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How to make a lipstick matte?

Now non-brilliant lipsticks are becoming more popular. Therefore, the question of how to make a lipstick matte, excites many girls and even older women. In the article we will look at the main ways to transform any lipstick. The girls, following the fashion, buy matte lip makeup from leading manufacturers, throwing out all the old tubes.

As a result, the budget of fashionistas suffers. Few know how to make a matte lipstick. This is taught in visage courses, but their cost is quite high. Besides, not everyone needs a block of additional theory, hours of practice and a diploma of a makeup artist. Tips girlfriends and neighbors concerning lipstick, are very different from each other, which means that the information is always contradictory and inaccurate. Below we will try to consider the nuances and subtleties regarding matte lipstick.

Why and how to make a lipstick matte on the lips?

Despite the fact that this type of cosmetics is now at the peak of popularity, it is almost impossible to buy a completely matte tube without sparkles and satin reflux in ordinary stores. Exceptions are the brands of professional cosmetics that are not sold in stores, and their price is ten times higher than that of ordinary. Choosing lipstick, fashionista can not always appreciate the real color of the product and its texture. Testers often differ from sales samples. Due to contact with air, the products are oxidized, changing the texture, color and smell. Therefore, often after purchase, the question arises how to make a lipstick matte.

The easy way to make a regular matte lipstick

Buying a lipstick tube and realizing that it is glossy, you should not be upset. Any lipstick will be matte if the woman of fashion knows some simple secrets.

One of them is powder. This is the answer to the question of how to make a lipstick matte at home. It is the powder that gives the old lipstick tube a second life and can update the color palette in a few minutes.

Reveal secrets

The first and easiest way, as already noted, is to use powder. But even here there are some small secrets. So, the first option is to powder the lips and then apply lipstick. Thus, the color will last a long time, and the color of the lipstick will become slightly muffled. It will not be possible to achieve full matte coating, therefore the first method is suitable only for satin shades and is not suitable for mother-of-pearl.

The second way is to apply lipstick and only after that use powder on a fluffy brush. Puff use is not recommended, as it gives a dense layer of powder, which not only removes the shine, but also changes the color of the lipstick. If the powder and lipstick of one warm shade, then it is not scary. It is much worse if the tone of the lipstick differs from the subtone of the powder used: a cold hue combined with a warm one will eventually look greyish brown on the lips.

Subtleties and nuances

Thinking about how to make a glossy matte lipstick, you need to know a few important points. First, you only need to powder with a fluffy brush from natural nap. Secondly, use high-quality crumbly powder. Compact powder is poorly picked up with a brush and often falls on the lips. Finally, use a napkin. Make up your lips, cover them with this product and apply powder with a fluffy brush. So excess lipstick will remain on a napkin, and the powder will cover your lips with a thin even layer.

Here the cloth is used as a filter. Also note that matte lipstick dries the lips. This is true even when the gloss is removed at home. It not only gives shine to the coating, but also serves as food for the delicate skin of the lips, preventing it from drying out. Therefore, always after removing makeup and removing matte lipstick, use a moisturizing and nourishing balm. This will protect the lips from drying out and peeling.

Guide to action: create matte lips

  • Pick up a lip liner. It differs from a pencil for eyebrows and eyes not only in color, but also in texture. There is more oil in the stylus, due to which such a pencil is softer. It should not differ from the color of lipstick. Light contour smears the borders of the lips, and too dark will make them visually smaller. Bypassing the lips, be careful not to go beyond the contour in the center and near the cupid's bow. Closer to the corners of the lips, you can slightly go beyond the edge.
  • After that, cover the lips with a pencil, using it as a base. In the language of make-up artists this basis is called the substrate. Due to this, the lipstick will last longer. Even if the top layer is erased, a pencil on the lips will create a feeling of neat and painted lips.
  • Apply lipstick. A special brush for lipstick made of artificial lint will allow to apply the coating in an even layer, but the use of lipstick in this way requires a certain skill and skill. One wrong move - and make-up spoiled.
  • Dab your lips with a cotton pad to remove excess. This is an important point for those who want to know how to make a lipstick matte on the lips correctly.
  • Lean a napkin against your lips.
  • Apply the powder using a fluffy brush. You can try to make it a large flat brush or a brush for blending shadows, but so the layer will be uneven.

If desired, you can once again apply lipstick and repeat all the manipulations. So the layer will be denser and the lipstick will look brighter. But, unfortunately, its resilience will suffer.

Who can use matte lipstick?

Despite the fact that almost every second woman reflects on the question of how to make a glossy lipstick matte, it does not suit everyone. So, very young girls stylists do not recommend the use of matte lipstick. It visually increases the age and dries the lips. Dark matte shades are now in fashion, which are suitable for women under 30.

How to quickly make the usual lipstick matte on the lips?

The easiest way to make the coating dull:

  1. Make up your lips with a thick layer of lipstick, let it soak for 10-15 minutes.
  2. The usual cellulose napkin to deploy, gently press to the floor and just remove.
  3. If desired, repeat the procedure.

You can pre-draw the contour of the lips with a pencil, this will prevent smearing lipstick while using a napkin.

It is worth noting that the method described results in a less bright and saturated, slightly pale shade.

How to make a glossy lipstick matte at home?

For this method will need loose powder, preferably transparent. The transparent kind of such cosmetics with minerals will ideally suit.

The technology is as simple as possible - make up your lips with ordinary lipstick, and apply a small and even layer of transparent powder with a brush over it. The shade will turn pale only slightly, but the coating will look velvety.

If you need to give a little haze, you should powder your lips through a translucent barrier. In its role can act as a single layer of a paper handkerchief or napkin.

Transparent powder increases the resistance of makeup. Therefore, you can not worry that the coating of lips smears or flows during the day.

Of course, sometimes even transparent powder is not at hand. In such cases, the use of similar shade matte eye shadows or blush is allowed. Compact powder will help, but it will highlight the original color. It is important to remember that such means lead to drying and peeling of the skin of the lips, so often they can not be used.

How to make a brilliant lipstick with matte shimmer?

Any coatings with glitter content cannot be completely transformed; a small amount of the shimmer will still remain.

For brilliant lipsticks all the above methods are suitable. You can also try to apply a coating with a pencil and then blot your lips with a napkin 2 times. So it is better to keep the original shade and remove most of the sparkles.

Useful beauty-secret

But what to do if there was no coating without shine in your cosmetic bag, and a trip to the cosmetics shop is not planned in the near future? How to make a glossy tone without gloss?

There is a trick often used even by professional makeup artists. To do this, you will need ordinary lipstick, a contour pencil and a simple paper napkin.

Draw a lip contour with a pencil and lightly blend it. Next, apply a base tone. After that, unfold the napkin and gently press to the lips. It absorbs a shiny pigment, leaving the original color.

If you want to achieve even more haze, this simple procedure must be repeated again. And to keep the coating longer, you can powder it a bit.

The same method is suitable for shine. The created non-shiny texture will have one undoubted plus - the lack of stickiness.

Also remember that matte shades look beautiful only on well-groomed lips, any cracks or rashes such a tool will make it even more noticeable. To avoid such problems, makeup artists recommend periodically using a scrub and applying a special hygienic care product or a greasy cream.

Make your regular glossy lipstick non-shiny in just a few seconds. So do not be afraid to experiment and be beautiful always!

Using special tools

How to properly make up lips matte lipstick? Many leading cosmetic manufacturers offer matte lipsticks that do not require any special manipulations. The main thing - lip makeup. To make your makeup perfect with such lipstick, you should follow some recommendations.

First you need prepare lipsmake them smooth and soft.

This is especially important as matte lipstick. focuses attention on all the flaws of the lips.

You can use a lip scrub that will remove the top layer and make the sponge perfectly soft. You can cook it yourself: just mix honey, sugar and olive oil, apply this composition on the lips, gently massage and rinse.

To make matte lipstick look fresh for a long time, moisturize lips. For this you can use lip balm or any vegetable oil.

Before applying lipstick on the entire surface of the lips, apply a pencil. This will get a neat beautiful result. Professional stylists always resort to such methods.

The shade of the pencil should be similar to the color of lipstick. Circle them, and then paint the lips inside. You will create a quality base, thanks to which lipstick will look brighter and richer. The same technique will provide an opportunity to increase the resistance of lip makeup.

Using matte lipstick, do not rub lips against each other. Matte texture is slightly different than glossy. It is better to use a special brush, putting lipstick on her lips. Brush better to choose synthetic. It is necessary to paint over every corner of the lips, and then the result will be amazing.

To makeup was the most resistantWhen applying lipstick for the first time, blot your lips with a napkin, and then apply lipstick again. So the color will be rich and deep, and make-up can hold on for a very long time. Also, this method will provide an opportunity to prevent ugly lumps on the lips and not to overdry the lips.

Be sure to check that all edges are rubbed off. For this, you can also apply the corrector, which served as the basis. You can use a small synthetic brush or ordinary cotton swab.

At home

How to make mat lips at home without special lipstick? In order for lips to get an attractive matte texture, it is not necessary to use a special lipstick. Try to embody a similar make-up with usual lipstick or gloss. Perhaps the result will be no worse.

On how to care for lips after tattooing, you can learn from our article.

Ordinary lipstick

If you want to create the effect of matte lips, but you do not have special lipstick for this, you can try applying one cunningwhich make-up artists advise.

You need to take the usual lipstick, but it’s better that there are no obvious glittering elements in it, and to make up the lips in a simple way - using a contour pencil and feathering.

Then you will need ordinary napkin. It should be applied to the lips, and after the top powder your lips or powder them with blush.

With usual shine

How to make lip gloss matte? Along with lipsticks are sold and matte lip gloss. It sounds strange, but, nevertheless, matte gloss is very popular, and partly because they are considered universal: they can be used for daytime makeup and for evening makeup.

Beauticians believe that opaque products act better on the skin, as their special structure gently envelops the soft skin of the lips. Advantageous matte gloss advantage in comparison with the usual that it does not stick. You can not be afraid that in windy weather, half of your hair will stick to your lips, and then leave ugly strips on your face.

Glossy lip gloss can be made matte in the same way as lipstick. To do this, use a pencil, lip gloss and dab the coating with a soft cloth. Do it repeatedly. As in the case of lipstick, the gloss should remain on the napkin, and the intense gloss on the lips.

Please note that matte gloss also looks attractive only on well-groomed lips.

When peeling the skin or the presence of cracks or herpes on it, this tool will only make an accent.

To avoid such trouble, you can use before applying makeup. masks or scrubs for lips or, at least, fat nutritious balm.

Whichever option you choose, matte lips with the correct application of makeup and playing around it will decorate your image. Choose correct shade and don't be afraid to experiment.

You can find out how to make a matte lipstick from the video: