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What is this massage

It is believed that this type of massage increases the drainage of lymphatic fluids in the body, which, in turn, supposedly helps him get rid of toxins. But unfortunately, it is not. Firstly, the body itself regulates the process of purification, for this there is a liver and kidneys. Secondly, dry massage affects only the surface of the skin, while our lymph vessels are deep beneath it. For example, physical exercises that provoke muscle contractions throughout the body will be much more effective. In general, there is no reliable data confirming the hypothesis that a dry brush massage is an effective remedy for cleansing the lymphatic system.

Dry brush massage will not help you cope with digestive problems and varicose veins. However, brushing can make your skin more smooth and taut, but do not wait for a quick result. What can be said for sure: such a massage perfectly exfoliates the skin and can completely replace the scrubs.

Another advantage of dry massage is that it stimulates the sensory nerves (a surge of vitality is provided). Such a massage can be a wonderful morning habit and encourage you before the start of the working day.

Massage technique and precautions

The procedure can be quite painful, because from contact with a dry hard brush micro-damage occurs on the skin. Too vigorous or too frequent massage can easily cause skin irritation and microtrauma. It is recommended to start the massage with a three-minute session once or twice a week. Over time, the duration of the procedure can be increased.

Massage should be done from the bottom up and direct all movements towards the heart. The abdomen and buttocks can be massaged in a circular motion. Redness of the skin after the procedure indicates that the blood flow has increased.

After the procedure, it is necessary to take a shower in order to wash away the dead cells from the renewed skin and to strengthen the obtained effect. At the end, apply on the skin moisturizer or oil.

Dry brush massage is not recommended for people with sensitive and very dry skin, as well as for people with any skin diseases (the risk of irritation is high).

Dry brush massage: the essence of technology and the direction of exposure

Massage with a dry brush, as the name implies, is carried out using an appropriate accessory - a dry brush. This is a popular and simple technique that can be used independently, subject to several rules.

What gives a massage with a dry brush? It affects in several ways:

  • The effect of peeling. The bristles exfoliate the horny particles of the epidermis and thereby renew the skin, stimulate the regeneration of its cells and markedly improve the condition.
  • Acceleration of blood circulation and improvement of blood supply to the skin and soft tissues. The local irritant effect of a dry brush stimulates blood flow to the sites of exposure and thereby nourishes them with nutrients and oxygen.
  • Ensuring timely lymphatic drainage. Lymphatic fluid performs the function of removing toxins and metabolic products, so its stagnation can lead to slagging of the body. Normalization of lymphatic drainage allows to remove toxins and other unnecessary and harmful substances from tissues.
  • Stimulation of the synthesis of elastin and collagen. These substances, produced by the cells of the dermis, are responsible for its freshness, elasticity, elasticity and youth.
  • Normalization of metabolic processes. Massage speeds up the metabolism and normalizes the reactions occurring in the body.
  • Exposure of the abdominal area helps to improve digestion, stimulate intestinal peristalsis and normalize stool, relieving constipation.
  • The procedures are useful for losing weight, because, firstly, they speed up the metabolism and ensure timely consumption of energy coming in the form of calories and carbohydrates, and secondly, stimulate the burning of fat cells.
  • Increased muscle tone. Properly performed massage involves rubbing with a brush, and they provide nourishment to the muscles, toning and strengthening them. Gradually, the body becomes taut and more prominent.
  • Cheerfulness. After a massage you will feel a surge of energy, as it improves blood circulation and increases the overall tone of the body.

Indications and Contraindications

Using a dry brush massage, you can improve the condition and skin color, make stretching and scars less noticeable, put the body in order, get rid of cellulite, speed up the weight loss process, minimize the risks of hair ingrowth, increase the elasticity and elasticity of the skin, strengthen muscles, and normalize stools and get rid of constipation, remove toxins and slags, as well as get a boost of energy and increase efficiency.

You should not massage with a dry brush for varicose veins (especially in areas with vascular nets and "asterisks"), for skin lesions and exacerbations of dermatological diseases (in areas of rash), as well as for acute infections. During pregnancy, it is not recommended to treat the areas of the abdomen and chest: this can increase the tone of the uterus and provoke miscarriage or premature birth.

What kind of brush to use?

To massage was the most effective, safe and pleasant, you need to choose the right brush. The best option is natural with bristles from the Australian cactus, which has the necessary rigidity and allows you to achieve the maximum effect.

When choosing a brush should consider several criteria:

  • The form. The most comfortable will be a round or oval brush. Square or rectangular has corners, so make it circular massage movements is not very convenient.
  • Sizes depend on the purpose of the accessory. So, for exploring vast areas, it is better to pick a large brush, for massaging the arms and legs - a medium brush, and for influencing individual local areas - a miniature one.
  • Convenience of operation. Take a brush and hold it in your hands to see how comfortable it will be to use. In order not to keep the accessory permanently, you can choose a model with a strap or a pocket for your palm. And to work the back and other hard-to-reach areas easier to brush with a pen.
  • Rigidity. It depends on your goals and skin features. If you need to achieve results quickly and work the body as efficiently as possible, then choose a brush with stiff bristles. And if you have sensitive skin, then a soft, more gentle and gentle effect will do.

How is it done?

How to massage with a dry brush correctly? There are several important rules and nuances:

  1. Massage is carried out exclusively on dry skin, so the ideal time for such a procedure is in the morning or in the evening before a shower. The brush should also be completely dry.
  2. All massage movements should be carried out from the periphery, that is, the limbs to the heart - the center of the body. This is how lymph flow occurs, so you will not disrupt the natural processes occurring in the body. Start with the feet, move to the knees and thighs, work through the buttocks, then the back, abdomen and chest. Next, pay attention to your hands: move from the fingers and palms to the forearms and shoulders. Then you can extremely gently massage the head and neck. It is not necessary to influence lymph nodes and especially sensitive areas, therefore bypass the groin, the inner parts of the thighs, and the armpits. Also do not massage areas with damaged skin and inflammation.
  3. Practice every part of your body and pay special attention to the problem areas: thighs, stomach, buttocks.
  4. The face can be massaged only with the softest small brush. And be careful not to damage the skin in especially tender areas.
  5. You can alternate circular and longitudinal massage movements. The latter are more suitable for narrow areas of the extremities, and the first - for the study of large areas, such as the buttocks, back, thighs, abdomen.
  6. It is better to work the body evenly, making several movements on one arm or leg and several on the other.
  7. A positive result will be noticeable only if the procedures are carried out regularly. Massage should be done daily, and even better twice a day: in the morning and evening.
  8. Do not rub the skin too much, especially if the brush is stiff, and you perform the procedure for the first time. To accustom the body to such effects should be carefully and gradually. First, the pressure should be minimal, then gradually increase it. Ideally, after a massage session, the skin should turn red a little, slight burning and itching are also allowed. But severe discomfort and the more pronounced pain should not arise.
  9. Take your time, do everything thoroughly, slowly and gradually. To do this, free up time, forget about business, relax and retire to immerse yourself in the most calm and pleasant atmosphere.
  10. Another important point is the duration of the procedure. How long it should last - only your body knows. Start with the minimum duration, for the first time one or two minutes will be enough. Then increase the time and bring it to seven to ten minutes.
  11. After the massage with a dry brush, it is advisable to take a shower so that the skin is saturated with moisture. It will also be useful to use anti-cellulite cream or applying a cosmetic or natural oil to the moist epidermis.
  12. After the procedure, drink a glass of ordinary purified or non-carbonated mineral water to restore the water-salt balance and speed up the process of removing toxins and toxins.
  13. If after the session you feel discomfort, then next time loosen the pressure on the brush or change it to another with softer bristles.

Try on yourself a body massage with a dry brush and evaluate the effect of such a procedure.

General characteristics of the procedure

Anti-cellulite massage with a brush is a classic warm-up, which differs by the technique of execution and the duration of the procedure. Dry bristle acts on the skin and adipose tissue, which massages the soft tissues and has a positive effect on the vessels, muscles and nerves.

The mechanism of action is based on the reflex principle - to obtain the expected results, 5-10 minutes of massage is enough, during which the blood and lymph, stagnant in the veins and capillaries, is accelerated with a brush. If, under the classical treatment option, the fingers have a more “rough” effect on the fatty tissue, then the dry fibers gently massage and cleanse the skin, blush away the orange peel and help eliminate this cosmetic defect.

Dry rubbing from cellulite causes fewer complications than a classic massage or massage treatment, because the bristles injure the deeper layers of soft tissues less, but retains the necessary therapeutic effect.

Pros and cons of the procedure

Massage with a brush body shop - a great way to treat cellulite at home. Many women, after reading useful articles and dozens of positive statements, reflect on these health procedures. Based on clinical observations, we give you a list of all the positive and negative nuances of the brush massage.

The disadvantages of the procedures are:

  • Difficulties in the selection of brushes - for your skin you need to select a bristle that will knead the cellulite, without causing damage and injuries,
  • The need to master the technique - any, even a simple technique requires certain theoretical and practical skills that come with time,
  • The result is not immediately noticeable - even with minor cellulite damage to the skin, the efficiency is noticeable after 5-6 procedures, and in severe cases, more of them will be required.

But the brush massage has its advantages. These include:

  • Accessibility - if a professional massage requires visiting expensive salons, brushing can be done at home,
  • Convenience - with this treatment of cellulite skin, you can perform self-massage, which can be done both at home and while relaxing in a hotel or in nature,
  • Price - you only need to spend time on the brush, and that's all - you can proceed to treatment,
  • Guaranteed results - according to the reviews of patients and the opinions of doctors, massage with a brush will save you from the "fatty tuberosity" for a long time,
  • A lasting effect - if the result of a diet or gymnastics is temporary, then with the addition of a program with a brush massage - cellulite symptoms go away for many months,
  • During the procedures, the body is strengthened - against the background of improved blood flow and lymph drainage, metabolic processes are activated not only in the legs, but also in other organs. Therefore, after the massage, some pathologies of the digestive system, kidneys or the heart may disappear.

Assessing all the pros and cons, you can conclude about the relevance of the massage with a brush. If you decide to carry out the procedures, we recommend you to study the list of indications and limitations for the treatment.

Preparation for the procedure

Massage does not require compliance with very strict rules - it is enough to follow a diet and lead an active lifestyle. With this approach, the body creates optimal conditions for the dissolution of "orange peel" on the skin, increases the effectiveness of treatment. It is very important to adhere to these rules not only before the start of the massage course, but also during their execution. These include:

  • Compliance with the diet: exclude from the diet fatty, fried and smoked food. Try to eat vegetables, fruits, low-fat varieties of meat and fish, dairy products, cottage cheese,
  • Drink a day at least 2 liters of mineral water without gas,
  • Start doing gymnastics or fitness,
  • Take a bath with sea salt twice a week
  • Pick an anti-cellulite body brush.

The success of the warm-up against cellulite depends on the selection of the brush. It is desirable that it be with a natural bristle, which perfectly massages problem areas without harming health. Too hard brush will damage the skin, may cause hematomas. You should also pay attention to the handle - it should be long, allowing you to reach hard-to-reach places. A plastic handle is suitable for delicate skin, for a normal enough wooden base.

Cellulite massage brush can be purchased in specialized stores. Here are the most popular models:

  • Oriflame is a great option for home massage. Bristle material is nylon, the loop is represented by polyester,
  • Body shop brush - consists of natural materials, there are two types - with a long handle and round. Perfectly massages and exfoliates the skin, improves microcirculation, eliminates cellulite,
  • Anti-Cellulite Brush Richet - Mexican cactus fibers are included in the bristles. The product meets all the parameters for a massage, the skin after the procedure is clean, soft and elastic,
  • Rento brush is a product from natural raw materials, is in demand among buyers and has a lot of positive reviews,
  • Mexican cactus and beech riche - great for massages, improves circulation, warms and cleanses the skin.

After choosing a brush for massage, you can safely proceed to the procedure.

Rules of the procedure

Consider how to do a dry massage with a cellulite brush. Warm up is carried out on dry skin - before taking a shower or bath in the evening (a couple of hours before bedtime). During the session, it is important to be able to properly use the brush, so as not to harm the body. To do this, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • The massage begins with the foot area - along the course of the lymph flow from the legs to the heart,
  • It should not be too much pressure on the skin - fairly moderate strength,
  • Movement on the legs should be straight, linear, directed upwards, and on the hips and buttocks - circular, counterclockwise,
  • Do not knead the popliteal and groin areas, the inner side of the thigh - here the vessels are located close to the skin and can be injured
  • Immediately after the massage, take a warm shower, apply anti-cellulite oil to the skin. Take a rest 10-15 minutes.

The first procedures should not exceed five minutes. Then the sessions can be increased by 2-3 times. During the massage, there should be no pain, and the skin should be ruddy and slightly "burn." Warming up with a dry brush should be carried out 2-3 times a week, if the cellulite is in the initial stages and the skin is not strongly struck - the first results can be seen after 5-6 procedures.

How effective is this massage?

Warming up the skin with a dry brush is very useful and affects the circulatory and lymphatic systems, accelerating the circulation of biological fluids through the vessels. This creates optimal conditions for dissolving fat, tightening the hips and buttocks. The skin after such treatment is cleared of dirt, it becomes smooth and smooth.

Experts note the beneficial properties of massage, which restores the work of internal organs, improves heart function, and relaxes the nervous system.

You can clearly see the effectiveness if you look at the photos before and after the procedures:

  • Before the massage, we see the characteristic "orange peel", dimples and tuberosity,
  • После разминки кожа стала ровная, гладкая и подтянутая. Ножки и попа заметно постройнели.

Отзывы о массаже сухой щеткой от целлюлита в основном положительные. Многие женщины уже провели несколько сеансов и довольны результатом.

Я провожу массаж сухой щёткой уже месяц – результатом очень довольна, всё нравится. После процедуры принимаю душ – кожа становится нежная, как у ребёнка.

Ольга, 36 лет, Тюмень.

I live in an intense rhythm - a dry brush massage is very suitable for me. It takes little time, and the effect is very good.

Natalia, 25 years old, Stavropol.

I was advised by the mum for a massage brush - the results surprised me! After the 5th procedure, the skin smoothed, cellulite decreased markedly.

Christina, 31, Vladimir.

Dry brush massage is very effective in the fight against cellulite. The procedure takes little time, it is easily carried out at home before a shower. After 5-6 sessions you can see the first positive results.

Body massage with a brush

Special brushes for grinding different parts of the body were used in ancient times. The Japanese and the Greeks used brushes before bathing. It helped to improve a person’s blood circulation after exercise. Around the 30s of the last century doctors began to prescribe a massage brush to eliminate detoxification, stimulate skin regeneration. Cleaning is done with a tool with dry, coarse bristles. According to a certain scheme, separate zones are being worked out, due to which not only skin color improves, but also the general condition of the body.

Benefit for health

If you want to do an anti-cellulite massage, get a toned body with smooth skin, then feel free to buy a special device for rubbing the body. It is worth listing the specific advantages of using this product:

  1. Removal of toxins.
  2. Improving blood circulation.
  3. Reduced body fat.
  4. Normalization of digestion.
  5. Getting rid of bloating.
  6. Elimination of dead skin cells.
  7. Disposal of acne, black spots, follicular keratosis (small irregularities on the skin).
  8. Stress relief, increased overall energy levels.

Over the years, in many people the lymphatic system becomes sluggish, which leads to the accumulation of waste and toxins in the tissues. A regular massage with a dry brush helps to get rid of an unwanted jam. In addition, this procedure improves blood circulation and improves mood. She is helps strengthen the immune system, eliminate the effect of cold hands and feet, fights against edema, anemia, varicose veins, constant fatigue.

Cellulite creams serve only as an addition to the complex of procedures for combating the problem. To enhance the effect of the formulations, use the above massage tool. Thanks to the constant treatment of the body, you will get rid of problems with the digestive system, which is closely connected with the lymph. Massage promotes the removal of excess water from the body, due to which there will be no bloating. The adaptation for the body perfectly exfoliates the skin, due to which acne and acne are reduced, pores are cleaned, and irregularities are eliminated.

Performance technique

Keep in mind that after each skin cleansing procedure, the tool (it can be an Australian cactus brush) should be washed with soapy water and dried thoroughly. This will help avoid the appearance of musty odor. As for the procedure itself, a good massage effect can be obtained before taking a shower when the skin is dry. Rubbing is carried out according to the direction of movement of the lymph, in the direction of the heart and from the bottom up:

  1. Start the treatment of the body with the feet: hold the tool on the soles of the feet, toes, feet, ankles, shins.
  2. Then move on the hips, back, stomach, chest.
  3. The abdomen and buttocks are massaged in circular motions.

The procedure should be carried out daily in the morning and evening. Its duration is 3-10 minutes. During the massage, do not rush. Keep in mind that when treating dry skin, the cornified layer will be removed, so all actions are best carried out in the bathroom. After the procedure, take a shower (it can be a contrast), apply a cream, oil or lotion, drink a glass of water with lemon or green tea.

Rubbing can be done while taking a bath, shower. Approximately 10 minutes before the massage, wet the brush with hot water to make the bristle soft. On the body, apply the gel or soap, foam agent. Next, begin to drive on the skin fixture, as described above. Massaging problem areas costs about 5-10 minutes. As a result of rubbing, you should feel slight tingling. Complete the procedure with a cool shower. At the end, apply a cream or lotion.

When carrying out the procedure, please note that areas with lymph nodes (armpits, groin, popliteal fossae) are best avoided. Try less to handle the inner thighs. Remember that the procedure should be pleasant. If you experience discomfort, then stop working with the zone and move on to the next one. Sometimes discomfort occurs when using too hard tool. Remember that as a result of the treatment of the body, the skin should become a little ruddy, but not too red.

Body massage brush

Practically everything can use the device for massage and body washing. However, he still has contraindications: You should not use a brush, if there is a temperature, cuts, abrasions, acne, psoriasis, eczema. For varicose veins, consult with your doctor in advance. If your health condition is suitable for a massage, then know that you can buy a body brush in ordinary pharmacies or salons specializing in the implementation of care products.


Brush RICHE of cactus and beech, which does not emit toxins and therefore is safe to use, is very popular. It can be ordered through the online store of the manufacturer. Delivery is carried out by mail or by courier. The device perfectly massages the body, tightens the skin, improves tone and mood:

  • price: 1390 p.
  • characteristics: the bristles are stiff, the length of the working cloth is about 17 cm, the length of the product with a handle is 40 cm, the length of hairs is 3 cm.
  • Pros: can be used both in dry and in wet form, made from natural materials.
  • Cons: May be allergic to stubble, high cost.

A quality product is a cactus fiber device from The Natural Sea Sponge Company. It has a stiff bristle that will make your skin smooth, youthful and velvety:

  • price: 877 p.
  • Characteristics: the body is made of beech, hair length - 4 cm, suitable for dry massage.
  • pluses: for any age.
  • Cons: May not be suitable for skin prone to irritation.

Cellulite brush

Balnais round massage brush with natural bristles and dimensions of 65 x 105 x 105 mm will help to get rid of fat deposits. Many people will appreciate not only the compact size, but also the affordable cost of the product:

  • Price: 783 p.
  • characteristics: the case from a tree, a natural bristle.
  • Pluses: for any age, 100% natural materials.
  • Cons: May be allergic to stubble.

In the fight against the problem of local increase in fat cells will help massage brush from cellulite from wood and natural nap from the company FOERSTER'S. The tool is used in both dry and wet:

  • price: 1540 p.
  • Characteristics: beech body, horsehair bristles.
  • Pros: natural, suitable for strong rubbing.
  • cons: relatively high price.

Natural bristle

An excellent purchase option is the Klapp Ionic Brush anti-cellulite brush (REPAGEN BODY). It is made from environmentally friendly materials: bronze-coated bristles, beech. The device is suitable for energy massage, after which blood circulation improves, reflexogenic areas are stimulated:

  • price: 2400 p.
  • Characteristics: beech coated with wax, copper wire in the center of the bristles, horse hair along the edge, suitable for peeling, rubbing.
  • pluses: for any age.
  • Cons: expensive, can be allergic to natural fiber.

A reliable option for purchase is a round massage brush from the German manufacturer Redecker. The model is compact and therefore easy to use:

  • price: 2100 p.
  • characteristics: dimensions 9x10x10 cm, weight - 0.157 kg, diameter of the working leaf - 10 cm, body made of oiled beech wood.
  • Pros: there is no age limit, there is a soft bristle.
  • cons: relatively high cost.

For lovers of environmentally friendly materials suitable brush from natural bristles for the body from Riffi with a removable handle. The body of the instrument is made of pear wood, the bristle is made of agave. The device is convenient to use for hard-to-reach places:

  • price: 1089 p.
  • characteristics: dimensions without a handle - 13x7x3.5 cm, bristle height 2 cm, handle length - 30.5 cm, a loop for hanging and a textile handle are provided.
  • Pros: natural bristles.
  • Cons: May not be suitable for very sensitive skin.

How to get rid of cellulite for a penny? All about massage with a dry brush from A to Z! Contraindications. A lot of advice. Photo BEFORE / AFTER

Hello to all the beauties! **

The fight against cellulite in our time has become just mania.

Girls buy a huge amount of expensive and cheap creams from the hated bumps on the skin, but do not get the desired result.

I was also such a girl.

When I gained weight from 52 to 59 kilograms, I decided to smear with creams, in order to somehow improve the condition of my skin.

Read more about my struggle with obesity and how I dropped 7.5 kg for 2 months without diets. HERE

Naturally, there was no result from the creams I used. After all The fight against cellulite is a comprehensive strategy.

Therefore, I, as an experienced person in losing weight and fighting for a slim body, can now tell you about an amazing budget tool that helps me in the fight against cellulite - about massage with a dry brush.

The effectiveness of anti-cellulite massage with a dry brush is as follows.:

  • activates blood circulation
  • improves metabolic processes in the cells under the skin,
  • promotes the removal of excess fluid
  • "Breaks" solidified deposits in fat cells, which form cellulite bumps,
  • activates lymph circulation,
  • contributes to the normalization of water and salt balance,
  • due to the effect of light peeling softens the skin,
  • improves the renewal of subcutaneous cells
  • relieves muscle tension.

Separately, I want to dwell on the contraindications to the procedure.

Massage is prohibited:

  • with varicose veins in the area where the veins are strongest,
  • with fungal skin diseases,
  • in the field of wounds and injury to the skin,
  • on the chest and in the region of the heart,
  • in the groin area,
  • with increased pressure.

Well, now about my massage with a dry brush in more detail.

I have such a double-sided brush.

I love that I can massage my skin like bristles,

so these interesting things

I chose right away on the long handle - so it is more convenient to reach the bottom of the thighs, without bending down

Professional massage from cellulite in the salon will be a pretty penny, therefore, we will use a budget that has excellent results.

Brush Price Was 250r in Auchan. Bought a couple of years ago.

This is my second brush. The first was on a short handle. Personally, I like the long brush more

Anti-cellulite massage at home with a brush contributes to the irritation of nerve endings. As a result, improves the overall condition of the body.

I will describe a few points that I have highlighted for myself and to which you should pay attention when choosing a brush and using it:

  1. The brush should be made of natural bristles.

Do not buy brushes with bristles made of synthetic materials - they are not durable and will not bring the proper result.

Brushes are:

- with synthetic bristles

- with a natural bristle (best of the Australian cactus or horsehair)

It is better to buy a brush on a wooden handle and only with natural bristles. I have exactly this.

2. Take a shower for half an hour before the massage.

Personally, I like to take a shower with some kind of scrub.

I carefully prepare my skin for a massage.that's why I scrub it so that the dead particles go away and the massage is more effective.

3. For massage, skin should be dry.

It is not recommended to massage just steamed skin or wet skin. So she is strongly stretched and injured.

Also, do not apply any cream or oil before the massage.

4. Regular massage is the key to success.

We are all human and often lazy to do massage.

But if you want to succeed and get the body of a dream, then you need to be too lazy to win.

Having a massage every evening for at least 5 days - you will already feel the improvement - CHECKED!

5. Massage is always carried out from the bottom up!

Brush massage is done in the direction of the lymph. in our body, and it moves up to the heart.

Bottom up and nothing else. If you massage in a circular motion, then also in the direction from the bottom up

I want to notethat in my review I am talking about the massage of the hips and buttocks.

Massage of other parts of the body has its own characteristics:

- to places with lymph nodes should be treated very carefully (groin, armpits)

- Carefully treat the neck and décolleté

- in no case can not massage the face! For the face massage completely different brushes are used - specially designed for this zone.

6. Massage carefully and carefully

Try to focus on efficiency, not on speed or maximum pressing force.

Need to move at an average speed, moderately pressing, but at the same time prevent damage to the skin.

I saw on the Internet how the girls rubbed themselves to such an extent that the skin looked like boiled cancer - this is fundamentally not true!

Here the main regularity, but not the maximum redness of the skin.

7. How long to massage?

I massage each leg for 5 minutes - this is quite enough.

To begin with, it is recommended to start a massage on the Internet from 3 minutes and gradually increase the time.

But what is not written on the Internet, but I tell you, this is the fact that in 5 minutes of massage of the hips and buttocks with one hand - she is so tired that it seems that I went to the gym.

Therefore, for me personally, 5 minutes is enough, but one who can massage with one hand for 10 minutes -it's just a zombie jocks)))

8. Drink water immediately after the massage.

As soon as you finished the massage - drink a glass of water. It will help remove toxins from the body.

Allowed to drink green tea or water with lemon.

9. Strange itching ...

After the massage it may seem that the skin is a little itchy or burning, DO NOT WORRY - this is a normal reaction that will take 5-10 minutes to complete.

But, if itching does not go awayit means you overdo it with a pressure on the brush. Exit - apply a soothing cream and do not touch the skin with washcloths and scrubs for several days.

10. Upon completion of the massage apply your favorite anti-cellulite cream.

At this stage, the skin is ready to take the active ingredients of the cream, since blood circulation has improved.

I just adore this cream from Arabia. He is perfect for me

I have other means, but they are more warming.

After a warming massage with a brush, you want to cool the skin and cream Arabia copes with it perfectly.

You can buy any other cream with a cooling effect, but preferably with an anti-cellulite complex

Only after it, I feel that the procedure of massage with a dry brush is qualitatively completed.

Well, actually the result before / after.

In the photo, the difference in 5 days between evening massages for 5 minutes with a dry brush

Perhaps the difference is not very big in the photo, but it feels like the skin is taut, elastic, and as if thrown off a kilo of dead cells

I have much to strive for and I strive for a beautiful body in all possible ways.

Thanks for attention!*

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Types of brushes for dry massage

Brushes for dry massage great variety. There are very budget options, ranging from 250-300 rubles, and there are more expensive (from 1500 rubles and above). All brushes for dry massage are divided into 2 categories:

  1. With natural bristles (Mexican cactus, horsehair, boar wool, goats, etc.)
  2. From artificial material

In addition, in appearance the massage brushes are:

There is no unequivocal opinion: which brush to choose, but there is an opinion that natural ones are more effective.

I do not quite agree with this, it is important to choose according to your inner feelings and degree of rigidity. The toughest ones are from the Mexican cactus, not everyone will suffer such a massage, so you shouldn’t torture yourself, because not only efficiency but also comfort of use is important in caring for your body.

If you are pleased to do some procedure, then you will consciously choose it more often than the others, therefore the effect of it will be more pronounced.

Rules for dry massage

The effectiveness of dry massage depends on how you will perform it. The fact is that this is not just a massage technique and not a kind of body peeling, it is a healing procedure that has a positive effect on:

  • Lymphatic system (lymph accelerates, toxins are eliminated from the body)
  • Circulatory system (accelerates blood flow)
  • Skin (elimination of cellulite, smoothing irregularities, regeneration, cleansing, getting rid of dead skin particles)

In addition, dry massage invigorates, strengthens the immune system, and also serves as an excellent prevention of varicose veins. This type of massage is also called lymphatic drainage.

The scheme of dry massage

In order for a dry brush massage to be effective, you need to adhere to the rules:

  1. Massage movements with a brush are directed only from the bottom up and towards the heart. Начинаем массаж со стоп и далее зонами массируем все тело (ноги, ягодицы, живот и т. д.)
  2. Область живота и ягодиц массируем круговыми движениями
  3. Первые сеансы сухого массажа не должны превышать трех минут. Важно ,чтобы вы не чувствовали дискомфорт.
  4. Массаж проводим только на сухую кожу, например, перед принятием душа
  5. Проводим массаж ежедневно (можно длительное время)
  6. After application, it is important to wash and thoroughly dry the bristles, store in a dry place.

Contraindications, as such, for the procedure of dry massage no. Of course, you should not do a dry massage, if you have abrasions on the skin, in places of moles, avoid lymph nodes (for example, under the knees), as well as after sunbathing and during high temperatures.

It is important that dry massage does not bring discomfort and discomfort.

Watch a video on how to do a dry massage with a brush. How to enhance its effectiveness?

Personal impressions, results

Dry massage is very popular now, one or another blogger constantly advertises brushes of different brands, I decided to try it on myself and evaluate the result.

For myself, I chose a brush without a handle (seemed more comfortable) with an eyelet from Eco Tools (about 350 rubles) for a hand with synthetic bristles, since it's more hygienic. I apply about a month every day for 3-5 minutes before a shower. I bought my brush on iHerb, I am completely satisfied with it, I do not plan to change it.

The first time it was scary that the dry skin will hurt or after the massage there will be discomfort during the shower. It turned out in vain worried. The bristles are very comfortable, I do an intensive massage, especially in the hip area, as I am afraid to find cellulite in myself. Feeling more comfortable than a large scrub. The skin does not immediately turn red, but this is normal, the blood flow increases.

I noticed that the skin became smoother (scrub effect), smooth and tender. There is also a feeling that the surface of the skin is denser, although it is early to judge in a month. Definitely, I really like this procedure, and I see the real effect. I will continue to use it daily before a shower, it is especially effective to combine this type of massage with sports and nutrition.

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Long Handled Shower Brush

Easy to use model from Riffi with removable handle, made of beech. Using the product you can peel for dry and wet skin. Today, the sale of devices is carried out by many specialized shops. In some of them there are promotions, sales are held, a good discount is set for the goods:

  • price: 599 rubles.
  • characteristics: dimensions without a handle - 13x7x3.5 cm, bristle height 2 cm, handle length - 30.5 cm, there is a loop for hanging and a textile handle.
  • Pros: 100% natural materials.
  • Cons: May be allergic to natural fiber.

If you want to save on the purchase of the product and are not an ardent admirer of all natural, then pay attention to the model from Riffi with a removable handle made of impact-resistant plastic in gray. When using the product you can not worry that it will quickly lose its original appearance. All materials are high quality and durable:

  • price: 349 p.
  • Characteristics: the nap is made of synthetic material, the dimensions of the working surface are 8x13x3 cm, the length of the product with a handle is 42 cm, the height of the bristles is 2.5 cm, there are holes on the body for hanging.
  • Pros: ease of use, low cost.
  • Cons: not all satisfied with the presence of artificial materials.

How to choose a body brush

Choose a tool with a natural bristle: with fibers of cactus, palm trees, boar bristles. Keep in mind that If you are prone to allergies, then it may appear when using natural products. For some people with sensitive skin, after using a cactus or palm device, for example, irritation occurs, and redness remains. In this case, it is recommended to switch to tools with artificial bristles.

To achieve a good effect from the massage, choose devices with bristle thickness from 0.04 cm, length - from 2 cm. When buying a product, be guided by your own preferences. Remember that the tool must be comfortable to use, have a hardness acceptable to you. Buy a product whose hair does not scratch the skin.

When choosing a brush, note that the convenient handles may have different lengths. For some products, these items are disconnected. Many people point out that most convenient to use devices with a special mount for the hands. In this case, the product itself should be palm-sized and not slip in the hand. Keep in mind that when using a quality brush, after 5-6 movements in a certain area you will feel a rush of blood.