Animals

Movie Info:
Genre:cartoon, short
A country:USA
Year of issue:2016
Producer:Alan Barillaro
Duration: 6 min
Transfer:Not required
Film description:A flock of birds of the genus snipe is keen on finding food near the beautiful coast. Extraction of food occurs at the very moment when the wave leaves. In fact, this is a very exciting activity, because you need to have time to run away in time, when the wave comes again. Among the pack there is a little bird that did not have time to run back, as a result, a wave covered it. From that very moment the bird is so afraid of water that it completely refuses to leave the nest. Spending time in her home, the baby notices how a group of hermit crabs enthusiastically buried in the sand. Thus, the crabs are trying to find their own food. Surprisingly, due to the fact that they are buried in the sand, they do not have to get wet. The main character of the cartoon also decides to defend itself in the same way from the waves. By copying their behavior, the bird could see with its own eyes all the delights of the underwater world, plus it opened up a new way to find food. @ the-cinema.club

15. Pixels (2015)

In the selection: Aliens

Movie Info:
Genre:cartoon, fantastic, action, comedy
A country:USA, China, Canada
Year of issue:2015
Producer:Chris Columbus
Duration: 106 min.
Transfer:Full dubbing
Cast:Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Michelle Monaghan, Peter Dinklage, Josh Gad, Brian Cox, Matthew Lintz, Sean Bean, Jane Krakowski, Dan Aykroyd
Film description:A terrible disaster strikes the planet Earth - an alien team arrives from far-off space, and their intentions are far from peaceful ... In addition, the evil aliens chose a rather unusual weapon to attack: they artificially recreated the famous characters of computer games of the eighties of the last century. The monsters of the pixels, led by the famous eater of the Pak-Man points, systematically attack the earthmen. The military cannot withstand such an unusual enemy, and soon everyone comes to the conclusion that only a non-standard approach will save the situation. The President of the United States, a notable gamer in the past, brings together his long-time friends who were his faithful companions in childhood. And now this crazy and motley team will show the whole world that they have not forgotten how to destroy evil bosses by all the rules of video games! @ the-cinema.club

16. The Keepers of Dreams (2012)

In the selection: Foreign about the New Year, Magic and magic, Talking animals, Friendship

Movie Info:
Genre:cartoon, fantasy, adventure, family
A country:USA
Year of issue:2012
Producer:Peter Ramsey
Duration: 97 min.
Transfer:Full dubbing
Cast:Chris Pine, Alec Baldwin, Jude Law, Isla Fisher, Hugh Jackman, Dakota Goyo, Hamani Griffin, Camille McFadden, Georgie Greve, Emily Nordwind
Film description:All children have dreams. And at night they see wonderful, colorful dreams. That is why the heroes of children's fantasies, Tooth Fairy, Sandman, Santa Claus and Easter Bunny, are the Keepers of Dreams. They guard the children's hopes and guard the borders of childhood from the bad. But one day, Kromeshnik - an evil spirit, decided to go against the guardians. He wanted to steal children's dreams and change them for nightmares, thereby convincing the little ones that the guardians are fiction and they do not exist. Then Lunolik decided to choose a new Guardian of dreams. To help the rest of the heroes of dreams comes young Ice Jack, restless spirit of winter. With the help of milk teeth, which the children put under the pillow for the Tooth Fairy, the evil forces stole the memories from the children. As in all fairy tales, good always triumphs over evil. And this time, the plans of the insidious Kromeshnik turned against him, and he was attacked by his own nightmares. @ the-cinema.club

17. Angry Birds to the cinema (2016)

In the selection: Talking animals, Video game screenshots

Movie Info:
Genre:cartoon, action, comedy, family
A country:USA, Finland
Year of issue:2016
Producer:Clay Kathis, Fergal Reilly
Duration: 95 min.
Cast:Jason Sudeikis, Josh Gad, Danny McBride, Maya Rudolph, Bill Heyder, Peter Dinklage, Sean Penn, Keegan-Michael Kee, Kate McKinnon, Tony Hale
Film description:A slightly unbalanced bird named Red lives on an island full of other feathered inhabitants. The protagonist character of the protagonist so often leads to uncontrollable outbursts of anger that Red is served in the bird court and as a result he sends special courses to control his own behavior. The company there is going to a noble - Chuck rushes somewhere without end and cannot sit on the ground at all, but the Bomb is constantly unnerving and because of this, it explodes every time. Meanwhile, the quiet flow of life on the paradise island is disturbed by the news of the landing of a whole company of fighting pigs. At first, the birds welcome guests, and only Red is skeptical about newly-minted tourists. And the main character turns out to be right - once in the morning the birds wake up and see something terrible - all their precious eggs are taken from the island ... In order to save the future chicks, the main characters are ready for anything! @ the-cinema.club

The Lion King, 89 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Drama, Adventure, Family, Musical
Producer: Roger Allers, Rob Minkoff
Cast: Matthew Broderick (Adult Simba - voice), Jeremy Irons (Scar - voice), Nathan Lane (Timon - voice), Ernie Sabella (Pumbaa - voice), James Earl Jones (Mufasa - voice)

The majestic King Leo Mufasa is born an heir named Simba. Already in childhood, the inquisitive baby becomes a victim of the intrigues of his envious uncle Scar, who dreams of power.

Simba learns the grief of loss, betrayal and exile, but eventually finds true friends and finds his beloved. Tempered by trials, in a difficult struggle, he wins his rightful place in the "Circle of Life", realizing what it means to be a real King.

WALL · E, 98 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Adventure, Family, Fiction
Producer: Andrew Stanton
Cast: Ben Burtt (WALLUiddot, E - M-O - voice), Elissa Knight (EVE - voice), Jeff Garlin (Captain - voice), Fred Willard (Shelby Forthright - BnL CEO), John Ratzenberger (John - voice)

Robot WALL · And from year to year diligently works on the empty Earth, clearing our planet from the mountains of garbage that people left behind. He has no idea that very soon unbelievable events will occur, thanks to which he will meet friends, rise to the stars and even be able to change for the better his former owners, who have completely forgotten their native Earth.

How to Train Your Dragon, 98 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Comedy, Adventure, Family, Fantasy
Producer: Dean DeBlois, Chris Sanders
Cast: Джей Барушель (Hiccup - озвучка), Джерард Батлер (Stoick - озвучка), Крэйг Фергюсон (Gobber - озвучка), Америка Феррера (Astrid - озвучка), Джона Хилл (Snotlout - озвучка)

Вы узнаете историю подростка Иккинга, которому не слишком близки традиции его героического племени, много лет ведущего войну с драконами. Мир Иккинга переворачивается с ног на голову, когда он неожиданно встречает дракона Беззубика, который поможет ему и другим викингам увидеть привычный мир с совершенно другой стороны…

Song of the Sea, 93 минут

Жанр: Мультфильм, Семейный, Фэнтези
Режиссёр: Томм Мур
В ролях: Дэвид Роул (Ben - озвучка), Брендан Глисон (Conor - Mac Lir - озвучка), Лиза Хэннигэн (Bronach - озвучка), Финола Флэнаган (Granny - Macha - озвучка), Люси О’Коннелл (Saoirse - озвучка)

Невероятная история Бена и его сестренки Сирши. Together they embark on a fantastic journey through the disappearing world of ancient legends and magic, trying to return home.

Balto, 71 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Drama, Adventure, Family, History
Producer: Simon Wells
Cast: Kevin Bacon (Balto - voice), Bob Hoskins (Boris - voice), Bridget Fonda (Jenna - voice), Jim Cummings (Steele - voice), Phil Collins (Muk and Luk - voice)

Half like, half wolf, Balto himself does not know who he really is. All persecuted tramp in the icy desert of Alaska. Only his friends, the Russian polar goose Boris, the bear cubs Mack and Luck and the beautiful-like Jenna are sure that although he is not like everyone else, a noble heart beats in his chest. One day a misfortune happens. The diphtheria epidemic swept the children of a small village, and a fierce blizzard made all roads impassable. Only a dog sled can overcome six hundred miles through a blinding arctic storm and bring life-saving medicine. But the dogs lost their way somewhere in the frozen expanses. Now only Balto can find a harness and save the children, and at the same time become a hero and a real legend!

Up, 96 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Drama, Comedy, Adventure, Family
Producer: Pete Docter, Bob Peterson
Cast: Edward Esner (Carl Fredricksen - voice), Christopher Plummer (Charles Muntz - voice), Jordan Nagai (Russell - voice), Bob Peterson (Dug - Alpha - voice), Delroy Lindo (Beta - voice)

78-year-old grumbler Karl Fredriksen believes that life bypasses him. To keep the promise made to his late wife, he decides to fulfill his dream of a great adventure, tying thousands of balloons to his home and flying into the wilds of South America. Having not flown half a mile, the traveler discovers that he inadvertently took with him an extremely talkative and incorrigibly resilient 8-year-old boy named Russell.

Inside Out, 94 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Comedy, Family
Producer: Pete Docter, Ronaldo Del Carmen
Cast: Amy Poehler (Joy - voice), Phyllis Smith (Sadness - voice), Richard Kind (Bing Bong - voice), Bill Heyder (Fear - voice), Lewis Black (Anger - voice)

Riley is an ordinary 11-year-old schoolgirl, and, like each of us, her behavior is determined by five basic emotions: Joy, Sorrow, Fear, Anger and Disgust. Emotions live in the mind of a girl and every day help her cope with problems, guiding all her actions. For the time being, emotions live amicably, but suddenly it turns out that Riley and her parents will have to move from a small cozy town to a noisy and crowded metropolis. Each of the emotions believes that it is she who knows better than anyone else what to do in this difficult situation, and the girl’s head is in complete confusion. To improve life in a big city, get comfortable in a new school and make friends with classmates, Riley's emotions will have to learn how to work together again.

Monsters, Inc., 92 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Comedy, Adventure, Family, Fantasy
Producer: Pete Docter, David Silverman, Lee Ankrich
Cast: John Goodman (James P. 'Sulley' Sullivan - dubbing), Billy Crystal (Mike Wazowski - dubbing), Mary Gibbs (Boo - dubbing), Steve Bushemi (Randall Boggs - dubbing), James Coburn (Henry J. Waternoose - dubbing)

The slimy reptile in the cistern, hairy beast that looks like a monster from the “Scarlet Flower”, giant wood lice under the bed - all of them actually exist. All they need is to scare children, because they get electricity from children's cries. The full-length cartoon tells about crises in the world of monsters, their lives. But one day the whole peaceful life of the monsters is under threat: a child enters their world. And with the children so much trouble that they can bring even monsters.

Beauty and the Beast, 84 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Family, Fantasy, Melodrama, Musical
Producer: Gary Truzdale, Kirk Wise
Cast: Paige O’Hara (Belle - voice), Robbie Benson (Beast - voice), Richard White (Gaston - voice), Jerry Orbach (Lumiere - voice), David Ogden Stiers (Cogsworth - narrator - voice)

In the enchanted castle, hidden in a dark forest, lives a terrible monster. Melt the ice in his heart and return him to the human form, removing the spell, can only a beautiful girl who loves him for who he is.

Ice Age, 81 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Comedy, Adventure, Family
Producer: Chris Wedge, Carlos Saldana
Cast: Ray Romano (Manfred - voice), John Leguizamo (Sid - voice), Denis Leary (Diego - voice), Goran Vishnich (Soto - voice), Jack Black (Zeke - voice)

Funny and dangerous adventures of heroes. 20 thousand years ago. To avoid the cold period approaching due to the onset of the ice age, animals migrate south. However, some of them still decide to stay - the lonely, sullen mammoth Manfred, as well as the reckless sloth Sid.

By chance this couple bumps into a human cub. They decide to return it to people and go on a journey. Along the way, they meet a saber-toothed cunning tiger. And now this fun company will have fun adventures!

Mary and Max, 92 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Drama, Comedy
Producer: Adam Benjamin Elliot
Cast: Tony Collett (Mary Daisy Dinkle - voice), Philip Seymour Hoffman (Max Jerry Horovitz - voice), Barry Humphries (narrator - voice), Eric Bana (Damien - voice), Bethany Whitmore (Young Mary - voice)

The story of the relationship of an 8-year-old girl, Mary Dinkle, who is bored in the suburbs of distant Australian Melbourne, and Max Horowitz, a 44-year-old lonely Jew, is a resident of noisy New York chaos. Separated by a difference of age and two continents, Mary and Max sneaked their unusual friendship through the years.

Treasure Island, 107 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Adventure
Producer: David Cherkassky
Cast: Vladimir Zadneprovsky (cowardly pirate - voice), Evgeny Paperny (Dr. Livesey - voice), Armen Dzhigarkhanyan (Silver - voice), Yuri Yakovlev (Ben Gunn - voice), Valery Bessarab (Jimmy Gokins - voice)

The schooner "Hispaniola" plows the expanses of the sea in search of the island, where the legendary treasures of the captain of the pirates Flint are hidden. On the ship is plotting. The robbers led by one-legged John Silver seem to be close to their goal.

The Flight of Dragons, 96 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Melodrama
Producer: Jules Bass, Arthur Rankin Jr.
Cast: John Ritter (Peter Dickenson - voice), Harry Morgan (Carolinus - voice), James Earl Jones (Ommadon - voice), James Gregory (Bryagh - Smrgol - voice), Victor Buono (Aragh - voice)

A kind green wizard lives with his beautiful blond daughter. Naturally, he fights against evil, but lately he has had many failures. Flying dragons serve him and he has three brothers, one of whom, the red wizard, personifies evil.

The green wizard philosophically remarks that good would be impossible without the existence of evil. He convenes his three brothers, as he is concerned that their magical forces are weakening, and people prefer to rely on science and logic.

He proposes to create the last magical kingdom, combining forces, as the world should not do without the magic necessary for inspiration. But the red wizard did not agree, he decided to use strength and fear, to restore his brother against his brother.

Waking Life, 99 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, drama
Producer: Richard Linklater
Cast: Wylie Wiggins (Main Character), Ethan Hawke (Jesse), Julie Delpy (Celine), Adam Goldberg (One of Four Men), Richard Linklater (Pinball Playing Man - Man on Back of Boat)

This is a philosophical parable, filled with eternal questions and unexpected answers to them, here every step gives rise to new riddles, moments of the film collide and flow into one another, like waves rolling on the shore, and the characters are not bound by any laws of nature or habitual logic. This world can be a dream, and maybe a reality, but in any case - it is beautiful!

Laughter and grief at the Bela Sea, 59 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Drama, Comedy, Family, Fantasy
Producer: Leonid Nosyrev
Cast: Anatoly Barantsev (voice acting), Evgeny Leonov (text from the author - voice acting), Boris Novikov (man - voice acting), Klara Rumyanova (dog Zhuzha - voice acting), Cyrus Smirnova (voice acting)

Animated film based on the works of Boris Shergin and Stepan Pisakhov.

18. Epic (2013)

In the selection: Talking animals

Movie Info:
Genre:cartoon, fantasy, adventure, comedy, family
A country:USA
Year of issue:2013
Producer:Chris Wedge
Duration: 102 min.
Transfer:Full dubbing
Cast:Amanda Seyfred, Josh Hutcherson, Colin Farrell, Jason Sudeikis, Aziz Ansari, Chris O'Dowd, Christoph Waltz, Stephen Tyler, Beyonce Knowles, Allison Bills
Film description:The plot of this cartoon film depicts the magical beauty of the world in which fairies live, as well as the unreal kingdom of miniature forest dwellers. Little Mary Catherine saw this as a complete fantasy that her father suffered - a scientist and naturalist by profession. However, she happened to take her father's fantasies more seriously after she suddenly became smaller and found herself in a small world inhabited by forest warriors. The transformation was so unexpected that she did not immediately realize what had happened to her height and where she had gone. However, after she was able to fly a hummingbird and get acquainted with huge snails, everything became clear. Once in the rotation of life that had arisen so unexpectedly, it began to play a major role, and only she could prevent a war that was impending and could save the wonderful world from impending danger. Thanks to all efforts, she succeeds in this, and the world of magic is saved once again. @ the-cinema.club

19. Monsters University (2013)

In the selection: Monsters, Friendship

Movie Info:
Genre:cartoon, fantasy, comedy, adventure, family
A country:USA
Year of issue:2013
Producer:Dan scanlon
Duration: 107 min.
Transfer:Full dubbing
Cast:John Goodman, Billy Crystal, Steve Buscemi, Helen Mirren, Peter Son, Joel Murray, Sean Hayes, Dave Foley, Charlie Day, Alfred Molina
Film description:Monsters Sally and Mike are the most experienced scarecrows in Monster Corporation. But, their story did not begin within the walls of the horror corporation, but much earlier. Once, these two, studied at the same university, were roommates and absolutely did not tolerate each other. As a child, Mike had a dream to enroll in the Fearful Faculty of the University of Monsters, so that later, get a good job in the Corporation. For shaggy sally, it all turned out differently. He was a member of his family at the university, and all previous generations of monsters were outstanding students. Meanwhile, as Mike struggled to study well and gain recognition from professors, Sally spent most of his time with a team of university athletes. He did not care about attendance and good grades. More than once Sally made fun of Mike, adding fuel to the fire. But when the time came to take part in the scare competitions, the guys united into one team, and so the long history of their strong friendship began. @ the-cinema.club

20. How to Train Your Dragon (2010)

In the selection: Dragons, Friendship

Movie Info:
Genre:cartoon, fantasy, comedy, adventure, family
A country:USA
Year of issue:2010
Producer:Dean DeBlois, Chris Sanders
Duration: 98 min.
Transfer:Prof. (full duplication)
Cast:Jay Baruchel, Gerard Butler, Craig Ferguson, America Ferrera, John Hill, Christopher Mintz-Plassse, TJ Miller, Kristen Wiig, Robin Atkin Downs, Philip McGrade
Film description:At the heart of the plot is a boy who is a member of a tribe that constantly confronts dragons. But he does not share the gusts of adults. Subsequently, it is he who will help make a key turn in the life of the tribe. The boy meets a dragon, whose name is Toothless. A new acquaintance reveals to him and the tribe the world in a completely different way. From the moment they meet, the boy and the dragon become friends, and then the Vikings change their attitude towards the fire-breathing. The story turned out to be incredibly touching and interesting, it makes us rethink some questions. The friendship between such different creatures seems quite incredible. Their connection is growing stronger, and it is this event that is the start for big changes. @ the-cinema.club

21. Looking for Dory (2016)

In the selection: Talking animals, Friendship

Movie Info:
Genre:cartoon, comedy, adventure, family
A country:USA
Year of issue:2016
Producer:Andrew Stanton, Angus McLain
Duration: 103 min.
Cast:Ellen DeGeneres, Albert Brooks, Ed O'Neal, Caitlin Olson, Hayden Rowlens, Tai Burell, Diane Keaton, Eugene Levy, Sloan Murray, Idris Elba
Film description:Marlin and Nemo's faithful friend, the fish named Dory always suffered from the fact that she very quickly forgot everything she saw around. But one day, the main character suddenly begins to recall a distant childhood spent in warm waters near California. Three true friends immediately go on a long journey to find the Dory family. The journey leads them to the coastal town of Morro Bay, where it turns out that the forgetful fish surgeon grew up in a local institute whose staff are studying the fauna of the ocean. Now Dory has to remember exactly what aquarium her family lives in; Marlin and Nemo will definitely help her to get to the right place. Along the way, friends are waiting for a lot of new acquaintances and interesting meetings, so Dory and the company will definitely not be bored! @ the-cinema.club

22. Moana (2016)

In the selection: Gods, Travel, Friendship

Movie Info:
Genre:cartoon, musical, fantasy, comedy, adventure, family
A country:USA
Year of issue:2016
Producer:Ron Clements, Don Hall, John Musker
Duration: 103 min.
Cast:Aulia Kravalho, Dwayne Johnson, Rachel House, Temuera Morrison, Jemaine Clement, Nicole Scherzinger, Alan Tyudik, Oscar Caitley, Troy Polamalu, Puanani Cravalho
Film description:Many years ago, a demigod named Maui decided to kidnap the heart of the mighty goddess Te Fiti, who created many islands in the Pacific. Te Fiti's anger was terrified, and people were forced to leave her possessions, settled on one of the remote islands and forever forget about sailing, so as not to fall into the sight of an angry goddess. However, over time, the ancient curse has reached these places. Now the islanders have only one opportunity to escape - to calm Te Fiti. The daughter of the leader, the young Moana goes in search of Maui, because only with his help one can return the stolen heart to the goddess. On the way, an unusual couple will have to wait for a lot of amazing adventures, serious challenges, and even a meeting with a sea monster. But will the main characters be able to achieve their goal and save the Moana tribe from death? @ the-cinema.club

23. The Secret of Coco (2017)

In the selection: Children

Movie Info:
Genre:cartoon, musical, fantasy, comedy, detective, adventure, family
A country:USA
Year of issue:2017
Producer:Lee Ankrich, Adrian Molina
Duration: 105 min.
Cast:Anthony González, Gael García Bernal, Benjamin Bratt, Alanna Yuback, Rene Victor, Jaime Camille, Alfonso Arau, Herbert Sigens, Gabriel Iglesias, Lombardo Boyar
Film description:The main character is Mexican boy Miguel, who loves to play the guitar the most. But he cannot admit this to his family, because after many years ago his great-grandfather left his wife for the sake of a career on the stage, musical talents are absolutely not approved by Miguel's relatives. However, right on the eve of an important concert, the truth opens, and an angry grandmother breaks the boy's guitar ... But the young musician manages to find out that that same great-grandfather eventually became a very famous artist. Miguel decides that he, as the heir, can take a musician's guitar from his crypt. It is only after the abduction of the instrument that it turns out that now Miguel has a terrible curse, and he moves into the Mexican world of the dead. Helping the protagonist can only his great-grandfather, but to find him in the next kingdom will not be easy. @ the-cinema.club

24. The Boss-Moth (2017)

In the selection: Children

Movie Info:
Genre:cartoon, comedy, family
A country:USA
Year of issue:2017
Producer:Tom McGrath
Duration: 87 min.
Cast:Alec Baldwin, Steve Buscemi, Jimmy Kimmel, Lisa Kudrow, Tobey Maguire, Miles Christopher Bakshi, James McGrath, Conrad Vernon, ViviAnn Yee, Eric Bell Jr.
Film description:The main character, a seven-year-old boy Tim lives surrounded by parental love. But suddenly everything changes - Tim's younger brother appears in the house, and now it is the kid, as the boy seems, that gets all the attention. That's just the main character begins to notice that the baby behaves incredibly suspicious ... A small investigation confirms Tim's fears - the imaginary brother actually turns out to be not at all what he claims to be! “Baby” is a representative of Baby Co. Corporation, which is responsible for the emergence and distribution of babies around the world. And he came here for a reason - soon the world will be flooded with incredibly cute and charming dogs, which will make people forget about reproduction of the family forever ... An employee of the company should prevent this, and then he will be able to return to heaven and receive all the honors and awards due to him. Otherwise, he will forever have to remain in the role of an ordinary earthly child ... Tim really wants the "brother" to disappear as soon as possible, therefore he agrees to help deal with the doggies. @ the-cinema.club

25. Ratatouille (2007)

In the selection: Cooking, Talking animals

Movie Info:
Genre:cartoon, fantasy, comedy, family
A country:USA
Year of issue:2007
Producer:Брэд Бёрд, Ян Пинкава
Продолжительность: 111 мин.
В ролях:Пэттон Освальт, Иэн Холм, Лу Романо, Брайан Деннехи, Питер Сон, Питер О'Тул, Брэд Гэррет, Джанин Гарофало, Уилл Арнетт, Джулиус Каллахан
Описание фильма:Сломать жизненные условности может только личность неординарная, мыслящая. Именно таковым является главный герой мультфильма «Рататуй». Этот несмышлёныш из крысиного семейства замахнулся на нечто несбыточное: стать всемирно известным поваром. Его отец, вся семья не понимают даже о чём мечтает их малыш. Но Реми не опускает лапки и пробует хотя бы не доползти до осуществления своей мечты. Жизненные препятствия только подталкивают к более решительным действиям. Remy is losing his family, a hunt has been announced on him, but, apart from his sorrows, there are unexpected helpers. Unlucky cleaner Linguini in a chic French restaurant to become a faithful friend. And the conductor of culinary delights of the little rat in the world of man. This is an exciting movie! The moral of this masterpiece is this: do not stop and you will succeed! @ the-cinema.club

26. Minions (2015)

In the selection: robbery scam-fraudsters

Movie Info:
Genre:cartoon, fantastic, action, comedy, family
A country:USA
Year of issue:2015
Producer:Kyle Balda, Pierre Coffan
Duration: 91 min.
Transfer:Full dubbing
Cast:Sandra Bullock, John Hamm, Michael Keaton, Allison Jenny, Steve Coogan, Jennifer Saunders, Jeffrey Rush, Steve Carell, Pierre Coffan, Kathy Mixon
Film description:The next story about the incredibly popular now minionah first tells the audience how it all began. Funny yellow men appeared in our world a long time ago. For centuries, the main characters had one goal - to find the most disgusting and disgusting villain in the world, and serve him faithfully. But here's a bad luck - none of the owners of banana lovers managed to hold out for this role for a long time ... Frustrated with their failures, restless minions went to sadness in cold Antarctica. But without the new villain, the yellow men are incredibly boring, so the bravest of the whole company, Kevin, taking with him ridiculous guitarist Stewart and charming little Bob, decided to go in search of a suitable candidate. On the path of clumsy buddies there will be a lot of dangers, but a firm belief that they will find a new owner will help them overcome any obstacle! @ the-cinema.club

27. Three heroes: Knight's move (2014)

In the selection: Fairy tales, Talking animals, Friendship

Movie Info:
Genre:cartoon, comedy, adventure, fantasy
A country:Russia
Year of issue:2014
Producer:Konstantin Feoktistov
Duration: 74 min.
Transfer:Not required (Russian film)
Cast:Sergey Makovetsky, Dmitry Vysotsky, Dmitry Nagiyev, Oleg Kulikovich, Valery Soloviev, Dmitry Bykovsky-Romashov, Gosha Kutsenko, Nargiz Zakirov, Anatoly Petrov, Lia Medvedeva
Film description:The continuation of the epic of the three brave heroes from the studio "Pencil". However, this time everything changed to the root. It would seem that when in Russia all the villains are defeated, everything should be quiet and peaceful. But it was not there. On another sunny day, a faithful horse with a big name Julius Caesar overhears a suspicious conversation of the boyars. With a few words, he realizes that they want to remove the prince from the throne. He is in a panic. After all, you need to punish the villains! But how to do that? If three bogatyrs are on an important mission, they catch a dangerous robber, Potan, the prince’s army on planned exercises, and Gorynych on vacation. Julia has nothing left but to take everything in her hooves. Recall all the exploits of the bogatyrs, he developed his own strategy of war with enemies. Gradually, he gained confidence and realized that if he did not save the situation in Russia, then at least he would try. @ the-cinema.club

28. Despicable me (2010)

In the selection: Children, Robbery-scam-fraudsters

Movie Info:
Genre:cartoon, comedy, family
A country:USA
Year of issue:2010
Producer:Pierre Coffan, Chris Reno
Duration: 95 min.
Transfer:Prof. (full duplication)
Cast:Steve Carell, Jason Siegel, Russell Brand, Julie Andrews, Will Arnett, Kristen Wiig, Miranda Cosgrove, Dan Gayer, Elsie Fisher, Pierre Coffan
Film description:Despicable Me is a cartoon with a bright organization. In addition to the detailed animation, in the picture, each character is unique, so worked out that the viewer will feel all the emotions on himself. The soundtrack at the end of the film is only the final highlight of the picture. This family cartoon is easy to watch. It is so simple and unique at the same time. The humor in the cartoon is so pure, childish, no vulgarity. The main character, he's nasty Grew, decided to steal the moon with his own army of minions. But three orphans and competitors do not allow Grew to reach his goal, such an ugly and very kind hero. Cartoon can be called the best for viewing in three-dimensional format. Those emotions will become unforgettable when, together with the heroes of the picture, it will be possible to be on a roller coaster. In short, the picture was made with high quality, and the evening spent with her family only make everyone happy. @ the-cinema.club

29. Storks (2016)

In the selection: Talking animals, Children

Movie Info:
Genre:cartoon, fantasy, comedy, adventure, family
A country:USA
Year of issue:2016
Producer:Nicholas Stoller, Doug Sweetland
Duration: 87 min.
Cast:Andy Samberg, Katie Crown, Kelsey Grammer, Jennifer Aniston, Ty Burell, Anton Starkman, Keegan-Michael Kee, Jordan Peel, Danny Trejo, Steve Glickman
Film description:Once upon a time, storks performed the most important and honorable mission on earth — they brought babies to happy parents. But one day the unbelievable happened: one stork wanted to take over a valuable burden. Since then, graceful birds have left their former occupation and engaged in a more prosaic delivery of various kinds of parcels. The main character Junior just works in this company and performs his duties perfectly. And now, when the stork is literally one step away from the long-awaited increase, an emergency happens! That same girl named Buttercup, who was never delivered to her parents, turns on the car that turns the babies off and a charming little girl, the boy's sister Nate, is born. Junior understands that if he does not take the child to his parents, the authorities will find out about everything and then he can forget about the promotion forever. The only trouble is that the stork's wing is broken ... Butter comes to the aid of the bird, which is seriously engaged in designing airplanes in order to learn how to fly. But now Nate urgently needs to convince his parents to make a landing site for Junior and the baby. @ the-cinema.club

30. Ralph (2012)

In the selection: Superheroes

Movie Info:
Genre:cartoon, comedy, adventure, family
A country:USA
Year of issue:2012
Producer:Rich moore
Duration: 101 min.
Transfer:Full dubbing
Cast:John C. Riley, Jack McBrayer, Sarah Silverman, Jane Lynch, Alan Tudyk, Mindy Kayling, Joe Lo Trullo, Ed O'Neill, Dennis Heysburt, Edi McClurg
Film description:Who said being a bad hero is easy? Ralph is by no means easy, especially since playing negative roles in a computer game, he steadily loses and causes antipathy among fans to play. But he also wants to be not an anti-hero, but to be constantly on top, and, most importantly, he can easily do it. To do this, he decides to go through the games and prove to everyone in practice that he, too, is able to be an excellent hero, can free, help and create. Numerous heroes of other games, which he will help, save or rescue on his winding path, can easily see this, and he will help them in every way. This light, interesting and fun cartoon was created for viewing in a cozy family society and will give a good mood, both to children of any age, and grown up already, but not stopped believing in a fairy tale. @ the-cinema.club

31. The Lion King (1994)

In the selection: Talking animals, Friendship

Movie Info:
Genre:drama, musical, adventure, family, cartoon
A country:USA
Year of issue:1994
Producer:Roger Allers, Rob Minkoff
Duration: 89 min.
Transfer:Full dubbing
Cast:Jeremy Irons, Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, Whoopi Goldberg, Cheech Marin, Rowan Atkinson, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, James Earl Jones, Moira Kelly, Niketa Kalam, Ernie Sabella, Robert Guillaume, Madge Sinclair, Jim Cummings, Zoe Leader
Film description:The lion king named Muphasa has the only son who is actually the heir to the throne. This situation is not too happy uncle Scar, who wanted to take the post of king. He is trying in every way to eliminate the little Simboo and once his cunning plan bears its fruit. Simba left the tribe, but after that he grew stronger. He managed to find many friends who helped cope with many difficulties. He even found a favorite. Once Simba returned home and wanted to return the throne that belongs to him. Will he manage to cope with a long-standing enemy, who must have become more powerful? While this fact remains a mystery. @ the-cinema.club

The Iron Giant, 86 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Comedy, Adventure, Family, Action, Fiction
Producer: Brad Bird
Cast: Eli Mariental (Hogarth Hughes - voice acting), Vin Diesel (The Iron Giant - voice acting), Jennifer Aniston (Annie Hughes - voice acting), Harry Konnik jr. (Dean McCoppin - voiceovers), James Gammon (Foreman Marv Loach - Floyd Turbeaux - voiceovers)

Residents of a quiet American province are witnessing a blinding flash and the fall of a huge flying object. A few days later, a boy named Hogarth Hughes finds in the vicinity of a giant robot that has flown to Earth from a distant cosmic galaxy.

Despite its formidable appearance, the alien guest turns out to be a kindest creature. Between him and the brave boy real friendship is made. But having learned about the existence of the robot, the government and the military decided to destroy the newcomer. Hogarth is the only one who can save the steel giant.

Yellow Submarine, 90 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Comedy, Adventure, Fantasy, Musical
Producer: George Dunning
Cast: The Beatles (performer of the song), Paul Angelis (Ringo - Chief Blue Meanie - narrator - George - voice acting), John Clive (John - voice acting), Dick Emery (Jeremy Hilary Boob - Ph.D. - Nowhere Man - Lord Mayor - Max - voice), Jeffrey Hughes (Paul - voice)

Cartoon characters, strongly reminiscent of the famous four Beatles, sing and take a trip on a yellow submarine through the fantastic country of Pepperland, fighting for love, friendship, flowers and music against evil and bad freaks - blue blue ones.

Daria in 'Is It Fall Yet?', 75 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, comedy
Producer: Karen Disher, Guy Moore
Cast: Rachel Anton, Brett Barsky (Sam - voice acting), Corey Block, Cindy E. Brolsma, Joseph Buoy

The action of the film begins on the last school day at Lawndale School, where students are already making plans for the summer. Although Daria and Jane still maintain a relationship, Jane is cold towards Daria, and their communication can be tense. Daria and Tom are beginning to meet, but due to the nature of Daria’s character and the seriousness of the situation, their relationship is developing very slowly. Apparently, to avoid contact with Daria, Jane signed up for the summer in a colony of artists in Ashfield. Daria intends to spend the holidays at home, reading and watching the “Sick, Mad World”, but Helen sends her as an assistant to Mr. O’Neill’s children's camp “Do not hesitate to cry” for very sensitive children.

Aladdin, 90 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Comedy, Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Melodrama, Musical
Producer: Ron Clements, John Musker
Cast: Scott Wenger (Aladdin - voice), Robin Williams (Genie - Merchant - voice), Linda Larkin (Jasmine - voice), Jonathan Freeman (Jafar - voice), Frank Welker (Abu - Cave of Wonders - Rajah - voice)

In the glorious city of Agrab lives Aladdin, a cheerful thief with a heart of gold. He lives and does not know that soon he will have the greatest adventure in life. After all, it is only with the help of it that the black magician Jafar can master an incredible treasure - a lamp in which the powerful genie fulfills the wishes. And only cunning, wit and kindness of Aladdin and his friends - monkey Abu, Princess Jasmine and Genie himself can prevent Jafar from seizing the lamp and seizing power over the world ...

Anastasia, 94 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Drama, Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Musical
Producer: Don Bluth, Gary Goldman
Cast: Meg Ryan (Anastasia - voice), John Cusack (Dimitri - voice), Kelsey Grammer (Vladimir - voice), Christopher Lloyd (Rasputin - voice), Hank Azaria (Bartok - voice)

Anastasia is the daughter of the last Russian Tsar Nicholas, ruined by the ominous Rasputin. She manages to escape, get along with her grandmother to the crowded station and ... get lost in the crowd. It takes ten years. Anastasia has become an adult beauty and now wants to get to Paris. Will the princess be able to carry out her plans? After all, Rasputin had already risen from his grave ...

Fantastic Mr. Fox, 87 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Comedy, Adventure, Family, Crime
Producer: Wes anderson
Cast: George Clooney (Mr. Fox - voice), Meryl Streep (Mrs. Fox - voice), Jason Schwartzman (Ash - voice), Bill Murray (Badger - voice), Wallace Volodarsky (Kylie - voice)

The enraged farmers, tired of the constant attacks of the cunning fox on their chicken coops, are preparing to destroy their enemy and his "cunning" family.

Brother Bear, 82 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Adventure, Family, Fantasy
Producer: Aaron Blace, Robert Walker
Cast: Joaquin Phoenix (Kenai - voice), Jeremy Suarez (Koda - voice), Jason Raise (Denahi - voice), Rick Moreanis (Rutt - voice), Dave Thomas (Tuke - voice)

Long ago, at a time when mammoths walked the earth, and the eternal ice reached the southern seas, there lived a hunter named Kenai. He was brave and dexterous, but once he angered the Great Spirits by killing a bear, a sacred beast for him, whose totem he wore around his neck. Then the spirits of the ancestors, as punishment, turned Kenai himself into a bear. Now he cannot speak humanly, his own brother is hunting for him, and the naughty little bear Coda, who does not want to leave the hero alone, has come after him. But it was not for nothing that the spirits brought Kenai to Koda - at the hour when the hunter sees a soul mate in a bear cub, he can become a human again.

Bambi, 72 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Family
Producer: James Elgar, Samuel Armstrong, David Hand, Graham Heyd, Bill Roberts
Cast: Hardy Albright (Adolescent Bambi - voiceovers - no credits in the credits), Stan Alexander (Young Flower - voiceovers - no credits in the credits), Bobette Audrey (voiceovers - no credits in the credits), Peter Ben (Young Thumper - voiceovers - no credits in the credits Set), Thelma Boardman (Girl Bunny - Quail Mother - Female Pheasant - voice acting - no credits in the credits)

One morning, a little deer was born in a small, spring-lit sun glade. On the new forest prince ran and flew to see all the animals and birds. Fawn was called Bambi.

When Bambi learned to walk and talk, he made friends - the rabbit Tamper and the skunk Flower. And once in the meadow, where his mother led, Bambi met a little merry deer - Feylin. But life in the forest is dangerous and cruel. Bambi first encountered this when clear autumn forest air pierced with rifle shots - all the animals began to run away in panic, and then Bambi first heard the terrible word - Man.

Mountain of gems, 104 minutes

Genre: Cartoon
Producer: Alexander Tatarsky, Konstantin Bronzit, Rome Sharafutdinov, Sergey Gordeev, Natalia Berezovaya
Cast: Alexey Alekseev (voice acting), A. Astakhov (voice acting), Alexey Batalov (voice acting), Sergey Batalov (voice acting), Irma Vitovskaya

Tales of the peoples of Russia.

Big Hero 6, 105 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Comedy, Family, Action, Fiction
Producer: Don Hall, Chris Williams
Cast: Ryan Potter (Hiro - voice), Scott Edsit (Baymax - voice), Daniel Henney (Tadashi - voice), TJ Miller (Fred - voice), Jamie Chang (Go Go - voice)

Junior Hiro Hamada is a born inventor and genius in the design of robots. Together with his elder brother Tadashi, they bring to life the most advanced ideas at the Technical University of the city of the future San-Fransokio. After a series of mysterious events, friends find themselves in the center of an insidious conspiracy. Desperate, Hiro decides to use the fun and good-natured experimental robot Beimaks, reprogramming it into an invulnerable fighting machine.

The Land Before Time, 69 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Adventure, Family, Fantasy
Producer: Don Blut
Cast: Judith Barcy (Ducky - voiceovers), Pat Hingle (narrator - Rooter - voiceovers), Gabriel Damon (Littlefoot - voiceovers), Helen Shaver (Littlefoot's Mother - voiceovers), Bill Erwin (Grandfather - voiceovers)

There was a time when the foot of a man had not yet set foot on Earth. It was a time of erupting volcanoes, huge earthquakes and terrible cataclysms. Our planet was then inhabited by amazing and strange creatures.

The hero of this cartoon, charming brontozavrik Crumby-Legs, went in search of the legendary Great Valley, where rumors can be a good idea to eat. On the way, he took four more dinosaur babies with him on a journey. On the way, this motley company awaits amazing and dangerous adventures.

Toy Story, 81 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Comedy, Adventure, Family, Fantasy
Producer: John Lasseter
Cast: Tom Hanks (Woody - voice), Tim Allen (Buzz Lightyear - voice), Don Rickles (Mr. Potato Head - voice), Jim Varney (Slinky Dog - voice), Wallace Shawn (Rex - voice)

Every child believes that when he leaves his toys alone, they begin to go about their business. This animated film allows them to be convinced that they are right.

The main idea of ​​the film is that each toy is afraid to get bored, to become forgotten, replaced by another, since the whole point of their existence is to bring happiness to their owners.

Toy Story 3, 90 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Comedy, Adventure, Family, Fantasy
Producer: Lee Ankrich
Cast: Tom Hanks (Woody - voice), Tim Allen (Buzz Lightyear - voice), Joan Cusack (Jessie - voice), Ned Beatty (Lotso - voice), Don Rickles (Mr. Potato Head - voice)

Andy is almost 18 years old, he has 3 days to go to college, while his toys, including Woody and Buzz Liter, are wondering about their future.

Where will their fate? In the attic, in a landfill or maybe in the kindergarten "Sun"?

Events develop in the most unexpected direction, and the adventures of the beloved heroes continue!

How to Train Your Dragon 2, 105 minutes

Жанр: Мультфильм, Комедия, Приключения, Семейный, Фэнтези
Режиссёр: Дин ДеБлуа
В ролях: Джей Барушель (Hiccup - озвучка), Кейт Бланшетт (Valka - озвучка), Джерард Батлер (Stoick - озвучка), Крэйг Фергюсон (Gobber - озвучка), Америка Феррера (Astrid - озвучка)

С момента примирения викингов и драконов прошло пять лет. Пока Астрид, Сморкала и остальные ребята проводят время, соревнуясь друг с другом в популярных на острове драконьих гонках, Иккинг и Беззубик путешествуют по небу, составляя карту неизвестных мест. When one of their adventures leads to the discovery of a secret ice cave, which is home to hundreds of previously unseen wild dragons and a mysterious dragon rider, two friends find themselves in the center of the battle to protect the world.

32. Good Dinosaur (2015)

In the selection: Dinosaurs, Prehistoric times, Talking animals, Friendship

Movie Info:
Genre:cartoon, fantasy, comedy, adventure, family
A country:USA
Year of issue:2015
Producer:Peter Son
Duration: 93 min.
Cast:Jeffrey Wright, Francis McDormand, Malia Nipay-Padilla, Ryan Tipl, Jack McGraw, Marcus Scribner, Raymond Ochoa, Jack Bright, Peter Son, Steve Zan
Film description:Many, many years ago, the meteorite that caused the death of dinosaurs on the planet, flew past the Earth. Therefore, huge animals survived, and even more so, have evolved intellectually. Herbivorous dinosaurs began farming, and achieved considerable success in this business. One day, three young babies are born to the brave and strong Henry - Libby, Buck and Arlo. But if the older kids immediately become exemplary members of society, the younger Arlo gives his father a lot of trouble with his behavior. All attempts of the little dinosaur to prove that he is as brave as his father fail miserably, and after another adventure, Arlo is completely away from home, in a completely unfamiliar territory. Back to the native fields and meadows helps baby dinosaur. But in this version of the story, people never got beyond the cave level of development. Gradually, between such different protagonists, real friendship is born. @ the-cinema.club

TOP – 10 useful cartoons

Practicing psychologist Svetlana Roiz on her Facebook recently expressed an opinion on developing cartoons:

“You want to ask me what kind of animated cartoon to watch kids? My answer is quite simple: ideally, none. But I know and understand very well how difficult it is for moms to take care of the child, washing, cooking, cleaning and a lot of daily, routine work. Therefore, cartoons, for such women - a real breath of fresh air.

I propose the safest cartoons that do not violate the psyche of your crumbs, and really expand his horizons. ”

1. "Baby Bill". This cartoon is kind, funny, family. The main character is a black boy Bill. Throughout the entire cartoon, he is faced with various problems that are quickly solved thanks to his friendly family. The purpose of the animation is to show that you need to love, respect and trust your parents.

2. "Daniel Tiger". Very funny and interesting cartoon. The main character tiger cub goes to visit his neighbors animals, learns to be independent and educated.

3. "Malyshariki." This cartoon is suitable for children from 0 to 3 years. Its plus in the plain graphics and excellent musical accompaniment.

4. "Bear Nuki and his friends." The main characters of the cartoon are plush animals. Their every new day is fraught with a lot of adventures and exciting events. A child, looking at a cartoon, gets acquainted with new objects around the world.

5. "Fidget Zu." A cartoon about a mischievous family of zebras. Because of her inexperience, Little Zu often finds herself in unpleasant situations, but her friends are always ready to help.

6. "Learning to draw with the theme." The protagonist zaychonok Subject happy to teach a child to draw, will reveal many secrets and secrets.

7. "The Donkey Tro Tro". Another kind, informative cartoon, with excellent music.

8. "Cucutiques". This is a real show-cartoon, which will teach children to dance, dream, communicate with peers.

9. "Barboskiny." The main characters of the cartoon are funny puppies. In their example, they show how important it is to listen to the opinions of adults and to trust your family.

10. “Fixies”. This cartoon is suitable for preschool children. Each series is a separate story about a new subject: a slow cooker, a hairdryer, a refrigerator and so on. These funny little men teach the minds of not only kids, but also their parents.

Parents note

There are basic rules for watching cartoons, to which Svetlana Reuss pays special attention:

- Try to keep the child watching cartoons (especially new animations) under the supervision of adults,

- Viewing should not take more than 30 minutes a day,

- No cartoons during the meal. Teach the child to the rules of etiquette at the table from birth,

- We watched a cartoon, get creative: modeling, drawing, applique,

- Never choose scary cartoons that demonstrate violence, the use of force, insults.

to read more:

The Nightmare Before Christmas, 76 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Family, Fantasy, Musical
Producer: Henry Selick
Cast: Danny Elfman (Jack Skellington - Singing Voice - Barrel - Clown with the Tear Away Face - voiceover), Chris Sarandon (Jack Skellington - voiceovers), Catherine O'Hara (Sally - Shock - voiceovers), William Hickey (Evil Scientist - voiceovers) , Glenn Shadix (Mayor - voice acting)

The cartoon tells about the kingdom of Halloween, the kingdom of fear and nightmares, where dead people live, monsters, monsters led by horror king Jack Skellington. Under Christmas, Jack accidentally ends up in the city of Christmas, where he finds out that there is somewhere joy, good and fun. He terribly wanted to experience this feeling - to give people happiness - and he abducted Santa Claus and took his place. The results were, however, the most deplorable, and, to put it mildly, no one liked his presents. But he understood everything and corrected his mistake.

33. Brave in heart (2012)

In the selection: Fairy tales, princesses

Movie Info:
Genre:cartoon, fantasy, comedy, adventure, family
A country:USA
Year of issue:2012
Producer:Mark Andrews, Brenda Chapman, Steve Purcell
Duration: 93 min.
Transfer:Professional (full duplication)
Cast:Kelly Macdonald, Emma Thompson, Billy Connolly, Julie Walters, Robbie Coltrane, Kevin McKidd, Craig Ferguson, Sally Kinghorn, Ailid Freiser, Pagegie Barker
Film description:Professional archer Merida need to choose their life path. She refuses to comply with the traditions of the kingdom and challenges the powerful clans, and in particular their leaders. Such careless actions of girls can bring great misfortune. That is why for advice she goes to the hermit. That, in turn, imposes a serious spell on Merida. Now the princess needs to believe only in her courage in order to defeat the magic and the incredible dangerous beast that lurks in the mountain valleys. However, with so many tests the strength to cope only with a strong spirit person. This is the quality of young Merida. For the sake of victory, she will go to the end. @ the-cinema.club

34. Turbo (2013)

In the selection: Races, Talking animals

Movie Info:
Genre:cartoon, comedy, adventure, family, sports
A country:USA
Year of issue:2013
Producer:David Soren
Duration: 96 min.
Transfer:Full dubbing
Cast:Ryan Reynolds, Paul Giamatti, Michael Pena, Snoop Dogg, Maya Rudolph, Michelle Rodriguez, Samuel L. Jackson, Louis Guzman, Bill Heider, Ben Schwartz
Film description:Turbo is a full-length animated film released in 2013. The cartoon tells about the adventures of a snail, who dreamed of racing. The cartoon is made using fully computerized up-to-date graphics, which makes it extremely interesting to watch. A small snail named Turbo dreams of speed. But by nature it is slow and unhurried. To realize her dream, she needs to take part in races. For racing you need to find a fast car, but this is just the problem. All Turbo could find was the old floor of a crumbling race car. Win on this car race will not be easy. But our hero does not give up his dream and trains hard. He finds a genius mechanic who agrees to help him. Now the chances of winning significantly increase. @ the-cinema.club

35. Fortress: shield and sword (2015)

In the selection: Middle Ages, Children

Movie Info:
Genre:cartoon, adventure, military, family
A country:Russia
Year of issue:2015
Producer:Fedor Dmitriev
Duration: 92 min.
Transfer:Not required (Russian film)
Cast:Peter Fedorov, Yevgeny Stychkin, Elena Shulman, Ekaterina Gorokhovskaya, Vadim Nikitin, Oleg Kulikovich, Sergey Russkin, Mikhail Khrustalev, Anatoly Petrov
Film description:In 1609 terrible military operations were underway. The Polish-Lithuanian army laid siege to a city called Smolensk. Since this is the main fortress on the way to get to the capital, the Russian army is well aware that it is impossible to retreat. Voivod Michael Shein understands that his army will stand to the end, whatever the enemy might be. Even the children are well aware that their decision was the right one. At the same time, a boy named Sasha is at home making bombs, which he makes from dough. He decides that it would be nice to somehow help the military. By his actions, he was able to call on the help of the Tsar, in whose hands was a flaming spear and a fire shield. He asks the Tsar to help the Russians who defend the city. Ahead is the destruction of the insidious plans of King Sigismund the Third, as well as the evil spirits that roam the territory of the fortress during the siege at night. @ the-cinema.club

36. Nine (2009)

In the selection: Robots, Postapokalipsis, Translated Goblin

Movie Info:
Genre:fantasy, fantasy, adventure, cartoon
A country:USA, Germany
Year of issue:2009
Producer:Shane Ecker
Duration: 80 min
Transfer:Dubbing | Monophonic offscreen (Goblin)
Cast:Christopher Plummer, Martin Landau, John C. Riley, Crispin Glover, Jennifer Connelly, Fred Tataskior, Elijah Wood, Alan Oppenheimer, Tom Kane, Helen Wilson
Film description:Mind or soul? What is more important? What is primary? The eternal dispute and such an ambiguous answer: everyone chooses for himself. Insane men invent machines with improved employee qualities. People replace people with mechanisms. Yes, the car is an executive worker. But without a soul, any car is directed against man. A machine endowed with reason resists the power of man. And she becomes lord! The great scientist ineptly sews nine dolls in the dying minutes infusing them into the souls of people. Gnarled dolls, stitched in one pattern, but with unique characters. The role of the Second is great: tell everything to the younger, the Ninth. Ninth tries to unite their fellows. The remaining nine, the only spiritual beings on the planet, are trying to restore the unity of mind and soul. Defeating cars is difficult. Using the creativity of each doll, the Ninth creates a team. Who will win? @ the-cinema.club

37. Ferdinand (2017)

In the selection: Talking animals, Children, Friendship

Movie Info:
Genre:family, comedy, cartoon
A country:USA
Year of issue:2017
Producer:Carlos Saldana
Duration: 108 min.
Cast:John Cena, Kate McKinnon, David Tennant, Bobby Cannavale, Anthony Anderson, Jack Gore, Jet Jurgensmeyer, Niall Diaz, Colin H. Murphy, Carlos Saldana
Film description:Spanish bull Ferdinand since childhood was different from its relatives. While the rest of the animals were just waiting for the opportunity to tinker with each other, the main character preferred to smell the wildflowers ... And one fine day Ferdinand decides to run away from the nursery at all to settle on some cozy farm and forget about bullfights and bullfights forever. But once at a flower festival, the main character becomes an unwitting culprit in a grand pogrom ... The police believe that Ferdinand is too aggressive, and he is returned back to the nursery. At this very time, one of the famous matadors chooses a bull for the show, and his choice falls on Ferdinand, who during the time spent on the flower farm, managed to mature greatly. That's just the inner world of the protagonist has not changed at all, and he refuses to do what is expected of him by the spectators in the stands. @ the-cinema.club

Lady and the Tramp, 76 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Comedy, Adventure, Family, Melodrama
Producer: Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson, Hamilton Lasky
Cast: Peggy Lee (Darling - Si - Am - Peg - dubbing), Larry Roberts (Tramp - dubbing), Bill Bauck (Trusty - dubbing), Verna Felton (Aunt Sarah - dubbing), George Givot (Tony - dubbing)

The touching and exciting story of the rapprochement of two completely different dogs - a pedigree sissy and an ordinary mongrel. Elegant and fluffy as a toy, the cocker Spanielsha Lady was the favorite of the owners, until a baby appeared in their family. The muzzle put on was the last straw that pushed the offended heroine to escape. But on the street a whole bunch of dangers awaited her, about the existence of which she did not even suspect. And then a vagabond dog came to the aid of a miniature black-eyed beauty, the nobility of which was not in the breed, but in the soul.

The Fox and the Hound, 83 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Drama, Adventure, Family
Producer: Ted Berman, Richard Rich, Art Stevens
Cast: Mickey Rooney (Tod - voice), Kurt Russell (Copper - voice), Pearl Bailey (Big Mama - voice), Jack Albertson (Amos Slade - voice), Sandy Duncan (Vixey - voice)

An adaptation of the book by Daniel P. Mannix. The story about Todd's fox and the Kopper puppy. The kids were very friendly, but when they grew up, one nature prepared the role of the hunter, alas, the object of the hunt.

Madagascar, 86 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Comedy, Adventure, Family
Producer: Eric Darnell, Tom McGrath
Cast: Ben Stiller (Alex - voice), Chris Rock (Marty - voice), David Schwimmer (Melman - voice), Jada Pinkett Smith (Gloria - voice), Sasha Baron Cohen (Julien - voice)

Four pampered animals from the Central Zoo in New York - the lion Alex, Marty the zebra, Melman's giraffe and Gloria the hippopotamus - are decided to escape. After being on a shipwreck on the exotic island of Madagascar, inhabited by lemurs and fox-eaters, travelers realize with horror that they will have to say goodbye to their urban habits.

There are no people, favorite cells, tasty feeding. The show “The Last Hero” begins only with animals - our friends need to survive in an unusual habitat where danger lurks at every step.

Mulan, 84 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Adventure, Family, Military, Musical
Producer: Tony Bancroft, Barry Cook
Cast: Eddie Murphy (Mushu - voice acting), Leah Salonga (Mulan - performer of the song), Ming-Na (Mulan - voice acting), June Forey (Grandmother Fa - voice acting), Oh Song Tech (Fa Zhou - voice acting)

Difficult times came for a great people: the country was attacked by a militant Hun tribe. Having changed into men's clothes, Mulan joins other soldiers and sets off on a dangerous expedition to the foot of the snow-capped mountains. She is accompanied by a funny dragon Musha, who looks more like a small dog than a mythical monster.

Trying to hide a secret, they get into funny situations and do not suspect that their secret is about to be revealed.

Persepolis, 95 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Drama, Biography, Military
Producer: Vincent Paronno, Marzhan Satrapi
Cast: Chiara Mastroianni (Marjane - voice acting), Daniel Daryo (Grandma - voice acting), Catherine Deneuve (Mom - voice acting), Simon Abkaryan (Dad - voice acting), Gabriel Lopes Benitez (Marji - voice acting)

Tehran, 1978. Eight-year-old Marzhan dreams of becoming a prophet and saving humanity. She enthusiastically follows the events that soon lead to a revolution and the fall of the Shah regime. With the establishment of the Islamic Republic comes the time of the "revolutionary commissioners". Marzhan is now forced to wear a veil, but in dreams he sees himself as a revolutionary.

With the beginning of the war against Iraq, bombing, deprivation, and the disappearance of close people begin. Internal repression intensified. The girl's freedom-loving and rebellious nature can lead to trouble, so her parents send her to Europe. Once in Vienna, fourteen-year-old Marzhan is experiencing his second revolution: adolescence, freedom, intoxication with love - and with them a keen sense of loneliness.

Tangled, 100 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Melodrama, Musical
Producer: Nathan Greno, Byron Howard
Cast: Mandy Moore (Rapunzel - voice), Zachary Levay (Flynn Rider - voice), Donna Murphy (Mother Gothel - voice), Ron Perlman (Stabbington Brother - voice), MK Gaini (Captain of the Guard - voice)

Charming robber Flynn travels through life with ease, just because he is handsome, talkative and lucky. And, it seemed, fortune was always on his side, until one day he chose a tall tower in a thick thicket of forest as a “calm” refuge. Flynn is bound hand and foot by a young beauty named Rapunzel.

If you think that the most interesting thing in it is 21 meters of magical golden hair, then you are mistaken! Locked in a tower and desperately seeking adventure, Rapunzel decides to use Flynn as a ticket to the big world. First, a comical kidnapping, then innocent blackmail — and here our heroes are free. Together with the main characters in the adventurous journey will go the brave horse-hunter Maximus, a hand-made chameleon and a gang of crazy brigands.

Ratatouille, 111 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Comedy, Family, Fantasy
Producer: Brad Bird, Jan Pinkawa
Cast: Patton Oswalt (Remy - dubbing), Ian Holm (Skinner - dubbing), Lou Romano (Linguini - dubbing), Brian Dennehy (Django - dubbing), Peter Son (Emile - dubbing)

Remy Rat has a unique taste. He is ready to risk his own life to watch a favorite cooking show and get some kind of seasoning or just a fresh product. Реми живет со своими сородичами, которые его не понимают и не принимают его увлечения кулинарией. Когда Реми случайно попадает на кухню шикарного ресторана, он решает воспользоваться выпавшим ему шансом и проверить свои навыки. На эту же кухню попадает и юный Лингвини. Всё, на что он может расчитывать - это должность уборщика. Но он тоже получает свой шанс.

The Little Mermaid, 83 минут

Жанр: Мультфильм, Семейный, Фэнтези, Мелодрама, Мюзикл
Режиссёр: Рон Клементс, Джон Маскер
В ролях: Джоди Бенсон (Ariel - озвучка), Пэт Кэрролл (Ursula - озвучка), Рене Обержонуа (Louis - озвучка), Кристофер Дэниэл Барнс (Eric - озвучка), Пэдди Эдвардс (Flotsam & Jetsam - озвучка)

Таинственные глубины моря хранят немало тайн, а обитатели океана могут рассказать множество удивительных историй. И самой невероятной из них была и остаётся история русалочки Ариэль. The daughter of the powerful king of the underwater world Triton, she once falls in love with a beautiful and courageous prince. But can they be together - an earthly man and a sea maiden? However, these feelings overcome any obstacles. For her love, Ariel is ready to do anything. Even if to find her happiness, she will have to leave her native ocean forever and forever become an earthly girl.

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, 83 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Western, Comedy, Adventure, Family, Melodrama
Producer: Kelly Asbury, Lorna Cook
Cast: Matt Damon (Spirit - voice), James Cromwell (The Colonel - voice), Daniel Studi (Little Creek - voice), Chopper Burnet (Sgt. Adams - voice), Jeff LeBo (Murphy - Railroad Foreman - voice)

This adventure cartoon tells the story of a wild stallion Mustang Spiritat, traveling across the whole of America. Brave Spirit makes friendship with a young Indian brook and finds love with a beautiful mare named Thunderstorm.

Everyone is happy until the eyes of the stallion are people who want to make him a military horse.

The Secret of Kells, 75 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Adventure, Family, Fantasy
Producer: Tomm Moore, Nora Tumi
Cast: Evan McGuire (Brendan - voice), Kristen Mooney (Aisling - voice), Brendan Gleason (Abbot Cellach - voice), Mick Lally (Aidan - voice), Liam Hurikan (Brother Tang - Leonardo - voice)

In the yard of the 9th century. In the Irish outback hid the ancient abbey of Kells, led by an authoritarian abbot. He raised an orphan nephew named Brendan - a nice and capable boy. He is 12 years old, and he, along with other monks, is diligently working to strengthen the walls of the abbey to protect against Viking raids. A new adventurous life awaits Brendan with the arrival of Brother Aidan, the famous master illustrator and custodian of an unusual unfinished book with illustrations. Brother Aidan takes the boy under his wing and dedicates him to the art of illustration, awakening incredible interest and amazing talent.

We offer the top 10 of the most interesting cartoons released in 2013-2014:

1. "How to train your dragon 2" - A film about the friendship of people and dragons. Just a few years ago, the Vikings and dragons did not really love each other, as the latter stole sheep from people, and they, in turn, tried to protect their property.

But the efforts of the young and inconspicuous, but very brave fellow Icking were not in vain, people managed to get to know the dragons better, learn to live with them, and even make friends. Now every person has a dragon friend. There is one in Icking, and his name is Toothless.

Now, instead of hunting winged creatures, people play with them and enjoy such entertainment. And Icking with Bezzubik travels and makes maps of uncharted land. By chance friends find an ice cave, in which they discover unprecedented wild dragons, which are clearly not very friendly. And now people and dragons must rally even more to protect their homeland.

2. "Epic". Mary Catherine is a young but very independent girl. She comes to visit her father, Professor Bomb. He lives in solitude and immersed in science. He constantly insists that there is something imperceptible to all ordinary people. Mary, of course, does not believe the pope and believes that if this is something no one sees, then it does not exist in the world.

The girl continues to live and enjoy life, but one day everything changes. Mary is suddenly shrinking and finally realizes that her father was absolutely right. It turned out that practically under the feet of ordinary people another world was placed in which a small people lived.

And in this world truly global changes are taking place. There is a real battle between evil and good. Mary gets the opportunity to know this unknown people closer.

She meets small but very brave soldiers and their commanders, talking insects and other inhabitants of the miniature world, and makes a decision to help them cope with their enemies by any means. The girl takes part in the war, but at the same time tries to mend relations with her father. And it is still not clear which of these two tasks will be the most difficult.

3. “Cold heart”. If you list the most beautiful cartoons, then you can not forget about it. All events unfold in the kingdom of Erendell. Parents of Elsa and Anna died, and now the board should pass into the hands of the eldest of the sisters - Elsa. But the girl, possessing unique abilities to manage snow and ice, could not learn to use such opportunities and went to the mountains to take shelter there. But the whole kingdom is immersed in eternal winter.

And only Elsa can melt the ice and bring spring closer. And Anna goes in search of her sister with a simple ice merchant Kristoff and his faithful friend, the deer Sven. But it turned out that finding the future queen Erendella is not so easy, because she managed to get too far.

Anna and Kristoff have to overcome a lot of difficulties, meet real live snowmen and even trolls, conquer snow peaks and experience the effects of magic on themselves. But courage and desire to save the kingdom will certainly help brave young people!

4. "Penguins of Madagascar" - funny and interesting cartoon for children, especially for those who have already managed to see “Madagascar”. Penguins usually live in the Antarctic, but not this brave four. Rico, Skipper, Kowalski and Prapor can survive even in the scorching desert, especially if the safety of the whole world is at stake.

But these brave penguins are too tough and not so, so when they find out that the cunning Octavius ​​Brown is developing a plan to destroy the world, they immediately decide to prevent him. But there is a secret organization "North Wind", which is also not indifferent to the fate of all life on Earth.

It consists of animals of different species that help everyone who finds himself in difficult situations. Four brave and courageous decides to take root in this organization and with its help save the world and prevent Brian from carrying out his plan.

5. “Wing the Wing” - a kind cartoon for little viewers about the brave chick Chizhik. As you know, all the birds in the winter go to the south to wait out the cold there and return again. A flock of Siskin, too, is about to go to warmer lands, but almost before flying to the leader of Darius the cat attacks.

Darius dies due to injury. Only he knew the road, but, fortunately, before his death, the leader managed to tell the route to Siskin. Endangered the life of the whole pack. And on the shoulders of a brave chick lies a great responsibility. He was disliked in the pack because of unusual plumage, so he spent a lot of time alone since childhood.

But the moment has come when everyone will know what this brave chick is capable of. Yet, it is not so easy to gain trust, and to unite a team is even more difficult. In addition, you need not deviate from the route. And it is incredibly difficult to do, because on the way the pack faces difficulties and obstacles.

6. "Ivan Tsarevich and the Gray Wolf 2". Every girl wants to meet her betrothed and begin to lead a measured and happy life. But to some, such a prospect may not seem to be the best, because to sit in a hut and knit is so boring! This is exactly what Vasilisa thinks, who in the first part of the cartoon met Ivan Tsarevich and married him.

Ivan himself, together with his faithful friend Gray Wolf, protects the state day and night. And Vasilisa sits alone and dreams of something interesting and exciting. The soul of a girl requires adventure. And the king decides to help his beloved daughter to experience new impressions and make Ivan spend more time with her.

He arranges a real abduction. Together with the Gray Wolf, the guy goes in search of his beloved wife. But everything goes wrong, as it was originally intended. Two friends will have to go through a lot of trials and be smart.

7. “Rio 2”. Listing the best cartoons, do not forget about the history of the parrot Ducky. He and his beloved Pearl recently became happy parents. The whole family lives in a noisy and full of people of Rio de Janeiro. Pearl understands that a large metropolis is fraught with many dangers for kids, and therefore decides to move into the jungle.

Darling from such an idea is not happy, but in spite of his beloved did not dare to go. The family moved to the jungles of the Amazonia - the home of Pearl. She herself, of course, is extremely happy to move, as are the children. But here, Duchess, accustomed to comfort and urban conditions, understands that he was not ready for such a turn of events.

He is to get acquainted with his beloved father, as well as with local desperate wild birds. But for the sake of love, you can overcome any difficulties, and this is what the brave parrot does.

8. "The Adventures of Mr. Peabody and Sherman". The dog Mr. Peabody is a famous scientist and researcher, a Nobel Prize winner and a real genius. He even managed to get permission to adopt a real boy. Peabody became the adoptive father of baby Sherman and began to educate him.

He grew up clever, curious and very reasonable, which surprised his classmates and teachers. And when Sherman told his classmate Penny that he was traveling using a time machine, she also decided to go on such a journey. But you cannot change the course of history, so Peabody and Sherman go after Penny to avoid mistakes.

9. "Walking with dinosaurs" - a cartoon about dinosaurs and the unique nature of the period in which huge amazing creatures lived on Earth. The main character is a little dinosaur named Patches.

No one took the baby seriously, everyone thought it was useless. But when, during the relocation of the entire herd, Patches showed courage and bravery and saved his relatives, everyone realized that there was tremendous power in this little creature.

10. "Real Squirrel". Squirrel Snook and Buddy the little rat are planning to rob the store and sip off a huge amount of nuts. They are decided to help the relatives of the Ill-natured Man, who previously rejected him for the tricks that led to the fire. But, preparing for a crime, the rodents could not even think about the fact that nuts are only a cover, and something else is planning an even bigger robbery.

Mystery of the Third Planet, 50 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Adventure, Family, Fiction, Fantasy
Producer: Roman Kachanov
Cast: Yuri Andreev (voice), Vladimir Druzhnikov (voice), Vladimir Kenigson (voice), Vasily Livanov (Gromozek - voice), Grigory Spiegel (Merry - voice)

The adventures of the girl Alice, her learned father and the melancholic captain Green, as well as the good-natured monster Gromozeki and the birds of the Talker, who, as we know, is distinguished by intelligence and wit.

Les triplettes de Belleville, 80 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, comedy
Producer: Sylvain Shomet
Cast: Beatrice Bonifassi (Triplets - performer of the song), Lina Bodro (Triplets - voice acting), Michel Cocheto, Jean-Claude Donda, Marie-Lou Gautier (Triplets - voice acting)

The champion is a little boy adopted by his grandmother, Madame Susa. Madame Souza notices that the most happy boy feels riding a bicycle, and therefore insists that he train in the most serious way. Years pass and, finally, the Champion becomes a worthy name. He is ready to take part in the world famous Tour de France race. But during the competition two mysterious unknowns in black steal the Champion. Madame Susa and her faithful dog Bruno must release him.

During the search, they find themselves across the ocean in the huge metropolis of Belleville and meet the famous “Belleville triplets” - three eccentric stars-singers of the music hall of the 30s. "Triplets" take Madame Susa and Bruno under her care. Thanks to the sharp scent of Bruno, the brave couple soon attacks the trail of the Champion. But will they manage to upset the evil plans of the evil French mafia?

Corpse Bride, 77 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Fantasy, Melodrama, Musical
Producer: Tim Burton, Mike Johnson
Cast: Johnny Depp (Victor Van Dort - voice), Helena Bonham Carter (Corpse Bride - voice), Emily Watson (Victoria Everglot - voice), Tracey Ullman (Nell Van Dort - Hildegarde - voice), Paul Whitehouse (William Van Dort - Mayhew - Paul The Head Waiter - voice)

The action develops in the European village of the XIX century. The protagonist - a young man Victor - forces the darkness dragged to hell and marry there on the mysterious Corpse of the Bride, while his real bride Victoria awaits her fiance in the world of the living. Despite the fact that living in the Kingdom of the Dead turns out to be much more interesting than his habitual Victorian way of life, Victor realizes that he will not exchange his only love for anything in any of the alternative worlds ...

Frozen, 102 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Comedy, Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Melodrama, Musical
Producer: Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee
Cast: Kristen Bell (Anna - voice), Idina Menzel (Elsa - voice), Jonathan Groff (Kristoff - voice), Josh Gad (Olaf - voice), Santino Fontana (Hans - voice)

When the ancient prediction comes true and the kingdom plunges into the arms of eternal winter, the three fearless heroes - Princess Anne, the brave Kristoff and his faithful deer Sven - go to the mountains to find Anna's sister, Elsa, who can remove the chilling curse from the country. Along the way, many exciting surprises and exciting adventures await them: a meeting with mystical trolls, an acquaintance with a charming snowman named Olaf, mountain peaks more abruptly than Everest and magic in every snowflake. Anne and Kristoff have to unite and confront the mighty elements in order to save the kingdom and those who are dear to them.

Rise of the Guardians, 97 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Adventure, Family, Fantasy
Producer: Peter Ramsey
Cast: Chris Pine (Jack Frost - voice), Alec Baldwin (North - voice), Jude Law (Pitch - voice), Isla Fisher (Tooth - voice), Hugh Jackman (Bunny - voice)

When the evil spirit Kromeshnik encroaches on the most expensive - children's dreams, Northerner, Ice Jack, Rabbit, Tooth Fairy and Sandman for the first time unite to create a team of Guardians of dreams.

Shrek, 90 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Comedy, Adventure, Family, Fantasy
Producer: Andrew Adamson, Vicki Jenson
Cast: Mike Myers (Shrek - voice), Eddie Murphy (Donkey - voice), Cameron Diaz (Princess Fiona - voice), John Lytgow (Lord Farquaad - voice), Vincent Cassel (Monsieur Hood - voice)

There was a big green giant named Shrek in a fairytale state. He lived in splendid isolation in the woods, in the swamp, which he considered his own. But once the evil shorty - Lord Farquad, the ruler of the magical kingdom, mercilessly drove to the Shrekovo swamp of all fabulous inhabitants. And the carefree life of the green giant came to an end. But Lord Farquad promised to return Shrek to the swamp if the giant would get him the beautiful princess Fiona, who languishes in an impregnable tower guarded by a fire-breathing dragon ...

Ernest et Célestine, 80 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Drama, Comedy, Family
Producer: Stephanie Obier, Vincent Patar, Benjamin Renner
Cast: Lamber Wilson (Ernest - voice), Pauline Brunner (Celestine - voice), Forest Whitaker (Ernest - voice), Mackenzie Foy (Celestine - voice), Lauren Bacoll (The Gray One - voice)

A great friendship begins with a small one. She is a little mouse, he is a huge bear. She is a child, he is an adult. She dreams of being an artist, although according to the rules of her world she has to become a dentist, he is a musician and a poet, leading a thoughtless life and never having a piece of bread for tomorrow. They live in different worlds: for the inhabitants of the mouse kingdom, there is nothing wilder than to make friends with the “big bad bear”, and his neighbors are unlikely to understand why go around with a mouse. But the friendship and kinship of souls is akin to real magic. And how does this couple deal with conventions, differences in size, historical prejudices and cultural barriers?

One Hundred and One Dalmatians, 79 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Adventure, Family
Producer: Clyde Geronimi, Hamilton Lasky, Wolfgang Raiterman
Cast: Rod Taylor (Pongo - voice), J. Pat O'Malley (Colonel - Jasper - voice), Betty Lou Jerson (Cruella De Vil - Miss Birdwell - voice), Martha Ventuorph (Nanny - Queenie - Lucy - voice), Ben Wright (Roger - voice acting)

The touching and incredibly intriguing story of the search and rescue of Dalmatian puppies that were stolen from their owners on the orders of the evil fury, Schovella De Vil. Alnacha fashionista conceived to sew herself a spotted fur outfit from the skins of poor babies. However, the animals, united, manage to teach her a lesson.

Les douze travaux d'Astérix, 82 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Comedy, Adventure, Family, Action, Fantasy
Producer: Rene Goscinny, Henry Gruel, Albert Judero, Pierre Vortin
Cast: Roger Karel (Astérix - Les 2 sénateurs - voice acting), Jacques Morel (Obélix - voice acting), Pierre Thornad (Abraracourcix - voice acting), Henri Labiuer (Le receptionniste - voice acting), Jean Martinelli (César - voice acting)

50 year BC. Great Julius Caesar is worse than a bitter radish who is fed up with a small Gallic village, its merry and insubordinate inhabitants and their magic potion. Who knows, maybe they really are gods? But Caesar would not be Caesar if he reconciled with a similar heresy.

He decides to give Asterix and his friends twelve assignments that no mortal can do. No sooner said than done. Of course, the times of Hercules are long gone. But what about Hercules, if there is Asterix and Obelix?

It is to them that the leader of the village Zhiznestistiks and orders to take the august challenge. Друзьям же только того и надо - ведь приключения продолжаются, а значит веселая жизнь обеспечена!

Daria in 'Is It College Yet?', 90 минут

Жанр: Мультфильм, Мелодрама, Комедия
Режиссёр: Карен Дишер
В ролях: Джеффри Аренд (Charles 'Upchuck' Ruttheimer III - озвучка), Рэнд Бриджес (Professor Bill Woods - озвучка), Джени Мерц (Andrea - Sandi Griffin - Brittany Taylor - озвучка), Мишель Дамато, Сара Дрю (Stacy Rowe - озвучка)

Близится окончание школы, после чего Дарье и её одноклассникам придётся принять трудное решение о выборе колледжа. В отличие от Дарьи Джейн не думает о поступлении. Хелен не нравится, что Квин не знает цену деньгам, поэтому она заставляет Квин найти работу. Квин берёт отпуск в Модном Клубе для того чтобы работать во французском ресторане. Там она сближается с одной из своих коллег, Линдой (она уже студентка), у которой проблемы с употреблением спиртных напитков.

Алеша Попович и Тугарин Змей, 79 минут

Жанр: Мультфильм, Комедия, Приключения, Фэнтези, Мелодрама, Мюзикл
Режиссёр: Константин Бронзит
В ролях: Oleg Kulikovich (Alyosha Popovich - voice acting), Dmitry Vysotsky (knight Julius - voice acting), Anatoly Petrov (Tikhon - voice acting), Sergei Makovetsky (Prince of Kiev - voice acting), Elena Shulman (gypsy - voice acting)

In the ancient Russian city of Rostov, a son was born in a priestly family. His parents named Alyosha. And when he grew up and became a bogatyr, he accomplished such feats that he became the hero of Russian epics, Alyosha Popovich. Only his exploits began with embarrassment.

Tugarsky enemy horde led by Tugarin the Serpent approached Rostov and demanded that the inhabitants of the city pay tribute. Popov's son proposed a plan of action. The people approved this plan and collected a mountain of gold. Alyosha managed to fail his own plan “safely”, but with what a crash!

And gold missed, and destroyed half the city. Then he swore - Tugarin Snake to catch and return the gold. Alyosha Popovich set off along the way with his grandfather Tikhon, who raised the boy and raised him, and a little later the company consisted of the talking horse Julius, bought from the gypsies, almost 16-year-old beauty Lyubava, her grandmother and their donkey Moses.

Alice in Wonderland, 75 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Musical
Producer: Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson, Hamilton Lasky
Cast: Catherine Beaumont (Alice - dubbing), Ed Wynn (Mad Hatter - dubbing), Richard Heidn (Caterpillar - dubbing), Sterling Holloway (Cheshire Cat - dubbing), Jerry Column (March Hare - dubbing)

Having run away from home, Alice saw a large white rabbit wearing an old jacket and vest under an old apple tree. Pulling a watch out of his pocket, the rabbit hastily disappeared into a suspiciously dark hole. Having gathered courage, Alice took a step after him ... and got into a wonderful fairy-tale world, where the most unrealistic fantasies come true.

To get back home, Alice will have to make a journey through this whole strange and bizarre world, in which absolutely incredible adventures and absolutely fantastic creatures await her ...

Atlantis: The Lost Empire, 95 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Adventure, Family, Fiction
Producer: Gary Truzdale, Kirk Wise
Cast: Michael J. Fox (Milo James Thatch - voice), Corey Burton (Gaetan 'The Mole' Moliere - voice), James Garner (Commander Lyle Tiberius Rourke - voice), Claudia Christian (Helga Katrina Sinclair - voice,) John Mahoney (Preston B. Whitmore - voice acting)

Atlantis. My dream was to find the legendary sunken island in the depths of the ocean, many daredevils dreamed. But only the young cartographer Milo Tetchu was lucky: in 1914 a mysterious diary fell into his hands, pointing the way to the Lost Empire. And now the most powerful submarine in the world under the command of the intrepid Captain Rourke goes out into the open ocean.

Milo and his companions will enjoy many unforgettable adventures surpassing all the adventures of Captain Nemo: a battle with a sea monster, ancient riddles, a riot of elements, mystical powers, and even a meeting with Atlantean civilization! And this is only a small fraction of what awaits the heroes on their way to the secrets of the great Atlantis.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, 83 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Family, Fantasy, Melodrama, Musical
Producer: William Cottrell, David Hand, Wilfred Jackson, Larry Maury, Perce Pierce
Cast: Roy Atwell (Doc - voiceover - no credits in titles), Stuart Buchanan (Huntsman - voiceovers - no credits in credits), Adriana Caselotti (Snow White - voiceovers - no credits in credits), Hall Johnson Shore (Finale Chorus - voiceovers - in credits not specified), Eddie Collins (Dopey - Chipmunk - Squirrel sneezes - voice acting - no credits in titles)

The adaptation of the famous German fairy tale of the Brothers Grimm about Snow White, who lived in the castle with an evil stepmother-queen, who was very proud of her beauty. Having learned from the magic mirror, that Snow White has become the most beautiful girl in the world, the envier decided to destroy the pretty stepdaughter. But the poor girl did not die in the forest, but on the contrary, met real friends there - funny seven gnomes: Professor, Vorchun, Jovial, Modest, Chihonu, Sonya and Silent.

Finding Nemo, 101 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Comedy, Adventure, Family
Producer: Andrew Stanton, Lee Ankrich
Cast: Albert Brooks (Marlin - voice), Ellen DeGeneres (Dory - voice), Alexander Gould (Nemo - voice), Willem Defoe (Gill - voice), Allison Jenny (Peach - voice)

Among the beautiful tropical sea elements, in the Great Barrier Reef area, a clown fish named Marlin lives in solitude. He raises his only son Nemo. The ocean and the dangers existing in it greatly frighten Marlin, and he can protect her son from them as much as possible, but young Nemo, who suffers from excessive curiosity, really wants to find out more about the mysterious reef, next to which they live.

When Nemo, ironically, is far from home, and still faces the threat of becoming a tank fish dinner, Marlin goes in search of his son. But Marlin, of course, understands that the heroic rescuer will not make it out of him and asks for help in the search, Dory, the royal blue fish, which, although suffering from the fact that remembers almost nothing, but cannot find it more kindly in the entire boundless ocean. !

So, our heroes go on a journey in which they face many difficulties and dangers.

Vals im bashir, 90 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Biography, Military, Documentary, Drama
Producer: Ari Folman
Cast: Ari Folman (plays himself - voice), Ori Sivan (plays himself - interviewed - voice), Ronnie Dayag (plays himself - interviewed - voice), Shmuel Frenkel (plays himself - interviewed - voice), Zakhava Solomon (plays herself - the interviewee - voice)

Ari Folman's old friend, sitting at a bar at night, complains to him that he is being pursued by the same terrible dream: 26 angry dogs are chasing him. Why 26? “Everything is very simple,” a friend replies, “when we were at the war in Lebanon, in the year 82, they knew in my company that I could not shoot people. I was assigned to shoot all the dogs in an Arab village. Dogs howl and bark when they feel outsiders and thus warn the terrorists. And I shot all 26 dogs that were in this village. Since then, they dream about me every night. Could you do something about it? ”

All Dogs Go to Heaven, 84 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Drama, Comedy, Family, Fantasy
Producer: Don Bluth, Gary Goldman, Dan Künster
Cast: Burt Reynolds (Charlie B. Barkin - voice), Dom DeLuis (Itchy Itchiford - voice), Judith Barcy (Anne-Marie - voice), Melba Moore (Whippet Angel - voice), Daryl Gilly (Dog Caster - voice)

A dog named Charlie Barkin, who was engaged in gambling, dies from the paws of the bull Tuporyla and finds himself in paradise - simply because all dogs necessarily go to paradise. However, Charlie so wants to pay off with his killer that he is returning to Earth.

Together with his faithful friend Chesun, Charlie reveals the main secret to the success of Tuporil. Tuporyl uses the extraordinary abilities of a little orphan girl named Anni-Marie, who knows how to talk to animals and guesses the results of rat race and horse racing. Charlie kidnaps the girl and they become best friends.

They have to go through many incredible adventures before Charlie can, completing his earthly affairs, with peace of mind go back to paradise ...

Despicable Me, 95 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Comedy, Family
Producer: Pierre Coffan, Chris Reno
Cast: Steve Carell (Gru - voice), Jason Siegel (Vector - voice), Russell Brand (Dr. Nefario - voice), Julie Andrews (Gru's Mom - voice), Will Arnett (Mr. Perkins - voice)

Ugly outside, but the good inside Grew intends, nevertheless, to secure the status of the main arch-villain in the world, for which he decides to steal the moon with the help of the army of minions he created. The matter is complicated by competitors who insert high-tech sticks into the wheels and family circumstances in the form of three orphans, which Grew has to take care of.

Hercules, 93 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Comedy, Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Musical
Producer: Ron Clements, John Musker
Cast: Tate Donovan (Hercules - voice acting), Joshua Keaton (Young Hercules - voice acting), Roger Barth (Young Hercules - performer of the song), Danny DeVito (Phil - voice acting), James Woods (Hades, Lord of the Underworld - voice acting)

Hades - the ruler of the underworld. Many years ago, he was actually banished by his elder brother Zeus to the depths of Hell and now intends to catch up by gathering an army of monsters and capturing Olympus. The only one who can prevent Aida - the son of Zeus, the young Hercules, so the servants of the villain kidnap the baby and turn him into a mere mortal. After many years, the young man learns about his origin and aims to return home, but for this he will have to accomplish many feats and become real a hero. But, as it turns out, even victory over the forces of evil is not enough to return the divine principle.

Twelve months, 55 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Family, Fantasy
Producer: Ivan Ivanov-Vano, Mikhail Botov
Cast: Erast Garin (Professor - voice acting - no credits in titles)

In the snowy cold winter, in January, in the evening, when people are sitting in houses, listening to the cod logs in the ovens, the wicked stepmother sent her stepdaughter into the woods to collect a basket of snowdrops. The poor girl had nothing to do, how to fulfill the whim of the stepmother.

FernGully: The Last Rainforest, 76 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Adventure, Family, Fantasy
Producer: Bill Croyer
Cast: Tim Curry (Hexxus - voice), Samantha Mathis (Crysta - voice), Christian Slater (Pips - voice), Jonathan Ward (Zak - voice), Robin Williams (Batty Koda - voice)

Hexus is an evil spirit. His task is to cause pain and suffering. He emerged from the hot core of the Earth and began to destroy the fabulously beautiful tropical forest inhabited by amusing mystical creatures. Only by uniting and appealing their pleas to the magical forces of nature, the inhabitants of the forest managed to sharpen Hexus into one of the trees.

But soon the little animals again face a mortal danger, this time coming from the people involved in deforestation. With their powerful bulldozers, people demolish the roots of old trees, unaware that in one of them is waiting in the wings of a powerful ruthless force that carries death to all living things.

But our little heroes show miracles of wit and with humor deal with all their offenders.

The Road to El Dorado, 89 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Comedy, Adventure, Family, Melodrama
Producer: Bibo Bergeron, Don Paul, Jeffrey Katzenberg
Cast: Kevin Kline (Tulio - voiceovers), Kenneth Branaus (Miguel - voiceovers), Rosie Perez (Chel - voiceovers), Armand Assante (Tzekel-Kan - voiceovers), Edward James Olmos (Chief - voiceovers)

Tullo and Miguel, the heroes of this full-length cartoon picture, prefer not to make money by hard work. These two inveterate swindlers adore when the little gold goes into their hands. It so happened that these rogues were lucky.

They were lucky to find a mysterious map on which the majestic City of Gold is marked, the mythical Eldorado. Together with the famous conquistador Hernan Cortes, the friends set off on a perilous treasure journey to the shores of distant America.

Cinderella, 80 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Family, Fantasy, Melodrama, Musical
Producer: Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson, Hamilton Lasky
Cast: Ilene Woods (Cinderella - voice), Eleanor Audley (Lady Tremaine - voice), Verna Felton (Fairy Godmother - voice), Claire Du Brie (voice), Rod Williams (Drizella - voice)

Cinderella is a poor orphan, who is wicked stepmother and her absurd daughters make hard work from morning till night. She so wants to get to the royal ball. The poor fairy comes to the aid of the poor thing! With the power of magic, she gives Cinderella a luxurious carriage, a wonderful dress and unusual crystal shoes.

L'illusionniste, 80 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, drama
Producer: Sylvain Shomet
Cast: Jean-Claude Donda (The Illusionist - French Cinema Manager - voice), Edith Rankin (Alice - voice), Duncan MacNeil (additional voices - voice), Raymond Mearns (additional voices - voice), James T. Muir (additional voices - voice )

The action of the cartoon takes place in Scotland, in the late 1950s. The plot revolves around the magician's misadventures, which falls into a closed community and meets a girl who is convinced that he is a real magician.

Toy Story 2, 92 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Comedy, Adventure, Family, Fantasy
Producer: John Lasseter, Ash Brannon, Lee Ankrich
Cast: Tom Hanks (Woody - voice), Tim Allen (Buzz Lightyear - voice), Joan Cusack (Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl - voice), Kelsey Grammer (Stinky Pete the Prospector - voice), Don Rickles (Mr. Potato Head - voice)

Cowboy Woody and other toys of the boy named Andy continue to live, rejoicing in each day. But suddenly everything changes when Woody kidnaps a cunning collector. It turns out that Woody is a very valuable toy from the collection, for which the Japanese toy museum is ready to pay a huge amount. In the house of a collector, he finds his relatives. At this time, toys, led by Buzz Liter, go to save Woody. Woody learns about his famous past, Buzz and other toys are going through a dangerous and thorny path. Woody is faced with a difficult question - what is its purpose? Shine in the window of the museum or back to your favorite owner?

The AristoCats, 78 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Comedy, Adventure, Family, Music
Producer: Wolfgang Reiterman
Cast: Phil Harris (O'Malley - dubbing), Eva Gabor (Duchess - dubbing), Sterling Holloway (Roquefort - dubbing), Scatman Cruthers (Scat Cat - dubbing), Paul Winchell (Shun Gon- Chinese Cat - dubbing)

In the aristocratic house in Paris mom-cat lives with three kittens. The hostess is madly in love with them and, according to the will, everything must depart by this charming animal. But the evil butler wants him to get the money.

He kidnaps her pets and throws in the village. A delightful and charming stray cat with his friends helps them back home.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit, 103 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Crime
Producer: Robert Zemeckis
Cast: Bob Hoskins (Eddie Valiant), Christopher Lloyd (Judge Doom), Joanna Cassidy (Dolores), Charles Fleischer (Roger Rabbit - Benny The Cab - Greasy - Psycho - voiceovers), Stubby Kay (Marvin Acme)

A private investigator is investigating a mysterious crime in which ... the cartoon character Rabbit Roger! The detective finds himself in an unpredictable world, where he is awaited by painted villains with real revolvers, a talking car and a seductive cartoon beauty. Finally, a dark figure appears on the horizon of the one who framed Roger the rabbit ...

Kung Fu Panda, 91 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Comedy, Adventure, Family, Action
Producer: Mark Osborne, John Stephenson
Cast: Jack Black (Po - voice), Dustin Hoffman (Shifu - voice), Angelina Jolie (Tigress - voice), Ian McShane (Tai Lung - voice), Jackie Chan (Monkey - voice)

Saving the Valley of the World and all its inhabitants from the invincible and ruthless master Tai Lung should lie on the shoulders of the Dragon Warrior, Chosen among the best of the best, becoming ... clumsy, lazy and eternally hungry panda Po.Emu has a long and difficult path to the heights of kung mastery Fu side by side with the legendary warriors: Tigers, Monkeys, Mantis, Viper and Crane. According to comprehend the mystery of the ancient Scroll and become a Dragon Warrior only if he can believe in himself ...

Vuk, 79 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Adventure, Family
Producer: Attila Dargai
Cast: Judit Pogan (Young Vuk - voice), Jozsef Diabronka (Vuk - voice), Teri Földi (Iny - voice), Gyula Szabo (Kag - voice), Laszlo Chakanyi (Karak - old fox - voice)

This animated film based on the eponymous fairy tale I. Fekete tells about the adventures of the little mischievous fox Vuk. This boaster survived a lot before becoming a strong intelligent fox, who managed to outwit even the famous hunter Smoothskin.

Macskafogu, 96 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Crime, Comedy, Adventure
Producer: Bela Ternovski
Cast: Miklós Benedek (Mr. Fritz Teufel - voice), Gyula Bodrogi (Maxipocak - voice), Ilona Beresh (Pissy - voice), Peter Haumann (Safranek - voice), Andrash Kern (Buddy - voice)

Feline gangs, united in criminal groups, are preparing for a decisive battle with the mice. The mice, having learned about it, first became sad, but then it became known that a certain professor Fushimisi invented a device that allows to make cats helpless. The best mouse agent is sent to the path to the professor. Cats through their informants receive information about the danger, and killer rats are sent for the mouse agent.

The Sword in the Stone, 79 minutes

Genre: Cartoon, Comedy, Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Musical
Producer: Wolfgang Reiterman
Cast: Sebastian Cabot (Sir Ector - narrator in the opening sequence - dubbing), Karl Swenson (Merlin - dubbing), Ricky Sorensen (Wart - dubbing), Junios Matthews (Archimedes - dubbing), Ginny Tyler (Little Girl Squirrel - dubbing)

In ancient times a huge stone appeared in the center of London with an ancient sword bricked up in it. The golden inscription on the sword said that the king of England would be the one who pulled this enchanted sword, thereby proving his special strength and the right to rule. So far this has not been possible to anyone.

Meanwhile, an 11-year-old boy Arthur lived in a remote wilderness, served in the castle and did not even suspect that he was destined to become a great king in the future. But it was foreseen by the wizard Merlin who lived nearby. He and his learned eagle owl Archimedes became the lad's mentors, subjecting his young pupil to various tests.

He was alternately turned into animals of three different elements - fish, squirrel and bird, so that he could know the truth of life in all its manifestations and understand that it is not in muscles, but in wisdom and knowledge that is the real power of man.