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We present a birthday present: fireworks of original ideas and an explosion of emotions.

Amazing gifts to cook a little harder. But, but the birthday man will remember him for the rest of his life, and even if your roads diverge from him, he will only have fond memories of you. Original birthday gifts are remembered much better than ordinary ones. But where to get good ideas?

Besides, making unusual gifts is incredibly pleasant. If you prepare for everything correctly, you will receive no less positive emotions than a birthday man.

The peculiarity of an unusual gift is that it can be anything. You do not have to limit yourself to the generally accepted framework (the best gift for a woman is flowers and candy), you can afford to organize a real madness.

Be prepared for the fact that your gift will cause a real shock at the hero of the day. But, as experience shows, on their birthday people are ready to commit the most crazy things. So do not be afraid that you offend the birthday.

The doll, which looks very similar to a birthday, is a rather interesting gift. Just make sure she is beautiful. This gift will be appreciated by pretty young ladies who madly loved playing dolls as a child.

An interesting gift will be a picture. But not with a banal landscape. Better give a birthday portrait, you can imagine it in the image of the king or queen. This gift will be a good decoration in the office of the hero of the day.

A billboard on a billboard is sure to be a nice birthday present. Seeing your photo in the spotlight is very nice. And even more to catch the interested views of passers-by. Deciding to make such a gift, make sure that the birthday man that day passed or passed by the billboard.

You can give an original gift made by yourself. Believe me, this is the most valuable gift. You can do anything with your own hands. If you know how to knit - tie a sweater, your talent in the ability to cook tasty, then bake him a cake. And if you have a good voice and hearing, in this case, dedicate a song to the birthday man and perform it at a festive banquet.

In our time, everyone will appreciate such a gift as a trip. Choose a country at your discretion or discreetly find out what country the hero of the occasion dreams to be. Buy a ticket and you will surely hear the cries of delight when you give a gift.

An original gift can be a party on the roof of a multistory building. Invite the closest people in secret, cover the table, buy alcohol and don't forget to put it on the roof. Pick up fun and catchy music and do not forget to decorate the roof. As decorations can be made balloons, ribbons, posters and photographs of the birthday man.

If you want to give an amazing gift - present a parachute jump. And what is not forgotten. It is only desirable that the hero of the day does not have a phobia of height. And that will suit you a tantrum. Well, if a person is okay with his psyche, he simply didn’t take such a daring step as a parachute jump for a long time - then in your hands the realization of his little dream.

Tickets for the concert of the band's favorite band will be a great gift. No matter how old you are, you can have fun at any age. An amazing atmosphere always reigns at concerts, so positive emotions are guaranteed for everyone.

An interesting gift will be a certificate for visiting the master class. For a girl, it could be a makeup lesson, for a guy - martial arts or boxing. Who knows, maybe thanks to your birthday gift a new hobby will appear.

The original surprise will be a trip on a yacht. Rent a beautiful yacht and go on a trip with friends. Do not forget to bring caps and crackers. If the birthday of a friend in the summer - be sure to wear a fashionable swimsuit and swim in the water. Just do not forget about safety rules.

Arrange for a birthday boy rally. Organize a stressful situation for him, hire actors for this. Think carefully about all the details and at the end, as expected, appear with a bouquet and champagne.

Participation in a real race is a very extreme gift. If your friend loves fast driving and expensive cars, then go to his birthday on the race track. There you can go plenty and even compete with each other.

As you can see to make an unusual gift is not so difficult. All that is required of you is a manifestation of your imagination.

A birthday present: etiquette rules

At all times, the culture of giving gifts has been given great importance. In the manner of presenting the presentation, one can judge not only what the giver to say and demonstrate, but also his character, habits, sense of humor, lifestyle, level of education, etc.

To give a birthday present only pleasant emotions, pay attention to the rules of etiquettepresented below:

  • A birthday present is a must. If it is presented within ten days after the holiday, it is considered a variant of the norm.
  • Birthday gift should be designed for the birthday, and not for the use of all family members.
  • It should be given in a packaged form, but the appearance of the package should not overshadow the contents.
  • A gift should be accompanied by warm, sincere wishes.
  • It is indecent to tell you how hard you found a gift or how expensive it cost you - it makes you feel awkward.
  • It should not be unnecessarily expensive, otherwise it will be perceived as the need to present a return gift of the same value.
  • You should not give a gift that is too cheap - it can be a sign of disrespect. The exceptions are symbolic gifts made by hand.
  • Going to a celebration for a family man, bring along small gifts for the hostess or the owner of the house and the children - this will be a sign of showing attention and respect to all those present.
  • Presentation of gifts is a real ceremony, they are presented not in a hurry in the hallway, but in the room, emphasizing the importance of the moment (the exception is a bouquet of flowers).
  • One of the rules of decency says that edible gifts are immediately served on the table.
  • In the case of sending the presentation by mail, attach the supplement in the form of a postcard of congratulations.
  • If you congratulate several people who know each other, do not duplicate gifts.
  • A gift should be chosen depending on the degree of closeness and the peculiarities of the relationship (for example, an unfamiliar person should not give the girl underwear).
  • It is indecent to parade the value of the gift object, do not forget to remove the tag from the thing and make sure that the birthday man does not get a check.
  • Bouquets are presented to persons of the opposite sex. Flower composition is presented in cellophane or paper wrapper, however, if you donate several identical colors, the wrapper is not needed here.
  • Service etiquette states that subordinates should not “fall asleep” their boss with numerous gifts. It would be more appropriate to share a common gift for everyone, buying a solid and decent thing.
  • As a rule, sweets are not suitable for men as gifts, spirits and things related to smoking (cigarette case, ashtray, etc.) for women.
  • Money is often inappropriate - it demonstrates a lack of time and attention towards the hero of the occasion.

  • You need to know what to give the girl for a year of relationships. The correct gift will leave good memories of a joint date.
  • The choice of a gift to the head of a woman for an anniversary. We will talk about the basic rules here.


Presentation of a gift with a joke is a great idea for an unforgettable holiday. You can play people with a great sense of humor and a strong nervous system. The drawing should not hurt or humiliate a person; its main purpose is to “tickle your nerves” and surprise with a pleasant surprise.

Option 1. A gift to smithereens

This idea is suitable for a valuable gift that is easy to break - vases, glasses, tablets, laptops, etc. The less you know about your idea, the more effective the rally will turn out.

From the original box you put the contents in a safe place and fill it with fragments or ringing objects, which when falling will produce a characteristic rattling sound.

During the ceremonial presentation of the present, “inadvertently” drop the box and watch the expression of the hero of the occasion (a good idea is to film this process with a video camera).
After a few minutes of shock, all those present are solemnly presented with an unharmed gift and are handed an applause to the excited birthday boy.

Option 2. Box in box

This way of presenting a presentation is known to many, but the intrigue that he gives always remains on top. Take a small box, hide in it a small gift, put the box in another box bigger. Pack this box in a larger box, etc.

The more layers of packaging, the more interesting to observe the reaction of the birthday. Do not be lazy and decorate each box in a festive style.

Care must be taken that after opening the last box of the birthday boy there is no disappointment. It is not necessary to put the present itself here - there may be its attribute or a hint about where it is located (for example, a key from a casket, a note with a riddle or a puzzle part).

Option 3. Waiting for a reprimand

This rally belongs to the service, it will turn out to apply at school, university or workplace in the office. This is a great way to originally present a birthday present to a friend (males are not so emotionally aware of conflicts with the boss).

On the day of the celebration, an announcement is posted in a prominent place that at a certain time the birthday person must urgently report to the authorities on an important occasion (it can be indicated, for example, being expelled from the university or penalties).
Meanwhile, in the dean's office or in the office of the chief, preparations are made in congratulations - all the colleagues gather, a present is being prepared.

The secretary with a “stony face” asks the waitress who entered the office to wait a bit, making him even more nervous. A few minutes later, the doors open, and congratulations fall on the excited birthday boy like a snowball.
Well, if the main greeting words will come from the head.

Option 4. Lucky

To implement this idea, you need to attract several friends who the birthday man does not know by sight. Under any pretext, you go with him to the nearest supermarket, and there he is met by well-dressed “store employees” and announce that he has become, for example, a ten-thousand customer and he has been given a present for it.

This is followed by a solemn presentation. When to reveal the cards, look at the situation. Do not forget to agree in advance with the administration of the supermarket, and even better - to attract her to the draw.

Option 5. Telephone prank

Phone calls can be of different content, but we will focus on the most enjoyable. The birthday party allegedly called from a radio station or television and reported that he was the lucky winner of the winning number in the drawing of the car.

However, there is one condition: if you want to get a surprise, sing the national anthem (you can choose another unexpected task). After the speech, inform that a courier with a gift is waiting outside the door. It is desirable that the gift be reminded of the prize (for example, you can present a small copy of the car).

Option 6. Unpleasant call

If you want to give an unusual gift to a friend or colleague, note this idea of ​​a rally with a telephone conversation, but this time the birthday boy will be a witness to the shocking scene. Prepare a dead or fake phone and store it in your pocket.

On your birthday, ask the hero of the occasion for his phone, step aside and, quietly replacing him with a toy, start allegedly calling somewhere and swearing. At the very climax of the “quarrel”, shout something and throw the phone against the wall.
The shock of the birthday boy is interrupted by shouting “Congratulations!” And presenting a gift.

Presentation of the presentation using the quest game

Standard Quest is the creation of a chain of riddles and puzzles that ultimately lead to the main prize. This method of presenting a gift like both children and adults.

We offer you three most interesting options for how unusual it is to present a birthday gift at home and beyond.

Search for treasure by card pieces

Prepare a map of any location (apartment, your area, city, etc.) depending on the scale of the game, indicate on it the location of the surprise. Then cut the card into pieces and hide each part into a separate envelope.

Each puzzle must be accompanied by a hint where to find the next piece of the map. These can be riddles, puzzles, charades and other puzzles. You can leave the puzzle pieces at the watchman or security guard at work, at familiar store workers, a pharmacy, mail, or in other unexpected places.
The location of the presentation should be indicated on the last part of the map found. When all the pieces are collected, the birthday man folds the card and finds a gift in the specified place.

You can simplify the task and decompose the encryption and hints without chunks of the map according to the route points. The final stop will be a surprise storage place.

Luggage storage

This idea will tell you how original and interesting it is to present a birthday present to your loved one by luring the birthday man out of the house (perhaps you want to prepare another surprise at home).

In search of a present, the birthday man will have to pretty much poke around the city. Hide the gift in the storage room and on the way home take a picture of several places so that they are recognizable for the birthday boy.

Put photos in the morning near the birthday boy and add a letter with congratulations and an indication of the problem: find out the route from the photos and arrive at the point where the present is located.

During the trip to the station, the birthday boy should receive several words-messages from friends, which will need to be combined into one coherent sentence.

Each word in the SMS is assigned a number (for example, “congratulations” - 5, “during the day” - 1, “birth” - 7, “s” - 9). The numbers in the correct order are the lock code in the locker.

Ribbon Quest

This is a great way to give a gift to a child in an original way.

Stock up on several long ribbons of different colors. From the birthday bed in the morning, lay several routes, tangling ribbons between you and circling them around tables, chairs and other furniture.

Only one route should lead to the main prize, the rest of the tracks will be dead-end or leading to small consolation prizes.

Original presentation of a cash gift

You need to hand money in exceptional cases. - when you are sure that the birthday man collects a certain amount for his cherished dream or he transparently hints at a gift in the form of banknotes.

We offer you several ways to give money as it is interesting and unusual:

Money fishing

Another idea how to give a gift to her husband is to arrange exciting fishing. This method requires preliminary preparation, but the emotions after it will be remembered for a long time.

Build a small “lake” in which the “fish” swim. Attach a paper clip to each “fish” and prepare a fishing pole with a magnet. In each fish, put a folded bill of various denominations.
Offer a birthday man to take part in a contest for catching “golden fish”. Give him three attempts to catch real luck. Of course, all the money fish in the end go to the hero of the occasion, but the excitement and desire to get a catch richer will add fun to all those present.

Unexpected courier

In the midst of the celebration, the doorbell rings, and on the threshold the birthday man sees a recognizable character (for example, the postman Pechkin) with the package in hand. He says that for the landlord he has a letter of special value, but documents are needed for his delivery.

After presenting the passport, the courier solemnly presents the package with money to the applause and congratulations of the guests. The role of the postman can perform one of the artistic friends or an actor from the animation agency.

Treasure Hunt on “Treasure Island”

An interesting idea how to give a cash gift to a man on his birthday in an original way - to turn his presentation into an exciting quest. Break the sum of money into several parts and attach the envelopes in unexpected places: under the chair, in the coat pocket, in the microwave, on the chandelier, etc.

Attach a note to each envelope telling you where to look for the next part of the treasure. The original completion of the quest will be the find of an old chest with a colorful greeting card inside.

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Ribbon maze

This method of delivery works great at home. Если вы хотите оригинально подарить подарок любимому, то беспроигрышный вариант — рано утром, когда именинник еще спит, незаметно привяжите к его ноге длинную ленту (возможно, вам придется связать несколько лент).
Протяните ее по всем уголкам, запутывая в некоторых местах и оставляя через равные промежутки сладкие поощрительные призы или какие-нибудь безделушки. Другой конец ленты привяжите к объекту дарения.

Лента будет служить нелегкой дорогой, по которой нужно пройти в поисках долгожданного презента.

Gifts from passersby

This unusual way is appropriate if the birthday boy works not far from the house. Having gathered in the morning for work, he leaves the house and goes along the familiar road, not suspecting anything. However, on the way he constantly meets strangers, congratulating him on his birthday and handing gifts.
This way you can give a gift to a woman or a girl in an original way by arranging a bouquet of flowers for each person she meets. The main gift you can give him, waiting at the entrance to the office.

In order to embody this idea with a bang, find at least ten “passers-by” and the same number of gifts (you can “break” one large piece)

Random Gift Detection

You can leave the gift in a prominent place, without focusing on the birthday of him. For example, under a tree or at a stop, the hero of the occasion will be surprised to find a beautiful gift box with a bright greeting letter addressed to him.

Another variant of this method is the detection of gifts in the most unexpected places, but already within the apartment.
Prepare a few presents and place them in places that will surely fall into the field of view of the birthday boy during work or study camps: in the refrigerator, in a can of coffee, in a closet with clothes, on a shelf near toiletries, in shoes, etc.

Gift in the balls

This method will help you a lot if you want to arrange an unforgettable holiday for your child. On the eve you need to fill the entire room of the birthday girl with balloons and hint that the main gift was hiding somewhere here.

Glue a gift with tape to a string of one of the balls or hide it in the farthest corner of the room. It is better if the gift object is small in size. You can complicate the task and stick to the ball not the gift itself, but a note with a hint.
To hide the original gift, take a few balloons with helium and hang it or a reminder of it under the ceiling.

If you are not afraid of noise, we offer you a fun way to originally give your surprise to the birthday man. Arrange for a deafening show for him - put balls of various content inside the balls (some may contain wishes, others - compliments, and others - comic aphorisms of festive subjects). In one of the balls hide the key note with the designation of the location of the surprise.

The task of the hero of the occasion - to get to this note, bursting all the balls and reading their contents.

Package from the balcony

Call the birthday boy and ask him to go out to the balcony. in front of the window, he will already have a helium balloon with a surprise or note attached. Pick up the ribbon of the required length so that the “air gift” reaches the required window and make sure that there are no trees under the balcony.

If you use original ways to present a gift, the holiday becomes more vivid and spectacular, you can feel the significance of the celebration and the prepared presentation. Memories of an amazing birthday adventure are a great addition to the congratulatory words and the very gift.

100 gift options for women

  1. Jewel. This is one of the most desired gifts, especially if you choose it correctly, taking into account the style and preferences of the birthday girl.
  2. Smartphone - Another classic gift that will surely come in handy for any woman.
  3. Professional photo session. It is only important to choose the right theme, taking into account what the birthday girl appreciates and what she likes.
  4. Congratulations or confession verses. This is not exactly a gift, but it will definitely please a romantic lady.
  5. Portrait of a birthday girl, made in an interesting technique. Just avoid the cartoons - women are often offended.
  6. Journey. If you have a close enough relationship to allow such expensive and personal gifts, feel free to please the birthday girl.
  7. Beautiful underwear. This is also a very personal gift, in addition, you need to know exactly the size, so it is not always appropriate.
  8. Cool cup. This is an inexpensive and pleasant option, especially if you put on your overall photo with a romantic signature.
  9. Unusual umbrella. Choose something beautiful and original - in the shape of a heart, with a fabulous print, backlit or with perky "ears."
  10. EBook. Be sure to download any birthday books or some of the most fashionable bestsellers.
  11. Humidifier. It will help keep the skin young and healthy, and protect against dryness caused by heating and air conditioning.
  12. Romantic walk on horseback. If the birthday girl is not afraid of horses, she will be glad to such entertainment.
  13. Plot on the moon - an excellent gift for the dreamer who believes that soon there will be cities on Earth’s satellite.
  14. Flowering exotic potted plant - This is a great alternative to the traditional bouquet, if, of course, the birthday girl loves homemade flowers.
  15. Concert Tickets of a Favorite Artist or a performance that matches the tastes of the recipient.
  16. Good camera. If a woman likes to take pictures, but still enjoys an old “soap box” or shoots it on the phone, such a gift will please her. And, if the camera is already there, you can buy something for it - a lens, a case, etc.
  17. Smart pot for home plants. It is useful to those who love flowers in the house, but constantly forgets to take care of them.
  18. Unusual set of bed linen. You can choose something modest and romantic, for example, with a 3D-flower, or a product with “peppercorn”, for example, a cam-sheet.
  19. A set of photo frames in the form of a family tree. This is a good gift to your wife or girlfriend, with whom you plan to link your life.
  20. Collection of favorite music or movies on discs.
  21. Beautiful notebook, preferably in a leather cover with stamped stamp.
  22. Pocket mirrordecorated with rhinestones or unique engraving. Well, if it is engraved on the author's quatrain in honor of the birthday woman.
  23. Photo album. It is better to give preference to a unique product in the scrapbooking technique, since the album usually comes from China and the birthday girl probably has one.
  24. Beautiful scarf or snud. If the birthday is in the cold season, such a gift will definitely come in handy.
  25. Cozy pajama - silk, fleece, cotton or ridiculous kigurumi, as long as it matches the tastes of the birthday girl.
  26. Silk Scarf. Choose a fashionable product from a reputable manufacturer or a unique hand-painted scarf.
  27. A set of towels with spicy pictures. A girl with a good sense of humor will surely enjoy.
  28. Funny T-shirt with an unusual print. As a basis for creating a picture, you can take a photo of the birthday girl or your general.
  29. Purse. It is necessary to invest money in it in order not to bring financial problems to the superstitious girl.
  30. Cosmetic bag - This is an inexpensive and useful gift that is useful to any woman.
  31. Jewelry box. They are traditional forms, decorated with carvings, rhinestones or paintings, or unusual, for example, in the form of a dresser.
  32. Beautiful hairpinif the recipient wears them.
  33. Apparatus for home manicure-pedicure. This is a useful gift for a practical lady who does not like to spend money on salons.
  34. Perfume - a gift for the most beloved, all the tastes of which you know very well, and you can predict the reaction to any fragrance.
  35. Hair care devices. They are chosen taking into account what hairstyles the birthday girl is wearing so as not to present something unnecessary.
  36. Tattoo. Many women dream of such decoration for their bodies, but they fear the reaction of a loved one. If the birthday girl is one of them, donate a certificate to the tattoo parlor or go together and help choose the most successful sketch.
  37. Jewelry flash drive. If a girl works with a PC, your gift will always be there to remind you of the holiday and cheer up.
  38. Unusual night lightFor example, 3D in the form of a heart, a bear cub or a skull for lovers of the Gothic style.
  39. Engraved pen - A great gift for a woman who often writes or signs paper.
  40. Fitness bracelet. This is a great toy for an active lady who plays sports and looks after her health.
  41. Cool computer mousedecorated with rhinestones. You can pick up and mat to match her.
  42. A photo collage of your shared romantic photos. It will turn out very beautiful and unusual.
  43. Gift associated with the recipient's zodiac signFor example, a stone talisman piece or a picture of Swarovski stones with its symbolic image.
  44. Unusual chocolateFor example, in the form of flowers or handmade chocolates with unexpected fillings.
  45. Thermomug. It will keep the temperature of the drink to warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  46. Present from balloons. It can be a composition in the form of flowers and hearts, or just a huge armful that will definitely lift your spirits.
  47. Block chewing gum "Love is.". This is a symbolic present, which will remind the taste of youth and will delight the birthday girl.
  48. Coffee mugs, decorated with Swarovski crystals, if the recipient likes this drink.
  49. A day at the spa. You can even go together and have a great time with health benefits.
  50. Video greeting or film about the birthday girlcomposed of old photos and the most interesting videos.
  51. Silver cutlery. Such a present will be appreciated by a real hostess, who is trying to make everything in the house “according to the highest standard”.
  52. Handmade cosmetics, created specifically for the birthday girl based on her tastes.
  53. Cross stitch kit. If a woman enjoys at least a little handicraft, she will be glad to such a gift.
  54. Flowers in a vacuum. They can be a good alternative to a living bouquet, as they will not wither for a few more years and will please the hostess.
  55. A real star from the sky. You present a certificate confirming that it is from celestial bodies named after the birthday girl.
  56. Romantic night in a good hotel.
  57. Shopping with a stylist. Surely the lady will be glad to update her wardrobe with the help of a professional.
  58. Wrist Watch. Many women like such a useful accessory, especially will appreciate jewelry watches made of precious metals.
  59. Bouquet of sweets. It is beautiful, tasty and relatively inexpensive, so it will be relevant at any stage of the relationship.
  60. Fur product. If the birthday falls on the cold season, you can give a beautiful fur coat, tippet, vest or cool mink mittens.
  61. Skydiving. Not every person will decide on this, but if your lady is a notorious extremist, she will be delighted.
  62. Certificate from a beauty salon. It is advisable to give one that will allow the birthday girl to choose the necessary procedures for herself.
  63. Cool phone case or passport cover. These are cute budget gifts that help out at the very beginning of a relationship.
  64. Subscription to the fitness center. If the beloved has long hinted that she wants to play sports, give her the opportunity.
  65. Brand bag suitable style.
  66. Dinner on the roof of the house - A good idea for a warm season.
  67. Copy of a hollywood star indicating all the merits and merit of the birthday girl.
  68. Cool home slippers. Someone will like luminous unicorns, some felt boots made of natural wool or slippers with the possibility of heating from USB.
  69. Love confession on billboard - expensive and impractical, but very romantic gift.
  70. Pet. If the birthday girl has long dreamed of a pet, buy her a kitten, puppy or other animals at will.
  71. Box with live butterflies. They flutter and turn the lady's room into a real fabulous tropical world.
  72. Riding around the city in a limousine or in a princess carriage. Such a walk will definitely create a festive mood.
  73. Attend master classrelated to the birthday girl hobby.
  74. Breakfast in bed. This is not really a gift, but it is from him that you start this holiday.
  75. Balloon Flight with the obligatory issuance of aeronautical certificates at the end of the adventure.
  76. "Cilia" for the headlights on the car - an amusing motorist present.
  77. Portrait puzzle birthday girl or your common photo.
  78. Mechanical butterfly or fireflies in the bank. This is a romantic gift for those who are afraid or pity living insects.
  79. Lightbox with a photo of the recipient - interior decoration and lighting at the same time. And it is also very stylish and romantic.
  80. Unique cakeFor example, decorated with photos or funny figures from mastic.
  81. Nominal statuette "Oscar" - A copy of this.
  82. A set of pink tools for car repair.
  83. Day of flowers. They must wait for her everywhere — in the morning in bed, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the bag and in the car, at work, etc.
  84. Cool apron. If the birthday girl loves to cook, then such a gift will please her. You can also present tacks in tone.
  85. A set of beautiful plates with an unusual pattern. You can put on them and any photos.
  86. Unusual pad with massage filler. They come in different shapes and sizes, give what is more suitable.
  87. Bijouterie. Choose something fashionable, from famous brands or unusual handmade products.
  88. Adventure in the quest room. Be sure to go there together, it will unite and bring you closer.
  89. Evening in the VIP-hall of the cinema watching an interesting movie, selected taking into account the tastes of the birthday girl.
  90. Parktronic or navigator - great gifts for motorists.
  91. Magnetic board for fridgeto leave each other reminders and recognitions.
  92. Scratch World Map like a traveler or a lady who only wants to visit all corners of the world.
  93. Tea cup in the form of a cat with a fish inside it is a very cute and inexpensive gift to please your beloved one.
  94. Bluetooth Keychain Tracker for iOS / Android - real salvation for the lost, which always loses keys and other small things.
  95. Blanket with sleeves, you can pair, for cozy fans in front of the TV or near the fireplace.
  96. 3D-portrait in the stack. It is very beautiful, but to create it, the birthday girl will have to visit the studio herself and sit for a while in front of the scanner.
  97. Breakfast table in bedit is advisable to start using it right now.
  98. Couple dance lesson. If the birthday girl loves to dance, go with her and arrange an unforgettable evening.
  99. Certificate on individual tailoring.
  100. Medal "The best woman in the world." Such a gift is inexpensive, but it will definitely cheer up the beautiful birthday girl.

And do not forget about the little things that help to create a festive mood. Flowers, cards, beautiful packaging for a gift - all this is very important and will help make this day unforgettable. And, of course, the most sincere and good wishes to the dear birthday girl are important. Think of them in advance to turn your birthday into a real fairy tale.

Top 5 unusual and original birthday gifts

To make a gift like a birthday man, it is important to consider his gender, age, personality traits, hobbies, interests, etc.

With all this information, you can easily come up with ideas for original birthday gifts. Please note that they do not have to buy, you can do it yourself.

Gifts in the “hand made” style will cause the recipient a storm of emotions - delight, joy, surprise, happiness. If you do not know how to do something unusual with your own hands, choose one of the following options for unusual gifts.

List of the best useful gifts for a man's birthday

Many men prefer practical gifts. They are useful and every time they remind you of a gift maker - remember this when deciding what you can give a man for his birthday. But you need to choose a gift based on their needs of the birthday. The most successful ideas:

  • A set of tools in a beautiful case like a home craftsman who prefers to fix all minor damage himself.
  • Compressor for tire inflation or covers for interchangeable rubber useful car enthusiast. You can also donate something from auto electronics.
  • Smartphone. Often men neglect such technological innovations, preferring simple old “dialers”. If you show the birthday man all the advantages of modern technology, you will surely change his opinion.
  • Cooling table for laptop useful for a man who rarely breaks up with a PC.
  • Cool pen. A business birthday person who often signs documents will definitely like this accessory. Well, if your gift will be decorated with personalized engraving.
  • Clock. This is a classic male present, only you need to choose a model that is ideal for the birthday man in style and functionality.
  • A bag. This can be a briefcase for papers, a fashionable city backpack, a travel case or any other model, so that the recipient can definitely use it.
  • Disk with operating system, good antivirus or other useful program. It is necessary to choose what is useful for a birthday person for work or leisure.
  • Home weather station. The gift is unexpected, but very useful, because with it you will not have to look out of the windows and go out to the balcony to find out what the weather is like and what to wear.
  • Compact vibrating massager. This is a very convenient device that will help relieve fatigue and muscle pain.

If you can not come up with a useful gift for a man, you can present a gift certificate. This is not the best option, as the birthday boy might think that you were just too lazy to look for something more interesting. But, if there is a risk to choose something unnecessary and upset the recipient, the certificate will help out.

Do not forget about the beautiful greeting card with touching congratulations. Although men are not particularly sentimental, it will be nice to read kind words addressed to you.

List of the best cheap gifts for a man's birthday

Valuable gifts are not always necessary and appropriate.For example, at the very beginning of a relationship, it is better to give something of a budget so as not to put the birthday man in an uncomfortable position. In addition, expensive gifts often do not have enough money. Best cheap gifts:

  • Interesting multitool or setFor example, with a knife and a corkscrew. Such things are usually inexpensive, but like all men.
  • Unusual lampFor example, the hammer of Thor "imprinted" into the wall. You can also choose something else to taste the birthday.
  • T-shirt with a unique picture or inscription. It is advisable to come up with an interesting print based on a photo of the birthday boy or a signature that will remind you of something pleasant.
  • Photo circle or cushion. These are useful and pleasant gifts that can be made at any large photo salon for little money.
  • Cake with funny figures from mastic or photo recipient. If you do not order a huge three-tiered cake, then such a gift will be inexpensive.
  • Blanket with sleevespreferably for two to spend evenings in warmth and comfort.
  • Original phone case. You can order the product with your photo or with an interesting picture.
  • Wireless headphones. They will be useful to the athlete on jogging and to all music fans who like to listen to music always and everywhere.
  • Glasses for working with a computer. Monitors cause eye fatigue, so this gift is useful even for those who so far with vision everything is fine.
  • Stylish KeychainFor example, with a personalized engraving or even with a small digital photo frame for the most favorite pictures.

Do not be afraid to give cheap gifts. The right choice and usefulness for the recipient in most cases are more important than the high price. Therefore, try to approach the search for a present with all the responsibility, it will help not to miscalculate and to please the birthday boy. Be sure to remember his passion - this is another key to the correct choice.

In search of an inexpensive gift for a man for his birthday, avoid fakes and substandard things. If the gift breaks the next day, it will upset the birthday man more than congratulation without a gift at all.

List of the best intimate gifts for a man on his birthday

If your relationship allows such gifts, you can please the man with an intimate surprise. Such a gift will definitely improve your mood and will be remembered for a long time. Good ideas:

  • Intimate portfolio. Be sure to find a good photographer to get really high-quality art photos.
  • Kama sheet. This is a kind of Twister for adults, helping to take poses from the famous treatise on love.
  • Toy from the sex shopfor example, handcuffs, whip or something else. Be sure to consider the inclinations and fantasies of the recipient, so as not to accidentally shock him.
  • Striptease in its own performance. For this gift must be prepared in advance. Of course, a man will enjoy the dance anyway, but it’s better that he look really beautiful. So take a couple of lessons and a professional dancer, or practice video tutorials.
  • Sex gameFor example, forfeits. It is great to diversify intimate life, so it will be not only interesting, but also useful.

An intimate gift can be intended not only for the birthday man, but also for you. Present yourself, but in a beautiful underwear or suit for role-playing games. A man will remember such a present for a long time.

List of the best original gifts for a man's birthday

Well, if your gift will not only benefit and delight, but also surprise. Adventure gifts are very popular now. Choose what suits the birthday person by character, and give boldly. Good examples:

  • Parachute jump, from the bridge or paragliding. These are extreme gifts, so they will not suit everyone, remember about the state of health and possible phobias of the birthday man.
  • Hike to the water park or trampoline park. Sometimes we all want to feel like children and just play, and a birthday is a great excuse to relax in this way.
  • Certificate in SPA. Most men neglect such rest, considering it to be exclusively female. But modern spas offer a variety of services that will suit and please the stronger sex.
  • Great idea - donate entertainment related to the birthday hobby, for example, an invitation to a master class.
  • Riding on an unusual transportFor example, on the tank. And you can also fly by plane or helicopter - most men will like it.
  • Concert Tickets, Theater or to another event to taste the birthday.

Material gifts may also be original. Good ideas:

  • Flip-flop portrait. Its unusualness is that the recipient himself will paint the picture and get the original decoration for the interior.
  • A book for creativity. This is such a coloring for adults, which will help to calm the nerves and inspire creativity.
  • Chinese balls (Baoding). This is an excellent gymnastics for those who work a lot with their hands, for example, behind a PC, and just a pleasant meditative toy.
  • Unusual watches, for example, sand or cross over. They will decorate the desktop and will remind you of the giver all day long.
  • Hammock for the legs. A very unexpected and very useful idea, because with it you can relax comfortably even in the workplace in the office.
  • Metal constructor. Someone as a child he was, someone just dreamed, but even a fully grown man would be happy with such an entertaining toy.
  • Runaway alarm clock. If the birthday boy likes to sleep and treats it with humor, such a useful device will definitely please him.
  • Quadcopter. This is another toy for boys of any age.
  • Frameless chair. It will surely become any place for a birthday celebration.

List of the best gifts to a man on his own birthday

Doing something unusual with your own hands is a great way to show the birthday person your indifference. But keep in mind, handicrafts at the junior grade level will not work. You need to thoroughly analyze all your talents and choose what will turn out really cool. Good ideas:

  • Cool knitted socks,
  • A delicious bouquet, for example, from sausages,
  • Photo collage from common photos,
  • Cookies with predictions or wishes,
  • Jar of love confessions
  • The photoframe decorated by coffee grains
  • Checkbook desires that you are willing to fulfill,
  • Organizer for the sofa, sewn with your own hands,
  • Song or verse in honor of the birthday,
  • A collection of favorite songs of men on the disk with his photo.

If you approach the choice of a presentation creatively, you will surely find the best option. Imagine, choose something unusual and unexpected, and you can make this birthday unforgettable.

How to choose a gift: for him or for you?

When choosing a birthday gift for your husband, you need to take into account his wishes, dreams, hobbies and just hobbies.. If the spouse wants her husband to become slimmer, and he worries about this, then the simulator, even the most trendy one, will rather upset him than please.

Before this important event comes, need to listen to the wishes of the spouse. Sometimes a man tries to make a hint, and a woman hears not his, but his opinion, considering that she knows better what her husband needs. You can discuss this topic with his friends, his parents, perhaps, in some ways, he is more open with them.

Sometimes a spouse can say that he would like a gift for himself a thing that does not serve him personally, but the spouse or the whole family. You can make such a gift if he asks for it himself, but it is simply necessary to make something personal and individual. Let it be inexpensive, but original, regarding only his one.

The decision regarding the choice of a gift for a husband should be based on his personal needs and desires. Any gift bought is best to complement a souvenir made with your own hands. - it is a manifestation of attention, love and care, which is a guaranteed contribution to a happy future.

What to give a birthday to a young husband (25 - 35 years old)

Young men, however, like women, at the age of 25, face another age-related crisis. This moment affects the important life difficulties associated with the development of new priorities.

For this reason, something new may be a birthday present for your husband.

For example, it may be an invitation to the training of personal growth or on the topic of life goals and achievements, a subscription to the gym or pool. But this is only if a man likes such events.

The age of 25 - 35 years is distinguished by vital energy, ease of decision making. In this period you can organize holidays on the nature, actively spend your birthday in a noisy group of friends.

In most cases, with age, this desire fades, so you need to enjoy the benefits of youth.

The task of the spouse, thinking of giving her husband a birthday, is to make this day special and memorable.

Psychologists conducted a survey of men of different age categories for preferences as a birthday present.

Men in 25 - 35 years, leading an active lifestyle, would like to receive as a gift:

  1. Power bank - a universal model of a mobile battery that you can take with you on the road and be in touch as long as possible.
  2. Camcorderto capture memorable events. Subsequently, you can make a video, add music - this is a good idea for the next gift.
  3. Rubber boat, tent, compact brazier, camping table and chairs, hammock - for those who like to travel. Compass and pedometer (they can be decorated with a memorable engraving).
  4. Men of the same age category who are not able or willing to lead an active lifestyle would like to receive a gift from their spouse mobile phone, stylish watches, board games (often backgammon).
  5. Whatever gift is purchased, there must be something special, original. In the morning, the wife needs to get up early, tidy up his appearance, decorate the room and prepare a light holiday breakfast.

For such a case You can buy a shape in the form of a heart, with which you can cut the corresponding shapes on the products: on bread, cheese, sausage, and so on. You can also take two apples: red and green. Cut hearts in both fruits and swap them. Get a green apple with a red heart and vice versa.

If you take two small tomatoes and obliquely cut them in half, then by connecting the halves with a toothpick, you also get a heart shape.

A similar breakfast is relevant in any age category surveyed. And so, the spouse is a beauty, the room in multi-colored balls (pleasant memories from childhood) and breakfast with love is a good mood guaranteed.

Gift ideas for middle-aged people (40-45 years)

The crisis of this age is characterized by fear of lack of fulfillment, lack of achievements and merit. For this reason, on the pedestal’s birthday, there should be those qualities that, in her husband’s opinion, he lacks. A good gift can be a self-made certificate or certificate of achievement.

You can write them on paper or burn out on a wooden base, framing a beautiful frame. Such a gift will raise a man’s self-esteem and act as a guarantor of a lighter living of a midlife crisis. In addition, such a certificate will help to understand that his achievements have not gone unnoticed by his beloved.

Even the most banal gift can be presented with dignity. If it is a large pack of socks, attach a note with a pleasant wish or declaration of love to each pair. Pack in a beautiful box and tie a satin ribbon. Unpacking a new pair, every day will begin with a good mood.

The same can be done with a large package of tea or coffee bags.

At this age, most men are determined, life priorities are formed, and the soul requires unusual entertainment. If in the past age period active events, trips to nature, noisy discos were relevant, then now the activity goes into the background.

If you want to drive, then often choose bowling clubs, karaoke bars and similar places. In order to avoid disappointment, it is worthwhile to take care of the availability and, if necessary, to book.

When interviewing this age category of men, the following birthday gifts were given priority:

  • on the 1st place, 42% of the men surveyed as gifts prefer various hand-made souvenirs and a romantic dinner prepared with love,
  • 2nd place (28%) is mobile phones, computer parts updates, stylish watches,
  • 3rd place (11%) - vacation vouchers,
  • 4 place (10%) - tackle for fishing, search magnets, various devices for work in the country,
  • 5 place in the number of survey (9%) took gifts - accessories for cars. They were navigators, radar - detectors, DVRs, car alarms, rear view cameras,

The best gifts for a husband in age (50 - 60 years)

Men of this age category are still young in their souls. At 50, preferences are close to 45, and at 60, age is close to retirement. Now home comfort, caring for grandchildren, frequent trips to the cottage are on the first place.

Many birthday gifts to her husband have already been presented. Consider some options based on data from the survey.

According to a poll of this age category, men prefer as gifts for entertainment:

  • laptop and various adaptations to it.

For interior:

  • dining table with fixtures in the form of a globe, designed for the storage of alcoholic beverages and glasses. To fill the globe is perfect bottle of wine, the harvest year which coincides with the year of his birth,
  • original night light
  • Wall Clock.

Interior and relaxation:

  • aquarium with fish and lights,
  • electric fireplace.

For health and convenience:

  • eye glasses, pressure measuring tonometer,
  • orthopedic mattresses and pillows,
  • voucher to the sanatorium - dispensary. Upon arrival, you can please your loved one with a fresh repair in the part of the house where he often spends time,
  • rocking chair.

To give:

  • fruit saplings and dacha accessories that facilitate manual labor (including tools),
  • set of accessories for a bath and a sauna.

For a hobby:

  • to this age many men have a hobby. These can be coins, stamps, beautiful stationary phones, wines, various literature, rare records and a player, models of airplanes or hand-built ships, smoking pipes. If there is no hobby, then a gift from your beloved wife can be the beginning of this hobby,
  • pedigree book - an album with photos of the birthday boy and relatives, descriptions of interesting life events,
  • Spyglass.

If the husband is keen on hunting or fishing, then excellent birthday gifts will be:

  • tourist crockery set (kettle, table folding set of instruments, metal stacks, flask, thermos mug),
  • compact tools: ax and shovel,
  • fishing rod with various fishing gear,
  • binoculars,
  • raincoat, rain boots,
  • tent sleeping bag.

Thanks to such a gift, the spouse will understand that the beloved treats his hobbies with understanding and respect, even if sometimes there are disagreements about this.

A thing tied with your own hands is always relevant, besides, it carries love and care in itself.. It can be: socks, slippers, sweater, jacket, vest, scarf. If the spouse will freeze in a campaign, it will be especially grateful for a similar gift.

Universal gifts for all ages

To understand what kind of gift is suitable for any age group of men, it is necessary to figure out what emphasizes male qualities at any age.

If you take two small tomatoes and obliquely cut them in half, then by connecting the halves with a toothpick, you also get a heart shape. A similar breakfast is relevant in any age category surveyed.

Such souvenirs will raise self-esteem for a man of any age category: a cup with an engraving of the best quality of a beloved man, a certificate of male qualities, a diploma - any beautifully designed list of merits and qualities (even if a little exaggerated - it will be what you strive for).

Also, as universal gifts can be:

  • video film assembled from memorable joyful events,
  • a thing knitted or hand-sewn
  • video camera,
  • navigator, machine vacuum cleaner, massage cape for car seat,
  • watches with a commemorative inscription are relevant for any age category,
  • set of tools,
  • rocking chair,
  • a subscription to a master class on shooting or throwing knives,
  • psychological training (for an amateur). Do not forget that a gift for him, not you,
  • cufflinks, tie, tie pin,
  • romantic tour for two persons
  • romantic dinner by candlelight.

Unusual pleasant surprise in the morning


  1. Declaration of love, written in chalk on the asphalt.
  2. Coffee with a sandwich and candles. Breakfast in bed is banal, of course, and the candles on the sandwich will cheer up and make the breakfast unusual and festive.
  3. Suddenly, a pleasant surprise will be recorded on the phone greetings that will sound instead of the usual alarm clock.

Surprise your husband right in the middle of the day


  1. Congratulations, filmed on video and sent to the mail of the birthday boy, will lift the mood for the whole day.
  2. The phone receives a message: "Look out the window". The birthday boy comes up to the window, and there helium-filled balloons, on which declarations of love are written.
  3. Husband comes to lunch in a familiar cafe or dining room., orders the same dishes and, it would seem, nothing can interfere with this well-established ritual, but today there is a surprise at dinner. Instead of the usual soup, porridge and meatballs, a festive, elegantly decorated dish is brought to his table. If you worry in advance, then this surprise can be easily arranged by agreeing with the owner of the cafe or administrator.
  4. Delicious homemade lunch, you can add a small gift or a postcard and send it by courier or ask someone to play the role of a courier.

Unforgettable gift for her husband in the evening


  1. When it gets dark on the street, it's time to launch the fireworks.
  2. All guests write wishes for the birthday and the date of execution of this desire on Chinese lanterns. It is important that the birthday boy writes this information in his notebook. Further, all the lanterns are launched into the sky and fly towards the fulfillment of written desires. If the birthday man is a romantic person, then it will be quite interesting for him to check the dates of fulfillment of desires with recorded dates.

Conducting a similar procedure for each holiday, celebrated by the same company, you can identify the person whose wishes come true more often. Subsequently, he is trusted to launch the most important messages. No matter how fantastic it may sound, but what we firmly believe in is what comes true.

TOP - 10 original cheap gifts

It often happens that most of the money is spent on a festive table, and the task that giving her husband on his birthday is not solved.

In this case, you can give an inexpensive gift by adding it with something personal, for example:

  1. T-shirt, cup with a photo.
  2. Author's song or poem.
  3. Chocolate set "real husband." In this set, each candy wrapped in an additional wrapper with a beautiful wish, emphasizing the masculinity of his beloved.
  4. Cover for a passport or driver's license with a congratulatory inscription.
  5. The explosion of desires. The spouse writes wishes on small sheets, the execution of which, in her opinion, would be loved. Next, roll these sheets into small balls and gently fill them with a cracker. Further, all on the principle of the lottery - the clapper explodes and the spouse will choose any ball. The wish that is in it is unconditionally fulfilled by the wife (of course, if the husband does not mind).
  6. Prediction bag. Sew a linen (or any other) bag and put prediction cards in it. You can write to them: "I am preparing a romantic dinner tonight" or "Next weekend I will not interfere with your gatherings with friends", or "Today I do what you want," etc. You can write such predictions as you like. There may be 5, or maybe 25. The husband gets, without looking, any card, and the prediction written on it must be fulfilled. Today he can get 2 or 3 cards, and tomorrow 1, or leave pleasure for later and use when he wants. Of course, the wishes should be such that will bring joy to the beloved man, because this is a gift for his birthday. The bag can be replaced with a casket with a lock that will be stored in it, and the key to the casket can be kept with it. This option will exclude replacement or spying cards.
  7. Virtual reality cardboard glasses.
  8. Homemade fridge magnet with a picturesymbolizing something personal and pleasant. This could be the name of the street on which the couple met or the date, or something like that. The fact that this handicraft is made with thoughts of him makes the gift dear and beloved.
  9. Pillow for hands. This pillow has a long and narrow shape. Maybe in the form of fish, as an option. It encloses the arm, typing on the keyboard. Such a gift makes work or leisure at the computer more convenient. It is quite easy to sew a pillow yourself, but you can also find it in online stores.
  10. A song that symbolizes the beginning of a relationship. It can be ordered on the radio.

Ideas how to make a gift yourself

The best gift for a loved one - a gift made by hand.

Beautiful glassware for liquor can be an original gift., decorated with hand decorations with the date of birth of the birthday man on the spot production date.

For its manufacture will need:

  1. Bottle.
  2. Paint.
  3. Glue.
  4. Varnish to cover and fix the scenery.
  5. Dried eggshell.
  6. Needle.
  7. Printed color label with the name of the drink and the birthday of the birthday person.

Gift making method: Take a clean, dry bottle, for example, from wine. Apply a layer of paint and dry. Apply the glue gradually, applying pieces of dry eggshell (after removing the inner film from it).

Putting the shell on the glue, push it with a needle. In this case, the shell breaks into small pieces and decorates the product in a very stylish way. So beautify the whole bottle. When the decor is strengthened, apply a layer of protective varnish. Stick the finished label.

You can, of course, draw it yourself, but the printed picture from the template looks more natural. If desired, for the style at the top, wrap with a natural rope, putting on it a wooden blank in the shape of a heart with a congratulatory inscription.

After emptying the bottle, the whole company writes notes to an adult who is supposed to get it after a certain number of years.. After drying the bottle from the inside, place notes in it. Close the lid and hide the bottle. If there is such an opportunity, then bury it in the ground.

After 5, 10, or even more years, get together with the former company, find a bottle and read your letters from the past.

Find an online library of old newspapers. Print a newspaper with the old name and date of issue (husband's birthday). The heading column: “The most important events of the city (country, world)” and enter into it the announcement of the birth of a remarkable person - (husband’s name).

A newspaper may contain content of interest for the birthday party, for example: “Antiques / Collectibles”, “Literary Gazette”, “7 I” and so on. Print and place in a beautiful frame.

Create a horoscope for the holiday, inscribing in it a birthday plan. For example: “Today, in the first half of the day, men born under the sign of Aquarius expect tremendous events and pleasant surprises ... in the second half of the day, when you enter the kitchen, be extremely attentive.

A surprise awaits you on the windowsill behind the curtain ... ” Colorfully draw by drawing a background with signs of the zodiac. This horoscope can be presented separately, and can be placed in the newspaper from the previous idea.

Crossword "Best man":

  1. Draw a table and obliquely write the name of a loved one.
  2. Replace the letters with numbers (the first is 1, and so on).
  3. Choose a word that characterizes the quality of a spouse. It should contain the letter of the name.
  4. Write questions in the form of a description of life situations in which a particular quality was manifested.
  5. Draw and draw a crossword puzzle on the sheet (the sheet can have a beautiful background).
  6. At the bottom, draw cells with numbers into which you will need to enter letters corresponding to a specific number.
  7. The task: to solve a crossword puzzle and enter the keyword in the cells with numbers.

Top 50 gifts for a friend

  1. Flowers in a delicate package or a bouquet of fruit and sweets. A box in the shape of a heart, a box of flowers with macaroons — exquisite French macaroons. Trembling roses, tulips and other flowers.
  2. A ticket to an interesting event will take a lot of pleasant minutes. Classical music, jazz, concert, theater, tours and much more will appeal to her friend.
  3. A gift certificate for Thai massage, a visit to the SPA, a visit to a fashionable beauty salon to create a stylish haircut will delight any woman.
  4. A purse, business card holder or clutch will delight a woman, especially if it is suitable for the favorite color of the birthday girl. In order not to be mistaken if the color scheme is unknown, you can purchase white or black color accessories.
  5. Set of accessories for the girlfriend’s favorite outfit. Comfortable gloves on warm fur or mitts from soft delicate skin with cut fingers. In the same style or color scale, you can choose a scarf with a painting that will successfully complement the designer belt or belt.
  6. A set of necessary accessories for a mobile phone will noticeably make life more convenient. Beautiful case will keep the surface from scratches. Headphones will allow you to listen to music or audio training course during a walk, on the way to the place of work or study.
  7. A flash drive of ordinary and unusual forms can be made of plastic, metal and even wood. Perhaps a friend will like a flash drive in the form of a cartoon hero, owl, unicorn, bee or fox.
  8. External battery for charging gadgets. A good battery will retain the ability to use modern compact technology in places where it is not possible to charge the phone, laptop, smartphone and more.
  9. Professional photo session at a famous photographer will appeal to any girl and woman. A pleasant atmosphere in the studio or a fresh breeze with wildlife in a beautiful park, a new make-up and hairstyle will create unforgettable shots.
  10. Thermos or thermomug with an unusual pattern will be very useful in various places. A sip of aromatic coffee will help to cheer up during a break at work, where there is no coffee machine, A cup of hot tea will warm in nature.
  11. Fashionable sunglasses. protect from bright sunlight on cloudless days. Glasses with night vision change their permeability depending on the lighting. Interesting forms of points will create a certain entourage of a friend.
  12. 3D-puzzle for lovers of mental puzzles. The girl will like to collect a voluminous object from small puzzles, for example, a fabulous translucent castle or a retro car, a casket or an unusual polygon figure.
  13. Eau de toilette or perfume known brand, fashionable this season, or classic, whose bouquet of flavors tested by time. You can pick up a set of herbal smells, flower, citrus and any other.
  14. Board game for a fun pastime in the company.
  15. Set for self-growing plants.
  16. A collection of favorite movies or a disc with your favorite songs.
  17. Design notebook and pen.
  18. Jewelry
  19. Certificate of extreme rest (parachute jump, diving).
  20. Beautiful umbrella with an unusual print.
  21. Warm blanket with sleeves.
  22. Pajamas with a nice picture or a common photo.
  23. Original wall clock in the form of an animal.
  24. Alarm clock runaway, which just will not sleep.
  25. Houseplant in a pot.
  26. Subject for a favorite hobby girlfriend.
  27. Beautiful linens.
  28. Book favorite writer in an exclusive edition.
  29. A toy or a souvenir of own production.
  30. Humidifier or air ionizer (important for urban residents).
  31. Tea or coffee set.
  32. Painted box for cosmetics.
  33. Magic ball predictions.
  34. Favorite alcoholic drink in a gift box.
  35. Medal "Best Friend" or "The most beautiful birthday girl."
  36. Rotating photo frame in the form of a cube for general photos.
  37. Box for wine with a personalized engraving.
  38. The video you shot with congratulations from friends and relatives.
  39. Stylish lamp or unusual night light.
  40. Unusual soft slippers for home and bathrobe.
  41. Original headphones or headset.
  42. Smart fitness bracelet for a healthy lifestyle.
  43. Comfortable cushion for the sofa.
  44. Massager or massage foot bath.
  45. Master class dedicated to a girlfriend's hobby (cooking, painting or sewing).
  46. Carving set (art cutting for vegetables and fruits).
  47. Laptop bag in the form of a book.
  48. Electric or manual grinder or juicer.
  49. Picture for interior decoration.
  50. Portrait of a professional photo artist.

First, it is necessary to “sort everything out”, taking into account the age of a friend, her interests and marital status.

Do not give money, if a friend does not need them (this is considered a sign of inattention to a loved one), and things that are associated with her professional activities, if the work for a friend is an ordinary routine for earning finances. Such a gift as a plow for a collective farmer - go plowing further. But, by the way, in exceptional cases, it is close friendship allows some frivolity in gifts. What exactly - learn in the article. So, let's begin.

What to give to a friend for a birthday of 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 years?

Many people think that it’s easy to choose a gift for a friend of 12-16 years old, but it’s not.

It is at this age that girls go into the category of adolescents, and they are no longer satisfied with the usual children's things that they were given before. The range of interests is expanding, new desires arise. Birthday women tend to unfold the wrapper of the gift immediately from the doorway, and criticism of the giver is very acutely perceived. What can you give a friend of 12-16 years old? School supplies, cosmetics or items for storage.

A girlfriend will be pleased with the original set of stickers for textbooks with her name. You can buy an organizer for convenient work on the lessons, a book stand or a roomy backpack.

What to give to a friend for 17, 18, 19, 20 years, for 21 years?

At this age, any girl is already considered an adult, a formed girl. She is not interested in stationery, and she buys cosmetics herself.

I want to give her something special. How to choose a gift that will confirm its new adult status, but at the same time emphasize youth, tenderness and a positive attitude? You can make a tech, student or fragrant gift.

What to give for 25-30 years?

At this age, most likely, a friend already has everything you need.

Therefore, the gift in the first place should please the girl and leave a pleasant sensation of the holiday. Be sure: attention is valued first of all at this age, and only then the high cost and beauty of the presents.

  • Also in 25 - 30 years, almost all the friends start their own families. Someone succeeded, some less fortunate, but the principle of gifts is the same - everything is for the family.

So, What can you give to a friend for 25-30 years? Options for surprises: practical, gaming and impressive.

Over the shoulders of many happy moments of youth, but how much more interesting and unexpected ahead!

A woman at this age is no longer a simple and reckless girl, but also not a fading woman. What gift will suit a woman from 35 to 40 years old? At this age, a beloved friend can be given a piece of jewelry, a relaxing gift, or a tea set.

What to give a pregnant friend for a birthday?

The main birth rate boom in women falls on the age from 20 to 30 years.

It is at this time that women become calmer and often their views on life change radically. From the brutal or glamorous girl your girlfriend suddenly turns into a housewife. Here, by the way, are very suitable gifts made with your own hands according to your talents: you knit or sew: prepare knitting needles and a sewing machine - for this period a girlfriend’s tummy will become very round, and a temporary new thing will not hurt her, and perhaps it will be useful again.

If a friend has no prejudices (about all sorts of evil eyes and damage), it is also not forbidden to buy children's accessories as gifts. Especially if she has a difficult financial situation, and she doesn’t think what she will do when she and her child are discharged from the hospital.

What is not desirable to give a friend

There are gifts that are not worth giving even to your closest friend.
The reasons may be different: from bad signs to ethical considerations. Of course, if you have a close relationship, and your girlfriend is not superstitious, you can give almost anything. In any case, think twice before buying a gift: how will your beloved friend react to your chosen gift? What is the best gift to make, and such things are not worth giving?

  1. Money - this is too banal gift.
  2. Book about diets, a fitness exercise program disk or any other gift that can be appreciated as a hint of losing weight.
  3. Cheap sweets.
  4. clothing or shoes.
  5. Accessories for smoking.
  6. Mugs and cups - These things abound in any home.
  7. Stabbing and cutting objects.
  8. Children's soft toy.
  9. Bijouterie with rhinestones.
  10. Ordinary frame for photos.
  11. Medical appliances and other items related to the disease.
  12. Senseless souvenirs, fridge magnets.
  13. Too intimatethings (erotic underwear, stockings, tights and more).
  14. Household appliances or items for cleaning.
  15. Cheap perfumery.
  16. Sports shells.
  17. Pet (only if the girlfriend herself does not want a pet).
  18. Postcard with ready text.

You know your girlfriend better than others, and therefore, choosing a gift will not be a daunting task for you. Think about what would be happy birthday? Take into account her desires, interests and hobbies, be guided by fantasy and you will definitely find that one perfect gift that your beloved friend will love!