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Stylish manicure for stylish fashionistas: photo design ideas

One of the most trendy manicure options for 2018-2019 is a trendy green manicure. The most versatile, having several shades, fashionable green manicure in the new season will become even more popular.

A rich emerald, bright green, stylish olive and delicate mint shade make the fashionable green manicure 2018-2019 so diverse, allowing you to make an interesting and original nail design with green lacquer for all occasions and at any time of the year.

Exquisite evening, discreet office and school design, bright summer manicure and pedicure with green varnish will always look fashionable and beautiful on the nails of different shapes and lengths.

The presence of green shades in manicure gives a touch of freshness and always looks attractive and original. We suggest finding out how beautiful and fashionable a green manicure 2018-2019 is right now.

The latest trends and novelties in the manicure photo with green lacquer will inspire you with new ideas and options for stylish nail art.

All shades of green! The most fashionable manicure with green polish 2018-2019

The versatility of green manicure allows you to create unique and beautiful options using several shades of one palette at once or choose the one that suits your taste.

Classic green manicure 2018-2019 in a single-color design is better to complement the picture in a minimalist style. Emerald manicure - nail design rich dark green. Always looks very rich and spectacular. Such a green manicure is ideal for creating trendy effects, such as a gradient or a cat's eye.

And how great an emerald manicure looks like in a matte design, if it is supplemented with rhinestones and gloss it will be very beautiful. As an option for an evening design, dark green manicure is perfect anyway.

Trendy green manicure 2018-2019 includes beautiful options for lime and mint nail design. Bright lime manicure, whose high popularity belongs to the summer, looks perfect on short nails.

As for the mint shade, such a green manicure has long become very popular. Similar gentle mint nejl-art is often used as the wedding manicure of the bride.

No less stylish and beautiful green manicure looks in an olive shade. Extravagant olive manicure looks spectacular in matte performance.

Beautiful manicure with green lacquer - green patterns and combination with other shades

What can be painted in green on the nails, of course, these are floral drawings. Green twigs, leaves, flowers look great on a white and black base.

Such a green manicure will be associated with the spring-summer season, so at this time green floral designs will be the most relevant.

It is also unforgettable that fashionable drawings with green lacquer are fruits that can not do without green shades (lime, kiwi, avocado, kavun).

From the best and most successful combinations for green manicure, we select black, white, red, golden combination. It can be drawings, manicure in the Hollywood style, nail coloring in different green shades.

For lovers of brighter combinations, masters of nail art can offer a trendy green manicure with light green with a yellow tint or light green with pink.

New and trendy green manicure trends 2018-2019

Trendy green manicure 2018-2019 gives new possibilities of using this varnish in nail design, using your favorite nail art techniques.

Since the color french is now in trend, then the growing part of the nail can be safely painted in a fashionable green color. Decorate a beautiful green jacket with strazikami at the base and get a delightful evening manicure.

The same can be said about moon design. Fashionable moon green manicure in any of its shades will look interesting and original. Also remember that the hole does not have to be oval. In the trend triangular holes, in the form of hearts and inverted holes, smiles.

Trendy green manicure 2018-2019 with rhinestones can be very gentle, unusual and original. Rhinestones will make any manicure elegant and unsurpassed, but you do not need to overdo it. It is enough to single out one nail in green manicure, decorating it with rhinestones to give charm and elegance to the image as a whole.

The trends of minimalism in green manicure are embodied not only using rhinestones, but also in drawings. Light curls, dots, stripes, the selection of one nail are inherent in most green nail polish manicure options today.

Even the fashionable effect of ombre and haze may not be on all nails in a manicure. By the way, a trendy green manicure with a gradient looks very beautiful and expressive.

Simplicity and elegance in trend! Stylish design manicure 2019-2020: options for the office

When we are going to work, well-groomed feet a priori must be on the list of top priorities. If you work in a company with a certain dress code, you need to choose a stylish manicure design 2019-2020, taking into account its rules.

The following trends are suitable for successful office images.:

Stylish manicure 2019-2020 with a neat traditional and newfangled strip of French nail art.

Fashionable manicure design with round, square, triangular holes, narrow and wide smiles, stripes of different massiveness and location, peas, complicated intersections, are made according to the principle - simply and concisely.

Stylish design of pastel and nude color nails, which offers office workers ideas of manicure with a light pattern on one of the fingers, preferably of a small size.

For an office with strict rules of appearance in favor of a stylish manicure design in monochrome, preferably in a calm color scheme.

If your office does not have a dress code, allow yourself a unique and stylish manicure 2019-2020 with an elegant pattern or pattern in a floristic, impressionistic idea.

A very successful solution - matte nails of short and medium length with a light design in the style of minimalism, geometry, negative space. Each technique will be able to realize the principle in its own way - easily and unobtrusively!

Professionals recommend for office a stylish manicure on short nails, because too long nail plate can create for you some discomfort.

The most current shades for a stylish office nail art - it is, undoubtedly, neutral tones, not cracking and catchy. Choose any with such a characteristic - you can not go wrong!

Cooking the perfect look! Stylish manicure 2019-2020 for a special occasion: ideas and trends of luxury nail art

When you are preparing for a special event, are planning to go out, create evening bows for graduation, wedding, party, etc., we strongly recommend to pay attention to the stylish manicure 2019-2020 in dark colors.

You can make almost any color variant that fits perfectly into your outfit, in harmony with other details of the set.

What else are available to offer us modern specialists of nail art to transform our nails at the most important moments of our life:

Unique stylish manicure for medium and long nails with luxurious design and elegant decor. What only do not come up with professionals to highlight their masterpiece among the rest. So why not take advantage of this.

Beautiful new nail design with rhinestone overflow, gold and silver elements, implemented by popular techniques. Note that the shiny motifs are trendy this season in almost all variations of nail art.

Unusual stylish manicure 2019-2020 with beautiful patterns of flowers, landscapes, looks, human, animals, sculptural silhouettes, which, as a rule, are combined with a monochromatic, classic french, gradient ombre, moon design in one or another color range.

Must be interested in luxury ladies stylish manicure 2019-2020 in many years without losing relevance options such as "broken glass", "cat manicure", a stylish design with foil and rubbing.

For a special occasion, a festive outlet, allow yourself a stylish manicure 2019-2020 with small sparkles, large glitter, pebbles of different shape and tone. Simplicity in trend, but sometimes women want luxury so much)))

Undoubtedly, the marigolds with the design, made by nail powder, gel, with which you can create a refined stucco molding, knitted nail design for the autumn-winter season and any volume pattern that you wish, look lovely.

Relaxing with beautiful nails! Stylish manicure 2019-2020: bright ideas and new items

If you have a vacation, you are full of life, positive, and the desire to enjoy everything that happens around you, then do not deny yourself the pleasure to make a stylish manicure 2019-2020 with bright elements, in bright shades, with a bright and noticeable design.

Dare! Enjoy modern nail design with eye-catching sliders, stamping, magnificent 3D art, which realize the most stylish manicure 2019-2020 in bright colors of the palette, showing ordinary things from an “unusual angle”.

Try a stylish nail design with abstract brushstrokes of different shades, as if just appeared on the canvas from under the artist's brush, colorful and bright water nail art that will decorate your nails with the extravaganza of tones of the spring-summer season.

Stylish manicure design can be bright, but not provocative, and this is proved by such a technique as ombre, played with several shades and textures.

Many women of fashion choose the stylish design of nails 2019-2020 with the transition of color on each finger, transforming the nails into the hot heat with shades of natural color abundance.

Try sea and beach nail art with elements that visualize this theme, enjoy the bright play of confetti in a wonderful performance on the nails of different shapes.

The stylish manicure 2019-2020 performed on a wet gel looks bright and impressive. This is another technique that will become a trend this season.

Be in the subject! Seasonal mood and stylish manicure 2019-2020

Another factor in a good choice of nail design is the seasonal factor, which should never be forgotten. It is always necessary to take into account the trends of certain trends of the season, which determine the fashionable designs of winter, autumn, spring and summer.

You will agree that in the winter, multi-colored nails will look a little ridiculous, and in the summer it is inappropriate to make nails with drawings of snowflakes and Santa Claus.

We will not talk about the themes of seasonal nail art, because each of you will select your stylish manicure, taking into account personal preferences and desires.

And now the best ideas for you, our beloved readers!

Beautiful green nail design 2018

Green shades are so perfect in a single-color version that they rarely need any addition. Is that even more emphasize the color of all kinds of coatings:

  • Matte top will give nails a deeper and softer effect. Combining it with a rub-in or any other metallic shine, the manicure will be filled with magnetism and charm. Best fit for a green dress.
  • Glossy finish, metallic lacquer, cat's-eye magnetic gel-lacquer perfectly tint and complement the green gamut, reminding with its brilliance overflowing precious stones.

Popular variant of green nails with a few accent fingers. In this case, to create a beautiful green manicure, you can combine its diverse shades with any color: white, beige, black, pink, red - in various elements and ornaments. From stripes and flowers, to lace, monograms, peas and abstraction. Any drawing will give uniqueness to manicure. And also very popular writing on the nails, marbled pattern, camouflage and animal print.

The design is carried out as an art painting or stickers-sliders, with the transfer of realistic images on the nails. It is the same with contrasting graphic techniques, tattoo style or strict geometry lines that look minimalistic and very stylish on green nails.

With gold, silver

As mentioned above, gold and silver decor is the best design idea for a green manicure. Due to the large assortment of elements, you can get a rather diverse look of marigolds. With their help, both a discreet manicure with a slight piquancy and a luxurious option for special occasions are created.

Starting from the smallest sparkles and dust particles and ending with sequins or confetti (large circles, rhombuses, asterisks, hearts), which are made up in various forms.

The decor is easily used in a classic design - a shiny french and gradient (ombre, stretching) with sparkles is the very ideal option that will suit both everyday manicure and evening wear.

Gold and silver in the form of foil prints or pieces of sweat, randomly laid out on the marigold - also look fascinating in a manicure green. Matte top for a more elegant and deep effect.

Fashionable and not less universal metallized strips, which can be transformed into any shape, as they are very plastic. Just a find and hit in 2019. Stylish and minimalistic application of them in the form of a contour all over the nail, i.e. anti-french, mirror version of the French manicure, looks incredibly original. Do not forget about the standard stripes, which are also beautiful in intersecting straight lines on the nails.

With rhinestones

Manicure in green tones, supplemented with rhinestones, often takes on a delicate and feminine look. It is transparent crystals with a chameleon effect that give delicacy to hands. Sparkling play just fascinate. Particularly interesting flower inlay or any other.

For a more elegant look, stones are used in a tone. Or other shades of crystals are selected - gold, black, red, which also look attractive. Due to the variety of forms (they are not only round or oval), the display can consist of one or several rhinestones.

Manicure with a tropical green pattern

For lovers of bright accents the best choice is a light manicure with a green pattern. Fashionable tropical drawings, in the form of monstera leaves and various sprigs of palm trees are best applied in contrasting colors to create a color block effect on a light base. The main color of the coating is often chosen pale - translucent white, milky, gray, pale pink. Techniques of performance are different - stamping, sliders, hand painting. The design can be diluted with a geometric pattern, "negative space"

Moreover, a manicure with green leaves is possible not only in summer, it is also harmonious in the autumn-winter season. Only more saturated, dark shades of green (bottle and so forth) are used.

Diverse and many-sided color is perfectly used in nail art. Regardless of the length and shape of nails, green manicure can be very stylish and harmonious. Long oval and almond claws are best left in a single-color version. Short nails of square shape and round can be supplemented with any design. Choose more acceptable ideas for you and enjoy beautiful and fashionable hands.

About green manicure

E If, at the dawn of its popularity, which occurred in the 80s of the last century, the green color in manicure was considered rather bold, today it is increasingly being chosen in almost any situation. There are no serious limitations in its application, although experienced masters advise to select a shade of lacquer based on the characteristics of the skin.

R The main principle of action is contrast. So, light colors are more suitable for dark and tanned girls, and deep dark shades perfectly set off pale skin.

R A well-done green manicure with the right shades will suit any situation:

  • for every day and for office style,
  • for the time of rest - in the summer trip the green marigolds will look impressively beautiful, giving the image naturalness and closeness to nature,
  • for parties - fiery dances until the morning, new acquaintances and inexhaustible fun ... In such an environment, the manicure with bright green polish will have to be just the way
  • Wedding ceremony - a white-green gamut in the dress of the main hero of the occasion can be complemented by a delicate green manicure with a floral pattern or playful peas,
  • a party - dark emerald shades of lacquer can complement an elegant evening dress better than any accessories.


F Rench with a variety of shades of green - the original solution, which, at the same time, remains a classic. The graceful tip of an emerald or lime shade in combination with a colorless nail coating looks very impressive.

H A green jacket can become a daily option if its owner prefers fresh colors in the wardrobe. The length of the nails is better to choose a medium or more than the average, because on short nails French manicure with green lacquer looks a little sloppy.

L Unny green manicure looks great on medium length nails. Depending on the shade of varnish, it is suitable for women of any color type. Такой вариант впишется в повседневный образ, в том числе и офисный, если сочетать цветовой акцент с прозрачным лаком. Это свежая идея для дружеской встречи в летнем кафе, которая не подразумевает торжественных нарядов и праздничной обстановки.

Маникюр «кошачий глаз»

WITH тильный тренд нынешнего года, «кошачий глаз» со своими изящными переливами в зеленом исполнении смотрится невероятно красиво. To create such a manicure, it is recommended to use rich dark and emerald shades of lacquer, because light pastel colors are not able to convey the full depth of the glare.

M The anicure is very effective on long nails, although you should be able to wear this color skillfully. It is best to limit the nails of medium length. But if the length of the nails leaves much to be desired, there is no need to be upset: even on short plates, the “cat's-eye” effect looks advantageous. Alas, for the office or everyday style, this option is not suitable, since its play of color and tone noticeably attract attention. The ideal setting for a manicure - a solemn event, a date or a photo session.

H Green manicure with a matte effect is made in any shades, from mint to deep emerald green, since they all look equally impressive. There are no restrictions on the length or shape of the nails. Using pastel shades, you can create a convenient everyday version for the spring-summer season. Bright acid tones - a great choice for travel and travel. Elegant emerald suitable for evening manicure.

Geometric print

E Another bright trend of the year is the geometric patterns on the nails in green shades. Print decorate all the nails on the hand, and one or two. The idea can be executed both in a two-color combination, and in a more daring, combining two, three and even four colors.

R A green design is suitable for the summer season as a casual option. Bright acidic shades in the pattern - bold option for an incendiary party. Laconic clear lines and deep malachite shades emphasize the evening look.

Flower print

R Permanent patterns in manicure always personify femininity and tenderness. This drawing is harmoniously combined with shades of green like no other. Elegant floral print in muted light colors looks perfect on the bride's fingers. Bright and deep tones can be chosen for a vacation, party or holiday event.

Shades of green in manicure

AT The choice of shades plays an important role in creating a green manicure. It depends on several factors at once: the color type of the woman, the situation and the length of the nails. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the basic tones in these aspects.

Bright green. Bright shades, starting with acidic and ending with the color of young grass, are used in summer holiday or everyday manicure. They can choose to attend parties, concerts, trips. These shades are able to become the brightest accent in the image, so they require an appropriate wardrobe. As for the color type, bright green shades are ideal for the appearance of the type “autumn” or “spring”, as well as “non-contrast winter”.

Dark green Dark malachite and emerald shades - a godsend for an evening manicure. Middle-aged women can safely wear them in everyday life, but young girls, he is a little old. Manicure using these tones looks good on long and medium nails. Cold shades of dark green in color type are suitable for any “winter” and “contrasting summer”, warm ones - for girls like “spring” and “autumn”.

Light green. Light shades - grassy, ​​mint, olive, lime and others, suitable for different types of manicure. Medium-sized marigolds with a single-colored coating will fit even in a strict office setting, not to mention a casual or solemn occasion. Light green color in manicure is suitable for all color types, you only need to choose an individual shade.

Pale green. Delicate shades of light green, malachite, dusty green tones can complement an elegant and sophisticated look. They are suitable for airy wedding image, summer gala dress or a long-awaited romantic date. A delicate green manicure is recommended for women with color types “summer” and “non-contrast spring”, which combine the same muted and transparent tones.

Color variations

H Green manicure looks great and in monophonic performance. But to bring this color into the palette of others for a multi-color design is a bold and interesting decision. Shades of green offer a ton of interesting combinations. The most popular can be divided into five types: with monochrome, with similar colors, in contrast, with pastel shades and with gold.

With monochrome

H The black color is harmonious with any shades. Choosing different tones of green, as well as additional elements in the form of sparkles, rhinestones or patterns, you can create a daily manicure, and a stylish evening option. White-green design - more neutral. Deep green shades in combination with white look elegant, light green and light colors - everyday and discreet.

With close colors

TO close to green tones are yellow and shades of blue. Yellow-green manicure is obtained rich, juicy, bright, and therefore perfect for a summer look. Variants of blue-green and green-blue manicure, in which different shades of color are used, allow you to create nail designs for evening manicure (dark shades) and everyday (light green and blue).

In contrast

WITH The most complicated is red-green manicure. Two colors are opposite in the color spectrum, and their combination can be both perfect and unsuccessful. Often used to create artistic painting of nails with plant and berry motifs. As an everyday one, such a manicure is chosen for vacations or trips - in workdays it looks too catchy.

Pastel shades

WITH Among them the most successful - pink and beige. Pink with green in manicure is associated with tenderness and flowering. Beige and green in neutral colors is the best option for every day, even for office style in the hot summer period.

R Skillful green manicure with gold is suitable only for evening and ceremonial images. Golden elements usually complement the emerald, malachite and dark herbal shades. This design looks so impressive that moderation is recommended to observe: a minimum of decor and jewelry.

H Green manicure is a choice of confident and bright women who are not afraid of experiments and at the same time appreciate the classics. This wonderful color inspires unusual ideas and expands the boundaries of the usual. After all, green lacquered marigolds are a little summer spark in your look!

Is the color green as a wedding manicure? If your wedding will be in shades of green, then such a manicure is quite appropriate.

For any events suitable:

  • parties,
  • vacation,
  • wedding ceremony,
  • a party
  • as well as for the office.

Down with convention! Choose a bright manicure - trends, trends, ideas

Along with a calm and delicate palette of shades, bright manicure contrasts markedly with pastel and light colors, using all the rich colors of lacquers and interesting textures.

It is important to say that fashionable bright manicure, ideas of which we also presented in our photo review, can be performed not only in traditional techniques.

Bright nail design with drops, airbrush bright manicure, bright nail design with glitter and other techniques decorating the nail plate is a very good way to create a lot of fashionable bows for all occasions.

Beautiful bright manicure in monochrome

The most relevant in today's time is a bright manicure in a single-color version.

Glossy or matte bright manicure looks always fashionable. You can make such a bright nail design with gel polish (shellac) so that your bright manicure lasts longer on your nails.

Bright summer manicure can be made in red, yellow, orange, pink, green, light green and other shades.

But a bright manicure for cold seasons will be relevant in the red, blue, green, purple, crimson palette, etc.

A bright manicure in monochrome is suitable for both short and long nails. A monochromatic bright manicure will certainly remain at the peak of popularity in the future, because the laconic execution in combination with rich shades is always relevant and looks great in any fashionable image.

The trend of 2018-2019 will be a bright manicure in different shades of the palette. Such a rainbow-colored nail design for the summer will be a sign of your positive attitude and the ability to set the right accents through a manicure.

Bright manicure with flowers - make your look unbeatable

When the sun shines on the street, and you want flowers, a bright manicure with flowers will be able to embody all your desires to create unsurpassed images.

You can wear a simple monophonic dress, making a bright manicure with flowers, different in texture and theme.

Also, a bright manicure with flowers can be in harmony with the color scheme or print on your clothes.

A bright manicure with flowers can decorate all the nails, and can be made with a flower pattern only on a few nails.

Also, a bright manicure with flowers can be combined with rhinestones, beads, glitterrome, drops, entering the sophisticated idea of ​​trendy nail art.

Bright manicure with colors can be created in any color depending on your mood. Add flower drawings to a bright manicure, and be gorgeous.

Everything is feasible! Bright manicure for short and long nails

The ideas of bright manicure allow you to implement any solutions of nail art. That is why you can easily pick a bright manicure for short nails, as well as find unusual variations of rich nail design for long nails.

In fashion bright manicure for short and long nails with an oval, almond shape.

However, the shape of a soft square, sharp and square nails are also present in the nail art. Here, as they say, a matter of taste.

Bright manicure for short nails looks more restrained. Long nails with a bright design will always look more defiant.

Bright manicure with patterns and drawings: original ideas of a bright manicure for every taste

When you want something new and unusual, treat yourself to a new manicure. Bright manicure with patterns and drawings - this is exactly what you are looking for in order to gently but successfully transform your appearance.

Beautiful bright nail design with patterns and drawings presented all the rich tones of the palette.

You can make a bright manicure with a pattern and pattern using animalistic, floral prints, geometric shapes and regular lines, laconic polka dots and unexpected blots. Bright manicure in ethnic and impressionistic themes looks great.

Original and unexpected will be a bright nail manicure with drawings of animals, cartoon characters, various objects and figures.

Without a doubt, the range of ideas bright manicure with a picture is very large. We have presented many of them in our photo collection, which you can successfully try for yourself.

Bright manicure in the traditional and current techniques of nail art

Using traditional techniques of nail art, you can make a bright manicure, which will demonstrate your sense of taste and style.

Among the undisputed leaders in nail art, now there is a bright ombre manicure in vertical and horizontal design with two or more shades.

Keep up with the French and moon manicure in rich shades that can be presented in both the classic and non-traditional versions.

No less relevant french contrary, the popularity of which is gaining momentum, creating a serious competition to the usual methods of nail design.

Bright manicure with rhinestones, beads, glitter will be appreciated by lovers of sophistication, showiness, originality. Such a bright manicure will be acceptable for creating evening and festive bows.

Like rhinestones, beads, and glitter and glitter will not spoil your bright manicure, if they are applied in a small amount, embodying the original idea of ​​nail art.

The ideas of a bright manicure 2018-2019, which are today proposed by manicure professionals, are endless.

Choose a bright manicure according to your preferences, an individual approach to creating your own style, taking into account fashion trends and trends, without which there is no way today. See our photo examples and get inspired!

Green manicure fashion 2018-2019: stylish green nail design - trends, innovations, trends

The shades that we meet in nature are basic colors that are very successful in clothing and manicure, no matter what innovations in nail art do not appear.

That is why the green manicure 2018-2019 and received such a large-scale distribution, gaining popularity, both among young beauties and reputable women.

Manicurists successfully combine green manicure in different techniques with other shades.

Green nail design is successful not only for short but also for medium and long nails. And the shape of the nail does not matter if you choose this deep color.

A beautiful green manicure will be charming on oval, square, semicircular, almond-shaped marigolds, and, of course, sharp and pointe.

Green color is successfully combined with black, white, gold, silver, burgundy, yellow, gray and many other colors, which allows experts to experiment with options.

In the table of shades you can see how diverse a green manicure can be created by playing with shades of green.

If you are looking for new ideas, we offer a short review on the topic “Fashionable green manicure 2018-2019”.

Classic green manicure 2018-2019: monochrome, french, moon design

Choosing green nail design 2018-2019, you can confidently stay on the classic techniques.

They are always relevant and successful, they look beautiful, and it is quite easy to embody them at home.

Green manicure french can combine matte and glossy varnishes at the same time, combine two shades, for example, green and burgundy, or a strip can be painted green, and a nude shade will be used for the base, etc.

Moon green manicure 2018-2019 will be even more interesting, because the holes can be colorless, contrasting in color, or decorated with glitter and rhinestones.

And the amazing combination of moon and French design will please stylish ladies who want to refresh their image with the nail art accent.

Monochromatic green manicure 2018-2019 will present for you a rich palette of shades of gel and ordinary varnishes, as well as impress with the uniqueness of a matte and fluffy monochromatic coating.

Chic and shine! Green manicure 2018-2019 with pebbles, sparkles, camoufs

When, if not in the New Year holidays, I want the brightness of playfulness in manicure. Green manicure 2018-2019 will help you transform, because this color is perfectly combined with the glow of rhinestones and the splendor of twinkling elements in the form of glitter and confetti of different shapes and sizes.

Green manicure 2018-2019 can be improved with pebbles, sequins, piercings, bracelets, laying them out in different ways.

For example, rhinestones or sparkles can decorate only one or two nails. Another option is to arrange these flickering elements in such a way that the design does not seem too fanciful and pathetic.

Also rhinestones, glitter, confetti are perfectly combined in a green design with drawings and patterns, gel modeling.

In our review, you will see new designs manicure with rhinestones and sparkles, made in green tones.

Green manicure 2018-2019: exclusive options, innovations

To get an exclusive green manicure, we advise you to take note of such wonderful techniques as a cat's eye, Negative Space, a green manicure with wipes and a foil, a knitted manicure of green color, and, of course, a unique ombre gradient design.

All these techniques will make your green manicure special, and your pens gorgeous.

Professionals welcome intricate textures in nail atre, and are also ready to conquer the fair sex, creating a unique design with golden stripes, dots, colorful drawings and intricate golden, white and black patterns in different styles.

Seasonal patterns and lace patterns are favorite trends 2018-2019, which will refresh your trendy green manicure.

Super ideas manicure in deep and gentle green 2018-2019: new design

Green manicure 2018-2019 can be done both for a casual look and to combine such a flawless design with an evening and cocktail dress.

Mikyuryshchiki proposed this season water green manicure, which mixes two varnishes, creating an abstract pattern that resembles infinity.

Stylish geometry, intersecting lines, stickers - a great solution for manicure in green.

Your little marigolds will be refreshed with cute flowers, curls, droplets, leaves and lovely snowflakes, lonely twigs, birds and animals, which are wonderful symbols of the seasons.

Another smart nail art idea is to design nails in shades of green 2018-2019, for which manicure powder is used.

TOP 50 new designs for nail design in green 2018-2019: exclusive photos

As you could read, green manicure is an extravaganza of shades, an abundance of techniques, the luxury of decorative elements.

Our photo tips are especially for those looking for inspiration in green. See right now!