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Makeup Lessons: The Right Makeup

Every self-respecting girl should know the basics of day makeup. There are several of them, we will consider each separately.

Aligning the tone of the face is the very first and most important stage in creating a daily day make-up, because even expressive eyes against a gray or yellowish skin tone will not seem so attractive, and the whole image will deteriorate.

So how do you create the perfect face tone?

  1. Light daily moisturizer. Yes, it is worth starting with it, because on the moisturized and nourished skin the tonal basis will lie more smoothly, and the face itself will look rested and fresh. Apply the product in light movements and wait until it is completely absorbed.
  2. Now proceed to applying the foundation. It is very important to choose the right shade, because if it is chosen incorrectly, a mask effect will be created, and the face will look unnatural or even absurd. Consider the color of the skin: the tonal tool must fully comply with it. Apply the composition with light movements on the entire surface of the face.
  3. It's time to eliminate the flaws. This is important, since in daylight any defects are very noticeable. For correction, use concealer. Apply it dotted on problem areas. Use a brush for this and do not forget to feather the medium so that the tone remains even.
  4. If you want your face to shine and look fresh, use a highlighter. But do not overdo it, otherwise you will create a shine effect, and the makeup will not be as natural as it should be. Lightly highlight only selected areas, especially protruding, that is, cheekbones, back of the nose. Also, this tool will help to hide small facial wrinkles.
  5. If you have excessively oily skin, then the final touch should be the application of powder. But the layer should be very thin, almost weightless.

Should I use blush when creating day makeup? It is worth it, but only if you have pale skin, or you want to adjust the shape of your face. For example, if it seems too round to you, or the cheeks are puffy, then apply a rouge along the cheekbones and gently blend them, and then the oval will visually stretch and become more subtle and feminine.

Important: the blush used to create the daytime make-up should not be bright, otherwise the natural healthy glow will turn into ridiculous.

If you want to figure out how to make a trendy day makeup, then you will be interested to know that there are expressive and bright eyes in the trend. But how exactly to emphasize them? First of all, pay attention to the eyelashes, choosing a suitable mascara.

It is better to pay attention to brown shades with fair-haired and red-haired, but black is suitable for brunettes and brown-haired women. Moreover, daytime eye makeup involves the easy application of mascara, that is, you do not need to try to maximize the eyelashes and make them dense. Two or three brush strokes will be enough, then the cilia will become more expressive, but they will not stick together and will not look like spider legs.

It is necessary to single out the eyelids so that they do not look vulgar. One option is eyeliner. Draw a thin line above the lash line, but only along the upper eyelid, you should not touch the lower one. The tip of the arrow should extend only slightly beyond the outer corner of the eye.

It is also quite suitable and a pencil, which can emphasize the upper eyelid. But it is desirable to apply a line of medium thickness and slightly shade it, so that it looks natural. When choosing shades stick to the rule relating to mascara.

If you do not know how to use eyeliner, then actively train. In the meantime, do not hone your skills, use more simple to use shadows. When choosing a shade should take into account the color of the eyes and hair. So, for blondes cold light shades, such as silver, light gray, bluish will be ideal. For brunettes fit white shade, blue, purple, light brown. As for red girls, they should pay attention to all shades of brown, pistachio and green shades.

Eye color is also important: light ones should be framed with darker shadows, and dark ones - with light ones.

During the day you should not use pearlescent means, stop the choice on matte or containing a minimum number of reflective particles. And it is desirable to put them only on a mobile eyelid with a thin layer, not forgetting to shade. You can also apply a little bright shadows on the inner corners of the eyes to make them more expressive.

There is an unspoken rule among makeup artists and stylists: if eyes are highlighted, they should be the only accent. That is, the lips should look as natural as possible. But this does not mean that you should not paint them. On the contrary, a properly selected cosmetic product will make the natural shade more expressive, as well as add the missing volume.

First of all, it is necessary to determine the choice of a particular tool. If you have dry cracked lips, then choose a gloss or light lipstick with a moisturizing effect. And the gloss should not be much, it is appropriate only in the evening or bright solemn image. Beautiful day makeup involves the use of shades suitable for you.

Blond hairs are suitable for such tones as light pink or light coral. Redheads should pay attention to the golden-beige, copper, light brown. Brunettes also suit quite rich colors, for example, wine, burgundy. But they should be pale so that the lips do not stand out much. By the way, in the summer, you need to use funds with a sunscreen effect, since the delicate skin of the lips is damaged and ages faster because of ultraviolet radiation.

Tip: if the lips are very dry, then pre-moisten them with a balm or hygienic lipstick.

Many do not affect the brow when creating everyday makeup, and in vain. If they are unkempt, it spoils the whole image. So first give them the right shape. And you should not make them too thin, because the actual thickness is as close as possible to the natural one.

If the eyebrows are pale or rare, then underline them with a pencil or eyebrow shadows.

Tip: if the eyebrows are low, then this can be corrected by applying light shadows along their bottom edge, for example, white and silver or beige to a tone lighter than skin color. Then the arcs will visually lift.

Useful tips

  1. In the summer it is advisable to use a weightless tonal foundation or powder, so that the face does not sweat and does not shine, and the pores are not clogged.
  2. If you are going to work, it does not mean that you can look like a "gray mouse". On the contrary, the favorably underlined virtues will attract the attention of the authorities and show that you have a taste, and you know how to present yourself.
  3. If you are going on a date, the shades can be more saturated and bright. But in this case it is not necessary to overdo it.

It remains only for all the fair sex to wish to follow the advice given in the article and always look great.

Makeup lesson 1. Beautiful skin, smooth tone

Apply TON
The tonal base is the basis for creating makeup, it makes the skin smooth and gives it a natural shine! Before applying a tonal foundation, make sure that the skin of the face is well cleansed and moisturized. Then choose a foundation suitable for your skin type. When choosing a suitable shade, apply a little tonal means on the jaw line, or on the inner side of the hand, where the skin shade most closely matches the skin tone of the face.

How to use: Apply to face and neck or to selected areas of the skin with a damp sponge. Starting from the center, flatten the entire surface until completely absorbed. pay special attention to the border around the hair and the folds around the nose.

Tip: Do not choose the base too dark shade, because of her Your face will look untidy.
Not all women can boast flawless skin. There is a problem? Use masking tools! For example, concealer (concealer to hide flaws) perfectly hide pimples and other skin imperfections. If you have dark circles under your eyes, use a concealer for the skin around the eyes. It completely hides dark circles and contains light-reflecting particles that make wrinkles around the eyes less noticeable.

How to use: Apply the corrector directly to the damage, and lightly rub it with the tip of your finger. To reduce dark circles under the eyes with light touches, apply Concealer for the eyelids, starting from the corners of the eyes closest to the nose. Smooth the cream to the sides with soft finger tips.

Tip: Use the same shade of the corrector as the tonal base to make the result look harmonious.
In a modern make-up, the face should not be flat, so highlight the dark and light tone of the face, as shown in the photo:

Powder is a necessary element, as it fixes the foundation and corrective agent, as well as gives the makeup a natural matte finish. Choose ultra-light transparent powder for makeup, which hides skin imperfections with the help of reflective particles, makes the skin satin-smooth and provides a light, weightless coating, giving it a natural, flawless look.

Tip: Apply powder in the direction of hair growth on the face. This will give a natural look. If the facial hairs are very short, try to powder against the direction of hair growth to give a velvety peach skin effect.
How to use: For best results, apply loose powder with a powder puff or makeup brush. Before applying necessarily shake brush or powder puff. This will remove excess powder and allow you to make subtle touches. Compact powder can be easily applied with a pad.

Tip: Never powder too hard, especially near the eyes, where the powder can easily settle in fine wrinkles, emphasizing them.

Lesson 2. Eye makeup

Give shape and highlight your eyebrows - this is the basis of the attractiveness of Your eyes

How to determine the correct shape of the eyebrows?
Place the pencil vertically near the nose opposite the lacrimal canal - the pencil points to the place where the eyebrow should begin. Place the pencil at an angle from the base of the nose to the outer corner of the eye - the pencil points to the place where the eyebrow should end. Remove excess hair with eyebrow tweezers.

To have a well-groomed eyebrow look, first carefully brush your eyebrows with a small brush in the direction of hair growth. Tint eyebrows, applying short strokes with a pencil for eyebrows, and finally, blend the line with a brush for a natural result.

Avoid unnaturally drawn eyebrows: ideally exactly delineated and so densely painted that you can not see even the hairs. Eyebrows should have a natural look and be slightly uneven, only then makeup can be called correct, and the face in this case will look naturally beautiful.

Never use hairspray to shape your eyelashes or eyebrows!

Tip: To give shape there is a special nourishing conditioner for eyelashes, which not only fixes the shape, but makes the eyelashes stronger. On top of the air conditioner you can use mascara if necessary.
Nourishing conditioner:
1. It gives lashes and eyebrows a healthy shine and well-groomed appearance. The side with long bristles separates the eyelashes, with the short - gives the shape of the eyebrows
2. Strengthens eyelashes, promotes growth. Use mascara under the night.

Take a look at

The task of eye shadow is to make your eyes more expressive. The traditional option - applying shadows similar to the color of the eyes. When using eye shadow, keep in mind two general rules. Light tones are highlighted and visually enhanced. Dark colors set off and reduce. For make-up it is convenient to use sets of eye shadows combined with each other shades that can be applied in a dry or wet way.

How to use: Apply a light shade to the eyelids with the shadow brush. In a dark tone, draw a straight line along the natural edge of the eyelid toward the outer corner of the eye. In the folds of the eyelids, use a dark tone that blend to the temples. To enhance the effect, you can apply shadows in several layers.

Tip: Do not forget to apply the foundation and powder for ever. Because of this, eye shadow will hold better.
Every woman knows how big the role of the contour pencil is in creating the image. It gives the desired shape to the eyes, gives the look of mystery and expressiveness. Use eye contour to create a natural look, or eyeliner to create a brighter evening makeup.

A stable contour helps to make eye makeup particularly expressive. Bring the upper eyelids along the lash line. In order to visually lengthen the eye section, the contour extends the line of the upper from the outer edge of the eye beyond the natural border of the eye section. First, the line should be thin, gradually expanding to the outer corner.

Tip: You can also lower the lower eyelid. However, remember that black eyeliner visually narrows the eyes. Emphasizing the lower eyelid, we recommend to soften the line, slightly shading it.
Mascara emphasizes eyelashes and completes eye makeup. Choose mascara according to your requirements and situation.

How to use: Apply mascara evenly, gently rolling the brush on the upper and lower lashes. To enhance the effect after 2-3 minutes, you should apply mascara again. Comb your eyelashes well to separate them.

Tip: After applying mascara, hold the eyes slightly covered for a few seconds so that the dry mascara does not imprint on the eye shadow!

Lesson 3. Correct lip makeup.

Before applying lipstick, use the lip contour, which gives a special clarity and does not allow the lipstick to "spread". In order to make the makeup look neat and natural, choose the color of the pencil in accordance with the color of lipstick.

How to use: Mark the central border of the upper and lower lips. Then draw a line from the center towards the corners of the lips.

Tip: Slightly cut the lip of the lip with a contour pencil, this will make the lipstick color more vivid, and the lipstick will last longer.
Which do you prefer lips: shiny, matte or natural? Now there are lipsticks for every taste.

How to use: Apply lipstick from the middle of the lip to the edges. Then lead from the outer corners of the mouth in the direction of the middle. Use a brush for a more even and accurate application.

Tip: In order for the color to hold on for a long time, attach the lipstick, applying a little powder over the first layer of lipstick. Then apply another layer of lipstick.
Make your lips shiny and sensual with lip gloss!

Choose a gel with additional protection from the sun (SPF) - the skin of the lips for a long time will remain smooth and beautiful. The gel can be applied to lipstick or used separately. To make the lips more volumetric and sensual, apply a little shining gloss to the center of each lip - shiny particles visually enlarge the lips, making You irresistible.

How to use: Apply gloss directly from the tube or with a brush for the lips. You can also apply it with your fingertip.

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The secrets of creating perfect day makeup

Everything has its time and place, and makeup in this case is not an exception to the rule either. A make-up that seems appropriate for an evening out will look vulgar and challenging during the day. Therefore, it is important for each girl to know how to apply day makeup and what are its main features. This is what we will tell you in our article.

Features and rules of day makeup

Day make-up is an everyday type of make-up, which is suitable for going to work, school, shopping or some other everyday activities. Its main distinguishing features are moderation in colors, naturalness and lightness.

The main task of such a make-up is to create a natural look in natural tones with an emphasis on the merits of appearance and concealing its minor flaws.

Proper daytime make-up can also be completely free to be transformed into an evening one, because after all, it is not always after work that there is time to reapply makeup for the “to the light” issue.

Highlight some important rules about how to do day makeup. Observing these key points, you will feel confident and comfortable:

  1. The foundation of such a visage for every day is naturalness and underlining of natural beauty. A wonderful option for a full-length look is nude makeup,
  2. The secret weapon when creating a beautiful day makeup is the perfect well-groomed skin. Therefore, do not forget about the day cream, as well as the corrector, tonal foundation and powder, which should be selected according to the type and tone of your skin,
  3. try to carefully shade all transitions and color borders,
  4. дневной макияж глаз выполняется приглушенными оттенками, максимально приближенными к природным тонам лица: беж, песочный, персиковый, серый, молочный, нежно-розовый, светло-коричневый,
  5. губы можно подчеркнуть полупрозрачным блеском или неяркой помадой натуральных тонов. Как вариант вы можете воспользоваться яркой помадой в сочетании с нейтральным макияжем глаз,
  6. eyebrows give the face expressiveness, so they can be slightly emphasized with shadows in hair color or your favorite eyebrow brush,
  7. the focus is on one thing or on the eyes, or on the lips,
  8. When creating a casual look, try to use natural light, for example, by the window. So you can track the saturation of the selected shades. The light should fall on the face evenly.

How to choose a day makeup for the color of eyes and hair

If you are not sure which colors of the palette are preferred in your version of everyday make-up, try to push off the color of your eyes:

  • Brown hazel, lilac, gray, peach, khaki,
  • Daytime makeup for green eyes involves the use of peach, soft chocolate, bronze, beige, copper tones,
  • owners of blue eyes should look at white, pink, peach and all shades of gray eye shadows for day makeup
  • If your eye color is gray, then the everyday shades of your make-up are: beige, cream, dairy, sand, gray.

Hair color can also serve as a starting point in the choice of color palette for day makeup:

  • brunettes fit beige, pink, white, plum tones and shades of champagne,
  • for blondes, an interesting option would be the presence of pale pink, light beige, milky, gray and nut flowers in the make-up,
  • day makeup for brown-haired women will be harmonious with the choice of copper, bronze, light peach, olive tones,
  • for fair-haired girls it is better to stop on white, bronze, pink, lilac flowers,
  • redhead ladies can afford gray, brown, apricot shades.

Casual smoky eyes

Do not be surprised, but Smokey Ice is quite possible to wear during the day, although the shades in such a make-up will not be the usual black, but suitable for everyday wear. Also, this makeup is a great solution for owners of the impending century. Let's take a look at how to apply light day makeup using the smoky eyes technique:

  1. Apply day cream to your face and let it soak.
  2. Use a makeup primer - it will even out the skin and extend the length of your make-up.
  3. Use concealer in problem areas.
  4. Create an even skin tone using tonal means, correct the area under the eyes with a special concealer, fix it with loose powder.
  5. On the entire mobile eyelid and on the growth line of the lower cilia, apply the base under the shadow.
  6. Highlight the upper lash line with a soft chocolate-colored pencil and then brush it up to create a smoky effect.
  7. Do the same with the lower eyelids.
  8. Slap in the top of the pencil on the upper and lower eyelids with gray-brown shadows, for example, High Pigment Wet and Dry Eyeshadow from Kiko milano in shade №46 Matte Mauve.
  9. Apply soft milky shadows to the browning area.
  10. Gently blend all the color transitions, this is the most important thing in make-up smoky ice.
  11. Make eyebrows your favorite tool.
  12. Well paint the eyelashes with mascara Colossal big shot from Maybelline.
  13. Lightly touch the apple of the cheeks with peach blush.
  14. Cover lips with transparent gloss.

If desired, such a bow can easily be turned into an evening bow: just add black arrows and use brighter shades of lip covering!

In the photo you can see examples of beautiful smoky eyes eye makeup for everyday life:

Secrets of perfect makeup

Everyone has their own idea of ​​the ideal, but in the makeup the majority of this question is usually about the same look. If you select the components of the perfect makeup, then they will be as follows.

  • Even tonethat looks like a second skin. The perfect tone hides all inflammation and other imperfections. The tonal cream is distributed with such care that no trace of cosmetics “interference” is visible. And the coating is obtained in such a way that the skin seems to be healthy: it shines a little, as if filled with moisture, and it seems fresh, “cheerful” and beautiful.

  • Well-groomed eyebrows. This really needs to be given special attention: makeup artists are confident that the face is literally “kept” on the eyebrows. From their bend depends on the expression of the person, the character that people see, looking into your eyes. Therefore, a correction is necessary - it is important for the eyebrows to give a shape that, in turn, corresponds to your face shape.

  • Detailed study. If the arrows are with a clear contour and a sharp “tail”, if smoky eyes, then with a high-quality shading, if the emphasis is on the lips, then with traced outlines and “dense” color. Whatever details you add to your makeup, bring everything to the end - only then the image will turn out to be truly complete.

  • Balance. All components of makeup should complement each other and create harmony. It is no coincidence that there is a single accent rule - it is better to single out either the eyes or the lips, so as not to overload the image. At the same time, you can perform two tasks at once, if you "adjust" the brightness of each of these accents. If you add a saturated shade to the lipstick with a pencil drawing of the eye contour, an overly catchy result will definitely not work.

What you need for perfect makeup?

You can create the perfect makeup with a basic set of cosmetics. Except that such: all means must be tested, of good quality. The concealer, which due to its flaws begins to slip within an hour after application, will not allow you to achieve perfection. Also, do not do without a set of good brushes, best of all - professional. They will last longer.

So a list of must haves for perfect makeup.

Urgent "update" makeup

If you have an important meeting scheduled in the evening, and there is no time to re-paint yourself, you will be helped by an ordinary paper napkin. Just slightly wet her face. Dust and dirt that has accumulated in a day can be easily washed off. Then you dust, but not hard, so as not to create a mask effect. "Update" mascara is not recommended, because in the evening it may begin to sprinkle. But for the glitter in the eyes, you should only draw a little red lipstick in the corner of the eye with lipstick.

Freshness all day

In order to keep makeup always fresh, stylists advise you to apply the foundation directly to cleansed skin, and not to the makeup base. Then comes the turn of powder and rouge.

And now the main trick: take a couple of ice cubes and wipe their entire face with circular energetic movements. Remember that the cubes should not be melted, then the cosmetics will not be smeared.

Day makeup

As for the daily makeup of a business woman, he must be energetic. This is achieved by using lipstick. Ate you work in the office, take lipstick bright colors, for example, plum or carrot. Underlined lips give a business woman a more feminine look and perfectly complement business suits. But in the evening you can afford and lip gloss.

Eye makeup

Let's turn to eye makeup. Do you have a mascara at hand that adds volume? No problem! You can use the usual loose powder. Sprinkle her eyelashes and apply mascara. The result will please you - the eyelashes are thick and fluffy. To give the look openness and shine, white mother-of-pearl shades are usually used. They are applied to the inner corners of the eyes, on the lower and upper eyelids in the form of an English letter V.

The secrets of sustainable makeup

Here are some more secrets of sustainable makeup. It is best to draw eyes with a pencil after you have applied powder and foundation for the eyelids, then you can powder the pencil line again or apply eye shadow of the same color that fixes the liner. A thin layer of powder or “tonalnik” is applied on the lips as well, then you should circle the lips with a pencil and add lipstick with a brush. To keep the lipstick on your lips longer, you need to get them wet with a paper napkin and redo everything again.

Bruises under the eyes

If you suffer from bruises under the eyes, salvation is the same foundation, unless of course you do not have a special remedy for this scourge - concealer. The cream is applied with a brush to the area under the eyes and gently shaded with finger pads from the bottom up. Then the cream is fixed with powder (better crumbly), which evens out skin color, hides pores and other relief errors. A little secret: the foundation will be smoother and less visible on the skin if you mix it with a moisturizer in a ratio of 3: 2.

The method of applying cosmetics from the master

Famous makeup artists love to apply the following method when applying decorative cosmetics. It is necessary to emphasize three specific points of the face:

  • The first point is located on the inside of the upper region.
  • The second is on the cheekbones. A light layer of rouge is applied to these points.
  • The third area is located on the upper lip, which is formed parallel to the eyebrow line.

All this will form a diamond, which allows the face to visually tighten.

Make the spout smaller

If you want to shorten the nose, you can use bright shades of ivory, which are applied along the back of the nose in the form of a thin line, ending about a centimeter to the tip of the nose. Fresh face perfectly give a little rouge on the earlobes, chin and nose wings.

But the main secret of the perfect makeup - for a minute do not doubt that you are irresistible. Good luck to you!

Light day face makeup

The process of creating makeup - an exciting experience that can capture you for a few hours. But this does not apply to everyday makeup: it should take as little time as possible. To create a light day makeup, just a couple of minutes is enough - and a set of proven and reliable products. Find out what they should be.

Proper daytime eye makeup

  • Day and evening eye makeup, of course, differ from each other. But this does not mean that you need to abandon the usual techniques. If you are a fan of Smokey Aik, in the daytime just choose more neutral shades - beige, brown, pale pink and peach. Also fashionable look pastel shades, applied on the principle of Smokey. In this case, you can do without mascara: the face will look fresher.
  • Do you like arrows? Combine them with a light base and do not overly lower the lower eyelid. The image must be balanced: bright eyes plus nude lips or minimal eye makeup and rich lips.
  • It is wise to treat sparkles - most appropriately they look on the "clean" face, as the only accent in makeup. This make-up is quite suitable for daytime output.
  • Shadows with a bright shimmer or mother of pearl are best combined with matte textures to add volume to makeup. By themselves, such tools may look too shiny.

  • In a daily make-up, you can use any usual lip product - perhaps, except for matte lipstick: it dries the skin, and you will hardly feel comfortable during the day. Shades can also be any, but nude, beige, light pink and coral options remain in the list of favorites, if we are talking about day makeup.
  • Keep a balance: bright lipstick looks great during the day, provided absolutely minimal eye makeup. And vice versa: shadows, arrows, voluminous or colored mascara are appropriate during the day along with neutral lips, covered with lipstick nude, light gloss or tint balm.

How to make a day makeup: step by step instructions

On the Internet you can find a lot of video tutorials on the creation of day makeup. Both make-up artists and amateurs tell and demonstrate step by step how to make a day make-up, which techniques are best to use and which colors are best to use. We have prepared our own photo instructions for creating a universal day makeup, but before you get down to business, read a few helpful tips:

After you have prepared your skin properly, you can proceed to make-up. Follow our step by step photo guide.